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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight well March
Madness has begun it began yesterday
afternoon with a string of wild
interview spicy numbered with
commentators trying to talk him down off
the ledge even people on the left and
then trying to he gave them some juicy
sound bites and we're gonna tell you how
the mainstream media the legacy media
ABC CBS and others reacted to these
little tidbits running with them that's
breaking serious news but we're gonna
put this in context got a lot of clips
to play for you of Sam Nunn burg going
from one interview to the other I think
he had like seven interviews I don't
know if that even counted all the
different print interviews that he gave
in addition to the television interviews
but we got a lot of clips of the TV
interviews yeah it's the game of Thrones
but now it's totally crazy he was very
angry yesterday meanwhile we have North
Korea making an agreement with South
Korea they say after a historic meeting
North Korean leader Kim jong-un met with
senior Korean government officials for
the first time and said it is quote his
firm will to vigorously advance
inter-korean ties and to pursue
reunification a 10-member South Korean
delegation led by their national
security office ahead traveled to North
Korea on Monday and what they're saying
is this is what's come out of the
conference they said they don't really
have any need for nuclear weapons if we
can get a security guarantee is that
what they're afraid of is the United
States and I so as they're looking at
this I said Pyongyang and Seoul the two
capitals agreed to bilateral
negotiations to be scheduled for next
month and a press release they said the
south and north have agreed to set up a
hotline between their leaders to allow
close consultations and a reduction of
military tension while also agreeing to
hold the first phone conversation before
the third South and North summit and
then we have US Secretary of State Rex
Tillerson saying it well he's open to
talks to Pyongyang yet he issued a
reminder that washing
will not deviate from its policy of
using a big stick we're not using a
carrot to convince them to talk we're
using large sticks and that is what they
need to understand this pressure
campaign is having its bite on North
Korea to which they replied and actually
this is a commentary from RT Washington
has long been rejecting a roadmap
presented by Moscow and Beijing to bring
some kind of solution to the Korean
crisis dubbed a double freeze plan the
proposal envisioned u.s. and regional
allies halting its drills in exchange
for North Korea's stopping development
of missiles and missile tests both
Russia and China have a vested interest
and not seeing a sanctions or even in a
military exchange send a massive flood
of refugees and in their country they've
already been dealing with this in China
and they don't have a dacha program in
China when people come in to their
country illegally they're thrown out but
it is also created a bit of a problem
for them Russia has had to move large
amounts of military patrols to the
border something the American government
even under President Trump refuses to do
to protect our borders from the people
coming through from Mexico including the
drug cartels where more people have been
killed by small arms fire machetes
hatchets and so forth hung from bridges
more people have been killed in Mexico's
drug wars than have been killed in Iraq
and Afghanistan several times more in
the last year so yet we refuse to put
any kind of military control to defend
our borders instead we're striving
trying to start nuclear war trying to
overthrow regimes throughout the world
and continue with seven eight-nine who
knows what the number is because they
won't tell us it's none of our business
is it the military-industrial complex
has got a business to run and it's a
private business and they don't really
care whether or not we know what they're
doing in order to sell missiles so we're
going to talk about this and then in a
hint of irony
we have Moscow saying the u.s. is trying
to interfere in Russian elections well
of course they are they interfere in
everybody's elections as
not even a question question is can they
do it effectively probably not probably
no more effectively than Russia
interfered in our elections and we'll
talk the revelations of Sam number Gwen
we come back stay with us I'm David
Knight well perhaps some good news as I
pointed out the top of the hour North
and South Korea are talking seriously
talking a delegation of ten people went
from South Korea and North Korea
Pyongyang to talk about what they could
do to de-escalate what is happening
there and they said they're going to set
up a hotline and so forth but they put
out a proposal saying that if the US
will stop these drills that are making
them afraid they said then they said
they will take down the stop the nuclear
program so they have there certainly
hope that happens people in South Korea
don't want to see a war even a
conventional war let alone a nuclear war
and as I pointed out Russia and China
have been trying to get the u.s. to
de-escalate the tensions the drills on
the border because even with sanctions
they don't want to have people coming
into their country unlike America the
Chinese actually have had a large
illegal immigration program in other
country and they've done something about
it they don't have a deferred action
program there are no daca arrivals in
China from North Korea they send them
pretty brutally quite frankly they don't
give them a free education Lee send them
home and the Russians have moved massive
amounts of troops to their border to
protect from illegal aliens coming in
from North Korea could be a massive
flood of millions they believe you know
kind of like here in the West where we
invite them in our globalist masters
want to see that happen this is a
military issue
protecting your borders I don't
understand why the United States
government doesn't see that why can't
president Trump fund the wall out of the
NDAA they put everything in there every
kind of tyranny in there indefinite
detention without trial by the military
that was stuck in there they put things
there totally unrelated to even the
military or to national defense and yet
they refused to put a border wall in
there they refused to bring troops home
from the innumerable wars I don't know
how many wars we've got I've lost
we've been at war now since 2001 with
more than a half-dozen countries when
will it ever end
never not until we change government
more radically than we have and we can't
bring troops home to protect our border
no we're gonna be invading other
countries bombing other civilian
populations like in Syria because won't
regime change we're gonna bring them
democracy how about that how does that
democracy you think they want what we've
got when they see us invading their
country we can't and won't protect our
borders and yet we're gonna go fight
everybody in the world
that's our military-industrial complex
all right let's talk about the March
Madness that erupted yesterday Sam Nunn
Berg as part of then we'll get into the
whole game of thrones update here we
haven't done that for a while what's
going on with all the molar
investigation some updates with this but
the amazing thing was Sam Nunn Berg
former trump aide as they point out on
PJ Media a wild whirlwind tour yesterday
yeah it was he went on seven interviews
and I think that's just the video
interviews that he did not counting the
press the print press that he gave
interviews to and you're not going to
believe how the mainstream media jumped
on the nonsense that this guy put out
Erin Burnett on CNN said are you drunk
how crazy what she says actually I smell
alcohol on your breath here's that clip
why people in the White House were
saying about you yeah I don't know
whether you you were you were drinking
or on drugs or whatever they would but
had happened today talking to you I have
smelled alcohol on your breath you have
a drink that's not know so I just
because it is the talk out there again I
know it's awkward let me just get give
you the question category anything else
what other drugs are you know besides my
is that okay no I mean I'm not I'm just
trying to understand well look they can
say whatever they want I don't really
care what once again
besides my anti depressants me my meds
am i off my meds I changed you know hey
looked she's probably lucky if he's
taking antidepressants and meds she's
probably lucky he didn't come into the
studio with a gun and hold everybody
hostage this is what we typically see
the people are on antidepressants
changing the medication level or
whatever came up with this
I don't know was he sleepwalking through
this trying to take himself hostage I
don't know but then he goes on to talk
about Sarah Huckabee Sanders somebody
he'd never even worked with as far as I
here's that clip speak to you I think
there's two reactions right now I think
some people are worried about you and
they're worried about what you're doing
I think other people are upset because
we just showed the White House which
doesn't want to comment on this
responded you so clearly you should shut
up by the way by the way her
presidential the one the person she
defends every day he has a 35 percent
approval rating she should shut her
mouth let me ask you the important
question yeah do you understand I'm not
warning her by the way to shut her mouth
do you understand that you have a legal
obligation to comply yeah I have a legal
technically I have a legal obligation
but Robert Mahler and the team is gonna
have to decide I mean did he grab the
other guy's coffee in that clip I'm not
really sure he's throwing Sarah Huckabee
Sanders that she needs to shut up I
think it's pretty amazing when you see
all of these different left-wing media
groups trying to do an intervention for
this guy it's like tell us some juicy
stuff but you're going too far pull it
back you're gonna lose your credibility
you gave us some stuff that that we
could really use and spend there is
back that up it's uh you reached across
the desk
grab the other the cup that was across a
desk which I think was the other guy's a
cup and started drinking from that and
then he has to say has this to say about
Corey Lewandowski wants to meet him in a
dark alley let's play that clip
no and I'm feeling kind of I want to see
what mr. roller does it's never been
done before
once again and here's where we go where
I you're very fair about this you can
look I think that there's hypocrisy
mm-hmm I think that there's two separate
roles for Democrats and Republicans I
want to see if they're gonna do
something to me about this after the way
they treated Hillary Clinton during the
Comey investigation do you think I
talked to Corey November one
I despise Corey if I could see if I
could find Corey all right yeah he went
on Katy tours an MSNBC show he went on
Gloria Borger on CNN he's talked to
Bloomberg he went on air II Melbourne
show at 6 p.m. and was actually showing
some pity for he brought on a legal
expert to offer advice for nunberg who
said I think your family wants you home
for Thanksgiving I hope you will testify
let's play another clip of him on MSNBC
let's roll a video clip number four on
this but let me ask you this question
does your lawyer think what you're doing
now tonight is a good idea I have no
idea I think he may have dropped me
frankly I don't know I definitely know
my father doesn't like it my father's my
one of my co-counsel I think your family
wants you home for Thanksgiving and I
hope you will testify I know it's not
ridiculous am NOT radicular 1 2015 I
talk because
talking to them in email two different
things so they could subpoena your phone
records as well and then there was Jake
Tapper who also tried to talk him down
off of the ledge as he's out there
basically committing trying to commit
legal suicide I guess and go to jail
here's the clip of Jake Tapper guessing
that there will be repercussions if you
tear up that subpoena and refuse to
cooperate and we want to hear if it were
me I would
I mean if just asking my opinion just
because it sounds like a pain but he is
the special counsel and he does have is
super angry at Muller and he is taking
it out on every news outlet yesterday
but we're gonna look at the reactions
you saw the breakdown there we're gonna
look at how seriously CBS and ABC took
that and said all right we're gonna go
back and take a look at what was going
on with Sam Nunn number and it's really
sad to see him break down here so what
is the issue here I mean is he had
enough from Morrie's very angry that
more Erin Burnett said they smell like
you've been drinking I've been drinking
am i taking meds yeah I'm taking
antidepressants and so forth was it the
drugs was it drink was it just anger and
frustration with being used by this guy
Moeller and the special prosecutor as I
listen to people why is it that nobody
is everybody's this investigation can go
on forever we can't stop this there's
there's no limitation on he and spend
millions of dollars he can do this the
entire eight years of a trump
administration of President Trump gets
elected there's nothing that stops him
why well because there was there's no
controlling law here they don't have a
special prosecutor law go back and look
at the one that we had before that
expired in 1999 nobody wanted it because
these things always turn into a witch
hunt an investigation of one man and not
a crime and that's what this has turned
into but if you go back and look at the
terms of it it had some when we had
law we don't know who just this is just
a special prosecutor dictatorship
because the investigation or the law is
in his mouth he does whatever he wishes
he's not accountable to anybody there's
no process to find for accountability
there's no process to find for an
endpoint it's like how in the world did
Jeff Sessions allow this to happen
doesn't he know that there's no special
prosecutor law he's the Attorney General
he's the chief lawyer in the country why
doesn't he know about this
it's the end of the 1999 law that
expired and there hasn't been one to
replace it if he had evidence of a crime
then he would take it to the Attorney
General the Attorney General would say
okay it looks like you got evidence of a
crime it looks like this is a crime that
we cannot handle internally because of a
conflict of interest or whatever so we
will appoint a special prosecutor but
the Attorney General would not appoint
the special prosecutor he would appoint
