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Celente: Banksters’ Tariff Tantrum
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:57:14 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight and as we look at
this terror stuff we got gerald Celente
joining us in the next segment I want to
get his take on the tariffs because a
lot of people are looking at the terrace
Chris Wallace took on navara was very
upset with him and I want to play that
clip for and then I'll comment on it
let's play the clip with Chris Wallace
battling Navarro a new hundred $75 per
vehicle tax times 17 million vehicles
sold in the USA in 2017 equals almost
three billion dollars in new annual
consumer taxes just for steel and autos
overall when you if I may sir if you
took not just cars but all the products
that use imported steel or imported
aluminum we're talking about attacks on
American consumers in the billions of
dollars I like secretary Ross's math a
whole lot better let's let's do it for
aluminum if you look at a 10% tariff on
aluminum 6-pack of beer or coke
that's a cent and a half if you look at
the other end of the spectrum Boeing
777s one of the best airliners ever made
it's a 330 million dollar aircraft we're
talking about an increase in costs at
the worst of $25,000 so when you're
talking about these massive costs or
whatever is a fact it's not there are no
downstream price effects on our
industries that are significant okay
let's hold it right down here you
understand how you can manipulate the
numbers there and that's what Chris
Wallace is doing he's taking a Cato
Institute study I think it was which
Cato Institute is for full open borders
and open trade this is where I break
with the libertarians quite frankly
because if you can't understand by now
what has happened with open borders and
open trade have you seen our jobs going
to China have you noticed that Cato
Institute have you noticed that as much
as I would like to be able to travel
anywhere I want without any restrictions
or any passports or any
by the TSA we don't have a situation
like that and when you want to stop the
war on drugs first good let's do that
you want to stop the welfare state first
good but until you stop those two things
then we're gonna have to add another bad
solution on top of it if you won't
really get to the root causes of the
problems that we see here but take a
look at what he's saying there first of
all that Cato Institute story the the
way they ran that through adding one
hundred and seventy-five thousand
dollars to the cost of a car and as
Navarro points out later on he says that
you're talking about a thirty thousand
dollar car he says that's the tiny
percentage you know the percentage of
that is one half of a percent one half
of one percent now if you were selling
cars and you're building them here in
America and that one hundred and
seventy-five dollars out of thirty
thousand dollars your your car is thirty
thousand one hundred and seventy five
dollars in your competitor a
competitor's car is thirty thousand
dollars and you can't convince people
that you got a better car you've got a
problem with your product and that's a
trivial amount the question is are we
going to do something to protect our
independence are we going to think
long-term and I think that this is the
right move for president Trump we'll see
what gerald Celente thanks on the other
side but I think we have to work to get
our steel industry back that Richard
Nixon and Henry Kissinger gave away
decades ago they set that in progress
stay with us we'll be right back
joining us now is gerald Celente he's
american trends forecaster a person I
always look to to find out what's going
to be happening I I really respect
Gerald's aunty's take on what is
happening I wanted to have him on today
to talk about the tariffs and other
economic issues as well as warm peace
because they're all tied together aren't
they but of course you can find him he's
the publisher of trends journal you can
also find him on many many broadcasts
where he is a commenter as well and if
you want to find trends journal
subscribe to that you can find it at
trends research com that's how you can
subscribe to trends journal something
that I always enjoy reading so joining
us today is gerald Celente welcome
Jerell well thanks for having me David
thank you very much and so he's great
being on with you
I always love to have you here and I
want to find out what do you think about
this because we've had a lot of s all
anybody's been talking about besides the
Oscars which we talked about that but
besides that everybody is talking about
the 25% tariff on foreign steel and the
10% tariff on aluminum wall street
reacted to that they say of course it's
all about the interest rates as well I
mean we've had the Federal Reserve
talking about how they're gonna continue
to raise interest rates and so they're
