Author Topic: Why YouTube Memory-Holed Corsi & Then Backed Down  (Read 38 times)

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Why YouTube Memory-Holed Corsi & Then Backed Down
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:46:02 PM »

so let's go to dr. Corsi dr. drum corps
see our Washington correspondent welcome
dr. Corsi great to be with you David
thank you very much yeah thank you for
joining us and tell us what the current
status of your YouTube account is now
it's going up and down and up now well
yesterday late on Thursday I got noticed
that YouTube I guess it blinked they've
changed their mind and they were gonna
restore my channel on YouTube and then
by this morning when I got up and
recognized that it was back and that in
fact I'd had a message from the YouTube
team saying they would help me restore
the channel that evidently the you know
they back down they just decided that
they were wrong and you know they
couldn't justify terminating my channel
confusing me of harassment and bullying
which I I never do I mean that's not a
dog I'm not they couldn't prove I had
done it and the point is that the point
is that you know it was completely
arbitrary the whole thing was completely
arbitrary he had Southern Poverty Law
Center in there it's obvious attempt to
censor us I mean I I pounded Eric
Schmidt over on Twitter and moved my
account over to gab and I'm gonna say
Gavin was wondering to be now a primary
place for me to place to put videos but
YouTube did this once they can do it
again I mean how could you trust Eric
Schmidt and Google after this and
they're you know completely bias they
are in the bag they were for Hillary
I think Eric Schmidt Tom is very
concerned about this executive order a
president Trump signed on December 21st
confiscating the assets of anybody who
was involved in human rights trafficking
or corruption the next day or that day
he resigned from alphabet I wasn't
how these are the things I think that
you know you can't trust a group who's
gonna terminate you and then only
thereafter there's a huge public outcry
and they
and I'm Norma's push back they're afraid
they're gonna be out there it's time to
put an Internet bill of rights into
place we got to have First Amendment
rights on the Internet and can't have
these giants like Google and Facebook
and the others operate to eliminate
conservative speech and and some
libertarians especially not before the
2018 election which is I'm confident
what what Google and Eric Schmidt wanted
to accomplish oh absolutely and they're
doing the work as you point out they are
aligned with people on the political
left who don't want to have a free
marketplace of idea of ideas and then
they say well we're not actually the
government's not actually doing it
YouTube is doing it it's a private site
they can do it and then YouTube pushes
it one more level out there saying and
again this is from Gizmodo that was
celebrating the fact that they thought
that this was just preliminary
censorship to take down your channel
that Alex's channel main channel would
be the next one and then taunting
Twitter and saying you know you're
notoriously bad at fighting harassment
this is always a it's a snowflake
attitude oh I'm being harassed I'm being
harassed just shut them down I don't
want to have any discussion but then
they come out same publication Gizmodo
says YouTube's new moderation team
stumbles out of the gate
no mistakes were made so it's not the
government trying to censor people the
political left the deep state no it's
YouTube but it's not even YouTube it's
those people that are new that they
hired they didn't really mean to do any
of this stuff well I think there's we
don't need any clearer demonstration
than this recent YouTube Google trying
to censor me off of a YouTube canceling
the account no recourse no you know the
appeal is meaningless you there's nobody
at Google to talk to you can't find any
telephone numbers
nobody's accountable it's all these
nameless minions running around and then
they also cancelled my gmail comp mail
account so I mean I'd be I guess they're
all I'll LinkedIn yeah you go back then
you go back to back that Google it was
funded and started by the CIA and I
think the whole group is penetrated by
spooks I think every click you make is
reported instantly to the NSA into the
CIA I'm calm
the Eric Schmidt is a spook and in the
bag for the man's been forever he was in
the bag for Hillary Clinton
I put millions of dollars in Hillary
Clinton he gave all of our Google d'etat
to Hillary for her voting data he didn't
give it equally to Trump I mean the the
bias and the intolerance of the left
lectures uninterested in the First
Amendment thought only interested in the
Second Amendment they're not interested
in the Fourth Amendment especially as
they apply to conservatives they're not
interested in any of the fundamental
principles of the Republic or our basic
freedoms they don't want debate they
want gulags they're basically a
communist you know cultural revolution
seeking for Thought reform that's right
and they don't want any discussion of
real issues again you had your published
by USA Today talking about listen let's
allow teachers to exercise their rights
to protect themselves and other people
oh gotta shut that guy down can't have
that kind of discussion stay with us
we'll be right back with dr. jerome
corsi i'm david knight welcome back i'm
david knight and we're talking to dr.
