Author Topic: CNN Launches Infowars Vendetta  (Read 33 times)

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CNN Launches Infowars Vendetta
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:40:32 AM »

welcome back to the war room I am Lee
Ann McAdoo joining me now is Darren
McBrine I was playing some air guitar
yes do such a lovely job with those lead
ends there the booming voice well thank
you very much I need one for myself
though because I am NOT Owen Troyer true
we need to make the fillings we need to
make like would it be weird if I did my
own now no okay
I could do my own people know your voice
by now actually I mistaken a lot of
times as John Bowne hey you John Bowne I
recognize your voice take that as a
compliment I think that's pretty cool
you have that bass voice going on that's
it yeah that's it well we do have a
couple phone calls left on the line we
will be getting to Sunny in Minnesota
and Antoine in California in just a
Michael Zimmerman wanted me to get to
this bit of news he's on the Indonesia
beat right now and specifically with
stories pertaining to Indonesia
treatment of their animals earlier this
week we saw the story that almost made
me cry where they took out was it a
tiger they took out a shape-shifting
tiger it was massive hiding under
someone's house not bothering anybody
but thought it was a shape-shifter so
they took him out beat him with clubs
but now an Indonesian zoo infamous for
the mistreatment of animals is being
slammed again by activists after a video
emerged of one of its orangutangs
smoking smoking orangutan the guy's just
you know what else is he gonna do
apparently he likes smoking cigarettes
so the smoking great ape is now further
evidence of a lack of supervision and
education at the ban dong Xue he'd
probably rather smoke some stuff from
Colorado so the you know if you flick it
into his his cage he might go ahead and
pick it up and say well this is what the
humans are doing because that's that's
what happened they get addicted to those
cigarettes he prob
wants them right exactly you know a
young man flicked his half-smoked
cigarette into the primates enclosure
and he picked it up and expertly puffed
on it oh so he probably waits for people
to flick their monkey-see monkey-do
exactly exactly so thank you Michael
Zimmerman stay on the Indonesia beat for
us always some good stories coming out
of that part of the world
McBrine what do you got for us today
we're being attacked yeah CNN you know
it this is the thing every time I turn
on the television it seems like or every
time I look at my cell phone CNN is
always harassing us they're always
attacking us you guys could pull this
article up right here real quick for me
and this is this is one of their latest
headlines Facebook and YouTube failed to
block conspiracy theories and this is
from CNN tech advertisers flee in fours
founder Alex Jones's YouTube channel
yeah that's because CNN has like a whole
panel of employees that monitor
everything we do right and so we
wouldn't have a job without US market
right but no they're trying to shut us
down and they so they've got these CNN
employees that monitor everything we do
and when they're on YouTube and they
everyone so on there'll be an
advertisement that pops up before one of
our videos and then they contact the
sponsor and they say hey do you guys
realize that you're advertising on one
of those conspiracy theorist shows shame
shame shame how dare you so now we've
got Nike 20th Century Fox paramount
pictures etc threatening to pull their
advertisements off of YouTube so trying
to shut us down and if you guys could
queue up clip number 12 for me I just
want to play a short news clip this was
from today I believe very recently
anyhow this is from CNN where they are
pressuring YouTube and Facebook to block
our videos and this is just one of the
many countless attacks against in force
by CNN now on a daily basis check it out
Texas biggest companies are once again
the platform for conspiracy
theories forcing both YouTube and
Facebook to apologize a top trending
YouTube video suggested David Hogg an
survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School is an actor
Hogg was also trending on Facebook with
false theories about him several of the
top results suggested the same false
information in Hogg of course has
knocked down those claims Facebook
removed the content YouTube took down
the video but this isn't the first time
they have been on it that's good guys
that's you get you get the gist of it so
this is like a daily thing now it's just
like at least they're talking about us
but it's it's evident that they're
trying to take us down and as far as I'm
concerned and Alex has said it before as
well it's racketeering because it's not
just censorship I think everyone knows
by now the Infowars we're kicking their
ass when it comes to the internet and
social media we are their competition so
and that's how they see us and I think
that they also this could be the CNN
vendetta for getting Trump elected
because they they blame us for getting
Trump elected I think will take the
credit for that we don't take the blame
but we'll take some of the credit so so
that's what's going on and they've also
admitted on their own website cNN has
repeated inquiries to youtube about
basically saying they're violating your
guidelines pull them down pull them down
and that's what's going on and this is
it used to be once a month once every
couple months now it's almost every
single day right well I'm just thinking
like how pathetic are some of these
people but that's all they have to do is
make phone calls to these advertisers I
mean we saw this with Breitbart we saw
Media Matters bragging about how they
were able to really push Facebook to to
you know
abide by their demands and this is what
they're doing is they're keeping the
pressure on one of those Saul Alinsky
tactics is to keep the pressure on it is
a Saul Alinsky tape totally is and
they're well trained in this and they
they're they're willing to have you know
50 people make five phone calls a day or
whatever numbers of people they organize
all these people and they say okay you
make five phone calls to each of these
advertisers and then so
the advertisers are thinking while we're
getting this onslaught from all these
concerned people if they even identify
themselves and say they're from CNN I'd
seriously doubt it right or CNN or any
of these other little leftist
organizations that are put together I
mean they could probably I'm sure
someone out there could do the research
there's probably a company you can call
that will do these phone calls on your
behalf you know that that's that okay
all they do and this reminds me of
during the run-up to the election we
know for a fact that Hillary Clinton her
campaign they spent a million they spent
a million dollars on this and I don't
know how many people they hired but I do
know they spent a million dollars for
internet trolls mm-hmm so anybody that
talked bad about Hillary you would see
their comments coming up on YouTube and
a comment section on different web pages
and everything paid trolls by the
Hillary campaign right and it's earlier
Michael Zimmerman and I showed the clip
there with Ted Cruz where Twitter saying
well sometimes we will shut down any
BOTS where if we see some BOTS activity
or some spam activity we'll shut that
down but why weren't they shutting down
these paid Clinton bots I mean because I
was getting them constantly whenever I
would go it's good BOTS versus bad BOTS
but those were paid BOTS and of course
it's it's continuing and it reminds me
Matt Drudge remember when Drudge was
here a few years ago he told us he said
look a Supreme Court justice told me
it's over for you it's over for you
censorship is on the way so with the
inner circles it's a big club and we're
not in it they're already they've been
talking about this for a long time now
they're implementing it implementing it
yeah and just I'm sorry to me to cut you
out I just wanted so after Drudge said
that Washington Post came out with an
article denouncing The Drudge Report for
having links to info wars right I mean
it's incredible and we were warned and
of course Matt Drudge is kind of a
prophet out there got his finger on the
pulse and yeah I came right here to warn
us and we got the word out and
immediately after that we see even
President Obama coming out saying well
we need to get back to the days when we
had just three news that when we had
total control of the media
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