a three-judge panel the three-judge
panel would appoint the special
prosecutor and then the special
prosecutor would report back on a
regular basis to that three-judge panel
and say here's why I'm with the
investigation here's why it should
continue to go on you don't have to
report to anybody it's just created out
of thin air being run by a Obama
holdover Rosenstein he also worked with
the Clintons this whole thing stinks to
the high heavens and I don't understand
why people don't focus on the fact that
there is no legal authority for any of
this stuff as al gore said we have no
controlling legal authority here we can
do whatever we want and they're doing
whatever they want and continuing this
forever let's go back and play that Jake
Tapper clip again because it really is
sad you see the people and these again
seven interviews that he did and the
people are trying to talk him down from
this ledge what put him there is it meds
or alcohol or is it Muller himself who
has driven him to this point and here's
Jake Tapper again trying to talk him off
of the ledge I'm guessing that there
will be repercussions if you tear up
that subpoena and refuse to cooperate
and we want to hear you Jake
if it were me I would
I mean if just asking my opinion just
because it sounds like a pain but he is
the special counsel and he does have
every email I talked to Steve and there
are so many times a day do you know what
I mean why do I go well I do life and
special prosecutors are not fair I guess
I would I would cooperate warrant me I'm
a different breed of cat Sam thanks so
much I appreciate the first person to
ever do this right say that again I'm
definitely the first person ever dude
cooperating you're the first one I've
ever spoken with who's ever done that's
true well sam nunn Berg probably needs
some counseling and some legal advice
maybe he doesn't want to take my legal
advice and this isn't any legal advice
but I tell you what if I was in his
position I'd be screaming at the top of
my lungs I'm mad as hell and I'm not
taking it anymore go for Howard Beale on
these people which is basically what he
was doing as you know spheal said
everybody knows how bad it is I don't
have to tell everybody how bad it is
everybody knows it's bad and we're fed
up and where is your legal authority
where's your legal authority that's what
I'd be shouting I'm fed up where's your
legal authority show me the law do we
have a law of the nation of laws anymore
no we don't they don't care what the law
is they don't care if we have due
process do they no due process for the
president no due process for you
not with your guns not with your
property they just take it civil asset
forfeiture that's finally coming up by
the way we might talk about that later
today finally coming up for decision
before the Supreme Court but in a
strange way not really talking about
convicting somebody before you steal
their stuff but saying well maybe you're
taking too much stuff maybe this is an
excessive fine it's like well any fine
is excessive if you're not guilty right
isn't that right isn't that what we're
talking about with civil asset
forfeiture it's nothing but rogue theft
by our so-called law enforcement
agencies who
the special prosecutor don't have any
law they don't care what the law is
they don't care when there's expressly
prohibited from taking people's property
unless they convict them of a crime but
let's go with one more clip here from
Sam Nunn burg and this is where he's
talking about his frustration with the
demands of more he said I've already
spent 80 hours working on this nothing
does they get my emails why are they
putting me through this here's that clip
and it's ownerís the issue is why is the
government asking for my communications
when they know they're casual and they
know that either collude and we're not
the person answer for me is I don't know
because I'm not inside the probe but let
me put it this way to you are you aware
that they may already have all of that I
think they definitely had Roger Stone's
emails and so one of them asked me
questions about Roger stones even they
ask me questions about Roger and me that
they would only have had Rogers emails
the questions they asked you in your
previous interview suggestion so they're
trying to entrap them either stuff like
that it Michael what I'm sure you've
heard of the federal secure very nice
guy I like his podcast by the way well
this is what he said in response to you
connected with the Clintons deeply I'm
prepared to bet special counsel motors
team already has numbers emails even if
you have them from other parties or from
the service provider you asked for them
anyway among other things you learn a
lot when people selectively disclose and
so wait this is an important question
Sam don't you think it's possible that
what they're testing here is not against
you assuming you would completely comply
but again other people if they withheld
incriminating emails here's what I would
say re you know the whole thing's an
entrapment process is like a surrogate
father he's like my father you feel
loyal to him and I'm not gonna go in
there for them to send up a case against
Roger Roger did not do anything Roger
and I were treated like crap by Donald
Trump okay the fact that I was fired for
Facebook posts which were fine racially
intensive do you think that would have
cost us a vote well and you and I spoke
about that and you actually Paul
so I know that history that glory let me
ask a that bra and then Trump was ready
to like Cory and the lawyer Raj and
those are old okay so that's what he's
saying he says this whole thing is a
process to try to entrap Roger stone
this whole thing is a process to try to
entrap anybody around president Trump
and this whole thing is a process that
has absolutely no basis in law it is a
witch-hunt it is a political vendetta it
is an attempted coup and when we come
back I'm gonna tell you the absurd way
that the mainstream media reacted to
what he had to say
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
welcome back the last couple of segments
we've been playing clips from the wild
night that Sam Nunn burg had as I
pointed out here was he driven over the
edge by alcohol by meds or whatever he's
on any depressants clearly and that's
what he said clearly he's under a lot of
who is that pressure coming from it's
coming from a special prosecutor who has
no legal authority for what he's doing
there is no end to it because there's no
definition of what this is it's a
special prosecution without any legal
beginning no legal justification because
we don't have a special prosecutor on
this goes beyond whether or not there
was evidence of a crime whether or not
they they rigged this like show me where
there's Authority for special prosecutor
they let it expire in 1999 because they
said it was a witch-hunt when they put
the law and it had a sunset clause in it
they took it to the Supreme Court
Supreme Court said all right this is
something we haven't done before but
eight to one they said it was gonna be
allowed the one dissent was Antonin
Scalia he said this will turn into a
witch hunt and it did in 1999 nobody in
either party wanted to continue the
special prosecutor law they shut it down
and so now we're we've got a special
prosecutor operating without any legal
basis whatsoever and destroying people's
lives and that this guy regardless of
what happened to Sam Nunn Berg this is
what they're after and so
now after the statements that he made
very upset upset about the fact that
mower is requiring him to go in and
spend weeks so I've already spent over
80 hours trying to pull through emails
and he wants me to I'm not gonna do this
anymore I'm not gonna be this guy's life
I'm not gonna go through this and so I
said well you better go they're gonna
put you in jail because I don't care I'm
not gonna do it not gonna be this guy
slavery so Jory got my emails he knows
what the stuff is out there and the guy
says well you know trying to get the
clip I just played for you trying to go
through this sometimes they may not be
interested in what's actually in the
emails but what you or somebody else
like Roger stone turned over to them
that's what the guys suggest me is oh
yeah I think you're trying to get Rogers
don't try I think they're trying to
frame Roger stone I'm not gonna be a
part of that said same number so they
got CBS Evening News ABC World News
Tonight as News Buster's org points out
they curated some of these comments
about this I said the network's go gaga
for wild nunberg speculation about Trump
collusion they were all about this they
kicked off their programs with this and
here's what they said CBS former Trump
campaign aide believes investigators
have evidence the Trump campaign may
have colluded with the Russians but none
Berg refuses to appear before a federal
grand jury totally lacking the context
of what we saw there a man driven to
despair and anger and saying I'm not
gonna be used by the special prosecutor
more in other words they say well you
know he thinks it that there's something
there he thinks there's collusion with
Trump and he's he's gonna still wall for
Trump or whatever he's gonna try to
continue in this massive cover-up that's
the way they spent it at CBS ABC's
anchor David Muir said Sante nunberg
today on live TV saying he will burn the
grand jury subpoena he received from
MoMA rather than turn over the documents
he has demanded saying let him arrest me
but none Berg then went on to make those
bold suggestions about his former boss
what he says Donald Trump allegedly knew
then you have ABC's chief justice
correspondent Pierre Thomas said this is
a stunning
about Trump and collusion NBC Nightly
News anchor Lester Holt said this is a
fascinating twist in the Russian
investigation tonight
defiant and digging in Sam Nunn Berg on
and on Iran you get the idea right they
hype this this is one man's screaming
frustration at this process so and again
talking about whether or not there is
some kind of drinking issue as The Daily
Beast points out there what Erin Burnett
had said but here's the way they started
their broadcasts on CBS Evening News
they play a clip from Sam Nunn burg he
says Muller thinks that Trump is a
Manchurian Candidate and then Paul Reid
says well the former Trump campaign aide
believes investigators have evidence
that the Trump campaign may have
colluded with the Russians but none Berg
refuses to appear before a federal grand
jury call several media outlets this
afternoon to explain why he will defy a
subpoena from Special Counsel Robert
Muller so to say that he that Muller
thinks that Trump is a Manchurian
Candidate is not to say the Trump is the
Manchurian Candidate what number he is
saying is that Muller thinks he is or Li
says he thinks he is
it's a they use that to try to spend
that to say here's evidence from
somebody who used to work for Trump that
Trump really is the Manchurian Candidate
there we go let's continue this
investigation again as I said this is
when I look at these interviews my
journal and person impression is that
this is like Howard be a lot of network
just saying that you know cracking under
the pressure the frustration and just
saying I'm mad as hell and I'm not
taking it anymore I mean that's really
what he is saying I feel sorry for him I
mean he's being persecuted all these
people are being persecuted you've got a
special prosecutor who can go through
every detail of your life and just like
what they did to general Flynn we're
gonna look at that in just a moment
Carter Paige responded to number he said
some people have been intoxicated for a
year and a half he said when
Hannity Hannity asked him about the
statement from nunberg where he told
Jake Tapper on CNN that Carter page was
colluding with Russians
Carter page then told Sean Hannity on
Fox News there's been a lot of people
that have been quite intoxicated for
over a year and a half now so nothing
new here and then today after yesterday
number says well I'll probably cooperate
he had said yesterday said I'm not gonna
cooperate with more it's a fishing
expedition that's absolutely true they
told that to Bloomberg News that's a
print interview not a video interview I
believe he said they want me in there
for a grand jury for testimony about
Roger stone he didn't do anything what
is he going to do his investigation is
BS Trump did not collude with Putin it's
a joke but it's a joke that the
mainstream media is trying to play on
you as well you just heard me talk about
how CBS and NBC and these other outlets
were putting this out there
he thinks that Trump is a Manchurian
Candidate oh so Trump must be the
Manchurian Candidate
and he's saying what he really says his
Trump did not collude with Putin it's a
joke they don't put that out there they
try to spin it they try to spend his
frustration as if he's got some kind of
a new revelation about President Trump
and then he went on to say also his
investigation is BS as I pointed out now
we've got as they're trying to revive
this failing investigation which has
nothing I mean you've got Muller has
indicted some Russians what a joke that
is what a joke that is you look at the
amount of money that they spent on
Facebook Hillary Clinton's campaign
spent a thousand times that amount of
money on Facebook and if Hillary Clinton
couldn't win with a thousand times it
was allegedly spent by some Russians
trolling the election it's absolutely
inconsequential and yet you've got all
these Russians indicted and Vladimir
Putin laughs of course he says we're
never going to extradite these Russians
or why would it what a joke that is it's
a pathetic joke but it's an effort to
try to keep this thing going to try to
give it legitimacy and now we got
Christopher Steele coming out again once
again alleging that there were Russian
agents within the Democrat Party now
that were involved in hacking the
Democrat National Committee oh this is
kind of interesting coming out a gateway
pundit so that's a little bit different
to say that the Russian agents and the
digital attack involved agents who
within the Democrat Party structure
itself so this is a major change from
what they've been telling everybody but
it goes back to the reality of what
really happened we've had William Binney
and many others tell us no it was an
inside job people who were upset about
how Hillary Clinton bought the DNC and
then rigged the election against Bernie
Sanders we've had WikiLeaks a we didn't
get this from any state actors you had
william binney former technical head of
the NSA say it wasn't hacked from the
outside you had a former British
ambassador's that I went to America to
