Author Topic: BACKFIRE: YouTube Purge Will Bring Liability For ALL Content  (Read 43 times)

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BACKFIRE: YouTube Purge Will Bring Liability For ALL Content
« on: March 06, 2018, 06:07:18 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight welcome back
joining us in the studio now is Mike
Adams the latest victim of the YouTube
purge this has been going on for some
shutting down smaller lesser known
conservative channels now they're
working up to shutting down our channel
- shutting down Mike Adams and we just
had YouTube shut down his channel health
Ranger on YouTube and of course his
website is natural news.com that's where
you can go to get information about him
and to break the censorship of YouTube
that's not gonna work is it my question
it's gonna drive more traffic to your
site when they try to do this also you
can find books at natural health
solutions and Mike Adams has been a
longtime friend of Infowars and mainly
he's focused on natural health nutrition
and other things like that you do get
involved on issues of liberty and gun
control and things like that but did you
get any kind of warning what was the
process like of being flushed down the
memory hole by YouTube well number one
we never monetize YouTube videos ever in
the history of our company because we
never wanted to depend on Google money
or YouTube money so that didn't hurt us
financially at all the other thing is we
already mirrored everything over on
Vimeo so we have 19 hundred plus videos
on vimeo.com slash health Ranger so they
haven't really censored anything and a
lot of our mini documentaries were
already you know copied and posted by
other people which we encourage and we
had a documentary that was really rising
up it was called the science agenda to
exterminate blacks and I know it's it's
a it's a controversial topic but we were
documenting all the vectors of
infertility of vaccinations that's
Armageddon you know the sperm capsule
EAFF the longest time we're hearing
people say oh the birth rates are
declining in western countries because
women want jobs and they want a career
they wait till later in life and then
they're not as fertile and so forth no
we see that it's a sperm rate that is
plummeting so we know there's something
in the environment
we found that there was RNA fragment
technologies called RNA interference
technology that can be put into foods
that causes infertility of certain
targeted genotypes which can target
races it can target black people and it
was written decades ago was written up
in the New York Times that they wanted
to spike the food supply to decrease
populations of third world countries
Richard Nixon's science adviser was
quoted in that New York Times story I
mean it's all document anyway oh and you
go back to the beginnings of Planned
Parenthood it was all about getting rid
of black people he's telling everybody
that we covered and they say oh you're a
bunch of conspiracy theorists and so
forth and it's like they were open about
it and it was very much you had George
Bush's dad right you know they're like
the first treasurer or the organization
you know writing mint checks and it's
been part of their family tradition for
them and for gates and so forth ever
it really has Margaret Sanger and all
that so YouTube wants the silence you
know any conversation that challenges
the status quo mm-hmm but by doing so
YouTube only proves that they are
tyrants that that in effect they're
proving that they're weak their position
is weak it's so weak that they can't
handle discussion and this is true about
the left-wing run techno tyrants or you
know totalitarian techno regimes
technocracy oh I'm a digital dictator
yeah they're weak because they cannot
allow someone to debate to have a
conversation to ask questions because
their position is so fragile that it can
crumble it's a house of cards someone
presents real facts or real reason or
logic they get censored and banned well
there's a tactic of the left yes it's a
Marxist tactic absent Marxist tactic is
not to engage you in a discussion which
they could lose because are you gonna
present them what evidence you're gonna
say hey look at North Korea versus South
Korea East Germany versus West Germany
or whatever you could destroy them based
on just historical facts okay so they're
not gonna get in an argument with you
they will just shut you down and when
Alex put out that they put a third
strike on our Channel and he said
they've notified us that they're gonna
shut a flush our channel down tomorrow I
thought there were thousands of comments
on that Twitter that that tweet that he
put out and most of them from the left
that were critical were just gifts that
they retweeted where people like you
know shooting a bird or you know putting
their their their tongue out or
something because they don't have
anything to say right it's like we were
protesting again going back to Planned
Parenthood we were protesting in front
of Planned Parenthood and we had signs
up saying it was you know black lives
matter and this is a genocide a black
genocide they would show up the anti-fog
people show up with just black sheets to
cover up our signs they didn't have
anything to say in response they just
want to cover up what we were saying and
that's what these people on Twitter were
doing and I looked at it they were
saying well it's private it's a private
company to do what they want it's like