looking at this and say well it's gonna
be inflationary and that's the excuse
for us to sell off our stocks but I want
to get your take on what you feel about
this is a good thing a bad thing
president Trump has said this is a move
as part of national security that we
need to have domestic steel production
and he's done this in a different way
I've seen former bush official I think
he was the White House chief of staff
saying President Bush put on some
tariffs on some things in the World
Trade Organization told no you can't
have those and so he took him off but he
said now President Trump has done this
as part of national defense
so it's not going to be subject to the
World Trade Organization instead he's
concerned there's gonna be some kind of
a trade war what do you think well I
don't think there'll be a trade war at
all and you know the hypocrisy out there
by the way from the Democrats it's
Bill Clinton Slick Willy it's the
perfect name for him bill I didn't have
sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky I
smoked but I didn't inhale Clinton he
promised us and that other piece of
garbage Al Gore no these nothing a guy
another guy born on third base thought
he hit a home run his old man wasn't
senator he'd be nowhere where as he
should be gore they promised 200,000
jobs would be created with NAFTA that's
right that's right and of course NAFTA
was a thing that both he and Bush were
pushing at the time this is going to
create all it the only person that
wasn't pushing that was Ross Perot
talking about that giant sucking sound
and it has been a giant sucking sound
for the last 25 years it has been and
and what happened is that nobody's held
accountable for that and it was also
that little slick piece of garbage Clint
and that got China into the World Trade
Organization and it didn't go into
formally do you know when they formally
joined two weeks after 9/11 when no one
was watching yeah yeah exactly now look
you said about war and peace remember
how we were taught to hate those commies
those Red Chinese yeah until the
multinationals and all the companies
that sold us out could go over there and
get their products made cheaply we lost
3.5 million jobs yes since China joined
the World Trade Organization that's
right now let's go back again look at
what's happened and look at the outcry
of Trump putting a lousy tariff on
aluminum and steel no one is calling out
the people that sold out our nation no
no no and here's another one this is
from our trends Journal back in 2009 on
the economic front the worst of Bill
Clinton was arguably as pushed a passage
of the North American Free Trade
Agreement promising it would increase
exports provide more and better paying
jobs and thereby boost American standard
of living after permitted nations to
flood markets with goods and commodities
that they could produce cheaply or had
in abundance for example US corn to
Mexico and Canadian lumber to the United
States undercutting domestic suppliers
and other member nations NAFTA remove
restrictive trade barriers making it
impossible for American manufacturers to
ship production and therefore jobs to
foreign cheap labor markets the latter
issue was a major concern to blue-collar
Midwest workers whose jobs had fallen
victim to the agreement as a candidate
battling Hillary Clinton for the
Democratic nomination Barack Obama harsh
we criticized NAFTA and to woo Rust Belt
voters pledged to renegotiate after one
selected Obama's campaign rhetoric
accused aroused fears and shot in Canada
a major trade partner and beneficiary to
many NAFTA provisions alive fears he
would weaken the pact in March 2008 a
senior member of Obama's campaign team
phoned the Canadian ambassador Michael
Wilson to assure him quote not to be
worried about what Obama says about
NAFTA end quote it was made clear to the
Canadians that Obama's NAFTA bashing
quote should be viewed as more about
political positioning than a clear
articulation of policy plans in plain
and English political positioning means
don't worry about Barack Obama honoring
his word he'll say anything he has to to
get votes yeah like all the rest of the
politicians that's right so we look at
immigration it's a GOP corporation
saying they want cheap labor to come in
and they want to you know send the jobs
abroad and then the jobs we have here if
we got to have jobs here they want to
bring cheap labor in at the same time
exactly and again going back to
Hippocrates when Obama was talking about
it you know the Obama the liar in chief
he backtracked on every promise he made
when he was champion a reversal of NAFTA
all the liberal press they were all in
his favor
but now the Trump is doing it those
little hypocrite prostitutes because
they get paid to put out or singing a
different tune that's the point I wanted
to make that's a great point because we