have this handed to me by whistleblower
and now Christopher Steele is saying the
DNC quote-unquote hack was really people
inside the Democrat Party all right
we're gonna put a book in on the anger
and frustration of Sam Nunn burg here
with a little bit of a reality check
about what this is all really about this
Russian red herring that we've got going
here and quite frankly it's not just the
Democrats the Republicans have been
pushing this for their own particular
reasons they want to have a new cold war
just as badly as the Democrats do and
they're very excited about the fact that
Putin has come out talked about a
hypersonic missile because now we've got
a hypersonic missile gap and now we can
start getting busy on funding that
hypersonic missile gap says DARPA we're
on it we got to have more money give us
some more money we'll find that research
that was one thing they were missing you
know when the Soviet Union collapsed
from the wait of communism imploded on
itself because of that system that we
lost a very valuable profit Center for
the military-industrial complex yes of
course they can make a lot of that up
with their surveillance
of American cities and we got a lot to
say about that today I'm going to talk
about the artificial intelligence the
black mirror that is really focused on
you I mean this is stuff that the truth
of what is happening you look at those
crazy things that a black mirror they're
reflecting what people understand is
happening a few years ago but now it's
it's coming out bit by bit we're gonna
talk about that when I talk about smart
cities that's big profit center for
these people but they've got to have
that intercontinental ballistic missile
threat from a nation-state to really get
the big bucks can't lose that that's a
big part of their foundation so we're
gonna get to the reality of what's going
on with this Russian red herring real
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we're gonna have Mike Adams on with us
later in the program he's gonna be
hosting the Alex Jones Show today he had
his entire channel health Ranger deleted
by YouTube and so when we're talking to
him about that but let's get back right
now to the Russian investigation as I
was saying had Christopher steel now
saying that the DNC hacked was inside
the Democrat Party see they're starting
to get closer to the truth aren't they
it wasn't a hack it was people inside
the Democrat Party and as kim.com
tweeted out a couple weeks ago and he's
been saying this so long he said let me
assure you the DNC hack wasn't even a
hack kim.com said Julian Assange said it
a former Russian former ambassador from
the UK said that he said I came here to
the United States to get I get it handed
to me by a whistleblower inside the DNC
and kim.com said that he said let me
assure you the DNC hack wasn't even a
hack it was an insider with a memory
stick I know this because I know who did
it and why special counsel Muller is not
interested in my evidence
my lawyers wrote to him twice he never
replied and then he finishes up the
tweet saying 360 pounds because
President Trump said hey a 400 pound
genius knows what's going on guys no no
I'm 360 and now as I've reported before
I've had people from Australia because
people with some broadcaster worldwide
write to me and tell me shine a light on
what our Australian politicians were
doing and their connection with the
Clintons and we talked about this before
and now the hill is even talking about
this Australian diplomat whose tip
supposedly prompted the FBI's Russia
probe has ties to the Clintons well if
you believe that this is where it
started but maybe did they they say this
guy you know met in a bar with George
papadopolis the guy who had
lated his resume the guy who had been an
intern multiple times and supposedly
this Russian expert tipped off the
Australian diplomat former Australian
foreign minister Alexander downers role
in securing 25 million dollars in aid
from his country to help the Clinton
Foundation fight AIDS oh that's a
familiar line isn't it
is chronicled in a decade old government
memos archived on the Australian Foreign
Ministry's website this kind of mister
seeing how this Clinton Foundation is
kind of folding real quickly isn't it it
seems like since Hillary Clinton didn't
nobody's donating to it what does that
tell you what does it tell you that the
Board of Directors were after they
incorporated it began incorporating as
soon as she did when they started
jumping ship like rats running for their
lives the money was initially allocated
to the Clinton Foundation but then later
they routed it through an affiliate of
the charity known as the Clinton Health
Access Initiative and as Charles hotel
has said many times he's been on it's
like now these are legally registered
charities they could be these people
could be jailed and any number of states
and any number of countries France is
looking into this now we've got some
ties into Australia and this guy who was
a downer who's now Australia's
ambassador to London provided the
account of a conversation with a Trump
campaign advisor he's an intern nobody
even knew who this guy was george
papadapolis it became the official
reason that the FBI opened the Russian
counterintelligence probe but lawmakers
say the FBI didn't tell Congress about
downer prior connection to the Clinton
Foundation and this is what jim jordan
says he said the clinton's tentacles go
everywhere so that's why it's important
he said we continue to get new
information every week and it seemed
that sort of underscores the fact that
the FBI hasn't been square with us let's
play that clip from Jim Jordan oh and I
would also I would also make sure your
viewers know that vinegar is known as a
left wing magazine they've gotten a lot
of things wrong they refuse to make
retractions when they do get things
the main takeaway that I would take from
this is is that that you know stating
the obvious that the Russians are trying
to interfere with our elections that
were that was myself and Republican
Republicans who warned of that way
before the elections so we knew the
Russians what they were up to this is
but this is nothing new and that's why
people are going a little bit overboard
with this and their blood they're taking
things totally out of context the
Russians know had an operation against
us but they've always had an operation
against we're getting close to the break
they have always had an operation spy
versus spy me go back to men nineteen
sixties right everybody is trying to
manipulate everybody else's elections of
course we're trying to manipulate
Russia's elections of course they're
trying to manipulate ours question is
was it anything ineffective and it
wasn't but then we've got Jonathan
Turley on the hill saying if Andrew
McCabe lied could he be charged like
Michael Flynn see this is the way that
they have overstepped their authority in
this investigation really criminal
really when you look at the double
standards here he points out the Justice
Department's inspector general report is
coming close to being released and
that's really going to be interesting he
said one of the aspects of the reported
findings however stands out according to
these reports investigators believe that
McCabe misled them about his approval of
a leak to the media on the Clinton
investigation Inspector General Michael
Horowitz has the authority to refer a
matter to criminal investigators
investigators in cases of false
statements or other crimes and can also
refer matters to State Bar's in case of
professional misconduct by lawyers you
like Bill Clinton who got too smart but
then he points out what happened to
Michael Flynn in contrast this with
he says Michael Flynn now faces a prison
stent after pleading guilty to a single
false statement about a meeting with a
Russian diplomat Flynn did not deny the
meeting which was entirely legal
he denied discussing sanctions with the
Russians Moeller charged him then with
lying or misleading federal
investigators and it wasn't even
relevant wasn't a relevant detail in the
case of Flynn he's not even denying a
criminal allegation there was nothing
particularly uncommon let alone
unlawful and an incoming national
security adviser discussing the issue of
sanctions there were the main area of
tension with the Russians at the time
but what did McCabe do well he's
reportedly denied any intention to
mislead investigators on his leaks to
The Wall Street Journal and then Turley
points out Comey is also in violation of
FBI rules
he removed memos some of them classified
he could have given those memos to
Congress but instead he gave them to the
press that is a violation of national
security laws just like Hillary Clinton
violated national security laws and
James Comey said he wasn't gonna do
anything about it you get the idea we
understand the double standard we
understand the frustration and the anger
GOP senator thad Cochran it was the
tenth longest serving senator in the
Chamber's history is now 80 years old
and if you recall he has had a lot of
health problems in the last year so he
is now announced that he's going to
retire effective April the 1st so now
that seat in Mississippi currently held
by a Republican is now up for grabs so
be a special election there interesting
to see what happens in Mississippi we
thought that we had a safe seat in
Alabama until the GOP decided that Roy
Moore was too anti-establishment to be
allowed in and now we have some breaking
news we'll get to later in the show
about connections to George Soros and
Doug Jones the Democrat who beat them
beat him rather and we'll see see if
there's any connections between George
Soros and Mitch McConnell because
probably the big mistake that was made
by Roy Moore was to announce that he was
going to take on Mitch McConnell once he
got there he should have been a shoo-in
after the election but to say that he
was gonna take on Mitch McConnell Mitch
McConnell took him on all of a sudden I
don't know where me - that's what
happened there so we'll see what happens
in this race in Mississippi again if you
want a good candidate you got to get the
good candidate at the primary and you
got a knot
fooled by the GOP establishment that
will run against their own I remember
when Newt Gingrich ran ads to try to
take down Ron Paul in his district
because Ron Paul didn't fall in line
with the GOP establishment they're gonna
do that so if we get somebody that's
good out of the Mississippi primary
instead of just another lobbyist or
apparatchik for the GOP establishment
the GOP establishment is going to come
for that person just as hard as the
Democrats and George Soros meanwhile at
the Consumer Financial Protection Board
we find and this is a great great story
from the Daily Caller the CFPB
headquarters is infested by rats no
we're not talking about the bureau
Kratts we're talking about actual rats
they pointed out and this is interesting
because you know they say well you know
one person had a rat in a trash can they
couldn't get it out and so forth and so
there's a lot of complaints about rats
in this luxury accommodation for this
sprawling bureaucracy this is something
that was a brainchild of Pocahontas
Elizabeth Warren supposedly they're
there looking after you're protecting
all of you consumers right no their main
function has been as part of the
dodd-frank bill and so forth their main
function has been to shut down small
banks that compete with the banks that
were allowed to become too big to fail
by who by Bill Clinton there's Bill
Clinton that allowed the massive
consolidation of banks that became not
only too big to fail but too big to jail
as they can launder money and get away
with it they can do anything they wish
and we have seen hundreds upon hundreds
remember Drudge used to for a couple of
years after the financial meltdown and
after the establishment of dodd-frank
and this CFPB dredge used to put up how
many hundreds of small regional banks
had folded each year driven out of the
business by excessive regulations from
the CFPB regulations that the big banks
cheer right this is the way this all
works no talk yesterday about how a
YouTube in terms of this purge that
they've got going is in some respects
operating like the
anteye competitiveness of all these
different organizations you know we've
got like Home Depot and Lowe's and the
hardware business they've driven out all
the mom and pops and then we have in the
office business we've got the staples
and Office Depot so you know we have all
of these things that are happening they
drive everybody out and well we got to
go to break but this is what they do
every time they come fintan this is what
was happening with the banks they had
124 a million-dollar price tag was
double the original fifty five million
dollar estimate these are luxury
accommodations and this is a agency that
has held captive by the big banks
stay with us Roger stone is gonna be on
the next segment to comment about what
happened with Sam Nunn burg yesterday
and his frustration we'll be right back
I'm David Knight welcome back I'm David
Knight we spent most of the last hour
talking about Sam Nunn burr who was had
a series of interviews yesterday
incredibly angry incredibly frustrated
saying that Muller is harassing him that
Muller is trying to use him to get to
Roger stone to try to set up Roger stone
he said Roger did absolutely nothing
and we've got Roger stone on the phone
right now thank you for joining us Roger
David I'm glad to be here tell us what's
going on I mean I'm looking at this and
it's just I can understand his
frustration because when I looked at
this I said this looks to me like Howard
Beale and Network saying I'm mad as hell
and I'm not gonna take it anymore he
just had this massive outburst on one
one show after the other telly you know
him very well he said you're like a
father figure to him tell us what's
going on well Sam is a brilliant
research researcher writer he had an
early stint on the Trump campaign or I
think he did have a impact in trying to
help the candidate package and formulate
his views he marches to his own drummer
he was certainly not on TV you know in
my bastard direction and he evidently
got a document subpoena meaning they
asked you to forward documents that
covered Steve Ben and Paul Manafort
Kellyanne Conway
Corey Lewandowski Hope Hicks Roger stone
among others
his lawyer told my attorney because as
you know I've run up half a million
dollars in legal fees
due to the House and Senate Intelligence
Committee investigations and this bogus
lawsuit against me in the District of
