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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight well it's on
they've shut down Mike Adams
YouTube channel health Ranger and he
pointed out remember that Nazi era poem
about who will be left to speak as a
pastor Annie Mueller when they come for
you he said well today YouTube came from
me and they will come for you next
entire health Ranger Channel terminated
without reason without cause something
big is being planned beware
so we talked about this today you know
it was on and off over the whole weekend
with Infowars so they're gonna shut down
the channel we've been getting strike
after strike for absolutely nothing
nothing any criticism or pushback
against this phony narrative from the
police department they're in Broward
I said you're using the term crisis
actors oh okay well you can't use that
term crisis actors even when we say well
it's not crisis actors whatever whatever
it is I mean can we question the
government evidently not because now
when they put kids out front no matter
what these kids say no matter how many
contradictions you get no matter the
fact that you've got teachers saying
well you know I saw somebody that looked
like they were in a SWAT team uniform oh
we were told that they were going to
have a drill at exactly the same time
and we were told they're gonna be
shooting blanks and they start shooting
real bullets and so forth and so if you
show that stuff if you talk about that
if you criticize these children that
they put up as part of their crusade
then you're gonna be shut down for
bullying and harassment
you'll be bullied and harassed off of
the marketplace a free speech which
really YouTube has become and so as I
looked at Alex pointing out what YouTube
had told them and then they backed off
someone in this on and off game is
really just building an expectation for
shutting down Infowars and everybody
else I mean they started with the
smallest channels we've been reporting
on this for quite a while so many of
them in fact that we can't report on all
of them getting contacted all the time
by people who are conservatives that
don't have as well an own channels
hey we've been shutdown we've been shut
down here we've been P monetized and so
try to cover as many of them as we can
but this has been going on for a long
time this isn't about Infowars it's just
they've gotten to the point now where
they can come after a channel with one
and a half billion views and 2.2 million
subscribers because they don't like our
politics or because we question the
government narrative you're not allowed
to question the government remember when
we used to have the hippies used to say
question authority that was their
sticker that they would put out I can't
do that anymore no no no now those
grown-up hippies have gone full Marxist
and they say if you question authorities
you're gonna be shut down for bullying
and harassment well we know who the
bullies and the harasser czar this is a
tactic of Marxist they have always done
this they will not argue with you they
don't care to argue with you as a matter
of fact most of these people live in a
postmodern world where they don't think
there is such a thing as truth I have a
truth you have a truth even though those
truths are mutually exclusive we can all
celebrate the fact that we have
different truths and there's no reality
so what's the point of debating I'm just
gonna call you racists and tell you to
shut up
that's where these people are coming
from but you have to understand there's
something far more sinister involved in
this I want to talk about this in the
next segment but I've mentioned it many
times I have seen this over and over
proxy censorship or I call it crony
censorship I tell you how this works out
when you get a small independent
candidate or you've got a third party
like the Libertarian Party or the Green
Party it doesn't matter if your left or
right the way they have kept the
Republicans and Democrats as duopoly and
power is by doing things like limiting
access to the ballot in unique ways for
people that aren't Republicans and
Democrats they don't have got collect
signatures there's everybody else that
has to go through that loop the ballot
access laws but what really kicks in is
when you get to the debates they
realized that if the debates were public
if they're run by the government or
they're run by a government organization
then they could they wouldn't be able to
do it because a free speech limitation
so what they did was they got private
news organizations interestingly enough
you know kind of like CNN this is the
one pushing to shut down info wars they
would get news organizations and they
say well the news organizations are
gonna decide who is in the debate it's a
private company they have they can do
whatever they want we'll be right back
remember the Nazi poems as Mike Adams of
health Ranger of course he'll be hosting
the Alex Jones Show tomorrow remember
the Nazi era poem about who will be left
to speak when they come for you this is
what Mike Adams tweeted out he said
today YouTube came for me and they will
come for you next entire health Ranger
Channel terminated without reason
without cause something big is being
planned beware and of course that was a
quote from Pastor Martin nee Muller who
said well you know first they came for
this group then they came for that group
then they came for this group then they
came for the Christians and there was
nobody left to help me let me explain to
you that even if you don't have a
youtube channel number one they want to
stop you from being informed with any
alternative opinions they have a desire
to have a oligarchy just like they used
to in the old days when they had ABC CBS
NBC and then eventually NPR and they
could control the narrative every single
one of those news outlets would report
the same news every day it just depended
on which face you liked to report this
and they would report the same news it
would give you the same angle why
because the news was coming from the
government but we're not allowed to
question the government no matter how
absurd the narrative not allowed to
question it and if it we're not offering
any solutions I'm just questioning when
you've got teachers saying you know we
were told it was gonna be a drill and we
were told that it was gonna be blanks at
this same time and then they were start
shooting real bullets
another teacher says I looked down the
hall I saw a guy dressed in full SWAT
uniform and so forth I saw we're not
supposed to question that as a matter of
fact when these people said that to
reporters reporters didn't say can you
go in a little bit more detail on that
that's really bizarre can you tell me
something no no no no they changed the
subject and now they're trying to change
the subject by shutting down anybody
that questions
what is out there so as Mike Adams
pointed out I said they deleted the
entire health Ranger video channel
deleting over 1,700 videos and the
latest politically motivated censorship
purge he said these are videos that
covered everything from nutrition to
natural medicine history science and
current events I I imagine they had a
big problem with the excellent audio
forensic analysis that Mike Adams dead
of the shooting in Vegas to show not
only that he believed that there were
more than one shooter but where he
thought they might be based on the
delays and the time it takes for the
sound to get to a particular spot where
the people were recording it so you can
agree with that or disagree with that
but that's the way it would be in a free
market but in the market that the
government wants to create you don't
even get to ask those questions it used
to be they would just call us conspiracy
theorists if we didn't believe that only
one shooter was involved at the
assassination of JFK that's where it
came from the FBI said you don't believe
that Lee Harvey Oswald shot all those
bullets from a bolt-action rifle and
scored three shot the you know head
shots and so forth and that short period
of time you don't believe that your
conspiracy theorist shut up you don't
get a chance to talk that was what they
have done for the longest time and it's
like that's right call me a conspiracy
theorist I don't believe that I don't
believe that at all
they weren't expecting for there to be a
Zapruder film but you know what the
alternative media the crowdsourcing a
view the the people the American people
with your video phones and so forth has
made it very hard for them to push these
lone shooter narratives anymore hasn't
there's a lot of Zapruder films out
there every time they do something every
time and there's a lot of Zapruder films
that go back and show what these
politicians said a year ago or two years
ago they don't like that either say it's
not just an assassination or mass
shooting there's the pruder films out
there for everything they're doing and
they've got to shut that down as
pointed out in his article he said many
independent media leaders like myself
for calling for government regulation of
YouTube to protect free speech and to
end tyranny
you know these same people who are out
there and I noticed the tweets when Alec
said well it looks like they're gonna
shut us down they're also gonna shut us
tomorrow delete the entire channel there
are thousands of tweets out there what
people saying good good I'm glad I'm
glad it's not like to that I thought you
know what I typically either won't say
anything or if I see it or sometimes if
it's interesting I'll comment on Twitter
if I think the person's if I disagree
then and I think that they're making a
point that needs to be unmade
I'll engage them on Twitter send stuff
to me at Liberty terian if you disagree
with me or if you agree with me fine
but when somebody is out there
applauding censorship I thought you know
what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna block
them because that's what they want they
want censorship they don't want a
discussion so I'm just gonna block
anybody that I see that says anything
applauding censorship by YouTube telling
me that it's a private organization this
is what you're getting private when
everything is run by private individuals
and private property they can just shut
you down anywhere they want well no no
not really
so the government should be a referee in
that but these same people you
understand would applaud and probably go
back and look at their tweets they love
the idea that the government shut down a
bakery or a photographer because they
didn't want to make a cake for a
homosexual wedding they applaud that now
those bakers and those photographers
don't have a monopoly on baking or
photography in that marketplace but
YouTube does with the help of the
government I might add because that's
exactly what they want they want crony
censorship and as I said at the top of
the hour I have seen crony censorship
operate I know exactly what's going on
with this these people are clueless I
find it interesting that most of their
comments were basically gifts they put a
little short looping video of somebody
shaking their head
or you know sticking their tongue out
that's their response that's their
response because they can't think for
themselves and because if they do they
do base whatever they do on visceral
content in other words you're not gonna
have an argument with these people
because they don't want to debate they
don't believe there is any such thing as
truth they don't read they can't
communicate all they see are visceral
pictures and so they respond with a meme
or with a gift or whatever typically
with a gift because they can't form
thoughts of their own they even have to
steal other people's thoughts and put
them back out there they can't even come
up with their own gift and you take a
picture of themselves and create a gift
of themselves sticking their tongue out
or shooting a bird or whatever this is
the juvenile mentality of the social
justice warriors that are supposedly
educated but that in air quotes by our
government schools they've been turned
into little Marxists as what they've
been turned into who want nothing but
censorship and as Mike Adams points out
it's ironic that they do all this in the
name of bullying and harassment because
that's exactly what this is you imagine
that the government works very hard to
bend all kinds of rules to allow a
shopping center to set up a mall and
then they tell people well no we're not
gonna allow certain classes of people in
here or if you have political beliefs or
if you're a Christian or what you can't
come into this shopping mall and they do
that after they have shut down all the
other malls in the area all the other
stores in the area so there's nothing
left but this great big mall or this one
single store like a Walmart so they come
in Walmart comes in here's your analogy
this is the way these guys have always
operated this is what the left doesn't
seem to understand Walmart has always
come into an area and they work in this
as a pattern that we've seen with
hardware stores we've seen it with
office supply stores we send it with
general retail these Wall Street back
mega corporations will come into an area
they will shut down all the mom-and-pop
independent retailers and then when they
have a monopoly
and they can Jack the prices up or in
this case they can tell you well you
can't come into this store you can't
come in you don't get even a chance to
sell your stuff here whatever we're not
going to even allow you in here as a
customer you're fine with that aren't
you lefties you like that if they let
the right sort of people in you know if
they would get rid of the white male NRA
gun owners say sorry you can't come in
to Walmart but I have to buy groceries
and this is the only grocery store left
in town because Walmart put out the rest
of the grocery stores sorry you don't
get to come in you're not the right sort
of person we don't want your type here
stay with us we'll be right back and
we're gonna take a look at the Oscars
or as I look at it the DNC convention of
2018 Oscars so white I think it was
Oscars so left that ought to be the hash
tag that we put out there this is coming
from the state California where Dianne
Feinstein is considered to be too
conservative and these people lectured
us on everything yesterday I mean this
was absolutely amazing
looking at their corruption looking at