okay then fine if that's your argument
I'm just gonna block you as you say the
truth is that the left
they don't have logic or reason or facts
on their side and they don't know
history they never really study history
they they try to revise it from time to
time to fit their current narratives
like Ministry of Truth you know Winston
in 1984 but they don't have any real
logic or reason their goal is to shut
down logic and reason and think about
this if they shut down my YouTube
channel you know I'm I'm one of the more
thoughtful commentators you might say on
issues of philosophy and law and science
and medicine and so on but YouTube is
happy to keep videos on there that have
mindless mobs chanting to kill police no
problem with YouTube or people actually
murdering each other they'll you can
have you can look at live shooting
videos like like cops shooting people or
people shooting other people no problem
people setting themselves on fire
YouTube has no problem with that even
sort of animal cruelty videos are very
common on YouTube you can find them but
for someone to come in and ask a
question to say hey why are male
transgender wrestlers beating up women
on the wrestling mat in high school
wrestling teams oh that's disallowed
that's dangerous yeah yeah yeah and we
look at this you know one of the only
arguments that I've seen from them that
they put up typically it's just you know
oh great I what took him so long so
forth cheering censorship right and then
you've got CNN out there actually
pushing it pushing YouTube it's like
what about this well look at this
which shows video don't you think that's
bullying harassment as they were
harassing and bullying the student and
his father who were saying they were
trying to control this discussion and
then they come back with semantics and
start to argue everybody knows that that
CNN Town Hall was rigged and they've
done it many many times this has but
coming to the argument the only argument
that I saw anybody make was say Google
as a private company and they can do
what they want well except that they are
really a public Commons because they are
the dominant gatekeepers of public
discussion and California even has laws
against discrimination based on
political bias for a common areas you
know isn't it interesting what they have
done to Baker's and to Fatah and they
don't have a monopoly right right
they say that you they have to compel a
baker to make a cake for a gay wedding
that that Baker has no right to say no
to to to speech that is compelled upon
them but then they say they have the
right to essentially bully an
independent channel like Infowars or the
health ranger into being obliterated and
consider this censorship from youtube is
a form of bullying it is and yet they
say is bullying yeah right they say
you're the bully we're censoring you
because you're a bully and by that
definition they bully means anything
that a leftist doesn't agree with but by
censoring you they are the bullies so
they are bullying you but citing you for
bullying someone wish you weren't really
bullying you were just bringing up a
different point of view that's right and
of course it is not just you - its
Twitter its Facebook yeah they're out
there these digital dictators these
silicon Solon's you know they're they're
going to be the the surrogates for the
government and that's really what's
going on here and we're going to talk
about that surrogacy and the idea that
this is simply a private company it is
not a private company and I'll give you
an example from third party debates when
we come back talking to Mike Adams stay
with us we're back with Mike Adams
natural news.com of course formerly the
health Ranger channel on YouTube which
was just shut down but as you were
pointing out Mike you know people can
find all the information at natural
they can even find all the videos that
YouTube deleted on Vimeo give us the
name of that channel on Vimeo as
vimeo.com slash health Ranger okay great
easy enough so you can see all the stuff
that YouTube did not want you to see how
about that that should entice people to
go look at your videos yeah the stuff
that you think you could call it the
health Ranger what YouTube didn't want
you to see all of these attempts at
censoring truth and reason just backfire
because they expose the tyranny of the
left I mean the left has now saturated
and invaded the culture of YouTube
Google Facebook and to some extent
Twitter and others and they they believe
in totalitarianism they used to be able
to hide behind it for many years by
doing shadow banning which you couldn't
really prove you know it's like a black
box algorithm now because it's out in
the open
there's no argument I've had so many
people over the last couple of days
texting me calling me skyping me and
saying oh my god you were right like two
years ago we thought you were a little
bit out there because you said
censorship is coming now we know you
were exactly right it is here Wow that's
right and that's the other part of this
that that is very disturbing it's not
just the channels that they're taking
down now banning like yours but it's
also the fact that they are aggressively
trying to stop ordinary people from
seeing the information yes for being
able to pass that information on to
other people that's the thing that it's
made the Internet such a powerful device
I remember back you know if you go back
and look at history the founders as part
