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Gary Cohn To Resign As Top Economic Aid - Full Show
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:48:14 AM »

welcome into the war room Patriots all
over the country are rising up right now
not just in support of Trump but in
support of the American tradition and
for the future of America Ted Nugent is
one of those we have exclusive
interviews with Ted Nugent we're
releasing bits and pieces here and there
here's another exclusive clip from the
breaking Ted Nugent Alex Jones interview
right now is a full-force attack from
truth logic and common sense Americans
we're seeing right now the biggest perch
online of conservative sites veteran
sites gun sites shooting clubs Christian
sites I've never seen such a I have been
I've been thrown off forever but this
year I had this great tour and all the
promoters are coming off Newton's coming
back out book Nugent book Nugent I won't
mention any names now in hopes that the
negotiations can continue and move
forward on a an honest level but I have
been thrown out by the biggest promoters
in the world because I'm on the board of
the NRA and I promise you if I was
recently arrested for heroin
distribution they would have not thrown
me off
exactly but because I'm on the board of
the family grassroots organization of
the National Rifle Association the
stands for self defense I've been thrown
off tens of millions of dollars in
revenue because I believe in
self-defense exactly and that's the
sacrifice that I mean you go to the
Rolling Stone articles attacking you and
I this week they'll get there they'll
get one or two comments your side has
thousands per story so does mine and
fifty times the traffic so I'm saying
you're right they have had a cardiac
arrest they're falling apart but I don't
want to underestimate their counters no
no we don't we didn't doesn't mean that
we get complacent by any stretch of the
right now is a full-force attack from
truth logic and common sense
Americans to continue to crush the
dishonesty in the photo directors so I'm
not I'm not compromised or controlled by
a stretch of the imagination I'm still
making the greatest music of my life
with the greatest band and the greatest
crew and the greatest management the
grouse family you should be even more
empowered in this fight now they're
trying to hold you down I think
political correctness has backfired and
even though fake news and the
orchestrated lies of the media starting
in the late 60s quite honestly some
people fell for it but then when they
really tune in and pay attention they
see how dishonest it is and my backing
and my support is at an all-time high
right now look at all the claims that
I'm a child molester a draft dodger that
I dissed the Native Americans it's all
lies Oh No what nasty things especially
my relation with chip with the Native
Americans I have been invited to almost
every Native American tribe to teach
their children the Native lifestyle of
clean and sober hands on conservation
self-sufficiency hunting fishing outdoor
conservation shared sweat lodges with
their spiritual leaders since the 60s I
had been given felonious eagle feather
war bonnets by the elders of numerous
tribes because I in my song Great White
Buffalo and in my promotion of
conservation especially bow hunting they
feel a kinship of blood Brotherhood
they're with me
so meanwhile the Native Americans and I
are spiritual blood brothers so the
Huffington Post claims that I called him
unclean vermin and then some people
actually fell for it so it you can see
that as I say these things as nasty and
horrific and dishonest as they are you
noticed I'm still smiling because I can
plow through the dishonesty in the book
and still connect with people
coming to the info war Ted Nugent's the
music made me do it exclusively at
I believe the positive spirit is as
strong as each other what is the biggest
story today is it multiple protests
going down today Democrat protests Linda
Sarsour protests arrests happening is it
the Vatican being blackmailed by a male
escort talking about homosexual activity
in the Vatican with the escort is it the
Russian collusion Russian meddling
narrative that they continue to prop up
that continues to fail is that the
biggest story is it Facebook releasing
robots essentially a 21st century
imperial probe droid just to just to
hang out with you just to be your friend
I'm not sure maybe it's North Korea
saying it might be willing to to turn
over its nuclear arsenal based on
reports coming out of the most recent
talks with South Korea for the first
time in Kim jong-un's reign as dictator
or is it the massive censorship that
conservatives are under right now
welcome to the war room I'm your host
Owens lawyer Leo Sagami joins me in the
first hour here 3:30 central Lee and
McAdoo is in studio with me for the
second hour and then Roger stone will be
closing out with me in the third hour
today on the war room so there's just a
brief smattering of all the news so
you've got dreamers protesting the DNC
calling the Democrats fake allies
you've got Linda Sarsour getting
arrested at Paul Ryan's office with some
of her care activists and we'll play
those video
klipsch for you but it's just madness
it's really just mental illness and then
you look at the news here and you and
you see what this this this Russian
collusion Trump Russia collusion Russian
delusion Trump hysteria you see where it
all goes now now look at this string of
news stories that we have here Roy Moore
accuser running for Florida house as a
Democrat okay so what happens to Roy
Moore he gets slandered by the Democrats
he gets what was it Lisa bloom or one of
the one of the big liberal attorneys to
come out and get all of these women to
say that he made passes at them when
they were younger of course they didn't
have an issue with it until he decided
to run for the special election but now
Debra Gibson one of those women who said
that Roy Moore pursued her romantically
as a teenager is now going to be running
in the 89th District of Florida as a
Democrat currently held by a Republican
imagine my shock these people are sick
the Democrats are sick twisted
disgusting people and look at what
they've done to general Flynn's life as
this story is now making its way making
its rounds Flynn selling his house to
pay legal bills in Trump probe this
story ought to make you sick here's a
man who honorably served this country a
patriot and all because he doesn't want
to go along with the destruction of
America the illegal spying the deep stay
and then wants to support Trump he's the
bad guy he's targeted in some Russia
probe some nonsense
and then they they indict him on
something that has nothing to do with it
and so now he has to sell his humble
abode in Alexandria outside Washington
for they're saying the asking price to
$895,000 I mean do you think this is a
guy who just has money to blow no
they've destroyed this man's life they
have attacked his family and you need to
understand something they don't it
doesn't stop with with General Mike
Flynn it doesn't stop with Infowars it
doesn't stop with Alex Jones it doesn't
stop with Paul Joseph Watson it never
there is no stop until everyone's life
is ruined that's where this end that's
where this ends so they're never going
to stop until they either get put behind
bars or everyone's life is ruined and
then you come to find out oh yeah and by
the way there now Muller is now saying
that Kellyanne Conway is guilty of Hatch
Act violations and is recommending
appropriate discipline resident Trump do
you see this look they have been
ignoring all of these laws they have
been allowing politicians to break the
law do whatever the Clinton Foundation
and then they find a crooked toenail on
people in the Trump campaign and they
bring the full force of the law against
them and then you come to find out this
was in the hill today from John Solomon
Australian diplomat whose tip prompted
FBI's Russia probe has ties to the
Clinton hmm
foreign Australian foreign minister
Alexander Downers role in securing a
twenty five million dollars in aid from
his country to help the Clinton
Foundation fight aids is chronicled in a
decade old government memos archived on
the Australian Foreign Ministry's
website and all of the documents are
linked up there at the hill then you
come to find out I'm reading this story
it's not just the Clinton Foundation
they're these people they don't just
have one laundry machine they've got a
whole deck of laundry machines if this
if this laundry machine over
here's to full well then just come on
over here to the Clinton Health Access
Initiative laundry machine the money was
initially allocated to the Clinton
Foundation but that laundry machine was
full so later was routed through an
affiliate of the charity known as the
Clinton Health Access Initiative
Australia was one of the four foreign
governments to donate more than 25
million dollars to the Clinton
Foundation Health Access Initiative so
not even the Clinton Foundation one of
their satellite laundering machines
ding-ding just just roaming just
hovering around the Clinton Foundation
just there it is if we ever need it oh
but where is the investigation where is
the probe where is the Special Counsel
on Hillary's foreign donors I mean it's
just on record it's just it's just 25
million dollars from four different
foreign entities I'm sure Robert Mueller
is going to be coming out on this I'm
sure that the Clinton Foundation is
having a Special Counsel investigate
this or maybe it will because now you've
got trey Gowdy you've got Matt Gaetz
you've got other Republicans in Congress
saying there has to be a second Special
Counsel there is no doubt it's
unavoidable we have to look into these
Clinton crimes but but don't let that
stop CNN now CNN is not giving up on the
fake news folks CNN is now traveling to
Thailand to interview Anastasia
whatever a self-described sex coach
others refer to her as a prostitute now
I will tell you something this this
story came across my desk like a couple
weeks ago and I was making fun of this I
was making fun of anybody that would
fall for this because this is such a
joke this is such a stretch this is such
a reach and then leave it to CNN to
actually send reporters to Thailand to
talk to this woman whose Bay
collegiates an Instagram celebrity so
this is like now this is like Stephen
Colbert who goes to the Russian Hotel
that Trump allegedly had a golden shower
in and then Stephen Colbert's in the
hotel room next to the bed ooh this is
where it all went down this is where the
golden showers happen he imagines
himself as the the prostitute on the bed
what are they gonna do next is is
vashu kovitch is this the new expert for
the Trump Russia collusion for CNN a
self-described sex coach who's whose I
believe is in jail in Thailand she's got
some legal trouble so leave it to CNN to
fall for fake news every time we'll be
right back with more the war room well
the numbers are in again TV verse Trump
2018 lots of Russia 91% negative
coverage of President Trump I mean come
on even if you're neutral and you were
saying all right judge President Trump
percentage-wise how much would you say
he's done positive for the country how
much would you say he's done negative
for the country I mean even someone
that's neutral would have to admit
trumpet at least gets a 70% positive I
mean come on Trump supporters would say
90 to 100 percent positive but leave it
to television to blur the lines of
reality leave it to television to skew
the lines of realism and to try to trick
you and deceive you and then they break
it down the Mueller Russia
investigations the biggest story it's
the biggest story and they don't even
cover the right angle which is it's a
witch hunt there's nothing there the
indictments that have been produced by
the Mueller investigation have nothing
to do with Russian meddling oh oh wait
I'm sorry I'm sorry you had you had
Russia meddling on social media I mean
this is breaking who cares
when all the sudden sees he think about
this why all of the sudden now do people
care about Russian meddling Obama didn't
care during his two presidential
elections you have heard Bush complain
why is it why is it trouble now and it's
not just with Trump they're saying that
the Italian elections are being rigged
by the Russians we'll have more of that
in the next segment with Leo Sagami but
Paul Joseph Watson has the story at
infowars.com CNN's audience is literally
dying that's because their demographic
is above the age of 59 and their ratings
are already just totally tanking I think
they're down like 20% from where they
were last year which was already down
from where they were the year before so
CNN is a pathetic joke and that's why
they have to erase in fourth but they
admit that they admit that I mean the
head of news court comes out and says we
have to silence Infowars so that you
know we can we can last
by the way Hillary Clinton tweets out
salt black panther with bill this
afternoon and loved it
beautiful film lots of action and a
great message don't miss it how much you
want to bet that just like everything
else that comes out of Hillary Clinton's
mouth this is a lie because is Hillary
Clinton all the sudden a nationalist
that wants a strong border and even a
wall because that was the message in
Black Panther hmmm I think she's lying
I don't think she has seen it okay but
we've got protests going on today you've
got now there's there's all these news
stories surfacing oh the Democrats are
they're having big turnout in the
primaries Democrat voters are turning
out Democrats are gaining voters and
