Author Topic: Digital Dictatorship: China Leads The Way  (Read 38 times)

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Digital Dictatorship: China Leads The Way
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:51:27 PM »

welcome back you know we're in our final
10 hours actually we're at the end of my
3 hours I guess we've got another 7
hours to go after this segment of
operation Paul Revere 2018 warning
people about the coming censorship and
as I was just pointing out the future
for digital dictatorships we're seeing
that right now coming out of Silicon
Valley dictating what people can say and
not say making the absurd claims that if
they disagree with you politically
that's obviously harassment bullying so
we can shut you down but it's gonna get
far worse than that a Wall Street
Journal is even talking about it we've
been talking about it for quite some
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your support all right as we're going to
break I want to talk a load about about
this doomsday machine that everybody's
talking about that Vladimir Putin
unveiled play a little clip for you here
as well but they're talking about the
digital dictatorship and as part of this
article they show a guy doing
maintenance on surveillance cameras
because in China they have surveillance
cameras everywhere just like they do in
the UK just like they do in the United
States they say China's government is
embracing technology to monetarist
population aren't they all
yeah they all are it's a national plan
to develop artificial intelligence and
it highlights its irreplaceable role and
effectively maintaining social stability
yes yes we don't want social stability
stability the the peace and security of
constant oppression by these communist
dictators and this is what the end game
for all of this surveillance stuff is
social stability see when things get
rough for you they look at you the
proletariat and their Marxist worldview
and this is a Marxist worldview sold by
the bankers don't ever forget the
involvement of the central bankers of
big finance and pushing Marxism and
giving Lenin ten million dollars and
putting him on a sealed train from
Switzerland into Russia to start the
Russian Revolution they've always wanted
this as a means of control and now they
talk about you the precariat because
they realize that as they take away more
and more freedom from you your ability
to work to earn a living you become a
precarious threat to them so they call
you the preterit I say to some Chinese
it seems that their movements their
habits their thoughts can be tracked by
government with unchecked power not
unlike our own we look at what the NSA
is doing to us through these Snowden
document links and we don't do anything
about it that is the amazing thing to me
that's what gets me so concerned when I
see the kind of talk that was coming out
the White House meeting with these
people on about gun control with
I mean after seeing that nothing has
been done to stop the NSA abuses even
when it's now become obvious that they
were involved in staging a coup to try
to overthrow the election still nothing
is done instead they reauthorize it and
loosen the restrictions and keep the
memo back until after they've done all
that I mean this is you know this is the
Republicans doing this and the Democrats
who say the Trump is Hitler oh no give
him all the power give them all the
power let them continue to do this and
say so really is a digital dictatorship
all-powerful that's their question they
say really the answer lies with the
people who are the engineers and really
that's where our our freedom will come
from it's not gonna be given away by the
politicians nobody is ever going to give
you your freedom it will be taken and if
it is taken back it'll be taken back by
people like Kim Calm people like Julian
Assange people like John McAfee some
tech guy is going to overthrow their
system of tyranny because understand
this came from DARPA DARPA is funding
these projects that Eric Schmidt was
saying oh don't worry or at least that
ten years away from computers coming
after your robots coming after in
attacking you right now we're just
studying everything that you're doing
while they have their AI programs
constantly watching YouTube videos to
study humans movements I mean they eat
that was a story from month or two ago
and I saw that reminded me of the
beginning of war the world's because we
do have a war of two different worlds
that is shaping up as you go to
Garrison's talked about artificial
intelligence called it be called it the
art alike war they said it's gonna
result in gigadeath and so as they do
this and say don't worry don't worry
we're really not gonna kill you just yet
they point out that it's a big part of
DARPA budget for fiscal year 2019 they
want general artificial intelligence not
even necessarily applied artificial
intelligence that they get general
artificial intelligence and they can
have autonomous killing machines so you
have the Deputy General of NATO saying
well you know there's a rapid advance
and technology we could use this view
this either as a threat or as something
we could use that's where these arms
races come from that's why we don't get
control of these things and just
remember that DARPA invented the
internet originally called ARPANET but
it was also originally invented by JCR
this guy was a psychologist he called it
the intergalactic computer network and
it was envisioned as a tool to surveil
and manipulate the public hmm that's
the purpose of the internet now we've
had people who have taken control of it
we've been able to use it for our own
purposes for a while but now they're
trying to strangle that down that's why
we're seeing the types of things that
we're seeing out of Google Facebook
Twitter and others trying to take
control of this control platform that
they develop to start with and as these
Chinese are looking at this and one guy
has written a book that takes this on
has a dystopian it's a dystopian novel
it's called a ceremony it talks about
how you've got some people who wake up
and actually assassinate the dictator in
China kind of like we've seen with these
these this warning video showing how
these again it was a swarm of mini
drones like bees same scenario exactly
that they acted out to oppose the idea
of autonomous killing machines telling
the politicians you know what you know
who's gonna be the first target of this
just like we've seen the first and
primary target of the NSA and the CIA
has been not bad people but interesting
people as Michael Hayden always said and
so they show this thing where these
drones were very specific they have
facial recognition that goes straight
for the opposition and take them out
even on the Senate floor and that's what
this guy did he said yeah we have a
dictator in this dystopian novel and
some guys in tech create these
autonomous killing machines his
assassination drones and he said less
than a decade ago the internet and
social media looked like powerful tools
to promote freer expression a more open
tolerant political order now there's a
lot of techno pessimism that prevails
why because it's about a balance of
power we know the nature of man the
people who wrote our Declaration of
Independence and who wrote our Bill of
knew that we had to have certain things
to have a life of dignity and freedom
and they knew that man had an evil
nature the power would corrupt
individuals would corrupt humans and so
we needed to make sure that that power
was not concentrated that's what
technology is doing now I'm not
anti-technology I
you know as an engineer for many years I
was always the first one out to get a
new gadget I used to see it as
liberating technology it still can be
and we can still take this back and we
can still win the free-speech fight but
right now they are pulling it on full
bore and we stand right at a juncture
and so whether or not we're going to
overturn this move push this wave back
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