Columbia claiming that I conspired with
Donald Trump and the Russians to hack
the DNC emails and give them material to
the Russians ludicrous ridiculous absurd
there's no evidence of that whatsoever
because it never happened there not only
destroy your character but then they
come after you with these expensive
lawsuits or try to bankrupt you I think
intent here by the way our listeners can
go to stone Defense Fund calm if they
want to help me defray some of these
costs they do threaten to destroy our
family but putting that aside in the
course of Sam's interview with the
special counsel they asked him
point-blank did Roger stone meet with
Julian Assange in 2016 I can answer that
right now on Infowars the answer is no
and my passport proves it you can't
leave the country and go to London
without it being stamped in your
passport and I didn't leave the country
at all during 2016 I've never met Julian
Assange never spoken to him so Julian
Assange the country that's for sure so I
mean barking up the wrong tree there I
think it upsets him for some reason
but at the same time I reiterate that
it's not surprising to me given my long
history with Donald Trump as an early
campaign staffer and then later you know
as a personal friend and advisor that
they may want to look at my emails and
memos that I've written I don't have any
real problem with that I don't know of
any Russian collusion
I have no involvement or knowledge I
don't know of anyone else who colluded
with the Russians
I had no advance notice of the WikiLeaks
disclosures on Hillary I didn't know
about the the source or the content or
the exact timing I do think it's kind of
interesting that all of this is designed
to distract from the fact that a those
disclosures were incredibly damning they
showed Hillary Clinton to be greedy
corrupt and up to her neck in campaign
dirty tricks oh yeah that's what they
don't want you to see so they want to
distract from the content by making a
controversy over the source but more
importantly this is distraction from the
fact that we have emerging set of facts
here that indicate that the FBI and the
Department of Justice under Barack Obama
used what they knew was fabricated
evidence from the Hillary Clinton
campaign to justify legally the
surveillance of the Republican candidate
for president that's an abuse of power
that that's that makes Watergate look
like small potatoes they use the power
and the authority of the state to spy on
one of the two major party nominees for
president quite clearly a crime a civil
rights violation among others so I think
all of this is an attempt to distract
from that set of crimes I can say
definitively I know of no Russian
collusion and I really don't have any
problems turning over my own emails and
in communications and memos I wrote
because none of them have anything to do
with this well they're using this to try
to revitalize this whole Russian
collusion thing because we had the
comments that were made by by Sam Nunn
Berg and then it was reported by
mainstream media Sam numbered they take
a clip from him and he says Mulder
thinks that Donald Trump is the
Manchurian Candidate and they try to
pretend that none Berg is saying that
Donald Trump is the Manchurian Candidate
when nunberg said there is no collusion
between Trump and the Russians he said
this investigation by Muller is a joke
they didn't report that instead they say
stunning revelations and he's not going
to talk to moer he's stonewalling is the
way that they're spending this well Sam
seemed to be all over the lot at several
points he said he believed Trump may
have done something well what does that
mean I don't I don't know the same has
any evidence when they pressed him on it
he didn't have anything solid at all I
mean look there is clearly some animus
there between the President and Sam Nunn
Berg I think that's pretty clear
Sam is you know I was kind of it was a
cross between Howard Beale and Andy
Kaufman rotate I mean it was it was
eminently entertaining Sam is a very
very smart guy and he's clearly got a
chip on his shoulder about the way he
was treated by the campaign and the way
things unfolded you know
also interesting and I don't know if
you've seen this not Christopher Steele
is now saying that the quote unquote
hack was now an inside job but it was an
inside job done by Russian agents not by
angry DNC staffers at the way that
Hillary had rigged this the primaries
against Bernie Sanders but isn't that
interesting that he's now starting to
get yeah gradually starting to get
closer to the truth how much clearer
could it be that the source of these
emails is most likely Seth rich yeah
well when Julian Assange says in the
stunning interview three times
our sources take their life in their
hands they're in great danger and then
he offers a $25,000 reward for
information leading to the apprehension
of the killers of Southridge he all but
says rich is the source although his
journalistic ethics and the rules
wickedly still led him to don't allow
him to say it in those words but I think
he makes it pretty clear I've been
following the online effort by Matt
crouch and others to get to the bottom
of the Seth rich murder this is a
political assassination this rich was
not killed in a robbery otherwise why
was his watch his ring his wallet and
his money all entirely intact yes
absolutely and of course chem dot-com
hasn't been that tactful about it he's
come right out and said hey I can tell
them what I know about Seth Rich's
we have volunteered to explain all this
multiple times to moer
and he absolutely refuses to listen to
us he said it was not a hack it was an
inside job they handed a thumb drive to
somebody who was there which is what we
heard from a former British ambassador
who was working with WikiLeaks he said I
went there to get that thumb drive from
a disgruntled person inside the DNC we
also had a large number of
counterterrorism experts bill Binney and
Ray McGovern and others who say all the
evidence indicates that the information
was downloaded to a to a harddrive and
taken out the back door so I still at
this point don't believe that that they
were hacked at all never mind hacked by
the Russians I think they were hacked by
disgruntled Bernie supporters who were
upset about the fact that Hillary
Clinton was the
the nomination from Bernie Sanders due
to the cheating by the Democratic
National Committee and Deborah Wasserman
Schultz oh absolutely absolutely and
you're talking about debbie Wasserman
Schultz that's the other big shoe to
what's going on with M Ron a1 and that
whole crime scheme that was operating
inside the DNC and also hacking into the
email accounts of other people who were
not even part of the DNC or part of the
people they were supposedly hired these
unskilled IT workers to run that that's
going to be a big part of the shooter to
drop with this investigation as we move
forward isn't Roger oh it just seems to
me in the case of all of these issues
whether it is the the question of I you
know the sale or or trafficking of guns
to Isis or whether it is uranium 1 or
whether it is the uses and the origins
of the steel dossier to legitimately get
FISA warrants to spy on the Republican
candidate for president we need an
attorney general committed to the rule
of law we just Attorney General
committed to explore and prosecute these
crimes and sadly Jeff Sessions does not
seem to be that man that's right he
doesn't even look to say whether he's
got a valid law for special prosecutors
we don't have any rules for the special
prosecution but it is a persecution if
you want to help Roger stone go to stone
defense dot-com he needs it welcome back
we just had an exclusive interview with
Roger stone the man that Sam Nunn berg
said more is trying to get me to set up
Roger stone he's trying to dig dirt up
on Roger stone so Roger who's known Sam
Nunn berg for a long time commented on
the what Sam is going through right now
and I really do feel sorry for the guy I
mean regardless of what the situation
was I mean it was quite theatrical of
the various interviews that were out
there he has been pushed to the breaking
point and I'm more inclined to believe
that it is more than it is alcohol or
anything else I mean he he seemed pretty
coherent except he was saying things
that you know the things that he were
saying were things that people were
questioning whether or not he was sober
or under the influence of drugs
as there were things that were possibly
gonna get him in jail that defying
Muller and so forth but now he says he
probably will testify but to have to go
through and comply with this stuff as
Rogers pointing out the incredible legal
fees that he's incurred and again you
can contribute to his defense he needs
that because they try to destroy your
reputation they tried to destroy
everything about you including your
finances that's a whole part of this
political persecution and it's very
important that we don't allow them to
get away with that we've got YouTube and
we got CNN trying to use YouTube to shut
us down to try to organize boycotts
against us you know we've already had
Google block people from serving ads on
our website or having us serve our ads
on other people's websites you know we
put up ads about health supplements no
no can't do that cuz that's coming from
Infowars and that's the way they try to
shut you down but so far thanks to your
help it hasn't worked and if you want to
help us some more and help yourself it's
a win-win situation or as Alec says a
360 when the products that we sell at
infowar store DICOM that's what supports
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as part of our operation Paul Revere
week number two our 2018 mega special to
support alternate our free press and
your free speech your ability to move
things around later in the program in
the next hour we're gonna be talking to
Mike Adams who just had YouTube remove
his entire channel with thousands of
videos on it
I just shut him down they're doing that
to conservatives left and right and
we're gonna play a clip for you going
back well I guess it was two and a half
months ago it was Ted Cruz questioning
the big three oligarchs the censorship
axis of Silicon Valley YouTube Twitter
and Facebook questioning them about
whether or not they're neutral because
he made a very important point and he
kind of fired a shot across their bow
but we're gonna make that point a little
bit more
a little bit more focused and focus on
exactly what he was saying and how they
exactly they are in the crosshairs later
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all right let's before we go into what's
happening in the military budget and I
also want to talk about artificial
intelligence there's a couple of stories
up on the Drudge Report but a couple of
other things that are broken in last
week or so that I haven't gotten to and
last couple of days I want to get into
that and put a couple of bookends on
you know Oscars as I point out yesterday
and they say Oscars so white Wells
Oscars so political Oscars so left
Oscars so racist I mean we could have
all those things trending what is not
trending is anybody watching the Oscars
had record low views but got a couple of
comments to make about that in just a
moment as well but one last thing on the
Russians we just had the BBC report that
a former Russian spy and a female
companion in critical condition after
being exposed to an unidentified
substance in Salisbury England this
guy's name is sergey skripnikov astound
just they were on a bench at a shopping
center on Sunday afternoon the
eyewitness told BBC on the bench there
was a couple an older guy and a younger
girl she was sort of leaning in on him
it looked like she had passed out maybe
he was doing some strange hand movements
and looking up to the sky now this is a
guy that Russia said the UK's mi6 paid
$100,000 to expose the identities of
Russian intelligence agents working
undercover in Europe which he had been
supplying from the 1990s scribble and
the female are both an intensive-care
and a hazmat team has cleaned up the
area where the couple were found and of
course we've seen this type of thing
happening in before right you seen a lot
of a former Russian spies being
assassinated in London and as so forth
not unusual and it's just another
reminder of the continual back-and-forth
between Russia when we look at this
Russian investigation as you heard Devon
Nunez saying earlier this is nothing new
this is spy versus spy this has been
going on since this since the Cold War
and they were very anxious to revive
this I quite frankly I think perhaps the
Russians who are anxious to revive this
as well there are forces inside the
Russian government that wants to have
their military budget expanded as well
as people in the military-industrial
complex here and that's why I think you
see people in both parties not just the
Democrats but also the Republicans
trying to scare everybody about the
Russians but there really is a
life-or-death struggle going on here in
a lot of different areas it doesn't have
to be as bad as it is they don't have to
fire up a new arms race but they want to
both sides want to
there's forces inside both of these
governments that want war that the
common people do not want we don't want
to have a arms race we don't want to
have a military we're gonna bow tom
buddy pushing to try to stop autonomous
killer robots that's the other war that
is starting up as well it's not just a
nuclear war but they've got all these
different profit centers
all the people sleep men are scheming
new ways to kill us
Chicago wrote that what 40 years ago 50
years ago say nothing has really changed
it's not just the Russians it's the
military establishment that is doing
this and let's take a look at some of
this we've got the largest ever black
ops budget has now come out of the Trump
White House 81 billion dollars for a
black budget now this is something that
the office of Director of National
Intelligence dan coates said beyond the
disclosure of the top line figure there
will be no disclosure of currently
classified ni P budget information
because that could harm national
security can't tell you we'd have to
kill you think about that 81 billion
dollars what is Trump want for the wall
18 we can find budget for 81 billion
dollars and they won't tell you what
they're spending it for I'll tell you
what they're not spending it for they're
not spending it to protect America's
borders and if you don't have border
defense you haven't got a country
without borders stay with us we'll be
right back I'm David Knight cartels are
using what they call disposable u.s.
