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what is the general public thinking what
are they doing how can we nudge them in
one direction or the other and they can
actively target individuals they call
this a smart city experiment smart city
you're gonna be hearing that a lot I
used to be agenda21 then it was the UN
2030 agenda for sustainable tnow it's
smart city that's the push that
everybody has got out there all these
large corporations jumping in to control
how and where you live you found it
it's the real news with your host David
Knight artificial intelligence black
mirror you've probably seen that series
some of them it's pretty pretty
insightful as to the way technology is
going the way it's going to be applied
and when we look at these stories that
are coming up here you need to
understand there's a difference between
when we talk about artificial
intelligence it's kind of kind of
muddied sometimes you know people talk
about the the singularity where man and
machine merge or they talk about the
machines becoming self-aware the kind of
Terminator scenario the Skynet scenario
that is generalized artificial
intelligence the singularity and
transhumanism that's of course another
aspect of it it's a tangential to it as
well but there's generalized artificial
intelligence where the machines as Hugo
de garis points out get godlike
intelligence now they're pretty certain
the people working on this pretty
certain that's going to happen I'm not
so certain it's going to happen these
you know there's there's a well I'm not
going to get into it because I want to
focus today on applied artificial
intelligence because far before long
before we get to a Skynet scenario if
that ever happens where the machines
start to think and they decide we're
gonna pull the plug on humans far before
we get to that we're going to have
problems with applied artificial
intelligence we basically have the
machines that are very very powerful but
focused on a particular task
and then of course they are under the
control of a handful of people one or
two people and you see the problem there
is that we've got people who have a
tremendous amount of power over
everybody else and every time that
happens regardless of what the
technology is it results in tyranny and
we're starting to see how this happens
right now so I want to take a look at
where this is going
the types of structures that they're
putting in place here and who's going to
hold that power
surprise surprise Silicon Valley those
types of people
artificial intelligence reconstructs
whatever you see just by reading a brain
scan now this is a new product a project
that is coming out of Japan's advanced
telecommute Ella Communications Research
Institute and so what they're doing is
they're they're scanning your brain and
then they're reproducing the images that
you see and we've had a lot of very I
would say dangerous scary
science-fiction type of research being
funded by these massive brain research
projects Barack Obama gave over two
hundred million dollars to the B Rai end
project I don't forget what the acronym
stood for but it's basically a way for
them and for DARPA to come in and to
read your memories to see what you are
looking at to selectively erase memories
or to implant memories that you don't
have and of course DARPA says the
defense the Defense Advanced Research
Projects don't don't worry don't worry
we're just gonna use these robots to
help little old ladies across the street
and we want to remove memories because
we want to help people who were
suffering soldiers who were suffering
from PTSD well you know there's simpler
ways to do that we have medical
marijuana for example you don't have to
hack into somebody's brain but of course
the CIA and the the American government
the deep State has been working since
the mid 20th century on chemical ways to
manipulate people's thoughts and minds
and behavior and now they're working on
more sophisticated ways electronic ways
that should concern you but the more
immediate concern that you need be
concerned about our smart cities let me
give you an example
reported by the Guardian out of the
Netherlands Dutch cities are amassing
data on oblivious residents and they
call it quote-unquote living
laboratories where you are the rat and
you don't even know that you're being
spied upon in joven they point out as a
place of visitors I said do not realize
they're entering a living laboratory so
the researcher on privacy in the public
space they said that they're going to
use this information to profile people
to nudge people remember that Cass
Sunstein talk about nudging people that
is about changing public opinion pushing
you in one direction or the other and
that's why the metadata that they
collect that's why in many cases unless
you or somebody that's well-known
they're not gonna come after you
directly to try to set you up or to
investigate you like they're coming
after president Trump you know at the
moment as Michael Hayden is said and
we've played it many times they're not
interested in bad people they're
interested in interesting people you
know like President Trump in his
transition team that might pose a
problem for their power so they're
interested in those interesting people
but they are also interested in the
general public what is the general
public thinking what are they doing how
can we nudge them in one direction or
the other and they can actively target
individuals they call this a smart city
experiment smart city you're gonna be
hearing that a lot I used to be agenda21
then it was the UN 2030 agenda for
sustainable tnow it's smart city that's
the push that everybody has got out
there all these large corporations
jumping in to control how and where you
live as a point out according to Dutch
Personal Data Protection Act people
should be notified in advance of data
collection and the purpose should be
specified but in this city as in many
other smart cities this is not the case
he said visitors do not have to worry
about their privacy he said the data is
about crowds it's not about individuals
we often get that comment big brother is
watching you but I prefer to say big
brother is helping you we want you to be
uh-huh this is this is the people in
Holland in the Netherlands
it's telling you the same why's that Big