need to go back and look at NAFTA I mean
if you go back and look at net our trade
deficit with Mexico for example prior to
we're running about a two to five
billion dollar difference sometimes we
had a trade surplus with Mexico
sometimes it was the other way around
but it never fluctuated more than plus
or minus two to five billion dollar
as soon as NAFTA went through we never
had a trade deficit that was less than
17 billion dollars a year it's gone up
to the mid 60s or 70 billion dollars a
year and subject 71 billion last year
yeah 71 billion from as you said to
either even or positive for us look what
just have a have to tell you the
Americans are gutless on as a nation
look what just happened in Italy with
the elections they had last night yes
the five star movement cinque stella
just won a new party a new party in
france whether you liked it or not yeah
they had record low turnout since world
war two seventy-three percent of the
people voted I've never ever seen I mean
typically it's about half that in the
United States and it's because they're
they have a multi-party election unlike
here with these guys shut down
everything and they do it the same way
they have YouTube and the social media
centers operating welcome back I'm David
Knight and joining me is gerald Celente
for another segment we're glad to have
him here he is the publisher of trends
journal you can find it at trends
research comm an excellent publication
Gerald has an insight into what's coming
economically and politically that is
very rare in this in this world and
Gerald as we're looking at this tariff
situation we were just talking about
NAFTA and how we used to have a roughly
rough parity between Mexico for example
then after they signed after we had
jumped from you know even parity to 17
billion dollar-a-year deficit and then
just climbed since then up to 71 billion
most recently but as I was looking and I
played the clip just before you came on
the clip we had navara being opposed by
Chris Wallace at Fox News who is putting
out Cato Institute's talking points it
looked to me like the same argument that
Planned Parenthood makes to women to
push an abortion they go through and
they total up all the money that you
might possibly spend on your child
through its first 18 years and say can
you afford to spend five million dollars
on a kid well then you better
and now what they're doing is a recent
essay project even though it's only
one-half of one percent and increased
two cars if you go with their numbers
they're saying well you can't afford
this because look at how it and three
billion dollars to the end consumer
taxes and just when you're so abort your
manufacturing base
you know I again you know let's put the
whole picture together again we were
talking about what's going on would just
happen in Italy what why did the five
star movement win and the other populist
movement because the people attired in
getting shafted from being in the Euro
group why is there such a big outrage
against being against globalization the
United States trade deficit is why about
five hundred and sixty six billion
dollars I mentioned about Bill Clinton
since China came into the World Trade
Organization our debt with them is now
what three hundred and seventy five
billion dollar deficit rather a deficit
look at the trade deficits why would
anybody with a brain bigger than a P
want to have these deficits if you're
running a business and you're losing
that much money each year would you stay
in business no but you could stay in
politics and you could stay on the
mainstream media because you're getting
paid off they call it campaign
contributions adults call it bribes and
payoffs in the media they call it salary
like Wallace a prostitute putting out
for the let that think tank what think
tanks think tanks college you know that
what they were teaching in economics of
course is Keynesian economics and they
would say well this deficit doesn't
matter because it's money we ourselves
baloney we owe it to the Chinese we owe
it to the Saudis and so forth and then
they also kind of have the idea that
it's like some kind of a Looney Tunes
a situation where you only fall if you
realize that there's no gravity there
otherwise you can just keep going and
running on the air you know or if the
deficit is big enough then you're not
going to go down I mean that's the idea
that they're putting forward everybody's
absolute insanity
well what they've done is they sold us
out and now we have lousy jobs so
whatever what Trump is doing why he's
bringing back manufacturing jobs that
pay money and again I remember the
debate back with Al Gore and and and
Ross Perot and they were bragging
Clinton again bragging that we're going
to Bri have two hundred thousand jobs no
we lost almost nine hundred thousand but
they don't they're not held accountable
to that and bragging that we wouldn't
