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Full Show—Some Push Back Against Trump’s Bully Pulpit BS
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:55:03 PM »

welcome back we have now been on for 24
hours here at Infowars as part of our
operation Paul Revere and it's Friday
March the 2nd 2018 I'm David Knight your
host we've just had some more news from
CNN they have invented a new gun the
full semi-automatic AR the full
semi-automatic AR this is uh this is CNN
news that's also an oxymoron CNN news
that you can trust and this is a guy on
CNN a retired lieutenant general that
they got to sell you on the idea of a
full semi-automatic a are they talk
about assault weapons I've never defined
them they don't have any idea what
they're talking about but you and I know
what they're talking about they're
talking about taking our rights our
property our due process we cannot allow
this to happen
and we can't we've got to push back
hopefully President Trump has gotten the
memo now about the Second Amendment
because we've had a in our a lobbyist
meet with them and say ya know he
supports that he tweeted out we got to
support the Second Amendment we got a
support due process every day we get a
new president so it doesn't help to
trash our fundamental rights as a bully
pulpit meaning it doesn't help anything
and it doesn't help his election chances
it also doesn't help the election
chances of the GOP to throw them under
the bus to throw innocent gun owners
under the bus so we're gonna be talking
a little bit more about that of course
the other thing that everybody is upset
about today which actually I think is a
good thing the import duties that have
been put on steel and aluminum and so
forth understand that we don't have a
level playing field here we're talking
yesterday about President Xi Jingping of
China the Chinese are very concerned
about him he is turning into a
full-blown dictator and in an effort to
shut down criticism
he has banned books from or wealth
fittingly enough Animal Farm 1984 and so
forth even reports that he banned the
letter n I they had no explanation for
that and it's really kind of strange to
I don't know I don't know if that's true
I mean we had a good time with it
yesterday but you know the Chinese don't
have letters like we do in Western
writing they have characters so this guy
is a character but I don't know if he
put the letter N or not I just don't
understand what that is about but
they've had the Great Firewall of China
for quite some time it's been a model of
censorship that the left and even many
Republicans would love to have it's
certainly something that Google and
Apple have embraced and they would like
to see more of this happening they say
well are our hands are tied and so yeah
we hear that we hear that all the time
and when you look at all of these cries
for instant censorship on Facebook
saying you you're only gonna have two
hours to get down what we consider be
terrorist videos or else
and so then Facebook comes back and says
my hands are tied because I've got to
take down I've got to have tools that
are gonna censor stuff just like that
and if they get the wrong thing and we
censor you sorry you lost your channel
and that has happened to Jerome Corsi
he's gonna be our guest later in the
program youtube has completely deleted
his channel jerome corsi dr. jerome
corsi and one of the articles coming out
said this guy actually had an article
about armed teachers in school being an
effective way to provide security for
students can you imagine
USA Today put that up and this guy works
for Infowars yeah he actually was making
don't judge him on the content of his
articles yeah I just go by the labels
and we've got more news about that we've
got Jim Crow being brought back by the
Democrat Party especially Chuck Schumer
don't let that guy become a federal
judge he's white we don't want any white
federal judges we don't want any authors
Infowars we're going to censor that down
we're going to do it in just a couple of
hours and then the government comes back
and says oh but they're private
businesses they can censor whatever they
want we'll be right back I'm David
Knight welcome back to the final ten
hours we've been on for 24 hours here at
Infowars the final 10 hours of operation
Paul Revere and in honor of our marathon
here in support of free speech an
opposition to censorship we had Google
YouTube shut down dr. Jerome Corsi our
Washington DC bureau chief and so we're
gonna have him on the program to talk
about this and I want to welcome a new
radio station kya H 5:40 a.m. Utah's
talk authority you know radio is very
important very important for getting
this message out because what we're
seeing here with social media in the
internet is they're enacting a broad
censorship of ideas radio is great
nobody knows if you're listening except
for the sponsors because you support
them I hope for stations like ky8 H 540
and so you can hear jerome corsi later
today talking about how he's being
censored by the internet censored by the
social media powerhouses the oligarchy
that is now controlling the Internet
speech you'll be able to hear him on
radio you are gonna see him on YouTube
and so actually we still have a channel
up on YouTube don't know how much longer
that's gonna last but he will be
broadcast there as well but welcome to
the people there in Utah Utah stalk
authority Kay yeh 5:40 a.m. everybody is
talking about the tariffs the president
Trump is put on Wall Street is very
upset about this they don't like that
but you know what manufacturing the US
has expanded at the fastest pace since
May of 2004 it seems like Wall Street
well things are good stocks go down
because they feel that you know they it
isn't that they are trying to scupper
things certainly the Federal Reserve is
but the people on Wall Street are
looking at this and saying well if you
got good news let's sell
but then other people saying well
they're selling because they think a
trade war is gonna go president Trump
said trade wars are good you know so
when somebody takes your stuff sometimes
you have to fight to get it back and
we've had our stuff not just taken we've
had our stuff given away there's article
by Patrick Buchanan you can find it on
WMD the fatal delusions of Western man
and then it he said we got China wrong
now what do we do and that was a
headline not from him but from the
Washington Post The Washington Post said
remember how American engagement with
China was going to make that Communist
backwater more like a democratic
capitalist West I didn't happen did it
now we got President Xi who is enacting
not only a lifetime you know getting rid
of term limits I had two term limits for
the president he said now we're gonna
get rid of that and we're gonna get rid
of a lot of things that are in our
Constitution because that's what
dictators do that's why you don't let
them do that that's why so many people
got upset about the loose talk at the
bully pulpit television meeting that
President Trump had two days ago but
she's young ping is now setting up the
Constitution let him be dictator for
life for life and this is a country that
when we talk about the China price and
President Trump is well aware of what
the China price is and it isn't simply
currency manipulation that's a big part
of it and that's something that
President Trump has talked about but
it's also the unfair trade the
subsidized trade but also things like
intellectual property theft that is a
huge part of the China price the fact
that they can steal anybody's
intellectual property they can steal
copyrights patent ideas from other
people they'll manufacture them in China
just talk to some of the automobile
companies like General Motors that
decided that they would partner with
people and try and of course you're not
going to be able to build a factory
there unless the factory is going to be
owned largely in China but then once you
start building that that car or whatever
the product is don't be surprised that
you're going to find an exact duplicate
knockoff of that that gets to the market
just before your product arrives the one
that you spent all the money developing
that's one of the things that they do
one of the other things that they've
done to American business which is is
really insidious because so many
products are outsourced to China for
manufacturing the Chinese not only just
stealing property stealing intellectual
property rights but they will steal
brands and so it's not uncommon for
pirate manufacturers in China to work
with the people who are subcontracting
to build let's say for instance set
breaks for cars and the packaging will
look so real because actually it is the
same packaging but instead of it
actually being a break that has a proper
break material in it it will have
nothing but compressed paper and so when
you put it in your car and your brakes
don't work
and you have an accident what do you do
you sue the automobile the American
automobile company that did that these
are all the things that are going on in
China and as Pat Buchanan points out
there's still fortifying islands
artificial islands that they built in
the South China Sea and of course that
is not close to China it's right off the
coast of the Philippines as I said
before the Gulf of Mexico if the
Mexicans were to build artificial
islands just off the coast of Tampa Bay
is the analogy here and not only are
they building these artificial islands
destroying environmental natural reefs
you don't really hear the UN and the
environmentalist complaining about that
do you
just like they don't complain about
China's dirty coal manufacturing our
electricity generation plants they don't
care about that it is so dirty in China
and India where they're manufacturing
all this steel is a hell still being
manufactured in India and China why is
that well they can do it without any
restrictions on air quality but of
course in the Paris climate agreement we
weren't going to worry about that no
problem it's supposed to be a global
problem right but it's not a problem if
China and India do it if
China and India bill coal electricity
plants that are so dirty that you only
have to have a car with 36 miles per
gallon and internal combustion engine
with 36 miles per gallon to have a
cleaner environment than if you had
electric cars there because their power
generation plants are so dirty but they
build them cheaply that's why they're
dirty and they can build then cheap
steel and other things and they can take
our jobs this is not the end of the
world if we have steel and aluminum
manufacture in the United States if we
have tariffs at the border as I've said
before Thomas Jefferson said at the
beginning of his second term in his
inaugural address he said we have
eliminated at the federal government
level all internal taxation in America
no farmer no labor no mechanic knows the
taxman they had reduced the size of
government so they could fund the
constitutionally sized American
government at that time simply with
import duties and all of America was a
freight free trade zone as far as the
federal government was concerned there
were internal taxes with the individual
states but it was a free trade zone
inside and that worked pretty good it
also works pretty good when you have a
really small government that was another
thing but as Pat Buchanan said we feed
the monster and we feed the tiger and we
created a monster
and where is this all going it is an
export of capital an export of
manufacturing of know-how of jobs and
then we import cheap labor into our
country why because this is the UN
agenda and as we talk about guns
remember that we needed to have a
staunchly antiquing Servet of Richard
Nixon in order to do this deal with
China in order to transfer our wealth
our economy our manufacturing know-how
we had to have a staunchly
anti-communist Richard Nixon to turn it
over to the Communists just like we had
to have Ronald Reagan to get the brady
bill we had Ronald Reagan and Gerald and
Gerald Ford right
letters in support of Diane Feinstein's
1994 assault weapons ban or like we had
George HW Bush signed Joe Biden's
gun-free school Act of 1990 see this is
why you can't take anything for granted
and this is the way these people work
the people who have a global agenda will
find somebody that you trust they'll put
them in office so you say that's okay
he's got it he's playing for DHS this
guy would never betray me and then they
do all right stay with us when we come
back we're gonna talk about what life is
going to look like here in America with
this UN agenda 21 homes made of concrete
tubes it's a solution to the housing
crisis I don't know if that's much of a
solution okay so they've been dealing
away your jobs for a long time we've
seen that happening President Trump has
expanded manufacturing at the fastest
rate since 2004 that's very good news
but Wall Street's very upset because
we're going to start protecting our
steel and aluminum industries that have
been unfairly given away to the Chinese
and I heard some comments on some people
saying well most of these plants are
owned by foreign companies so whatever
well there will be American jobs
hopefully unless we bring in foreign
labor to take these jobs or unless the
robots take your jobs because this is
what is coming down the pike folks the
real threat to us anyway and we better
get this threat of the open borders
taken care of right now right now this
is something that President Trump can do
he doesn't need the approval of a
federal judge to do this did he get the
federal judge to approve us going into
Syria or into Yemen or into Afghanistan
or into Iraq do we have to submit
approval for everything to a federal
judge there are certain things that are
the power of the President and one of
those things is defense now whether or
not you agree and I don't agree with us
going into Syria for regime change but
we have taken the position that the
president gets to make those call
on a lot of different issues and the the
judges haven't tried to stop me that but
the president the real issue of defense
for our country the real issue of
defense is protecting our borders not
trying to do regime change in Syria or
Afghanistan trying to build a nation in
Iraq that's not the responsibility of
the American government even though
they're doing it and nobody is
challenging them on that and the federal
government but if you try to protect the
borders of America then you get
challenged by the federal judiciary and
so trumping the Republicans just need to
say we're going to fund this out of the
defense budget we're gonna fund the wall
out of the defense budget we're gonna
bring troops home we're gonna put them
on the border until we build a wall this
is a national defense issue and if we
can't defend our borders then just shut
down the Department of Defense or call
it something else just call it the
Department of empire but as we look at
what is is coming up in this country as
we don't have any defense of our borders
and as we have foreign workers coming in
to take our jobs or to live at our
expense to be educated by us because
we're going to be the world's orphanage
as representative mo Brooks pointed out
we can't afford to be the world's
orphanage but take a look at what is
happening in Hong Kong because the UN
Agenda that began with the transfer of
our wealth to China also has an in-game
they called it UN Agenda 21 because it's
gonna happen sometime in the 21st
century and then they started talking
about yeah 2020 2030 that's really the
