Author Topic: Jimmy Kimmel Blames Americans For His Oscar Record Low Ratings  (Read 38 times)

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I'm filling in for Owen Schroyer today
of course we're all kind of playing
musical chairs until Alex Jones gets
back in the studio and of course you
know it's not just the legacy media that
is slowly dying and and wondering what
is happening how could they be so out of
touch not only were they so out of touch
with the 2016 election but they are
still out of touch it's also the Oscars
they've had the lowest ratings ever
record low ratings and of course
President Trump could not miss his
opportunity to take a jab at those
record low ratings because look these
stars the Hollywood stars they no longer
have control over the cultural paradigm
people are not paying attention to them
anymore they're calling them out on
their hypocrisy you know I believe Paul
Joseph Watson and his his legion of fans
were actually able to troll George
Clooney into taking a refugee into one
of his empty mansions because you'll
recall after we went on that the calling
him out on his Papakura c4 telling
everyone they need to bring in all the
refugees well quietly about a month or
so later he brought in a well vetted
refugee from Iraq into one of his homes
which of course if you watched the
Netflix specials we learned all about
his little his little friend so there
you go but calling them out on their
hypocrisy seems seems to work and of
course President Trump never misses an
opportunity to do this I want to take a
look at this clip where Jamie Kimmel
actually responded to president Trump's
tweet calling him out and calling out
the Oscars for their record low ratings
I got a little surprised this morning I
woke up I brush my teeth I looked at my
phone I got a texting look at Trump's
Twitter account as if I wasn't gonna do
that anyway
that is what I do every morning and so I
did and this is what I see lowest rate
and Oscars in history problem is we
don't have stars anymore except your
president just kidding of course what
you do without President Trump now Trump
loves saying the ratings are down to
insinuate and that is a show of some
kind of support for him but the truth is
every year since Netflix happened the
ratings are down for every big TV show
Emmys Golden Globe
but Trump thinks he caused the ratings
to go down nobody wants to tune in to
all of the bread and circuses of the
past they're tuning you out so I tweeted
Tim thanks lowest rated president in
history of course that's not true
because President Trump is at 48 percent
approval rating and right about where
President Barack Obama was at this point
in his presidency as well but you know
what facts don't matter to Jimmy Kimmel
skin Trump is Trump always has a problem
the Academy Awards which is surprising
because I really think he would love the
Best Picture winner in the shape of
water it's the movie if you haven't seen
it's about a monster that has sex with a
woman who can't talk about it basically
it's like his life story
oh boy alright well so this is him
basically there's dwindling viewership
all around not only with the Oscars with
sports as well again because people are
waking up to the fact that they are just
trying to be lulled into a sleep to just
kind of not pay any attention to what's
going on
oh let's laugh with Jimmy Kimmel he'll
just throw out some arbitrary stats and
hope you don't check him on it in fact
check him on it and and not only does he
not accept responsibility for being a
terrible out-of-touch late-night host
but he wants to just go ahead and blame
America and the fact that people want to
watch Netflix it's not his fault it's
not the Trump bashing it's not that most
of America knew exactly what was going
to go on with this with this broadcast
that it was just gonna be more political
theater and hypocrisy like call out the
names of these predators in your midst
or shut up you know like we saw the
szabo put out the the the big signs in
Hollywood and the Harvey Weinstein Oscar
they're just kind of throwing in their
face like look guys you're the problem
but you want to lecture the rest of us I
don't think so no wonder people tuned
out and we can move on to this next
story because here's something else that
people are starting to tune out
initially we had a lot of empathy a lot
of sympathy with these with these
students who the latest students who
were caught up in another mass shooting
these time we have this time we had some
very vocal survivors speaking out David
hog being one of them they've been
making the rounds on all of the talk
shows late night as well as daytime but
one of the Parkland survivors really
he's he's trailed behind his buddies in
getting any his blue checkmark and and
being taken out onto these talk shows
why I wonder why could that be because
he has a conservative point of view and
this is really interesting when you see
these Parkland survivors saying that
they want these bipartisan gun control
measures but yet they're not willing to
in a bipartisan manner and so here we
have parkland shooting survivor Kyle
cash of calling out David Hogg because
he was bragging about the fact that he
