Author Topic: NYC Slouching Toward Sharia  (Read 37 times)

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NYC Slouching Toward Sharia
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:50:11 PM »

alright let's talk some more about the
other religion Islam as I pointed out
the other day we had New York City
paying out a hundred eighty thousand
dollars to three women who were forced
to remove their jobs for mug shots these
are women who were arrested for one
thing or the other violence fighting and
so forth and they said oh you you took a
picture of me without my hijab so pay up
and they're very happy about this
settlement where New York City bowed
down to Sharia law so this is a great
first step
yeah they're not finished yet they're
gonna do more about this and as I
pointed out in Muslim countries what
they're doing is women who take off
their hijab because they don't want it
on are getting charged for inciting
prostitution and inciting corruption
exciting corruption and prostitution so
you take off your her job in Iran and
you're charged with inciting corruption
and prostitution and these women will be
facing up to ten years if they're found
guilty by this kangaroo Sharia Court you
want to see that come to America as
these people pander to Islam in
Indonesia Christians flogs I point out
yesterday flogged because they were
gambling it says very rare for
non-muslims to be punished under Sharia
law but it happens you think it's really
rare I don't think it's rare this was in
Sumatra they whipped them at least six
times and whipped by a man wearing a
robe not Harvey Weinstein and a mask and
wielding a rattan cane hundreds of
onlookers jeered them as the punishment
was carried out on a stage next to a
mosque so you don't follow their Sharia
law that's the punishment you get and
they say you know that this is really
one of the more advanced areas of Islam
because they've got big corporations
there but then they say hardline Islamic
groups have been using the country's
democratic system to promote an Islamic
agenda you know kind of like they do in
New York exactly what they do in New
we come back I've got more news about
this and about how they continue to mock
Christianity a new sitcom coming out
specifically to mock Christianity by CBS
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
so three Islamic women who had their mug
shots taken after they were arrested or
were exposed because they were fighting
and their hijab got taken off got one
hundred and eighty thousand dollars that
they extorted out of the city of New
York as they slouched toward Sharia law
but it's not just the police and it is
much bigger than that it is not just New
York either we have the Democratic
National Committee the deputy chairman
there of course keith ellison of
minnesota the first i guess maybe he's
the first islamic congressman we've had
but he certainly is the first person who
refused to take the oath of office by
putting his hand on the bible he
demanded that he used the quran of
course she's now a keynote speaker at
the annual fundraiser for the New York
Chapter of the Council on
american-islamic relations a
washington-based front for Hamas the
Palestinian branch of the Muslim
Brotherhood our reports conservative
review and he had this to say he said
we're going to support litigation you
know like an advocacy for those who face
discrimination harassment or hate crimes
like having to have your hijab removed
when you get a mug shot after you commit
a crime that's exactly what we'll see
and when we look at what's happening in
France same type of tactics we got
macron bowing to reform Islam in France
it's time to bring in a new generation
he has declared an effort to fight
fundamentalism to preserve national
cohesion he has promised to lay the
groundwork for an entire reorganization
of Islam in France this is being
reported by the gatestone Institute on
Zero Hedge and his objective is to make
sure that French law takes precedent
over Islamic law for Muslims casinos a
question about that isn't there they
don't want that they don't want French
law they want their law and they're
gonna rule by their law and the areas
that they control because they're there
and massive numbers this is why borders
must be controlled but of course people
like Mac Vaughn
want them there he says all right we're
gonna don't worry French people as you
have the rise of the populist parties in
France who are sick and tired of this
who are waking up to what's going on
goes don't know where we're gonna make
sure that we make them more secular he
says we're working on the structuring of
Islam in France and how to explain it
how do we explain it how do I explain
this to the French people that we're
going to take away their country that
we're creating a divide and conquer a
balkanization cultural balkanization a
linguistic balkanization people who do
not want to be a part of the French
country a culture or the French
government or a French law they don't
want anything to do with it
they don't want to be French they just
want France hey they don't that's that's
what we have to look at what the purpose
of these open borders and the mass
migration of people you know we have
refugees that they've created with wars
and many that they have just created by
labeling them as refugees but it's about
equivalent to the entire population of
the United States it's over 300 million
people this floating population of
refugees that they can move around so
that they can create division across the
world and so he says we're working on
restructuring Islam in France and how do
we explain it my goal is to rediscover
what lies at the heart of secularism the
