Author Topic: Full Show—Is 2nd Amendment A Bargaining Chip?  (Read 37 times)

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Full Show—Is 2nd Amendment A Bargaining Chip?
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:43:10 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight welcome to the
beginning of our 34 our broadcast
operation Paul Revere 2018 yeah they're
coming for the First Amendment and
they're coming for the Second Amendment
as we could see yesterday in the meeting
that was a shameful display quite
frankly I will not have my rights given
to me by God protected specifically by
the Constitution used as bargaining
chips so some damn politician can say he
won a deal we're gonna talk about that
we got a different president now said
president Trump so who is this guy we're
gonna take a look at that but I
understand that at the same time this is
happening there is a broad movement to
ban free speech across the internet the
First Amendment as well as I reported
yesterday we had the Pentagon allocating
40 million dollars to the Department of
State saying that they're going to have
an information war oh that sounds
familiar doesn't it it isn't information
where Hillary Clinton said that that's
why we call this info wars it is an
information war and if you can control
the way that people if you control a
groups communications if you control
whether or not they can shoot and then
of course if you control whether or not
they move that's also coming down the
pipe and we don't have any understanding
of that part of it we don't have a an
amendment that protects our freedom of
movement but they're coming after the
ones that protect our freedom of
communication our freedom to shoot and
you can bet they're gonna come for our
ability to move I've talked about that a
great deal a lot of people think I just
like cars now I like freedom cars are
part of that cars are private property
that do give you freedom and we don't
respect that but if we can't protect the
First Amendment and the Second Amendment
we're not gonna have any freedoms left
and they're coming after us pretty hard
we've got Facebook has just changed
their algorithms just recently remember
when they said we're going to not focus
so much on news and of course we don't
like some news from some organizations
so we'll shadow band then and we just
want you talking to your friends and
neighbors about cat videos or something
but we'll also share some legitimate
news with you
you know from the people who are
sponsored by Big Pharma and the AMA CNN
Fox News and others yeah they'll share
that information with you but anybody
that has anything else to say about this
anybody wants to talk about the real
problem in America and it isn't
law-abiding gun owners that's not the
real problem right now
quite frankly if President Trump doesn't
want to get impeached he's not gonna go
here it's not even a smart negotiating
move the Democrats would love to make
this election about the Second Amendment
because they're losing on the economy
they're losing on the tax cut and if we
make it about the economy stupid they
lose but if we make it about some social
issue like guns because they have played
out their hand on their identity
politics if we make it about guns then
we're gonna see a massive sea change in
Congress and guess what the first thing
they're gonna do President Trump they're
gonna beat you they don't need a reason
they've already made it clear they're
gonna impeach you for no reason at all
and people aren't gonna be able to talk
about what's going on because Facebook
has got this new algorithm and as soon
as they implemented it Trump's
engagement on Facebook proven by metrics
we're gonna take a look at that story
from Breitbart news his engagement on
Facebook plummeted by 45% in a very
short period of time it wasn't that he
wasn't doing anything on Facebook this
just that Facebook was blocking you from
seeing what Trump was doing on Facebook
this is the way this is rolling now
YouTube is saying it was just algorithms
maybe we got a little bit too aggressive
with people like Jerome Corsi and others
or they haven't mentioned our website
though they nearly are channel rather on
YouTube that they nearly shut down but
they came very close to shutting down
Jerome Corsi and now they're saying well
you know we got a little bit aggressive
about that we had some volunteers who
came on and started marking people and
so we'll see what they do about this are
they gonna do the same thing when they
have the autonomous killer robots made
by their sub companies like Boston
Dynamics will they say Oh
about that we didn't just kill your
channel we killed your family it was
just an algorithm mistake I'm so sorry
about that stay with us we'll be right
back I'm David Knight welcome to the
beginning of our 34 our broadcast
operation Paul Revere the First
Amendment is clearly clearly under
but so is the Second Amendment very
seriously under attack and if you think
for a moment as I've said earlier this
week if you think for a moment that
we've got a Republican president
Republican Congress that's gonna do this
for us I've reminded you before that
that is when it is the most dangerous
when people set back and say hey