they show you numbers and I mean I guess
you're supposed to believe them but then
you've got this video of dreamers
protesting at the DNC take a look at
this we have audio on this guy's she
walked 250 miles in her pajamas I mean
what am i watching here outside the DNC
this is the dreamers protesting the DNC
just pull the audio down for a second
now remember you already had dreamers
you already had dreamers protest Pelosi
protest Schumer I mean they're literally
protesting at their houses you can keep
keep this rolling guys and then you have
this event where the dreamers show up in
front of the DNC and are now shouting in
front of the DNC and they're saying the
Democrats are our traitors to the DNC
here go back go back to the audio here
oh but I'm sure it's so much easier
wherever you came from that's why you
came here so you have more advantages
than because American citizens are our
trillions of dollars in debt right now
in college loan college loans so I guess
you're actually more privileged as a
dreamer than American citizen good for
you but you're complaining about it
you're complaining about because she's a
political pawn of the Democrat Party see
the Democrats brought all of these
people in here illegally and set them up
for this scenario the Democrats put you
in this compromising position and
unfortunately your parents went along
with it and broke the law and now you're
out here protesting in the streets in
your pajamas complaining about
complaining about not being a citizen
yet somehow getting college paid for you
alright pull that down now let's go to
Linda Sarsour and her care activists
protesting Paul Ryan's office today
Linda Sarsour gets arrested but listen
to this again this is mental illness
these people are insane that's a sports
fan I believe that we will win there now
they now think they're at a sporting
they're singing
there's the cockroach Linda Sarsour
another PR stunt by her total PR stunt
that is a walk that is a cockroach Linda
Sarsour is a cockroach and now all the
care activists this is just pathetic man
so now all the care activists get duped
by Linda Sarsour into going out there
and getting arrested for her own
publicity stunts for her own
self-interests pathetic pathetic
so there's two examples first the
Democrats why not chant in Arabic yeah
first the Democrats trick essentially
the dreamers into coming here tricked
their parents into breaking the law and
coming here putting them in a
compromising situation then Linda
Sarsour puts her supporters in a
compromising position to have them
arrested all for her own PR stunts folks
we don't we don't do PR stunts we don't
trick our audience we do contests we pay
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great sales we do great specials we
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store wide when we come back it's Leo
Sagami talking about the Italian
elections and the black mail going on
right now at the Vatican welcome back to
the war room I am now joined by Leo
Sagami Leo's egami dot-com
and I wanted to talk about what's going
on in Italy with the elections and now
of course they're saying they're being
you know influenced by Russia
again anytime there's an election it's
it's it's Russia influencing it and then
we'll also get into the blackmail right
now going on at the Vatican by a male
but first Leo let's get into what
they're now saying is Russian influence
in it Italy's last elections now
Samantha power says Italy joins long
list of elections influenced by Russia
and then it talks about again social
media activity I mean just a bunch of
nonsense just you know it's social media
folks and then the entire story is at El
Pais calm how Russian networks work to
boost the far-right in Italy of course I
mean that's always how it goes Russia is
all about conserving these other
countries Russia is all about these
other countries being strong and having
borders and being nationalistic I mean
it just makes sense for Russia to want
that right but that's what they're
claiming but Leo it's amazing how they
they complain of this Russian influence
Russia meddling and all this stuff but
they don't talk about actual legislation
that there was put across in Italy to
actually try to scuttle grassroots to
try to scuttle the far-right well there
is a completely fake narrative here
going on with the newspapers like the
Washington Post saying that the populist
rise is threatening Europe and that
basically Matteo salvini with the
center-right is about to lead this
coalition and of course then they put in
the Russian narrative but not let's not
be fooled because this is a complete
scam first of all in the next few days
we're gonna see an alliance by the five
star movement which is basically piloted
by George Soros as I also said recently
also named force yeah there's the guy
that metals and all the elections but
nobody cares about Soros meddling well
it seems like now this this figure of
Steve banner is really playing a role in
the DC for me
campaign that is going on here in Europe
regarding these elections because they
are completely rigged and everybody in
Italy in the real news is basically
saying especially among the independent
journalists that we are about to face a
coalition between the five star movement
and the Democratic Party which is
basically connected as we know to both
George Soros and the Clinton Foundation
so the centre-right coalition is
probably going to be left on the side if
they don't compromise another thing that
the foreign media doesn't know is that
the northern league that has won this
battle amongst the centre-right
coalition this symbol of the Northern
League is actually owned by Berlusconi
since the year 2000 because the Northern
League party has often risked bankruptcy
and Berlusconi has always bailed them
out so it doesn't matter if he hasn't
won the coalition because he loses the
coalition in fact yesterday salvini went
to his villa and later on said well I'm
not gonna break from this coalition from
this alliance with Berlusconi of course
he can't because the symbol is owned by
Berlusconi or his own party so this is a
complete scam then we have paolo
gentiloni and the other members of the
present government who are in the
democratic party that is starting to
break up from the imposition on matter
NZ we're saying i will resign the new
government comes in and basically we
have to stand at the opposition nobody
in the Democratic Party wants to stand
in the opposition because they like too
much being involved with power and
they're also paid by your source is a
list of at least 20 people from
materials party that are paid by George
Soros and then we have the other
left-wing the members of various
coalition's that seemed that some of
them even seen they were kicked out of
the whole process because they lost the
but silently with this is incredible
with this erection we have seen anything
possible yesterday but he was saying
Lara pod dream is out the grass without
all these politicians around and today
by the proportional system they are
picked back and brought into Parliament
so it's a complete scam and all this
propaganda in Europe about some kind of
a populist uprising Italy of course the
Italians are getting really angry and
they'll get even more angry now because
they see that their vote is not having
any kind of consequences and that
possibly we will have another government
with the same Prime Minister simply a
change of maybe of course we have the
five star movement coming in joining in
but they are of the same party which is
the George Soros party so if Belarus
Kony doesn't play in the George Soros
party with a great coalition like that
they want to push him to do this move
well in that case he will find himself
at the opposition well and I've always
understood Italians in Italian culture
you know it's a very proud culture
you're very proud of your culture your
heritage and everything and I would
expect when you start reading stories
like oh yeah we're being influenced by
Russia that the same reaction that that
people in America are having it's like
that's just offensive don't tell me I'm
influenced by Russia I'm not a Russian
bot and that's what they're trying to do
but it's the Italian media running with
that same narrative I mean what it what
are the big media networks in Italy
saying are they saying oh yes if you
were far if you were for the far-right
or for the populist opinion in the
elections you were influenced by a
Russian but you know when Italy has lost
so much money in the last few years
because of the EU war against Russia
that is incredible the amount of money
that we are losing because of course
there is a war also commercial and
economic war against Russia so we have
the thousands of companies that had to
to other counties but also we have
Russians that don't invest anymore here
in Italy so there is a certain interest
from Russia into Italy but the Russians
have always had a close relationship
with Italy and the ones who had the
closest relationship
well the Communist Party they were
actually paid by the Russians during the
Soviet Union there was a whole dossier
that meet rockin dossier that brought up
the names of certain people who are
still there in the Parliament people
like the ex president Giorgio Napolitano
Romana Pilate who was been also big
player in the EU from the Democratic
Party people connected to the old Soviet
ambitions exist in Italy of course
Matthewson being with the Northern
League through marine lepen
has tried to get some kind of financing
because the Northern League is always
bunker so either you pay them in one way
with Berlusconi playing their deaths
rather they try to get put in to pay
their debts Sanjay laughs the Northern
League never seems to keep the money in
their pockets but the populist rise now
it's really happening in Italy because
people are giving both to people like
the northerly and faster movement that
in the Trop in the eyes of the
propaganda in the eyes of the media are
the rebel parties because they have
constructed a massage and so we are in
front of course now our base be
compromised from the five star movement
to reach the possibility of controlling
the Parliament and this compromise will
eventually bring them to in a few years
of course not now to be completely
defeated because if they align now with
the Democrat Party they show their true
colors alright we're gonna have more
about this just one quick question we
got about 30 seconds left here would you
say that italians express confidence in
the results of the election or do
Italians feel that this was a rig job
the Italians really start to feel in the
last 24 hours this is a rich job and
they are starting to get really annoyed
I mean people are really is appointed or
one it's like people who have given
their boat wanted to see a change for
this country they hope that Donald J
Trump could maybe help them in some way
or that even Vladimir Putin could help
them but Italy is corrupt and of course
that's why they demonize them see that's
why they demonized Trump that's why they
demonize Putin nationalistic populist
men that are leading people welcome back
to the war room another segment with Leo
Sagami and before we move on to the
blackmail going on right now in the
Vatican I wanted to ask you another
question Leo obviously the the most
recent wave of Italian elections and the
Soros meddling and the fake news
meddling and everything yet going on
with that one thing that we've seen here
in America because of the fake news and
because of the bitterness towards the
result of the election is people that
are just Americans that are blatantly
anti America I mean they'll say it
they'll they'll they'll burn American
flags they'll preach hatred against
America they'll say death to America I
wouldn't imagine that something like
that would be going on in Italy but I
wanted to ask you are are you seeing
people like they are in America going
against their own country against their
own culture well in Florence it was
let's say a group of black people from
Senegal because of the killing of one
black guy by this is suicidal Italian
then ended up killing somebody that
actually suicide himself there was a
complete riot in the center of Florence
they destroyed everything and then
pushed by the social centers which are
sponsored by George Soros and antifa
they attacked the police so this
happened in the last few hours I invite
you to go and find the videos of it
which are really shocking and you can
find them all over YouTube now in the
right in the center of Florence we have
a civil war going on with the black
immigrants from Senegal which Senegal is
country that has any problems so these
are economic migrants that are of course
piloted by this black axe which is this
Nigerian mafia which controls all the
black people and the criminal activities
of the migrants in Italy at the moment
and of course is controlled by the
Illuminati so it seems more that if
there is an anti Italian sentiment it's
coming from people who migrated to the
country recently and not people have
been there are white people working for
George Soros pushing him so you'd so you
so you do have an element of Italians
hating Italy absolutely and the antifa
people have occupied I was actually
wrong the other day going through the
Casa Lina a gay tourist said well it's
not even a ghetto there at the central
and at one point I saw a big righty
this is an auntie factory Tony I just
don't get it I would be I mean that's
what I'm saying I mean I I feel the same
way about my country I mean I have pride
in America I know people that are proud
of America and I feel like Italians are
the same way in fact a lot of Italian