teens as drug mules the million-dollar
bust at the Texas border this is
reported by the Dallas news a few days
ago and the two teens that were here
were not daca recipients although we
have seen the total is two hundred and
some odd murders that have been
attributed to doctor recipients in the
last year and we have seen reports from
individuals who've been busted as part
of ms-13 that's a very young drug cartel
they skewed to the young side and
they've said as one of the guys has
picked up he said yeah we've been told
by our the guys who run this and El
Salvador to get these guys across the
border we can take advantage of the daca
program getting these guys across and we
see the violence in the high schools in
Maryland and Long Island in Virginia and
elsewhere where it is Hispanic students
for the most part the victims of this
right now but just another example of
what is happening at the border how
they're wide open and we cannot get any
money to defend our border not from the
Pentagon not from the White House no but
cares not gonna build that wall we're
gonna let the judiciary tell us what we
can and cannot do in terms of bringing
in refugees president Trump as
commander-in-chief doesn't have any say
anymore about the the security of our
country the judiciary lower court judges
are going to tell him what to do and
what not to do he needs to do in Andrew
Jackson he needs to say these judges
have made their decision let's see them
enforce it it is clearly his prerogative
to do this it is clearly his prerogative
to protect our border if the president
can send troops into any country for no
reason whatsoever without a declaration
of war and this has been going on now in
hotel since September 11th then why do
we need permission from a judge to
protect our borders why do we need to
beg for money I'm gonna give you some
examples of this but first this a
million dollar drug bust this is a
couple of kids they were speeding they
crashed the car and border agents found
1,200 pounds of marijuana being smuggled
through Brownsville the driver lost
control and crashed and they said that's
worth just under a million dollars and
they said juveniles in our community are
being exploited they're making decisions
that put themselves at risk and they
don't understand the consequences
juveniles are viewed as cheap and
disposable labor a means for cartels to
push their illicit product sometimes the
juveniles are the illicit product we
have a lot of human trafficking a lot of
teen prostitution that is being run by
these same drug cartels and to say that
we are going to continue to encourage
that that's the Obama effect say we're
not gonna send any kids home so send us
your kids you can use them as drug mules
you can use them as child prostitutes
that's fine cinimon and we'll pretend
that they're coming in unaccompanied
that they made this trip these you know
we'll send people like Glenn Beck a
useful propagandist for the system he'll
go down there with teddy bears to hand
out to the eight-year-olds who made it
all the way across Mexico and Central
America because I got a dream to be
educated at your expense
does it just point out yesterday there's
one guy 37 years the United States 306
one thousand dollars he ripped off
Americans with fraud stole an identity
an American identity
I got Social Security payments a lot of
other welfare stuff but he only got
about $10,000 a year
think about the fact that the average
tuition in our public schools is fifteen
thousand dollars a year then multiply it
by the eight hundred thousand people
that we have that we're told or daca
recipients or maybe it's 1.8 as
President Trump wants to make it you're
gonna be able to afford your American
Dream your home no you're not because
all of that money is coming out of your
home budget whether you own a home or
whether you rent an apartment you just
don't see it itemized if you rent an
apartment so anyway they're using the
kid so what is happening with our money
what is happening with the military that
we would hope would defend the American
borders you don't have a country if you
don't have any border as well as I point
out we got the Trump White House is now
sought the largest ever black ops budget
eighty 1 billion dollars and they're not
gonna tell you what that is so I've got
a record black budget and they're not
gonna say anything that's in there I'll
tell you what's not in there the wall so
81 billion dollars for a secret budget
but not 18 billion dollars for the wall
here's another one
Israel 38 billion dollars was a record
amount of military aid given to Israel
in 2016 and now you got Lindsey Graham
and others a year and a half later
saying this is short-sighted and
insufficient and small and we've got to
have massive increases thirty eight
billion dollars for Israel's defense not
18 billion dollars for our defence of
our borders and finally we got the
Pentagon and this is by war is boring
dot-com the Pentagon robbed taxpayers of
16 billion dollars hmm gee if we could
just stop that then we could build the
wall couldn't we and we could take it
out of the Pentagon's budget because
they're robbing us of this and how did
they rob us they point out in the blog
under the law when a foreign government
buys us weapons systems to the
Department of Defense those government's
are we
to reimburse the department for research
development and other one-time costs for
those systems but a recent audit by the
Government Accountability Office found
that the department has waived the
defense department has waived 16 billion
dollars that it could have recovered for
taxpayers on two hundred and fifty
billion dollars worth of weapons system
sold under the foreign military sales
program over a five year period now why
would they do that why would they do
that well it's very simple they have a
perverse incentive what they do is they
have the Pentagon goes to one of our
allies and does an assessment of what
they need for defense we will tell you
what you need says the Pentagon and what
they need are more US weapons and so we
supply those US weapons and the Pentagon
helps to negotiate the terms of the deal
it notifies Congress of the details the
Pentagon then collects the funds from
the foreign buyer which it then gives to
the US supplier in the form of a defense
contract and most of these deals the
Pentagon is the point of contact for
maintenance and for spare parts for any
US supplied systems this bureaucracy
that helps to make all this happen the
defense security cooperation agency is
funded from a three and a half percent
commission on the deals that it
negotiates and this gives them an
incentive to sell and that that
incentive to sell has to be done by
cutting the price and guess who gets cut
out you the American taxpayer over a
five-year period they have said just
waived the fees it would be the
equivalent to what we need to build a
wall for example 16 billion dollars 18
billion dollar wall succe again don't
worry about that not necessary don't
worry about the border of America that's
not necessary either right we got a
business to run here the Pentagon is a
business the military-industrial complex
it is a revolving door and just to show
you how this works let's take a look at
Canada for example you know the
export-import bank that we have here in
America on the civilian side does the
same thing the Pentagon is doing here
with this budget what they do is they
will subsidize
and and loan the money out for foreign
countries to get our products typically
airplanes that are sold by the big
airplane contractors here Boeing and
others and what they wind up doing is
giving them a competitive advantage over
domestic carriers because domestic
carriers can't get those kind of deals
from the export-import bank so foreign
competitors have been able to drive
American airline carriers out of
business on many routes because they can
get airplanes that were subsidized by
the federal government that won't
subsidize it for our own domestic
industry and you look at Canada they've
got one family that bought a large
passenger jet and that family got
forty-one million dollars to buy this
luxury jet and now the jet is missing
and the family is missing and the
forty-one million dollars is missing and
it came from Canada's state-owned
export-import bank the Export
Development Canada EDC that's the way
the money disappears and when they get
up to a few trillion dollars and
somebody starts to pay attention to this
corruption it's time to send a cruise
missile through the window the Pentagon
and say it was a hijacked airplane stay
with us we'll be right back I'm David
Knight artificial intelligence black
mirror you've probably seen that series
some of them it's pretty pretty
insightful as to the way technology is
going the way it's going to be applied
and when we look at these stories that
are coming up air you need to understand
there's a difference between when we
talk about artificial intelligence it's
kind of kind of muddied sometimes you
know people talk about the the
singularity we're man and machine merge
or they talk about the machines becoming
self-aware the kind of Terminator
scenario the Skynet scenario that is
generalized artificial intelligence the
singularity and transhumanism that's of
course another aspect of it it's a
tangential to it as well but there's
generalized artificial intelligence
where the machines as Hugo de garis
points out get godlike intelligence
they're pretty certain
the people working on this pretty
certain that's going to happen I'm not
so certain it's going to happen these
you know there's there's a well I'm not
gonna get into it because I want to
focus today on applied artificial
intelligence because far before long
before we get to a Skynet scenario if
that ever happens where the machines
start to think and they decide that
we're gonna pull the plug on humans far
before we get to that we're going to
have problems with applied artificial
intelligence we basically have the
machines that are very very powerful but
focused on a particular task and then of
course they are under the control of a
handful of people one or two people and
you see the problem there is that we've
got people who have a tremendous amount
of power over everybody else and every
time that happens regardless of what the
technology is it results in tyranny and
we're starting to see how this happens
right now so I want to take a look at
where this is going the types of
structures that they're putting in place
here and who's going to hold that power
surprise surprise Silicon Valley those
types of people
artificial intelligence reconstructs
whatever you see just by reading a brain
scan now this is a new product a project
that is coming out of Japan's advanced
telecommunications Research Institute
and so what they're doing is they're
they're scanning your brain and then
they're reproducing the images that you
see and we've had a lot of very I would
say dangerous scary science-fiction type
of research being funded by these
massive brain research projects Barack
Obama gave over two hundred million
dollars to the B Rai end project I don't
forget what the acronym stood for but
it's basically a way for them and for
DARPA to come in and to read your
memories to see what you are looking at
to selectively erase memories or to
implant memories that you don't have and
of course DARPA says the defense the
Defense Advanced Research Projects don't
don't worry don't worry
we're just gonna use these robots to
help little old ladies across the street
and we want to remove memories because
we want to help people who were
suffering soldiers who were suffering
from PTSD well you know there's simpler
ways to do that we have medical
marijuana for example you don't have to
hack into somebody's brain but of course
the CIA and the the American government
the deep state has been working since
the mid 20th century on chemical ways to
manipulate people's thoughts and minds
and behavior and now they're working on
more sophisticated ways electronic ways
that should concern you but the more
immediate concern that you need be
concerned about our smart cities let me
give you an example reported by the
Guardian out of the Netherlands Dutch
cities are amassing data on oblivious
residents and they call it quote unquote
living laboratories where you are the
rat and you don't even know that you're
being spied upon and Hoban they point
out as a place of visitors I said do not
realize they're entering a living
laboratory so the researcher on privacy
in the public space they said that
they're going to use this information to
profile people to nudge people remember
that Cass Sunstein talk about nudging
people that is about changing public
opinion pushing you in one direction or
the other
and that's why the metadata that they
collect that's why in many cases unless
you or somebody that's well-known
they're not gonna come after you
directly to try to set you up or to
investigate you like they're coming
after President Trump you know at the
moment as Michael Hayden has said and
we've played it many times they're not
interested in bad people they're
interested in interesting people you
know like President Trump in his
transition team that might pose a
problem for their power so they're
interested in those interesting people
but they are also interested in the
general public what is the general
public thinking what are they doing how
can we nudge them in one direction or
the other and they can actively target
individuals they call this a smart city
experiment smart city you're gonna be
hearing that a lot I used to be agenda21
then it was the UN 2030 agenda for
sustainable now it's smart city that's
the push that everybody has got out
there all these large corporations
jumping in to control how and where you
live as a point out according to Dutch
Personal Data Protection Act people
should be notified in advance of data
collection and the purpose should be
specified but in this city as in many
other smart cities this is not the case
he said visitors do not have to worry
about their privacy he said the data is
about crowds it's not about individuals
we often get that comment big brother is
watching you but I prefer to say big
brother is helping you we want you to be
safe uh-huh this is this is the people
in Holland and the Netherlands it's
telling you the same why's that
Big Brother tells you here in the United
States and of course I wanna say what
we're not recording your your we're just
getting the metadata we're not recording
all your phone call conversations and
all your texts and everything we're just
getting the metadata that is part of
looking at the crowd they're far more
interested in what the collective hive
mind thinks than they are about you as
an individual unless you're somebody
that is well-known that that's a problem
to them or somebody who has some power
they want to know what the hive mind is
thinking and this is all about pre-crime
profiling think of Minority Report or
profiling people by demographics we're
going to see that here as well and this
goes to the most rapidly expanding part
of the surveillance state geospatial
intelligence I've talked about this many
times activity based intelligence human
domain analytics these are all sub
genres of geospatial intelligence that's
what James clapper hid out for the
longest time from the turn of the
century I said I talked about well