of the Revolutionary War they had
Committees of Correspondence where
people could you know basically bypass
didn't have to have a newspaper they
could send stuff to each other and they
could get the word out really quickly
you know and and so what they're trying
to peer to peer exactly yeah peer to
peer relationship and they're trying to
shut that down that was what was very
powerful about Facebook and and so forth
and and they're actively trying to
delete that and we started talking about
some of the subjects that you had did
they give you any particular videos or
any kind of warning or well they went
from zero strikes I had zero strikes for
over ten years and they immediately put
two strikes on the account and I'll tell
you what what video
they put a strike on and then they went
from two strikes to terminated they
didn't even go to three strikes these
strikes in you're out
two strikes and you're out this is what
YouTube did to me the second strike was
for an interview that I did I think it
was six years ago with a very
controversial author who had claimed he
had written a book that was banned by
Amazon it was a book about Sandy Hook
you know there you go it was one of
these theories this guy I don't agree
with all his conclusions but he said
that nobody died at Sandy Hook so of
course you know the status quo was like
whoa what is this I interviewed him
about him being banned on Amazon you
know because I thought that's that's
news who's banning books in this day and
age this is online book burning so I
interviewed him about that that video
sat on YouTube for six years racked up I
don't know how many tens of thousands of
views and they gave me a strike against
it on Friday last Friday well here's a
newsflash for you too if you want people
to believe that nobody died at Sandy
Hook then do a complete blackout on
nobody died at Sandy Hook you can defeat
this idea if you don't believe it you
can defeat it in the free marketplace of
ideas but if you are going to go crazy
shutting down anybody that questions the
official story coming out of San Diego
can let me tell you anybody that looked
at that situation there was enough phony
information coming out of there just
like we've seen with Las Vegas questions
we should be allowed to question the
government and when you've got YouTube
shutting people down for questioning the
government we understand that they're
their surrogate censors it's even worse
than that though I also heard from two
other channels who had also done
interviews with the same author years
ago their channels received strikes or
terminations as well so it's it's as if
YouTube had designated this author this
controversial author memory' Hollen
right right they're trying to erase him
from history and anybody who associated
with him mm-hmm now and they just go
through and get somebody's voice pattern
and just do it like an algorithm oh yeah
yeah oh yeah and of course you know
YouTube all of the audio that's in every
interview gets automatically transcribed
in the text and then the text is keyword
searched so all they have to do is go
through and search for any video that
mentions Sandy Hook and they can just
memory hold that and they can just
terminate all the accounts but along
with that you know the 1,700 videos Plus
that YouTube terminated where my videos
of the donkey's that we rescued we have
donkeys on our ranch we have backyard
chickens we raised you know free-range
better than organic chickens videos
about the harmonics of music and healing
and natural health how to prevent
diabetes how to prevent cancer thousand
plus videos on just natural health
topics and they wiped all those out too
yeah you see they weren't they weren't
selective yeah about which videos they
just wipe it all out even though really
thousands of people say that our channel
is very valuable and that it actually
saves lives but YouTube doesn't care oh
no no absolutely not yeah they're not
gonna just go through and selectively
take out the stuff that they object to
politically where I'm just gonna purge
you altogether and I've got a clip
that's gonna come up in the last segment
because you've got just this segment and
then you're gonna be preparing to host
the Alex Jones Show which follows this
one and I'm gonna play in that final
segment I'm gonna play a clip from Ted
Cruz back in the middle of January
talking to the three oligarchs from a
Silicon Valley Facebook Twitter and
YouTube their representatives talking to
them about the legal issues of what
they're doing here yeah well I think we
need antitrust action against these
monopolies Google YouTube Facebook and
we need antitrust action and we need
immediate regulation so part of the
government's role with regulation is to
simply establish a level playing field a
fair and free marketplace of ideas I'm
against a overly aggressive government
regulation that destroys small
businesses and destroys farms and
everything like the EPA's you know SWAT
style raids on farmers who had a puddle
on their land that's absurd but the the
proper role of government is to protect
individual liberties that's right and
the reality too we understand as
libertarians is you don't get a monopoly
without the government helping you in
some ways yes and they have been
actively involved in helping these you
know Facebook and Google and so forth
get up and running giving them money and
so forth but I look at the example we're
talking during the break about what I