timeframe they want to bring everything
in we had Eric Schmidt come out and say
we're going to have the singularity in
one or two decades but don't worry you
know he says all you guys are worried
about the Terminator scenario where the
machines get smart and they start to
attacks don't worry that's that's 10 or
20 years away it was serious about it so
yeah don't worry about that 2030 2040 so
they're they've now got UN Agenda 2030
the UN agenda for sustainability and so
they've gotten more specific it's no
longer just the 21st century but what
they have always been doing is trying to
run people off the land as we have seen
with the
ranchers the miners the loggers of
people who had property rights that were
either on the surface or they were under
the surface or they were it was Deadwood
that they could take out so we wouldn't
have as many forest fires no no they're
pushing everybody off the land taking
those property rights they're gonna
eventually take your property rights in
the suburbs as a matter of fact they've
always started that up in Washington
when I was up there on vacation last
summer out of the suburbs
doing the same thing now pushing the
people and the suburbs out and we need
that for our new park so you got to go
your home is now gonna be taken and I
said to people you know we looked at
what was happening with the Bundys with
the Hammonds and others they're gonna be
coming for those people in the suburbs
taking their homes because if you don't
have not gonna respect the property
rights that people have had for hundreds
of years in terms of grazing rights
water rights mineral rights logging
rights you know all those things can
happen on the same piece of land and so
all these people are not claiming that
they own the land you think that you own
the land that your house is on but
you're just renting it from the
government and they're about ready to
evict everybody and push you into the
cities and what is this gonna look like
well we can see it right now in Hong
Kong as you point out the BBC Hong
Kong's got seven point four million
people in a very small area so that
gives them a housing problem and the
housing problem means that things get
extremely expensive and your houses get
extremely small and of course that's
going to be accelerated here in the
United States because we're bringing in
massive amounts of people but also we're
funding these education systems and
programs from kindergarten through
college and doing it in a very
preferential way for the people who are
foreigners we give them more than we
give our own American citizens who are
here they get as the New York governor
has proposed
let's give foreign citizens free tuition
the illegal aliens that are here they
get free tuition you might get a little
bit of a discount if you've been living
here and in-state tuition but of course
they can get in-state tuition anywhere
and in New York they can get free
tuition so everybody go there take their
system down for
that's my suggestion but anyway going
back to what this is gonna look like a
lot of people lower standard of living
your American Dream disappearing because
you can't afford the property taxes to
pay for these schools so why they have
in Hong Kong well they've got insanely
small flats says the BBC these are
people who think that we live in
McMansions here in the United States
because our our houses are much bigger
than they are in the UK so say they're
insanely small flats are known as nano
one such home smaller than a parking
space in Hong Kong just a hundred and
twenty one square feet we were talking
about 200 square feet or 300 square feet
a couple of years ago and now it's down
to 121 square feet oh but it's going
lower than that because 121 square-foot
nan-oh home in Hong Kong goes for two
hundred and forty two thousand eight
hundred and five dollars that's one that
just recently sold that's how desperate
people are there and so what are people
doing to live in Hong Kong well they're
going to something that is about they've
got one one thing they've got is what
they call a cage house oh that sounds
wonderful doesn't a cage house it's
about 16 square feet 16 square feet and
so they've gone now smaller than a
parking space you know these nano homes
or size of a parking space 121 square
feet now they go down to 16 square feet
for the cage home a typical cage house
will have three levels of bunk beds and
then in order to have security and
privacy you get a corrugated mesh
surrounded surrounding your area a bit
like a jail they said it is a dire form
of living this is where we're going with
agenda 21 the r20 the UN 2030 agenda for
sustainable tea pack all the people and
two big mega cities so we can live like
the people in Hong Kong or living I mean
while a caged unit isn't too much
cheaper it is three hundred and seventy
five dollars a month three hundred
seventy five dollars a month for 16
square feet and you live
literally in a cage so now they're
coming up with a great idea they're
gonna have giant concrete water pipes
that you can stack on top of each other
they call them Oh pods oh that's so
trendy and that great I don't know if
that's gonna be any better or not I mean
this but this is what they're talking
about here in America and this is why we
need the Second Amendment stay with us
we'll be right back
uber and lyft are begging government for
monopoly on self-driving cars you know
we look at what Apple and Google are
doing with China they have absolutely no
morals they will deal with the
tyrannical government if they can get a
monopoly if they can do business if they
can build stuff there cheaply that's
exactly what's going to happen in our
future in our country we're going to get
to the reactions to president Trump's
statements including his own reaction to
his own statement in the next segment
probably but we might get to it in this
segment but you know I just I've got to
say before we get back to the Second
Amendment this is where this is all
headed folks as I say over and over
again what the military says you have to
control population you need to control
the way they move communicate and shoot
well we know what to communicate and
shoot is about that's the first and
second Amendment but we haven't really
thought about that first part the
movement part have we because this is
all part of the UN 2030 agenda for
sustainable 'ti that we've been talking
about our UN agenda 21 was the older
name for it and now we got Eber and lift
begging government for monopoly on
self-driving cars that you are not going
to own and that's another part of it
take away the ownership and I was just
talking about housing in Hong Kong we
get down to the point where they've got
a caged house where you're living inside
corrugated wire 16 square feet and they
don't even own it they're paying 375
dollars a month for that that is the
existence that we're going to be facing
if we allow these people to continue
with these policies that are being
pushed by the United Nations policies of
global governance open borders and these
other issues this is why we cannot be
misled or back off of the border
commitment we can't say these dreamers
this is great
we have to do something for the dreamers
I don't know what we're gonna do
something for the dreamers and I don't
know what we're gonna do about guns but
we got to do something no you don't
there are some things that need to be
done maybe what you should do is give us
back some of the freedoms that you have
sliced away as you've been fringed on
the Second Amendment
maybe you should enforce the border and
start doing that right now
but if we continue to go down this path
they are removing our ability to
communicate with each other they want to
remove our ability to fight back and
they're going to restrict our movement
to the cities so they can control us
uber and lyft want a monopoly on
self-driving cars of course they do
because they want a renter economy it's
all about smart cities all about no
ownership all about monopolies for a few
corporations whether it'll be Ober or
lyft it might be Ford and General Motors
who have the monopoly on renting you
self-driving cars renting mobility buy
the ride and then of course 5g is a big
part of that when you look at the recent
car shows the consumer electronic shows
they were all about smart cities 5g
monitoring everything that you do and
renting everything to you taking away
all your ownership rights and as we look
at this this all continues to come
together we got an Illinois Democrat
representative Danny Davis pushing a
bill to put big taxes on everything
associated with firearms ammunition
everything else and he says hey I'm okay
with only rich people having guns
they're okay with only rich people
having homes they're okay with only rich
people having the ability to move around
have cars this is a black Democrat who
is okay with only rich people having
guns he's ok with that he says I want to
put a 50% federal tax on all guns and
ammunition that's the bill that he
introduced on Tuesday called the gun
violence prevention and Safe Communities
Act this is a congressman from Illinois
he says so if rich people can only get
firearms and only rich people will be
able to pay the price and if that could
prevent some people from getting them
I'd want to prevent all people from
getting them but if rich people were
willing and would continue to pay the
price I'd be happy
that we kept the other group from
getting them so you wants an outright
ban but if you can't do it he'll still
let the rich people have the guns let me
ask Danny Davis of Illinois congressman
Danny Davis who he thinks the rich
people are that have the guns that are
shooting up Chicago for example would
that be the people that are driving the
Lamborghinis and Ferraris and doing
drive-by shootings would those be the
people who were making a lot of money
from drug prohibition and what about the
poor people who can't defend themselves
against those rich people because
they're making so much money in the
black market do you think they'd be able
to pay the tax of course they would but
they're gonna get any weapon that they
wish in the black market just like they
can sell any drug that they wish to
people in the black market that's how
prohibition works you get more intense
forms of the drugs you'll get more
intense forms of the guns and you're not
gonna stop it so that's what's happening
in Chicago but what do you want siddur
here's the specifics he wants to
increase federal excise tax on
ammunition shells and cartridges
anywhere from 11% to 50% depending on
the type of shell of cartridge I guess
he's got somebody likes and some that he
doesn't like as a matter of fact let's
get that let's get video number nine
Dianne Feinstein talking about rapid
fire magazines let's play that because
here's here's a Feinstein you know she
banned assault rifles she never came up
with a definition for assault rifles but
they had a long list of hundreds of guns
and they specifically banned but here's
Dianne Feinstein talking about rapid
fire magazines well it was a priority we
moved legislation in the house and at
that point we did not we were not able
to get the 60 votes for those proposals
than in the Senate that's
wasserman-schultz that's not an excuse I
mean these that these issues making sure
that we can do something about
eliminating military-style weapons from
mr. Sahay military and only a little
sure that people who are in the military
can utilize them rather than civilians
making sure that we don't have
high-capacity rapid-fire magazines that
allow mass killings and that is only to
achieve that
that's an again there aren't any
magazines that far more rapidly than
other magazines they have different
capacity but they don't fire any more
rapidly and so only the military should
have firearms because we've got military
experts like Lieutenant General Mark
Hertling who went on CNN and started
talking about full semi-automatic ar-15s
full semi-automatic ar-15s between fully
automatic and semi-automatic they don't
define what assault rifle is they think
that some magazines fire faster than
others and yesterday I was talking about
how Feinstein that's where I got the
Feinstein in there Feinstein was saying
you know bullet shot by a pistol it's
just like being stabbed with a bullet
but it's those rifles that will kill you
and then we had an anchor from I think
it was MSNBC he was saying the the
bullets out of rifles are so much faster
than the ones out of pistols you don't
stand a chance this is the insanity that
these people are pushing and we cannot
allow the ignorant adults like debbie
Wasserman Schultz
like Dianne Feinstein like the military
ID Lieutenant General Mark Hertling we
can't allow these people to control the
debate and we can't allow this type of
attitude that something must be done we
don't know what it is let's not talk
about or identify the problem let me
tell you when you're talking about
mental health and you don't talk about
the elephant in the room there's Dianne
Feinstein she was so excited at that
meeting she just could not contain her
Glee the Wicked Witch of the West it's
not enough to say you've got to do
something you have to know what the
nature of the problem is because the
doing something can make that problem
worse if you don't know what you're
talking about and we start talking about
mental health and you don't start
talking about SSRI drugs that are being
by the AMA pushed by Big Pharma and you
don't talk about that because you don't
want to offend your buddies in the
mainstream media like Fox or even CNN
not allowed to talk about that so you
want to ignore that elephant in the room
and you just want to talk about mental
health well that in and of itself when
we talk about mental health I've got a
story that I think epitomizes this
perfectly we'll talk about this in the
next break it's a story of Adrian
Schoolcraft as a New York City police
officer and it hits on so many different
aspects of this it hits on a police
department that is focused on fines
rather than stopping crime a police
department that is trying to curry favor
with the feds that wants small numbers
on statistics and then the way they came
after this guy who recorded the
corruption they put him in a mental
institution of course he wasn't mentally
and mentally ill at all it's always been
a tool of tyranny stay with us we'll be
right back
welcome back we're gonna talk about the
case of Adrian Schoolcraft because this
honest police officer who was attacked
worse than any other individual that I
know of besides let's say Frank Serpico
who they tried to kill because he
opposed corruption Adrian Schoolcraft
opposed corruption he opposed in New
York what he saw the New York Police
Department doing which was standing down
covering up real crime and attacking
people because they could get money out
of it by covering up the crime so they
could look good to the federal officials
a same example of how law enforcement
gets corrupted and doesn't do its job
and focuses on something else but then
it's also a tale about how they came
after Adrian Schoolcraft using the
traditional weapon of 20th century
tyranny which is accusations of mental
health and I'll tell you how they did
this but it has been the weapon of
choice of tyrants and of corrupt
governments throughout the 20th century
and beyond ever since we've had
psychiatry out there gives him a great
tool you know just the saying in in
Stalin's Russia was you opposed the
government you must be crazy
take him away and that's basically what
they did Adrian Schoolcraft
