Author Topic: #OscarsSoLeft: Popularity Contest For Narcissist SJWs  (Read 33 times)

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#OscarsSoLeft: Popularity Contest For Narcissist SJWs
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:59:49 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight Oscar's so white
I think it was Oscars so left that ought
to be the hashtag that we put out there
this is coming from the state California
where Diane Feinstein is considered to
be too conservative and these people
lectured us on everything yesterday I
mean this was absolutely amazing
looking at their corruption looking at
their depravity their debauchery what
you can see in their films all the time
if you want to see that stuff right but
they take their debauchery and they
project it onto America at the same time
but they tell us we don't that their
movies don't reflect the diversity of
real communities and so forth but then
they say that oh but all the debauchery
does reflect America everything that's
happening in Hollywood all these Harvey
Weinstein's and Weinstein wannabes and
all the casting couch actresses oh
that's that's America right there isn't
it yeah
that's America right okay so let's take
a look at this Ben garrison cartoon here
and the Oscars go to and he's got a lot
of little statues here he's got best
creep and predator Woody Allen best
anti-trump nut Robert De Niro he's
holding the script that has been bleeped
out because you know Robert De Niro it
okay he's a he's a method actor and his
method is to use the f-word more than
anybody else uses I mean back in the day
we were looking at whether we're gonna
watch a film or not with a family we
would look at they used to break down
some of the sites would say well there's
a night in this 90-minute movie Robert
De Niro has in he uses the f-word like
160 times it's like did anybody even
write any dialogue oh yeah but he's
probably just improvising because it's
the way he talks that's the way he
talked about President Trump as well
best enabler Meryl Streep and they got a
yeah Ben Garrison's get a picture of her
they're wearing a pink pussy hat best
casting couch Harvey Weinstein and he
big fat Harvey Weinstein best gun
control speech YouTube as best
censorship Best Director and child
rapist Roman Polanski you know because
he's true to his art as Harvey Weinstein
had famously said about ten years ago
when Hollywood didn't notice or care
about these things or was embracing them
whatever he would say he actually came
out and said you know Roman Polanski
needs to be brought home he's paid way
more than he needed to for his crimes
and he's true to his art and that's all
that really matters to these people so
then they have best sleep to the top me
to actress yeah that's the hypocrisy
there isn't barely clothed in that
statuette and Best Actor and molester
Kevin Spacey great cartoon by Ben
garrison and as ABC News pointed out the
Oscars were full of nostalgia well yeah
if your Marxist Leninist it was more
propaganda and it'd been a linear eyghon
stall film but let's take a look at the
way they began with this but because
they did openly harken back to the
glamor days of Hollywood when it used to
be entertainment
remember that here's the opening clip
where they came in give you a taste of
trying to make this look like it's a
whole film and then they do show some
old films some old actors and actresses
and that because you know back in those
days it used to be remember That's
Entertainment the old MGM musical and
then they redid all the musicals I said
that's entertainment now that's that's
the dnc convention is what it is now
that's what Hollywood is about it's not
about entertainment it's about them
lecturing us on everything and then of
course CNN loved it
news flash the Oscars are still so white
now there's still so liberal still so
left just take a look at the most
excluded group so then CNN fake news CNN
pushing this DNC narrative of identity
politics never giving up and there they
are you know they have little white
Oscars and a low black Oscar at the top
of the picture they're still pushing the
racism the identity politics of the DNC
there's that picture right there for
white Oscars and one black Oscar there
and I said only five Hispanic Americans
have won only two Asian Americans have
won and so forth and so on so they're
keeping score and their quota stuff you
know we need to have more of this
demographic and less of that demographic
and then there's an interesting article
pushing back on that idea from a black
man pushing back on that idea the Daily
a veteran comic book writer calls out
the industry said when did I become a
black writer he questioned why he could
no longer write for a white character
this is a guy that they go to to write
is a comic book writer and he said so I
get a call from DC and they want to talk
to me about cyborg I gave them the
standard stump speech I don't want to be
a black writer he said he said he used
to write for all different types of
characters he said he left the business