their depravity their debauchery which
you can see in their films all the time
if you want to see that stuff right but
they take their debauchery and they
project it on to America at the same
time that they tell us we don't that
their movies don't reflect the diversity
of real communities and so forth but
then they say that oh but all the
debauchery does reflect America
everything that's happening in Hollywood
all these Harvey Weinstein's and
Weinstein wannabes and all the casting
couch actresses oh that's that's America
right there isn't it yeah that's America
right okay so let's take a look at this
Ben garrison cartoon here and the Oscars
go to and he's got a lot of little
statues here he's got best creep and
predator Woody Allen best anti-trump nut
Robert De Niro he's owned the script
that has been bleeped out because you
know Robert De Niro it okay he's a he's
a method actor and his method is to use
the f-word more than anybody else uses
I mean back in the day we were looking
at whether we're gonna watch a film or
not with a family we would look at they
used to break down some of the sites
would say well there's a night in this
90-minute movie Robert De Niro has in he
uses the f-word like 160 times it's like
did anybody even right and he dialogue
oh yeah but he's probably just
improvising because it's the way he
talks that's what he talking about
president Trump as well
best enabler Meryl Streep and they got a
yeah Ben Garrison's get a picture of her
they're wearing a pink pussy hat best
casting couch Harvey Weinstein and he's
big fat Harvey Weinstein best gun
control speech YouTube as best
censorship best director and child
rapist Roman Polanski you know because
he's true to his art as Harvey Weinstein
had famously said about ten years ago
when Hollywood didn't notice or care
about these things or was embracing them
whatever he would say he actually came
out and said you know Roman Polanski
needs to be brought home he's paid way
more than he needed to for his crimes
and he's true to his art and that's all
that really matters to these people so
then they have best sleep to the top me
to actress yeah that's the hypocrisy
there isn't barely closed in that
statuette and Best Actor and molester
Kevin Spacey great cartoon by Ben
garrison and as ABC News pointed out the
Oscars were full of nostalgia well yeah
if you're Marxist Leninist it was more
propaganda and it than a linear eyghon
stall film but let's take a look at the
way they began with this but because
they did openly harken back to the
glamor days of Hollywood when it used to
be entertainment
remember that here's the opening clip
where they came in give you a taste of
it black and white
trying to make this look like it's that
wool film and then they do show some old
films some old actors and actresses and
that because you know back in those days
that used to be remember That's
the old MGM musical and then they redid
all the musicals I said that's
entertainment know that's that's a DNC
convention is what it is now
that's what Hollywood is about it's not
about entertainment it's about them
lecturing us on everything and then of
course CNN loved it
news flash the Oscars are still so white
now they're still so liberal still so
left just take a look at the most
excluded group so then CNN fake news CNN
pushing this DNC narrative of identity
politics never giving up and there they
are you know they have little white
Oscars and a low black Oscar at the top
of the picture they're still pushing the
racism the identity politics of the DNC
there's that picture right there for
white Oscars and one black Oscar there
and I said only five Hispanic Americans
have won only two Asian Americans have
won and so forth and so on so they're
keeping score and their quota stuff you
know we need to have more of this
demographic and less of that demographic
and then there's an interesting article
pushing back on that idea from a black
man pushing back on that idea the Daily
Caller a veteran comic book writer calls
out the industry said when did I become
a black writer he questioned why he
could no longer write for a white
character this is a guy that they go to
to write is a comic book writer and he
said so I get a call from DC and they
won't talk to me about cyborg I gave
them the standard stump speech I don't
want to be a black writer he said he
said he used to write for all different
types of characters he said he left the
business for years after having been in
it for more than 30 years because he was
only offered black characters he said
every 18 months he'd get a call from
Marvel or from DC and that inevitably he
said offer me a character of color a
black character or Latino character they
said I'd turn him down
he said I used to be a guy who would
write spider-man Deadpool Batman why am
i no longer qualified to write those
characters while the answer is Bing
identity politics they want a pigeonhole
everybody and so you know if you're
white you're evil if you're black you
can only write black and so forth I said
how did I get typecast for writing black
panther of all things so you can think
the Democrats and you can thank their
mouthpiece CNN you know these people
live in a fantasy world and the
electricity but their lectures have no
more relevance than if we were to get a
lecture from Snow White about how to
treat our dwarves
we don't have dwarves and we don't live
in your fantasy world so you need to
just shut up but they won't this place
is more political than Washington
Hollywood is and you know it is when you
look at these Oscars
and you go back to Sally Field everybody
laughed at her when she got up and got
the Oscar she said you like me you
really like me and she clutched it and
they've made fun of that for a very long
time but that was the essence of what it
was I mean this is nothing more than a
popularity contest like a high school
and you you picked the queen and the
king of the prom I'm pretty something
gonna get rid of the Kings completely I
just have a queen I guess I can call her
a monarch but this is nothing but a
popularity contest for narcissists
that's what the Oscars are why would we
even care about this anymore especially
when they add the political dimension it
to it so you got Jimmy Kimmel lecturing
pence he says we don't make films like
call me by your name for money
he said we make them too upset Mike
Pence let me tell you something
Hollywood hasn't made films that their
primary concern hasn't been money for a
very long time you've been able to see
it in the last year so with the NFL for
example and some of the other
corporations that will burn down their
business and their business model to
push their politics or to push their
agenda their social agenda and that has
been the case with Hollywood for a very
long time
it was 20 30 years ago that my wife and
I had a chain of video stores and I
would do the buy and I would we would go
to the conventions I remember they had a
new line executive there who was
lecturing everybody on the the new
technology of DVDs which we'd already
been carrying for a couple years and
when we come back from the break I'll
tell you the discussion that I had with
him about what they wanted to push and
what they ought to be pushing they don't
care what you want to see they've got an
agenda they don't care what makes money
they've got an agenda just like the NFL
yeah it was the DNC convention of 2018
last night stay with us we'll be right
so let's talk about Hollywood last night
we saw this year's DNC convention last
night but we also saw them projecting
their filth it's not enough for them to
project their filth up on the big screen
and to do it worldwide no they want to
project their filth onto you you're the
problem and you know I guess we will
eventually become like them because we
get an S the size of that we start to
speak like Robert De Niro we start to
act like Harvey Weinstein why where's it
coming from Hollywood but they lecture
us we're the bad people that's the NRA
this the killers not the people who
constantly portray I mean I remember
when Sam Peckinpah films people were
astonished at the violence of Sam
Peckinpah now it looks like some kind of
a TV Western compared to what they used
to have it looks basically bloodless
compared to what they have now and as
we're going to break I told you I would
tell you a story of a new line executive
that I cornered and asked him some
questions as DVD was coming online as
format we'd already been carrying it for
about a year in our stores and there
were some and I don't remember if this
happened before or after there was a
company in Utah called clean films and
what they would do is they would take
the Hollywood typical Hollywood filth
and they were trying to clean it up a
little bit and they would find the
different places where they would throw
in the gratuitous sex scene the
gratuitous violence scene and they would
just skip around it it was not necessary
you don't need to see somebody's head
blowing up in slow motion
you don't need to see a little short
porn shot thrown in the middle of a
story to make the story effective so
they just skip around the stuff that
Hollywood loved to put out there you
know these people are exhibitionist and
I'm not talking about the distribution
business either
no they're exhibitionists they want you
to see their filth the Harvey
Weinstein's and the me two actresses as
well they love that they love that so he
was telling us about all the wonderful
things that DVD could do the way it
could be programmed how they could put
extra content in it and newline had just
done and I can't remember the film I
think it was a film about people who got
excited about car accidents it's really
perverse sick film and they made it even
more perverse and sick they put out an
additional version of it that you could
watch not just a nun a Director's Cut
version but they had some additional
scenes in it and you could choose which
one you wanted to watch and I said well
instead of letting people choose to
watch a even more perverse version of
your film how about if you guys made a
cleaner version of your film how about
instead of just Sona and the gratuitous
porn scene in the middle of the film or
the one that's typically there where
they go to a they have a meeting they go
to a stripper bar that's always a great
way for them to work in nudity so they
can get their are rating so I said
instead of doing that why don't you put
in you know shoot that film twice and
instead of shooting it at a stripper bar
why don't you just shoot it at a regular
bar or instead of showing somebody with
their head being blown up in slow motion
if it's essential to the film just show
them being shot like we used to do it on
television right they get shot they fall
over you don't have to show all the
blood gore and exploding body parts oh
no no no no we're not gonna do that
we're not gonna do that they don't want
more money and see that would have been
something that we've actually made them
more money you know of course that when
we talk about things like the fact that
the passion of the christ' that Mel
Gibson did was the highest revenue
r-rated film ever in history ever in
history because PG films and g-rated
films make more money than r-rated films
because they have a bigger audience it's
not rocket science here but they don't
like PG films or even pg-13 film
certainly don't like g-rated films and
they're not going to take there one of
the things he said to me was he said oh
the directors would never stand for that
I was like okay this business is beyond
redemption and we got out of it not too
long after that Jimmy Kimmel last night
focused almost exclusively on politics
points out grabbing and that's true
you've got the pins that were being
distributed by Michael Bloomberg's
avisek advocacy group every town for gun
they created a little gun pen American
flag in orange and gave it to all these
different actors and actresses and they
sent it to the wall group and other key
Hollywood agencies so they could
pressure the actors and actresses to do
this you know because this is a little
popularity contest it's a little
community you don't want to be
ostracized by this narrow little
community that's why it mattered so much
more to Sally Fields that they really
liked her than it did that she got an
Oscar it's not really a measure of great
quality films it's just a measure that
they really like you which means you're
gonna be getting more jobs if you come
out and you say something conservative
then they don't really like you and
you're not gonna get any jobs they'll
give you a couple examples of this and
of course they're putting out the hash
tag never again to push gun control and
again that hash tag never again tells
you all you need to know about the
naivete of the gun grabbers starting
from these kids that they have out there
as their front their shield hiding
behind kids I mean I look at what CNN is
doing with these kids and it is as
repulsive to me as when you had Saddam
Hussein pulling some kids on
very nervous and setting them on his lap
and they said here you know when they
shoot me now with some bombs you kill
this kid and that's essentially what CNN
is doing as they are harassing and
bullying conservative students and
arguing them arguing with them over a
couple of words and the reality is and
we all know it from looking at that Town
Hall quote unquote
the CNN did and it's not the first time
they've done it I am I gonna go into
that all again but CNN has been caught
multiple times
rigging town hall saying we got people
here who are not there undecided and
they turned out to be people who are
staffers for Democrat senators and
contra or special interest groups or
whatever they're not independent they
rigged these things they give they
pointed out WikiLeaks showed us that
Donna Brazile was channelling debate
questions or questions that were going
to be allowed in the Town Hall to
Hillary Clinton in advance so she could
work on a focus group and come up with a
great answer with some sound bites and
all this kind of stuff I mean they've
been doing this all along so they got
their never again which you can never
stop anything permanently perfection is
never an option
everybody said never again after World
War one didn't we that was gonna be the
war to end all wars no didn't happen
didn't happen
they had their time's up pens you've got