before we get to that story before we
comment any more on the pushback from
Republicans and some people who were
standing up for the Second Amendment I'm
glad to see I'm not the only one who is
speaking out on this because you know we
cannot sit silently by when somebody
cavalierly trash talks the Bill of
not only the Second Amendment but the
sixth amendment as well you know we look
at the Constitution we talk about that
generically but when I talk about how
wonderful the Constitution is most of it
is just a bunch of arbitrary rules and
regulations any government could have
produced that what is unique about the
Constitution are the first ten
amendments the Bill of Rights and if you
look at that along with the Declaration
of Independence and really what is what
defines us as individuals these are
landmark documents in civilizations
history that defined the proper role of
government so that we have dignity and
freedom as human beings the principle
set out in the Declaration of
Independence a principle set out in the
Bill of Rights
those are sacrosanct and they're also
prohibitions for government so you don't
infringe those you don't trash-talk them
in your bully pulpit they're not to be
used as bargaining chips so that you can
win a deal
and if as as Tucker Carlson pointed out
if Obama had said these types of things
we'd be rightfully calling for
impeachment so you want to keep talking
like this I think he's gotten the
message enough people have pushed back
and that's the important thing too when
something like this happens even if it's
somebody that you support even if it's
somebody that's done a lot of good
things even if it's somebody that's in
your party you don't sit back and give
them a pass and say it's okay he's just
playing for DHS he's got this
he's just trolling these people it's
just a rope-a-dope or whatever no you're
the dope and you're the pawn if you
think like that if somebody starts
trash-talking the fundamental rights
that we possess as human beings the
things that they swore to uphold then
you better at the very least criticize
that and push back against that so you
may better think about that again and
correct what you had to say and you
better do it right away and hopefully
President Trump appears to have gotten a
little bit of that message he'd put a
tweet out but we don't know what he's
gonna say tomorrow we're only doing so
no you don't ever give people a pass
like that and if you take it for granted
that's when you get things like the
Brady Bill the gun-free school zone act
and the assault weapons ban because that
was when we saw Republican leaders cave
you know the whole purpose of leadership
is to articulate a set of core
principles that's what our founders did
with the Declaration of Independence
that's what they did with the Bill of
Rights you set out a vision for where
we're going to go and then you persuade
people with the bully pulpit to go that
way you don't trash-talk and support the
opposition and you don't you don't go in
one direction one day and then go 180
degrees in a different direction the
next day that's not leadership that's
evidence of mental illness if there ever
was any evidence of mental illness and
it's evidence of manipulation so don't
talk like that so we're gonna talk about
the situation with Adrian Schoolcraft
real quickly before we do we've got the
operation Paul Revere special that we've
got going right now a lot of items on
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from YouTube and he's our Washington
correspondent CNN is pushing to have us
thrown off our main channel thrown off
of YouTube lobbying CNN and you know it
is lobbying when you write articles and
say we called them and we ask them well
why didn't they do this why didn't they
go after that one why didn't they do
that they're bullying and harassing
people just to CNN and doing it at the
same time saying shut down Infowars
on YouTube because they're bullying and
harassing by commenting on what these
young students are saying as they try to
take away our god-given rights and they
were doing the same thing to a student
that they were trying to control in
their Town Hall who push back against
that they attacked him they attacked his
father they bullied them they harassed
them maybe we should get them pushed off
but that's not the way that we roll
we're not calling for CNN to be shut
down we can beat them in the marketplace
of ideas they can't beat us that's why
they need to try to censor us that's
what the left does they don't argue with
you they throw you in a mental
institution or they shut down your
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us all right let's talk about Adriene
Schoolcraft this is a guy who noticed
corruption in the New York Police
Department and so he started wearing a
microphone for a very long time and he
was recording everything that his
superiors were telling him because of
the corruption and they started
punishing him because he didn't like to
write tickets to get people fines a good
example of it is you know they've got
the anti-smoking laws they get very
heavy penalties for that so you have
barbers who couldn't smoke in their
barber shop they would go outside that
stand on the sidewalk in front of their
barber shop to smoke because they'd get
a fine if they smoked inside the barber
shop so they do it right in front of
their barber shop and then they come
along and give them a fine for loitering
in front of their barber shop that type
of thing and he continually refused to
do that and they said no you got a quote
or you got to do this and so he started
recording so he could show that they
were pushing people to do this that they
wanted quotas and so forth I mean this
is the type of stuff that cost Eric
Gardner his life because he was selling
cigarettes one by one on the on the
sidewalk and eventually they killed him
for that one day Adrian Schoolcraft
didn't like that and he pushed back
against it so they told him I said are
you gonna walk a beat then you don't
like that you walk a beat he said good
his father had been a cop he won to be a
cop he wanted to get to know the people
in the community who wanted to protect
them he was happy with that he was
really happy doing that but they weren't
happy with him doing that and so he
continued to complain about some of the
policies of the New York Police
Department that were oppressive and one
day the police chief came with some
officers to his apartment and started
threatening him and then they realized
that he had this recording device on him
and that's when it got really bad they
took that reconnect confiscated that
destroyed that and they told him huh
yeah you're gonna disappear right now
and they hauled him off to a mental
institution and his father didn't know
where he was couldn't
and what had happened was he had another
one that he'd put on the shelf and that
recorded everything and when his father
went to his apartment his father who was
a police officer went to his apartment
have found that camera he realized what
had happened and so when you look at
police departments who oh and the other
part of it as if it was a real crime
like a rape or something they would
discourage people from reporting that
when they would go out there they'd say
oh no you know you don't want to get
tied up in this you don't realize how
destructive this is gonna be to your
life to testify in a rape trial so just
say that you changed your mind it was
consensual sykes or say that it wasn't a
stolen car you're your cousin just
borrowed it that made them look good to
the feds on their FBI statistics well we
have President Trump blasted at home
blasted abroad for his plan to bring
back the steel business here in America
putting on tariffs to protect the steel
and aluminum businesses and this is in
an environment where we've had again the
other headlines coming up manufacturing
in the u.s. expands at the fastest pace
since 2004 we've got jobs soaring the
employment rate is soaring
people are getting pay increases they're
getting bonuses that Nancy Pelosi and
the Democrats call crumbs that Chuck
Schumer has said the Republicans will
rue the day that this happened we have
US crude oil production has hit a record
high I did it back in November they have
a lag and the reporting times here so
all these things are good indicators if
you want America to succeed aren't they
and yet the globalists who run Wall
Street and other countries are very
upset about this very upset that we put
our economy first and they're pushing
back against this and this is a winning
remember when Clinton ran Bill Clinton
ran the slogan within his campaign was
it's the economy stupid don't get caught
up in these side issues focus on the
economy and how you can make that better
or how you have made it better now the
is the number two issue for Democrats
and Republicans the number one issue for
Democrats is immigration and I'm sorry
the number one that's for Republicans is
15% approximately of Republicans that's
their number one issue about nine
percent for the Democrats on that issue
and those numbers are reversed 15 and
nine when it comes to gun control
Democrats are fired up about gun control
and in Republicans to a lesser degree
are fired up about gun control on the
other side of the issue so what are we
doing we're making it about those two
issues because the economy is second for
both of those I don't think that's a
good strategy
I think Trump needs to run on the wins
that he has had he needs to join forces
with the Republicans in the GOP House
and Senate and not throw them under the
bus not throw gun owners under the bus
because that's what we're talking about
we're not talking about the NRA
the NRA as one of the GOP senators said
that's your constituents mr. president
the NRA sure can it's just the people in
America it's not some baby-killing
organization and it's being portrayed by
the Democrats and when you say things
like you're afraid of the NRA aren't you
you're petrified in the NRA aren't you
to the congressman then what you do is
you're pouring gasoline on the fire of
gun control and you're energizing the
Democrats against these people they're
not gonna they're not ever going to
support President Trump never is gonna
happen no matter how much he tries to
pander to the open border crowd to the
daka crowd to the gun control crowd they
despise him so viscerally they will
never support him on anything all he's
doing is dividing his base throwing
these principles as well as these people
under the bus it needs to focus on the
economy that needs to be the number-one
issue and the other issue is immigration
that is what his base wants to see and
again he's not doing anything we
that immigration issue what he needs to
do is he needs to build the wall he can
do it under the defense Aegis that he
has there he can also say that he's
going to bring the troops to patrol the
border any number of things like that
could be done but that's not happening
so we're gonna take a look at what's
going we got the comments from the GOP
we got comments from Tucker Carlson from
some senators here that we're gonna be
playing in the next break as our radio
stations come back as I said the whole
discussion here took place and
problem-solving mode but we got to solve
a problem we may not know what the
problem is but we've got to do something
I heard that back in the early 90s when
the Democrats were saying we've got to
take overall health care we got a
problem got to do something that's a we
better not make it worse and they did
when they tried to take it over with
Obamacare we'll be right back I'm David
Knight you know I was just talking about
Adrian Schoolcraft before we went to the
top of the hour break and as I said he
is a perfect example this guy who was
like Frank Serpico everybody knows Frank
Serpico because of the movie with Al
Pacino I'll tell you what Adrian
schoolcraft's story is really amazing
because he got it all got it all on
recordings and what we learned was that
you had a corrupt police department that
was focused on collecting money and
shaking down law-abiding citizens now in
the same way you know we wouldn't have
any police departments like that outside
of New York would we not all so what we
have seen from sheriff Benghazi there in
Broward County the guy who no matter how
many times you call him he never comes
but he is there johnny-on-the-spot to
play Miami Vice and to get a Lamborghini
for himself and his people with the drug
war in civil asset forfeiture and I
would imagine that an apartment like
that has got as many charges ethics
charges against it that they've got a
pretty big focus on quotas and fines as
well and so that's what he saw in New
York and that's what he started
recording because he wanted to be a real
police officer was gonna serve the
community he really took the a moto the
the motto of
and sir if he took that seriously and so
what they did was they hauled him off
and just put him in an in-state and
insane institution put him in a mental
institute because it's very easy to do
that and that's one of the things that
really concerns me about all the talk
that is coming out from the Republicans
even from the NRA saying well we got it
it's a mental health issue
let's make it easier to put take
people's stuff let's make it easier to
put people in mental institutions that's
what they did to Adrian Schoolcraft only
the other part of this was as I was
pointing out before we went to break
they would tell their police officers
you get those fines but don't get us
bogged down and rape and car theft and
burglaries and robberies and muggings we
don't want to get bogged down and that
we don't make any money from that and it
makes us look bad to the feds because
the FBI is collecting all these
statistics hey you know when that busy
overthrowing the government the FBI you
know is going to be paying attention to
our statistics and we won't look good
well it look like we're a safe city so
don't don't do anything about this stuff
and if people call us and go out there
you try to talk them out of any charges
against any real crime which is exactly
what Sheriff Benghazi was doing with the
promise program yeah we want to make all
of our kids look good we don't want to
have a pipeline from school to prison
and so we're gonna pretend that these
crimes didn't exist we're not gonna
report these crimes all the same stuff
go for the money don't do anything about
crime oh and if anybody gets in your way
of a corrupt government what do you do
you shuffle them off to a mental
institution because you got to be crazy
to question a corrupt government that's
the story of Adrian Schoolcraft and it
happens it just happened a few years ago
in New York and they nearly got away
with it if he hadn't had a backup camera
recording it so his dad could get him
out of the mental institution but let's
take a look at the comments of people
after this meeting with President Trump
let's hope that he got the message from
people who had who stood up
and I said we're not going to just give
him a pass on this because this
president Trump we support him on other
things but we're not gonna support him
if he's gonna deal away our fundamental
rights yes one the reasons says
infringement most people are familiar
with the metaphor of Monty Python the
Holy Grail most people have seen that a
the black knight who says none shall
pass and he whacks off his arm and he
keeps being belligerent so you're not
gonna get a ax off the other arm then
one leg then the other leg and he's
still you can't come back here
well that is essentially what our