have these quote dirty manufacturing
jobs and we can work in the service
oh yeah isn't it great being a bartender
or a waitress cleaning the drive home I
I just point out the uber drivers are
making 330 an hour and and that's not
good enough for uber and lyft they want
a monopoly on self-driving cars they
don't even want these people to get
their $3 an hour so that's the bigger
issue is that once upon a time America
used to be a place where the future was
greater than the past no more now it's
make America great again
so we're going back to the past to look
for it to be better and so they don't
realize because the media doesn't cover
with the way a should is that we've lost
out because of the jobs that was sent
overseas it's as simple as that
so by bringing back manufacturing jobs
kids the people that don't go to college
that don't have that in them to do it
and besides you go to college now well
he got out with dead they had an
opportunity to have a normal
middle-class lifestyle that's gone so
why would anybody complain about tariffs
and unfair trade practices oh that's the
other one Obama Obama the liar Obama the
Nobel piece of crap Prize winner
remember the deal he did with South
promising that it was going to bring us
jobs and billions of dollars the exact
opposite has happened now we have a huge
trade deficit with South Korea but no
was hold accountable for it and they
applauded it as though it's something
good why is there even a discussion
about this I think if this is something
that goes beyond dissatisfaction of
course Wall Street and the bankers are
dissatisfied with us because they set up
that system but if the American people
say oh I don't want to have
manufacturing in the United States I'm
perfectly fine with a $3 an hour job
working for uber and left or basically
having no job at all and going on
universal basic income where they give
me a welfare payment every year and
seeing it CNBC is putting out that they
did a poll I don't know if this is a
push poll or if it's real but 48% of
Americans support the idea that they
would get money without any limitation
everybody would just get a check from
the government and just go on that
system and I'd look at that and what
they're pushing right now with the
universal basic income is nothing other
than the reservation system that we put
on the American Indians by force we used
the sword to put them under that kind of
a situation and now Americans are
begging for that I mean Russell Means
pointed out and he said you Americans
don't understand they're putting you on
a reservation this was decades ago he's
been dead for several years now and he
said they're putting you on a
reservation he said they'd broken every
treaty with us and he said the
Constitution is your treaty with the
federal government they're breaking that
as well and they're gonna put you on a
reservation and now it's really
happening every treaty they'll break
except for NAFTA of course what slave
LAN do that's the reservation you've got
a job with Amazon and we got to give the
richest guy in the world there's worth
110 billion dollars seven billion dollar
tax breaks to open up a plantation where
you could work at it's slave land eeeh
that's right the incredible pictures of
people falling asleep on their feet
working for Amazon over the Christmas
break and so forth I mean it real truly
it's not an exaggeration to call it
slave labor or what's happening with you
Landy that's right yeah exact to what
happened in Italy they have new parties
new parties in Germany and France in in
Austria in hung
but except in the United States we're
being won by the Bloods and the Crips
murderers and thieves Oh Democrats and
Republicans don't forget to vote in the
midterm election little boys and girls
oh we get quoted in NBC Paul
oh you mean NBC the higher the CIA
director Oh we'll get a great
information from them that's right yeah
they're telling you that you really do
want universal basic income you want to
get on that slave allowance and you
pointed out the fact that we've got the
two parties and as we're looking at the
censorship that is rolling out on
YouTube and how it's being imposed on
people I have seen how the government
has imposed censorship by using private
parties and they did it to support the
two-party system I worked a lot with a
libertarian party because I wanted to
create a multi-party system I don't like
having just two choices on the ballot
but they make sure that doesn't happen
with their ballot access laws and then
when you come to the debate they say
well the debates being run by a private
organization a news organization a news
organization that doesn't want the
parties that went through extra hoops to
get on the ballot doesn't want them in
the debate and now we're seeing the same
thing being done with social media you
know I say we should have a to another
