Author Topic: Ted Cruz Has Tech Giants In The Cross Hairs  (Read 40 times)

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Ted Cruz Has Tech Giants In The Cross Hairs
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:35:30 AM »

I'm Leanne McAdoo joined now by Michael
Zimmerman our resident millennial what's
easy on that but I have to bring you in
to break down all this complicated tech
news well there's a story out of the New
York Times where Peter Thiel is actually
being highlighted he is of course taking
his business away from Silicon Valley
he's sick and tired of the echo chamber
there and he's of course been warning
for years that the tech companies are
arrogant and clueless and less good for
mankind than they believed comeuppance
was coming and of course we're starting
to see that taking effect a lot of
people who were some of some of the
early founders there in Silicon Valley
with Facebook Twitter elsewhere speaking
out about how terrible this has actually
been for mankind right in this this
whole SJW faction of the tech industry
has taken over the basically the ideas
of Silicon Valley you know if you don't
go along with this you are you know
pushed out like James - more at Google
he wrote his diversity memo which if
you've read through it was not offensive
or anything like that he said yeah men
and women are probably suited for you
know different jobs or take interest in
different career positions and he was
very quickly ostracized and kicked out
of Google science hurts people's
feelings though yeah facts facts they're
did you see the law school stomp out no
you said there's multi two genders and
all right that was not a liberal arts
college that was a law school that's
what they were offended by the someone
said that there were biological
differences between men and women right
which if you've ever met a man or a
woman you know there are differences
between men and women right yeah and
it's really unbelievable so we have you
know mr. Teel of course he's I think
he's actually gonna be starting a
conservative networker
or something but he realizing that there
is a massive vacuum that needs to be
filled there and he has the the manpower
to do it he spoke at the RNC he was an
outspoken Trump supporter he said he
actually spoke to the president just a
few months ago
but he wants to help rebuild this
country and I think that's that's pretty
impressive that we've got someone like
that who's seen the dirty inside who's
been a victim of course of the media
they're just trying to trash people and
drag them out we see I think that was
the daily beast or BuzzFeed I can't
recall which that outed the Instagram
daughters of Pamela Geller Pamela Geller
of course that tried to really you know
separate that you can't choose your
parents and they never were political or
said anything of the sort but of course
now threats right they didn't want any
part of this they're they're apolitical
on their social media and now they're
receiving death threats because of these
you know reckless daxing by the media of
these two young young women right or CNN
going and confronting the woman at her
home harassing her so then people now
are able to go and harass her at her
were you a Russian operative I mean it's
just it's really it's really crazy how
the the double standard that is there so
at least we know we've got someone who
is who's not afraid to fight back and to
take these kind of trashy media outlets
down as well as take on the tech giants
well Peter Steele also helped take down
right he actually funded Hulk Hogan's
lawsuit because I believe Gawker had
outed him as being gay years before
so it's kind of him getting back at this
you know fake news outlet saying alright
Hulk Hogan has a valid case against you
guys I'm going to fund it right because
there is no there's no reason that the
public needed to know any of those
things it wasn't in the public's
interest so if you're gonna go put post
up a sex tape for no reason or out
someone and there's absolutely zero
reason why the public needs to know that
then you're gonna get taken down for
that so he definitely held a vendetta
for quite some time after that and then
saw an opportunity here you know with
the Hulk Hogan tape but you are also
wanting to talk about how Ted Cruz is
now kind of taking on these tech giants
and you know this is this is something
they're they're trying to say oh you
know we're a private business we can do
what we want but they're also really
showing their bias and
in the fact that they are completely
silencing voices they don't agree with
so back in January Ted Cruz was
questioning executives or
representatives from Google Facebook and
Twitter asking them is your business an
open public forum are you censoring
conservatives is like we've seen with
the lawsuit from Prager University
against YouTube D monetizing their
educational content these companies are
targeting conservative voices targeting
Christian channels targeting pro-gun
channels and he asked this question
because then phrases it in a specific
way because if they're not open public
forums they lose protection under the
Communications Decency Act so if they're
not public forums and they do moderate
and censor content they become legally
liable for the content that their users
post so say the hypothetical YouTube
loses this protection and someone
uploads illegal content such as child
pornography or other content that's
illegal YouTube could be held liable for
that content so that's not something
that these companies want they don't
want to be found in court that they're
not open public forums so we'll just go
ahead and play a little bit of that that
clip with Ted Cruz questioning these
different tech giants Thank You mr.