saw working with a libertarian party and
they did it not just to that party they
did the Green Party they did it to any
independents that would give you onerous
ballot access requirements make it very
difficult for you to get on the ballot
never had those requirements for the
established Republicans and Democrats
once you get on the ballots like great
we're gonna be in the debate no you're
not and they created a third party which
was operated by the news media outlets
in North Carolina and they would they
would determine who got to be on the
debate and then the government would
step back and say we're not violating
your free speech we've got these
surrogate censors out here well that
example demonstrates there's an
automatic tendency in the human psyche
toward corruption and toward tribalism
and exclusion of dissenting views and
this what you just mentioned underscores
the importance of having protections for
First Amendment of free speech rights
because when when people are not allowed
to speak
you get corruption you get a loss of
abundance a loss of Liberty and
ultimately you get a totalitarian regime
like North Korea
you know if YouTube policies of
censorship continue if you look down
that spectrum where does it end up it
goes to North Korea it goes to former
Soviet Union or Communist China or
communist China that is a perfect
example and what yes China is doing is
bringing in Apple and Google and
exerting their controls and this is
exactly what has already happened here
in America we just don't see it in
America that you've got the New York
Times another play people are talking
about how you know they've sold out
Apple has sold out and Google us all
that they don't realize they've already
sold out to the American government I
know thirty pieces of silver right
you're not willing to point out that the
Communist China is like a it's like a
sandbox for ideas of censorship and
totalitarianism that are then applied
back in the United States on the
American people and it's happening right
now you know a couple years ago David
when you and I were talking about these
things it was called the conspiracy
theory today it is established fact it
happened on Saturday now you know it's a
reality that's a reality yeah and we
understand really what's going on with
all right we've got just a few more
seconds and of course you can still find
Mike Adams natural news.com and you can
also find him at the Vimeo channel the
health Ranger was shut down on YouTube
but it is alive and operating health
Ranger on Vimeo so that's that's good
news all right we're gonna be right back
stay with us and thank you so much Mike
Adams I'm gonna play for you the back
and forth with
Ted Cruz talking to these digital
dictators from the little oligarchs out
of Silicon Valley when we come back
there's real legal issues here involved
stay with us be right back
thank you David thank you give a hat tip
to Michael Zimmerman he he found this
video this goes back to the middle of
January this year and it follows the
expose by Project Veritas where they
secretly recorded Twitter executives
talking about how they shadow band
people talking about how they use their
how they project their political values
on other people and shut them down and
the point that you're gonna hear Ted
Cruz making is that under the
Communications Decency Act the CDA
they either have to operate as a neutral
public forum which means they don't
start arbitrarily shutting people now or
they take full control and liability
that comes with that control for all the
content so if you want to go in and
start selectively shutting down people
because of your political bias which is
what they're doing and what they've been
caught on tape admitting to doing what
we are now seeing them doing left right
up and down the scale to all
conservatives we've got Prager
University the kind of very
establishment conservative typical non
establishment but their conservative
organization right down the center and
shutting them down they've got a lawsuit
going against Google but that's really
what this is all about and the basis for
coming after them as monopolies I think
there's many different ways they can be
they could people could come after them
as individuals for tortious interference
but this is what Ted Cruz is asking them
let's roll that interview and I'll
continue to comment as things come up
Thank You mr. chairman welcome to each
of the witnesses witnesses I'd like to
start by asking each of the company
representatives a simple question which
is do you consider your companies to be
neutral public fora
miss Baker
thank you sensible the mission of our
come to connect people we do not we do
not look at ideology or politics we want
people to be able to connect and
sure who they are I'm just looking for a
yes or no whether you consider yourself
to be a neutral public forum we do not
have any policies about political
ideology that affects our platform miss
Dale yeah but they they don't like
certain design products for everyone
subject to our policies and the
limitations they impose on the types of
content that people may share on our
products so you're saying you do
consider YouTube to be a neutral public
this is correct we enforce our policies
in a politically neutral way certain
things are prohibited by our community
guidelines which are spelled out and
provided publicly to all of our users
mister montre yesterday this is Twitter
well let me focus for a minute mr.
