Author Topic: Scientist Can't Figure Out Why Men Are Turning Into Soy Boys  (Read 52 times)

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Scientist Can't Figure Out Why Men Are Turning Into Soy Boys
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:38:26 AM »

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once of course that you know most recent
Pepe the Frog right old Pepe I don't
know I it feels like Pepe kind of the
Creator got cooked himself which that's
kind of in our soy boy stack so we can
kind of move on Owen Schroyer is not
here to laugh at liberals so Michael
Zimmerman and I have come and we'll have
to do our best
soy boy stack and this was something I
saw Paul Joseph Watson tweet this
article he said what is this fresh
but The Hollywood Reporter has featured
the triumph of the beta male and of
course they're celebrating the triumph
of the beta male the photograph features
cat male cast members from the HBO
comedy series Silicon Valley and so this
is this is a Mike judge created show so
as we know the man is kind of a psychic
and he he really does he has his finger
on the pulse of what's gonna be coming
down the line as far as the future and
you know in Silicon Valley the triumph
of the beta male so I don't know should
we blame him I think this show does a
lot of making fun of I've seen the first
two seasons of it it does a lot of
making fun of this whole tech left
culture in Silicon Valley and just how
absurd it is these companies they all
just sit around in beanbag chairs and
it's super absurd when they bring in I
think an elephant or something to the
offices and hooli which is supposed to
be Google but this photo is just weird I
mean yeah people are just saying come on
women prefer real men of course we the
billionaire beta men can temporarily get
a hot woman with all that cash but
eventually they'll end up moving on
because hey it's called biology as we
know a recent study came out that said
newsflash men with muscles and money are
more attractive to straight women and
gay men and this was a Newsweek article
can't really can't really tell you know
if they were upset about the fact that
gender roles aren't progressing after
all of the constant onslaught trying to
beat us down and make us accept the rise
and triumph of beta male people are
saying no you know there are still these
biological things that have been with us
for millennia and they're not going
anywhere even after this some news out
of CNN cuckolding can be positive for
some couples so this is CNN trying to
kind of cool to be a cock they're like
you know in our current political
climate the term kook you know short for
conservative it's become an insult so
they kind of do this little deep dive
into this and they they say you know
what this is a good word we're gonna
wear it proudly because it could be good
we're gonna take back calculate a
positive for some couples so but again
the gender roles are not progressing
because you can try and tell us that
we're attracted to these beta males but
we're not and there's lots of articles
out there and you could just search
engine this women less happy over the
past 30 40 years than they were
previously because there is this big
push that it's not okay to be a woman
who wants to stay at home and raise the
family anymore
you shouldn't want that you should want
to go to a job you should only want to
see your kids in the evening so you
should send your kids off to daycare my
mom stayed at home with my sister and I
until we started school and those are I
think some of the like best years of you
know your kid's life you can get to
spend with them and my mom took us on
all kinds of trips around Austin and
around Texas because we had all this
time you know to spend together with me
my sister my mother while my dad went
off to work and she was very happy she
wasn't didn't feel oppressed that she
stayed at home with us she loved doing
it right and obviously she did a
tremendous job because you turned out
exceptionally well my sister she had for
four years she was running the hospital
system in Houston and finally just said
who you guys are sucking the life out of
me meanwhile my kids are getting raised
by these daycares she comes home and the
kids are like cussing and saying words
like where did you even learn that and
so they're being raised by these people
who don't even pay attention that half
the time they're like I just read a
story they were giving them edibles and
gummy so they would sleep yeah melatonin
laced gummy bears hey or setting them up
kids daycare fight camp and uploading it
to YouTube so you have no idea who's
taking care of your kids it's such an
important job especially you know we can
see the the the country is kind of in a
crisis right now with where people are
at but here's another thing male
fertility is in a crisis and they don't
they don't actually know why the average
sperm count has died by 52% in the past
four decades and men are leaving it
later and later before trying to have a
child so in more than half the cases
when a couple is having trouble becoming
pregnant it's that the male is unable
to his sperm count slow or they're not
good swimmers but these the academics
they don't know why they can't figure it
out they know that don't even know where
to start we have this toxic environment
we've got all this stuff in our food and
what could possibly because they say we
know it's recent fertility we know it's
absolutely dependent on high levels of
testosterone but we should know how it
works and why and we still don't I had
to take a computer into for service
yesterday to the Apple Store here in
Austin and when I gave them my email
address after dropping it off the guy
goes in fours you believe in the gay
frog thing and go yeah I do look it up
for yourself
I look up atrazine look it's one of the
largest runoff contaminants and our
water supply
it's a UC Berkeley study you can find it
on pubmed gov you know this is
well-documented stuff we have all these
toxins in our environment yeah they are
decreasing fertility so Sargent
mimickers and all the plastics and all
the containers on receipts even now you
stick that in your pocket is that
getting absorbed through your skin we're
just surrounded by this stuff so yeah of
course it shouldn't be a surprise that
fertility is in crisis and people aren't
able to have children right but they
can't ever go there they can ever talk
about the pharmaceutical companies and
all the runoff that's going in our water
you know that's that has to be left over
into the conspiracy theory fringes and
then we're just gonna shut down those
conspiracy theory fringes so you'll
normally do the chores of why you're no
longer having children and then by the
way we'll just tell you that that's why
you need to import a whole block of
foreign invaders we've got a declining
population we need to bring all right
well thank you so much Zimmerman I will
be joined in studio by Darren McBrine
coming up next so stick around
you are making a mistake
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globalist but they're striking back all
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