Gucci saying that now they're gonna join
with Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney
and Jeffrey Katzenberg Steven Spielberg
Kate Capshaw all of them contributing a
half a million dollars to this phony
kids March yeah yeah just like I said
before it's like Mickey Rooney and Judy
Garland let's put on a show
oh yeah it's completely organic and
grassroots isn't it and now they got
three million dollars from George
Clooney who's using these kids as a
front but they're pushing and this is
the best headline I've seen anywhere
from Breitbart Oscars celebrities push
gun control surrounded by a wall of 500
armed officers and you know 500 armed
officers to protect these people
and they don't want you to have guns to
protect yourself kind of interesting -
we've got 535 politicians in Washington
protected by an army of people telling
you that you can't protect yourself as
well don't we all of these Republicans
and Democrats are out there saying no no
no no we're gonna gonna peel off this
part of your right to protect yourself
I'm gonna peel off that part of it
and we're gonna come up with new and
ingenious ways to destroy the Second
Amendment even further death by a
thousand cuts they've been doing it for
a long time and now they're going to
ramp it up because something must be
done you know it must be done you must
follow the your oath to the Constitution
that you took that's what must be done
and beyond that you need to just shut up
all right when we come back we're going
to tell you about the sexism that we saw
last night the overt sexism and of
course the hate not just for the NRA but
even for a new Bruce Willis movie which
by the way these are boffo reviews from
Hollywood they hate it so much I want to
see it so badly we'll talk about Bruce
Wallace's new film a remake of death
wish when we come back they say it's
evil it's racist it's an array edge it
sounds great to me we'll be right back
I'm David Knight well we have seen in
organizing a boycott of Infowars I mean
after it was exactly a week after they
were lobbying YouTube saying look at
this they commented on these children we
put up here to be the face of gun
control and they commented on these kids
that's bullying and harassment to
comment on them anybody who looks at
this this these stories coming out from
the Broward coward sheriff sheriff
Benghazi anybody looks at this and has
any questions they need to be shut down
and then one week later you've got CNN
calling up people that they said had had
ads served on Infowars YouTube channel
calling up the corporations that had ads
because the way this works I remember I
don't know if it works this way anymore
with cable but I remember buying ad
spots on cable and you would basically
go to the cable system and you would buy
that the cheapest way that you could get
in would be that you would pay them X
amount of money for X amount of spots
and you wouldn't know where or when it
was going to air you wouldn't know which
channels which programs it was going to
air on they would tell you after the
fact but they wouldn't tell you
beforehand it probably works the same
way as a YouTube does right now so they
would go to these corporations and they
would say do you realize that your ads
are running on a conspiracy theory
website a right-wing website hold all
the pejorative naired
adjectives that they could come up with
that phony but anyway that's what CNN is
doing trying to organize a boycott
here's a news flash for CNN that's not
the way we fund our operation here we
find our operation with the products
that we sell good quality stuff I know
that you guys sell pharmaceuticals a big
pharma pharmaceutical so dangerous that
most of the commercial is taken up with
a fast reading of side effects as people
are watching slow motion video just to
you know inoculate them this cognitive
dissonance of children running in slow
motion through a field while they're
rattling off very very serious side
effects from the products that they're
selling on CNN or Fox or in these
channels but that's not the way that we
operate what we do is we give you
natural products that are not anything
that we have concocted in some kind of a
mad laboratory these are standard
products that are sold throughout the
health food industry and they it's a
win-win situation and we sold them
directly and they hate that they hate
that because if we went with corporate
sponsors they'd shut us down one of
these sponsors one of these businesses
I'd never heard of Serta bitch looked
them up something called honey I don't
even know whether their product is but
the point is is that Infowars had made a
hundred and $69 total from that
organization now they're getting all of
this free publicity for boycotting us
well go ahead boycott us we don't care
not where we make our money for years we
didn't put any of those commercials on
YouTube that's not how we fund Infowars
how we fund it is with the products that
we sell that's why we had the operation
Paul Revere 2018 helped keep free speech
going this is the way that we find
Infowars of the products that we sell
things like the real red pill pollen
block immune wall to build your immune
system biome defense 50 all of those 50%
off we also have true whey protein 50%
off prebiotic fiber imagine that fiber
and probiotics I don't need to read you
a long list of dangerous side effects
from fiber probiotics there aren't any
that's why we sell things like this now
we also have apparel 80% off and the
aegis armor backpack insert 20% off you
can see a lot of products on sale at
infowar store calm 30 to 80% off we'll
have more in the next hour to say about
the CNN boycott this is absolutely
amazing to me but that's how desperate
CNN is first
lobbying YouTube to shut us down over
fake claims of harassment and bullying
then going to sponsors and saying shut
them down
can you imagine if somebody did that to
CNN but of course again most of their
money is coming from big pharma it
wouldn't matter they haven't got a
conscience anyway know what CNN does
he's like do you realize that you're
advertising on CNN they'd say do you
realize we're killing millions of people
with our products we don't care what you
say we're gonna go with CNN Emma Stone
yesterday pushing the sexism of the DNC
Awards last night that's really what it
is you know Jimmy Kimmel was bragging
about how Oscar is the perfect person
for Hollywood because he is missing an
essential part of the male anatomy well
so is Jimmy Kimmel he's been castrated
by the Hollywood left by feminism by me
to ISM by the false idea that this is
that affects everybody not just
Hollywood and the politicians and so
then you've got Emma Stone out there and
saying well for Best Director we've got
these three four men and Greta Gerwig
here's her comment whose indelible touch
is reflected on every frame it is the
director who shot by shot scene by scene
day by day works with every member of
the crew to further the story and it is
the vision of the director it takes an
ordinary movie and turns it into a work
of art these four men and Greta Gerwig
created their own masterpieces this year
oh that's not sexist at all right
just to dump on these directors pointing
out that they're the ones who really
make the film you know if you want to if
you've got a film that you really like
most people look at the actor or the
actress and say I want to see where
there's other films of this actor
actress has been and know if you really
like the film you need to see who
directed it and then see what other
films that director did because that's
really what determines the film but of
course being male they're not important
interestingly enough it was a male who
won but of course he was an immigrant so
that gives him a pass then we have
Sandra Bullock earlier in the Awards
talking about mud bounds Rachel Morrison
in the cinematography category she said
here are the four men and one
trailblazing woman who were nominated
for achievement in cinematography say if
you're man you don't even get your name
mentioned yeah yeah just leave you out
because you're not important your mail
your mail and we're gonna do the same
thing to you that we've done to Jimmy
Kimmel you can turn into a sniveling
little cast Rihanna or whatever they
what was it they used to call the they
used to have a name castrati that's it
is that it castrati castrati castrati
that was what they used to call the the
male singers because they wouldn't allow
women to actually be in the Opera so
what they do they castrate the singers
so they would keep a high voice you know
kinda like Michael Jackson throughout
their whole life and that's what these
guys are basically have become Jimmy
Kimmel a weeping castrati castrati I
guess okay whatever let's go to Natalie
Portman does the same thing this is
three of them doing this here's Natalie
Portman here to present the Award for
Best Director
and here are the all-male nominees oh
and that's Ron Howard laughing nervously
I'm sorry man maybe I can be something I
could I identify as one of you women is
that count is that okay do I get a pass
now and then the NRA let's take a look
at some of the reviews for death wish
you must have a death wish and in
today's Hollywood if you make a
conservative film or one that shows a
good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy
with a gun this is what the reviewers
are saying let's say Death Wish the new
film starring Bruce Willis he must have
a death wish
for his career to do something
conservative in Hollywood basically when
I look at these reviews that are being
put out there when you look at reviews
here's one of the things that I look for
if you see that the critics give a film
like 10 or 15 percent approval and you
see the audience's give a film like 80
to 85 percent approval which is what
happened with death wish you can look at
this and say well it has absolutely
nothing to do with the quality of the
film there's something in here that the
Liberals and Hollywood don't like I
would probably like that film so here's
some of the reviews which underscore
that I think I will probably like Bruce
Willis is some and it'll be one of the
only 1 or 2 films that I go to see this
year Bruce Willis's film a catatonic
Bruce Willis stars and Eli Ross
dangerously entertaining commercial for
the NRA that was one review said it's a
puppy reaffirmation of the idea that
were a good guy with a gun is the only
thing capable of stopping a bad guy with
a gun yeah that's right that's right
another one Death Wish is evil racist
irresponsible BS he spells it out NRA
agitprop that was Dustin rolls wrote
that review he says it's a dangerous
celebration of gun culture it's NRA
agitprop it's racist nihilist
middle-aged white man wish fulfillment
fantasy I'm going that's it I'm going
another one if the NRA made a feature
film it would be this
what better endorsement could you
get for Bruce Willis's Deathwish go see
it put it in their face we'll be right
back I'm David Knight we've got just a
little bit more to talk about with the
Oscars but we're gonna do it in the next
segment because we have a lot of radios
radio stations that carry the show and
they are doing news at the top of the
hour so we're gonna get back to the news
here and then get back into that in just
a moment and of course I think one of
the key things coming out of the news
are the threats to shut down and delete
Alex Jones's YouTube channel with 2.2
million subscribers 1 and a half billion
views and they're working up to it they
shut down Mike Adams health Ranger video
channel deleting all the videos there
and of course this is something's been
going on for quite some time we're gonna
talk about that in detail later in this
next hour but this is what they're
building up to the on/off shutdown of
Alex's main YouTube channel and
basically building an acceptance of this
bringing the Overton Window and the fact
that oh yeah they can shut down anybody
that they wish because you know their
YouTube they can do anything they want
now if you're a small baker or
photographer no you don't have that kind
of power because the you know the courts
in California have said that's just a
chilling effect if you don't bake a cake
for somebody that they want I mean you
know if a Nazi comes in and tells a
Jewish Baker that he's got to make a
Nazi cake and a Nazi said and the Jewish
Baker says I'm not doing that
oh well you gotta shut them down because
they're the only bakery in town while
they do that to Christians and they do
it trolling these Christians so they can
shut down their bakery but let's talk a
little bit about what's in the news this
is a perfect metaphor for the
undocumented daca immigrants a Mexican
man assumed an American identity for 37
years and he stole 361 thousand dollars
in government benefits arm to the fake
birth certificate because you know hey
with a fake birth certificate you can
even become president in the United
he developed a seemingly legitimate
persona by applying for a California
driver's license now that's not hard to
do a social security number and a US
passport this is coming out of San Diego
union-tribune the documents allowed him
to move freely between the US and Mexico
and also to receive nearly three hundred
sixty one thousand dollars in government
benefits over the years this guy is now
66 years old and so Wow look at that I
thought you know I wonder how much the
daca recipients are getting each year
now this guy over 37 years he got 361
thousand dollars so it's just under ten
thousand dollars a year you know how
much the daca recipients get just for
educational benefits we spend more in
the United States to educate students
than any other country in the world more
than Switzerland we don't get the same
result so do we we spend the most of any
country fifteen thousand dollars a year
on average K through 12 that's 13 years
of that and that doesn't count any other
benefits that the daca recipients might
get doesn't count they're free college
tuition that they're gonna be given by
the New York governor if he gets his way
or the in-state tuition subsidies that
they get in so many states even American
citizens who aren't residents of that
state don't get that but if you're a
foreign citizen criminally trespassing
here in America Oh we'll give you in
state tuition rates we love that we want
to encourage that so when you look at
this well by the way
compare this to Mexico we spent over