welcome to each of the witnesses I'd
like to start by asking each of the
company representatives a simple
question which is do you consider your
companies to be neutral public fora miss
Baker thank you senator
the mission of our company is to connect
people we do not look at ideology or
politics we want people to be able to
connect and share who they are so I'm
just looking for a yes or no whether you
consider yourself to be a neutral public
forum we do not have any policies about
political ideology that affects our
miss downs yes our goal is to design
products for everyone subject to our
policies and the limitations they impose
on the types of content that people may
share on our products so you're saying
you do consider YouTube to be a neutral
public forum correct we enforce our
policies in a politically neutral way
certain things are prohibited by our
community guidelines which are spelled
out and provided publicly to all of our
mr. mantra yes sir well let me focus for
a minute mr. Mancha as you know there
had been several videos that were
released in recent weeks that that my
and a lot of other people find highly
troubling and so I want to give you an
opportunity to respond to them one
individual Abdel that vad review
described as a former Twitter software
engineer was captured on video saying
the following quote one strategy is to
shadow ban so you have ultimate control
the idea of a shadow ban is that you ban
someone but they don't know they've been
banned because they keep posting and no
one sees their content so they just
think that no one is engaging with their
content when in reality no one is saying
it is that practice that occurs at
Twitter no sir we do not shadow ban
users and as we saw on the project
Veritas videos to write annual from
Twitter and YouTube admitted to write
Auto banning or censoring right a lot of
Engineers doing that caught on video
they weren't speaking on man under oath
right now capacity we do not shadow ban
folks what we do do is if an account is
spammy meaning engaging in malicious
automation we will hide make it harder
for them to find unless Clinton Twitter
if I could continue sir that was one of
the reasons why the efforts that we saw
with the Russian mission misinformation
didn't hit as big a mark as they were
hoping for we were able to stop that
from Russian hacking to Russian
misinformation name mon arrived
Twitter content review agent was quoted
on video as saying on stuff like that it
was more discretion on your viewpoint I
guess how you felt about a particular
yeah if they said this is quote pro
Trump I don't want it because it offends
me this that and I say I banned the
whole thing and it goes over here about
the last 20 seconds of this video
because Ted Cruz says something very
important at the end here and it's that
you can't have it both ways right
exactly and as we know there's story
after story where Twitter keeps
censoring pro-lifers meanwhile they're
letting these openly anti-semitic groups
just run wild on their platform so who
do you stand with right so let's take a
look at the very end of this video I
lost 20 or 30 seconds of it censorship
that we are saying across the technology
companies is highly concerning and the
opening question I asked you whether
you're neutral public forum if you are a
neutral public forum that does not allow
for political editorializing and
censorship and if you're not a neutral
public forum the entire predicate for
liability immunity under the CDA is
claiming to be a neutral public forum so
you say you can't have it both ways you
can't have it both ways and I think this
is the key this is the bombshell to all
of this when it comes to censor
censorship of conservatives and others
on these platforms is these companies
it's gonna bite them if they are found
that they were censoring people
specifically because they can't have it
both ways they will lose their
protection we'll be back on the other
side of the break to break this down
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live.com welcome back to the War Room I
am Lee Ann McAdoo joined by Michael
Zimmerman now Michael before the break
we were breaking down this clip with Ted
Cruz where he's just calling the tech
you know you're trying to have it both
ways you just can't do it you you'd
strike the Infowars YouTube channel and
then say oh our we've got some new guys
they made a mistake oh there's another
strike it oh just kidding I mean there
they're toying with us absolutely who is
it there was moderating the comments now
SP LCE or the seal you totally not
biased not a biased organization even
though they call Alex Jones the number
one thought-criminal in the country but
what Ted Cruz is referring to is the
Communications Decency Act also known as
the CDA specifically section 230 of it
which provides legal protection for
users and also the companies themselves
from the content that their users post
but this only applies if they are quote
open public forums if they're not if
they're censoring or being selective
about content they're required to be
selective about all content so every
video uploaded to YouTube just something
like 40,000 hours a day or something
crazy like that would have to be
manually reviewed by someone YouTube
doesn't want to go for that Facebook
does not want to have manual reviewers
and approval for every photo and every
comment posted to their website right as
if someone uploads you know say an Isis
training video or something that could
be considered promoting terrorism
exactly if Facebook loses their status
as a open public forum and the legal
protection under Section 230 of the CDA
Facebook would now be held liable for
that terrorism or could be right and of
course we're starting to see that in
other countries that they're saying they
are responsible for taking those videos
down every day that they're up there
getting fine like 30000 euros or
something like that and so of course
they don't want to see that happen here
any any word on what that would do
because I know one of the one of the
ways that they've really hit us as well
as others is taking away the advertising
so so they've massively demonetized our
channel along with other channels Prager
University has a ongoing lawsuit
regarding that because their videos are
not offensive they're educational
they're well sited so you can't say a
Prager University videos fake news when
you go to their website and there's a
whole page of citations the people they
have as their correspondents or the
people voicing the videos are often
professors government officials from
other countries they had a series of
videos with a the head of the British
Armed Forces in Afghanistan they have
you know all these very reliable sources
and their videos were demonetized by you