for years after having been in it for
more than 30 years because he was only
offered black characters he said every
18 months he'd get a call from Marvel or
from DC and that inevitably he said
offer me a character of color a black
character or a Latino character he said
I'd turn him down he said I used to be a
who would write spider-man Deadpool
Batman why am i no longer qualified to
write those characters well the answer
is Bing identity politics they want a
pigeonhole everybody and so you know if
you're white you're evil if you're black
you can only write black and so forth I
said how did I get typecast for writing
Black Panther of all things so you can
think the Democrats and you can thank
their mouthpiece CNN you know these
people live in a fantasy world and the
Electress time about what we should do
but their lectures have no more
relevance than if we were to get a
lecture from Snow White about how to
treat our dwarves
we don't have dwarves and we don't live
in your fantasy world so you need to
just shut up but they won't this place
is more political than Washington
Hollywood is and you know it is when you
look at these Oscars and you go back to
Sally Field everybody laughed at her
when she got up and got the Oscar she
said you like me you really like me and
she clutched it and they've made fun of
that for a very long time but that was
the essence of what it was I mean this
is nothing more than a popularity
contest like a high school and you you
picked the Queen and the king of the
prom I'm pretty something gonna get rid
of the Kings completely just have a
queen I guess I can call her a monarch
but this is nothing but a popularity
contest for narcissists that's what the
Oscars are why would we even care about
this anymore
especially when they add the political
dimension into it so he got Jimmy Kimmel
lecturing pence he says we don't make
films like call me by your name for
money he said we make them too upset
Mike Pence let me tell you something
Hollywood hasn't made films that their
primary concern hasn't been money for a
very long time you've been able to see
it in the last year so with the NFL for
example and some of the other
corporations that will burn down their
business and their business model to
push their politics or to push their
agenda their social agenda and that has
been the case with Hollywood for a very
long time it was
20-30 years ago that my wife and I had a
chain of video stores and I would do the
buy and I would we would go to the
conventions I remember they had a new
line executive there who was lecturing
everybody on the the new technology of
DVDs which we had already been carrying
for a couple years and when we come back
from the break I'll tell you the
discussion that I had with him about
what they wanted to push and what they
ought to be pushing they don't care what
you want to see they've got an agenda
they don't care what makes money they've
got an agenda just like the NFL yeah it
was the DNC convention of 2018 last
night stay with us we'll be right back
so let's talk about Hollywood last night
we saw this year's DNC convention last
night but we also saw them projecting
their filth it's not enough for them to
project their filth up on the big screen
and to do it worldwide no they want to
project their filth onto you you're the
problem and you know I guess we will
eventually become like them because we
get an S the size of that we start to
speak like Robert De Niro we start to
act like Harvey Weinstein why where's it
coming from Hollywood but they lecture
us we're the bad people
that's the NRA that's the killers not
the people who constantly portray I mean
I remember when Sam Peckinpah films
people were astonished at the violence
of Sam Peckinpah now it looks like some
kind of a TV Western compared to what
they used to have it looks basically
bloodless compared to what they have now
and as we're going to break I told you
I'd tell you a story of a new line
executive that I cornered and asked him
some questions as DVD was coming online
as format we'd already been carrying it
for about a year in our stores and there
were some and I don't remember if this
happened before or after there was a
company in Utah called clean films and
what they would do is they would take
the Hollywood typical Hollywood filth
and they were try to clean it up a
little bit and they would find that
different places where they were
throwing the gratuitous sex scene the
gratuitous violence scene and they would
just skip around it it was not necessary
you don't need to see somebody's head
blowing up in slow motion you don't need
to see a
little short porn shot thrown in the
middle of a story to make the story
effective so they just skip around the
stuff that Hollywood loved to put out
there you know these people are
exhibitionist and I'm not talking about
the distribution business either
no they're exhibitionists they want you
to see their filth the Harvey
Weinstein's and the me two actresses as
well they love that they love that so he
was telling us about all the wonderful
things that DVD could do the way it