Brother tells you here in the United
States and of course I wanna say well
we're not recording your your we're just
getting the metadata we're not recording
all your phone call conversations and
all your texts and everything we're just
getting the metadata that is part of
looking at the crowd they're far more
interested in what the collective hive
mind thinks than they are about you as
an individual unless you're somebody
that is well-known that that's a problem
to them or somebody who has some power
they want to know what the hive mind is
thinking and this is all about pre-crime
profiling think of Minority Report or
profiling people by demographics we're
going to see that here as well and this
goes to the most rapidly expanding part
of the surveillance state geospatial
intelligence I've talked about this many
times activity based intelligence human
domain analytics these are all sub
genres of geospatial intelligence that's
what James clapper hid out for the
longest time from the turn of the
century as I talked about well here's
some examples of smart cities you know
we think about this we think of Songdo
and South Korea or with the IBM control
center in Rio de Janeiro hundreds of new
smart cities in India and Toronto we've
got Google building an entirely new
smart neighborhood Arizona were Bill
Gates plans to build his own smart city
do you see a pattern here
IBM Google Gates meet the new boss same
as the old boss the difference is that
now this corrupt the the bosses are
coming out from behind the curtain these
guys have been pulling the strings all
along are now openly coming out the mask
is coming off
they say city traffic sensors how many
times we told you this picked up your
phone's Wi-Fi signal even if you're not
connected to the Wi-Fi network they
register your MAC address what is the
MAC address that's the unique identifier
on every computer your phone your laptop
every one of those has unique
identifiers and once they make that
connection to you it's pretty easy to do
that with a phone once they make that
connection to you they can track you
everywhere they don't need to have an
implant in your hand remember the NSA
files that we've talked about many times
that were publicized by Der Spiegel and
but not really picked up by the American
media taunting the American consumer
telling us how stupid we are
it was the NSA's version of Mark
Zuckerberg calling his users dumb effers
with the NSA dinners I said who thought
1984 and they show the iconic Apple 1984
commercial a woman running with the
thing who would have thought in 1984
next slide that this would become Big
Brother and they'd show Steve Jobs
holding up an iPhone and then the third
slide is and that people would line up
to pay for it and everybody lined up in
front the Apple store to buy their Big
Brother device because they don't need
to put an implant into your hand if they
can get you to put that phone in your
pocket and carry it with you everywhere
constantly staring into that little
black mirror in your hand to see what's
there that's your constant companion and
they track you everywhere one person
says well I don't think it's okay for
the city to track its citizens this way
oh don't worry it's not the city so much
the city isn't getting the information
most of these cases it's being kept in
many of these cases by the corporations
who are now going to become the
government has been crony capitalism for
a long time and now they're going to
start taking the reigns they point out
that they can use this to reward people
for good behavior
don't use your car cycle walk use public
transportation and if you do that we can
save spending 36 million euros on
infrastructure stuff so we reward you if
you don't use your car gotta get you out
of that car they want you locked up in
the cities they want you on foot they
don't want you traveling if you control
the way people move the way they
communicate the way they shoot you
control the population move communicate
shoot this is all part of this and they
said only those who mind the small print
and read that will discover that the app
creates personal mobility files and that
the collected personal data belongs to a
company it's called MOA dot or maybe mob
idiot maybe that's the contraction of
their bunch of the mob that they treat
as their useful idiots
stay with us we'll be right back I've
got more to say about artificial
intelligence in smart cities we'll be
right back I'm just telling you about
the latest innovations in smart cities
and the Netherlands
they're looking at everything that
people are doing and they saying don't
worry big brother is her to help you
we're going to make you safe we're gonna
take your privacy we're gonna take your
dignity we're gonna take your property
but you'll be safe for the time being
right you fall for that Silicon Valley
they say is calling this permissionless
innovation in other words they don't get
your permission they don't care if you
are around they point out in this city
they say hey everybody here is part of a
big laboratory experiment and they don't
even know it and you're part of that
experiment when they put their
driverless cars on the road endangering
you and your family it's a big
experiment now they know it and the
federal government knows it the federal
government that has put thousands of
dollars of expensive items on our cars
to keep us safe from everything and then
saying well we don't really care when it
comes to the Silicon Valley agenda we're
gonna shut down all of those safety
regulations and we're gonna just let
these people experiment on the road so
you're gonna be part of their experiment
not informed about it not done with your
consent you will be the lab rat there
along with their devices and we're
seeing that people are getting really
angry about this a story that was on the
Drudge Report of the LA Times humans
slapping and shouting at robot cars and
two out of six DMV crash reports this
year people actually getting out of
their cars or running across the street
and banging on the autonomous cars
because they hate this stuff and this
was actually predicted by you go to
Garrity said you know when people start
to realize where this is really going
we're going to have a big war between
the few globalist elitists who control
this technology and he calls them cosmas