politicians have been doing to the
Second Amendment it's a gradual process
of removing our arms by a gradual
process of infringement that's the
clumsy metaphor but it's what is
happening when they move their stuff
onto your property when they move the
fence onto your property and you let
them leave it there for a long time then
they say well that's ours now
and we need to move those fences back
not let them move the fence even further
in with more infringement so as they
asked in a Breitbart editorial here by
Joel Pollak why didn't the Republicans
in that meeting stand up for the Second
Amendment why did they do that and he
makes a very succinct statement here he
says the whole discussion took place and
problem-solving mode we're taken for
granted that the government had to
do something in response to the shooting
even though it was the government's
failure to do something
sheriff Benghazi over and over didn't do
anything he didn't do anything had his
deputy stand down as the shooting was
taking place it allowed the shooting
take place allowed it to continue as
long as it did after a hit had begun and
so you've got a lot of Republicans as
the hill points out are baffled and
starting to distance themselves from
Trump on gun control even though they
support him on other issues I support
him on other issues but I'm not gonna
support him on this I'm not gonna make
any excuses for him I'm not gonna cut
him any slack he should know better than
to talk like this
Tomasz master Republican of Kentucky as
they say in the hill a libertarian one
of the staunchest defenders of the gun
rights in Congress said I don't know how
he came on board
President Trump can do more damage than
President Obama did to the second
amendment using his bully pulpit that's
exactly what I was saying you got all
these people saying well you know it's
not gonna happen and it isn't going to
happen as long as Republicans have the
majority but he's throwing them under
the bus as well so he can virtue signal
people as he kicks off his 2020 campaign
as if he's gonna get any of these
Democrats to vote for him
ain't gonna happen it isn't gonna happen
he better stand up for the Constitution
and stand up for his base but when he
goes on and uses his bully pulpit to
push gun control nonsense that's when it
gets really bad agreeing with the idea
that we're going to infringe on Rights
crashing not only the Second Amendment
but the sixth amendment the idea that
somehow these are privileges and not
rights and that our fundamental rights
our property is something for him to
deal with for his political games no no
you can do all you want with your Game
of Thrones in the White House and don't
really care about that but don't start
messing with my property my rights
they're not yours to deal with to
bargain with and so Massey says
President Trump can do more damage than
President Obama did to the Second
Amendment using the bully pulpit because
Republicans instinctively rejected
anything that Obama put forward so down
a lot of these issues said Jim Jordan on
a lot of these issues where we believe
there's an infringement on the Second
Amendment liberties we're going to
oppose those and of course it isn't
going to get through this Congress we've
already had Mitch McConnell say we're
gonna take this off the agenda we're
gonna move on to another topic but if
President Trump strengthens this issue
and starts trashing the Second Amendment
starts trashing our rights pretending
that they're here's his to deal with
then we are going to be pouring fuel on
the Democrats campaign to light that
thing on fire and if that happens
they're going to impeach President Trump
that's the next thing it's gonna happen
but first we'll lose the Republican
majority that will protect the Second
Amendment and what we have left of our
Bill of Rights
they said Trump has been
eager to take action on gun control
that's right just like he's been eager
to do something about the daca
recipients and to do the wrong thing
Massey said I was surprised that he
basically just incorporated the whole
wish list of gun control into his
proposed omnibus gun control bill Massey
who heads the Congressional Second
Amendment caucus called it trumps most
disappointing statement and said he
broadened the concern beyond the Second
Amendment so they can take any piece of
property without due process if new
process is no longer a value that he
believes in because that's the sixth
amendment maybe he doesn't care about
that either Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell has announced the chamber will
be moving to banking legislation next
week rather than a background check bill
because we now heard that Schumer says
if you don't enact broad gun control
measures if you don't put in this
omnibus bill with all the stuff that
Dianne Feinstein and I and president
Trump want then we're gonna block any
improvement to the background checks the
background checks are not going to work
if you don't have any data in your
database because you're trying to curry
favor with the feds and because you
don't care about prosecuting crime
because you just want people's stuff
you're gonna steal it from them with
civil asset forfeiture you're gonna take
it from them with fines
that's what sheriff Benghazi was doing
and if you don't fix that might as well
not even talk about anything to do with
school security
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
seize the guns of anyone identified as a
possible threat even without a hearing I
like taking the guns you really take the
guns first go through due process second
I love my president I supported him I
still support him but but he and Ivers
I'm gonna have to disagree on this idea
of due process Republicans are also cool
too the president's call for universal
background checks and for raising the
age to buy a rifle policies opposed by
the NRA some of you people are petrified
of the NRA you can't be petrified
alright and that's a clip the report
there by ABC and you heard the voice
they're saying I can't go with the
President as far as this due process
effort that was congressman Kennedy who
was saying that look we can't throw away
due process and it gets me very
concerned when we start talking about
mental health we don't talk about one of
the core things that have been affecting
this and that is SSRIs and so when we
talk about what we're gonna do and
that's everybody should be everybody's
concerned about what is going to be the
process to identify dangerous
individuals yes we do have dangerous
individuals you know one of the things
that we could do which evidently were
not even thinking about doing it is to
take the tack that we did with
cigarettes you know it used to be that
you couldn't advertise drugs and say you
know ask your doctor about this come on
you know this is this stuff is great and
even though they put the disclaimer
there well you know if you plead to
suicidal thoughts and could cause you to
kill yourself and kill everybody else in
the school these types of things still
ask your doctor about it he'll know what
to do
the same thing with painkillers and so
forth now we've got an opioid epidemic
how about we stop advertising that stuff
they did the same thing with tobacco
you'd see the Marlboro Man out there and
you oh yeah I want to be a tough cowboy
I want to die of lung cancer like John
Wayne no no we don't want to push that
image on people instead let's educate
people about the real effects of opioids
just like we educated people about
tobacco you know we never did have
tobacco prohibition but we cut the use
of tobacco significantly didn't we yeah
we had prohibition about smoking in in
different places and I I don't agree
with that on private property but
nevertheless through education we have
been able to drastically reduce the use
of tobacco you're never going to get
something completely eradicated
you'll always have a certain population
of the certain percentage of the
population that will engage in drugs
like alcohol or other drugs but
prohibition gives you a lot of other
problems but what if instead of
prohibiting opioids because they're out
there now you're gonna be able to get
them mail order them from China or
whatever what if we were to just tell
people the truth about that what if we
started to have an education campaign
well if we treated it as a medical issue
well if we told people don't necessarily
trust the commercials that you see on
Fox and CNN what we told Fox and CNN
sorry you're gonna have to find a way to
advertise commercials that don't harm
people products that don't harm people
what if we were to do that but instead
we're going down this road and nobody
wants to talk about that elephant in the
room and when we talk about mental
institutions we're talking about mental
illness and committing people to these
mental institutions we better have due
process for that that really scares me
and so here's what Tucker Carlson had to
say about the comments that were being
made there he said imagine if Obama had
said take the guns first White House at
that meeting he would after Republicans
who want to defend the Second Amendment
suggesting they're puppets of the NRA at
one point the president said the
government should quote take the guns
first go through due process second now
I mean how honest do you want to be
imagine if Barack Obama had said that
just ignores ROI process and start
confiscating guns well bomb would have
been denounced as a dictator we would
have denounced him first trust me
Congress would be talking impeachment
right now someone be muttering about
secession well the media agreed with
what the president said yesterday so
they've underplayed it or they presented
it as just a little battle between the
president and the NRA but it's not about
the NRA it's not even about the
president it's about the Constitution
and the Constitution remains the same no
matter who's in power that's the point
of the Constitution the Second Amendment
protects your rights to bear arms
doesn't say that obliquely or
metaphorically it says it explicitly and
the supreme court several times has
interpreted it that way
explicitly protecting your rights to
bear arms you can't lose that right or
any other right
the right to worship freely the right to
say what you want without due process
period those rights are what make us
citizens and not mere subjects of the
powerful and the president needs to be
reminded of that maybe we all do once in
a while if voters wanted that kind of
government they could have voted
Democrat and actually they still have a
chance to vote Democrat in the midterms
which he should keep in mind congressman
Sean Duffy is a Republican represents
the state of Wisconsin congressman Jody
Arrington is a Republican representing
the state of Texas and they join us both
congressman Arrington to you first I
mean if we just be honest for a second
because I think it puts it in stark
relief how would you have responded if
President Obama said well we'll just
take the guns and then we'll deal with
the due process question I think more
than disconcerting would be an
understatement we're talking about our
god-given fundamental right to protect
ourselves not just against right people
let's cut off their the Tucker is
absolutely right you know what makes us
so dangerous is that people are willing
to give President Trump a pass when they
would never do that if Hillary Clinton
had said that if Barack Obama had said
the things that President Trump said
yesterday we would rightfully be up in
arms and we should be up in arms about
this as well and when we look at the
political strategy of this I don't see
how this is a win-win situation because
we've got the issue that he's been doing
really well on and that he's been doing
well with a Republican Congress on is
the economy but that is the second issue
actually you could call it the third
issue but it is the second issue to both
Republicans and Democrats the top issue
for Republicans as I said before I said
15% it's actually 17% say the top issue
is immigration and border security
that's 9% for Democrats that's a more
important issue for Republicans do you
know what Republicans want they want the
border protected they want a wall so use
the Defense Department use the NDAA they
stick everything in the world
that's not related to defense and the
NDAA so put something that is related to
the defense of America in there the wall
the fun's out I mean you've got the
Pentagon you know forty million dollars
to the department the State Department
to do propaganda but not a penny for our
borders from the Defense Department
that's insane you don't need a judge's
permission to defend our borders you
don't stop pretending that you do this
is this is as bad as anything that Jeff
sessions has done and yet it's a
president who was pretending that he
can't do anything because a judge
somewhere some lower court federal judge
said no you can't do that
can't do this can't do that you can't
determine who's coming into the country
you can't do anything about the wall or
this or that we've got the Second
Amendment is the top issue for Democrats
seventeen percent of them are fired up
about it especially now seventeen
percent compared to nine percent for
Republicans so they just flipped those
two issues now the third issue is the
economy that's the one that you should
be pumping up if you want to keep
Congress Republican and this is
happening at the same time that seventy
five percent of the public disapproves
of Congress I've seen that as high as
ninety one percent disapprove of them
but with this and with people
disapproving of Republicans in Congress
more than Democrats in Congress is it
really smart to throw the Republicans
under the bus and talk about how they're
petrified of the NRA no I don't think
it's gonna work stay with us we'll be
right back with dr. jerome corsi
it was just yeah the fight for free
speech is starting to look like the
Alamo isn't it but remember the battle
was eventually won they came for her
they came for the cannons they came for
the cannons that's I come and take it
flag you say they came for the cannons
of the next city but eventually they
lost and so we're gonna be talking to
dr. Jerome Corsi Gizmodo was very
excited about the fact that YouTube has
terminated his account but now we
understand that they have restored it
they are gonna have to wait a little bit
for their glee cuz moto was so excited
about that so yesterday he was writing
hi after being published in USA Today
writing a very good article by the way
and saying oh they must not realize that
he works for Infowars because I would
never let
published an article there and of course
that's their metric of success being
recognized or published by the failing
legacy media like USA Today but we now
understand that he is now back there so
we're gonna talk to him about the
process give you an update on that but I
just want to finish with this from the
Gizmodo site they were saying that Corsi
will now have to content himself with
his 100,000 plus followers on Twitter a
website notoriously bad at fighting
harassment and misinformation in other
words let's let's get that censorship
and Twitter up better cheering on the
Twitter of the censorship cheering on
censorship by algorithm or by an army of
people in the case of YouTube flagging
people unjustifiably taking down
channels only conservatives by the way
but that's the pathetic state of the
media now cheering consensus ship I
forget about the First Amendment let's
cheer censorship before we go to dr.