could be programmed how they could put
extra content in it and newline had just
done and I can't remember the film I
think it was a film about people who got
excited about car accidents it's really
perverse sick film and they made it even
more perverse and sick they put out an
additional version of it that you could
watch not just a nun a Director's Cut
version but had some additional scenes
in it and you could choose which one you
wanted to watch and I said well instead
of letting people choose to watch a even
more perverse version of your film how
about if you guys made a cleaner version
of your film how about instead of just
soda in the gratuitous porn scene in the
middle of the film or the one that's
typically there where they go to a they
have a meeting they go to a stripper bar
that's always a great way for them to
work in nudity so they can get their are
rating so I said instead of doing that
why don't you put in you know shoot that
film twice and instead of shooting it at
a stripper bar why don't you just shoot
it at a regular bar or instead of
showing somebody with their head being
blown up in slow motion if it's
essential to the film just show them
being shot like we used to do it on
television right they get shot they fall
over you don't have to show all the
blood gore and exploding body parts oh
no no no we're not gonna do that we're
not gonna do that they don't want more
money and see that would have been
something that would actually made them
more money you know of course that when
we talk about things like the fact that
the passion of the christ' that Mel
Gibson did was the highest revenue
r-rated film ever in history ever in
because PG films and g-rated films make
more money than r-rated films because
they have a bigger audience it's not
rocket science here but they don't like
PG films Oh even pg-13 film certainly
don't like g-rated films and they're not
going to take there one of the things he
said to me was he said no the directors
would never stand for that I was like
okay this business is beyond redemption
and we got out of it not too long after
that Jimmy Kimmel last night focused
almost exclusively on politics points
out grabbed Ian and that's true
you've got the Pens that were being
distributed by Michael Bloomberg's
avisek advocacy group every town for gun
they created a little gun pen American
flag in orange and gave it to all these
different actors and actresses and they
sent it to the wall group and other key
Hollywood agencies so they could
pressure the actors and actresses to do
this you know because this is a little
popularity contest it's a little
community you don't want to be
ostracized by this narrow little
community that's why it mattered so much
more to Sally Fields that they really
liked her than it did that she got an
Oscar it's not really a measure of of
great quality films it's just a measure
that they really like you which means
you're gonna be getting more jobs if you
come out and you say something
conservative then they don't really like
you and you're not gonna get any jobs
they'll give you a couple examples of
this and of course they're putting out
the hash tag never again to push gun
control and again that hash tag never
again tells you all you need to know
about the naivete of the gun grabbers
starting from these kids that they have
out there as their front their shield
hiding behind kids I mean I look at what
CNN is doing with these kids and it is
as repulsive to me as when you had
Saddam Hussein pulling some kids on very
nervous and setting them on his lap
look in here you know when they shoot me
now with some bombs should kill this kid
and that's essentially what CNN is doing
as they are harassing and bullying
conservative students and arguing them
arguing with them over a couple of words
and the reality is and we all know it
from looking at that Town Hall quote
the CNN did and it's not the first time
they've done it I am NOT gonna go into
that all again but CNN has been caught
multiple times
rigging town hall saying we've got
people here who are not there undecided
and they turned out to be people who are
staffers for Democrat senators and
contra or special interest groups or
whatever they're not independent they
rigged these things they give we pointed
out WikiLeaks showed us that Donna
Brazile was channeling debate questions
or questions that were going to be
allowed in the Town Hall to Hillary
Clinton in advance so she could work on
a focus group and come up with a great
answer with some sound bites and all
this kind of stuff I mean they've been
doing this all along so they got their
never again which you can never stop
anything permanently perfection is never
an option
everybody said never again after World
War one didn't we that was gonna be the
war to end all wars
no didn't happen didn't happen they had
their time's up pens
you've got Gucci saying that now they're
gonna join with Oprah Winfrey and George
Clooney and Jeffrey Katzenberg Steven
Spielberg Kate Capshaw all of them
contributing a half a million dollars to