Americans bring the Italian pride with
them to America and they still love
their culture it's just amazing to me
that that Soros and the left can trick
people into hating their own culture and
their own heritage and attacking the
police forces that's the the most
negative fact they are attacking
constantly police forces poor people who
work for a living
who actually don't get even that much
money they have all the gear to protect
themselves all the munition they attack
police really struggling with the
economy's side of things and at the same
time they have to fight their own people
that are sponsored by Jorge sauce just
like it happens in the USA there is no
difference here in Italy is man behind
all this and he should be arrested yeah
George Soros just needs to be locked up
I mean this guy I mean you complain
about a Russian meddling and you're
indict of meddling I mean my goodness
George Soros should have been locked up
ten times witching
in the real sense of the term because
the only one who is paying here is your
sorrows all the various politicians they
just they they give you the same
nonsense Oh social media bot social
media networks Sputnik stories getting
checked shut up its social media just
because somebody shares a story from
Sputnik doesn't mean it's a Russian
agent but that's what they're trying to
tell people in Italy I want to move on
though to what's going on with the
Vatican now this story is crazy okay
you've got
Manji Capra man gia Capra male mangia
Capra mangia eating a goat
so heat so you've got alright so you've
got eating goat so you've got eating
goat regardless you've got this male
escort male prostitute yes he has a very
high-end client who claims to be a judge
so he's under this impression that he's
being and he's been an escort for a
judge well then one day he happens to
see him wearing priests garb looks into
it finds out he's actually a priest now
as he claims to be a practicing Catholic
himself he's worried that this priest
has been stealing from the from the from
the pot the donations to the church in
order to pay for the lavish dinners the
lavish dates the the escort service this
is one of his top clients actually he
gets more detail because Francesca
mangia Capra declared just recently that
he was kind of when he saw the situation
he fire he created a sort of personal
investigation investigation led him in
investigating in on another 50 priests
not only on Don euro the one that you
mentioned but on 50 priests fighting
1,200 pages of allegations and of course
with images screenshots and all kinds of
other material that is proving very
rather scandals for the Vatican but
let's be very careful here because this
could be a manoeuvre because at the same
time he gave the dossier to the Bishop
of Naples
there is another scandal which has been
sidetracked involving always the Vatican
in the nearby caserta and at the same
time he declared Francesca mangia Capra
that none of the people involved were
pedophiles so this was only a matter of
sin for the church and not a criminal
matter so this is a baby and I know what
you're saying because there were there
were the scandals that were already
going on in the background of this of
the pedophiles and of other you know gay
orgies and stuff going on in a Vatican
there is a big scandal in cos after we
don't mckayla maroney now--don't mckayla
maroney is a true Don in the sense that
he's also my fusee related to a very big
crime family of the Camorra
and this guy here has enslaved numerous
women with the excuse of exorcism and he
actually has been condemned and he's in
jail because of one of the exorcists was
doing the so brutal that that of course
he was arrested but then later on when
they went fed into the investigation of
mckayla maroney and his diocese they saw
that there is a whole prostitution ring
run by a priest with also a fusee but
let me get back to man gia Capra real
quick because I want to I want to go
down your line of thought with this to
me I I think that he's a bit naive here
and I think to be honest you have to be
a bit naive to even find yourself in
this situation I don't think he's saying
if he's a lawyer
Oh easily dropped out of law school to
become an escort he's very brilliant guy
and he's working for somebody behind the
scenes is definitely not so you so you
so let me get this straight you think
this could be a false flag to try to
protect the Vatican absolutely he's
declaring that behind him there is a
lobby of ex-gay priests who are
repenting and he wants to find the right
way so they can
open up to this truth so let's be very
careful here because this could be
actually the way for the gay lobby to
get the wide acceptance on the fact that
of course this is not an email I mean of
course the magic Apple wants to kick out
the people who took his who to his
services but this whole thing could
actually end up making a more acceptable
the whole homosexuality I tell you what
the one thing that I'll say and I'm sure
that you've done more research into this
than I have but just from reading the
stories the one thing that I was gonna
say that lends credence to what you're
saying is then that was why I thought he
was so naive why would you send that why
would you send this 1200 page dossier to
the Vatican why would you send it to the
Catholic Church
do you know what they're gonna do with
it they're gonna eat it yeah but it was
the Bishop of Naples who sent it so this
is a political maneuver regarding the
Bishop of Naples who immediately said
none of my priest Adam bow and womb sent
to this thing to the rally guy like a
bomb you know so this is what do you
think okay so let's go down this road
then you've already had the idea of
priests being allowed to marry floated
out there in the Catholic Church now
you're so are you thinking this is kind
of the Catholic Church the window for
them to just kind of go more liberal
like with Witten and go away from the
Orthodox Catholic beliefs kind of
defended by people in in certain
positions in the Catholic Church because
he says he's a Catholic is defending in
the church from the fact that priests
should not have a double life they just
simply have a normal sexual life if
they're all sexual you know it's
interesting I mean and and I guess I
mean I don't know I I was raised
Catholic I don't really practice
Catholicism anymore it's the same thing
with like you should a priest be able to
marry would that stop more pedophiles
from getting in there but then you
realize there's a bigger thing going on
with the Catholic Church and blackmail
and then secret history and everything
and it's really all corrupt leaders are
gobbing liras egami calm thank you so
much for your time check him out on his
web site
all right I've got a clip here and as
it's pretty much
you know inconsequential as far as the
big picture is concerned I want to
address something that I'm seeing
happening right now the left or liberals
we call snowflakes right they can't
accept elections they can't accept facts
they can't have a debate without
breaking down and cursing and we've seen
their activity
everything's triggering to them so we
call them snowflakes but we have to be
very careful not to become what we see
in the left that makes them snowflakes
now this is a viral clip that
everybody's talking about now and it's
Deion Sanders one of the most famous
best football players of all time coming
up in the 90s in Atlanta he even changed
the NFL culture you could say he could
he even brought black culture made it
mainstream in the NFL and it was cool it
was it was hit people loved it the
Atlanta Falcons in the early 90s one of
the most popular teams so now he's a big
sports personality and he's on NFL
Network and he's covering the combine
and an individual who happens to be
white runs a very fast 40-yard dash now
this clip goes viral because now you
have conservatives complaining about
what Deion Sanders says here let me let
me just roll the clip and then break it
down in the second half so here's Deion
Sanders who's making a joke about a
white guy having a great 40 time what
I'm saying Fitzpatrick and a guy like
during Jake they don't need nobody to be
successful they're gonna be successful
no matter what situation you place them
in the story Ashley why are you
surprised in
he was a track he was a track guy excuse
me 200 pounds try so there you go so
there's the clip Deion Sanders sees the
white guy you know running amazing 40
and he's like shocked he's like whoa
he's like you don't see that very often
and of course everybody knows like what
a fast white guy and Deion Sanders is
like well I can't say it on television
and let me just tell you I've worked
with Deion Sanders before I don't I
don't know him that well but I worked
them when an NFL Network would come to
st. Louis the guy's just a hoot man he's
just fun that's his personality but
here's my point
first of all let's not do what the left
does let's actually look at the facts
okay if you go look at the fastest 40
times in NFL history or on any given
year that the NFL has tryouts it's
always black guys that's just a fact
let's not be triggered over facts e're
conservatives so Deion Sanders just
makes a joke of it again he's not
thinking racist thoughts nobody's
thinking racist thoughts that's what we
have to beware of we don't want to go
into the liberal mindset we looking at
racism it's racism everywhere did he say
something racist is this racist no he's
just pointing it out he's just joking
he's just laughing about it and they're
all laughing about it and then it all
comes back to the political correctness
and he's like well I can't say it on
television but he's really fast for a
white guy to me it's just funny I just
think it's hilarious now I understand
where conservatives are coming from
saying if that was a white commentator
and he made some comment about a black
guy it'd be the end of the world he'd be
a main news story and yes you're right
about that but that's cuz that's what
the left does that's what the snowflakes
do that's what the Liberals do we cannot
become that that's not who we are so
let's just laugh at this because it's
funny who cares let's not get triggered
and let's not be
snow flakes because somebody makes a
joke that actually happens to have some
factual reasoning to it yeah look at the
fastest times in the 40-yard dash in NFL
history it's all black guys here's a
white guy who just knocked it out of the
park so Deion Sanders is like he's like
white boy he's like you can run cool and
he's laughing and they're all having a
good time
so conservatives calm down not
everything is racist don't turn into a
liberal snowflake just laugh at it it's
funny it's sports he could run run I
think it's hilarious Deion Sanders
welcome back to the war room I'm now
joined by Leeanne McAdoo she's in studio
with me and we've got all kinds of news
that we still need to cover here I
noticed though Leanne that one of the
stories you brought with you to the desk
here let me find mine ah KITT Daniels
has the story at infowars.com
face book patents roaming reconnaissance
robot data obsessed tech giant develops
real-life imperial probe droid I mean
when I first saw this story and the
images of it I you know what I thought
this poor robot he's gonna be bullied
this robot is just gonna be bullied
anywhere it goes well this guy I'm
pretty sure they're setting it up so he
can wander around the Facebook office
making sure that nobody is committing a
thought crime well their policing
everyone that's using they'll probably
send us one to Bill just voluntarily
send us one imperial probe droid hi we
saw that you are very popular on
Facebook Alex Jones
here's your facebook imperial probe
droid make sure that nobody commits any
thought crimes around the office and
then it's just BPI floats around like
baby beep I was wanting to get into this
article just why I mean I obviously they
they have some pretty talented people
that are working there and so people
aren't they're not just wanting to
develop things that Facebook users can
enjoy but maybe they want to which by
the way we talked about this yesterday a
lot of these Silicon Valley people are
actually dropping a tiny hit of LSD
every time they go to work they call it
micro dose micro dosing so became trendy
like two years ago and they say it like
boost your brain power but I'm pretty
sure that this is what they come up with
when they are they watch yeah my I mean
I figure out how could we build an
imperial probe droid
I just micro dost and watch Star Wars
for five hours I want to build an
imperial probe droid so they think
though I mean it's like a totally
another subject but they do this they
call it micro dosing and they say it
gives you like a brain a boost or
whatever yeah but they don't even think
like are you even thinking about the
long-term effects of this like you're
probably actually killing your brain
yeah I mean but you know what maybe
they'll just put an imperial probe robot
in their head to replace their brain
well I'm excited to see if one of these
things shows up at South by Southwest
because I know oh yeah oh they had the
roaming the roaming robot who was
walking it was just a big kind of
rolling screen and there was a woman
talking to random people that would come
up to it and so I'm wondering if because
it's going to be marketed as a
telepresence unit to allow video
conferencing but you know it doesn't it
looks like I just don't understand like
it's just a tiny little camera versus
what we saw South got the camera the
microphone you know I can move around
it's got wheels it's gonna go look at
everyone's desk make sure you're you
know doing what you're supposed to be