because he thinks that they're going to
do a number like we've seen portrayed in
the movies where they're gonna get in
near-earth orbit and they're going to
withdraw and continue their weapons
programs against us and then the vast
majority of us who will be still on
earth he calls the terrans but he calls
it the art of like war the artificial
intelligence war as we realize where
this is going as we realize we're just
the applied artificial intelligence is
going even before the generalized
artificial intelligence and he said
it'll turn in to get
because these few individuals will have
so much power
people already getting angry about the
fact that these corporations are taking
things away from him and they don't
realize how bad it is they don't even
see the tip of the iceberg they get
angry with these cars because the way
they drive how slowly they drive and so
forth but if they really saw the big
picture what is happening this
permissionless innovation at Silicon
Valley calls it they believe that
technological progress should not be
stifled by public regulations no no no
public laws no concern for individual
privacy no concern for individual
liberty your data belongs to them and if
they control your data and all the
information about you then basically
they own you as well you're their
you're the property of Facebook and
Google and YouTube you know when you go
there they sell that advertising they
sell that information everything that
you do they're constantly looking at it
and they're selling that information and
these people are doing the same thing in
the smart cities so what they're doing
is they're taking this if you think of
it as Facebook using you as their profit
center because you're their slave they
know everything about you and everything
that they know about you they will sell
to somebody else and then expand this
out of cyberspace into actual space into
the cities that's what we're really
talking about here they've got smart
garbage cans they got smart street
lights they've got scanner cars that can
dispense parking tickets oh and they
will be able to dispense speeding
tickets or breaking tickets if you break
too quickly or whatever they'll be able
to do that on the fly because they're
going to have infrastructure to car
communication they're going to have car
to car communication and they're going
to have infrastructure to car
communication the added bonus they said
of detecting residents with the
municipal tax debt according to the
privacy regulation on the scanner cars
it's interesting this is happening in
Holland because where this is ultimately
leading as these private corporations
owning the infrastructure and this
privacy argument first came up in
Holland over toll roads I'll tell you
that story when we come back
stay with us I'll be right back at the
top of the hour for our radio listeners
I was talking about continuing with this
story and in Holland looking at the way
these smart garbage cans smart
streetlights smart infrastructure
monitoring everything that everybody's
doing and as I've been talking about
this is the real danger of these
self-driving cars they sell them to you
as electric vehicles because everybody
loves the idea of a clean vehicle they
don't pay any attention to how the
energy is going to be generated and of
course the energy generated for these
electric vehicles in China and India is
so dirty at the power plants because
they don't have any regulations there
but don't worry if we had gone through
the Paris climate Accord that President
Trump shut down if we had bought into
that scheme China and India would have
been able to continue to build these
dirty power plants that are so dirty
that if you have an internal combustion
engine in those countries that gets 36
miles per gallon or better you are
cleaner than the electric vehicles that
are running off of their dirty power
plants but don't worry about that part
that's the beard to get you interested
oh look these futuristic cars electric
vehicles doesn't that cool and let's
subsidize that even though only 1% of
people you want to buy it
even if it is subsidized but the real
thing that they're pushing here is a
self-driving car that is essentially
going to be owned by few individuals
uber and lyft won a monopoly their
workers are only making 3 dollars and 30
cents an hour but they that's too much
for them they don't want to pay them
that much we got flippy the burger the
flippin robot now cooking at Kelly
burger at a fast food chain and because
you know we're not gonna have anybody
we're talking about how our jobs our
manufacturing base this is what this is
all about this back and forth of Wall
Street through a tariff tirade and they
said it was president Trump throwing a
tariff time no they were the ones who
threw the tirade President Trump is
doing something that's going to pay
dividends in this election just like the
tax cuts and Wall Street doesn't want to
talk about that but we go back to this
flip you the burger you know we talked
about how we have our jobs exported to
China especially a manufacturing job and
there they use slave wages
okay well nobody works at slave wages
the cheapest slave wage is a robot you
pay for him once and you've got to give
him a little bit of oil and lubrication
occasionally but other than that it's
free at that point you just amortize the
cost a robot actually means slave and
the Czech language that's where they
first came up with that so yeah that's
gonna be the slave workers not in China
but here in America and just as we've
seen for social for service jobs
bringing in cheap labor from third world
or Central and South America we in
source the workers we import them from
the third world to take jobs of
teenagers here in this country know
those jobs are gonna go to robots what
are we gonna do the other people well
we're gonna put them on universal basic
income so we got this burger-flipping
robot called flippy kali burger it's
actually made by me so robotics is that
should they call that a Jar Jar burger
Mesa robot just about as obnoxious these
there's this concentration of power in
my opinion and the way that this is
being used that look I don't have a
problem with somebody making a little
burger flipping robot that's a little
bit of innovation there okay but where
this is headed when you look at Amazon