this phony kids March yeah yeah just
like I said before it's like Mickey
Rooney and Judy Garland let's put on a
oh yeah it's completely organic and
grassroots isn't it and now they got
three million dollars from George
Clooney he was using these kids as a
front but they're pushing and this is
the best headline I've seen anywhere
from Breitbart Oscars celebrities push
gun control surrounded by a wall of 500
armed officers and you know 500 armed
officers to protect these people and
they don't want you have
to protect yourself kind of interesting
- we've got 535 politicians in
Washington protected by an army of
people telling you that you can't
protect yourself as well don't we all of
these Republicans and Democrats are out
there saying no no no we're gonna gonna
peel off this part of your right to
protect yourself I'm gonna peel off that
part of it and we're gonna come up with
new and ingenious ways to destroy the
Second Amendment even further death by a
thousand cuts they've been doing it for
a long time and now they're going to
ramp it up because something must be
done you know it must be done you must
follow the your oath to the Constitution
that you took that's what must be done
and beyond that you need to just shut up
all right when we come back we're going
to tell you about the sexism that we saw
last night the overt sexism and of
course the hate not just for the NRA but
even for a new Bruce Willis movie which
by the way these are boffo reviews from
Hollywood they hate it so much I want to
see it so badly we'll talk about Bruce
Wallace's new film a remake of Death
Wish when we come back
they say it's evil it's racist this in
are a agitprop sounds great to me
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
Emma Stone yesterday pushing the sexism
of the DNC Awards last night that's
really what it is you know Jimmy Kimmel
was bragging about how Oscar is the
perfect person for Hollywood because he
is missing an essential part of the male
anatomy well so is Jimmy Kimmel he's
been castrated by the Hollywood left by
feminism by me to ISM by the false idea
that this is something that affects
everybody not just Hollywood and the
politicians and so then you've got Emma
Stone out there and saying well for Best
Director we've got these three four men
and Greta Gerwig here's her comment
the director whose indelible touch is
reflected on every frame it is the
director who shot by shot scene by scene
day by day works with every member of
the crew to further the story and it is
the vision of the director it takes an
ordinary movie and turns it into a work
of art these four men and Greta Gerwig
created their own masterpieces this year
oh that's not sexist at all right
just to dump on these directors pointing
out that they're the ones who really
make the film you know if you want to if
you've got a film that you really like
most people look at the actor or the
actress and say I want to see where
there's other films of this actor
actress has been and know if you really
like the film you need to see who
directed it and then see what other
films that director did because that's
really what determines the film but of
course being male they're not important
interestingly enough it was a male who
won but of course he was an immigrant so
that gives him a pass then we have
Sandra Bullock earlier in the Awards
talking about mud bounds Rachel Morrison
in the cinematography category she said
here are the four men and one
trailblazing woman who are nominated for
achievement in cinematography say if
you're man you don't even get your name
mentioned yeah yeah just leave you out
because you're not important your mail
your mail and we're gonna do the same
thing to you that we've done to Jimmy
Kimmel you can turn into a sniveling
little cast Rihanna or whatever they
what was it they used to call the they
used to have a name castrati that's it
is that it castrati castrati castrati
that was what they used to call the male
singers because they wouldn't allow
women to actually be in the Opera so
what they do they castrate the singer so
they would keep a high voice you know
kind of like Michael Jackson throughout
their whole life and that's what these
guys are basically have become Jimmy
Kimmel a weeping castrati castrati I
guess okay whatever let's go to Natalie
Portman does the same thing this is
three of them doing this here's Natalie
Portman here to present the Award for
Best Director
and here are the all-male nominees oh
and that's Ron Howard laughing nervously
I'm sorry I'm a man
maybe I can be something that I could
identify as one of you women is that
count is that okay do I get a pass now
and then the NRA let's take a look at
some of the reviews for death wish
you must have a death wish and in
today's Hollywood if you make a
conservative film or one that shows a
good guy with a gun
stopping a bad guy with a gun this is
what the reviewers are saying we say
death wish the new film starring Bruce
Willis he must have a death wish for his
career to do something conservative in
basically when I look at these reviews
