Author Topic: EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Reveals Truth About Nunberg  (Read 43 times)

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EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Reveals Truth About Nunberg
« on: March 06, 2018, 06:04:56 PM »

we have an emerging set of facts here
that indicate that the FBI and the
Department of Justice under Barack Obama
used what they knew was fabricated
evidence from the Hillary Clinton
campaign to justify legally the
surveillance of the Republican candidate
for president that's an abuse of power
that that's that makes Watergate look
like small potatoes they use the power
and the authority of the state to spy on
one of the two major party nominees for
president you found it it's the real
news with your host David Knight welcome
back I'm David Knight we spent most of
the last hour talking about Sam Nunn
burr who was had a series of interviews
yesterday incredibly angry incredibly
frustrated saying that Muller is
harassing him that Muller is trying to
use him to get to Roger stone to try to
set up Roger stone he said Roger did
absolutely nothing wrong and we've got
Roger stone on the phone right now thank
you for joining us Roger David I'm glad
to be here tell us what's going on I
mean I'm looking at this and it's just I
can understand his frustration because
when I looked at this I said this looks
to me like Howard Beale and Network
saying I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna
take it anymore he just had this massive
outburst on one one show after the other
totally you know him very well he said
you're like a father figure to him tell
us what's going on well Sam is a
brilliant research researcher writer he
had an early spin on the Trump campaign
or I think he did have a impact in
trying to help a candidate package and
formulate his views he marches to his
own drummer he was certainly not on TV
you know in my bastard direction and he
evidently got a document subpoena
meaning they asked you to forward
documents that covered
Steve Ben and Paul Manafort Kelly and
Conway corey lewandowski hope hicks
Roger stone among others his lawyer told
my attorney because as you know I've run
up half a million dollars in legal fees
due to the House and Senate Intelligence
Committee investigations and this bogus
lawsuit against me
in the District of Columbia claiming
that I conspired with Donald Trump and
the Russians to hack the DNC emails and
give them material to the Russians
ludicrous ridiculous absurd there's no
evidence of that whatsoever because it
never happened
there not only destroy your character
but then they come after you with these
expensive lawsuits or try to bankrupt
you I think intent here by the way our
listeners can go to stone Defense Fund
calm if they want to help need to fray
some of these costs they do threaten to
destroy our family but putting that
aside in the course of Sam's interview
with the special counsel they asked him
point-blank did Roger stone meet with
Julian Assange in 2016 I can answer that
right now on Infowars the answer is no
and my passport proves it you can't
leave the country and go to London
without it being stamped into your
passport and I didn't leave the country
at all during 2016 I've never met Julian
Assange never spoken to him so the
country that's for sure so I mean
barking up the wrong tree there I think
it upsets him for some reason
but at the same time I reiterate that
it's not surprising to me given my long
history with Donald Trump as an early
campaign staffer and then later you know
as a personal friend and advisor that
they may want to look at my emails and
memos that I've written I don't have any
real problem with that I don't know of
any Russian collusion I have no
involvement or knowledge I don't know of
anyone else who colluded with the
I had no advance notice of the WikiLeaks
disclosures on Hillary I didn't know
about the source or the content or the
exact timing I do think it's kind of
interesting that all of this is designed
to distract from the fact that a those
disposers were incredibly damning they
showed Hillary Clinton to be greedy
venal corrupt and up to her neck in
campaign dirty tricks oh yeah that's
what they don't want you to see so they
want to distract from the content by
making controversy over the source but
more importantly this is distraction
from the fact that we have him
urging set of facts here that indicate
that the FBI and the Department of
Justice under Barack Obama used what
they knew was fabricated evidence from
the Hillary Clinton campaign to justify
legally the surveillance of the
Republican candidate for president
that's an abuse of power that that's
that makes Watergate look like small
potatoes they use the power and the
authority of the state to spy on one of
the two major party nominees for
president quite clearly a crime a civil
rights violation among others so I think
all of this is an attempt to distract
from that set of crimes I can say
definitively I know of no Russian
