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« on: March 08, 2018, 07:28:45 AM »

if you're at Infowars and now we're at
the war room standing in for my
colleague owen Troyer is my colleague
liane McAdoo we are looking to take your
calls today
I like the dialogue with infowar so
questions for myself questions for
LeeAnn questions on any topic that
number one eight eight eight two zero
one two two four four again one eight
eight eight two zero one two two four
four on the Alex Jones Show today we we
appealed to info warriors and for those
who are just tuning in to help us stop
what can only be called barbaric and
inhumane medical experiments on dogs and
puppies as young as eight weeks that are
currently being conducted by the
Veterans Administration as I have
written and said here at Infowars
incredibly dogs are being subjected to
horrific treatment in some cases being
given drugs that will kill them
collapsing their lungs inducing heart
attacks drilling holes in their heads to
see how long they can survive there is
no excuse whatsoever for this inhumane
treatment when we here at Infowars
decided to make this a crusade
well they heard us in Washington the
veterans secretary secretary Shulkin
announced that going forward experiments
on dogs would require a higher level of
approval unacceptable folks help us in
this important fight by sending an email
to the
Secretary of Veterans Affairs now you
can reach him make sure I get this right
at david dot Shulkin sh UL ki n at
va.gov that's david dot Shulkin at
va.gov don't yell don't use obscenities
don't be obnoxious don't be impolite but
firmly and strongly tell the secretary
to end medical experiments on helpless
dogs and puppies today God will thank
you for it
Lee Ann s Roger stone I hadn't heard
that story until you brought it up
that's pretty interesting definitely
want to get people involved in that Owen
and I have reported on this extensively
I was pleased to say the American
veterans organization they recently
urged the secretary to end this bizarre
and barbaric behavior let us hope that
we can generate thousands of emails
today urging them to stop this abuse of
man's best friend what do we have on the
phone board there Liam well we've got
several people holding on the line Dan
and Pennsylvania would like to speak
about a Danone Pennsylvania would like
to speak about the left's projection the
history of racism he looks like he's
been holding the longest if we want to
go to Dan all right before we go to Dan
dan you're up next let's put that up one
more second there you have the email
address for dr. David Chokin he is
Donald Trump's appointee as Secretary of
Veterans Affairs please phone or email
his office and in respectful com terms
urge them to end the medical experiments
on dogs thank you very much we'll be
right back to take David's call here on
the war room
if you are the resistance make no
we've made some major gains against the
globalist but they're striking back all
over the world now more than ever is the
time to get prepared with the highest
quality emergency supplies across the
board medical supplies emergency
supplies communications tactical it's
all there and we're adding more and more
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there so go to fortified supply.com
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we offer there but links to some of the
other great sponsors that we have as
well that's at

InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com or FortifiedSupply.com or 888-253-3139







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