Author Topic: Hollywood Openly Celebrates “The Triumph Of The BETA Male”  (Read 34 times)

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on the front cover of the current issue
of Hollywood Reporter it has members of
the male cast of Silicon Valley putting
their hands in each other's pockets in a
very sexual way with the headline the
triumph of a beta male the victory of
the beta male their to be celebrated for
all to see but what's really being said
here they're saying if you act like a
domesticated twisted version of an
effeminate creature that somehow you're
gonna end up in dominant positions in
the corporate world because you see Jeff
V's us and all the rest of the heads of
the tech Titan companies are cold
blooded globalist who are committed to
consolidating wealth and viciously
dehumanizing the population if you look
at Apple you look at Facebook Twitter
you look at Amazon all these companies
pay either zero or next to zero taxes in
the United States they've all basically
moved to China apples actually merged
with the Chinese government but they
project this issue of the beta male
element of the population like it's cool
and trendy so people accept the fact
that they've been emasculated growing up
indoors watching television playing
video games eating massive amounts of
estrogen mimickers not just the soy milk
but the BPA and the rest of it in the
plastics and so her basically making it
cool this synthetic transformation that
has been engineered over the males and
the chemicals are so powerful that in
most areas the United States 50 to 80
percent of the amphibian life is sterile
and in many cases according to
scientific studies the male frogs prefer
other male frogs and so the female frogs
never get their eggs fertilized and so
the amphibian populations are
diving just like fish populations
another but then again the soy boy is
taught to just giggle to laugh to make
it all a big joke and it's no big deal
their own demise they're taught to love
the transformation has taken place and
now with the genetic engineering and the
genetic drift happening and the
mutations exploding on our species so if
you looked at any other species and said
they're goin sterile their IQs are
dropping their males are shriveled and
weak you would say look at the decline
of the polar bear look at the decline of
this type of preying mantis or look at
the decline of the red-tailed hawk or
look at the cause of pesticides on the
Condor Falcons eggs almost making them
go extinct but instead it's the triumph
of the beta male now I've been friends
with Mike judge for years creator of
Silicon Valley beavis and butthead
king of the hill and he's a patriot he's
a libertarian and I've seen the show I
don't think overall it's vestige is bad
in all cases but it is a modern message
the point is the media takes what he's
saying about Silicon Valley and then
projects the idea there's the triumph of
the beta mill Silicon Valley is the
triumph of alpha predators posing as
other beta males and being part of the
whole globalist engineering program that
the former White House Science star John
P Holdren wrote about the year I was
born in 1974 the eleven hundred page
book is free online I advise you all to
go stand over it how they called for the
emasculation of males with estrogen
mimickers in the food and water so look
into all this now for women it's causing
him to be hyper feminine that is
accelerating the aging of their ovaries
of their uterus and of their breast
tissue all sexual tissue in the female
body is associate with reproduction is
being aged the very accelerated rate
when you have higher levels of
glyphosate in the water another estrogen
mimicker it actually accelerates even
more and gives you cancer all of this is
admitted incontrovertible fact but again
they call it a triumph so it's a
beautiful thing
and they have why the future doesn't
need us and all these publications about
the earth after humans and we're a
scourge they're teaching us to hate
ourselves the levels are teaching us to
turn off our life force to turn off our
instincts so there's that report on
it's critical for people to understand
then the soy boys get together and mimic
their bosses above them the robber baron
technocrats posing as liberal trendies
who are camouflage uniforms of Patagonia
vest and you know a little skinny jeans
and all the rest of it it is a
camouflage cover so that other alpha
males that are still left
despite the chemical warfare and the
social warfare and the biological
warfare don't notice that they're being
taken control of them being enslave and
then the globalists are very good at
then organizing the betas into what they
call beta armies and they're probably
telling you this for years
nanners think it'd be mainstream news
that the nerd Army's the beta army's
well the nerd armies are being enslaved
themselves but if they believe they're
part of the ruling class and are in on
the big joke and in on the censorship at
Google Facebook Twitter Apple you name
it they'll go along long enough until
the AI and the algorithms and the
Chinese Communists who are now taking
over Apple are able to replace them and
that's exactly what's happening they're
just like IBM engineers I knew 20 years
ago several more of my friends and they
thought oh alex they'll never get rid of
us sure we're replying we're training
our replacements seven years later when
they got let go first their pay got cut
then they got let go they understood
then that they were destroying their own
economy when you demand a better economy
and better pay more complex systems its
upwardly mobile but when you bring in
centralized systems command control
systems at limited choices and
vertically integrates wealth and there's
many examples of this in history but
just look at capitalism versus communism
another command and control systems like
fascism and socialism they do not work
at all because they're not designed to
work for the average person that is
designed to work for predatory elite
then if you see another story on
infowars.com right now
it's how in major studies in a new big
study this night television did in the
UK people find women that say they're
feminists incredibly unattractive and
don't have anything to do with them well
the plan is to get women to be
unattractive and not be into a normal
mammalian pattern and to have men so
arrested in their development that they
only want to hang around with other men
like their twelve-year-old boys it's not
a gay thing it's a Arrested Development
thing so the two sexes never get
together and then if the sexes do want
to get together there's so much me to
movement demonizing the whole system
between men and women coming together
that it also stifles that the study
showed as well and again you pull back
it's the triumph of the end of humanity
the triumph of a deaf culture the
triumph of a culture committing suicide
a triumph of the fall of humanity as we
know it and the upwardly mobile
Renaissance systems that can take us the
Stars and it's being done because a
breakaway civilization has a side of the
general public doesn't deserve to be
part of the future or the life extension
or any of the mysteries of the universe
that we follow humans have discovered
and development they intend to cut the
resources off use governmental and
corporate systems to extract the wealth
and ideas put it through a cultural wall
of the breakaway civilization while they
build their structure and while we
ourselves are basically then just
that's the plan this isn't a video game
it's not a science fiction book it's the
real world but a lot of people have
decided to be delusional through their
cognitive dissidence and to decide their
part of the structure even though that
structures destroying them and to
imagine that they're actually part of
the power structure and our alphas so
this whole beta thing is a alpha
directed psycho alpha directed system
organizing betas into quasi alpha groups
but only as part-time seasonal
mercenaries in their own destruction
alright that is the prime computation
analysis info wars.com news Wars calm
president planet calm police research
everything I've said you'll find out
it's all in the public venue of the
globalist believe you're complete idiots
even you I have to believe in you
because I know it's a feedback loop if I
start believing you don't matter I start
believing you're scum then why should I
care about my own children in the future
for them I do believe in my children I
believe in you and I believe in your
children and I believe you should come
together I understand the attack on
humanity and men and women should come
together and realize our species has
come so far together and reclaim our
survival instinct and break free from
the conditioning and move the next level
and I call the executives and other
people that are mid-level and high level
who've been serving this who have called
me who were so scared to break through
the fear follow your human guts and
instincts and survival instinct that
brought us here from so far away in
distant time and from other distances so
that we can truly reach our potential
and not be robbed of our entire future
this is the war for the future and I'm
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