Corsi real quickly this is a part of our
operation Paul Revere broadcast we've
had a 34 hour broadcast and began with
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what they know Diane Feinstein was wrong
about pistols it isn't like getting
stabbed with a bullet no they actually
kill people as well so if you're in a
gun-free zone where only the criminals
are allowed to it we should call them
defenseless zones maybe you can defend
yourself and you can't defend yourself
if you've got an armored backpack insert
I was called out by the mainstream media
for talking about that in the wake of
shooting at an airport so well you know
look at this guy took all these flights
went from Alaska to Florida and before
he took the flight he went into an
office and said I got these heads are
these these voices in my head and and
they're telling me to go shoot something
up I think it's it's the government is
putting voices in my head whatever he
was allowed to take his gun from Alaska
to Florida and start shooting people up
so I said well you know they're not
gonna let you have a gun but maybe you
can put an armored backpack insert into
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that look at that he's trying to profit
off it no I'm trying to tell people how
to survive and we've got products here
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it will help Infowars to survive as well
so let's go to dr. Corsi dr. drum corps
see our Washington correspondent welcome
dr. Corsi great to be with you David
thank you very much yeah thank you for
joining us and tell us what the current
status of your youtube account is now
it's going up and down well yesterday
late on Thursday I got noticed that
YouTube I guess it blinked they've
changed their mind and they were gonna
restore my channel on youtube and then
by this morning when I got up and
recognized that it was back and that in
fact I'd had a message from the YouTube
team saying they would help me restore
the channel that evidently the you know
they back down they just decided that
they were wrong and you know they
couldn't justify terminating my channel
confusing me of harassment and bullying
which I I never do I mean that's not a
dog I'm not they couldn't prove I had
done it and the point is that the point
is that you know it was completely
arbitrary the whole thing was completely
arbitrary he had southern poverty
Center in there it's obvious attempt to
censor us I mean I I pounded Eric
Schmidt over on Twitter I moved my
account over to gab and I'm gonna stay
Gavin was one gonna be now a primary
place for me to place to put videos when
YouTube do this once they can do it
again I mean how could you trust Eric
Schmidt and Google after this and
they're you know completely bias they
are in the bag they were free Hillary
Clinton I think Eric Schmidt Tom is very
concerned about this executive order of
President Trump signed on December 21st
confiscating the assets of anybody who
was involved in human rights trafficking
or corruption the next day or that day
he resigned from alphabet I wasn't
coincidental how these are the things I
think that you know you can't trust a
group who's gonna terminate you and then
only thereafter there's a huge public
outcry now they get an enormous pushback
they're afraid they're getting out there
it's time to put an internet bill of
rights into place we got to have First
Amendment rights on the Internet we
can't have these giants like Google and
Facebook and the others operate to
eliminate conservative speech and and
libertarians especially not before the
2018 election which is I'm confident
what what Google and Eric Schmidt wanted
to accomplish oh absolutely and they're
doing the work as you point out they are
aligned with people on the political
left who don't want to have a free
marketplace of idea of ideas and then
they say well we're not actually the
government's not actually doing it
YouTube is doing it it's a private site
they can do it and then YouTube pushes
it one more level out there saying and
again this is from Gizmodo that was
celebrating the fact that they thought
that this was just preliminary
censorship to take down your channel
that Alex's channel main channel would
be the next one and then taunting
Twitter and saying you know you're
notoriously bad at fighting harassment
this is always a it's a snowflake
attitude oh I'm being harassed I'm being
harassed just shut them down I don't
want to have any discussion but then
they come out same publication Gizmodo
says YouTube's new moderation team
stumbles out of the gate
no mistakes were made so it's not the
government trying to censor people
the political left the deep state no
it's YouTube but it's not even YouTube
it's those people that are new that they
hired they didn't really mean to do any
of this stuff well I think there's we
don't need any clearer demonstration
than this recent YouTube Google trying
to censor me off of a YouTube canceling
the account no recourse no you know the
appeal is meaningless you there's nobody
at Google to talk to you can't find any
telephone numbers
nobody's accountable it's all these
nameless minions running around and then
they also cancelled my gmail comp mail
account so I mean I'd be I guess they're
all I'll linked and you go back then you
go back the fact that Google was funded
and started by the CIA and I think the
whole group is penetrated by spooks I
think every click you make is reported
instantly to the NSA into the CIA I'm
confident that Eric Schmidt is a spook
and in the bank where the man has been
forever he was in the bag for Hillary
I put millions of dollars in Hillary
Clinton he gave all of our Google d'etat
to Hillary for her voting data he didn't
give it equally to Trump when the the
bias and the intolerance of the left
lectures uninterested in the First
Amendment there aren't only interested
in the Second Amendment they're not
interested in the Fourth Amendment
especially as they apply to
conservatives they're not interested in
any of the fundamental principles of the
Republic or our basic freedoms that are
they don't want debate they want gulags
they're basically a communist
you know Cultural Revolution seeking for
Thought reform that's right and they
don't want any discussion of real issues
again you had your published by USA
Today talking about listen let's allow
teachers to exercise their rights to
protect themselves and other people oh
gotta shut that guy down can't have that
kind of discussion stay with us we'll be
right back with dr. jerome corsi i'm
david knight welcome back i'm david
knight and we're talking to dr. jerome
is the Washington bureau chief for info
wars and of course as we look at these
news outlets we had Gizmodo taunting him
Lucky's gone oh he was he was doing
great just yesterday he's published on
USA Today and now he's gone you just had
to find him on Twitter which is
notorious for not kicking off people who
seeing people well I tell you what I've
never seen more disgusting harassment
than I have on YouTube in terms of
comments twitter does a better job of
that but there is even though twitter
does control things and facebook
controls things they've algorithmically
taken down president Trump's engagement
with their new algorithm they've dropped
it by 45% even though President Trump is
still tweeting out the same amount in
that same period of time took it down
very quickly it is censorship by
algorithm it is censorship by an army of
Southern Poverty Law Center social
justice warriors and snowflakes who make
the accusation I'm being harassed help
help I'm being harassed shut them down
and then taunting even USA Today as
splinter news says USA Today publishes
Infowars conspiracy nut without even
realizing it shaming them right and that
was a very well-written piece dr. Corsi
that you had at USA Today very
well-written very well reasoned and I
would say kudos to USA Today for putting
out a piece which obviously they don't
agree with but having an open discussion
there well reasoned discussion with
these people like Gizmodo and this
little outlet i've never heard of before
splinter news they want to criticize
anybody that would have free speech and
tell them you better start censoring
this we don't want to have any rational
discussion of solutions that could help
kids in school know I'm gonna do that
we've got an agenda to push and anybody
that doesn't sign up for that agenda
we're gonna accuse them of harassment
and bullying and censor them shut them
down well this is exactly what the deep
state does it's a concerted effort to
minimize marginalize anybody who doesn't
agree with their narrative if you're not
on board with a hard left hillary
clinton identity politics are you know
willing to say hate politics and then
yet Southern Poverty Law Center one of
the greatest hate organizations in
America you know if you don't align with
them well then your your conspiracy
theorist nutcase I also want to thank
you David I want to thank the entire
crew that have participated in this
operation Paul Revere I think what it
attests to again is the impact that
is reaching directly to the American
people it's the same impact that you
know if this had we had not had this 34
hours we had not really gone all out to
get this in front of the American people
I don't know that we would have had the
reversal I mean it was clearly the
pressure it was clearly the you know
millions of people who would now get to
see the full extent of you know Facebook
Google all these giants YouTube
censorship this is really this is the
this the core of the issue and it's why
infowars.com continues to thrive and you
know we look at what they're doing
you're talking about how they monitor
and follow people it's just been put out
that Facebook is putting out viruses to
follow people they don't even signup to
Facebook to monitor them well this is
what is really creepy about the internet
and that's why things like radio
stations are very important to us as
well we got to have a full spectrum of
communication stuff out there I mean we
people listening on the radio they don't
know that people are listening on the
radio they don't have any way to follow
and trace those people back like they do
on the Internet and unlike the internet
you know we put stuff up we store it
there but they can just flush it all
down the memory hole like they almost
did with you yesterday and I guess
you've still got two strikes against you
at YouTube right they could no they
removed all of it they took everything
off there's no strikes at all let me
think they do they do erase the whole
thing I mean but it's not done yet I
mean I restore my gmail account and by
the way I'm going to war with them today
now um Eric Schmidt wants to delay the
earnings you kind of wait a month that
while a money launderer your earnings
you can't get my February earnings they
send it to another company that's
Adsense and then they keep the float I
mean if Eric Schmidt's really that hard
off of me we've got a hard time so I'll
be happy to make him alone
I can loan a few dollars but again it's
through a hard time but otherwise I
guess it's because of these stuff like
that you know and they're also they're
also a ridiculous control over broadband
and if they're gonna be the sensors and
if they're gonna do this Southern
Poverty Law Center nonsense
we're gonna pound them continuously I'll
yeah look if eric schmitt wants to be a
punk on this it wants to fight it out
i'll duke it out with him anywhere he
wants you how about us district court
that's not good enough
let's duke it out at the FCC let's duke
it out at the FTC bearish me thinks he
can bowl this game by having a big
powerful Facebook and then he can decide
he's God to decide what free speech is
allowed and not free speech Eric Schmidt
you got another thing coming I don't
think you deserve the broad bate I want
an Internet Bill of Rights and I think
this brings it to the American people
we're gonna push it now and Eric Schmidt
you want to be a spook you want to
continue working for the CIA you want to
send every click we make to the NSA I'm
gonna broadcast that loud and wide to
the American people they want to calm me
there's well you know as we look at yes
dr. Corsi it's not just our ability to
communicate it's also you know they're
using that they're shutting down our
ability to communicate and to oppose
their attempt to shut down our ability
to shoot and at the same time you've got
Google and these other people who are
pushing our controls over our ability to
move around with smart cities with
self-driving cars and so forth they want
complete control of everything that we
do these people in Silicon Valley these
globalists elitists they have absolutely
no respect for any of our rights they
have they don't want us to own anything
that want us to be renters they want to
control and know everything that we do
and this is what is really creepy about
this is how power is being concentrated
in the hands of just a few people they
talk about the 1% of the 1% getting much
much wealthier well it's that control
that I'm concerned about because that's
what's allowing them to accumulate so
much money but it's also going to allow
them to communicate though to control
the way that we communicate the way that
we defend ourselves and even the way
that we can move around or whether or
not we can move around
well well David you're exactly right I
mean rather than being happy the account
was restored I'm still angry that the
week that these you know unspecified
people for unspecified reasons at
YouTube how dared call me you know a
liberal well these liberals calling me I
left his nut case but I was harassing
and bullying now that's on the record
then I'll never be forgotten by
all the people WikiLeaks and everywhere
else and Wikipedia all the other wiki
out there that want to trash us because
we're conservatives angry about this
defamation I mean this is yeah you know
this is fundamental defamation and this
kind of defamation is extends into
