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Hollywood’s Golden Idol
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:44:55 PM »

well this week it's the Oscars and what
are we gonna see there we've got a
street artist out there with a sign says
the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to
dot dot it's going to be kind of
interesting to see what they do I
certainly I'm not gonna watch it I used
to I didn't watch the Oscars even when I
was trying to make buying decisions for
movies it's just a it's a pageant type
of thing that I don't really care for
they didn't have really anything to do
with quality of films it had to do with
who was like I remember Sally Fields
saying you like me you really like me
it's a popularity contest this is about
the quality of a film now they can use
an Oscar nomination or they can use an
Oscar win to push a movie that's pretty
much been ignored at the box office
because it didn't get a lot of publicity
or PR from the studio so they can do
that type of thing it can mean things in
terms of economics for these people but
it doesn't have anything and and quite
frankly are we all pretty disgusted to
these people take a look at the casting
couch statue or what is it I don't guess
it's not a statue it's not really made
out of it's a piece of artwork they have
a harvey weinstein in a bathrobe sitting
on a couch with his arm out like come
set beside me come on because he's
notorious for wearing his his bathrobe
but he does have a pair of pants on i
think in this particular one unlike the
real harvey weinstein robe slippers and
a pair of pants in this particular one
and that is being put right next to the
venue where they're going to be having
the Oscars
and Harvey Weinstein really has you know
it really is Harvey wood isn't it
remember when all this stuff started
coming out and we played that clip of
Meryl Streep winning an award and here's
what she had to say see them so I just
want to thank my agent Kevin yvaine and
Harvey Weinstein yeah God God of
Hollywood and there's the golden idol
Harvey Weinstein setting in his robe on
the casting couch right down the way
that's their golden idol god Meryl
Streep and the rest of these people and
of course it's gonna be very awkward for
Oprah Winfrey if she decides to run for
president you know she says she's going
to she's going to wait to see if God
will tell her to run so um you know look
at these pictures of her as she's
snuggling up to Harvey Weinstein over
the years maybe he's going to maybe God
will whisper into her ear
Harvey Weinstein will whisper into her
ear and tell her what to do and yeah
this is these comments about well well
God tell me to run of course I point
this out two weeks ago when you had joy
and Whoopie dump all kinds of grief on
vice-president Prince Pence because he
said that he's listened to God and they
said no he must be insane now they've
had tens of thousands of calls to ABC
which they don't really care about they
don't they don't really care about the
bigotry the anti-christian bigotry of
joy and Whoopie
they're so happy about Hollywood and
about Oprah but they're very very upset
and angry about any Christians who say
that they listen to God but it's okay
for Oprah to listen to her god Harvey
Weinstein or whatever new-age
imagination of God she has you know as
long as it's not Christianity that's
being sold by Oprah Winfrey or joy or
Whoopi then it's great and we can
celebrate any form of religion except
for Christianity that's the real the
real deal but you know when she gets
her word from God and if Harvey tells
her to run for president
maybe she should listen to General Kelly
because he's not so sure that he's not
being punished by God for being in the
White House here's that report
I was just open by saying I have almost
no right to be up here on this stage and
when I was in the Department of you
every day I went truly at six months the
last thing I wanted to do is walk away
from one of the great honors of my life
being the Secretary of Homeland Security
but I did something wrong and God
punished me I guess so there you go he
did something wrong and God is punishing
him that's why he's at the White House
the White House chief of staff well he
may not be there that that much longer
maybe he will be getting out of
purgatory pretty soon but that's the way
he portrays it as he's being punished by
God by being in the White House he loved
being director Homeland Security where
he didn't enforce the borders
he continued deferred action for
childhood arrivals the same policy that
his predecessor put in Janet Napolitano
put that in with a memo and we are not
allowed to do anything about that
because that is more important and more
untouchable by the way
than the second amendment or the sixth
amendment I mean we can get away do away
with due process we can do away with
your god-given rights to own a gun and
defend yourself but we cannot do away
with daca that's there that is a hard
core principle now it is more sacrosanct
than anything in the Bill of Rights
anything in the Constitution and it was
just put in there by memo wasn't even an
executive order and general Kelly as
much as he enjoyed homeland security
running that organization which was in
charge of defending the borders he
didn't really defend the borders
not the way he should be defending
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