possibility of being able to believe as
well as to not believe I don't know that
that is really the heart of secular
secularism not in the United States
anyway as we've moved towards human
secularism they will embrace everything
but Christianity Christianity must be
purged everywhere so secularism isn't
really the basis of Tolerance that's
really I've been coming out of our the
values that were there as part of the
American Revolution which is based on
Christian values when I was talking
about the declaration of independence
when I was talking about the Bill of
Rights that's where we see tolerance I
don't see anything like that in Islam I
don't see anything like that in their
culture or in their religion why would
you hope that that would be there and
it's not part of the Marxist globalist
control crowd that is
reinterpreting our Constitution and our
Bill of Rights and telling us no no no
we have to have a separation of church
and state which means that we have to
subjugate the church to the state and
that the state will purge any free
expression of religion from being put
out in public in public places and so
forth they said so we have to do this in
order to preserve national cohesion and
the possibility of having free religious
conscience yeah just the possibility of
that well good luck with that because
France is also the same guy as he's
telling us he's gonna reform Islam we're
gonna get it there where it's actually
gonna be tolerant of other people show
me an example where that's actually
happening but as he's doing that he's
looking at attacks so he can subsidized
this is the real globalist agenda people
like Mequon all the rest of the stuff
that he and people like Angela Merkel
put out is just a smokescreen trying to
deceive people who see what is really
happening who are waking up to what is
really happening and while they do all
this stuff and while they celebrate
Islam we have CBS has now got a new
sitcom that is going to mock
Christianity's called living biblically
and this was a it's gonna be a sitcom is
based on a a mocking documentary I guess
we could call it a mockumentary it was
done by a guy said I'm gonna go through
all these laws in Levitical laws out of
the Old Testament and I'm not gonna eat
shellfish or whatever or pork and I'm
gonna see just how easy it is to or how
hard it is to live with biblically so he
did that so this is a now gonna be a
sitcom it's gonna be a cartoon straw man
criticism mocking of judeo-christian
beliefs I wonder how it would be taken
if CBS did the same thing with Islam do
you think the Muslims could take a joke
about this you know Christians can take
a joke can the Muslims do that it's the
same thing they've done with Handmaid's
Tale they come up with this dystopian
idea that you've got some kind of a a
Christian patriarchy that's taken over
America and
they make women wear funny clothes
except even the clothing that they
imagine in Handmaid's Tale isn't nearly
as oppressive as the hijabs that the
Muslims force on women now in reality
but don't talk about what's really
happening under Sharia law no we're
gonna come up with some kind of a straw
man of what we think is really gonna
happen with Christianity and white men
in America that's the thing that we got
to be concerned about and that's the
reason why yesterday as I pointed out
that that cult the Moonies having these
mass wedding ceremonies and if that
wasn't strange enough and their clothing
wasn't strange enough and their crowns
that they were wearing wasn't strange
not they show up with ar-15s and
everybody is focusing on that because
that's a great way to put up a straw man
argument to say all these people
clinging to their guns look at how crazy
they are so they put the Moonies out
there as some kind of a straw man
representation of the bitter clingers
clinging to their guns and bibles that's
the way they use imagery and that's the
way they control people and lie to
people meanwhile we got facebook coming
on and saying we're going to they've had
claims that facebook has been censoring
anybody that puts up a Bible verse out
of Levitical law that criticizes
homosexuality and of course Ian McKellan
the actor who played gand off and many
other roles really really fine actor but
he is a very hateful man when it comes
to people that he disagrees with like
Christians and just like the Marxists he
doesn't want to have a disagreement
anybody whenever he stays in a hotel he
says he just takes the Bible out of the
drawer and he rips the pages out that he
doesn't like because that's the way they
roll and that's what Facebook has been
doing as well because that's the way
they roll it's a dictatorship that
censors what people do I find it kind of
interesting as we look at all the moves
have been made by this Chinese President
Xi saying that he's going to censor all
the books by George Orwell because
they're kind of too embarrassing for him
the comparisons are too obvious
Animal Farm 1984 we have this article
from The Wall Street Journal stranger
than science fiction the future of
digital dictatorships that is really
what we're looking at we're gonna talk
about this when we come back we're
coming up to the break right now but
what we're looking at here really is a
digital dictatorship so just as we
talked about with guns and the power
that comes with guns there's a lot of
power in technology I mean guns are just
simply a form of Technology if
somebody's got a superior technology in
other words they've got guns and you've
only got knives or axes that's going to
make a difference in the balance of
power the same thing happens with
digital surveillance a tool of dictators
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