fifteen thousand dollars a year to
educate our students how much did they
spend in Mexico times up three thousand
dollars we spend five times as much per
child here in the United States and
that's money that is coming out of your
house budget because almost all the
educational expenses are being paid for
by property taxes it doesn't matter if
you rent a home you don't see it
itemized on your rich statement but if
you own a home or let's say that you're
you're renting it from the bank and the
county if you can that mortgage
statement every year you see what the
taxes are and you know how they're going
up and you know how your monthly payment
is going up mostly to pay for schools
that are being built for everybody so
3,000 dollars a year for students in
Mexico $15,000 a year for students here
in America and they get at least 13
years of that
and then if they go to college oh so
much better we can do even more of that
yeah it's a perfect metaphor a Mexican
and man assumes an American identity for
37 years and gets 361 thousand dollars
in government benefits steals it steals
it and these kids these daca kids are
stealing it - we'll be right back I'm
David Knight well let's talk about how
the NRA is pushing back against the DNC
convention that we saw last night
also known as the Oscars we have a
public service announcement or I guess
you could call it a commercial put out
by the NRA they got a new program with
Dana lish that's going to be starting
and here's what she had to say to every
Hollywood phony we've had enough of the
lies the sanctimony the arrogance the
hatred the pettiness the fake news we
are done with your agenda to undermine
voters will and individual liberty in
america so to every line member of the
media to every Hollywood phony - the
role model athletes who use their free
speech to alter and undermine what our
flag represents - the politicians who
would rather watch America burn then
lose one ounce of their own personal
power to the late night hosts who think
their opinions are the only opinions
that matter to the joy and reads the
morning Jose the Mika's to those who
stain honest reporting with partisanship
to those who bring bias and propaganda
to CNN The Washington Post and The New
York Times your time is running out the
clock starts now
for those of you listening she turns
over an hourglass and said then the
thing at the bottom talks about her new
program being sponsored on nras a TV
channel coming up they're gonna push
back against it and of course I'm sure
they will try to organize another
boycott well they need to talk to Delta
Airlines about how their boycott worked
out Delta Airlines trumpeting the fact
that they were going to remove the
discount that they would give to NRA
members and then people in the Georgia
State Legislature said all right then
we're gonna remove the subsidies that we
gave to Delta Airlines 40 million
dollars worth of subsidies at Delta
Airlines lost from the Georgia state
government because they wanted to get
political they want to step in this and
they wanted to a boycott the NRA okay
the Georgia State Legislature says
actually we're the NRA we're the NRA we
are gun owners and we understand that
when you're attacking the NRA you're
attacking gun owners you're attacking
the Second Amendment by proxy and so
they pull 40 million dollars away from a
Delta how many customers did Delta have
that used that in our a discount
13:13 it was such a big deal for them
they wanted to make a political
statement well Georgia came back and
made a political statement as well and
what we saw last night at the Oscars was
a political statement as the hill points
out the six most memorable political
moments from this year's Oscars only six
know there were many many many as of
just because the the ones that I just
played clips for you from the women who
were jumping into the sexist identity
politics that's not even in this list
from the hill what made the hills list
was Jimmy Kimmel touting hashtag me too
in his opening monologue well of course
he's going to lecture us as I said
before projecting Hollywood filth
literally around the world they put up
all these screens for everybody and then
projecting their values onto you and
saying you're bad you're bad yeah clean
yourselves up first and then you can
talk to us and once you clean up your
movies at the same time your movies that
glorify this stuff that turned violence
and sex into a fetish once you clean
that stuff up and then talk to his then
lecture Asst Hollywood then they go on
they've got a couple of foreigners
lecturing us on how we should support
dreamers oh that was a wonderful moment
a first openly transgender presenter
making history there we go
and that wasn't Jimmy Kimmel identifying
as a woman no somebody else Kobe Bryant
lecturing a conservative Laura Ingraham
and then we have a Jimmy Kimmel and a
guy named common I guess is a rapper or
something swipes at Trump and pence oh
who would have thought you would have
thought they take cheap shots of people
who are conservatives what a surprise
well again I don't watch it I don't
imagine most people are going to be
watching and I would imagine that their
ratings have plummeted we'll be seeing
what happens with that well we talk
about hypocrisy of the left let's talk a
little bit about some of the ironies
coming out there and of course with the
gun stuff yeah we're talking about
gun-free zones well we've got Cook
County this is up on the Drudge Report
announcing a task force to fight
cemetery violence so you've got all of
these gangs shooting each other down in
the street like it was like Al Capone or
something right when we first had
prohibition drug prohibition except now
we've had prohibition going on for 47
imagine if Al Capone had been allowed to
grow his crime organization for half a
century well that's what we have now in
Chicago and so even though they have
massive gun controls gun-free zone and
they take guns away from law-abiding
citizens all these other people seem to
be able to find the guns and not only
that but when they shoot up somebody and
they have a cemetery that is well-known
for these gang members to be buried in
so when somebody is executed by a rival
gang and they're having a ceremony at
the cemetery they shoot that up or they
shoot up the procession of cars on the
way to the cemetery because they know
this is so now the police and Cook
County are going to have to set up a
special unit to try to police these
funerals that they're having I mean that
is how bad this is and then 286 people
shot 78 killed in Chicago and the media
never cares
this is FB news post dot-com pointing it
out in Chicago 650 people were
officially murdered in 2017 and the
first two months of 2018 286 shootings
were recorded 78 murders were recorded
so we're well on our way to another
banner year in Chicago they don't want
to talk about what the problem is just
like nobody wants to talk about what the
problem is in the schools they don't
want to do anything to make the schools
more secure they want to push their
agenda just like they don't want to do
anything to make Chicago safer they
don't want people to be able to own guns
to protect themselves and they're not
going to stop the drug war no no no
can't do that
got to keep that drug war going no
matter what happens we've got to keep
prohibition going on and we're gonna
have more st. Valentine's Day Massacre
at our schools and with the
prohibitionist shooting it out because
remember the original Valentine's Day
Massacre was rival gangs I think it was
Chicago I don't think it was New York
but it's a Chicago I think you know
riding along in the car spraying people
with fully automatic tommy guns
that's what prohibition brings you and
if you think you're gonna make it any
better by prohibiting firearms okay well
as we look at the drug war let me just
throw this and we're gonna take a look
at some other irony here as well we've
got Alaskan politicians now nullifying
the feds as the as natural blaze dot-com
points out disobeying the feds well this
is nullification and this is the
Statehouse they've passed a bill to
legalize the production of industrial
hemp this is not marijuana this doesn't
have any any effect on you whatsoever
industrial hemp that's now awaiting the
governor's approval
they said it would legalize through
regulation and production of industrial
provide for hemp pilot programs
industrial hemp they said is not
included in the definition of marijuana
Kennedy all oil is not included in the
definition of hashish oil industrial
hemp - food does not create an
adulterated food product this is in the
act okay
hemp is a non psychoactive it is still
however treated as a drug in the United
States and not only that but they lie
and tell you that it is a Schedule one
drug that it has no medical uses
that's absolutely alive but hip itself
we used to have you can probably still
see it maybe even on YouTube I don't
know if they censored this yet or not
but there used to be a propaganda film
done by the Navy as part of world war
two hip for victory we need to grow hemp
because they used it for making ropes
and so forth we stamp somebody used to
do this and not me of course would take
a little dialogue box and stamp a dollar
bill with George Washington's face on it
and it would have a little dialogue box
out there says I grew him because he did
he did but lock him up lock him up for
the UN Nazi war on drugs let's not
pretend that it can be used in more than
25,000 products including fibers
textiles paper and construction
insulation materials no no and then it
has another use we'll tell you about
when we come back I want to finish up a
little bit with this war on drug story
coming out of Alaska we're gonna take a
look at the irony a lot of different
things in the news here we've got the ex
CIA chief calling Trump unstable and
experienced an unethical the CIA chief
John Brennan will tell you why that is
absolutely insane for him to say that
also we're gonna talk about CNN actually
trying to organize a boycott against you
against Infowars by contacting YouTube
advertisers you know CNN is known for
its push polls known for its fake polls
its polls where they show that President
Trump is 15 points lower and approval
than other people do and of course you
know a push poll was where you ask a
to a population because you're trying to
push them in a certain way not because
you want to know what the people think
you're not doing a scientific poll with
a push poll and this is something is
often done in political campaigns you
call up a population just before an
election and you say would it make any
difference to you if you knew bla bla
bla about this candidate and then I say
yes or no that's a way to try to push
you and disguise it as a poll and so
what CNN is doing right now is they're
doing a push boycott they're trying to
push a boycott calling up and asking
these companies did you know that you
have commercials that are running on
Infowars Channel did you know that oh
well maybe you should know that and so
forth that's that's what they're doing
we're talking about that we're going to
talk about the tariffs we have gerald
Celente joining us in the third hour to
talk about the big tariffs that came on
we had a lot of people concerned about
this over the weekend you know it's one
of the things I had big problems last
week with what President Trump said
about the second and the sixth amendment
about your due process as well as the
second amendment your right to protect
yourself those things are sacrosanct as
I said before the only thing in the
Constitution that is non-negotiable to
me are the Bill of Rights you don't
touch that as the Declaration of
Independence pointed out weak we created
governments to protect our Liberty and
that's how we have defined the minimum
there and there was ten amendments and
of course the ninth and tenth amendment
make it clear that just because we
didn't specifically say that you
particularly protect something like the
Second Amendment right to keep them bear
arms the right of the people just
because we didn't specifically mention
it doesn't mean that we still don't have
it and so those are very important that
is really our Magna Carta that is our
great charter that is what is
non-negotiable and you don't trash-talk
it on television you shut up about it
you you have taken an oath to obey the
Constitution that means the Bill of
Rights particularly the Bill of Rights
you guys don't want to pay any attention
to the separation of powers you want to
pretend that you can tell us at the
in local level what to do about
everything in our lives well we have
something to say about that as well it's
in the ninth and 10th amendment but
don't you dare don't you dare trash talk
things that are specifically prohibited
from you getting involved in and we've
tolerated this for far too long
and someday someday we're gonna elect
some people who take the bill of rights
seriously and they take back our rights
or this government is going to unravel
it's going to have a series of
secessions or revolution so you just
take your pick
and maybe the peaceful way to do this I
don't think we're ever gonna have
anybody that's gonna give up power in
Washington so the peaceful way to do
this is through nullification and that's
what's happening in Alaska Alaskan
politicians say you know what we don't
really care about your nonsense
saying that hemp hemp is a Schedule one
drug which means that it is highly
addictive and has no medical uses and so
forth that simply isn't true and so what
they pointed out is that hemp is not
psychoactive although it's still treated
as a drug by the federal government this
is a story from natural blaze I comment
so the potential to be used and more
than 25,000 products and people put it
as high as 50 thousand different
products things like fibers textiles
paper construction and insulation
materials so maybe and you know it's
it's kind of cheap to produce compared
to a lot of the competitors because this
stuff grows like a weed that's why they
call it weed it's very easy to grow
grows very rapidly and it's very cost
effective compared to its competitors
that's one of the reasons why it was
regulated out of existence in the United
Alaskan Republican senator Shelley
Hughes told the media she introduced the
bill more than a year ago when she was
approached by local farmers who wanted