country because they don't have
democracy we got to take a quick break
I'm gonna be right back with gerald
Celente stay with us welcome back we're
talking to gerald Celente of trends
research calm and of course you can go
there and find the links to subscribe to
trends journal a great journal that
journal 20 is the publisher of take a
look at I think he's got a sample there
that you can see what it looks like but
Gerald cilenti has always been ahead of
the curve in terms of predicting
politics as well as financial events
we've been talking about the tariffs I
want to talk about something else that
is dear to your heart Gerald and that is
a piece you've worked you've done a lot
to try to organize for peace you had the
Occupy peace rallies that you had I
guess what was it about a year so ago
that you had but let's talk a little bit
about Syria because as we're going to
break and we're talking about the
duopoly that has been
upon us with the Republicans and
Democrats she said oh let's go invade
another country and give them democracy
I guess like we did with Iraq
Afghanistan Libya worked so well that
we're now doing it in Syria even though
they tell us that several months ago
they destroyed the basis of Isis there
in Syria we're still there and we're
engaging the Russian family yeah and
what business do we have being there
again who brought us there Obama and
again Nobel piece of crap prize winner
an arrogant guy that lies and gave you a
lot of hope and change you could believe
it you know just a disgusting human
being a mass murderer how many people
quote I'm really good at killing people
did he kill with drone strikes that's
right how many wars did he take us into
it with no president served with more
wars under us in fired term than Obama
and again what did Syria do to us I'll
tell you what Assad has to go I said
yeah so look what they've done they've
killed almost a half a million Syrians
they destroyed a nation that was doing
relatively well one of the more prolific
nations in the Middle East people have
actually used to go there to vacation
and see the beautiful you know wonders
of the world and in ancient Syria not
and for what reason you know so and now
of course turkeys involved in it why
don't people just leave Syria alone oh
and by the way history doesn't count
they made up these joints it used to be
the Ottoman Empire but after World War
one what the the the sykes-picot give me
a t-square and a ruler and we're gonna
make up the countries that's right
lines over there all these countries
that's right so the Babylonians and the
Assyrians and the Persians and then they
also had the Medes well you know they
came up of roughly 20 how give me the
ruler will draw the lines they came up
with roughly three countries out of
those four groups they split the Medes
the Kurds amongst all of those
guaranteed to create a perpetual
conflict there but you know we look at
this there is a big economic motive
we've got the the Americans and their
allies want to run their gas pipeline
through Syria to Europe and the Russians
want to run their gas line through Syria
to Europe but there's also something
else here that I think is very scary and
that is part of this Russian reset I
mean we look at the Russians the
Russians the Russians it isn't just
being used against President Trump
we've got Republicans using this as well
because both the Republicans and the
Democrats wanted to revive this big
military-industrial program of you know
having intercontinental ballistic
missiles and the nuclear arms race and
now we're seeing this with a hypersonic
missiles that Putin is announcing and
DARPA comes out says yeah we're gonna do
our own and so now we've got an arms
race with that which is exactly what
they want they want to have this new
cold war so they can push the military
industrial complexes new products again
go back to Eisenhower five-star generals
supreme commander of the Allied forces
two-term president his farewell address
military industrial complex is robbing
the nation the future of this the the
genius of the scientists the sweat of
the laborers and the future of the
children here we are look how the
nation's decline since 1960 when he left
office in every way and again I don't
like you these little boys that talk
tough that couldn't fight their way out
of a paper bag yeah and they're the ones
talking war all the time here's a quote
from from little Lindsey Graham that is
a tough yeah oh yeah yeah yeah Lindsey
Graham North Korea walk would quote be
worth it yeah how come they don't walk
them up stop calling these people
neo-cons start calling them sick as
Sobeys just idle murderers is white at
war criminals is really more like it
exactly that's what I said about Obama
look at the wars that he started folks
yeah 33,000 troops surgeon in
Afghanistan promising at several times
that we'd be out of there going back