hung up on President Trump when Trump
tried to you know give him a phone call
and say what can we do let's go ahead
and lay that clip I want to play David
hog who has been out there a lot he's
become you know sort of very familiar to
Americans here he is speaking out for
his what on his side watch us actually
hung up on the White House the other day
he they actually called me the day
before the listening session and asked
if we were going to come and I said I'm
not coming because we expect President
Trump to come to the CNN Town Hall we
can I ended on this message with them I
said President Trump we don't need to
listen to President Trump President
Trump needs to listen to the screams of
the children and the screams of this
nation what do you think about that Kyle
you know I'm really trying to control my
anger at what he said because you know
the president calls you and it shows he
wants to make a change and you're
talking about partisan change and the
one man who controls who leads our
nation you know comes to you it's like
look well let's do something let's make
it happen and you hang up the phone on
him that's so hypocritical you know he
was David hog was like we have to make a
change let's make this happen and then
the the White House calls you and it was
like let's do it I totally agree let's
make the change and then you hang up on
him and then you brag about it on
national television it's extremely
counterproductive extremely
counterproductive and it is just
exacerbating the polarization in this
country and we can see that they're
they're not being reasonable with their
charges calling out Dana lash and saying
that you know she's a murderer and she
doesn't care about her children because
she owns a gun which is just insane
because we can show countless video
after video of mothers who are being
beaten by home intruders right in front
of their children and boy wouldn't have
been great if they had had a gun in the
home to be able to protect themselves as
they're being mercilessly beaten by home
invaders and we see those stories every
single day all around the world and so
for these kids to come out and say the
NRA which of course is millions of
Americans who are members are just child
murderers and the
CAIR they are quickly losing the world's
sympathy people are quickly going look
alright this is this is crazy and you're
actually not really helping this
situation and of course hog was I'm not
sure in that clip if it was hog or the
other young the other young guy that was
saying you know we've got we've got to
go to the funerals we have mourning to
do we don't need to talk to the
meanwhile they're on every single talk
show that they can possibly be ongoing
meeting with celebrities collecting
checks for their GoFundMe just making
the media rounds and yet when the
President of the United States calls and
says hey you know let's let's talk I
want to do something I want to help they
they shut them down this is this is how
you can see that there's a massive
agenda behind these parkland students
that's helping to get everyone bused in
for their marches and to help them
organize and to help set up the GoFundMe
and help facilitate the millions of
dollars that are pouring in it's not
just these kids who within hours of this
shooting we're able to create this
massive movement you know just like the
women's March we'll get to that in a
little bit but I mean they're having to
of course do damage control because
they're leaders of that group of course
they their agenda came to light as well
and the the movement behind their agenda
where you have all these women thinking
they're just joining this March and it's
all about you know raised bringing
women's voices together meanwhile the
leadership or the people behind it their
agenda is starting to reveal itself and
it's starting to unravel this is the
type of stuff that happens with these
those grassroots movements is that the
the people behind the scenes begin to
show their faces and people it it
unravels the movements people don't want
to join they don't want to be a part of
it when they can see it's not about real
change it's about getting new 18 year
olds to sign up to join the Democratic
Party and push the daca recipients to
the side because they failed to get that
past and they fail to back up their
promises to the to the dreamers so
they're moving along to their new
audience that they can control their new
identity group which is going to of
course be these brand new voters these
brand new eight-year-olds of course that
are going to be joining this March I
guarantee you they're going to be
signing up for voting
you know vote here because the racists
conservatives are just child murderers
so you got a vote Democrat I mean it's
just it's great to see Fox News of
course giving this other voice to a
dissenting opinion than the other
parkland survivors all right we'll stick
around Michael Zimmerman is gonna be
joining me in studio next we're gonna be
talking about net neutrality and what
can we do to stop these tech giants make
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against the globalist but they're
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