that are being put out there when you
look at reviews here's one of the things
that I look for if you see that the
critics give a film like 10 or 15
percent approval and you see the
audience's give a film like 80 to 85
percent approval which is what happened
with death wish you can look at this and
say well it has absolutely nothing to do
with the quality of the film there's
something in here that the Liberals and
Hollywood don't like I would probably
like that film so here's some of the
reviews which underscore that I think I
will probably like Bruce Willis is some
and it'll be one of the only 1 or 2
films that I go to see this year Bruce
Willis has filmed a catatonic Bruce
Willis stars and Eli Ross dangerously
entertaining commercial for the NRA that
was one review said it's a puppy
reaffirmation of the idea that were a
good guy with a gun is the only thing
capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun
yeah that's right that's right another
one Death Wish is evil racist
irresponsible BS he spells it out NRA
agitprop that was Dustin rolls wrote
that review he says it's a dangerous
celebration of gun culture it's NRA
is racist nihilist middle-aged white man
wish-fulfillment fantasy I'm going
that's it I'm going another one if the
NRA made a feature film it would be this
what better endorsement could you get
for Bruce
as Deathwish go see it put it in their
face we'll be right back I'm David
Knight we've got just a little bit more
to talk about with the Oscars but we're
gonna do it in the next segment because
we have a lot of radios radio stations
that carry the show and they are doing
news at the top of the hour so we're
gonna get back to the news here and then
get back into that in just a moment and
of course I think one of the key things
coming out of the news are the threats
to shut down and delete Alex Jones's
YouTube channel with 2.2 million
subscribers one and a half billion views
and they're working up to it they shut
down Mike Adams health Ranger video
channel deleting all the videos there
and of course this is something's been
going on for quite some time we're gonna
talk about that in detail later in this
next hour but this is what they're
building up to the on/off shutdown of
Alex's main YouTube channel and
basically building an acceptance of this
bringing the Overton Window and the fact
that oh yeah they can shut down anybody
that they wish because you know their
YouTube they can do anything they want
now if you're a small baker or
photographer no you don't have that kind
of power because the you know the courts
in California have said that's just a
chilling effect if you don't bake a cake
for somebody that they want I mean you
know if a Nazi comes in and tells a
Jewish Baker that he's got to make a
Nazi cake in the Nazis and the Jewish
Baker says I'm not doing that oh well
you gotta shut them down because they're
the only bakery in town while they do
that to Christians and they do it
trolling these Christians so they can
shut down their bakery but let's talk a
little bit about what's in the news this
is a perfect metaphor for the
undocumented daca immigrants a Mexican
man assumed an American identity for 37
years and he stole 361 thousand dollars
in government benefits
arm to the fake birth certificate
because you know hey with a fake birth
certificate you can even become
president in the United States
he developed a seemingly legitimate
persona by applying for a California
driver's license now that's not hard to
do a social security number and a US
this is coming out of San Diego
the documents allowed him to move freely
between the u.s. and Mexico
and also to receive nearly three hundred
sixty one thousand dollars in government
benefits over the years this guy is now
66 years old and so Wow look at that I
thought you know I wonder how much the
daca recipients are getting each year
now this guy over 37 years he got three
hundred sixty one thousand dollars this
is just under ten thousand dollars a
year you know how much the daca
recipients get just for educational
benefits we spend more in the United
States to educate students than any
other country in the world more than
Switzerland we don't get the same result
so do we we spend the most of any
country fifteen thousand dollars a year
on average K through 12 that's thirteen
years of that and that doesn't count any
other benefits that the daca recipients
might get doesn't count they're free
college tuition that they're gonna be
given by the New York governor if he
gets his way
or the in-state tuition subsidies that
they get in so many states even American
citizens who aren't residents of that
state don't get that but if you're a
foreign citizen criminally trespassing
here in America will give you in state
tuition rates we love that we want to
encourage that so when you look at this
well by the way
compare this to Mexico we spent over
fifteen thousand dollars a year to
educate our students how much did they
spend in Mexico times up three thousand
dollars we spend five times as much per
child here in the United States and