doing how annoying would that be though
it's gonna have an app that tracks all
the data I mean think about it this is
they'll chocolately use this in the
Amazon factory where they were giving
nudges to the employees hands oh the
boxes on this side go that way to where
they're not even I think oh I'd accuse
the robot of sexual assault that
happened to me look at that no you know
what it looks like actually I if you
grew up you played t-ball when you were
a kid it kind of looks like a tea ball
like I'd like probably what you do it
I'd like to grab a bat and just like
whack it you know it's on a tee yeah so
that'd be crazy though I want it maybe
it will be at South by Southwest I mean
we're gonna be at South by Southwest
covering it you'll be here too I will be
here and who knows what we will see but
I I I know that I guess the theme of
that South by sprout is all a I
everywhere all the time which is coming
yeah and there
they are pushing they're also pushing
the idea that it's more advanced than it
actually is and that we have no choice
and to not even attempt to I really want
to make a crude joke here okay
it definitely looks like a probe droid
I'll just leave it that I don't know
what that means
well we'll let your imagination roam but
you know you can take a guess so kid
Daniels is positing here that this is
this is could theoretically turn
millions of smartphone users into
imperial probe droids much like they
were doing with the pokemons go because
this thing is linking up to all
different apps and I'm not really sure
is it traveling around people's offices
and didn't that Pokemon go up I mean
remember we reported how it was really
just a a CIA shell operation to
basically geomap everything right go
places where they can't go right and so
I'm so I was doing actually a little
more research into this just a day ago
because it popped up on some news
program I was watching Pokemon go and it
was like the biggest craze I mean
Pokemon go was like the biggest thing
for like for like six months and
everybody was doing it and the thing was
if you go to like weird strange areas
like off the map or whatever you can
find the rare Pokemon so that's how they
get you to like wander out into the
no-go zones oh and then what do you know
now all the sudden they have it all
mapped and they have it all geo-located
and you just volunteered yourself to go
do it for them and I was thinking about
this though usually like video games
like this or or or Pokemon there's like
an end right I mean there's like some
sort of goal but what was the actual
goal of Pokemon go there wasn't one and
so that's why it died out because it
wasn't a goal you just realized oh I'm
just walking around in this fake virtual
reality world and I just mapped out a
geo geo map a geo global map for the CIA
exactly and you think that maybe this
robot is kind of doing the same deal
here well this is what this is what kid
is saying is that it's it's basically
everything that you would expect a robot
capable of reconnaissance would be and
so who's gonna be using this type of
thing I mean if this is around the
office obviously you know every single
thing you're doing in your office is
being recorded anyway
and wherever this telepresence unit goes
I mean this is just this is just one
example of Silicon Valley's obsession
with with augmented reality and AI and
where it's headed and how they can
continue to develop these things that
not only are they going to be able to
have a back door on track if this is
their equipment that they're putting out
into the world into the corporate world
they'll have back door to that
information that data as well but I mean
we've talked yesterday a little bit
about how China and these other foreign
countries that are building our
technology they that they're giving
themselves a backdoor into into the
things that we're putting into our homes
cameras that are spying on us through
our television sets and whatnot well I'm
just trying to figure what is the
practical use of this I mean usually
when you release a patent to the public
there has to be some sort of
practicality I mean at least with your
smartphone I mean there's obviously uses
for that even though it is essentially
the original imperial probe droid but
what's the practicality of having some
robot you know just roaming around
recording videotaping everything like I
said I mean this looks like the type of
thing that would get annoying people
would probably take out their
frustration at work like instead of
taking the copier or the printer to the
back alley you take them you take the
robot and then everybody shows up to
work the next day like has anyone seen
the Facebook robot you're just like no I
mean based on Alex Jones is history I
could actually see him purchasing one of
just to do a second we do have a Lexus
Romo go ahead he would destroy it
actually you probably just planted that
idea in his head
but see at least like there's all these
videos now where you have the hamburger
flipping robot and so everybody's kind
of talking about the hamburger flipping
robot I mean again at least there's a
practical use for that if you figure you
can save money I suppose there's a
practical use for that I just don't
figure the practical use for having some
spy robot roaming around the office or
your house or whatever it is it just
doesn't make sense to me I mean it
really does show you what facebook is
thinking Dennis right well and also you
mentioned with Pokemon go and how
they're kind of developing getting in
that geospatial area that they couldn't
go Google is now kind of under fire
they're helping the Pentagon build AI
for their drones using the same sort
technology and the edge what we need
Google and Amazon you know working with
our government it's really good
well the employees there are saying wait
a minute why are you using this the
software that we're developing and the
things that we're developing to
potentially kill people to take people
out but that I dare say hey everyone in
Silicon Valley what are you using I mean
what kind of world are you building
because you never know when your company
is gonna decide well we're just gonna go
ahead and give all of your information
over to the do you remember when you
used to see a cellphone ad and the cell
phone ad was best reception never drop a
your service everywhere now they
introduced a smartphone and it's
augmented reality you know virtual
reality strap it onto your helmet and
it's got all this stuff and it's like I
just want a phone I'm going back to my
flip phone I actually found a flip phone
on my mom's like old shelf I can't even
get a dust and I want that flat head to
go get this new phone I walked in I said
I said guy give me the phone that has
any buttons left because there's no
buttons anymore I said guy I just want a
phone with any buttons he was like the
only one we got is like
industrial-strength and I was like give
it to me I want a button you know so the
screen is always watching you that's how
they came up with the term black beer
here welcome back to the War Room Owen
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it's a 360 win and that is how we remain
independent and on the air well LeeAnn
you have been seeing the recent news
cycle talking about Democrat voter
turnout being up and especially here in
Texas and they're analyzing some of the
numbers they actually believe that
Democrat voter turnout for the primaries
doubled where Republican pretty much
remained stagnant you've got some other
stories is this something that is
concerning you right now absolutely and
you know being in Florida we are a state
where your vote actually really does
matter and then it's another state
that's under under threat where there
people are moving in specifically with
this agenda to turn it blue because it
is such an important swing state and we
know what text is we have so many people
from California and other places moving
here because it's such a great place to
do business and you can actually make a
living here your quality of life is
great here but then they want to move
here and bring with them the same
policies that made them flee California
I mean get a grip people actually I want
to preface this what does that's so true
what is that it's seriously it's like
they're just like oh we got to make it
you guys suck but we can't wait to you
know get to California what you wo just
suck so bad because of what we did to
California let's go to Texas because
it's great and do it there right so if
you are listening to the war room show
right now and you have not and you're in
Texas and you have not gone out to vote
put the show on your telephone get in
your car and drive yourself to the
nearest polling booth
and go vote like you need to vote we've
always talked about how the local
elections are so much more important
than the presidential election
I think conservatives do a terrible job
at getting that message out there we
know that the left is really good at
organizing really good at making those
phone calls being super annoying hade
you go vote did you go vote you go vote
I'll Drive you I'll Drive you know pick
up your neighbors take your friends and
go vote if you're in Texas it's so
important you have to do it in the local
elections otherwise you're gonna see
your little local cities turning into
what we're seeing happening in Austin
where basically the entire board is
Democrats now and and you know you're
seeing every single empty parking space
in the downtown vicinity and beyond now
is 24 hours a day you got to pay to park
there that's what they did in California
where no one can afford to live there so
you're starting to see these progressive
things being enacted you can't even park
downtown hardly anymore right they've
taken away all the parking because they
don't want anyone to drive that's what
they I remember when they did that in
st. Louis yeah so it's just you know
you're gonna start to see some changes
and they had to change it back though
because there was so much backlash right
what people did try to fight against it
here but again there's no one listening
to you because they're they're all
Democrats but is no one in there
listening to you to make it they're just
like no you're too dumb yeah we've got
non-citizens and people on welfare we
need to take care of screw the veterans
that need health care but I mean to me
it just it tells the whole story of not
only how California gets destroyed but
then they move to Texas they vote for
the same policies that they want here
then you see that George Soros is
spending millions on local elections DA
elections Drudge just picked that story
up we were covering that a while ago I
mean I just don't understand what the
mind said if somebody is that has to
leave California saying this is so bad
it's so miserable I can't afford to live
here those no quality of life Texas is
great it's affordable I can open up a
small business there people will
actually support it they don't just
flood the place with big corporate box
but isn't that the Achilles heel though
of conservatives is that because we're
independent because we don't like
shoving our view
our thoughts and our beliefs and
imposing them on other people we don't
organize like the left we don't make
phone calls we don't carpool where the
left is not as independent they I mean
you know they're more of the basement
allottee cult mentality so that that's
like their strong point is they can
organize and they can have these these
thrusts to the voting booth where
Republicans are just like hey you know
what I'm gonna mind my own business
that's that's it there's just so
comfortable that it's gonna always stay
red a red state and you can't do that
there's so many resources especially
young people like we saw you know with
the Democrats or the left they kind of
turned away from the the
african-american vote now with even the
illegals are kind of you know well their
new thing now is the young kids that are
just turning 18 this is your first time
to vote they're really scooping up all
these young kids are going to be
marching all across the country so there
they are effectively slowly changing
everything that's what they're doing
with all anti-gun marches is they're
getting all of these young voters to
vote Democrat yes yeah these people are
so conniving yeah and that's what people
need to understand is it was all about
daca but whenever the the vote was
presented to them here's the deal go
ahead and vote on it and they didn't
that really angered that their base and
their prose you said you were gonna help
us and here was your chance so they they
kind of shut that down quick and quickly
moved on to these
and now the dreamers have protested
Schumer's house Pelosi's house and the
DNC right yeah so they're there they're
fleeing to their next victims their next
little identity group that they can
latch on to and say we are the ones not
the racist sexist Republicans who just
want guns and they will literally just
want to murder you because they don't
care about you so come vote for a vote
Democrat I mean it's just it's madness
which is all the more reason why you can
not be lazy this time around you've got
to get out and vote go pick up your
neighbors but on that I just wanted to
there was an article my guess cos moto
was the first to print this where
they're now actually saying hey let's
take a look at these voting machine
manufacturers and the these reported
security gaps now we've been reporting
about this for years we're conspiracy
theorists how dare we say that these
machine manufacturers and who they might
be tied to politically you know there's
