Author Topic: Why Trump Must Clean House At The Justice Department  (Read 28 times)

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Why Trump Must Clean House At The Justice Department
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:31:53 AM »

you are now in the war room I am Lee Ann
McAdoo filling in for Owen Schroyer and
of course I am joined by the
indefatigable Roger stone before we go
back to Roger with these phone calls I
want to let everyone know we're gonna be
joined later in the show by Darren
McBrine as well as Michael Zimmerman
we're gonna be talking about net
neutrality and of course when will we
see the end of this monopoly by the tech
giants we're going to be showing some
video of Ted Cruz actually taking on
these Internet giants and saying look do
you guys want to be the arbiters of
truth and what people are allowed to
hear or are are you going to go ahead
and take responsibility for oh I don't
know Isis video is being uploaded on
YouTube so they're kind of in a real
tight spot there and of course as
everyone knows they're taking Infowars
on as well
massive onslaught against us we are
fighting back thanks to the help and
support of viewers out there like you
of course continuing on with our
specials as well which I'll get into
later in the show but I want to go ahead
since we've got just about seven minutes
left in this segment I want to get to
some questions and it looks like Eric
and Indiana was interested in what Roger
stone was talking about the bill with
the dog testing and he'd like to know
who wrote the law and I would like to
hear a little bit more about that as
well Roger well I can't tell you who
wrote the law in all honesty doctors I
have talked to are shocked that this is
continuing this kind of canine research
has been out of vogue and discredited
for some time when we started discussing
this at Infowars when we had guests on
the show
highlighting it there was an immediate
response from the Veterans
Administration so they're hearing us but
they're not hearing us we don't want to
be assured that the approval of these
bizarre experiments will just be
approved at a high
level of the VA what we want is for them
to end
anybody who mistreats animals when it is
unnecessary when there are safer and
better ways to conduct modern medical
research is beyond the pale so I was
shocked to learn that the federal
government is still engaging in this
kind of activity I'm going to give the
Secretary of Veterans Affairs the
short-term benefit of the doubt perhaps
he's being buffaloed by others but dr.
Shulkin is a medical doctor he's taken
the Hippocratic oath he needs to order
an end to these practices if he does not
do so well next we recall on President
Trump to do so hashtag dog lives matter
dog lives do matter Eric did we answer
your question thank you well it hasn't
been okay to be so cruel to animals you
know I mean win-win you know it's a
bunch of crap the dogs would be my
family they are my family and I can't
even hear a person talk about a dog and
I kind of want to hurt him but they're
just family to me and it pisses me off
it makes me mad right we saw wait I can
understand your anger Eric thank you and
of course we saw how quickly President
Trump kind of back pedaled on talking
about bringing in the exotic game
hunting and people said whoa whoa whoa
wait a minute what are you doing and I
mean just with an hour as president
Trump said you know what I don't think
we've given this enough thought we're
gonna go ahead and take a second look
and that was really awesome very
powerful to see how our voices are being
heard by this president do we have time
to take another question Roger sure
let's go for another one
go ahead all right Robert in California
he would like to know what will it take
for the president to make a new Warren
Commission I believe
go ahead Robert yes greetings from the
communist state of California just got a
question for Roger you were around in
the day what would it take for the
President to bypass the DOJ and just for
a Presidential Commission like the
Warren Commission that seemed to work
out for Jonathan all right well the
president president has that authority
today of course they would be arguing
that he is trying to usurp his authority
but if Jeff Sessions will not
investigate uranium 1 which is I think
the largest treasonous financial crime
in American history then the president
could certainly appoint a commission to
get to the bottom of who did what I
would recommend a perfect Commission
chairman for such a commission Judge
Andrew Napolitano a eminent jurist
respected constitutional legal mind but
there are numerous good men and women
who could serve on such a commission the
tragedy is that we don't seem to have a
Justice Department that is committed to
the rule of law whether it is the
trafficking of guns to Isis by the Obama
administration whether it is the
formulation of this phony dossier to
undermine the results of the 2016
election whether it is the wholesale
corruption and selling of American
political decisions or I should say
policy decisions under the Clinton
Foundation or a myriad of other crimes
Jeff Sessions seems to be totally
focused on the sole question of cracking
down on state legalized marijuana in
contravention of the position of Donald
Trump in the most recent election where
he told us he supported the states
rights to make their own decisions and
have legalized some use of medicinal
marijuana mr. sessions could use please
focus on the epic corruptions and crime
going on around you and let the state's
decide for themselves whether or not
they want to legalize cannabis for
medicinal purposes thank you so much for
your call I'm going to depart here
shortly but before I do I want to ask
you one more time to help us in this
incredible struggle that we're engaged
in to avoid the wholesale strangulation
of our First Amendment rights and the
efforts by the tech left knock Infowars
and Alex Jones off of YouTube ultimately
off of Google off of Facebook off of
I've already been censored for life
banned at Twitter because I hurt Jake
Tapper's feelings I've been banned at
CNN except for yesterday when Anderson
Cooper's producer Jake Tapper's producer
and Aaron Burnett's
producer kindly asked me to join them I
declined this is the most important
fight we face you can help us by going
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Leanne we'll be right back
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