to grow hemp for use for feeding and for
the bedding for livestock and to clean
up oil spill see there's another use for
hemp and again him is not psychoactive
she said it was time to remove hemp from
the marijuana statutes there is no
psychoactive impact from him
fewer to smoke acres and acres and acres
of hemp
she said all you would get would be a
sore throat and a cough and the u.s. is
the only developed nation that hasn't
developed an industrial hemp crop for
economic purposes it's absolute insanity
and the drug war is insane the drug war
as I've pointed out all the
conservatives who don't like to see
people get addicted to alcohol or to any
other form of drug I agree with you as I
said many times I don't push drug use
especially psychoactive drug abuse I
don't push drugs to escape reality for
entertainment I think that's a very very
dangerous thing medically and
psychologically it's very dangerous to
do that deal with reality get a grip on
life find something that allows you to
live your life without a crutch but to
to create prohibition brings in all new
set of problems and I've said for a
longest time if conservatives who
champion property rights don't
understand civil asset forfeiture which
is a way to steal your property without
ever getting a conviction without ever
giving you the presumption of innocence
or day in court you're never even
charged because they say it's a civil
action it's not a criminal action
everything about this is a lie and if
you can't see that if you can't see the
crime that is happening in Chicago if
you can't see the war the literal war
that is raging in Mexico with 30,000
Plus even by their official numbers
which are understated 30,000 plus people
getting killed in Mexico and the drug
wars dwarfing the casualties in
Afghanistan and Iraq if you can't see
the danger of this and understand that
this approach that we have tried for
half a century just isn't working it's
not working but let's take a look at
some of the other things that are ironic
here we've got John Brennan the ex chief
of the CIA saying that Trump is unstable
and eped and experienced an unethical
unethical this is a guy John Brennan who
sold the American
public on the idea that torture was okay
calling President Trump unethical he
called torture enhanced interrogation
and of course to Trump's shame he has
endorsed that part of it so I guess from
that part of it we can okay he's on the
same page with John Brennan but it is
absolutely insane you know asking John
Brennan for advice on ethics and
stability is kind of like asking
Hannibal Lecter for recipes that's the
last person in the world you would ever
ask about ethics not just a CIA chief
but John Brennan the CIA chief we'll be
right back I'm David Knight all right
let's take a little bit of a look at
some of the crazy news the ironic news
we see coming out we got Maxine Waters I
love this headline from the Daily Caller
there's like the other headline I think
a couple of headlines of the day we got
the Breitbart news saying liberals at
the Oscar parties are the Oscar
ceremonies the DNC convention is what I
call it 2018 but pointing out they're
calling for gun control while they're
protected by an army of 500 armed people
at that venue and then we have this
headline for the Daily Caller Maxine
Waters seeking psychiatric opinion from
a porn star and Maxine Waters who says
Donald Trump calls people names and then
she lists a bunch of names that people
have called Donald Trump that's beside
she says we might also inquire of stormy
Daniels about Trump's mental state since
she's observed him up close I'm sure she
could give us a revealing interpretation
no we need to get some psychiatric help
for Maxine Waters as well I think and
again we can't talk about hypocrisy and
irony without talking about the drug war
specifically about marijuana right now
but of course the entire drug war that
is now lasted for half a century and has
given us far more dangerous forms of
every drug out there including marijuana
as it has given us massive corruption
rampant theft has turned our police
departments and
- highway robbers they can take anything
from anybody and not just on the highway
without any due process without even
charging you with a crime - just grab it
you got a problem with that
Conservatives why don't you care about
property rights when it's part of the
war on drugs you think that this is
really getting us anywhere
have you noticed what's really going on
in society you just love the idea that
we're gonna kick the drugs out of
people's hands so hasn't really worked
too well has it not even in our schools
our gun free drug free schools
isn't that wonderful all we have to do
is just prohibit drugs and prove it guns
and they just go away and we never again
hashtag never again have that problem
doing well here's something kind of
interesting from the free thought
project we have our current health
secretary who says that there is no such
thing as medical marijuana gave cialis
to children an erectile dysfunction drug
to children and as they point out
freethought project that he admits that
the u.s. plans to spend more than 750
million dollars looking for a
pharmaceutical alternative to opioids
next year but this is something that you
could get right now very cheaply from
something that grows like a weed called
cannabis it's very effective at helping
people get over opioid addiction and it
is very effective at helping people
manage their pain so they don't have to
get on opioids in the first place but
our federal government is going to
subsidize seven hundred and fifty
million dollars three-quarters of a
billion dollars to look for an
alternative to opioids and I guess my
question is who gets that patent how
they gonna dole out that patent to
somebody and here's the problem it's
called regulatory capture as I say as he
pointed out in this hearing there really
is no such thing as medical marijuana
there is no fda-approved use of
marijuana by a botanical plant I just
want to be very clear about that says
Alex Azhar the Health and Human
Secretary services secretary for Trump
now I just have to say that
things don't become real because the FDA
says they're real you know there are
effective treatments that are not
approved by the FDA and there are very
dangerous drugs that will kill people
that have been approved by the FDA and
if you watch CNN you might begin to
realize that if you pay attention to the
disclaimers they don't want you to pay
attention to that they want you to think
that it's safe that it is so incredibly
rare that something like that would
happen that you don't even need to read
the insert we learned that the hard way
in my family my mother was had a severe
stroke the left her paralyzed on one
side and with dementia like an
Alzheimer's patient for the last four
years of her life because she took an
antibiotic an antibiotic and you know we
look on the the disclaimer there says
yeah in rare cases that can cause this
and of course I'm sure many of you
listening know members of your family or
friends who have had severe problems
from drugs but of course it's not really
a problem as a matter of fact my wife
was just talking to Lydia who's was at
her family they had a child who was
taking Tamiflu and she said oh well we
had the worst experience with this is
what this week my child had the flu we
put him on Tamiflu and I forget how
expensive it was but it was incredibly
expensive so we had to go to the
emergency room they were hallucinating
and doing all this other kind stuff and
I asked my wife hasn't she listened to
my show because I have covered that
story many many times about it happening
across the country to kids and I'll say
gee we now I never knew that this could
and some of the doctors were even
surprised because sure they have the
drug reps that come in and tell them how
wonderful this product is and so forth
and it's like yeah well you know there's
all these different things down there
that we have to put in legally just for
our own protection liability you know
but don't worry about them rarely ever
happens but now we have a lot of people
being diagnosed with the flu and being
given Tamiflu and now we're seeing it
not happening with everybody maybe it's
only 1% of the people maybe it's only a
fraction of a
and the people are you willing to play
Russian roulette with that I mean would
you play Russian roulette with a
revolver that has one chamber loaded out
of six probably not would you play
Russian roulette with a revolver that
has one chamber out of 12 or out of 20
or out of a hundred just spin the thing
you got a bullet in there but you got a
hundred chamber so there's only one
chance out of 100 that you're gonna blow
your head off you want to try that see
we don't think about risk that way we
think that because the FDA says it's
okay it's okay and it's not okay to
think like that so let's talk about this
a little bit as I point out in this
article from freethought project local
governments are starting to hold big
pharma accountable for its role in the
opioid epidemic and then Alex Azhar our
HHS secretary right now says we are
devoting hundreds and hundreds of
millions of dollars to research at our
National Institutes of Health as part of
the historic thirteen billion dollar
opioid oh they're just getting started
see that was three-quarters of a billion
dollars that they're talking about for
finding a alternative that can be
evidently patented by either the CDC or
one of these big pharmaceutical
companies whoever has the most
politicians in their pocket I guess part
of the historic 13 billion dollar opioid
and serious mental illness program that
is being funded by the President and
Congress oh I'm sorry that yeah let's
see is it the is that the research
that's being funded or is it the opioid
problem that's being funded by Congress
so anyway that's part of that 750
million dollars a study published in
August 2017 said that when participants
use cannabidiol CBD it blocked the
opioid reward for their brains and as a
result the finding that this blocks
opioid reward this cannabis product
suggests this compound may be useful in
treating addiction oh wait a minute oh
so you mean instead of kind of Bodi all
is that is that the way pronounce it can
Tabo do okay okay well we'll just leave
that there because
I don't see I'm not a drug expert I am
NOT I don't use cannabis I've never used
it I just know that when they put out
studies that say this could actually
help people to get over their opioid
addiction oh but we can't pay attention
to that says Alex's are because the FDA
ignores the medical uses and is going to
continue to ignore the medical uses of
marijuana we'll keep it as a class 1
drug even though we've had well over
half of the states passed medical
marijuana laws and nullification of the
federal government trying to push a
United Nations war on drugs we're going
to continue to ignore that and not only
that but they point out that medical
marijuana products may have a role in
reducing the use of opioids needed to
control pain so you could use this
instead of opioids and if you took the
bad advice of your doctor because you
misguiding Lee you you you had a
misguided trust in your doctor of the
hospital and the AMA and big
pharmaceutical companies and the
commercials you see on CNN and Fox if
you went ahead and took those opioids
and you got addicted to it
medical marijuana could help get you off
of it but let's not pay attention to
welcome back I've got one more thing to
say about this multi-billion dollar
federal effort to shut down the opioid
epidemic yes a horrible thing people
have died people become addicted it's
destroyed lives and yet the thing I find
interesting about this is that this is
an an addiction and epidemic that has
been pushed by the pharmaceutical
companies by the doctors the hospitals
the AMA and so forth and by mainstream
legacy media putting out all these
commercials that really fund them from
big pharma when are they going to stop
it well actually no they're just looking
for trying to ignore the fact that
medical marijuana according to study
published in August of 2017 points out
the CBD can actually block the opioid
reward in the brains of people who are
addicted to it so it can be used to get
people off of opioids to break the
addiction and
can be used to keep them from getting
addicted in the first place but we can't
have that can we
to have Alex Azhar who is now the
Secretary of Health and Human Services
in the same way that FDA Commissioner
Scott Gottlieb has ties to big
pharmaceutical companies you know where
Alex's R came from used to be the US
president of Eli Lilly the president of
the u.s. division of Eli Lilly this is
the kind of revolving door that we see
happening this is called regulatory
capture so that the the Institute's
within the federal government that's are
supposedly going to be regulating people
as referees are actually being run by
the people who have the companies it's
kind of like if we had let's say that we
had HSBC the company that's been
convicted but never really punished for
laundering money for drug cartels and
terrorist organizations let's say that
we took somebody from their board of
directors and made them the FBI director
let's say oh wait we did that didn't we
with James Comey yeah it kind of works
like that doesn't it and so this guy
Alex Azhar when he was president of the
u.s. division of Eli Lilly he oversaw
experiments on young boys giving them
see Ellis the erectile dysfunction drug
now you might ask if they were doing
this because they thought it was going
to be an effective treatment for
muscular dystrophy why didn't they give
it to young girls no they gave it to
young boys and they said well it did
nothing for the muscular dystrophy it
helped the company to increase their
bottom-line profits and to ensure that
the patient the Year patent rather would
be extended for another six months this
is what our current health and human
services secretary Alex's are did while
he was at Eli Lilly article from
freethought project all right let's talk
real quickly before we get into some
more irony news let's talk real quickly
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get back to the irony news here
Tesla now they've got this on Breitbart
as after a billion dollars in government
subsidies I that's you know about three
years ago I covered an LA Times story