Reagan's got this Reagan as a solid
conservative libertarian he's he's good
on this well Reagan signed the Brady
Bill major legislation 1986 and 1989
teen 90 for both Reagan and Gerald Ford
wrote letters supporting Dianne
Feinstein's assault weapon ban that was
eventually went through a sunset clause
and ended in 2004 but both Reagan and
Ford wrote letters and support of an
assault weapon ban and you know that
gun-free school zone Act of 1990 that
was put in by Joe Biden it was signed by
George HW Bush in 1990 so yeah we got a
Republican but don't worry about it
don't worry about it he's got this he's
playing for DHS I'm so sick of hearing
that every time he does something stupid
every time you know Patrick Henry said
guard the precious jewel of Liberty and
regard with suspicion anybody who
approaches it have we forgotten that you
know say well he's getting are after his
name he's got this covered let me tell
you something if you think this is just
for DHS you are the pawn you're the pawn
and you don't understand it this isn't a
game of let's make a deal my god-given
rights protected by the Constitution are
not to be used as bargaining chips and
your damn deals understand that and you
want to lose this election this next
election and you want to get impeached
you just keep going down this kind of
reality TV show you love to have each
yeah I mean it was bad enough when he
increased the amnesty citizenship for
foreign citizens criminally trespassing
in our country who already got a free
education say won't take it from point
eight million to 1.8 million how about
that I just want to do some and he's
still talking about we got to do
something for those daca people how
about this president Trump why don't you
enforce the law why don't you enforce
the law that Obama and his Department of
Homeland Secretary unilaterally said
they were just going to ignore and defer
action on it that's what daca is it's
not a law we have laws this isn't
something that belongs in the court you
like to compare yourself to Andrew
Jackson then act like him say the court
made their decision let him enforce it
we've got the Pentagon has allocated 40
million dollars to the global engagement
Center GE see GE see they should have
come up with a a an acronym that was G
AG gag me yeah they said it's an
information war when they're gonna fight
it with money they're gonna give it to
the State Department but don't worry
this is only gonna be propaganda for
foreign countries right right I pointed
out several days ago we created Voice of
America Radio Free Europe to
propagandize the Russians and we're
telling them the truth we're telling
them that Stalin was an evil dictator he
was I killed tens of millions of people
in his country because he had all the
guns you know that that's what happens
when when you give all the guns to the
government but we told the truth that's
called white propaganda they don't want
anybody talking at all they want to shut
this down and so what they're saying
here is a tweet about this the
Department of State they say yeah we're
working to expose and counter propaganda
and disinformation from foreign nations
foreign nations you know like the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act we
had Senator Frank church
we had Congressman Pike holding
committees because they knew in the 70s
that the NSA and the CIA had been spying
on Americans and they said we don't want
that to happen so they came up with a
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to
say you can only do this against foreign
citizens in foreign countries it can't
even do it - four incidences in America
without a search warrant
and then what did we say happen with
that was it used against foreign
countries now it was used to try to
overthrow an election it was used
against mr. mrs. Verizon that's you mr.
mrs. America you know same people that
Dianne Feinstein says turn in your guns
mr. mrs. America if she could say that
she would and and I want to play for you
Dianne Feinstein's reaction to this
because it says everything you think I
got this wrong you take a look at what
Dianne Feinstein at what she had - how
she reacted to what President Trump was
saying the lady who gave us the assault
weapons ban that was signed into law by
a Republican president look at how she
responded to what President Trump was
saying look at what everybody is saying
about the GOP they're reeling they are
astonished they don't know what to do
they don't know what to say I know what
to say I know what to say
read the Constitution you took an oath -
here's Dianne Feinstein look at her look
at her oh she can hardly contain her
Joyce Dianne Feinstein put this stuff in
yeah they were very very happy we're
gonna play some more of that reaction
from Dianne Feinstein she's just I've
never seen her she's like a giggly
little girl absolutely amazing and at
the same time as it was pointed out by
media it sent Dianne Feinstein the
Democrat from California into a fit of
joy a fit of joy yeah she was very very
excited about that but you know
Congressman Steve Scalise who was just
shot by a crazy lunatic there she is oh
look at the hell clutching her hands and
leaning forward and oh it's so great
it's so great if only I could tell mr.