into Iraq the Yemen why forgot about the
Yemen war that you know I forgot about
it because the media never reports on it
that's right that the United
States you know the United States is in
bed with the Saudis and you call them
our friends how many people did they
behead today mm-hmm oh they're given
women the right to drive in June you
know great you know look at all the wars
that they've started oh and then he
again going back to the Italian election
what was one of the big issues migration
immigrants refugees okay if I'm not
mistaking because I know it's a fact
when they when Obama Hillary Clinton
Samantha Power's and Susan Rice
overthrew Qaddafi in Libya
he warned Qaddafi warned Europe when you
get rid of me you're gonna have a flood
of immigrants and refugees flooding into
your countries he was laughing that they
weren't coming out of Tripoli they
weren't coming out of Libya he stopped
it yeah and they killed them and now
they got it that's right creating chaos
and confusion and then they say well now
you've got to bring those people into
your country so we can have chaos and
confusion which brings us back to where
we started President Trump said these
tariffs are about national security and
I agree I think we don't have to have
domestic steel production and I think a
half a percent increase off the price of
a car if that is even the case is worth
it for that but let's talk about the
real national defense which is defending
our borders why can't the wall Gerald be
funded out of the NDAA they put
everything in there that doesn't belong
in there why can't we have the wall come
out of that why can't the president make
the determination we're gonna bring the
troops home we're gonna patrol the
border so we don't have this drug war
that they also created spill into our
country well that's one of the prime
forms of occupy peace calm bring all the
troops secure the borders yes and put
them to work rebuilding our third-world
infrastructure and force Congress to
vote to go to war which they have not
done since - since World War two they
did what you were talking about the
Constitution the Constitution's they're
the people have killed it and the other
element by the way is blocked chained
democracy we blocked chain
make that one transaction it's it's
we have blockchain voting so we the
people tell Congress how to vote if
we're going to go to war because after
all they don't send the Senate as son
that's right
rich man's war poor man's fight isn't it
right so that's what Occupy piece is
about but no you know look at all these
billionaires nobody talks about peace
not a penny for peace raising money for
occupy peace it's one of the most
difficult things I've ever done it in my
life people don't want to donate toward
peace but boy they love war yeah it's
absolutely crazy
and of course nobody loves it more than
Lindsey Graham as you point out oh yes
worth it and because it's gonna be them
he said who's gonna be dying
that's his take on that why does anybody
listen to him pelosi-feinstein little
Chuckie Schumer look at the jerks you
got running the show don't forget to
vote midterm elections are coming don't
forget to vote for your favorite freak
yeah what you got Lindsey Graham with
the neo-con Republicans and then of
course you had Madeleine Albright
remember that famous interview where
they asked her you had your your
sanctions starved to death a half a
million children she didn't say no no no
no that wasn't our sanctions no she said
it was worth it just like Lindsey Graham
and how about Hillary Clinton we Came we
saw he died he when she found out
Gaddafi was killed they're sick people
we need a new way the pro America party
is the one I want that's right it's
about time that we did something like
that look at the people who are
concerned and rightfully so about 17
children being killed in a school yet
they're not concerned about the hundreds
who are killed in Chicago over the drug
war and they're not concerned about the
tens of millions that have been killed
because the guns have been confiscated
by various governments that tyrants who
get in power but you can't get them
interested about the big picture because
it's nothing is but a statistic is a
Stalin said so you look at
17 kids that's a tragedy but if you look
at 17 million people killed that's just
a statistic hey how about those sauce
yeah yeah exactly
well thank you so much for joining us
jello we're out of time and that's the
end of our show today and again you can
find Gerald you can find trends journal
which is what he publishes and you can
find that at trends research dot-com
always a pleasure to have gerald Celente
thank you so much Cheryl and that's it
for our broadcast today thank you for
joining us I'm David Knight we've taken
a rain forest and made it brain forests
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