Author Topic: When Will The Trump Justice Deparment Crack Down On Internet Censorship?  (Read 46 times)

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I still believe that in September the
special council will release some report
with accusations against Donald Trump
trumped-up accusations pardon the
expression and the Democrats will seek
to run on that absent a platform based
on the issues facing the country what
we've done and where we're going and
we're going to continue working hard for
the Jim Acosta in the background there
go ahead and pull Shep Smith down
there's Jim Acosta
I just want to point out this is a third
day in a row you haven't taken questions
from CNN well let's see
CNN lies about the White House all day
lies about President Trump all day so h
'l discord in this country and is
overall a fake news organization that
praises communist propaganda queens yeah
Jim yeah sorry you don't want to hear
from you and your fake news network and
you think you're all high and mighty
you're just entitled to a question every
day you're lucky to even be in there
anymore you rat I mean Roger what is
with the arrogance of a nothing a little
man like Jim Acosta just feeling
entitled to get a question all the time
well tonight oh and I declined going on
with Anderson Cooper I declined going on
with Erin Burnett just minutes ago I
declined to go on with the Jake Tapper
their conduct and they're acting like
non journalists makes those requests
impossible but it's kind of ironic
because as you know I've been banned for
life at CNN so why are they inviting me
to come on it there's a certain irony
here I did MSNBC because I wanted to
make it very clear that sam nunn burg
who's not a bad fellow but that he
speaks for himself and that he is not
speaking on my behalf or my behest and
not speaking at my direction later
tonight I will join Sean Hannity on Fox
who was beat up almost as badly as I was
today MSNBC as a conspiracy theorist
because Sean Hannity has courageously
exposed the corruption of the Obama
administration and their real role in
the 2016 election in which they were
trying to wire the election for Hillary
Clinton and they were putting their
insurance policy in place just in case
Donald Trump won so they could inflate
this phony Russian corruption meme
you're absolutely right Owen the the
level of arrogance the level level level
of entitlement the self-importance of
the folks at that news network is it's
just astounding to see well good for you
Roger to be able to crack what a lot of
conservatives are on the black list of
Fox News so glad to see that you'll be
on there I do want to go to another clip
from MSNBC here real quick now Roger we
know that the Russian collusion
investigation is all fake it's all
made-up there's nothing there but
Democrats a lot of Democrats realize it
too listen to what Democrat Jim Himes
says on MSNBC yesterday about the
Russian investigation what they I don't
get is if Russia is such a serious issue
why aren't Democrats running more on it
ahead of the midterm elections yeah it's
a great question you know there's a
piece of this that we're not talking
enough about it's not just the money
that's not spent it's not the work to
make sort of a national project to
protect our elections it's and it's
we're not making it clear to the
Russians that they can't do this again
we're the most powerful country in the
world they're not we carry a big stick
but now listen to this this is a clean
spot right here here's the thing
my good friend Cheri Bustos who
represents a very tough district in
Illinois we have sort of a running joke
going in the more
which is you know she's got a district
very different than mine I represent
Fairfield County Connecticut she's in
the heartland she's in a district with
it was that we need to figure out how to
win again
every Monday morning when I see Shari we
come up there's a little bit of laughter
and she says you know what my
constituents still aren't asking me
about Russia and the point there is that
if the demo so here he's like joking
about it like yet no one cares about
everybody knows Russia's fake I joke
with my fellow Democrats how there's
nothing there but yet it still goes on
MSNBC still pushes the fake news CNN
still pushes the fake news the average
liber out there believes that Russia is
colluding with Trump well Roger this is
madness I mean we are really dealing
with mental illness here the likes of
which I don't know has ever been seen
before on planet Earth
well I think dr. Jerry Corsi the
Washington bureau chief for Infowars put
it best the other day when he said they
don't have anything else
I mean sadly congressman Heinz
represents the district in which I was
born a district in which I once aspired
to run for Congress thank goodness I got
over that idea and there you had a stark
admission that they had no plan for the
country they have no plan to revitalize
the economy they have no plan to address
the trade imbalance they have no plan to