here's some examples of smart cities you
know we think about this we think of
sango and South Korea or with the IBM
control center in Rio de Janeiro
hundreds of new smart cities in India
and Toronto we've got Google building an
entirely new smart neighborhood Arizona
were Bill Gates plans to build his own
smart city do you see a pattern here
IBM Google Gates meet the new boss same
as the old boss the difference is that
now this corrupt the the the bosses are
coming out from behind the curtain
these guys have been pulling the strings
all along are now openly coming out the
mask is coming off
they say city traffic sensors how many
times we told you this picked up your
phone's Wi-Fi signal even if you're not
connected to the Wi-Fi network they
register your MAC address what is the
MAC address that's the unique identifier
on every computer your phone your laptop
every one of those has a unique
identifier and once they make that
connection to you it's pretty easy to do
that with a phone once they make that
connection to you they can track you
everywhere they don't even need to have
an implant in your hand remember the NSA
files that we've talked about many times
that were publicized by Der Spiegel in
Germany but not really picked up by the
American media taunting the American
consumer telling us how stupid we are
it was the NSA's version of Mark
Zuckerberg calling his users dumb effers
with the NSA dinners I said who thought
1984 and they show the iconic Apple 1984
commercial a woman running with the
thing who would have thought in 1984
next slide that this would become Big
Brother and they show Steve Jobs holding
up an iPhone and then the third slide is
and that people would line up to pay for
it and everybody lined up in front the
Apple store to buy their Big Brother
device because they don't need to put an
implant into your hand if they can get
you to put that phone in your pocket and
carry it with you everywhere constantly
staring into that little black mirror in
your hand to see what's there that's
your constant companion and they track
you everywhere one person says well I
don't think it's okay for the city to
track its citizens this way oh don't
worry it's not the city so much the city
isn't getting the information in most of
these cases it's being kept in many of
these cases by the corporations who are
now going to become the government has
been crony capitalism for a long time
and now they're going to start taking
the reigns they point out that they can
use this to reward people for good
don't use your car cycle walk use public
transportation and if you do that we can
save spending 36 million euros on
infrastructure stuff so we reward you if
you don't use your car got to get you
out of that car they want you locked up
in the cities they want you
on foot they don't want you traveling if
you control the way people move the way
they communicate the way they shoot you
control the population move communicate
shoot this is all part of this and they
said only those who mine the small print
and read that will discover that the app
creates personal mobility files and that
the collected personal data belongs to a
company it's called MOA dot or maybe mob
maybe that's the contraction of their
bunch of the mob that they treat as
their useful idiot stay with us we'll be
right back I've got more to say about
artificial intelligence in smart cities
we'll be right back I'm just telling you
about the latest innovations in smart
cities and the Netherlands they're
looking at everything that people are
doing and they're saying don't worry big
brother is here to help you we're going
to make you safe we're gonna take your
privacy we're gonna take your dignity
we're gonna take your property but
you'll be safe for the time being
right you fall for that Silicon Valley
they say is calling this permissionless
innovation in other words they don't get
your permission they don't care if you
are around they point out in this city
they say hey everybody here is part of a
big laboratory experiment and they don't
even know it and you're part of that
experiment when they put their
driverless cars on the road endangering
you and your family it's a big
experiment now they know it and the
federal government knows it the federal
government that has put thousands of
dollars of expensive items on our cars
to keep us safe from everything and then
saying well we don't really care when it
comes to the Silicon Valley agenda we're
gonna shut down all of those safety
regulations and we're gonna just let
these people experiment on the road so
you're gonna be part of their experiment
not informed about it not done with your
consent you will be the lab rat there
along with their devices and we're
seeing that people are getting really
angry about this a story that was on the
Drudge Report of the LA Times humans
slapping and shouting at robot cars and
two out of six DMV crash reports this
year people actually getting out of
their cars or running across the street
and banging on the autonomous cars
because they hate this stuff and this
was actually predicted by you go to
Garrity say you know when people start
to realize where this is really going
we're going to have a
big war between the few globalist
elitists who control this technology and
he calls them cosmas because he thinks
that they're going to do a number like
we've seen portrayed in the movie so
they're gonna get in near-earth orbit
and they're going to withdraw and
continue their weapons programs against
us and then the vast majority of us who
will be still on earth he calls the
Terrans but he calls it the art of like
war the artificial intelligence war as
we realize where this is going
as we realize we're just the applied
artificial intelligence is going even
before the generalized artificial
intelligence and he said it'll turn into
gigadeath because these few individuals
will have so much power people are
already getting angry about the fact
that these corporations are taking
things away from them and they don't
realize how bad it is yeah don't even
see the tip of the iceberg they get
angry with these cars because the way
they drive how slowly they drive and so
forth but if they really saw the big
picture what is happening this
permissionless innovation that's Silicon
Valley calls it and they believe that
technological progress should not be
stifled by public regulations no no no
public laws no concern for individual
privacy no concern for individual
liberty your data belongs to them and if
they control your data and all the
information about you then basically
they own you as well you're their
you're the property of Facebook and
Google and YouTube you know when you go
there they sell that advertising they
sell that information everything that
you do they're constantly looking at it
and they're selling that information and
these people are doing the same thing in
the smart cities so what they're doing
is they're taking this if you think of
it as Facebook using you as their profit
center because you're their slave they
know everything about you and everything
that they know about you they will sell
to somebody else and then expand this
out of cyberspace into actual space into
the cities that's what we're really
talking about here they've got smart
garbage cans they got smart street
lights they've got scanner cars that can
dispense parking tickets oh and they
will be able to dispense speeding
tickets or
breaking tickets if you break too
quickly or whatever they'll be able to
do that on the fly because they're going
to have infrastructure to car
communication they're going to have car
to car communication and they're going
to have infrastructure to car
communication the added bonus they said
of detecting residents with the
municipal tax debt according to the
privacy regulation on the scanner cars
it's interesting this is happening in
Holland because where this is ultimately
leading as these private corporations
owning the infrastructure and this
privacy argument first came up in
Holland over toll roads I'll tell you
that story when we come back stay with
us I'll be right back at the top of the
hour for our radio listeners I was
talking about continuing with this story
and in Holland looking at the way these
smart garbage cans smart streetlights
smart infrastructure monitoring
everything that everybody's doing and as
I've been talking about this is the real
danger of these self-driving cars they
sell them to you as electric vehicles
because they're everybody loves the idea
of a clean vehicle they don't pay any
attention to how the energy is going to
be generated and of course the energy
generated for these electric vehicles in
China and India is so dirty at the power
plants because they don't have any
regulations there but don't worry if
we've gone through the Paris climate
Accord that President Trump shut down if
we had bought into that scheme China and
India would have been able to continue
to build these dirty power plants that
are so dirty that if you have an
internal combustion engine in those
countries that gets 36 miles per gallon
or better you are cleaner than the
electric vehicles that are running off
of their dirty power plants but don't
worry about that part that's the beard
to get you interested oh look these
futuristic cars electric vehicles isn't
that cool and let's subsidize that even
though only 1% of people you want to buy
it even if it is subsidized but the real
thing that they're pushing here is a
self-driving car that is essentially
going to be owned by a few individuals
uber and lyft won a monopoly their
workers are only making 3 dollars and 30
cents an hour
but they that's too much for them they
didn't want to pay them that much we got
flippy the burger the flipping robot now
cooking at Kelly burger at a fast food
chain and because you know we're not
gonna have anybody we talked about how
our jobs our manufacturing base this is
what this is all about this back and
forth of Wall Street through a tariff
tirade and they said it was President
throwing a tariff type no they were the
ones who threw the tirade President
Trump is doing something that's going to
pay dividends in this election just like
the tax cuts and Wall Street doesn't
want to talk about that but we go back
to this flippy of the burger you know we
talk about how we have our jobs exported
to China especially a manufacturing jobs
and there they use slave wages
okay well nobody works at slave wages
the cheapest slave wage is a robot you
pay for him once and you've got to give
him a little bit of oil and lubrication
occasionally but other than that it's
free at that point you just amortize the
cost a robot actually means slave and
the Czech language that's where they
first came up with that so yeah that's
gonna be the slave workers not in China
but here in America and just as we've
seen for social for service jobs
bringing in cheap labor from third world
or Central and South America we end the
work as we import them from third world
to take jobs of teenagers here in this
country know those jobs are gonna go to
robots what are we gonna do the other
people well we're gonna put them on
universal basic income so we got this
burger-flipping robot called flippy
kelly burger it's actually made by me so
robotics is that that should they call
that a Jar Jar burger Mesa robot just
about as obnoxious these this
concentration of power in my opinion and
the way that this is being used I look I
don't have a problem with somebody
making a little burger flipping robot
that's a little bit of innovation there
okay but where this is headed when you
look at Amazon and others you have to
understand that this is going to be a
massive disruptive process and it's also
a process that is taking away our
Liberty our privacy and our ownership
turning us into property as we look at
this situation in Holland they're
talking about the fact they've got these
garbage-can smart streetlights are
scanning all the cars or issuing them
tickets for parking for other behavior
and then looking in the database to see
if you owe any money to the city we've
always said that well I said hey you uh
you owe some money to the city they're
gonna put a lock on your car where you
won't be able to move because they're
gonna control everything and so then one
of the things that the Guardian was
concerned about was the fact that the
cities were not in control who was in
control will be these corporations that
are running the smart cities like IBM
gates Google it'll be for GM running
your transportation they're gonna rent
you the your transportation by the ride
you're not gonna own a car they're gonna
make sure about that they're gonna give
you a little incentive to do that they
said when they asked the city to respond
a series of questions on these of smart
projects out of the 22 questions they
asked them the city said well I can only
ask answer five of those because the
rest of that data is being kept by the
private corporation and so they say
another unanswered question regards who
owns a data that is collected in the
public space say ownership is equal to
control and if they own all this
information about you they control you
we're gonna take a look at the law
enforcement aspects of this in New
Orleans here but before I move on when I
looked at this story out of Netherlands
it reminded me of a story I'd read about
20 25 years ago when they were first
starting to put the automated toll
reading devices in Holland the people
there were very reluctant to do that
they were very protective of their
privacy unlike people in America and the
reason for it was that the Dutch used to
love to keep records about everything
about everybody and didn't really have
any sinister motives in it they just
were kind of compulsive about keeping
these records on people and they would
do it on little three by five cards like
we used to have in the libraries if you
can remember that long ago they hadn't
been packed really tightly and drawer
after drawer after tour all this
information about people demographic
information and so forth and when the
Nazis came in they came in so quickly
somebody said we got to destroy that
are they're gonna know who's gonna be
their political enemies they're gonna
know who the Jews are so they can lie
around them up and so forth and so they
went down and they tried to destroy
those records but they're packed so
tightly they couldn't get them lit they
were like trying to light a log they
couldn't get them lit before the Nazis
got there they got all that information
and they used it to round up the usual
suspects for the Nazis and so they said
we don't want the same thing happening
in with the toll road so we don't want
these kinds of toll roads we want to
have anonymous toll roads you know we
stopping you drop the coins and if
you're gonna have a toll road
I don't want toll roads period but they
had a privacy issue with it and they
said don't worry don't worry no problem
they're telling him the same thing now
here we are and it's the toll roads it's
the infrastructure that's going to be
owned by the corporations it's the
cities that are going to be owned by the
they say the smart city keeps track of
the number of young people hanging on
the streets their age the group whether
they know each other the atmosphere
whether or not they cause a nuisance all
of these different things they know
about everybody and they get to the
point of saying you know what a smart