as as hate speech right and then that's
the thing that's just so funny is that
it's then they don't take down the hate
speech when people are actively
and but then they do quickly get to
taken down people who are for pro-life
right and of course there's also the
whole thing going on this week that
people have brought attention to two of
the organizers of the women's March
we're pictured hanging out with the list
Farrakhan who is verified on Twitter who
has said horribly anti-semitic things
right and the leaders of the women's
March are okay with this I suppose right
which of course Linda Sarsour
is one of the leaders to the women's
March - she was arrested yesterday
outside of Paul Ryan's office in the
capital yeah I actually just saw that on
Twitter do we know why was it another
stunt I think it was probably a stunt I
don't imagine they they held her for
anything but I think she was blocking
the office or being otherwise
threatening right but I think this is
kind of the key to all of this is the
the CDA here the Communications Decency
Act because these companies it would be
awful for them as a business if they
were to lose this there's protective
status right and of course thanks to
project Veritas being able to get those
undercover videos getting them and their
engineers on record talking about the
nefarious deeds they're doing to block
conservative content and things that
they do not agree with things I mean
that's their job specifically to go in
and do that and you know we've been
talking about this for more than a year
now just noticing it with our own with
the Facebook algorithms and then the
newsfeed they were called out on that
where where they were injecting trending
topics or if there was an actual organic
trending topic that they didn't they
would take that out of the trending
topics we saw the the views from
president Trump's Facebook page
massively decreased when they announced
their their new algorithm last month
they were going to show you more posts
from your friends and family and not the
different pages and brands that you
follow right so they have tweaked
everything and I don't know if that
alone makes them not a quote open public
forum but the stuff that YouTube is
doing and like you mentioned the project
Veritas videos are definitely suggesting
that they are not being open about it so
it'll be interesting to see over the
next few
what Ted Cruz and others do about this
what Congress does about it and see if
they may come up with some new laws
regarding these these tech giants
because these companies are bigger now
and have more of an monopoly on the
Internet then companies like ma belle
was you know back in the day when they
broke up Bell into AT&T; and other
companies when they got too large right
so it'll be interesting to see what kind
of things they face because these
companies have grown to a point where
they're not just you know small
providers right they're like a public
services I mean this is where the
President breaks his information so if
you're not allowed to be on Twitter
you're not able to listen to what the
President of the United States has to
say because he doesn't go to the news
media to get his side of the story
across he goes to Twitter and so you
know that it's just at this point
they've gotten too big and again you
can't have it both ways you want it to
be this big that you would call for net
neutrality you've enjoyed all these
you've enjoyed all these legal
protections too and then you're going to
censor people not be open you also had
some articles about a AI and other
things that Google's and alright so we
and this is this is i retweeted someone
today so I can't I can't recall exactly
who kind of made this great point so we
have Google now helping the Pentagon
build AI for drones I brought this story
up yesterday and they partnered with the
United States Department of Defense
they're gonna help the agency develop AI
for analyzing drone footage and of
course this move set off a firestorm
amongst their employees because they're
saying hey wait a minute I didn't
realize I was signing up to help the
government potentially kill people
you're using my my invention my
technology my help to you know to help
the government potentially drone people
this is kind of crazy to hear about now
because people had made jokes on the
internet that I've seen over the past
year or two where Google has you know
it'll show you a picture and I'll say
click the to verify you're not abide
right you know click this photos that
contain storefronts click the photos
that contain vehicles and people would
make jokes about that and have like a
shot from a military drone and they say
click the squares that contain a wedding
party as we know the the right us
droning of a wedding party so this had
kind of been like a joker
meme on the internet and now this is
becoming a real thing Google is using
what they learned from their you know
machine learning and machine vision
algorithms to help the military with
drones right and so how can they say
that they are you know not part of a
public surface or separate from the
government I mean that's not their
contractor exactly I mean they're
they're using the artificial
intelligence probably that we are
helping them develop with our Pokemon go
and uh you know all the geospatial
information that they're gobbling up
from the American people aren't really
unbeknownst to us unless we're willing
ly giving that over when like we pointed
out on the show on Monday if you're not
paying for it you are the product you
are being you know what is being sold
they're selling your data and I've got
another article it kind of ties into
that it's how Facebook is Facebook
really is spying on you just not through
your phone's mic and this is from the
Wall Street Journal and here they break
down a lot of people have theorized oh
when you talk about something around
your phone and then you start seeing ads
for it on Facebook they break down they
say oh no we're not using your
microphone but what they are doing is
you go to Walgreens and you check out
there you put in your phone number that
gets tied into a database I know what
you purchased at Walgreens and they have
all these data brokers right all these
cookies so they're buying and selling
your information and that's why it's so
creepy that you'll see ads pop up for
things that you were just talking about
her thinking about because it's either
something you bought in a store or
something you made a Google search for
right there they're tracking every
element of your lives right making
making billions off of our data that we
are we have no choice but to give give
over to them and it's time for them to
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