no way they could get in and and have
any security gaps but now prominent
lawmaker is is going in and asking them
to explain whether they're voting
machines or other products come equipped
with a remote access capability meaning
they've basically put a backdoor in
these voting machines which will allow
their technicians to access the machines
without being physically present so if
there's a problem they can fix it and
they don't even have to show up well and
then most of these voting machines are
actually violating the law and they're
not giving you a paper ballot I know
right here in Texas the voting machines
don't even follow the law and then you
bring it to the voting Commissioner and
he literally hides in his office like a
coward right so Leanne and I were
talking about this this effort by the
Democrats right now full-fledged effort
of course to really I think get as many
voters out for the 2018 midterm
elections so that they can get as many
seats blue in the Congress so that they
can impeach President Trump I mean
that's obviously their goal here but we
were discussing how it's it's kind of an
Achilles heel or a shortcoming of
conservatives and Republicans to
organize and to get active because it's
just our mentality to be independent to
be sovereign to be kind of lone wolves
if you will to care more about your
family and to not really espouse your
political beliefs in public to not
literally shove your thoughts down other
people's throats not really impose what
you want done politically on other
people where that's all the left is
about they're obsessed with imposing
their beliefs on you in fact they want
you to die until you accept their
beliefs maleeh and what I wanted to get
to here because you were talking about
the kids and I didn't even realize this
the we knew that they would use the kids
as a weapon and that's what they've been
doing after the Florida shooting but I
didn't even think about the other angle
to this where they get all these kids to
March and they got a big March coming up
the March to our lives I remember what
it is so they get all these kids to
March you know they're gonna have voter
registration booth set up all over these
marches they're gonna be signing up all
of these young kids to vote and that's
when it hit me they're getting
indoctrinated by theirs
schools as we speak for the last couple
years now what have they been told
Trump is Hitler conservatives are Nazis
they want to kill you with their guns
the NRA is the biggest evil in America
so now they're fired up they think oh I
can stop Hitler oh I can stop the next
mass murderer yes I'll register to vote
I'll vote Democratic they want to take
the guns they want to stop Hitler it's
all made up it's all brainwashing I
think that's that is there that is like
they're there if there is an underlying
plan to all of these marches these
anti-gun marches with these students I
think that you're onto something here I
think that they're looking for a wave of
blue young voters to come in here as
first-time voters and to try to change
the shape of Congress here but it's
really sick I mean they're using
children as political pawns right right
and these kids believe that they just
came up with this on their own in their
bedroom not understanding that all the
people moved in to help them organize
our people who have had this agenda for
50 something years they just so happened
to be the one little identity group that
they could latch on to which no one
could make fun of them or you know yell
at them these are teenagers and they're
hurting and they're suffering how dare
you speak out against them you know if
you get shot at you're immediately an
expert on the Second Amendment one of
the kids told I think Bill Maher that
you know he was bragging about how he
didn't accept a phone call from
President Trump because he was like well
I gotta go and I've got funerals to go
to you know I don't need to talk to the
president meanwhile they're on every
single talk show in the country you know
what I mean like it's just totally
hypocritical it you know bragging about
hanging up on the president because I'm
I'm mourning you know like that clip
where Emma Gonzales and David Hager on
CNN and the CNN host goes if you guys go
back to school next week are you are you
guys gonna be there and they're like of
course we have to be there we have to be
there to support our classmates is so
important we got to be there in support
of our classmate
oh wait unless I have a TV interview
yeah yeah unless how to TV much more
important so she can give me a check you
know right it's just it's a total joke
but that's absolutely what's going on
you know with getting these kids because
I'm already seeing these messages coming
out like hey don't forget your eight
you can vote in this year's elections
you can get off true this is your first
time you can stop the guns right and and
that's it they've been indoctrinated in
I forget who the girl of the guest was
we had in studio yesterday
Ashley Ashton Ashton she was just
interesting to me because here's a young
woman that grew up in Berkeley
California of all places I went to
Berkeley who went to Berkeley and her
parents were major you know progressive
left us so here she is actually getting
sort of the opposite of what most young
people get they're usually have
conservative parents who are
indoctrinating them and then they go to
these liberal schools and then the
liberal schools that would be my story
and they're like Oh everything I've
learned is a lie that was my story well
here with Ashton she's getting just
liberal pounding and she's like
everything I've been told is a lie and
is like you know blacklisted from our
family but you're not really seeing much
of and you wonder if that's the next
wave to come I think it is but because
that is because that is really what
happened I mean for my I mean my
generation they call us Millennials I
mean I can tell you I was raised I mean
you know I was raised in it you'd
probably call it a conservative house
but it wasn't like you know no big
George Bush Republicans or anything like
that I mean my parents are always
independent they didn't really get too
much into politics my family overall is
probably more divided but yes I can tell
you I mean it's like you don't even
realize it at the time because you're
young you're impressionable and you're
just going to class you don't assume
that the school and the professors are
trying to brainwash you you don't assume
that you're being indoctrinated into
some set of beliefs like you know some
sort of Nazi style Soviet style
indoctrination right but then you come
out on the other side I mean I'm telling
you like it was the wildest thing you
come out on the other side of college
and and you you hate God you hate
America you hate white people you hate I
mean you hate like a money and commerce
it's like everything it's like you just
hey hey hey and so that you just have
this destroy earth scorched earth
mentality which which only leads to what
you get in California piles of feces on
the streets right feces maps but but
it's it's it's interesting because while
they're telling the students all these
things to make them hate America they're
not giving them the truth about all of
these other countries and why communism
was so bad which is why you can have
these young people actually arguing with
you to your face about how great social
ISM is eventually will be communism and
oh you know we'll try it again even
though it's failed every single time
they just didn't do it right they
weren't doing communism right that's why
it kept failing we'll get it right this
time I mean so they're not even teaching
them properly when they are
indoctrinating them I mean it's just the
world is in a state of madness right now
so then they're told when they're young
go to college get a hundred thousand
dollars of student loans and get into
debt so then they do that and then they
get out of college and they're sitting
here like oh I got screwed I got screwed
how did you get screwed did you get
screwed because your university failed
in educating you did you get screwed
because your university failed or did
you get screwed because you signed a
piece of paper so it's like they don't
even get it
no one educated you on debt and how that
works and you know maybe go to the first
two years in a Community College that's
what I did you know if that's I had to
put myself through college that's what I
could afford and I'm okay with that I
graduated from UT and I have no school
debt it's the same mentality it's victim
mentality it's as soon as as soon as you
identify yourself as a victim nothing is
your fault right nothing is your fault
it's always it's always someone else's
fault it's it and you're entitled to
everything because you're a victim and
that's what we're seeing right now as so
many people in their own little identity
groups they have their own little victim
class or whatever little group they're
in and then they have all the whole set
of entitlements that come along with
that victimhood and that's like the two
main points of the Democrat Party you're
a victim so we're gonna give you an
entitlement I mean that's that's all
they offer you are an elite you're here
so you're entitled to so you're a bit of
that you're a victim because you broke
the law so you're a victim so let us
give you some welfare would you like to
vote too in Chicago you can vote now
yeah no no need to see ID it's not but
but meanwhile Russia though
we're really concerned about Russian
meddling now we're gonna have this
hearings and we're gonna have a huge
probe you're a Russian meddling who the
big story the Russian bots oh you know
oh you just Jorge just crossed over the
the river yes see see come from vote
twice yes vote once in Texas once in
California as long as you vote Democrat
no problemo right yeah and people are
reporting seeing like stacks of paper on
the Democratic side with Texas voting
today where I was on the other side
barely any Republicans are coming in and
showing up and you know I don't know how
that how that goes in like the official
vote count at the end I don't know it
won't matter because it's these are just
the primaries these are more you know
the party split here it'll it'll be more
interesting to see that determines where
the money goes I guess we'll see well
this is breaking news right now
Gary cone is resigning from his role in
Trump's White House so another member of
trumps White House set to resigned Gary
cone is to resign as Trump's top
economic adviser all right it's breaking
now another Trump cabinet member advisor
bites the dust
this time it's Gary Cohen and so it's
being reported now it's on Drudge linked
to the story on the New York Times Gary
Cohn to resign as Trump's top economic
adviser so I mean the list I can't even
think of all we showed the graphic last
week of the list but of course the most
recent has to be hope Hicks now Gary
Cohen this is after they grilled hoe
pics I mean talk about you know treating
a woman with dignity and respect they
grill her for nine hours and then twist
her arm to say white lies and then she's
out so now Gary Cohen has announced that
he intends to resign as well so we'll
get more into that we trade views
clashed with mr. Trump's threatened
metal tariffs yeah well who knows I mean
you you are reading from the New York
Times famous for fake news so so we got
to be careful but we'll have more of
that on the other side with Roger stone
in the meantime we just got a
breaking report from Alex Jones guys are
we good to go to this report here is a
breaking report right now from Alex
Jones received a lot of safety news
media attention and phone calls from the
corporate press the collaborator press
asking me for a statement on the creator
of Pepe the Frog filing a lawsuit
against me yesterday
well first off get leave this in context
to CNN going after sponsors and other
leftist organized groups trying to
target us as well with the fake EEOC
complaints and with all the other things
that are going on this is a concerted
effort to create the perspective to
create the consensus that Infowars is
public enemy number one and it's being
destroyed that's hope to trigger a
avalanche or chain reaction or snowball
effect how they get other individuals to
also file frivolous complaints and suits
against this you know hope of destroying
them for Wars as a test model of
shutting down the Free Press here in the
United States to then be tested against
everybody else in fact in the midst of
the big YouTube Facebook Twitter
crackdowns on free speech we've seen the
last two weeks that are the biggest in
history by order of magnitude of
probably 2030 times I mean they're just
it's the biggest assault ever comments
they make it all about info wars and
then create false drama in arguments
about what we've said done so that they
can try to set the precedent is
acceptable to in free speech in this
country now that said that's the larger
atmosphere that we're in when you get
down to the Pepe the Frog situation
we did not create the posters that are
protected speech and that are
transformative in that you could argue
that there is an image of having the
frog in the poster that takes up maybe
six seven percent of the overall mass
the mass being 100 percent the cover
being 100 percent maybe six percent is
Pepe the Frog with other public figures
and other iconic images of the 2016
campaign this is a hundred percent
protected by the courts protected by the
First Amendment protected by fair years
it's the same precept that Andy Warhol
used when he would take catalogs or
Campbell Soup scans and transform them
into americana art it's like saying I
