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YouTube Memory-Holes HealthRanger
« on: March 06, 2018, 06:02:31 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight remember the Nazi
poems as Mike Adams of Health recha of
course he'll be hosting the Alex Jones
Show tomorrow remember the Nazi era poem
about who will be left to speak when
they come for you this is what Mike
Adams tweet out he said today YouTube
came for me and they will come for you
next entire health Ranger channel
terminated without reason without cause
something big is being planned beware
and of course that was a quote from
Pastor Martin e Mueller who said well
you know first they came for this group
then they came for that group then they
came for this group then they came for
the Christians and there was nobody left
to help me let me explain to you that
even if you don't have a youtube channel
number one they want to stop you from
being informed with any alternative
opinions they have a desire to have a
oligarchy just like they used to in the
old days when they had ABC CBS NBC and
then eventually NPR and they could
control the narrative every single one
of those news outlets would report the
same news every day it just depended on
which face you liked to report this and
they would report the same news they
would give you the same angle why
because the news was coming from the
government but we're not allowed to
question the government no matter how
absurd the narrative not allowed to
question it and if it we're not offering
any solutions I'm just questioning when
you've got teachers saying you know we
were told it was gonna be a drill and we
were told that it was gonna be blanks at
this same time and then they would start
shooting real bullets
another teacher says I looked down the
hall I saw a guy dressed in full SWAT
uniform and so forth I saw we're not
supposed to question that as a matter of
fact when these people said that to
reporters reporters didn't say can you
go in a little bit more detail on that
that's really bizarre can you tell me
something no no no no they changed the
subject and now they're trying to change
the subject by shutting down anybody
that questions what is out there so as
Mike Adams pointed out I said they
deleted the entire health Ranger video
channel deleting over 1,700 videos and
the latest politically motivated censor
purge he said these are videos that
covered everything from nutrition to
natural medicine history science and
current events I I imagined they had a
big problem with the excellent audio
forensic analysis that Mike Adams dead
of the shooting in Vegas to show not
only that he believed that there were
more than one shooter but where he
thought they might be based on the
delays and the time it takes for the
sound to get to a particular spot where
the people were recording it so you can
agree with that or disagree with that
but that's the way it would be in a free
market but in the market that the
government wants to create you don't
even get to ask those questions it used
to be they would just call us conspiracy
theorists if we didn't believe that only
one shooter was involved at the
assassination of JFK that's where it
came from
the FBI said you don't believe that Lee
Harvey Oswald shot all those bullets
from a bolt-action rifle and scored
three shot the you know headshots and so
forth and that short period of time you
don't believe that your conspiracy
theorist shut up you don't get a chance
to talk that was what they have done for
the longest time and it's like that's
right call me a conspiracy theorist I
don't believe that I don't believe that
at all they weren't expecting for there
to be a Zapruder film but you know what
the alternative media the crowdsourcing
of you the the people the American
people with your video phones and so
forth has made it very hard for them to
push these lone shooter narratives
hasn't it there's a lot of Zapruder
films out there every time they do
something every time and there's a lot
of Zapruder films that go back and show
what these politicians said a year ago
or two years ago they don't like that
either say it's not just an
assassination or mass shooting there's
the pruder films out there for
everything they're doing and they've got
to shut that down as he pointed out in
his article he said them many
independent media leaders like myself
for calling for government regulation of
YouTube to protect free speech and to
end tyranny
you know these same people
were out there and I noticed the tweets
when Alex said well it looks like
they're gonna shut us down they're also
gonna shut us down
tomorrow delete the entire channel there
are thousands of tweets out there what
people saying good good I'm glad I'm
glad it's not like to that I thought you
know what I typically either won't say
anything or if I see it or sometimes if
it's interesting I'll comment on Twitter
if I think the person's if I disagree
then and I think that they're making a
point that needs to be unmade I'll
engage them on Twitter send stuff to me
at Liberty terian if you disagree with
me or if you agree with me fine whatever
but when somebody is out there
applauding censorship I thought you know
what I'm gonna do I'm just gonna block
them because that's what they want they
want censorship they don't want a
discussion so I'm just gonna block
anybody that I see that says anything
applauding censorship by YouTube telling
me that it's a private organization this
is what you're getting private when
everything is run by private individuals
and private property they can just shut
you down anywhere they want well no no
not really
the government should be a referee in
that but these same people you
understand would applaud and probably go
back and look at their tweets they love
the idea that the government shut down a
bakery or a photographer because they
didn't want to make a cake for a
homosexual wedding they applauded that
now those bakers and those photographers
don't have a monopoly on baking or
photography in that marketplace but
YouTube does with the help of the
government I might add because that's
exactly what they want they want crony
censorship and as I said at the top of
the hour I have seen crony censorship
operate I know exactly what's going on
with this these people are clueless I
find it interesting that most of their
comments were basically gifts they put a
little short looping video of somebody
shaking their head or you know sticking
their tongue out that's their response
that's their response because they can't
think for themselves
and because if they do they do base
whatever they do on visceral content in
other words you're not gonna have an
argument with these people because they
don't want to debate they don't believe
there is any such thing as truth they
don't read they can't communicate always
see our visceral pictures and so they
respond with a meme or with a gift or
whatever typically with a gift because
they can't form thoughts of their own
they even have to steal other people's
thoughts and put them back out there
they can't even come up with their own
gift and it will take a picture of
themselves and create a gift of
themselves sticking their tongue out or
shooting a bird or whatever this is the
juvenile mentality of the social justice
warriors that are supposedly educated
but that in air quotes by our government
schools they've been turned into little
Marxist is what they've been turned into
who want nothing but censorship and as
Mike Adams points out it's ironic that
they do all this in the name of bullying
and harassment because that's exactly
what this is you imagine that the
government works very hard to bend all
kinds of rules to allow a shopping
center to set up a mall and then they
tell people well no we're not gonna
allow certain classes of people in here
or if you have political beliefs or if
you're a Christian or what you can't
come into this shopping mall and they do
that after they have shut down all the
other malls in the area all the other
stores in the area so there's nothing
left but this great big mall or this one
single store like a Walmart so they come
in Walmart comes in here's your analogy
this is the way these guys have always
operated this is what the left doesn't
seem to understand Walmart has always
come into an area and they work in this
as a pattern that we've seen with
hardware stores we've seen it with
office supply stores we sent it with
general retail these Wall Street back
mega corporations will come into an area
they will shut down all the mom-and-pop
independent retailers and then when they
have a monopoly then they can Jack the
prices up or in this case they can tell
you well you can't come into this store
you can't come in you don't get even a
chance to sell your stuff here whatever
we're not going to even allow you in
here as a customer you're fine with that
aren't you lefties you like that if they
let the right sort of people in you know
if they would get rid of the white male
NRA gun owners say sorry you can't come
in to Walmart but I have to buy
groceries and this is the only grocery
store left in town because Walmart put
out the rest of the grocery stores sorry
you don't get to come in you're not the
right sort of person we don't want your
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