kinetic censorship and I don't know
where I don't know who appointed Eric
by the way 1221 Eric Schmidt take a look
at that executive order I want to
examine what role you played in fusion
GPS I'm not all about to let you off of
the hook per crowdsource we should put a
hundred million dollars into and lied
about the Russians being the ones who
hacked the DNC I won't know why you
advanced that lie how much money to cost
you why did you launder the money your
money that went through Perkins Coie
let's have um let's have some real
discussion on these because it could be
criminal offenses in here I reckon if
there are I don't intend to let up yeah
we've seen this happening and and we
started reporting on this when they
announced that they were going to get
these groups and they were going to have
them vetting people that we're gonna
make it more civil and so forth and now
Twitter is saying the same thing what
does a healthy Twitter look like the CEO
says it's a very toxic environment
please help me with my censorship and
you've got all these different media
outlets out there applauding censorship
trying to shame USA Today if they put an
op-ed piece in there by you on a
position on gun control that they don't
agree with you know you you advocate for
arming teachers and allowing people to
exercise their self-defense which is
something that the establishment press
doesn't agree with but at least they put
you in there so then they try to shame
them into censoring you that's what
we're seeing going on throughout this
this move and I doubt that Eric Schmidt
and his minions at Google you know maybe
CIA on campus have ever read John Stuart
Mill on free speech the whole purpose of
this thing was that the pre speech the
First Amendment derived from the fact
that the speech you got tolerate that
you must tolerate the most as the speech
you like to hear the least that's not
that principles of course a little
opposed to the communism and if you know
Google's whole campus is a little bit
far less than Carl Marx I guess they
don't appreciate it they'd rather March
this off to thought reform camps exactly
what it is it is a mark
this technique to censor anybody that
you don't agree with and then to send
them to a mental institution that's why
so it concerns me so much when I hear
this talk about oh it's a mental health
problem and we don't want any due
process I mean that that is we're seeing
classic Marxist tactics that being
applied and you're talking about them
defaming you I mean they did the same
thing the Family Research Council we had
the same people Southern Poverty Law
Center said they're a hate group because
they support traditional marriage
marriage defined as one man one woman
and because of that are you talking
about defamation and ruining your
reputation because of that the Family
Research Council was attacked by a man
with a gun who's listening to the
Southern Poverty Law Center he wanted to
kill those hateful people there that's
the result of that speech very different
from I disagree with what you have to
say but I will defend to the death your
right to say it no they want to send
somebody to kill you if they can't shut
you down thank you so much for joining
us dr. Jerome Corsi and again he's going
to continue to fight and so are we
that's why we have operation Paul Revere
2018 stay with us we'll be right back so
we were just talking to dr. drum Corsi
and he was talking about Eric Schmidt
and Google and how they are engaged in a
process of trying to flush any
conservative commentary down the memory
hole say oh we just made some mistakes
well we knew where this is headed we
reported when they were bringing
Southern Poverty Law Center and other
groups online as well as Facebook to say
we're going to vet people and we're only
gonna have real news out there and it's
like oh yeah well who's gonna decide
what's real news the people like that
Southern Poverty Law Center and we talk
about Eric Schmidt he was just at a
conference the Munich Security
Conference February 16th through 18th
and he said this he said everyone
immediately when they won't talk about
the movie-inspired death scenarios about
artificial intelligence and Eric Schmidt
said I can confidently predict to you
that they are one or two decades away so
let's worry about them but let's not
worry about them for a while let's not
worry about it
until the threat is on your doorstep or
shooting at you
yeah you better worry about it now if
it's that closed away and of course is
uh that's sort ray kurzweil who now
works for Google because anybody that
has any promising technology or research
in the field of artificial intelligence
or analyzing controlling human behavior
monitoring storing human behavior
manipulating human behavior by
manipulating the brain anybody that has
a company like that or has any research
like that has immediately purchased by
Google all those creepy things that you
see at Boston Dynamics they bought them
it was part of a DARPA research project
but of course don't worry they're just
gonna be helping little old ladies cross
the street these robots right uh-huh
yeah we're gonna have robot cops that
help people cross the street he says the
other point I want to remind everyone
says Eric Schmidt is these technologies
AI have serious errors in them and they
should not be used with life critical
decisions so I would not want to be in
an airplane where the computer was
making all the general intelligence
decisions about flying it the technology
is just not reliable enough there are
too many errors in its use it's it is
advisory it makes you smarter and so
forth but I wouldn't put it in charge of
command and control well then what about
the autonomous killer robots that you're
working on with DARPA what about the
autopilot cars that are out there see
Google doesn't want to have a system
where you even have an a a steering
wheel or a brake pedal in your car so
there's two different approaches to this
some people say well we want to have
that there as a backup and then the
people like Google come along and say
well you're gonna be distracted you're
gonna be sitting there watching movies
or on Facebook or Twitter and you're not
gonna realize something happens and when
the computer says hey I can't handle
this I don't know what's going on
you take the controls you're not gonna
be able to do something quickly enough
and the reason for that is like Eric
Peters has pointed out in his essays you
can find him at Eric Peters Auto
it's been a frequent guest he was
pointing out you know we talked about
autopilot and you talked about planes
planes have autopilot but they have real
pilots and have real controls and they
have more time to react to things
because they have a great deal of
distance between planes I mean if they
get within I don't know what it is
thousands of feet of each other
everybody freaks out because it's a
near-miss the planes they have big gaps
between the times of the planes takeoff
they have the massive amount of buffer
space between them in every direction
above below and front behind to both
sides they have a massive buffer but
when you're in traffic and you're gonna
be in one of these cars it's run by
Google that doesn't have any way for you
to take over the controls it's gonna be
like you're flying in close formation
with the Blue Angels except there's no
controls and no way for you to take it
over and yet Eric Smith says Schmidt
says don't worry about this yeah we'll
make these decisions for you don't we're
not gonna take over everything in your
car and they're doing it and he says
we're not going to take over in a
terminator scenario but they're working
on that too stay with us we'll be right
back I'm David Knight welcome back we're
gonna talk about Oscars because that's
coming up this weekend we're also going
to talk about New York slouching towards
Sharia I began talking about that
yesterday I didn't have time before my
guests came on because there's a lot to
talk about with that so I wanted to get
back to that a couple of news items
before we do before we get into those
topics we have a reportedly two people
shot at Central Michigan University the
gunman they said is armed and dangerous
that doesn't say anybody was killed they
don't know where he is they say the
suspect is a 19 year old black male
approximately five foot nine inches tall
so it sounds like he knew somebody that
was there and and this is the sort of
thing that if it happens on a university
campus then it is national news and this
feeds the narrative that there's somehow
a rash of shootings on University and
college campuses any time any gun is
discharged its treated as if it were
some kind of a mass murder suicide event
and it isn't always the case it is
easier to shoot people in gun-free zones
like universities like Chicago like
district of the District of Columbia
like they shot the congressman there or
places like Baltimore Maryland it is
easier to do that in places that are gun
free where they take away the guns from
law-abiding citizens it's easier to get
away with doing something like that you
know we had one of the CEOs of CEO the
gun maker that produced Florida shooters
weapon I share the nation's grief as
James Dabney british-born chief
executive of the country of the company
American outdoor brands and he is
concerned about this they say used to be
a Smith & Wesson but have you ever heard
any vehicle manufacturer apologize to
people because somebody used their truck
or their car to deliberately run down
people on the road
Jim hear about that yeah ever see the
CEO of Ford or GM and tears about this
oh please please forgive me why is it
that we treat this it's all part of an
agenda we also had a in Las Vegas
Elementary School yesterday another
incident oh it was with an axe
it's a crazy woman who went to a Las
Vegas elementary school with an axe
maybe we need background checks for
people to buy axes maybe we need to have
a waiting period before you get an axe
did she buy her axe at Walmart or at
Dick's Sporting Goods did the axe
manufacturer apologize for this maybe
she got some Big Pharma drugs did they
apologize for this I don't know we're
not gonna talk about that she stormed
into an elementary school with an axe
and she threatened to murder everyone
she didn't harm anybody should didn't do
any damage to the school and so you're
gonna have the lips a wall see if she'd
had a gun she could have done some
damage I had the lady on who runs the
site SSRI stories net and you need to go
there and take a look at all the
incidences that have involved
SSRIs many of them did not involve guns
and many times there were people who
were killed many times or people who had
guns and went into a school and kept
people hostage like she did for a while
did that with a gun and then didn't harm
anybody but the the factor that was
central and all of this were the big
pharmaceutical drugs the SSRIs that are
being prescribed by the AMA and the
psychiatry people like candy to everyone
and we can't talk about that they found
her on top of a fence when they arrived
she was screaming and yelling she was
gonna kill everybody the responding
officer ordered her to come down from
the fence she complied the officer took
her into custody
so the Liberals will say oh she would've
killed everybody with a gun yeah one of
the stories that we talked at in length
when we talked to the lady with that
cite SSRI stories net really go to that
side and take a look at her one of the
stories a young man they changed his
meds which typically is the thing that
really triggers it and he took a rifle
to school he held the classroom hostage
who would alternately point the gun at
them and put it under his chin point the
gun at them put it under his chin and
eventually they got it away from him and
he had absolutely no recollection of
that it's like he was sleepwalking no
recollection of it whatsoever one other
piece of news here that I think is
interesting we have a conservative GOP
faction in Utah is affirming a rule that
could disqualify Mitt Romney's Senate
campaign well it's kind of interesting a
group of conservative Republicans in
Utah reports Breitbart has moved to head
off former Massachusetts governor Mitt
Romney's attempt to run for the US
Senate you know he was living in
Massachusetts until he decided to be
more of an Asst interest to go to Utah
because in Massachusetts he can't get
elected as dogcatcher anymore after
serving as governor they're powerful
conservative members of Utah's
Republican Party Central Committee
passed a measure reaffirming a state
rule that excludes signature-gathering
to gain access to the ballot and Mitt
Romney says no he's going to go ahead
and do that instead of I guess seeking
the nomination
party conservatives have triggered a
power struggle within the party putting
a large number of conservatives against
the more moderate party chairman Rob
Anderson who is a Romney supporter
currently the party rule requires a
candidates go through the party's caucus
and convention system instead of relying
solely on gathering petition signatures
Romney intends to pass the petitions and
to bypass having to appeal to party
members for his spot on the Republican
ticket if the rule sticks he risks
losing his membership in the Utah
Republican Party and may not be able to
run for the Senate while claiming to be
a Republican so I guess maybe he decides
that since he is so liberal that he will
run as an independent instead of a
Republican so he's gonna go the
signature route rather than getting the
nomination in the convention because he
thinks maybe he can't make that there so
it'll be interesting to see what happens
and that finally one of the bright spots
to come out of Washington out of the
Trump administration last few weeks was
this reform on food stamps and it is a
situation where we have massive fraud in
the food stamp bureaucracy and it's not
just coming from individuals who might
sell this and take their food stamps and
sell them and add half their face value
for cash it's also being participated in