can't take a picture of a 57 Chevy or
paint my own picture at 57 Chevy
and put it into a collage of art and
then sell it it's just it's it's just a
complete piece of fiction again to be
clear we did not create this poster we
did not create this image it's a third
party who made it and we are selling new
art given cease and desist any of that
we were simply silly
so that false information about
ourselves our political police could be
put into the suit and then the broadcast
and transmitted over the media and
that's all the traffic so again we do
not create the poster the poster was an
original work of art documenting
different phenomenon that took place
back in 2016 election and the fact that
this is
protected speech and it's under the cash
in the courts when they know full well
this is gonna be thrown out of the
courts it's an attempt at intimidation
to force us out of the public eye and
restrict us from engaging in our
cherished First Amendment activities so
that's very definition it is an
organized group of people getting
together and using the courts falsely to
try to beat people over the head for
political control so it's something that
people realize a serious threat this is
again understand we did not create the
poster we were third party selling the
poster but the poster itself on top of
that is political art is transformative
pepé even in agreeance Pepe there's only
a small part of the overall work of art
that's completely and totally protected
the First Amendment of the United States
Constitution so everybody's got to ask
themselves why is the so-called left so
authoritarian why are they so anti-free
why does MPR decry Latin American
newspapers you know getting threats and
being intimidated just like I heard them
doing a few days ago which is totally
reasonable and and and with all these
great guardians of free speech but then
as a mass as a group joining together to
use the courts try to intimidate to shut
down free speech so again that's my
statement on Pepe the Frog we not create
it we were a third party that was
selling it was even a very good seller
that said the individual has an absolute
right to produce it as a work of art and
use different images and icons from the
public sphere and now I intended them to
try to just keep selling it or other
variants of it and fight this in court
not just for my rights and my liberties
but for everyone's liberties including
my children so they can grow
in a future where they're free of this
type of intimidation and harassment
again I want to be clear I look at all
remedies not as to defend myself but to
defend others by offensively
not just this individual but other
individuals and groups that continue to
try to silence enforce
audience of hardcore activists and
Liberty lovers are fully awake and
pouring out massive support force and so
this is true in the big fight of our age
this is the fight for the heart soul of
America so just another example of the
ongoing assault on Infowars attacks on
us lawsuits censorship we just deal with
it all the time and we really don't make
too big of a deal of it as far as at
least all the stuff that we endure but
just another example Leanne you know
they just have to shut us down right
can't can't you know have voices out
there that think for themselves
influence other people to think for
themselves light brush fires of Liberty
we got to stop that I mean we have to
stop America land right well I mean then
you see just people that have nothing to
lose you know they can go after people
that got something they want and then
CNN with their dying audience or even
the left or the Democrats with their
dying party they're there they are
grasping and and you know grasping for
that last gasp of breath really speaking
of last last gasp of breaths Gary Cohn
is going to be resigning as Trump's top
economic advisor this is breaking right
now another resignation from Trump's
cabinet Trump's administration and don't
know everything that's behind this we do
have Roger stone coming on with us in
just a minute I'm sure he'll break it
down a couple other stories that I want
to get to in fact I want to pull up the
exact tweet from CNN
well basically here's the story this is
on CNN and you may have already known
that Omar Mateen went to other places
the night he shot up the pulse nightclub
but there's another angle now and even
CNN is reporting on it this is directly
from the CNN article headlined pulse
nightclub gunmen Omar Mateen may have
considered Disney properties for mass
shooting the pulse nightclub may not
have been Omar matine's first choice as
a place to carry out a mass
but other sites he drove to the same
night including Disney properties appear
to have had tighter security oh oh you
mean guns stop someone from mass murder
oh the gun-free zone was the easy target
for Omar Mateen so will CNN now admit
that the Second Amendment is the answer
for protecting school children for the
Oscars Lian did you see all the armed
security at the Oscars
if the Hollywood celebrities if the
Hollywood nitwits are so important that
they have to have armed security why
can't we arm the schools I mean the
stories on CNN all or Mateen was going
to shoot up other places but they just
had tighter security he drove around to
Disney properties thinking you know what
maybe I'll do it here but then oh
there's a gun security there yeah and
that's what Donald Trump said if just
one person had been inside of the pulse
nightclub that mass shooting would not
have happened
sure sometimes he would have gone
somewhere else yeah or someone would
have taken him out before he was able to
commit that mass murder unbelievable so
CNN admits it CNN admits it the Second
Amendment is the answer so even CNN but
this shows you how I think that they're
doing this to try to say that this
wasn't a radical Muslim that shot up a
gay club I think that's the angle they
want to go with and then they didn't
realize they killed themselves on the
gun argument all right one more segment
here with Leah and McAdoo before Roger
stone joins us and it was breaking
yesterday that Kim jong-un was planning
on meeting with leaders of South Korea
for the first time since he took power a
huge news story but you were alluding to
something that the the liberal media
made a huge fuss about just about a
month ago and suddenly are silent on it
though right I mean after we were
literally dead for so many things that
Trump tweeted we were also supposed to
be literally dead after the president
tweeted to Kim jong-un saying Minoo Kim
jong-un made this remark about having
the nuclear button right they're always
ready to hit it
Trump tweeted back someone tell Kim
jong-un my button is bigger and it works
better and yeah when I saw that I just
laughed I was like wow we are definitely
living in a simulation because this is
too crazy but you saw just almost
immediately after that North Korea
agreed to have talks with South Korea
they're like you said kind of
unprecedented the first time since he
took power and now South Korea has said
that North Korea is actually talking
about being willing to halt its nuclear
pursuit and even denuclearizing if it
can guarantee that the regime would be
protected and that they wouldn't try to
take out the regime there so I honestly
think sometimes Trump sort of plays that
clown to let to let Kim jong-un oh yeah
hey man I'm crazy you don't know what
you're gonna get with me this isn't the
era of strategic patience I can be just
as unpredictable as you I'm not a total
kook like Obama right let's have
strategic patience he's not gonna bill
oh he does have nuclear capabilities now
well we'll just let the next president
worry about it don't worry oh it's gonna
be Trump Oh mess that one up so again
you can't we don't know what's going
through the mind of this madman but
these tweets seem to be well they are
having an impact I mean you know whether
you like them and then or not you're
literally killing the left again any are
triggering the left every time with
reckless abandon but whether you can see
it's like this other story that I saw
homicides down 25% shootings down 30%
from violent 2016 and 2017 in Chicago
I'm not saying that that's Trump's
that's because of Trump I'm not saying
that however I'm saying well there has
to be something right I mean there's
something that's causing this there's
something that's causing this good news
of homicides being down are people
getting jobs again is it because the
economy is better and they're not having
this financial stress and so they're not
shooting people and so I kind of use
that same approach to the North Korea
deal it's like all right well
Trump's had tough talk on North Korea
you're seeing North Korea now actually
come to the table with South Korea
you're seeing Kim jong-un meet with
for the first time I don't know what
impact Trump's tweets had on this or
didn't have on this but the amazing
thing is the media will make a huge deal
out of that Trump tweet about a button
right and it's the biggest story it's a
tweet and then when this happens and
it's like breaking news like wow kim
jeong-hoon is gonna meet with the south
koreans for the first time ever now they
won't even mention the tweet that's
right won't even mention the fact that
Kim jong-un is talking about potentially
denuclearization and suspending his
efforts to try to gain nuclear weapons
altogether I mean this is huge news but
of course it'll be kind of another win
that they tried to spend this narrative
that Trump's bombastic tweets are going
to start a nuclear war when really it's
just letting Kim Jong gonna know that
unlike Obama he was wanting to just kind
of look oh don't worry about him he's
just a little kid in the corner
you know just ignore him he's throwing a
tantrum Trump saying look you know what
you're the leader of a country and
you're threatening nuclear war with our
allies and if not ourselves we'll we'll
deal with you so yeah maybe he doesn't
have the greatest way of putting it
across but it kind of lets him know you
just don't know what you're dealing with
I have a feeling by the end of the week
by the end of Friday CNN's gonna have
some weird twist to this story because
they were praising Kim jong-un sister
basically praising the communist
dictatorship over there the head of the
propaganda and agitation Department
that's what CNN is here in America so of
course they praised their own but
they're gonna twist this some way before
the end of the week it'll be interesting
to see
so Gary Cohn out North Korea may
denuclearize big news Liam Agnew thanks
for joining us thank you welcome back to
the war room Owen shroyer here with you
now joined by my co-host Roger stone
who's been doing his laps on the media
he was just with Meet the Press where
they were relentless on him of course
the big news that's breaking Gary Cohn
to resign as Trump's top economic
advisor I'm sure that stone has some
intel on that Roger you were just
dealing with Meet the Press and
apparently it was a bloodbath
what went on there well you know this is
MSNBC so they continue to try to push
this discredited narrative that Julian
Assange is a Russian agent WikiLeaks is
Russian asset and therefore any
connection to them would constitute
treason now I never received any
information from them as you know and I
never had any advance notice of the
content source or exact timing of their
disclosures regarding Hillary Clinton
and we went round and round about that
now when I made that case Owen right now
even as we speak
r-remember is on saying Stone is moving
the goalposts wait a minute do you mean
I've never previously argued that a
science was not a Russian agent I think
I've only argued it a thousand times
right here at Infowars so I think that I
left them sputtering but I told them the
stone-cold truth that this entire
argument which was kind of a
conflagration started by Sam Gunn Berg
yesterday is a distraction from the fact
that the Democrats in their handmaidens
in the mainstream media have got caught
using a fabricated dossier as evidence
for the legal rationale for illegal
unconstitutional surveillance of the
Republican candidate for president so
they want to talk about WikiLeaks well
they can't even move on from a failed
narrative and it really shows you how
desperate they are and before we get
into Gary Cohn resigning I mean this
nunberg stuff I mean what is the deal
with this this is like some kind of
crazy show I can't tell if this guy is
trolling the liberal media or is is
putting forth some act to try to go
against Trump I mean what what's your
what is your gauge right now on the
whole nunberg craziness it was kind of a
cross between Howard Beale in network
and an Andy Kaufman routine
I mean Sandberg is a is a very colorful
guy marches to his own drummer he's
certainly not speaking at my behest or
at my direction
I wouldn't urge him to ignore a subpoena
for documents from the special counsel
the heat there's nothing to hide
certainly not in his correspondence
during the campaign or since with me I
don't know anything
any Russian collusion by myself or
anyone else so it's very hard to know I
appreciate his is you know his a loyalty
to me but he's not protecting me from
anything because I don't need to be
protected from anything Owen it was
riveting they look like a car crash yet
you have to watch can't look away
because it was so entertaining yeah
everyone's kind of gawking at this and
of course the dying liberal media of CNN
and MSNBC is trying to pump this up and
make this the big story but I mean why
but why isn't that tactic I'm curious
what your thoughts on that tactic are
though for other people that use that