that's money that is coming out of your
house budget because almost all the
educational expenses are being paid for
by property taxes it doesn't matter if
you rent a home you don't see it
itemized on your rent statement but if
you own a home or or let's say that
you're you're renting it from the bank
and the county if you can that mortgage
statement every year you see what the
taxes are and you know how they're going
up and you know how your monthly payment
is going up mostly to pay for schools
that are being built for everybody so
3,000 dollars a year for students in
Mexico fifteen thousand dollars a year
for students here in America and they
get at least 13 years of that and then
if they go to college
oh so much better we can do even more of
that yeah it's a perfect metaphor a
Mexican and man assumes an American
identity for 37 years and gets 361
thousand dollars in government benefits
steals it steals it and these kids these
daca kids are stealing it too we'll be
right back I'm David Knight let's talk
about how the NRA is pushing back
against the DNC convention that we saw
last night
also known as the Oscars we have a
public service announcement or I guess
you could call it a commercial put out
by the NRA they got a new program with
Dana lish that's going to be starting
and here's what she had to say to every
Hollywood phony we've had enough of the
lies the sanctimony the arrogance the
hatred the pettiness the fake news we
are done with your agenda to undermine
voters will and individual liberty in
America so to every line member of the
media to every Hollywood phony to the
role model athletes who use their free
speech to alter and undermine what our
flag represents to the politicians who
would rather watch America burn then
lose one ounce of their own personal
power to the late-night posts who think
their opinions are the only opinions
that matter to the JNA reads the morning
Jose the Mika's to those who stain
honest reporting with partisanship to
those who bring bias and propaganda to
CNN The Washington Post and The New York
Times your time is running out
the clock starts now
and for those of you listening she turns
over an hourglass and said then the
thing at the bottom talks about her new
program being sponsored on NRA is a TV
channel coming up they're gonna push
back against it and of course I'm sure
that we'll try to organize another
boycott well they need to talk to Delta
Airlines about how their boycott worked
out Delta Airlines trumpeting the fact
that they were going to remove the
discount that they would give to NRA
members and then people in the Georgia
State Legislature said all right then
we're gonna remove the subsidies that we
gave to Delta Airlines 40 million
dollars worth of subsidies at Delta
Airlines lost from the Georgia state
government because they wanted to get
political they want to step in this and
they wanted to a boycott the NRA okay
fine the Georgia State Legislature says
actually we're the NRA we're the NRA we
are gun owners and we understand that
when you're attacking the NRA you're
attacking gun owners you're attacking
the Second Amendment by proxy and so
they pull 40 million dollars away from a
Delta how many customers did Delta have
that used that in our a discount 13:13
it was such a big deal for them and they
wanted to make a political statement
well Georgia came back and made a
political statement as well and what we
saw last night at the Oscars was a
political statement as the hill points
out the six most memorable political
moments from this year's Oscars only six
know there were many many many as of
just because the the ones that I just
played clips for you from the women who
were jumping into the sexist identity
politics that's not even in this list
from the hill what made the hills list
was Jimmy Kimmel touting hashtag me too
in his opening monologue well of course
he's going to lecture us as I said
before projecting Hollywood filth
literally around the world they put it
up on all these screens for everybody
and then projecting their values onto
you and saying you're bad you're bad
yeah clean yourselves up first and then
you can talk to us and once you clean up
your movies at the same time
your movies that that glorify this stuff
that turned violence and sex into a
fetish once you clean that stuff up and
then talk to his then lecture Asst
Hollywood then they go on I they've got
a couple of foreigners lecturing us on
how we should support dreamers oh that
was a wonderful moment a first openly
transgender presenter making history
there we go
and that wasn't Jimmy Kimmel identifying
as a woman no somebody else Kobe Bryant
lecturing a conservative Laura Ingraham
and then we have a Jimmy Kimmel and a
guy named common I guess is a rapper or
something swipes at Trump and pence Oh
who would have thought who would have
thought they'd take cheap shots of
people who are conservatives what a
well again I don't watch it I don't
imagine most people are going to be
watching and I would imagine that their
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