Author Topic: HHS Sec Gave Cialis To Boys, Says “Medical Marijuana” Doesn’t Exist  (Read 35 times)

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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight and again we
can't talk about hypocrisy and irony
without talking about the drug war
specifically about marijuana right now
but of course the entire drug war that
is now lasted for half a century and has
given us far more dangerous forms of
every drug out there including marijuana
as it has given us massive corruption
rampant theft has turned our Police
Department's and to highway robbers they
can take anything from anybody and not
just on the highway without any due
process without even charging you with a
crime to just grab it you got a problem
with that conservatives why don't you
care about property rights when it's
part of the war on drugs you think that
this is really getting us anywhere
have you noticed what's really going on
in society you just love the idea that
we're gonna kick the drugs out of
people's hands so hasn't really worked
too well has it not even in our schools
our gun free drug free schools
isn't that wonderful all we have to do
is just prohibit drugs and prove it gun
guns and they just go away
and we never again hashtag never again
have that problem doing well here's
something kind of interesting from the
freethought project we have our current
health secretary who says that there is
no such thing as medical marijuana gave
cialis to children an erectile
dysfunction drug to children and as they
point out freethought project that he
admits that the u.s. plans to spend more
than 750 million dollars looking for a
pharmaceutical alternative to opioids
next year but this is something that you
could get right now very cheaply from
something that grows like a weed called
cannabis it's very effective at helping
people get over opioid addiction and it
is very effective at helping people
manage their pain so they don't have to
get on opioids in the first place but
our federal government is going to
subsidize seven hundred and fifty
million dollars three-quarters of a
billion dollars to look for an
alternative to opioids and I guess my
question is who gets that patent how
they gonna do out that patent to
here's the problem it's called
regulatory capture as I say as he
pointed out in this hearing there really
is no such thing as medical marijuana
there is no fda-approved use of
marijuana by a botanical plant I just
want to be very clear about that
says Alex Azhar the Health and Human
Secretary services secretary for Trump
now I just have to say that things don't
become real because the FDA says they're
real you know there are effective
treatments that are not approved by the
FDA and there are very dangerous drugs
that will kill people that have been
approved by the FDA and if you watch CNN
you might begin to realize that if you
pay attention to the disclaimers they
don't want you to pay attention to that
they want you to think that it's safe
that it is so incredibly rare that
something like that would happen that
you don't even need to read the insert
we learned that the hard way in my
family my mother was had a severe stroke
the left her paralyzed on one side and
with dementia like an Alzheimer's
patient for the last four years of her
life because she took an antibiotic an
antibiotic and we look on the the
disclaimer there says yeah in rare cases
that can cause this and of course I'm
sure many of you listening know members
of your family or friends who have had
severe problems from drugs but of course
it's not really a problem as a matter of
fact my wife was just talking to Lydia
whose was at her family they had a child
who was taking Tamiflu and she said oh
well we had the worst experience with
this is look this week my child had the
flu we put him on Tamiflu and I forget
how expensive it was but it was
incredibly expensive so we had to go to
the emergency room they were
hallucinating and doing all this other
kind stuff and I asked my wife hasn't
she listened to my show because I have
covered that story many many times about
it happening across the country to kids
and I'll say gee we I never knew that
this could have
but and some of the doctors were even
surprised because you're they have the
drug reps that come in and tell them how
wonderful this product is and so forth
and it's like yeah well you know there's
all these different things down there
that we have to put in legally just for
our own protection liability you know
but don't worry about them really ever
happens but now we have a lot of people
being diagnosed with the flu and being
given Tamiflu and now we're seeing it
not happening with everybody maybe it's
only 1% of the people maybe it's only a
fraction of a percent of people are you
willing to play Russian roulette with
that I mean would you play Russian
roulette with a revolver that has one
chamber loaded out of six
probably not would you play Russian
roulette with a revolver that has one
chamber out of 12 or out of 20 or out of
a hundred just spin the thing you got a
bullet in there but you got a hundred
chambers so there's only one chance out
of 100 that you're gonna blow your head
off you want to try that see we don't
think about risk that way we think that
because the FDA says it's okay it's okay
that's not okay to think like that so
let's talk about this a little bit as
they point out in this article from
freethought project local governments
are starting to hold big pharma
accountable for its role in the opioid
epidemic and then Alex Bazar our HHS
secretary right now says we are devoting
hundreds and hundreds of millions of
dollars to research at our National
Institutes of Health as part of the
historic 13 billion dollar opioid oh
they're just getting started see that
was three-quarters of a billion dollars
that they're talking about for finding a
alternative that can be evidently
patented by either the CDC or one of
these big pharmaceutical companies
whoever has the most politicians in
their pocket I guess part of the
historic thirteen billion dollar opioid
and serious mental illness program that
is being funded by the President and
Congress oh I'm sorry that yeah let's
see is it the is that the research
that's being funded or is it the opioid
problem that's being funded by Congress
so anyway that's part of that 750
million dollars a study published in
August 2017 said that when participants
use cannabidiol CBD
it blocked the opioid reward for their
brains and as a result the finding that
this blocks opioid reward this cannabis
product suggests this compound may be
useful in treating addiction oh wait a
minute oh so you mean instead of kind of
Bodi all is that is that the way you
pronounce it kind of Bodi oh okay okay
well we'll just leave that there because
I don't see I'm not a drug expert I am
NOT I don't use cannabis I've never used
it I just know that when they put out
studies that say this could actually
help people to get over their opioid
addiction oh but we can't pay attention
to that says Alexes are because the FDA
ignores the medical uses and is going to
continue to ignore the medical uses of
marijuana we will keep it as a class 1
drug even though we have had well over
half of the states passed medical
marijuana laws and nullification of the
federal government trying to push a
United Nations war on drugs we're going
to continue to ignore that and not only
that but they point out that medical
marijuana products may have a role in
reducing the use of opioids needed to
control pain so you could use this
instead of opioids and if you took the
bad advice of your doctor because you
misguiding Lee you you you had a
misguided trust in your doctor or the
hospital and the AMA and big
pharmaceutical companies and the
commercials you see on CNN and Fox if
you went ahead and took those opioids
and you got addicted to it
medical marijuana could help get you off
of it but let's not pay attention to
we've taken a rainforest and made it
brain forest plus now a 20% more in the
bottle and even more hard core formula
you owe it to yourself to get these
products they really have worked for
myself my family they have five-star
reviews by the thousands at

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