they totaled up at that point in time it
was four billion dollars in subsidies at
Tesla had gone but of course they were
looking at Elon Musk in general so Tesla
itself and maybe they're looking just at
federal subsidies so that's a part of it
but of course Elon Musk gets massive
subsidies for his firecrackers that he
sets off with roadsters little cherry
roadsters on top he also gets massive
government subsidies for batteries that
he bills and so forth but just Tesla the
electric vehicle company has now been
fined a hundred thirty-nine thousand
dollars for air pollution how's that for
irony and the air pollution is Nitra
nitrogen oxides oh my bad stuff like you
might find in an internal combustion
engine or even in a diesel engine
they're putting it out there in their
factory or this Mike Huckabee sign of
more political correctness outside of
the Oscars it's everywhere of course
Washington Post points out that the
Country Music Association had announced
its newest members of the board of its
Charitable Foundation they put on singer
Chris Young and former Arkansas governor
Mike Huckabee oh but then you had an
openly gay guy Jason Owens start out and
criticize him because first of all he's
a white male secondly he's a Republican
but most of all he's a Christian and so
anybody that supports traditional
heterosexual Christian defined marriage
as between one man and one woman oh that
makes you a that's hate thought that's a
thought crime and it's hate speech if
you say it and we know that because the
Southern Poverty Law Center tells us so
and they actually got a guy to attack
the Family Research Council for that
very thing wanted to shoot people up at
the Family Research Council because
Southern Poverty Law Center had
identified that as a hate group so
you're not allowed to have your idea of
what marriage should be no we have to
bow to their official definition of
marriage and so
in this he said yeah he said I'm openly
gay and I you know I hate him for that
and that's okay it's it's good if he
hates Mike Huckabee he can say that Mike
Huckabee is harassing and bullying him
he says not to mention how harmful and
damaging his deep involvement with the
is with the NRA is what a shameful
choice and so Mike Huckabee stepped down
and he said the message here is hate
wins the bullies have succeeded that's
right because bullying and harassment by
the left isn't bullying and harassment
he said I'm gonna step down because I
don't want my presence there to take
money from students who might get funded
by the cma Charities so he stepped down
take a look at Vegas we've got still a
still no surveillance footage coming
from Vegas you realize that we haven't
seen the surveillance footage from the
parkland shooting either why is that
what is that you know we haven't even
seen as we said many times Las Vegas one
of the most heavily surveilled places on
the planet it were it was the casinos
far before we had the government's get
interested in putting camera clusters on
every corner to spy on its population
that was being done in spades by the
casinos and they funded an entire
industry that had cameras that could
zoom in an incredible amount and even to
the extent that they're used by as I
pointed out before and North Carolina
the department transportation would use
them there to look at traffic backups
I'd see traffic backing up and they
would look to see what was happening
down the road they actually had crews
that would go there and remove whatever
had broken down or an accident to get
them off the road as quickly as possible
the first time I've seen government
actually do something proactive to help
on the road typically they're just
involved in giving out fines but they
would actually use that to see if there
was an accident and you'd be able to
zoom down with those cameras from one
exit to the other a couple of miles
you'd be able to see those cameras had
been developed by the casinos so they
could see that much detail on
buddy and yet there's no not even one
single still image showing Stephen
paddock any of the casinos and now we
don't have anything coming out of the
parkland shooting because that would
that would be a problem if we saw a
deputy who'd been told to stand down he
doesn't want us to see that see they say
well we can't do that for security
reasons but they said that building is
gonna be demolished this isn't gonna
show anything except what the Sheriff's
Department doesn't want you to see stay
with us we'll be right back over the
weekend there was an election in Italy
and as everybody is reporting the
quote/unquote Euroskeptics in other
words the people who are skeptical about
staying in the European Union surged in
the election and it has created a
situation in Italy that is very much
like what we saw happen in Germany now
whoever puts together a coalition
government after this understand it it's
very different the way Americans can
think of this is that here in the United
States we basically we doubt anybody is
not allowed to participate except for
two parties well over there they have
multi-party elections and one of the
ways that you can see this reflected is
that they're saying well it's a very low
turnout the lowest turnout and Italy's
post-world War two history seventy-three
percent of the people voted can you
here in the United States seventy-three
percent of people voting of course not
because most of the people come to the
polls and they've got an evil and a
lesser evil candidate that's the way
they typically run the things in the
United States and this is something for
people to pay attention to right now
because if you don't get a good choice
and the primaries the primaries are one
you need to pay attention and of course
we've got a primary coming up here in
Texas tomorrow you need to pay attention
in the primaries you're gonna get stuck
with two bad candidates and you know
trying to find one whichever one is
least evil but in Europe they have
multi-party democracies and so then they
make a coalition after the election
because typically they have enough
parties that get votes that nobody is a
clear winner over 50% this happened in
Germany because
of the rise of the anti euro anti open
border party AFD alternative for
Deutschland and Merkel has been trying
to put together a coalition for six
months now they say that she's got it
now well we'll wait and see I've been
seeing that article written over and
over again for several months oh yeah we
finally got the coalition we finally got
the coalition well maybe they do have a
coalition and if they do it has taken
them six months so now what they're
saying is is that in Italy because of
this surge and what they call populist
parties populist parties are simply
parties that support national
sovereignty rather than turning over
their national sovereignty to Brussels
or to some other supranational group
whether it's the UN or the European
Union or something like that so be
interesting to see what happens in Italy
in West Virginia we have a strike going
on by teachers and they have now in all
55 counties they have been closed for
eight days as of last Friday I think
three-quarters of a sorry quarter of a
million students are entering their
eighth day of no school as our 35,000
employees and it's kind of interesting
to look at what their beef is of course
they want a pay raise but organizations
like NPR this is how they control things
they show in the picture a teacher
holding up a sign saying one percent
raise equals four hundred four dollars a
year plus a $625 monthly increase for
Pei a that's the Public Employees
Insurance Association and she says that
equals a seven thousand dollar pay cut
you understand what's going on here you
will search in vain in this NPR article
to find any mention of out-of-control
health care costs created by Obamacare
and it's ironic to me I was impart this
as part of the irony news here so here
you have the teachers the teacher unions
typically Democrats typically people who
push for big government solutions
everywhere in their upset
because their insurance has become
unaffordable that's one of the key
issues not only are they not getting
enough of a pay increase but what pay
increase they do get is eaten up by
higher insurance cost because of
yeah that's irony for you but don't
expect NPR to report that don't expect
these teachers who are pushing Democrat
socialism to expect it no they want a
free ride take care of me I want
Venezuela that's why Bernie Sanders and
the Democrat Party are heading straight
down the path of Marxism a lot of
spoiled brats we'll be right back
welcome back I was just talking about
the massive school strike that has shut
down every single school in West
Virginia now for eight nine days I think
it's still going on today they didn't
expect it to go on and as we see the
press reporting on this they're missing
all not actually missing they're
refusing to report that the health care
debacle caused by Obamacare is a key
part of their beef they want to get more
of a raise but at the same time the
Public Employees Insurance Association
is cutting benefits and raising rates
high enough that it more than eats up
their pay rate pay increase they're
talking about the fact that they can't
the the amount that their insurance is
going up is greater than their pay raise
and that's what they show on the size
but there's no mention of that in the
NPR article no mention of it they'll
talk maybe about benefits being capped
or whatever no talk of why they're being
capped say this is the elephant in the
room that the Liberals don't want to
talk about they want to pretend that
there's a free ride that there is a free
lunch and people who think like that
like Bernie Sanders who thinks that
Venezuela is great that this is the
reality that's what we're seeing here
with the public employees in West
Virginia as they're striking trying to
get a pay raise that's being eaten up by
Obamacare but at the same time we look
at uber and lyft they're begging the
government for a monopoly on
self-driving car
so not enough that they go into these
jurisdictions and basically demand from
the local governments that they should
not have to comply with the regulations
of any of the taxi companies the taxi
companies who have their own special
group of inspectors like they do in
Washington DC they've got a group of
inspectors from the city that target
taxi drivers and they give them a White
Glove inspection and tell them that
they've got to have newer cars and also
but never say anything to burr and uber
and lyft get to pretend that they're
nothing but a rideshare company they're
just telling a driver where he can find
somebody who wants to share ride you
and then for that these uber and lyft
drivers are earning a median profit of 3
dollars and 37 cents per hour this is
the new slave economy we're pretty soon
these guys are not going to be able to
own their own cars and they don't intend
to have that happen for very long the
business model of uber and lyft is first
of all to get special treatment from the
local government to get exceptional
treatment if they had to be exposed to
the same taxi taxes that taxi companies
have to be exposed to the medallions
that they have to buy if they had to do
that if they had to go through the same
inspections and comply with the same
regulations they would never be able to
compete and they're doing this right now
with the assistance of the government
because they want to push through an
odourless transportation system where
you have no ownership whatsoever we all
become serfs and slave to them and they
pretend to pay us and they sell us rides
buy sell us our transportation by the
ride we are not going to be able to
afford to do anything to go anywhere and
even if we can it will be subject to
their political whims take a look at
what's going on right now with the
censorship on the internet you think
these people aren't paying attention to
everything you're doing on the Internet
following you everywhere you didn't
think that they if they believe that
you're a threat to them that they won't
shut you down in your movement in a
heartbeat but the key thing is that
they're going to just economically
blockade you into cities that will
become get
you won't be able to get out of that's
been the plan from United Nations for a
very long time agenda 21 and now they
call it the UN Agenda 2030 for
sustainability so they're they want a
monopoly even on the self-driving cars
so you're gonna have these big
corporations fighting each other to see
who is gonna have monopoly on these cars
just as they're establishing a little
oligarchy over our free speech and as we
see these people getting paid three
dollars and 37 cents per hour and that's
gonna even go away when they go to
driverless cars so what are they going
to do with all of us angry unemployed
people who don't have any money to do
anything well they'll give us a little
bit of free money until they can go
through a soft kill and take a look
every month we see more studies coming
out talking about how sperm rates are
plummeting in the Western countries now
you can ask what is it that they're
doing is it the food is it the chemicals
is it the drugs is it the I don't know
maybe it's the the Wi-Fi everywhere the
5g that's coming what are they doing to
kill us too soft kill us because this is
not simply well it's women who decide
they want to go into the workplace and
so they're delaying having children
until later on know that we're talking
about sperm count here this is a health
issue I've said this for a very long
time this is a health issue this is not
simply people delaying having kids but
is responsible for the declining
birthrate they're rapidly plummeting
birthrate that we see in the West no
this is all about people replacement if
they're even going to replace people
with if they're even going to replace
the people in the West with people in
the developing third-world no they're
probably just gonna replace all the
people but as they look at this people
are starting to say yeah I'd love to
have the idea of just put me on a
poverty level income I'd love to have
poverty level income and not have to
have a job this is the mentality of
people now in the West they're gonna
give us a slave economy they're gonna
give us a slave Society because we think
like slaves and as we look at this
tarah stuff we got gerald Celente
joining us and the next