city is a privatized city they'd look at
it another city a city tech the company
that manages 2000 parking lots 30,000
traffic lights 500,000 lamp posts across
the Netherlands that refused to share
any information with the municipalities
that they collected from its lamp post
censors yeah we're the tinfoil hat
conspiracy theorists because we've been
telling you that they're watching you
from the lamppost on the smart lights
and so forth been telling you that a
long time you have been listening heavy
here's one Palantir I did a report on
Palantir five years ago when the Snowden
stuff started coming out in there back
in the news in New Orleans at James
Carville and Mary Matalin you know
remember James Carville the Clinton
operative Democrat and Mary Matalin was
working with the bushes and every Wow
look at that sir so totally different
how did they get along with it's like as
if there is a big difference between the
Carters of the Clintons and the bushes
but Palantir was this organization that
was created a spin-off out of the people
who created PayPal and they
have sold a lot of information to the
military where they would basically mine
information and Palantir refers to the
Lord of the Rings those crystal balls
that in the Lord of the Rings the Kings
would communicate with each other but
then it became a tool of the Dark Lord
and he could not only see who was
communicating but he could look into
them and that's their business looking
into you data mining and they're doing
it in New Orleans and even the city
government doesn't know anything about
it this is a deal that was brokered by
James Carville and the mayor and
Palantir and nobody in New Orleans
nobody on the City Council knew anything
about this it's predictive policing
technology think Minority Report you
know all that stuff I was telling you
about Holland where they're going
through not telling anybody that they're
collecting the data New Orleans
not telling anybody they're collecting
the data not telling anybody how they're
using the data to profile you to
identify you as a criminal maybe they're
right or maybe they're not right you
want to roll the dice you want to be put
in the crosshairs of a massive corporate
government Big Brother that's what's
really happening here all right stay
with us we come back we're gonna be
talking to Mike Adams he's gonna tell us
how YouTube shut down his channel
welcome back joining us in the studio
now is Mike Adams
the latest victim of the YouTube purge
this has been going on for some time
shutting down smaller lesser known
conservative channels now they're
working up to shutting down our channel
to shutting down Mike Adams and we just
had YouTube shut down his channel health
Ranger on YouTube and of course his
website is natural news.com that's where
you can go to get information about him
and to break the censorship of YouTube
that's not gonna work is it Mike a
cushion it's gonna drive more traffic to
your site when they try to do this also
you find books at natural health
solutions and Mike Adams has been a
longtime friend of Infowars and mainly
he's focused on natural health nutrition
and other things like that you do get
involved on issues of liberty and gun
control and things like that but did you
get any kind of warning what was the
process like
being flushed down the memory hole by
YouTube well number one we never
monetize YouTube videos ever in the
history of our company because we never
wanted to depend on Google money or
YouTube money so that didn't hurt us
financially at all the other thing is we
already mirrored everything over on
Vimeo so we have 19 hundred plus videos
on vimeo.com slash health Ranger so they
haven't really censored anything and a
lot of our many documentaries were
already you know copied and posted by
other people which we encourage and we
had a documentary that was really rising
up it was called the science agenda to
exterminate blacks and I know it's it's
a it's a controversial topic but we were
documenting all the vectors of
infertility of vaccination there
mageddon you know the sperm caps
probably know for the longest time we're
hearing people say oh the birth rates
are declining in Western countries
because women want jobs and they want a
career they wait till later in life and
then they're not as fertile and so forth
no we see that it's a sperm rate that is
plummeting so we know there's something
in the environment we found that there
was RNA fragment technologies called RNA
interference technology that can be put
into foods that causes infertility of
certain targeted genotypes which can
target races it can target black people
and it was written decades ago was
written up in the New York Times that
they wanted to spike the food supply to
decrease populations of third world
countries Richard Nixon's science
adviser was quoted in that New York
Times story I mean it's all document
anyway oh and you go back to the
beginnings of Planned Parenthood it was
all about getting rid of black people
telling everybody that we covered and
they say oh you're a bunch of conspiracy
theorists and so forth and it's like
they were open about it and it was very
much you had George Bush's dad write you
know they're like the first treasurer or
the organization you know writing mint
checks and it's been part of their
family tradition for them and for gates
and so forth ever since
it really has Margaret Sanger and all
that so YouTube wants to silence any you
know any conversation that challenges
the status quo mmm-hmm but by doing so
YouTube only proves that they are
that in effect they're proving that
they're weak their position is weak it's
so weak that they can't handle
discussion and this is true about the
left-wing run techno tyrants or you know
totalitarian techno regimes technocracy
oh I'm a digital dictator yeah like yeah
they are weak because they cannot allow
someone to debate to have a conversation
to ask questions because their position
is so fragile that they can crumble it's
a house of cards someone presents real
facts or real reason or logic they get
censored and banned well there's a
tactic of the left yes it's a Marxist
tactic absent Marxist tactic is not to
engage you in a discussion which they
could lose because are you gonna present
them whatever evidence you're gonna say
Hey look at North Korea versus South
Korea East Germany versus West Germany
or whatever you could destroy them based
on just historical facts okay so they're
not gonna get in an argument with you
they will just shut you down and when
Alex put out that they put a third
strike on our channel and he said
they've notified us that they're gonna
shut a flush our channel down tomorrow I
thought there were thousands of comments
on that Twitter that that tweet that he
put out and most of them from the left
that were critical were just gifts that
they retweeted where people like you
know shooting a bird or you know putting
their their their tongue out or
something because they don't have
anything to say right it's like we were
protesting again going back to Planned
Parenthood we were protesting in front
of Planned Parenthood and we had signs
up saying it was a you know black lives
matter and this is a genocide a black
genocide they would show up the anti-fog
people show up with just black sheets to
cover up our signs they didn't have
anything to say in response they just
wanted to cover up what we were saying
and that's what these people on Twitter
were doing and I looked at it they were
saying well it's private it's a private
company to do what they want it's like
okay then fine if that's your argument
I'm just gonna block you as you say the
truth is that the left
they don't have logic or reason or facts
on their side and they don't know
history they never really study history
they they try to revise it from time to
time to fit their current narratives
like Ministry of Truth you know Winston
in 1984 but they don't have any real
logic or reason their goal is to shut
down logic and reason and think about
this if they shut down my youtube
channel you know I'm I'm one of the more
thoughtful commentators you might say on
issues of philosophy and law and science
and medicine and so on but youtube is
happy to keep videos on there that have
mindless mobs chanting to kill police no
problem with youtube or people actually
murdering each other they'll you can
have you can look at live shooting
videos like like cops shooting people or
people shooting other people no problem
people setting themselves on fire
YouTube has no problem with that even
sort of animal cruelty videos are very
common on YouTube you can find them but
for someone to come in and ask a
question to say hey why are male
transgender wrestlers beating up women
on the wrestling mat in high school
wrestling teams oh that's disallowed
that's dangerous yeah yeah yeah and we
look at this you know one the only
arguments that I've seen from them that
they put up typically it's just you know
oh great I what took him so long so
forth cheering censorship right and then
you've got CNN out there actually
pushing it pushing YouTube it's like
what about this well look at this
sandwich shows video don't you think
that's bullying harass
as they were harassing and bullying the
student and his father who were saying
they were trying to control this
discussion and then they come back with
semantics and starting argue everybody
knows that that CNN Town Hall was rigged
and they've done it many many times this
has but coming to the argument the only
argument that I saw anybody make was say
Google as a private company and they can
do what they want well except that they
are really a public Commons because they
are the dominant gatekeepers of public
discussion and California even has laws
against discrimination based on
political bias for a common areas you
know isn't it interesting what they have
done to bakers and to Fatah and they
don't have a monopoly right right right
they say that you they have to compel a
baker to make a cake for a gay wedding
that that Baker has no right to say no
to to to speech that is compelled upon
them but then they say they have the
right to essentially bully an
independent channel like Infowars or the
health ranger into being obliterated and
this censorship from YouTube is a form
of bullying it is and yet they say is
bullying yeah right they say you're the
bully we're censoring you because you're
a bully and by that definition the
bullying means anything that a leftist
doesn't agree with but by censoring you
they are the bullies so they are
bullying you but citing you for bullying
someone which you weren't really
bullying you were just bringing up a
different point of view that's right and
of course it is not just YouTube it's
Twitter it's Facebook yeah they're out
there these digital dictators these
silicon Solon's you know they're they're
going to be the the surrogates for the
government and that's really what's
going on here and we're going to talk
about that surrogacy and the idea that
this is simply a private company it is
not a private company and I'll give you
an example from third party debates when
we come back talking to Mike I don't
stay with us
we're back with Mike Adams natural
news.com of course formerly the health
Ranger channel on YouTube which was just
shut down but as you were pointing out
Mike you know people can find all the
information at natural news.com and they
can even find all the videos that
YouTube deleted on Vimeo give us the
name of that channel on Vimeo as Vimeo
comm slash health Ranger okay great easy
enough so you can see all the stuff that
YouTube did not want you to see how
about that that should entice people to
go look at your videos yeah the stuff
that you think you could call it the
health Ranger what YouTube didn't want
you to see all of these attempts at
censoring truth and reason just backfire
because they expose the tyranny of the
left I mean the left has now saturated
and invaded the culture of YouTube
Google Facebook and to some extent
Twitter and others and they they believe
in totalitarianism they used to be able
to hide behind it for many years by
doing shadow banning which you couldn't
really prove you know it's like a black
box out under them now because it's out
in the open there's no argument I've had
so many people over the last couple of
days texting me calling me skyping me
and saying oh my god you were right like
two years ago we thought you were a
little bit out there because you said
censorship is coming now we know you
were exactly right it is here Wow that's
right and that's the other part of
that is very disturbing it's not just
the channels that they're taking down
now banning like yours but it's also the
fact that they are aggressively trying
to stop ordinary people from seeing the
information yes or being able to pass
that information on to other people
that's the thing that it's made the
Internet such a powerful device I
remember back you know if you go back
and look at history the founders as part
of the Revolutionary War they had
Committees of Correspondence where
people could you know basically bypass I
didn't have to have a newspaper they
could send stuff to each other and they
could get the word out really quickly
you know and and so what they're trying
here to appear exactly yeah peer to peer
relationship and they're trying to shut
that down that was what was very
powerful about Facebook and so forth and
and they're actively trying to delete
that and we started talking about some
of the subjects that you had did they
give you any particular videos or any
kind of warning or well they went from
zero strikes I had zero strikes for over
ten years and they immediately put two
strikes on the account and I'll tell you
what what video
they put a strike on and then they went
from two strikes to terminated they
didn't even go to three strikes they do
strikes in you're out
yeah two strikes and you're out this is
what YouTube did to me the second strike
was for an interview that I did I think
it was six years ago with a very
controversial author who had claimed he
had written a book that was banned by
Amazon and it was a book about Sandy
Hook you know there you go it was one of
these theories this guy I don't agree
with all his conclusions but he said
that nobody died at Sandy Hook so of
course you know the status quo was like
whoa what is this I interviewed him
about him being banned on Amazon you
know because I thought that's that's
news who's banning books in this day and
age this is online book burning so I
interviewed him about that that video
sat on YouTube for six years racked up I
don't know how many tens of thousands of
views and they gave me a strike against
it on Friday last Friday well here's a
news flash for youtube if you want
people to believe that nobody died at
Sandy Hook then do a complete blackout
on nobody died at Sandy Hook you could
defeat this idea if you don't believe it
you can defeat it in the free
marketplace of ideas but if you are
going to go crazy shutting down any
that questions the official story coming
out of San Diego Kim let me tell you
anybody that looked at that situation
there was enough phony information
coming out of there just like we've seen
with awesome Vegas questions we should
be allowed to question the government
and when you've got YouTube shutting
people down for questioning the
government we understand that they're
