Author Topic: Whistleblower Cop Kidnapped & Put Into Mental Institution  (Read 42 times)

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Whistleblower Cop Kidnapped & Put Into Mental Institution
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:53:34 PM »

alright let's talk about Adrian
Schoolcraft this is a guy who noticed
corruption in the New York Police
Department and so he started wearing a
microphone for a very long time and he
was recording everything that his
superiors were telling him because of
the corruption and they started
punishing him because he didn't like to
write tickets to get people fines a good
example of it is you know they've got
the anti-smoking laws they get very
heavy penalties for that she'd have
barbers who couldn't smoke in their
barbershop they would go outside that
stand on the sidewalk in front of their
barber shop to smoke because they'd get
a fine if they smoked inside the barber
shop so they do it right in front of
their barber shop and then they come
along and give them a fine for loitering
in front of their barber shop that type
of thing and he continually refused to
do that
and they said no you got a quota you got
to do this and so he started recording
so he could show that they were pushing
people to do this that they wanted
quotas and so forth I mean this is the
type of stuff that cost Eric Gardner his
life because he was selling cigarettes
one by one on the on the sidewalk and
eventually they killed him for that one
day Adrian Schoolcraft didn't like that
and he pushed back against it so they
told him I said all right you're gonna
walk a beat then you don't like that
you'll walk a beat he said good his
father had been a cop he wanted to be a
cop he wanted to get to know the people
in the community he wanted to protect
them he was happy with that he was
really happy doing that but they weren't
happy with him doing that and so he
continued to complain about some of the
policies of the New York Police
Department that were oppressive and one
day the police chief came with some
officers to his apartment and started
threatening him and then they realized
that he had this recording device on him
and that's when it got really bad they
took that reconnect confiscated that
destroyed that and they told him huh you
know you're gonna disappear right now
and they hauled him off to a mental
institution and his father didn't know
where he was couldn't find him
what had happened was he had another one
that he'd put on the shelf and that
recorded everything and when his father
went to his apartment his father who was
a police officer went to his apartment
have found that camera he realized what
had happened and so when you look at
police departments who oh and the other
part of it is if it was a real crime
like a rape or something they would
discourage people from reporting that
when they would go out there they'd say
oh no you know you don't want to get
tied up in this you don't realize how
destructive this is gonna be to your
life to testify in a rape trial so just
say that you changed your mind it was
consensual Sykes or say that it wasn't a
stolen car you're your cousin just
borrowed it that made them look good to
the feds on their FBI statistics you
know I was just talking about Adrian
Schoolcraft before we went to the top of
the hour break and as I said he is a
perfect example this guy who was like
Frank Serpico everybody knows Frank
Serpico because of the movie with Al
Pacino I'll tell you what Adrian
schoolcraft's story is really amazing
because he got it all got it all on
recordings and what we learned was that
you had a corrupt police department that
was focused on collecting money and
shaking down law-abiding citizens now in
the same way you know we wouldn't have
any police departments like that outside
of New York would we not know also what
we have seen from sheriff Benghazi there
in Broward County the guy who no matter
how many times you call him he never
comes but he is there johnny-on-the-spot
to play Miami Vice and to get a
Lamborghini for himself and his people
with the drug war civil asset forfeiture
and I would imagine that an apartment
like that has got as many charges ethics
charges against it that they've got a
pretty big focus on quotas and fines as
well and so that's what he saw in New
York and that's what he started
recording because he wanted to be a real
police officer this is gonna serve the
community he really took the a moto the
the motto of protect and serve he took
that seriously and so what they did was
they hauled him off
put him in an in-state and insane
institution but I'm in a mental
institute because it's very easy to do
that and that's one of the things that
really concerns me about all the talk
that is coming out from the Republicans
even from the NRA saying well we got it
it's a mental health issue let's make it
easier to put take people's stuff let's
make it easier to put people in mental
institutions that's what they did to
Adrienne Schoolcraft danly the other
part of this was as I was pointing out
before we went to break they would tell
their police officers you get those
fines but don't get us bogged down and
rape and car theft and burglaries and
robberies and muggings we don't want to
get bogged down and that we don't make
any money from that and it makes us look
bad to the feds because the FBI is
collecting all these statistics hey you
know we're not busy overthrowing the
government the FBI you know is going to
be paying attention to our statistics
and we want to look good where it looks
like we're a safe city so don't don't do
anything about this stuff and if people
call us and go out there you try to talk
them out of any charges against any real
crime which is exactly what Sheriff
Benghazi was doing with the promise
program yeah we want to make all of our
kids look good we don't want to have a
pipeline from school to prison and so
we're gonna pretend that these crimes
didn't exist we're not gonna report
these crimes all the same stuff go for
the money
don't do anything about crime oh and if
anybody gets in your way of a corrupt
government what do you do you shuffle
them off to mental institution because
you got to be crazy to question a
corrupt government that's the story of
Adrian Schoolcraft and it happens it
just happened a few years ago in New