collusion and I really don't have any
problems turning over my own emails and
in communications and memos I wrote
because none of them have anything to do
with this well they're using this to try
to revitalize this whole Russian
collusion thing because we had the
comments that were made by by Sam Nunn
Berg and then it was reported by
mainstream media Sam numbered they take
a clip from him and they says Mulder
thinks that Donald Trump is the
Manchurian Candidate and they try to
pretend that none Berg is saying that
Donald Trump is the Manchurian Candidate
there is no collusion between Trump and
the Russians he said this investigation
by Muller is a joke they didn't report
that instead they say stunning
revelations and he's not going to talk
to molar he's stonewalling is the way
that they're spending this well Sam seem
to be all over the lot at several points
you said he believed Trump may have done
something well what does that mean I
don't I don't know the same has any
evidence when they pressed him on it he
didn't have anything solid at all
I mean look there is clearly some animus
there between the president and Sam Nunn
Berger I think that's pretty clear
Sam is you know I was kind of it was a
cross between Howard Beale and an Andy
Kaufman rotate I mean it was it was
eminently entertaining Sam is a very
very smart guy and he's clearly got a
chip on his shoulder about the way he
was treated by the campaign and the way
things unfolded you know it's also
interesting and I don't know if you've
seen this or not Christopher steel is
now saying that the quote unquote hack
was now an inside job but it was an
inside job done by Russian agents not by
angry DNC
staffers at the way that Hillary had
rigged this the primaries against Bernie
Sanders but isn't that interesting that
he's now starting to get yeah
gradually starting to get closer to the
truth how much clearer could it be that
the source of these emails is most
likely Seth rich yeah well when Julian
Assange says in a stunning interview
three times
our sources take their life in their
hands they're in great danger and then
he offers a twenty five thousand dollar
reward for information leading to the
apprehension of the killers of
Southridge he all but says rich is the
source although his journalistic ethics
and the rules of WikiLeaks don't let him
don't allow him to say it in those words
but I think he makes it pretty clear
I've been following the online effort by
Matt crouch and others to get to the
bottom of the Seth rich murder this is a
political assassination this rich was
not killed in a robbery otherwise why
was his watch his ring his wallet and
his money all entirely intact yes
absolutely and of course kim.com hasn't
been that tactful about it he's come
right out and said hey I can tell them
what I know about Seth Rich's murder
we have volunteered to explain all this
multiple times to moer
and he absolutely refuses to listen to
us he said it was not a hack it was an
inside job they handed a thumbdrive to
somebody who was there which is what we
heard from a former British ambassador
who was working with WikiLeaks he said I
went there to get that thumb drive from
a disgruntled person inside the DNC we
also had a large number of
counterterrorism experts bill Binney and
Ray McGovern and others who say all the
evidence indicates that the information
was downloaded to a to a harddrive and
taken out the back door so I still at
this point don't believe that that they
were hacked at all never mind hacked by
the Russians I think they were hacked by
disgruntled Bernie supporters who were
upset about the fact that Hillary
Clinton was stealing the nomination from
Bernie Sanders due to the cheating by
the Democratic National Committee and
Deborah Wasserman Schultz oh absolutely
absolutely and you're talking about
debbie Wasserman Schultz that's the
other big shoe to drop
what's going on with
Ronna one and the whole crime scheme
that was operating inside the DNC and
also hacking into the email accounts of
other people who were not even part of
the DNC are part of the people they were
supposedly hired these unskilled IT
workers to run that that's going to be a
big part of the shooter to drop with
this investigation as we move forward
isn't it Roger well it just seems to me
in the case of all of these issues
whether it is the the question of I you
know the sale or or trafficking of guns
to Isis or whether it is uranium one or
whether it is the uses and the origins
of the steel dossier to legitimately get
FISA warrants to spy on the Republican
candidate for president we need an
attorney general committed to the rule
of law we just Attorney General
committed to explore and prosecute these
crimes and sadly Jeff Sessions does not
seem to be that man that's right he
doesn't even look to say whether he's
got a valid law for special prosecutors
we don't have any rules for the special
prosecution but it is a persecution if
you want to help Roger stone go to stone
defense dot-com he needs it
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