I want to get his take on the tariffs
because a lot of people are looking at
the terrace Chris Wallace took on navara
was very upset with him and I want to
play that clip for him then I'll comment
on it let's play the clip with Chris
Wallace battling Navarro a new hundred
$75 per vehicle tax times 17 million
vehicles sold in the USA in 2017 equals
almost three billion dollars in new
annual consumer taxes just for steel and
autos overall when you if I may sir if
you took not just cars but all the
products that use imported steel were
imported aluminum we're talking about
attacks on American consumers in the
billions of dollars I like secretary
Ross's math a whole lot better let's
let's do it for aluminum if you look at
a 10% tariff on aluminum six pack of
beer or coke
that's a cent and a half if you look at
the other end of the spectrum Boeing 777
it's one of the best airliners ever made
it's a 330 million dollar aircraft we're
talking about an increase in costs at
the worst of $25,000 so when you're
talking about these massive costs or
whatever is a fact it's not there are no
downstream price effects on our
industries that are significant okay
let's hold it right down here you
understand how you can manipulate the
numbers there and that's what Chris
Wallace is doing he's taking a Cato
Institute study I think it was which
Cato Institute is for full open borders
and open trade this is where I break
with the libertarians quite frankly
because if you can't understand by now
what has happened with open borders and
open trade have you seen our jobs going
to try and have you noticed that Cato
Institute have you noticed that as much
as I would like to be able to travel
anywhere I want without any restrictions
or any passport or any checks by the TSA
we don't have a situation like that I
mean you want to stop the war on drugs
first good let's do that you want to
stop the welfare state first good but
until you stop those two things then
we're going to have to
had another bad solution on top of it if
you won't really get to the root causes
of the problems that we see here but
take a look at what he's saying there
first of all that Cato Institute story
the the way they ran that through adding
175 thousand dollars to the cost of a
car and as Navarro points out later on
he says that you're talking about a
thirty thousand dollar car
he says that's a tiny percentage you
know the percentage of that is one half
of a percent one half of one percent now
if you were selling cars and you're
building them here in America and that
one hundred and seventy five dollars out
of thirty thousand dollars your your car
is thirty thousand one hundred and
seventy five dollars in your competitor
competitors car is thirty thousand
dollars and you can't convince people
that you got a better car you got a
problem with your product and that's a
trivial amount the question is are we
going to do something to protect our
independence are we going to think long
term and I think that this is the right
move for president Trump we'll see what
gerald Celente thanks on the other side
but i think we have to work to get our
steel industry back that Richard Nixon
and Henry Kissinger gave away decades
ago they set that in progress stay with
us we'll be right back
joining us now is gerald Celente he's
american trends forecaster person i
always look to to find out what's going
to be happening i I really respect
Gerald's aunty's take on what is
happening I wanted to have him on today
to talk about the tariffs and other
economic issues as well as warm peace
because they're all tied together aren't
they but of course you can find him he's
the publisher of trends journal and you
can also find him on many many
broadcasts where he is a commenter as
well and if you want to find trends
journals subscribe to that you can find
it at trends research com that's how you
can subscribe to trends journal
something that I always enjoy reading so
joining us today is gerald Celente
welcome Jerell well thanks for having me
David thank you very much he's great
being on with you I always love to have
you here and I want to find out what you
think about this because we've had a lot
of s all anybody's been talking about
besides the Oscars which we talked about
that but besides that everybody is
talking about the
95% tariff on foreign steel and the 10%
tariff on aluminum wallstreet reacted to
that they say of course it's all about
the interest rates as well I mean we've
had the Federal Reserve talking about
how they're gonna continue to raise
interest rates and so they're looking at
this and say well it's gonna be
inflationary and that's the excuse for
us to sell off our stocks but I want to
get your take on what you feel about
this is a good thing a bad thing
president Trump has said this is a move
as part of national security that we
need to have domestic steel production
and he's done this in a different way
I've seen former bush official I think
he was the White House chief of staff
saying President Bush put on some
tariffs on some paintings in the World
Trade Organization told no you can't
have those and so he took him off but he
said now President Trump has done this
as part of national defense
so it's not going to be subject to the
World Trade Organization instead he's
concerned there's going to be some kind
of a trade war what do you think well I
don't think there'll be a trade war at
all and you know the hypocrisy out there
by the way from the Democrats it's
Bill Clinton Slick Willy it's the
perfect name for him bill I didn't have
sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky I
smoked but I didn't inhale Clinton he
promised us and that other piece of
garbage Al Gore no these nothing a guy
another guy born on third base thought
he hit a home run his old man wasn't
senator he'd be nowhere where as he
should be core they promised 200,000
jobs would be created with NAFTA that's
right that's right
and of course NAFTA was a thing that
both he and Bush were pushing at the
time this is going to create on it the
only person that wasn't pushing that was
Ross Perot talking about that giant
sucking sound and it has been a giant
sucking sound for the last 25 years it
has been and and what happened is that
nobody's held accountable for that and
it was also that little slick piece of
garbage Clinton that got China into the
World Trade Organization and it didn't
go into formally you know when they
formally joined two weeks after 9/11
when no one was watching
yeah what about it yeah exactly
now look you said about war and peace
remember how we were taught to hate
those commies those Red Chinese yeah
until the multinationals and all the
companies that sold us out could go over
there and get their products made
cheaply we lost 3.5 million jobs yes
since China joined the World Trade
Organization that's right now let's go
back again look at what's happened and
look at the outcry of Trump putting a
lousy tariff on aluminum and steel no
one is calling out the people that sold
out our nation no no no and here's
another one this is from our trends
Journal back in 2009 on the economic
front the worst of Bill Clinton was
arguably as pushed a passage of the
North American Free Trade Agreement
promising it would increase exports
provide more and better paying jobs and
thereby boost American standard of
NAFTA permitted nations to flood markets
with goods and commodities that they
could produce cheaply or had in
abundance for example US corn to Mexico
and Canadian lumber to the United States
undercutting domestic suppliers and
other member nations NAFTA remove
restrictive trade barriers making it
impossible for American manufacturers to
ship production and therefore jobs to
foreign cheap labor markets the latter
issue was a major concern to blue-collar
Midwest workers whose jobs had fallen
victim to the agreement as a candidate
battling Hillary Clinton for the
Democratic nomination Barack Obama
harshly criticized NAFTA and to woo Rust
Belt voters pledged to renegotiate after
one selected Obama's campaign rhetoric
phears and shot in Canada a major trade
partner and beneficiary to many NAFTA
provisions alive fears he would weaken
the pact in March 2008 a senior member
of Obama's campaign team phoned the
Canadian ambassador Michael Wilson to
assure him quote not to be worried about
what Obama says about NAFTA end quote it
was made clear to the Canadians that
Obama's NAFTA bashing quote should be
viewed as more about political
positioning than a clear articulation of
policy plans in plain and English
political positioning means don't worry
about Barack Obama honoring his word
he'll say anything he has to to get
votes yeah like all the rest of the
politicians that's right so we look at
immigration that's a GOP corporation
saying they want cheap labor to come in
and they want to you know send the the
jobs abroad and then the jobs that we
have here if we got to have jobs here
they want to bring cheap labor in at the
same time exactly and again going back
to Hippocrates when Obama was talking
about it you know the Obama the liar in
chief he backtracked on every promise he
made when he was champion a reversal of
NAFTA all the liberal press they were
all in his favor
but now the Trump is doing it those
little hypocrite prostitutes because
they get paid to put out or singing a
different tune that's the point I wanted
to make that's a great point because we
need to go back and look at NAFTA I mean
if you go back and look at our trade
deficit with Mexico for example prior to
NAFTA we're running about a two to five
billion dollar difference sometimes we
had a trade surplus with Mexico
sometimes it was the other way around
but it never fluctuated more than plus
or minus two to five billion dollars as
soon as NAFTA went through we never had
a trade deficit that was less than
seventeen billion dollars a year it's
gone up to the mid 60s or 70 billion
dollars a year in subject
one billion last year yeah 71 billion
from as you said to either even or
positive for us look what just happen
I have to tell you the Americans are
gutless on as a nation look what just
happen in Italy with the elections they
had less yes yes the five star movement
cinque stella just won a new party a new
party in france whether you liked it or
not they had record low turnout since
world war ii 73% of the people voted i
never ever seen i mean typically it's
about half that in the united states and
it's because they're they have a
multi-party election unlike here where
these guys shut down everything and they
do it the same way they have youtube and
these social media centers operating
welcome back i'm david knight and
joining me is gerald Celente for another
segment we're glad to have him here he
is the publisher of trends journal you
can find it at trends research comm an
excellent publication gerald has an
insight into what's coming economically
and politically that is very rare in
this in this world and gerald as we're
looking at this tariff situation we're
just talking about nafta and how we used
to have a roughly rough parity between
Mexico for example then after they
signed after we had jumped from you know
even parity to seventeen billion
dollar-a-year deficit and then just
climbed since then up to 71 billion most
recently but as I was looking and I
played the clip just before you came on
the clip we had navara being opposed by
Chris Wallace at Fox News who is putting
out Cato Institute's talking points it
looked to me like the same argument that
Planned Parenthood makes to women to
push an abortion they go through and
they total up all the money that you
might possibly spend on your child
through its first 18 years and say can
you afford to spend five million dollars
on a kid well then you better abort it
and now what they're doing is they're
using the same logic even though it's
only 1/2 of 1% an increase to cars if
you go with their numbers they're saying
well you can't afford this because look
at how it
billion dollars to the end consumer
taxes and just when you're so abort your
manufacturing base you know I again you
know let's put the whole picture
together again we were talking about
what's going on we just happened in
Italy what why did the five star
movement win and the other populist
movement because the people attired in
getting shafted from being in the
Eurogroup why is there such a big
outrage against being against
globalization the United States trade
deficit is why about five hundred and
sixty six billion dollars I mentioned
about Bill Clinton since China came into
the World Trade Organization our debt
with them is now what three hundred and
seventy five billion dollar deficit
rather a deficit look at the trade
deficits why would anybody with a brain
bigger than a P want to have these
deficits if you're running a business
and you're losing that much money each
year would you stay in business no but
you could stay in politics and you could
stay on the mainstream media because
you're getting paid off they call it
campaign contributions adults call it
bribes and payoffs training for in the
media they call it salary like Wallace a
prostitute putting out for the let that
think tank what think tanks think tanks
college you know that what they were
teaching in economics of course is
Keynesian economics and they would say
well this deficit doesn't matter because
it's money we ourselves baloney we owe
it to the Chinese we owe it to the
Saudis and so forth and then they also
kind of have the idea that it's like
some kind of a Looney Tunes situation
where you only fall if you realize that
there's no gravity there otherwise you
can just keep going and running on the
air you know or if the deficit is big
then you're not going to go down I mean
that's the idea that they're putting
forward everybody's absolute insanity
well what they've done if they sold us
out and now we have lousy jobs so
whatever what Trump is doing why he's
bringing back manufacturing jobs that
pay money and again I remember the
debate back with Al Gore and and and
Ross Perot and they were bragging
Clinton again bragging that we're going
to bring have two hundred thousand jobs
no we lost almost nine hundred thousand
but they don't they're not held
accountable to that and bragging that we
wouldn't have these quote dirty
manufacturing jobs and we can work in
the service sector
oh yeah isn't it great being a bartender
or waitress cleaning the drive home I I