York and they nearly got away with it if
he hadn't had a backup camera recording
it so his dad could get him out of the
mental institution
but let's take a look at the comments of
people after this meeting with President
Trump let's hope that he got the message
from people who had who stood up and I
said we're not going to just give him a
pass on this because this president
Trump we support him on other things but
we're not going to support him if he's
gonna deal away our fun
rights yes one the reasons says
infringement most people are familiar
with the metaphor of Monty Python the
holy grail most people have seen that a
the Black Knight he says none shall pass
and the wax off his arm and he keeps
being belligerent so you're not gonna
get a ax off the other arm then one leg
then the other leg and he's still you
can't come back here
well that is essentially what our
politicians have been doing to the
Second Amendment it's a gradual process
of removing our arms by a gradual
process of infringement
that's the clumsy metaphor but it's what
is happening when they move their stuff
onto your property when they move the
fence onto your property and you let
them leave it there for a long time then
they say well that's ours now and we
need to move those fences back not let
them move the fence even further in with
more infringement so as they asked in a
Breitbart editorial here by Joel Pollock
why didn't the Republicans in that
meeting stand up for the Second
Amendment why did they do that and he
makes a very succinct statement here he
says the whole discussion took place and
problem-solving mode we're taken for
granted that the government had to
do something in response to the shooting
even though it was the government's
failure to do something sheriff Benghazi
over and over didn't do anything he
didn't do anything had his deputy stand
down as the shooting was taking place it
allowed the shooting take place allowed
it to continue as long as it did after
it had begun and so you've got a lot of
Republicans as the hill points out are
baffled and starting to distance
themselves from Trump on gun control
even though they support him on other
issues I support him on other issues but
I'm not gonna support him on this I'm
not gonna make any excuses for him I'm
not gonna cut him any slack he should
know better than to talk like this
Thomas Massie Republican of Kentucky as
they say in the hill a libertarian one
of the staunchest defenders of the gun
rights in Congress said I don't know how
he came on board president Trump can do
more damage than President Obama did to
the Second Amendment using his bully
that's exactly what I was saying you got
all these people saying well you know
it's not gonna happen and it isn't going
to happen as long as Republicans have
the majority but he's throwing them
under the bus as well so he can virtue
signal people as he kicks off his 2020
campaign as if he's gonna get any of
these Democrats to vote for him ain't
gonna happen
isn't gonna happen he better stand up
for the Constitution and stand up for
his base but when he goes on and uses
his bully pulpit to push gun control
that's when it gets really bad agreeing
with the idea that we're going to
infringe on rights trashing not only the
Second Amendment but the sixth amendment
the idea that somehow these are
privileges and not rights and that our
fundamental rights our property is
something for him to deal with for his
political games no no you can do all you
want with your Game of Thrones and the
White House I don't really care about
that but don't start messing with my
property my rights they're not yours to
deal with to bargain with and so Massey
says President Trump can do more damage
than President Obama did to the Second
Amendment using the bully pulpit because
Republicans instinctively rejected
anything that Obama put forward so down
a lot of these issues said Jim Jordan on
a lot of these issues where we believe
there's an infringement on the Second
Amendment liberties we're going to
oppose those and of course it isn't
going to get through this Congress we've
already had Mitch McConnell say we're
gonna take this off the agenda we're
gonna move on to another topic but if
President Trump strengthens this issue
and starts trashing the Second Amendment
starts trashing our rights pretending
that their hairs has to deal with then
we are going to be pouring fuel on the
Democrats campaign to light that thing
on fire and if that happens they're
going to impeach President Trump that's
the next thing is gonna happen but first
we'll lose the Republican majority that
will protect the Second Amendment and
what we have left of our Bill of Rights
they said Trump has been eager to take
action on gun control that's right just
like he's been eager to do something
about the daca recipients
do the wrong thing Massey said I was
surprised that he basically just
incorporated the whole wish list of gun
control into his proposed omnibus gun
control bill Massey who heads the
Congressional Second Amendment caucus
called at Trump's most disappointing
statement and said he broadened the
concern beyond the Second Amendment so
they can take any piece of property
without due process if due process is no
longer a value that he believes in
because that's the sixth amendment maybe
he doesn't care about that either Senate
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has
announced the chamber will be moving to
banking legislation next week rather
than a background check bill because we
now heard that Schumer says if you don't
enact broad gun control measures if you
don't put in this omnibus bill with all
the stuff that Dianne Feinstein and I
and president Trump want then we're
gonna block any improvement to the
background checks the background checks
are not going to work if you don't have
any data in your database because you're
trying to curry favor with the feds and
because you don't care about prosecuting
crime because you just want people's
stuff you're gonna steal it from them
with civil asset forfeiture you're gonna
take it from them with fines
that's what Sheriff Benghazi was doing
and if you don't fix that might as well
not even talk about anything to do with
school security we'll be right back
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