by a lot of retailers who are doing this
is nothing other words not necessarily
just a a street black market but
retailers who are involved in this US
Department of Agriculture is published a
report estimating that thirty five
thousand eight hundred and ninety one
that's a pretty accurate estimate thirty
five thousand eight hundred ninety one
food retailers around the country
engaged in food stamp fraud illegally
trafficking more than 1 billion dollars
in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program benefits also called snap and I
guess we should be snapping about that
right that kind of fraud a billion
dollars in fraud and that's one of the
reasons why President Trump says we're
gonna take half of that
let's take half of that money that we
give to people in this currency called
food stamps let's just give them the
food how about that
you know some people do that with
homeless people there was a there's a
report the circulating around people
very upset about a man who picked up a
homeless man took him to McDonald's to
give him a meal and then the McDonald's
manager called the cops and the cops
threw him out and he filmed the whole
thing and put it up on social media but
that's a reasonable thing to do to try
to help somebody take them in and give
them some food it's so just handing them
cash because you're afraid that they're
going to buy drugs or alcohol or other
things that are gonna harm them you just
give them the food and that's what this
reform of the fraud is about but of
course this is something thirty six
thousand different retailers involved in
a billion dollars worth of fraud
according to the report but you know the
way the UN runs this when they go in and
help somebody like women in Syria you
know that war that we have started for
regime change so that we can get our
pipeline through there so the Russian
pipeline the gas pipeline to Europe that
war that we're killing people for gas
pipeline superiority there they have the
UN going in there say we will help will
help people so now they have women in
Syria reportedly being forced this is
being reported by anti media org being
forced into having sex in return for
food and this is coming from the UN this
is something we see repeatedly from the
UN from the UN peacekeepers and so forth
so it isn't food stamp fraud fraud in
their bureaucracy like we're seeing here
no it's like sex for food that's what
you're getting from UN that's the way
they operate stay with us we'll be right
we're talking about Sharia law we're
gonna talk more about these robots where
is this headed China is the example
quite frankly you're talking about a
digital dictatorship well this week it's
the Oscars and what are we gonna see
there we've got a street artist out
there with a sign says the Oscar for
biggest pedophile goes to dot dot it's
going to be kind of interesting to see
what they do I certainly I'm not gonna
watch it I used to I didn't watch the
Oscars even when I was trying to make
buying decisions for movies it's just a
it's a pageant type of
I don't really care for they didn't have
a really really anything to do with
quality of films it had to do with who
was like remember Sally Fields saying
you like me you really like me it's a
popularity contest this is about the
quality of a film now they can use an
Oscar nomination or they can use an
Oscar win to push a movie that's pretty
much been ignored at the box office
because it didn't get a lot of publicity
or PR from the studio so they can do
that type of thing it can mean things in
terms of economics for these people but
it doesn't have anything and and quite
frankly are we all pretty disgusted to
these people take a look at the casting
couch statue or what as a under guess
it's not a statue it's not really made
out of it's a piece of artwork they have
a harvey weinstein in a bathrobe sitting
on a couch with his arm out like come
set beside me come on because he's
notorious for wearing his um his
bathrobe but he does have a pair of
pants on i think in this particular one
unlike the real harvey weinstein robe
slippers and a pair of pants in this
particular one and that is being put
right next to the venue where they're
going to be having the oscars and harvey
weinstein really has you know it really
is harvey wood isn't it remember when
all this stuff started coming out and we
played that clip of meryl streep winning
an award and here's what she had to say
Haytham so I just want to thank
my agent Kevin you vain and God Harvey
Weinstein yeah God God of Hollywood and
there's the golden idol
Harvey Weinstein setting in his robe on
the casting couch write down where
that's their golden idol God Meryl
Streep and the rest of these people and
of course it's gonna be very awkward for
Oprah Winfrey if she decides to run for
president you know she says she's going
to she's going to wait to see if God
will tell her to run so you know look at
these pictures of her as she's snuggling
up to Harvey Weinstein over the years
maybe he's going to maybe God will
whisper into her ear
Harvey Weinstein will whisper into her
ear and tell her what to do and yeah
this is these comments about well well
God tell me to run of course I pointed
this out two weeks ago when you had joy
and Whoopie dump all kinds of grief on
vice-president Prince Pence because he
said that he'd listened to God and they
said no he must be insane and now
they've had tens of thousands of calls
to ABC which they don't really care
about they don't they don't really care
about the bigotry the anti-christian
bigotry of joy and Whoopie they're so
happy about Hollywood and about Oprah
but they're very very upset and angry
about any Christians who say that they
listen to God but it's okay for Oprah to
listen to her God Harvey Weinstein or
whatever new-age imagination of God she
has you know as long as it's not
Christianity that's being sold by Oprah
Winfrey or joy or Whoopi then it's great
and we can celebrate any form of
religion except for Christianity that's
the real the real deal but you know when
she gets her word from God and if Harvey
tells her to run for president maybe she
should listen to General Kelly because
he's not so sure that he's not being
punished by God for being in the White
House here's that report I would just
open by saying I have
no right to be up here on this stage and
when I was in the Department of every
right miss every one of you every day I
went true truly it six months the last
thing I wanted to do is walk away from
one of the great honors of my life being
the secretary of homeland security but I
did something wrong and God punished me
I guess so there you go he did something
wrong and God is punishing and that's
why he's at the White House the White
House chief of staff well he may not be
there that that much longer maybe he
will be getting out of purgatory pretty
soon but that's the way he portrays it
as he's being punished by God by being
in the White House he loved being
director Homeland Security where he
didn't enforce the borders
he continued deferred action for
childhood arrivals the same policy that
his predecessor put in Janna Politan Oh
put that in with a memo and we are not
allowed to do anything about that
because that is more important and more
untouchable by the way than the Second
Amendment or the sixth amendment I mean
we can get away do away with due process
we can do away with your god-given
rights to own a gun and defend yourself
but we cannot do away with daca that's
there that is a hard core principle now
it is more sacrosanct than anything in
the bill of rights anything in the
Constitution and it was just put in
there by a memo wasn't even an executive
order and general Kelly as much as he
enjoyed homeland security running that
organization which was in charge of
defending the borders he didn't really
defend the borders not the way he should
be defending the borders all right let's
talk some more about the other religion
Islam as I pointed out the other day we
had New York City paying out a hundred
eighty thousand dollars to three women
who were forced to remove their jobs for
mug shots these are women who were
arrested for one thing on the other
violence fighting and so forth and they
said oh you you took a picture of me
without my hijab so pay up and they're
very happy about this settlement were
city bowed down to Sharia law so this is
a great first step
yeah they're not finished yet they're
gonna do more about this and as I point
out in Muslim countries what they're
doing is women who take off their hijab
because they don't want it on are
getting charged for inciting
prostitution and inciting and corruption
exciting corruption and prostitution so
you take off your her job in Iran and
you're charged with inciting corruption
and prostitution and these women will be
facing up to ten years if they're found
guilty by this kangaroo Sharia Court you
want to see that come to America as
these people pander to Islam in
Indonesia Christians flogged as I
pointed out yesterday flogged because
they were gambling it says very rare for
non-muslims to be punished under Sharia
law but it happens do you think it's
really rare I don't think it's rare this
was in Sumatra they whipped them at
least six times a whipped by a man
wearing a robe not Harvey Weinstein and
a mask and wielding a rattan cane
hundreds of onlookers jeered them as the
punishment was carried out on a stage
next to a mosque so you don't follow
their Sharia law that's the punishment
you get and they say you know that this
is really one of the more advanced areas
of Islam because they've got big
corporations there but then they say
hardline Islamic groups have been using
the country's democratic system to
promote an Islamic agenda you know kind
of like they do in New York exactly what
they do in New York we come back I've
got more news about this and about how
they continue to mock Christianity a new
sitcom coming out specifically to mock
Christianity by CBS we'll be right back
I'm David Knight so three Islamic women
who had their mug shots taken after they
were arrested or were exposed because
they were fighting and their hijab got
taken off got one hundred and eighty
thousand dollars that they extorted out
of the city of New York as they slouched
toward Sharia law but it's not just the
police and it is much bigger than that
it is not just New York
we have the Democratic National
Committee the deputy chairman there of
course Keith Ellison of Minnesota the
first I guess maybe he's the first
Islamic congressman we've had but he
certainly is the first person who
refused to take the oath of office by
putting his hand on the Bible he
demanded that he used the Quran of
course she's now a keynote speaker at
the annual fundraiser for the New York
Chapter of the Council on
american-islamic relations a
washington-based front for Hamas the
Palestinian branch of the Muslim
Brotherhood our reports conservative
review and he had this to say he said
we're going to support litigation you
know like an advocacy for those who face
discrimination harassment or hate crimes
like having to have your hijab removed
when you get a mug shot after you commit
a crime that's exactly what we'll see
and when we look at what's happening in
France same type of tactics we got
macron bowing to reform Islam in France
it's time to bring in a new generation
he has declared an effort to fight
fundamentalism to preserve national
cohesion he has promised to lay the
groundwork for entire reorganization of
Islam in France this is being reported
by the gatestone Institute on Zero Hedge
and his objective is to make sure that
French law takes precedent over Islamic
law for Muslims casinos a question about
that isn't there they don't want that
they don't want French law they want
their law and they're gonna rule by
their law in the areas that they control
because they're there and massive
numbers this is why borders must be
controlled but of course people like
macron want them there he says we're
gonna don't worry French people as you
have the rise of the populist parties in
France who are sick and tired of this
who are waking up to what's going on
goes don't don't worry we're gonna make
sure that we make them more secular he
says we're working on the structuring of
Islam in France and how to explain it
how do we explain it how do I explain
this to the French people that we're
going to take away their country that
we're creating a divide and conquer a
balkanization cultural balkanization a
linguistic balkanization people who do
not want to be a part of the French
culture or the French government or
French law they don't want have anything
to do with it they don't want to be
French they just want France hey they
don't that's that's what we have to look
at what the purpose of these open
borders and the mass migration of people
you know we have refugees that they've
created with wars and many that they
have just created by labeling them as
refugees but it's about equivalent to
the entire population of the United
States it's over 300 million people this
floating population of refugees that
they can move around so that they can
create division across the world and so
he says we're working on restructuring
Islam in France and how to explain it my
goal is to rediscover what lies at the
heart of secularism the possibility of
being able to believe as well as to not
believe I don't know that is really the
heart of seculars secularism not in the
United States anyway as we've moved
towards human secularism they will
embrace everything but Christianity
Christianity must be purged everywhere
so secularism isn't really the basis of
Tolerance that's really I've been coming
out of our the values that were there as
part of the American Revolution which is
based on Christian values when I was
talking about the Declaration of
Independence when I was talking about
the Bill of Rights that's what we see
tolerance I don't see anything like that
in Islam I don't see anything like that
in their culture or in their religion