deal with the broken immigration system
they have no plan to rebuild our
national defense they have no plan they
are running on one thing the Russians
colluded with Donald Trump let's remove
him which is why I think it is foolhardy
for Republicans some Republicans to to
flee from this president we are running
on job creation and prosperity we are
running on making America great and we
are running on solving the trade problem
solving the immigration problem
rebuilding America's strength and
rebuilding respect for this country
abroad I do worry that the president
sometimes has been cowed by some of his
more neocon and globalist oriented
advisors it disappoints me that we are
still in Afghanistan still in Syria but
with those exceptions Plus this talk
about gun control last week
which appears to have abated but beyond
that two million new jobs how do you
argue with that we have a positive
vision to run on the Democrats have no
vision to run on other than we hate
Donald Trump I think that is in the end
a loser but I still believe that in
September the special counsel will
release some report with accusations
against Donald Trump trumped-up
accusations pardon the expression and
the Democrats will seek to run on that
absent a platform based on the issues
facing the country I don't think that
will work I think the American people
will see through it it really is amazing
how they're putting all their eggs in
that basket that it has so many holes in
it it's all in fact they don't even have
a basket we do have a couple breaking
news stories here Jeff Sessions is going
to be speaking in Sacramento tomorrow
people are expecting him to make a big
announcement of sanctuary city
jurisdiction session still has a pulse
he still has a pulse Roger he's missing
the big picture but he does still have a
pulse you did have another train
collision this time a train collided
with a tanker that was carrying who was
hydraulic acid they're saying that they
believe the tanker was trying to cross
the tracks before the train got there
another train accident so just weirdness
there but in the in the remaining
minutes that we have here Roger I'm not
sure if you saw this story but Deborah
Gibson who is one of the ladies that
said Roy Moore was basically you know
trying to date her as a teenager part of
that whole Democrat hit job to keep Roy
Moore out of office well now she's
running for the Florida House as the
Democrat in the 89th district what do
you make of that what do you make of a
Roy Moore accuser obviously you know
Democrat probably funded accuser to keep
Ramona out of office now running as a
Democrat for the 89th District in
Florida well look it's a great thing
about America it's a free country and
anyone can run I would think that that
candidates going to face a lot of
questions regarding her accusations
against a judge more on the other hand
in all honesty all of this is pretty
much yesterday's news Florida is one of
most prosperous states in the country a
Republican legislature and a Republican
governor have kept taxes low have Ken
low taxes out there minimum and it's why
we have a boom economy like you have
there in in Texas so I don't think
there's any danger of the Democrats
winning the house here going back to to
attorney general sessions I had one
member of Congress today tell me that
I'm based on his assumptions and his
meetings this sessions is literally a
doddering fool and then going out to
dinner with rod Rosenstein was rubbing
the president's face in it all of these
issues whether it is selling guns to
Isis by Obama whether it is the use of
the phony dossier to as the underlying
rationale for the surveillance on Donald
Trump whether it is it is the the
overall efforts to kneecap alternative
media it all comes back to the Justice
Department there's no question that the
assistant attorney general for antitrust
should be on Google and YouTube like a
cheap suit given their efforts to censor
what we do here at Infowars and dozens
of other freedom oriented conservatives
and and Trump supporters it all goes
back once again to your Attorney General
and this is after they say on on the
hill oh yeah we consider ourselves a
public forum and then I mean give me a
break they're censoring Conservatives
left to right one more story Roger I
don't know if Trump is even thinking
much about this but they're saying that
elephant trophy imports are gonna be on
a case-by-case basis I know that this
will probably fire up conservatives but
President Trump did say he was gonna go
with Obama's ban on the practice I just
feel like a win for Trump would be
banning this just real quick your
thoughts you know I'm not a hunter so I
really can't speak to it oh and I know
the president's sons are hunters and
they have been criticized for it I'm
gonna take a pass here I don't know
enough about the issue to give you an
informed position fair enough Roger
Roger we'll be back on the War Room
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