Mancha is yes you know there had been
several videos that were released in
recent weeks that that people find
highly troubling and so I want to give
you an opportunity to respond to them
one individual abdel fat vag review
described as a former twitter software
engineer was captured on video saying
the following quote one strategy is to
shadow ban so you have ultimate control
the idea of a shadow ban is that you ban
someone but they don't know they've been
banned because they keep posting and no
one sees their content so they just
think that no one is engaging with their
content when in reality no one is seeing
it is that a practice that occurs at
Twitter no sir we do not shadow ban
users it's just a conspiracy why would
this individual described as a former
Twitter software engineer say that thank
you for the opportunity respond senator
about this
these folks were caught on video they
weren't speaking on behalf of the
company that were speaking in their
personal capacity saying what they did
you not shadow ban folks what we do do
is if an account is spammy meaning
engaging in malicious automation we will
hide make it harder for them to find to
be found on our platform if it
determines that that was one of the
reasons why the efforts that we saw with
the Russian mission misinformation
didn't hit his big Ammar because they
were hoping for we stopped that puts out
a conservative ideas accused of being a
Rai you know that as well as I do
Twitter content review agent was quoted
on video as saying on stuff like that it
was more discretion on your viewpoint I
guess how you felt about a particular
yeah if they said this is quote
I don't want it because it offends me
this that and I say I banned the whole
thing and it goes over here and they are
like oh you know what I don't like it -
you know what Mose right let's go let's
carry on what's next is that individual
describing a practice that occurs at
Twitter no sir we will actually Twitter
employees as a way to if we see an
account that is being abusive that also
will be down ranked if they are engaging
in targeted abuse against minorities if
they're being if they are consistently
violating our Terms of Service but they
haven't crossed the line into being
we'll make it less visible what we won't
do is make your followers will always be
able to see and we are not we ensure
that if you go on on Twitter in any
moment you can trust some people who are
posting your restrict viewership only to
those who are actively following them if
if if we believe that they're engaged in
malicious automation if we believe that
there anything the killer and the
service when it comes to abuse so is it
your position that the individuals that
are subject to this form of censorship
are extremists or fringe is that that
what you're telling us it depends on on
on the user I can tell you that that
this is not something that we hide from
the public this is out in the open those
are the fact that we were reduce the
visibility of tweets that are abusive
but you don't tell the individuals that
you're reducing the visibility we just
said that well let me ask what about
congressman Marsha Blackburn it is she
someone you would consider somehow
abusive or fringe or otherwise mm-hmm
yeah she's Republican she's racist well
then why did Twitter restrict and censor
her announcement video announcing as a
candidate for United States Senate I
want to be very clear about that sir
and thank you for the question is that
we never love questions like that and
what she did do is advertise on our
platform we do ok we don't have time but
when Ted Cruz wraps us up he says here's
the deal under the CDA you can either
operate as a neutral public forum or
you're gonna take control of this and
liability for anything on there so
that's what they're doing they're taking
light by censoring people like Mike
Adams like trying to shut down Alex
Jones is YouTube channel they're taking
liability for everything we've taken
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