and others you have to understand that
this is going to be a massive disruptive
process and is also a process that is
taking away our Liberty our privacy and
our ownership turning us into property
as we look at this situation in Holland
they're talking about the fact they've
got these smart garbage cans smart
street lights are scanning all the cars
or issuing them tickets for parking for
other behavior and then looking in the
database to see if you owe any money to
the city we've always said that well I
said hey you uh you owe some money to
the city they're gonna put a lock on
your car where you won't be able to move
because they're gonna control everything
and so then one of the things that the
Guardian was concerned about was the
fact that the cities were not in control
who was in control well be these
corporations that are running the smart
cities like IBM gates Google it'll be
for GM running your transportation
they're gonna rent you the your
transportation by the ride you're not
gonna own a car look
to make sure about that they're going to
give you a little incentive to do that
they said when they asked the city to
respond a series of questions on these
smart projects out of the 22 questions
they asked them the city said well I can
only ask answer five of those because
the rest of that data is being kept by
the private corporation and so they say
another unanswered question regards to
owns a data that is collected in the
public space the ownership is equal to
control and if they own all this
information about you they control you
we're gonna take a look at the law
enforcement aspects of this in New
Orleans here but before I move on when I
looked at this story out of Netherlands
it reminded me of a story I'd read about
20 25 years ago when they were first
starting to put the automated toll
reading devices in Holland the people
there were very reluctant to do that
they were very protective of their
privacy unlike people in America and the
reason for it was that the Dutch used to
love to keep records about everything
about everybody and they didn't really
have any sinister motives in it they
just were kind of compulsive about
keeping these records on people and they
would do it on little three by five
cards like we used to have in the
libraries if you can remember that long
ago they hadn't been packed really
tightly and drawer after drawer after
tour all this information about people
demographic information and so forth and
when the Nazis came in they came in so
quickly somebody said we got to destroy
that data are they're gonna know who's
gonna be their political enemies they're
gonna know who the Jews are so they can
lie round them up and so forth and so
they went down and they tried to destroy
those records but they're packed so
tightly they couldn't get them lit they
were like trying to light a log they
couldn't get them lit before the Nazis
got there they got all that information
and they used it to round up the usual
suspects for the Nazis and so they said
we don't want the same thing happening
in with the toll road so we don't want
these kinds of toll roads we want to
have anonymous toll roads you know we
stopping and drop the coins and if
you're gonna have a toll road
I don't want toll roads period but they
had a privacy issue with it and they
said don't worry don't worry no problem
they're telling them the same thing now
here we are and it's the toll roads it's
the infrastructure that's going to be
by the corporation's it's the cities
that are going to be owned by the
they say the smart city keeps track of
the number of young people hanging on
the streets they're aged a group whether
they know each other the atmosphere
whether or not they cause a nuisance all
of these different things they know
about everybody and they get to the
point of saying you know what a smart
city is a privatized city they'd look at
it another city a city tech the company
that manages 2000 parking lots thirty
thousand traffic lights five hundred
thousand lamp posts across the
Netherlands that refused to share any
information with the municipalities that
they collected from its lamp post
sensors yeah we're the tinfoil hat
conspiracy theorist because we've been
telling you that they're watching you
from the lamppost on the smart lights
and so forth been telling you that a
long time you have been listening heavy
here's one Palantir I did a report on
Palantir five years ago when the Snowden
stuff started coming out in there back
in the news in New Orleans at James
Carville and Mary Madeline you know
remember James Carville the Clinton
operative Democrat and Mary Matalin was
working with the bushes and every Wow
look at that sir so totally different
how did they get along with it's like as
if there is a big difference between the
carters of the Clintons and the bushes
but Palantir was this organization that
was created a spinoff out of the people
who created PayPal and they have sold a
lot of information to the military where
they would basically mine information
and Palantir refers to the lord of the
rings those crystal balls that in the
Lord of the Rings the Kings would
communicate with each other but then it
became a tool of the Dark Lord and he
could not only see who was communicating
but he could look into them and that's
their business looking into you data
mining and they're doing it in New
Orleans and even the city government
doesn't know anything about it this is a
deal that was brokered by James Carville
and the mayor and Palantir and nobody in
New Orleans nobody on the City Council
knew anything about this it's predictive
policing technology think Minority
Report you know all that stuff I was
telling you about
Hollan where they're going through not
telling anybody that they're collecting
the data new orleans not telling anybody
they're collecting the data not telling
anybody how they're using the data to
profile you to identify you as a
criminal maybe they're right or maybe
they're not right you want to roll the
dice you want to be put in the
crosshairs of a massive corporate
government Big Brother that's what's
really happening here all right stay
with us we come back we're gonna be
talking to Mike Adams he's gonna tell us
how you two shut down his channel we've
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