tactic where basically Mueller wants to
subpoena you in this in this canard that
is a Russian investigation a Russian
probe what if everyone that they
subpoena just basically gave him middle
finger and said bug off well in this
particular case number was asked about
deep in and he was asked about Corey
Lewandowski he was asked about kopecks
exact about Paul Manafort he was asked
about Donald Trump was asked about
Michael Cohen why he chose to only
address me perhaps I'm the only person
that list he liked but he's a very
talented writer an Ender researcher it
was unfortunate that he left the
campaign early he but he was all over
the map at one point he said the special
counsel has something on down compliment
the Russian and other attribute said
that he was certainly had nothing you
know his own manny does not speak for me
so so it seems like he's just kind of a
loose loose firecracker out there who's
just like you said marching to the beat
of his own drum or taking his own
commands whatever you want to have you
and so you have CNN and MSNBC see an
opportunity here to get ratings and get
people to look at them and then of
course conflate the whole russian
collusion narrative that is totally fake
but what about future people that get
subpoenaed by Mueller do you see this
becoming a trend of what nunberg did and
just saying like look this whole thing
is fake I'm not gonna waste my time with
this doing
that is according you know charges in
jail I wouldn't recommend there's
nothing to hide my opinion because there
is no Russian collusion and I would urge
him to to cooperate
there's nothing significant to this
investigation but here's the thing
though you know you can cooperate with
these people like Flynn did or like
manna Ford did and they're gonna find
you for some crime that happened or some
technicality or something you said that
was wrong there's always that danger
that's why you need a you need a good
attorney for this always but at the same
time I still wouldn't urge Ben Burke
just for a simple request for documents
recognize he wasn't even asked to
testify for the grand jury he was only
asked to to supply certain emails
pertaining to 20 people in the Trump
campaign I just don't think there's
anything there that will be of real
interest I do wonder if there's a let's
say a sharp turn or a corner that's
gonna be turned here by nunberg if he's
setting up the media for something
different or bigger down the road and
just kind of baiting them right now
using a Trump technique if you will
we'll get into Gary Cohen in the next
segment but I mean just overall I mean
the Mueller thing doesn't this show how
they really are just running out of
steam they're running out of ground
they're expanding it now to Saudi Arabia
I mean they're literally expanding the
Russian probe to different countries I
mean it really shows how desperate and
really to me how this is nothing more
than just an attempt to entrapped any
anyone that they can get to testify you
know I have expressed a concern that
that they will ultimately come up with
some process-related crime by the
president perjury obstruction of justice
in the matter of the Comey dismissal or
the flynn termination but doubt that we
have all these new stories about Michael
Kohn the president's lawyer not to be
confused with Gary cone
and payments to stormy Daniels the porn
star who either did or did not have a
relationship with Donald Trump that
appears to be the next big thing look
for that on the front pages everywhere
tomorrow it's really just sick you know
it's just sick that they have to go
through and do all this to try to
destroy President Trump all because of
his politics that's all this is about
it's about destroying the American
people's will to elect a man into office
who's gonna put America first to elect a
man in office who actually knows what
he's doing not just some flub like Obama
and who's actually enacting policies
that are making America richer bringing
jobs back ending the welfare state I
mean that's what this is all about it's
sick it's sick that we have people in
the United States government that want
to stop President Trump from making
America great again because their
politics make America worse that is that
is sick man welcome back to the war room
Owen Troyer Roger stone with you the
breaking news breaking right now Gary
cone is out as Trump's top economic
adviser he announced he will be
resigning and of course this just adds
on to the list in fact guys do you might
even have that graphic the graphic ready
that we had last week when Hope Hicks
resigned so it's just a list of all of
the resignations from Trump's
administration and his cabinet again it
was hope Hicks last week after she gets
grilled for nine hours and then they
twist her arm into saying White Lies and
now she's out and now today you've got
Gary Cohn so let me see here let me just
do some quick counting here so this so
that's now 18 members 18 members of
trumps administration have resigned I
mean Roger what what what do you know
what have you heard what's going on with
Gary Cohen
resigning as the top economic adviser oh
and this is a little ray of sunshine if
you ask me I mean going Gary Cohen was
always a very strange fit for the Trump
Whitehouse it's the former chairman of
Goldman Sachs a Liberal Democrat who has
no passion for tax cutting an advocate
for carbon emission credits who was
pushing very hard for the President to
sign the Paris climate Accords which he
valiantly decided not to do it was Gary
Cohen who told the New York Post that
President Trump was coming to Paris to
get smart and that his views on climate
change were evolving no they weren't so
I read several things here one is very
clearly Cohen has lost the struggle to
become the next White House chief of
staff he was among the handful of aides
who were constantly mentioned as a
potential successor to General John
Kelly after General Kelly gotten broiled
in the Rob Porter affair where he
appears to have approved Porter's
ascension to the White House staff
despite the fact that there were very
credible accusations of spousal abuse by
mr. Porter the the appointment of Gary
Coleman who probably didn't vote for
Donald Trump certainly doesn't share his
anti interventionist non globalist
worldview would have been an unmitigated
disaster so I think that that this is
good news now mr. Cohen was also passed
over for chairman of the Federal Reserve
what I guess he would have taken as a
consolation prize that appointment also
now not happening when you couple this
with the with the departure that is it
now expected of general HR McMaster a
globalist with very clear ties to George
Soros who stepped in into the vacuum
created by the termination of that great
Patriot General Mike Flynn
you know this is
good news now what we don't know is who
will replace calm although I would
recommend Stephen Moore of the Heritage
Foundation Steve Moore and Larry Kudlow
the supply-side apostle from CNBC were
largely responsible for helping
president Trump write his
extraordinarily dynamic economic plan
and for the deep tax cuts that had
become the president's signature issue
more would be an exceptional replacement
for mr. Cohn and diametrically opposed
in terms of his his background Moore is
a Reaganite Moore is a true conservative
Moore is a supply-side ER who believes
in the president's tax clot cut and
inversion plan and of course you mention
CNBC there it's it's worth mentioning it
just the diametrically opposed reporting
that you get from MSNBC and CNBC it's
it's really shocking where CNBC just
brings you the news mostly economic
market news with the neutral perspective
where MSNBC is just everything is a hate
Trump angle but getting back to the cone
resignation what do you think or did
this resignation have anything to do
with the recent tariffs announced by
President Trump well it could I mean
very clearly Donald Trump's advocacy of
tariffs as a as a tactic to to to force
real free trade in other words for those
who say oh the president's starting a
trade war oh and we've been in a trade
war for the last eight years and we're
getting our ass kicked so now for the
first time the president is going to
turn around and use the exact same
tactics that are being used against us
against our trade partners they're
slapping tariffs on our goods abroad we
are not we're giving them unfettered
access to our markets to
detriment of American workers and
American exporters I don't think the
president wants to enact tariffs but he
will if it's the only way he can force
some of these markets open this is very
much like the the situation in in North
and South Korea where the media has said
Oh Trump is irresponsible Trump is
courting World War three Trump is a
madman Trump is a maniac guess what
tough talk is what got the North and
South Koreans to the table does anyone
believe that North Koreans would be
talking today if they did not fear a
direct action by Donald Trump so this is
a what i implying what President Richard
Nixon and dr. Henry Kissinger used to
call the madman theory which is they
fear strength they don't fear weakness
contrast this with Barack Obama who
would draw a line in the sand and then
step back and watch our adversaries step
over it and do nothing and also think
there's a sense of fear for the
unpredictability that President Trump
offers as well that that kind of has
them stepping back a little bit as well
especially especially when you look at
what Kim jong-un has done meeting with
the South Koreans for the first time
since he's become leader and as far as
those tariffs are concerned I've seen
arguments on both sides I'm not gonna
act like I'm some expert on what's gonna
happen with these tariffs I'm gonna wait
and see what comes to fruition I'm gonna
wait and see what happens from these
tariffs that I have to say you know I
trust Trump's instincts on going with
this stuff he's obviously a successful
businessman he understands international
markets and everything he's done so far
I'd say has helped the economy so we'll
see if these tariffs do that as well
Roger stone is with us for the remainder
of the war room here today we're gonna
get into some more of the other news on
the other side he goes on Meet the Press
and he gets bullied it's a bloodbath but
he still stands tall and comes with all
comes with us on the war room we'll be
right back on the other side don't go
welcome back you're at freedom command
central yes it's the war room with your
co-hosts Roger stone and the
ever dapper Oh in Troy oh you know you
made a very good point there Owen that I
want to go back to when you go on MSNBC
as I did only moments ago and
particularly when you watch the panel
after my interview which was like a pack
of rabid dogs
it's Kafka esque I mean they're out of
touch with reality they have a bizarre
worldview in which it is indisputable
that Julian Assange is a Russian agent
no he isn't
that everything the deep state says
everything our intelligence agencies
assert should just be accepted at face
value despite the fact that it was the
intelligence agencies who told us there
was no program of meta data collection
that that Saddam Hussein had weapons of
mass destruction how far back do you
want to go this notion that the
intelligence agencies are infallible and
that they invariably tell us the truth
is part of their belief system the idea
that Donald Trump was deeply in bed with
the Russians nonsense that that that
Robert Mueller is on the verge of in
dining take your pick Donald Trump
Michael Kohn Roger stone not nothing to
any of that either
they're living in a parallel universe
it's it's really bizarre particularly
had to laugh when Michelle Goldberg of
the New York Times said that the that
The Washington Post never claimed in an
article that the Russians had sent
documents to me for review and vetting
when Jennifer Rubin said exactly that
and I complained and she still made no
connection how palpably false but the
link can still be found so they live in
a dream world that they're not in touch
with reality and now you have Ari member
claiming that my assertion that Julian
Assange is not a Russian agent and that
WikiLeaks is not a Russian front is
somehow knew that this is moving the
goal posts stone must be saying this cuz
these were
about White House communications with
WikiLeaks no I'm not I've never
discussed WikiLeaks with Donald Trump
when he was a candidate or president
before during or after the election I've
made this argument right here as you
have as Alex Jones has there is no proof
that WikiLeaks is a Russian asset it is
no proof that WikiLeaks is anything
other than a journal a journalistic news
organization whose record for accuracy
and for authenticity is unblemished no
one has ever accused them of publishing
anything that wasn't real and accurate
well and the amazing thing to me is the
same media and you could say the same
government with the with the Muller
probe those same entities that have been
ignoring fake news even promoting fake
news ignoring corruption in government
even going along with corruption in
government all the sudden have some sort
of fuss about it all of a sudden have
some sort of issue with meddling in the
election when it's supposedly Russians
that they still really don't have any
proof of but they got some social media
activity big to-do about nothing Soros
is pouring millions and millions of
dollars in a local election so they
don't actually care about election
meddling Mueller says Kellyanne Conway
is guilty of violating the Hatch Act
they don't care about violating anything
that makes you corrupt in government
they never have they never cared about