jerome corsi is the Washington bureau
chief for Infowars and of course as we
look at these news outlets we had
Gizmodo taunting him so Lucky's gone oh
he was he was doing great just yesterday
he's published on USA Today and now he's
gone you just have to find him on
Twitter which is notorious for not
kicking off people who are harassing
people I tell you what I've never seen
more disgusting harassment than I have
on YouTube in terms of comments twitter
does a better job of that but there is
even though twitter does control things
and facebook controls things they've
algorithmically taken down president
Trump's engagement with their new
algorithm they've dropped it by 45% even
though President Trump is still tweeting
out the same amount in that same period
of time took it down very quickly it is
censorship by algorithm it is censorship
by an army of Southern Poverty Law
Center social justice warriors and
snowflakes who make the accusation I'm
being harassed help help I'm being
harassed shut them down and then
taunting even USA Today as splinter news
says USA Today publishes Infowars
conspiracy nut without even realizing it
shaming them right and that was a very
well-written piece
dr. Corsi that you had at USA Today very
well-written very well-reasoned and I
would say kudos to USA Today for putting
out a piece which obviously they don't
agree with but having an open discussion
there well reasoned discussion but these
people like Gizmodo and this little
outlet I've never heard of before
splinter news they want to criticize
anybody that would have free speech and
tell them you better start censoring
this we don't want to have any rational
discussion of solutions that could help
kids in school know I'm gonna do that
we've got an agenda to push and anybody
that doesn't sign up to that agenda
we're gonna accuse them of harassment
and bullying and censor them shut them
down well this is exactly what the deep
state does it's a a concerted effort to
minimize marginalize anybody who doesn't
agree with their narrative if you're not
on board with a hard left Hillary
Clinton identity politics hi you know
willing to say hate politics and then
yet Southern Poverty Law Center one of
the greatest hate organizations in
America you know if you don't align with
them well then your your conspiracy
theorist nutcase I also want to thank
you David I want to thank the entire
crew that have participated in this
operation Paul Revere I think what it
attests to again is the impact that
Infowars has reaching directly to the
American people it's the same impact
that you know if this had we had not had
this 34 hours we had not really gone all
out to get this in front of the American
people I don't know that we would have
had the reversal I mean it was clearly
the pressure it was clearly the you know
millions of people who now get to see
the full extent of you know Facebook
Google all these giants YouTube
censorship this is really this is the
this the core of the issue and it's why
infowars.com continues to thrive and you
know we look at what they're doing they
talk about how they monitor and follow
people it's just been put out that
facebook is putting out viruses to
follow people they don't even signup to
Facebook to monitor
that well this is what is really creepy
about the Internet and that's why things
like radio stations are very important
to us as well we got to have a full
spectrum of communication stuff out
there I mean we people listening on the
radio they don't know that people are
listening on the radio they don't have
any way to follow and trace those people
back like they do on the Internet and
unlike the Internet you know we put
stuff up we store it there but they can
just flush it all down the memory hole
like they almost did with you yesterday
and I guess you've still got two strikes
against you at YouTube right they could
remove all of it they took everything
off there's no strikes at all I mean
think they do they do
Reese the whole thing I mean but it's
not done yet I mean I restore my gmail
account and by the way I'm going to war
with him today now um Eric Schmidt wants
to delay the earnings you got to wait a
month than while a money launderer your
earnings you can't get my February
earnings they send it to another company
that's Adsense and then they keep the
float I mean if Eric Schmidt's really
that hard off of me we've got a hard
time so I'll be happy to make him alone
I can long a few dollars it'll get him
through a hard time but otherwise I
guess because they do stuff like that
you know and they're also they're also a
ridiculous control over broadband and if
they're gonna be the sensors and if
they're gonna do this Southern Poverty
Law Center nonsense we're gonna pound
them continuously I'll you know look if
Eric Schmidt wants to be a punk on this
it wants to fight it out
I'll Duke it out with him anywhere he
wants you how about US District Court
that's not good enough
let's Duke it out at the FCC let's Duke
it out at the FTC Eric Schmidt thinks he
can Bowl this game by having a big
powerful Facebook and then he can decide
he's God to decide what free speech is
allowed and not free speech Eric Schmidt
you got another thing coming I don't
think you deserve the broad bait I want
an Internet Bill of Rights and I think
this brings it to the American people
we're gonna push it now and Eric Schmidt