just point out the uber drivers are
making 330 an hour and and that's not
good enough for uber and lyft they want
a monopoly on self-driving cars they
don't even want these people to get
their $3 an hour so that's the bigger
issue is that once upon a time America
used to be a place where the future was
greater than the past no more now it's
make America great again so we're going
back to the past to look for it to be
better and so they don't realize because
the media doesn't cover it with the way
a should is that we've lost out because
of the jobs that was sent overseas it's
as simple as that so by bringing back
manufacturing jobs kids the people that
don't go to college that don't have that
in them to do it and beside you go to
college now only got outings with debt
they had an opportunity to have a normal
middle-class lifestyle that's gone so
why would anybody complain about tariffs
and unfair trade practices oh that's the
other one Obama Obama the liar Obama the
Nobel piece of crap Prize winner
remember the deal he did with South
Korea promising that it was going to
bring us jobs and billions of dollars
the exact opposite has happened now we
have a huge trade deficit with South
but no was hold accountable for it and
they applauded it as though it's
something good why is there even a
discussion about this I think if this is
something that goes beyond
dissatisfaction of course Wall Street
and the bankers are dissatisfied with us
because they set up that system but if
the American people say oh I don't want
to have manufacturing in the United
States I'm perfectly fine with a $3 an
hour job working for uber and left or
basically having no job at all and going
on universal basic income where they
give me a welfare payment every year and
seeing the CNBC is putting out that they
did a poll I don't know if this is a
push poll or if it's real but 48% of
Americans support the idea that they
would get money without any limitation
everybody would just get a check from
the government and just go on that
system and I'd look at that and what
they're pushing right now with universal
basic income is nothing other than the
reservation system that we put on the
American Indians by force we use the
sword to put them under that kind of a
situation and now Americans are begging
for that I mean Russell Means pointed
out and he said you Americans don't
understand they're putting you on a
reservation this was decades ago he's
been dead for several years now and he
said they're putting you on a
reservation he said they've broken every
treaty with us and he said the
Constitution is your treaty with the
federal government they're breaking that
as well and they're gonna put you on a
reservation and now it's really
happening every treaty they'll break
except for NAFTA of course what's slave
LAN do that's the reservation you've got
a job with Amazon and we got to give the
richest guy in the world is worth 110
billion dollars seven billion dollar tax
breaks to open up a plantation where you
could work at its slave land eeeh that's
right the incredible pictures of people
falling asleep on their feet
working for Amazon over the Christmas
break and so forth I mean it real truly
it's not an exaggeration to call it
slave labor or what's happening with you
Landy that's right yeah exactly back to
what happened in Italy they have new
parties new parties in Germany and
France in in Austria in Hung but except
in the United States
we're being run by the Bloods and the
Crips murderers and thieves Oh Democrats
and Republicans don't forget to vote
midterm election little boys and girls
oh you've quoted in NBC Paul oh you mean
NBC the higher the CIA director Oh we'll
get a great information from them that's
right yeah they're telling you that you
really do want universal basic income
you want to get on that slave allowance
and you pointed out the fact that we've
got the two parties and as we're looking
at the censorship that is rolling out on
YouTube and how it's being imposed on
people I have seen how the the
government has imposed censorship by
using private parties and they did it to
support the two-party system I worked a
lot with a libertarian party because I
wanted to create a multi-party system I
don't like having just two choices on
the ballot but they make sure that
doesn't happen with their ballot access
laws and then when you come to the
debate they say well the debates being
run by a private organization a news
organization a news organization that
doesn't want the parties that went
through extra hoops to get on the ballot
doesn't want them in the debate and now
we're seeing the same thing being done
with social media you know I say we
should invade another country because
they don't have democracy we got to take
a quick break I'm gonna be right back
with gerald Celente stay with us welcome
back we're talking to gerald Celente of
trends research calm and of course you
can go there and find the links to
subscribe to trends journal a great
journal that gerald Celente is the
publisher of take a look at I think he's
got a sample there that you can see what
it looks like but Gerald cilenti has
always been ahead of the curve in terms
of predicting politics as well as
financial events we've been talking
about the tariffs I want to talk about
something else that is dear to your
heart Gerald and that is a piece you've
worked you've done a lot to try to
organize for peace you have the Occupy
peace rallies that you had I guess what
was it about a year so ago that you had
but let's talk a little bit about Syria
because as we're going to break and
we're talking about the duopoly that has
been imposed upon us with the
Republicans and Democrats you said oh
let's go invade another country and give
them democracy I guess like we did with
Iraq Afghanistan Libya worked so well
that we
now doing it in Syria even though they
tell us the several months ago they
destroyed the basis of Isis there in
Syria we're still there and we're
engaging the Russian family yeah and
what business do we have being there
again who brought us there Obama and
again Nobel piece of crap prize winner
an arrogant guy that lies and gave you a
lot of hope and change you could believe
it you know just a disgusting human
being a mass murderer how many people
quote I'm really good at killing people
did he kill with drone strikes that's
right how many wars did he take us into
with no president served with more wars
under us in fired term than Obama and
again what did Syria do to us I'll tell
you what Assad has to go I said yeah so
look what they've done they've killed
almost a half a million Syrians they
destroyed a nation that was doing
relatively well one of the more prolific
nations in the Middle East people have
actually used to go there to vacation
and see the beautiful you know wonders
of the world and in ancient Syria not
and for what reason you know so and now
of course turkeys involved in it why
don't people just leave Syria alone oh
and by the way history doesn't count
they made up these joints it used to be
the Ottoman Empire but after World War
one what the the the sykes-picot give me
a t-square and a ruler and we're gonna
make up the countries that's right lines
over there all these countries that's
right so the Babylonians and the
Assyrians and the Persians and then they
also had the Medes well you know they
came up of roughly 20 how give me the
ruler will draw the lines they came up
with roughly three countries out of
those four groups they split the Medes
the Kurds amongst all of those so
guaranteed to create a perpetual
conflict there but you know we look at
this there is a big economic motive
we've got the the Americans and their
allies want to run
gas pipeline through Syria to Europe and
the Russians want to run their gas line
through Syria to Europe but there's also
something else here that I think is very
scary and that is part of this Russian
reset I mean we look at the Russians the
Russians the Russians it isn't just
being used against President Trump
we've got Republicans using this as well
because both the Republicans and the
Democrats wanted to revive this big
military industrial program of you know
having intercontinental ballistic
missiles and the nuclear arms race and
now we're seeing this with a hypersonic
missiles that Putin is announcing and
DARPA comes out says yeah we're gonna do
our own and so now we got an arms race
with that which is exactly what they
want they want to have this new cold war
so they can push the military industrial
complexes new products again go back to
Eisenhower five-star generals supreme
commander of the Allied forces two-term
president his farewell address
military-industrial complex is robbing
the nation but the future of his the the
genius of the scientists the sweat of
the laborers and the future of the
children here we are look how the
nation's decline since 1960 when he left
office in every way and again I don't
like you he's little boys that talk
tough that couldn't fight their way out
of a paper bag yeah and they're the ones
talking war all the time here's a quote
from from little Lindsey Graham that is
a tough yeah oh yeah yeah yeah Lindsey
Graham North Korea walk would quote be
worth it yeah how come they don't walk
them up stop calling these people
start calling him sick sob 'he's just
idle murderers is white at war criminals
is really more like it exactly that's
what I said about Obama look at the wars
that he started focus yeah 33,000 troops
surgeon in Afghanistan promising several
times that we'd be out of there going
back into Iraq the Yemen why forgot
about the Yemen war that you know why
forgot about it because the media never
reports on it that's right that the
United States you know the United States
is in bed with the Saudis and you call
them our friends how many people did
they behead today Oh
they're giving women the right to drive
in June you know great you know look at
all the wars that they've started oh and
then he again going back to the Italian
election what was one of the big issues
migration immigrants refugees okay if
I'm not mistaking because I know it's a
fact when they when Obama Hillary
Clinton Samantha Power's and Susan Rice
overthrew Gaddafi in Libya he warned
Qaddafi warned Europe when you get rid
of me you're gonna have a flood of
immigrants and refugees flooding into
your countries he was laughing that they
weren't coming out of Tripoli they
weren't coming out of Libya he stopped
it yeah and they killed them and now
they got it
that's right creating chaos and
confusion and then they say well now
you've got to bring those people into
your country so we can have chaos and
confusion which brings us back to where
we started
President Trump said these tariffs are
about national security and I agree I
think we do have to have domestic steel
production and I think a half a percent
increase off the price of a car if that
is even the case is worth it for that
but let's talk about the real national
defense which is defending our borders
why can't the wall Gerald be funded out
of the NDAA they put everything in there
that doesn't belong in there why can't
we have the wall come out of that why
can't the president make the
determination we're gonna bring the
troops home we're gonna patrol the
border so we don't have this drug war
that they also created spill into our
country well that's one of the prot
forms of occupy peace calm bring all the
troops secure the borders yes and put
them to work rebuilding our third-world
infrastructure and force Congress to
vote to go to war which they have not
done since - since World War two that
what you were talking about the
Constitution the Constitution's they're
the people have killed it and the other
element by the way is blocked chained
democracy we blocked chain you make that
one transaction it's it's sealed we have
blocked chain voting so we the people
tell Congress how to vote if we're going
to go to war
because after all they don't send the
Senate his son that's right rich man's
war poor man's fight isn't it right so
that's what occupy peace is about but
not you know look at all these
billionaires nobody talks about peace
not a penny for peace raising money for
occupy peace it's one of the most
difficult things I've ever done it in my
life people don't want to donate toward
peace but boy they love war yeah it's
absolutely crazy
and of course nobody loves it more than
Lindsey Graham as you point out oh yeah
it's worth it and because it's gonna be
them he said who's gonna be dying
that's his take on that why does anybody
listen to him pelosi-feinstein little
Chuckie Schumer look at the jerks you
got running the show don't forget to
vote midterm elections are coming don't
forget to vote for your favorite freak
yeah what you got Lindsey Graham with
the neo-con Republicans and then of
course she had Madeleine Albright
remember that famous interview where
they asked her you had your your
sanctions starved to death a half a
million children she didn't say no no no
no that wasn't our sanctions no she said
it was worth it just like Lindsey Graham
and how about Hitler II Clinton we Came
we saw he died he when she found out
Gaddafi was killed they're sick people
we need a new way the pro America party
is the one I want that's right it's
about time that we did something like
that you look at the people who are
concerned and rightfully so about 17
children being killed in a school yet
they're not concerned about the hundreds
who are killed in Chicago over the drug
war and they're not concerned about the
tens of millions that have been killed
because the guns have been confiscated
by various governments that tyrants who
get in power but you can't get them
interested about the big picture because
it's nothing is but a statistic is a
stolen said so you look at 17 kids
that's a tragedy but if you look at 17
million people killed that's just a
statistic hey how about those sauce
yeah yeah exactly well thank you so much
for joining us JLo we're out of time and
that's the end of our show today and
again you can find Gerald you can find a
Trends journal which is what he
publishes and you can find that at
trends research dot-com always a
pleasure to have gerald Celente thank
you so much Cheryl and that's it for our
broadcast today thank you for joining us
I'm David Knight we've taken a rain
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