fake news they've been espousing fake
news ever since they started
broadcasting on MSNBC and CNN so you
have to ask yourself why do they care
now I mean what is the big fuss about it
now are they really that fake are they
really that pathetic do they really hate
Trump that much Roger
well there's no other explanation I mean
what about the Obama administration's
expenditure of millions of our tax
dollars to try to affect the Israeli
election and defeat Bibi Netanyahu what
about the efforts by Bill Clinton to
elect Boris Yeltsin in the Russian
election as that country was emerging
behind the Iron Curtain and out of
communism do can we honestly claim with
a straight face that the United States
has not tried to affect elections abroad
in other countries of course we have the
point of course about Russian
interference which I conceded on MSNBC
based on the indictments by Mueller
clearly did happen at a minimum it's
muddled at some point they're anti Trump
then they're pro Trump then they're
anti-hillary then they're Pro Bernie
Sanders and most of their money is
actually spent after the election so
there's no consistency there's no
effectiveness I'm not sure what they
were trying to achieve but I do know
this they didn't really spend enough
money to achieve anything and their
messaging was all over the place other
than maybe sowing confusion I'm not sure
what they achieved well think about it
that's what we're being told was the
main goal here and of course that's
their cover because they were saying
Russia wanted Trump Russia went along
with Trump Trump went along with Russia
that's the collusion narrative that got
destroyed by Mueller's indictments that
showed how the Russian BOTS or Russian
agents what everyone had that we're
operating on social media with with I
mean just you know barely anything at
all I mean hardly any influence they
even say in the indictments they don't
it did not affect the results of the
election it had no impact on the
election so they say as a way of
covering for themselves and their own
fake reporting well this was Russia just
trying to sow discord in the United
States but wait a second if that's what
Russia was trying to do then isn't it
CNN and MSNBC and the Democrats that are
promoting this whole Russian campaign to
sow discord and then using that to sow
discord themselves I mean if Russia's
sowing discord in the United States is
such an issue then why is it that the
media like MSNBC and CNN and the
Democrats like Adam Schiff and Maxine
Waters why is it that they are using
that Russian propaganda to sow discord
to then sow discord into the country
they're sowing the discord they're
claiming Russia is well we know that
Christians for field steel a foreign
national a British secret agent
with Russians to create a false
narrative for a false dossier and Trump
which is then used as the basis for for
widespread government surveillance of
the Republican candidate for president
this still blows my mind
it makes Watergate look like small
potatoes it's an abuse of power that is
most egregious and it lends itself to
the most obvious question based on the
FBI text messages it said Barack Obama
the president wanted to be briefed what
did the president know and when did he
know it they will do anything to
distract from this emerging narrative
listening him to attack Fox News Tonight
on MSNBC and the conspiracy theories of
info war so they mentioned by name as
well as Fox News when they're the ones
with a crazy left-wing conspiracy theory
their theory that the Russians aided
Donald Trump is a canard it's a fairy
tale it is it's a scandal without
evidence yet they continue to recycle it
again and again and again which is
resulting in sowing discord in the
country which they're claiming Russia is
doing it's really incredible another
segment the project on their side but I
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fund us and you can help us grow and
that is how we defeat CNN that ticks off
CNN more than anything else is Infowars
being bigger than CNN with your support
that's what we will have what we've done
and where we're going and we're going to
continue working hard for the in the
background there go ahead and pull Shep
Smith down there's Jim Acosta I just
wanna point out this is the third day in
a row never take your questions from CNN
well let's see CNN lies about the White
House all day
lies about president Trump all day so
discord in this country and is overall a
fake news organization that praises
communist propaganda queens yeah Jim
yeah sorry you don't want to hear from
you and your fake news network and you
think you're all high and mighty
you're just entitled to a question every
day you're lucky to even be in there
anymore you rat I mean Roger what is
with the arrogance of a nothing a little
man like Jim Acosta just feeling
entitled to get a question all the time
well tonight oh and I declined going on
with Anderson Cooper I declined going on
with Erin Burnett and just minutes ago I
declined to go on with the Jake Tapper
their conduct and they're acting like
non journalists makes those requests
impossible but it's kind of ironic
because as you know I've been banned for
life at CNN so why are they inviting me
to come on
it there's a certain irony here I did
MSNBC because I wanted to make it very
clear that Sam nunberg who's not a bad
but that he speaks for himself and that
he is not speaking on my behalf or my
behest and not speaking at my direction
later tonight I will join Sean Hannity
on Fox who was beat up almost as badly
as I was today MSNBC as a conspiracy
theorist because Sean Hannity has
courageously exposed the corruption of
the Obama administration and their real
role in the 2016 election in which they
were trying to wire the election for
Hillary Clinton and they were putting
their insurance policy in place just in
case Donald Trump won so they could
inflate this phony Russian corruption
meme you're absolutely right Owen the
the level of arrogance the lever level
level of entitlement the self-importance
of the folks at that news network is
it's just astounding to see well good
for you Roger to be able to crack what a
lot of conservatives are on the
blacklist of Fox News so glad to see
that you'll be on there I do want to go
to another clip from MSNBC here real
quick now Roger we know that the Russian
collusion investigation is all fake it's
all made-up there's nothing there but
Democrats a lot of Democrats realize it
too listen to what Democrat Jim Himes
says on MSNBC yesterday about the
Russian investigation one thing I don't
get is if Russia is such a serious issue
why aren't Democrats running more on it
ahead of the midterm elections yeah it's
a great question you know there's a
piece of this that we're not talking
enough about it's not just the money
that's not spent it's not the work to
make sort of a national project to
protect our elections it's and we're not
making it clear to the Russians that
they can't do this again we're the most
powerful country in the world they're
not we carry a big stick
but to the now listen to this this is
the clean part right here here's the
thing my good friend Cheri Bustos who
represents a very tough district in
Illinois we have sort of a running joke
going in the mornings which is you know
she's got a district very different than
mine I represent Fairfield County can
she's in the heartland she's in a
district with it with that we need to
figure out how to win again every Monday
morning when I see sherry we come up
there's a little bit of laughter she
says you know what my constituents still
aren't asking me about Russia and the
point there is that if the demonstrators
so here he's like joking about it like
yet no one cares about Russia
everybody knows Russia's fake I joke
with my fellow Democrats how there's
nothing there but yet it still goes on
and miss NBC still pushes the fake news
CNN still pushes the fake news the
average liberal out there but believes
that Russia is colluding with Trump
Roger this is madness I mean we are
really dealing with mental illness here
the likes of which I don't know has ever
been seen before on planet earth well I
think dr. Jerry Corsi the Washington
bureau chief for Infowars put it best
the other day when he said they don't
have anything else
I mean sadly congressman Heinz
represents the district in which I was
born a district in which I once aspired
to run for Congress thank goodness I got
over that idea and there you had a stark
admission that they had no plan for the
country they have no plan to revitalize
the economy they have no plan to address
the trade imbalance they have no plan to
deal with the broken immigration system
they have no plan to rebuild our
national defense they have no plan they
are running on one thing the Russians
colluded with Donald Trump let's remove
him which is why I think it is foolhardy
for Republicans some Republicans to to
flee from this president we are running
on job creation and prosperity we are
running on making America great and we
are running on solving the trade problem
solving the immigration problem
rebuilding America's strength and
rebuilding respect for this country
abroad I do worry that the president
sometimes has been cowed by some of his
more neocon and globalist oriented
advisors it disappoints me that we are
still in Afghanistan still in Syria but
with those exceptions Plus this talk
about gun control last week which
appears to have a bait
but beyond that two million new jobs how
do you argue with that
we have a positive vision to run on the
Democrats have no vision to run on other
than we hate Donald Trump I think that
is in the end a loser but I still
believe that in September the special
counsel will release some report with
accusations against Donald Trump
trumped-up accusations pardon the
expression and the Democrats will seek
to run on that absent a platform based
on the issues facing the country I don't
think that will work I think the
American people will see through it it
really is amazing how they're putting
all their eggs in that basket that it
has so many holes in it it's all in fact
they don't even have a basket we do have
a couple breaking news stories here Jeff
Sessions is going to be speaking in
Sacramento tomorrow people are expecting
him to make a big announcement of
sanctuary city jurisdiction session
still has a pulse
he still has a pulse Roger he's missing
the big picture but he does still have a
pulse you did have another train
collision this time a train collided
with a tanker that was carrying was
hydraulic acid they're saying that they
believed the tanker was trying to cross
the tracks before the train got there
another train accident so just weirdness
there but in the in the remaining
minutes that we have here Roger I'm not
sure if you saw this story but Deborah
Gibson who is one of the ladies that
said Roy Moore was basically you know
trying to date her as a teenager part of
that whole Democrat hit job to keep Roy
Moore out of office well now she's
running for the Florida House as a
Democrat in the 89th district what do
you make of that what do you make of a
Roy Moore accuser obviously you know
Democrat probably funded accuser to keep
Roy Moore an out of office now running
as a Democrat for the 89th District in
Florida well look it's a great thing
about America it's a free country and
anyone can run I would think that that
candidate is going to face a lot of
questions regarding her accusations
against a judge more on the other hand
in all honesty all of this is pretty
much yesterday's news Florida is one of
the most prosperous states in the
a Republican legislator and a Republican
governor have kept taxes low have Ken
low taxes out their minimum and it's why
we have a boom economy like you have
there in in Texas so I don't think
there's any danger of the Democrats
winning the house here going back to to
attorney general sessions I had one
member of Congress today tell me that
I'm based on his assumptions and his
meetings the sessions is literally a
doddering fool and then going out to
dinner with rod Rosenstein was rubbing
the president's face in it all of these
issues whether it is selling guns to
Isis by Obama whether it is the use of
the phony dossier to as the underlying
rationale for the surveillance on Donald
Trump whether it is it is the the
overall efforts to kneecap alternative
media it all comes back to the Justice
Department there's no question that the
assistant attorney general for antitrust
should be on Google and YouTube like a
cheap suit given their efforts to censor
what we do here at Infowars and dozens
of other freedom oriented conservatives
and and Trump supporters it all goes
back once again to your Attorney General
and this is after they say on on the
hill oh yeah we consider ourselves a
public forum and then I mean give me a
break they're censoring Conservatives
left to right one more story Roger I
don't know if Trump is even thinking
much about this but they're saying that
elephant trophy imports are gonna be on
a case-by-case basis I know that this
will probably fire up conservatives but
President Trump did say he was gonna go
with Obama's ban on the practice I just
feel like a win for Trump would be
banning this just real quick your
thoughts you know I'm not a hunter so I
really can't speak to it oh and I know
the president's sons are hunters and
they have been criticized for it I'm
gonna take a pass here I don't know
enough about the issue to give you an
informed position fair enough Roger
Roger we'll be back on the war room
tomorrow you stay classy info warriors
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