you want to be a spook you want to
continue working for the CIA you want to
send every click we make to the NSA I'm
gonna broadcast that out loud why do the
American people they want to call me Amy
there's well you know as we look at yes
dr. Corsi it's not just our ability to
it's also you know they're using that
they're shutting down our ability to
communicate and to oppose their attempt
to shut down our ability to shoot and at
the same time you've got Google and
these other people who are pushing our
controls over our ability to move around
with smart cities with self-driving cars
and so forth they want complete control
of everything that we do these people in
Silicon Valley these globalists elitists
they have absolutely no respect for any
of our rights they have they don't want
us to own anything that want us to be
renters they want to control and know
everything that we do and this is what
is really creepy about this is how power
is being concentrated in the hands of
just a few people they talk about the 1%
of the 1% getting much much wealthier
well it's that control that I'm
concerned about because that's what's
allowing them to accumulate so much
money but it's also going to allow them
to communicate though to control the way
that we communicate the way that we
defend ourselves and even the way that
we can move around or whether or not we
can move around
well David you're exactly right I mean
rather than being happy the account was
restored I'm still angry that they that
we that these you know unspecified
people for unspecified reasons at
YouTube how dared call me you know a
liberal leftist liberals calling me a
leftist nutcase
that I was harassing and bullying now
that's on the record they'll never be
forgotten by all the people WikiLeaks
and everywhere else at Wikipedia all the
other wiki out there that want to trash
us because we're conservatives angry
about the defamation I mean this is yeah
you know this is fundamental defamation
and this kind of defamation is extends
in the consensus and I don't know where
I don't know who appointed Eric Schmidt
by the way 1221 Eric Schmidt take a look
at that executive order I want to
examine what role you played in fusion
GPS I'm not allowed to let you off the
hook for crowdsource we should put a
hundred million dollars into and lied
about the Russians being the ones who
hacked the DNC I don't know why you
advanced that line how much money did it
cost you why did you launder the money
your money that went through Perkins
Coie let's have um let's have some real
discussion on these because it could be
criminal offenses in here or I could
there are I don't tend to let up yeah we
see this happening and and we start
reporting on this when they announced
that they were going to get these groups
and they were going to have them vetting
people they were gonna make it more
civil and so forth and now Twitter is
saying the same thing what does a
healthy Twitter look like the CEO says
it's a very toxic environment please
help me with my censorship and you've
got all these different media outlets
out there applauding censorship trying
to shame USA Today if they put an op-ed
piece in there by you on a position on
gun control but they don't agree with
you know you you advocate for arming
teachers and allowing people to exercise
their self-defense which is something
that the establishment press doesn't
agree with but at least they put you in
there so then they try to shame them
into censoring you that's what we're
seeing going on throughout this this
move and I doubt that Eric Schmidt and
his minions at Google you know maybe CIA
on campus have ever read John Stuart
Mill on free speech I mean a whole a
whole purpose of this thing was that the
tree speech the First Amendment derived
from the fact that the speech you got
tolerate that you must tolerate the most
as the speech you like to hear the least
that's right that principles of course a
little opposed to the communism and if
you know Google's whole campus is a
little bit far less than Karl Marx I
guess they don't appreciate it they'd
rather March this off to thought reform
camps what it is it is a Marxist
technique to censor anybody that you
don't agree with and then to send them
to a mental institution that's why it's
so it concerns me so much when I hear
this talk about oh it's a mental health
problem and we don't want any due
process I mean that that is we're saying
classic Marxist tactics that being
applied and you're talking about them
defaming you I mean they did the same
thing the Family Research Council we had
the same people Southern Poverty Law
Center said they're a hate group because
they support traditional marriage
marriage defined as one man one woman
and because of that you talk about
defamation and ruining your reputation
because of that the Family Research
Council was attacked by a man with a gun
who was listening to the Southern
Poverty Law Center he went to kill those
hateful people there that's the result
of that speech very different from I
disagree with what you have to say but I
will defend to the death your right to
say it no they want to send somebody to
kill you if they
can't shut you down thank you so much
for joining us dr. jerome corsi and
again he's going to continue to fight
and so are we that's why we have
operation Paul Revere 2018 stay with us
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