their surrogate censors it's even worse
than that though
I also heard from two other channels who
had also done interviews with the same
author years ago their channels received
strikes or terminations as well so it's
it's as if YouTube had designated this
author this controversial author memory
Hollen right right they're trying to
erase him from history and anybody who
associated with him now you may just go
through and get somebody's voice pattern
and just do it like an algorithm oh yeah
yeah oh yeah and of course you know
YouTube all of the audio that's in every
interview gets automatically transcribed
into text and then the text is keyword
searched so all they have to do is go
through and search for any video that
mentions Sandy Hook and they can just
memory hold that and they can just
terminate all the accounts but along
with that you know the 1,700 videos Plus
that YouTube terminated where my videos
of the donkeys that we rescued we have
wild donkeys on our ranch we have
backyard chickens we raised you know
free-range better than organic chickens
videos about the harmonics of music and
healing and natural health how to
prevent diabetes how to prevent cancer
thousand plus videos on just natural
health topics and they wiped all those
out too yeah you see they weren't they
weren't selective yeah about which
videos they just wipe it all out
even though really thousands of people
say that our channel is very valuable
and that it actually saves lives but
YouTube doesn't care oh no no absolutely
not yeah they're not gonna just go
through and selectively take out the
stuff that they object to politically
where I'm just gonna purge you
altogether and I've got a clip that's
gonna come up in the last segment
because you've got just this segment and
then you're gonna be preparing to host
the Alex Jones Show which follows this
one and I'm gonna play in that final
segment I'm going to play a clip from
Ted Cruz back in the middle of January
talking to the three oligarchs from a
Silicon Valley Facebook Twitter and
YouTube their representatives talk
to them about the legal issues of what
they're doing here yeah well I think we
need antitrust action against these
monopolies Google YouTube Facebook and
we need antitrust action and we need
immediate regulation so part of the
government's role with regulation is to
simply establish a level playing field a
fair and free marketplace of ideas I'm
against a overly aggressive government
regulation that destroys small
businesses and destroys farms and
everything like the EPA's you know SWAT
style raids on farmers who had a puddle
on their land that's absurd but the the
proper role of government is to protect
individual liberties that's right and
the reality too we understand as
libertarians is you don't get a monopoly
without the government helping you in
some ways yes and they have been
actively involved in helping these you
know Facebook and Google and so forth
get up and running giving them money and
so forth but I look at the example we're
talking during the break about what I
saw working with a libertarian party and
they did it not just to that party they
did the Green Party they did it to any
independents that would give you onerous
ballot access requirements make it very
difficult for you to get on the ballot
never had those requirements for the
established Republicans and Democrats
once you get on the ballots like great
we're gonna be in the debate no you're
not and they created a third party which
was operated by the news media outlets
in North Carolina and they would they
would determine who got to be on the
debate and then the government would
step back and say we're not violating
your free speech we've got these
surrogate censors out here well that
example demonstrates there's an
automatic tendency in the human psyche
toward corruption and toward tribalism
and exclusion of dissenting views and
this what you just mentioned underscores
the importance of having protections for
First Amendment of free speech rights
because when when people are not allowed
to speak you get corruption you get a
loss of abundance a loss of Liberty and
ultimately you get a totalitarian regime
like North Korea you know if YouTube
policies of censorship continue if you
look down that spectrum where does it
end up it goes to North Korea it goes to
former Soviet Union or communist China
or we look at major communist China that
is a perfect example and what yes China
is doing is bringing in Apple and Google
and exerting their
and this is exactly what has already
happened here in America we just don't
see it in America you've got the New
York Times another play people are
talking about how you know they've sold
out Apple has sold out and Google us all
that they don't realize they've already
sold out to the American government is
thirty pieces of silver right you're not
willing to point out that the Communists
try Communist China is like it's like a
sandbox for ideas of censorship and
totalitarianism that are then applied
back in the United States on the
American people and it's happening right
now you know a couple years ago David
when you and I were talking about these
things it was called the conspiracy
theory today it is established fact it
happened on Saturday now you know it's a
reality it's a reality
yeah and we understand really what's
going on with it all right we've got
just a few more seconds and of course
you can still find Mike Adams natural
news.com and you can also find him at
the Vimeo channel the health Ranger was
shut down on YouTube but it is alive and
operating health ranger on Vimeo so
that's that's good news all right we're
gonna be right back stay with us and
thank you so much Mike Adams I'm gonna
play for you the back and forth with Ted
Cruz talking to these digital dictators
from the little oligarchs out of Silicon
Valley when we come back there's real
legal issues here involved stay with us
be right back thank you David thank you
all right may be crazy but I may be
right starting to look like I'm right
I've been telling you for a long time
that you're being monitored with all
these different things remember when
they said Alex Jones was crazy because
he'd put a post-it over the camera on
his monitor oh you must be paranoid yeah
except azúcar berg does that now and
it's an admitted fact that they're yeah
anybody can turn that on not just the
government anybody can hack into your
computer turn that on they're listening
to you through the infrastructure a lot
of other things and of course they are
enacting censorship from the companies
that they have put in power so they can
take back control of the internet as
I've pointed out a long time DARPA s'
JCR Licklider the guy who created the
concept of the internet was a
psychologist he wanted control of
people he's working for DARPA he called
it the intergalactic computer network
they've shortened that down to internet
pick out the Galactic part it sounded
too much like Hitchhiker's Guide the
galaxy I guess which came up in the
interim but it is a tool it was
envisioned as a tool of control now we
rested control away from them at least
for a while they're now trying to take
it back and their surrogates and all
this are the big social media companies
the digital dictators that they have
chosen their surrogate sensors if you
will or their crony censorship and I've
got a clip here that I want to play for
you Ted Cruz and this is Senate
testimony from a representative from
Twitter Facebook and Google YouTube
actually and the Senators were
questioning them and I want to play Ted
Cruz's questioning of them before we do
real quickly I want to remind you of
what really finds this operation it's
not the revenue that we get from YouTube
or got from YouTube now you got CNN out
there actively trying to organize
boycott with companies that sponsor with
us hey did you know that your stuff is
airing on on Infowars
content don't you want to shut that down
yeah that's what I would call a push
boycott just like CNN is so adept at
doing push polling that's what they're
trying to organize but that's not really
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store dye combat it's what funds this
operation sorry YouTube sorry CNN try
we've got listeners we don't even need
Google to serve our ads they've shut
that down as well our health product
dads just as
we were talking to Mike Adams and had
his natural news health Ranger they shut
the entire thing now even if they had a
problem with a commentary which they
shouldn't have in a free market of ideas
shouldn't have a problem with that
shouldn't be shutting that down and
that's the essence of this video from
Ted Cruz I'll give a hat tip to Michael
Zimmerman he he found this video this
goes back to the middle of January this
year and it follows the expose by
project Veritas where they secretly
recorded Twitter executives talking
about how they shadow band people
talking about how they use their how
they project their political values on
other people and shut them down and the
point that you're gonna hear Ted Cruz
making is that under the Communications
Decency Act the CDA they either have to
operate as a neutral public forum which
means they don't start arbitrarily
shutting people now or they take full
control and liability that comes with
that control for all the content so if
you want to go in and start selectively
shutting down people because of your
political bias which is what they're
doing and what they've been caught on
tape admitting to doing what we are now
seeing them doing left right up and down
the scale to all conservatives we've got
Prager University the kind of very
establishment conservative typical
cannot establishment but their
conservative organization right down the
center and shutting them down they've
got a lawsuit going against Google but
that's really what this is all about and
the basis for coming after them as
monopolies I think there's many
different ways they can be the good
people could come after them as
individuals for torturous interference
but this is what Ted Cruz is asking them
let's roll that interview and I'll
continue to comment as things come up
Thank You mr. chairman welcome to each
of the witnesses witnesses I'd like to
start by asking each of the company
representatives a simple question which
is do you consider your companies to be
neutral public fora miss
thank you census Facebook the mission of
our come to connect people we do not we
do not look at ideology or politics we
want people to be able to connect and
share who they are so I'm just looking
for a yes or no whether you consider
yourself to be a neutral public forum we
do not have any policies about political
ideology that affects our platform miss
Dan yeah but they they don't like
certain design products for everyone
subject to our policies and the
limitations they impose on the types of
content that people may share on our
products so you're saying you do
consider YouTube to be a niche
Republican this is correct we enforce
our policies in a politically neutral
way certain things are prohibited by our
community guidelines which are spelled
out and provided publicly to all of our
users mr. mantra yesterday this is
Twitter well let me focus for a minute
mr. Mancha is yes you know there had
been several videos that were released
in recent weeks that that beautified
highly troubling and so I want to give
you an opportunity to respond to them
one individual Abney off that VAD ravu
described as a former Twitter software
engineer was captured on video saying
the following quote one strategy is to
shadow ban so you have ultimate control
the idea of a shadow ban is that you ban
someone but they don't know they've been
banned because they keep posting and no
one sees their content so they just
think that no one is engaging with their
content when in reality no one is saying
it is that a practice that occurs at
Twitter no sir we do not shadow ban
users it's just a conspiracy why would
this individual described as a former
Twitter software engineer say that thank
you for the opportunity respond senator
about this these folks were caught on
video they weren't speaking on behalf of
the company they were speaking in their
personal capacity saying what they did
you're not shadow ban folks what we do
do is if an account is spammy meaning
engaging in malicious automation we will
hide make it harder for them to find to
be found on our platform it determines
that that was
one of the reasons why the efforts that
we saw with the Russian missin
misinformation didn't hit as big a mark
as they were hoping for we were able
stop that in real time puts out a
conservative ideas accused of being a
bomb RI you know that as well as I do
Twitter content review agent was quoted
on video is saying on stuff like that it
was more discretion on your viewpoint I
guess how you felt about a particular
yeah if they said this is quote
pro-trump I don't want it because it
offends me this that and I say I banned
the whole thing and it goes over here
and they are like oh you know what I
don't like it - you know what Moe's
right let's go let's carry on what's
next is that individual describing a
practice that occurs at Twitter no sir
we will actually Twitter employees as a
way to if we see an account that is
being abusive that also will be down
ranked if they are engaging in targeted
abuse against minorities if they're
being if they are consistently violating
our Terms of Service but they haven't
crossed the line into being suspended
we'll make it less visible what we won't
do is make your followers will always be
able to see and we are not we ensure
that if you go on on Twitter in any
moment you can trust some people who are
posting your restrict viewership only to
those who are actively following them if
if if we believe that they're engaged in
malicious automation if we believe that
there anything the killer and the
service when it comes to abuse so is it
your position that the individuals that
are subject to this form of censorship
are extremists or fringe is that that
what you're telling us it depends on on
on the user I can tell you that that
this is not something that we hide from
the public this is out in the open there
the fact that we were reduce the
visibility of tweets that are abusive
but you don't tell the individuals that
you're reducing the visibility we just
said that well let me ask what about
congressman Marsha Blackburn it is she
someone you would consider somehow
abusive or fringe or otherwise
mm yeah she's Republican of course she's
racist well then why did Twitter
restrict and censor her announcement
video announcing as a candidate for
United States Senate I want to be very
clear about that sir and thank you for
the question is that we never love
questions like that again what she did
do is advertised on a platform we do
okay we don't have time but when Ted
Cruz wraps us up he says here's the deal
under the CDA you can either operate as
a neutral public forum or you're gonna
take control of this and liability for
anything on there so that's what they're
doing they're taking light by censoring
people like Mike Adams like trying to
shut down Alex Jones is YouTube channel
they're taking liability for everything
we've taken rainforests and made it
brain forests Plus now a 20% more in the
bottle and even more hard core formula
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