why would you hope that that would be
there and it's not part of the Marxist
globalist control crowd that is
reinterpreting our Constitution and our
Bill of Rights and telling us no no no
we have to have a separation of church
and state which means that we have to
subjugate the church to the state and
that the state will purge any free
expression of religion from being put
out in public in public places and so
forth he says we have to do this in
order to preserve national cohesion and
the possibility of having free religious
yeah just the possibility of that well
good luck with that because France is
also the same guy as he's telling us
he's gonna reform Islam we're gonna get
it there where it's actually gonna be
tolerant of other people show me an
example where that's actually happening
but as he's doing that he's looking at a
tax so that he can subsidized mosques
this is the real globalist agenda people
like macron all the rest of the stuff
that he and people like Angela Merkel
put out is just a smokescreen trying to
deceive people who see what is really
happening who are waking up to what is
really happening
and while they do all this stuff and
while they celebrate Islam we have CBS
has now got a new sitcom that is going
to mock Christianity's called living
biblically and this was a it's gonna be
a sitcom is based on a a mocking
documentary I guess we could call it a
mockumentary it was done by a guy said
I'm gonna go through all these laws in
Levitical laws out of the Old Testament
and I'm not gonna eat shellfish or
whatever or pork and I'm gonna see just
how easy it is to or how hard it is to
live with biblically so he did that so
this is a now gonna be a sitcom it's
gonna be a cartoon straw man criticism
mocking of judeo-christian beliefs I
wonder how it would be taken if CBS did
the same thing with Islam you think the
Muslims could take a joke about this you
know Christians can take a joke can the
Muslims do that it's the same thing
they've done with Handmaid's Tale they
come up with this dystopian idea that
you've got some kind of a a Christian
patriarchy that's taken over America and
look they make women wear funny clothes
except even the clothing that they
imagined in the Handmaid's Tale isn't
nearly as oppressive as the hijabs that
the Muslims force on women now in
reality but don't talk about what's
really happening under Sharia law no
we're gonna come up with some kind of a
strawman of what we think is really
gonna happen with Christianity and white
men in America that's the thing that we
got to be concerned about and that's the
reason why yesterday as I pointed out
that that cult the Moonies having these
mass wedding ceremonies and if that
wasn't strange enough and their clothing
wasn't strange enough and their crowns
that there
Waring wasn't strange not they show up
with ar-15s and everybody is focusing on
that because that's a great way to put
up a straw man argument to say all these
people clinging to their guns look at
how crazy they are so they put the
Moonies out there as some kind of a
straw man representation of the bitter
clingers clinging to their guns and
that's the way they use imagery and
that's the way they control people and
lie to people meanwhile we got facebook
coming on and saying we're going to
they've had claims that Facebook has
been censoring anybody that puts up a
Bible verse out of Levitical law that
criticizes homosexuality and of course
Ian McKellan the actor who played gand
off and many other roles really really
fine actor but he is a very hateful man
when it comes to people that he
disagrees with like Christians and just
like the Marxists he doesn't want to
have a disagreement anybody whenever he
stays in a hotel he says he just takes
the Bible out of the drawer and he rips
the pages out that he doesn't like
because that's the way they roll and
that's what Facebook has been doing as
well because that's the way they roll
it's a dictatorship that censors what
people do I find it kind of interesting
as we look at all the moves have been
made by this Chinese President Xi saying
that he's gonna censor all the books by
George Orwell because they're kind of
too embarrassing for him the comparisons
are too obvious right Animal Farm
1984 we have this article from The Wall
Street Journal stranger than science
fiction the future of digital
dictatorships that is really what we're
looking at we're gonna talk about this
when we come back we're coming up to the
break right now but what we're looking
at here really is a digital dictatorship
so just as we talked about with guns and
the power that comes with guns there's a
lot of power in technology I mean guns
are just simply a form of technology if
somebody's got a superior technology in
other words they've got guns and you've
only got knives or axes that's going to
make a difference in the balance of
power the same
thing happens with digital surveillance
a tool of dictators
welcome back you know we're in our final
ten hours actually we're at the end of
my three hours I guess we got another
seven hours to go after this segment of
operation Paul Revere 2018 warning
people about the coming censorship and
as I was just pointing out the future
for digital dictatorships we're seeing
that right now coming out of Silicon
Valley dictating what people can say and
not say making the absurd claims that if
they disagree with you politically
that's obviously harassment bullying so
we can shut you down but it's gonna get
far worse than that a Wall Street
Journal is even talking about it we've
been talking about it for quite some
time here at Infowars that's why they
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appreciate your support all right as
we're going to break I want to talk a
load about this doomsday machine that
everybody's talking about that Vladimir
Putin unveiled play a little clip for
you here as well but they're talking
about the digital dictatorship and as
part of this article they show a guy
doing maintenance on surveillance
cameras because in China they have
surveillance cameras everywhere just
like they do in the UK just like they do
in the United States they say China's
government is embracing technology to
monitor its population
aren't they all yeah they all are it's a
national plan to devour
artificial intelligence and it
highlights its irreplaceable role and
effectively maintaining social stability
yes yes we don't want a social stability
stability the the peace and security of
constant oppression by these communist
dictators and this is what the end game
for all of this surveillance stuff is
social stability see when things get
rough for you they look at you the
proletariat and their Marxist world view
and this is a Marxist worldview sold by
the bankers don't ever forget the
involvement of the central bankers of
big finance and pushing Marxism and
giving Lenin 10 million dollars and
putting him on a sealed train from
Switzerland into Russia to start the
Russian Revolution they've always wanted
this as a means of control and now they
talk about you the precariat because
they realize that as they take away more
and more freedom from you your ability
to work to earn a living you become a
precarious threat to them so they call
you the precariat I say to some Chinese
it seems that their movements their
habits their thoughts can be tracked by
government with unchecked power not
unlike our own we look at what the NSA
is doing to us through these Snowden
document leak and we don't do anything
about it
that is the amazing thing to me that's
what gets me so concerned when I see the
kind of talk that was coming out of the
White House meeting with these people on
about gun control with Congress I mean
after seeing that nothing has been done
to stop the NSA abuses even when it's
now become obvious that they were
involved in staging a coup to try to
overthrow the election still nothing is
done instead they reauthorize it and
loosen the restrictions and keep the
memo back until after they've done all
that I mean this is you know this is the
Republicans doing this and the Democrats
who say the Trump is Hitler oh no give
him all the power give them all the
power let them continue to do this and
so they say so really is a digital
dictatorship all-powerful
a question they say really the answer
lies with the people who are the
engineers and really that's where our
our freedom will come from it's not
gonna be given away by the politicians
nobody is ever going to give you your
freedom it will be taken and if it is
taken back you'll be taken back by
people like Kim calm people like Julian
Assange people like John McAfee some
tech guy is going to overthrow their
system of tyranny because understand
this came from DARPA DARPA is funding
these projects that Eric Schmidt was
saying oh don't worry or at least that
10 years away from computers coming
after you robots coming after and
attacking you right now we're just
studying everything that you're doing
while they have their AI programs
constantly watching YouTube videos to
study humans movements I mean they eat
that was a story from month or two ago
and I saw that reminded me of the
beginning of war the world's because we
do have a war of two different worlds
that is shaping up as you go to
Garrison's talked about artificial
intelligence called it he called it the
art alike war they said it's gonna
result in gigadeath and so as they do
this and say don't worry don't worry
we're really not gonna kill you just yet
they point out that it's a big part of
DARPA budget for fiscal year 2019 they
want general artificial intelligence not
even necessarily applied artificial
intelligence that they get general
artificial intelligence then they can
have autonomous killing machines so you
have the Deputy General of NATO saying
well you know there's a rapid advance
and technology we could use this view
this either as a threat or as something
we could use that's where these arms
races come from that's why we don't get
control of these things and just
remember that DARPA invented the
internet originally called ARPANET but
it was also originally invented by JCR
Licklider this guy was a psychologist he
called it the intergalactic computer
network and it was envisioned as a tool
to surveil and manipulate the public hmm
that's the purpose of the Internet now
we've had people who have taken control
of it we've been able to use it for our
own purposes for
while but now they're trying to strangle
that down that's why we're seeing the
types of things that we're seeing out of
Google Facebook Twitter and others
trying to take control of this control
platform that they developed to start
with and as these Chinese are looking at
this and one guy has written a book that
takes this on has a dystopian it's a
dystopian novel it's called a ceremony
it talks about how you've got some
people who wake up and actually
assassinate the dictator in China kind
of like we've seen with these these this
warning video showing how these again it
was a swarm of mini drones like bees
same scenario exactly that they acted
out to oppose the idea of autonomous
killing machines telling the politicians
you know what you know who's gonna be
the first target of this just like we've
seen the first and primary target of the
NSA and the CIA has been not bad people
but interesting people as Michael Hayden
always said and so they show this thing
where these drones who are very specific
they have facial recognition that goes
straight for the opposition and take
them out even on the Senate floor and
that's what this guy did he said yeah we
have a dictator in this dystopian novel
and some guys in tech create these
autonomous killing machines his
assassination drones and he said less
than a decade ago the internet and
social media looked like powerful tools
to promote freer expression a more open
tolerant political order now there's a
lot of techno pessimism that prevails
why because it's about a balance of
power we know the nature of man the
people who wrote our Declaration of
Independence and who wrote our Bill of
knew that we had to have certain things
to have a life of dignity and freedom
and they knew that man had an evil
nature the power would corrupt
individuals would corrupt humans and so
we needed to make sure that that power
was not concentrated that's what
technology is doing now I'm not
anti-technology I was a you know as an
engineer for many years I was always the
first one
to get a new gadget I used to see it as
liberating technology it still can be
and we can still take this back and we
can still win the free speech fight but
right now they are pulling it on full
bore and we stand right at a juncture
and so whether or not we're going to
overturn this move push this wave back
or whether or not it is going to
overwhelm us right well we talked about
this let's run it just a little bit of
time to talk about Vladimir Putin's
doomsday machine at least they told us
about it before something happened
unlike dr. Strangelove ok it was so
the experts are having a hard time
believing that it's real and maybe it
isn't maybe he's just pandering to his
military-industrial complex like we
create imaginary threats and pander to
ours but here's the video with Vladimir
Putin talking about his doomsday nuclear
machine we created a small-sized super
powerful nuclear power plant which can
be installed in the body of a cruise
missile such as our airbase newest
missile the CH 101 or American tomahawk
but at the same time provides tenfold
tenfold bigger flying range which can be
unlimited near Greenwich
all right so that's the idea and the
translator said that when he saw this
expert said I thought it was reading a
mistranslation I'm not really sure if I
believe this to say he's got something
with unlimited range that cannot be
stopped is a doomsday machine well we'll
find out more about that introducing a
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Infowars live.com we have set out with
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