Author Topic: Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Life Even More  (Read 36 times)

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Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Life Even More
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:33:56 AM »

all right welcome back to the war room
I'm Leon McAdoo filling in for Owen
Troyer and I am joined here by Michael
Zimmerman and of course everyone you
know by now the world really knows by
now of course because even the
mainstream media is getting it on the
good laugh they're having at info wars
under attack and why why do they want to
take us off the internet why do they
want to curb your access to our
information could it be because we have
the the conspiracy theories years ahead
of time that turn out to be true then
you have your your mainstream outlets
having to then report oh yeah by the way
you do have cameras spying on you and
your television or oh yeah we are going
to fill your entire smart home with
devices that can spy on you or creepily
laugh at you and ignore your commands a
lot of people now are reporting that
their Amazon echo users reveal that
Alexa has been emitting bone-chilling
laughs out of nowhere cackling at random
and ignoring their commands and people
are saying what is going on a lot of
people tweeting out there's a good
chance I get murdered tonight by my
people are asking Alexa you know how
much time do I have left on on my timer
and she just lets out a cackle a creepy
laugh for no reason at all and so what's
happening here have the programmers done
this as a big joke are these a is Alexa
just kind of learning herself how to
kind of join in on the conversation with
a little preset laughs there I mean
really there's no telling we do know
that of course like series engineers
have given her a lot of interesting
comebacks when you ask her certain
questions but random laughing I think is
the type of thing that's just going to
kind of turn users off of using the
device yeah if I'm in my house and are
you laughing at me that's how it gets
unplugged and toss
the closet or thrown away people aren't
going to use your creepy voice assistant
yeah if it's a laughing in the middle of
the night right and or constantly every
time you walk in the kitchen I know
because I was with my sister's got one
and while I was there every time in the
kitchen it's like ask me why this story
is trending ooh
today is national margarita day this is
this constantly bombarding you with
information you do not need you do not
want would you like to buy something ah
yeah I see your refrigerators low on
milk should I tell your washing machine
to get the Tide Pods ready desert desert
for eating and 20:18 actually well the
those go in the fridge nice not in the
laundry room well I want to go ahead and
take a call from Darrell and Missouri
he's been waiting for quite some time
and you wanted to also chime in on the
censorship of Infowars go ahead Darrell
in Missouri are you near me
yes sir okay I'm sorry to meet agender
you oh I'm glad that you're back on
there Mike Adams and Gary Franchi
yesterday was great and I love the
product I last November when all the
stuff was going on in st. Louis I was
active on my Facebook and it was taking
down I think it was complained because I
put some statistics up and I was trying
to get Bruce Franks jr. a representative
here in Missouri to advocate for a
political prisoner named Jeffrey
Winehouse who was shot by the Missouri
State I would full and I think I Paige
was eight years old I had pictures of me
and my wife's wedding just you know
videos that I like music and it was just
like me and on there's an interview with
a guy Lone Star 1776 that did an
interview with me and and I told him I
talked with Jeffrey and I haven't made a
new account ID all the time I like I
feel like my chips and cut off you know
and so and we just love Mike Adams and
all the information he puts out and we
have two small children and we don't ask
me and the courts running America you
know the censorship will be de putting
you in a CMU prison
new prisoners tell me
that's where Schaeffer cost is that the
communications management prison that
they put people in and and that are
inspirational prisoners that we have
many and justices you know I'm sure you
know about the freedom to fascism with
Edna Lane Brown and and that's where the
censorship is going to lead to is they
and I'm just a regular guy but I see the
in justices that are going on and it
makes me really mad and also sad because
I have I'm going to be having my seventh
child and super my male vitality my
wife's three months along and I'm and I
don't see these men unjustly you know
Jeffrey Winehouse was shot four times he
was a journalist he had a blog you might
not agree with what he said he was
censored with gunshot to the head he was
wearing a watch that recorded the whole
thing and no one is held accountable and
that's something these people I'm glad
Ted Cruz is speaking up for some he's
gonna you know these companies the
gentleman with you was talking about
things I'd be held accountable for what
they're doing to you guys I've listened
to Alex a long time there's been things
I don't agree with but I agree with
everything that about freedom and and
just leaving the people alone exactly
you don't have to agree with what
someone's saying but you have to agree
with their right to their right to say
it right well Darryl thank you so much
for your call and for your support as
well and that's really frightening thing
you bring up with the thought criminals
the prisons for thought criminals and
and of course I mean when does it end
where does it end and if we let these
people get away with this just open bias
and they're open censorship where we
have the legacy media actually cheering
on the shutting down of Infowars and
other sites because we're crushing them
in the ratings and you know forcing them
to have to admit that they misspoke on
certain topics or of course just
reporting things that they don't want a
report they don't want to give that
information to the American public but
we're for
to get out they're finally forcing a
real change where does it end
do we all end up in these in these
prisons it's like what judge spoke about
is the internet ghettos mm-hmm
you know they've got us in these virtual
prisons too you say something wrong on
Facebook and they will block you from
posting I messaged a friend who's a
actually I'll just say who dissolution
Winther Church of gateway pundit on
Facebook the other day and he sends me a
text he goes hey I can't respond I'm
shadow banned on Facebook so he showed
up as available in facebook Messenger
and I send him a message and he had to
respond with a text message because he
can't even reply on Facebook Wow and
that's what they do they want to corral
everyone into using their Facebook
Messenger obviously they're tracking
everything you're saying with your
friends but now you can't even talk to
your friends if you hadn't had the
communication the phone numbers
exchanged via your actual telephones you
wouldn't been able to speak because oh
no we're you can't even access the
facebook Messenger right and when you
install it on an Android phone they
actually try to get you to replace your
default text messaging app with facebook
Messenger they want to get you totally
within that system Wow so that if it's a
facebook friend it'll send us a facebook
messenger message and if it's just a
number you're texting it'll send it as a
text message but they want you to get
corralled into their their systems these
digital prisons so that they can control
every aspect of your lives here's you
and these Chinese internet ID with your
social credit and then getting us used
to just behaving or you not gonna be
able to talk to your friends well and
here's an article from CNBC saying
Amazon could become the third biggest
u.s. bank if it wants to you would be a
full to move your money in there the big
banks we already have in the US aren't
good you know the it's already can't
even keep a track of my banking
information as it is whenever I want to
make a purchase right so they want to
get sued completely within their system
they want you to have your food
delivered by them they want you to order
everything from them they don't want you
going to the store they'll send
everything to you in boxes or in the
future drones or whatever they've got
planned but now they want your banking
they want to control every element of
your life they want to have the Alexa in
your house laughing at you it's creepy
it's it's really creepy the direction
all of this is going and people need
- to push back against it yeah the big
banks we have right now aren't great but
you don't want Amazon to be your bank
right no I mean every time I purchased
something off Amazon I find that I've
got my bank's calling me going hey did
you make the suspicious purchase out of
no I didn't we're we actually have some
more weird news coming out of Indonesia
you're just on mate and we have them we
have them killing shape-shifting Tigers
earlier in the week and and now we have
more news out of Indonesia and also
involving animals yeah interesting well
that'll be coming up next stick around
thank you so much to our caller and of
course to all of you for your continued
support we'll be right back after this
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