and mrs. American to turn in your guns
and now president Trump's gonna do it
for me that's great
but then you had Steve Scalise say and
this is what the conservatives and the
House of Representatives have been
saying you want to change anything
you're gonna have to pass concealed
carry reciprocity this is a congressman
who was just shot nearly died at a
baseball field and he had no ability to
protect himself the congressman the
Senators who were there they were just
targets for our target practice for a
lunatic Democrat who wanted to kill him
and even though congressmen have gone
through all the betting procedures in
their home states congressmen are not
allowed to carry a gun with them in
Washington DC so they're helpless in
Washington DC and so the congressmen
were saying we got to have reciprocity
if you had been vetted in a state if you
followed all of the rules and you
respected all the stuff you've you've
gone above and beyond because you know
the Constitution is all the permit we
really need but if you go above and
beyond that and you say I'll jump
through all the hoops for you then we
should be allowed even as congressman
you know we've had another level of
authority here the people who can make
the laws just it's kind of like banning
pilots from carrying firearms previous
to 9/11 you can fly the plane but you
can't carry a firearm under the plane so
these guys here who are in Washington DC
they can't be trusted with a firearm and
Steve Scalise says we need to get
reciprocity through President Trump and
president Trump says to him he says if
you do that I propose that you put this
through he says you'll never get this
passed if you add concealed carry to it
we got to get these background changes
done which by the way after a couple of
shootings here we see the government
doesn't put criminals into the
background check why is that the number
one thing we have to do why don't you
fix your government first why don't you
fix the people who are supposed to be
putting the data and they will have more
to say about that but he says to Steve
you'll never get this past if you add
concealed-carry to it says but
concealed-carry between states in this
bill we're talking about a whole new
ballgame isn't that interesting choice
of words to a man who was just shot at a
ballgame because he wasn't allowed to
protect himself that makes me want to
throw up Trump made me want to throw up
yesterday all right we'll be right back
stay with us Walmart bans toy rifles
that looked like ar-15s
this is indicative of the insanity that
we see at the moment throughout this
country you know years ago when my sons
were little I took them to Toys R Us so
actually they weren't with me my wife
and I were Christmas shopping I went
against some guns you know I I grew up I
was Ralphie with the glasses and the Red
Ryder BB gun when I was a kid but they
didn't have BB guns they didn't have
western guns anything like that as a
matter of fact they didn't carry any
rifles at all except for a SWAT team kit
that was what they had at Toys R Us a
SWAT team kit you could have your kids
get handcuffs and billy clubs and play
out of this that was me right there
shooting a black man was a black barn or
whatever in the backyard
I'd watch watch all the westerns that I
go out and shoot the BB gun or whatever
but they wouldn't let them they wouldn't
let them have any kind of weapons unless
they were playing police and then that
was okay and I said you know I've got a
problem with the message that they're
sending to our kid saying that nobody
can be trusted with a gun but a police
officer that's a bad message most honest
police officers don't believe that
people like Sheriff David Clarke and
many others have said no no no no no we
want people out there armed with guns
we've had a lot of cases just recently
where police officers are under attack
we're saved by good citizens with a gun
they understand that as well you know if
we get to a point where the sister E is
so corrupt and so evil that we can't be
trusted with guns then nothing is gonna
save anybody
the police are gonna be that way as well
aren't they but you're gonna have
everybody in society is gonna be like
some kind of Mad Max deranged killer and
they can't be trusted with guns then we
don't have anything to talk about here
because we've already descended into
total anarchy but you know we talked
about these guns at that point I said
all right we're done with Toys R Us
let's not even bother with this place
we eventually we used to go we'd live
back east we were not too far out of
Virginia used to go to Civil War sites
Revolutionary War sites we would get
guns for them they didn't even have this
kind of stuff at Toys R Us sticks that
were made to look like muskets oh that
was too controversial for them no no you
can play with a plastic gun that looks
like a police officer's gun if you want
to play policeman you can but you can't
play cowboy
you can't play Revolutionary War soldier
Civil War soldier anything like that
even world war ii soldier you can't play
hunter whatever only police officers
have guns that's what Toys R Us was
telling us and you know eventually I
just said hey guys get some real knives
get some real guns
forget the sticks learn how to use the
real stuff you're gonna need to know how
to use that but now we got Walmart
saying gun sales under 21 years of age
we're gonna ban I just like dicks dead
and they're not gonna carry airsoft
rifles you know what an airsoft rifle is
it shoots a little plastic no mass
bullet that has air inside of it and
they make them look pretty realistic but
Walmart didn't gonna do that no no no
can't sell those things yes although
we're removing items from our website
resembling assault style rifles
including non-lethal airsoft guns and
toys and Dick's Sporting Goods is virtue
signaling out there saying well you know
we sold a shotgun you know a shotgun
that's approved by Joe Biden Joe Biden
kept telling me don't get in a yard get
a shotgun well he did he got a shotgun
at Dick's um but they say in Salomon AR
but they might have sold him an AR
because guess what the background check
system was busted why because you've got
to put the data in
we don't have the Navy putting the data
in about their killer
we don't have the Broward coward Sheriff
Benghazi putting the data in because
he's got the promise program we had to
pretend that all the juvenile criminals
were like Lake Wobegon they're all above
average there's nothing nobody's bad
here let's not put them in the database
and immediately they saw their their
crime rate just drop just like that
because they decided that they would not
declare anybody criminals even if they
were so until you get people like this
sheriff who likes to drive around in a
Lamborghini that eats stole probably out
of the civil asset forfeiture until you
get that fixed so you start to get
respect for due process see that's the
whole thing we've accepted this idea
that the police can go around and
confiscate property from anybody and
never even charge them with a crime let
alone convict them of a crime we call it
civil asset forfeiture I call it theft
its outright theft
we have turned law enforcement into a
bunch of highway robbers who don't have
her to get a conviction from anybody and
we've put up with this for so long that
now we got president Trump's out there
saying oh you know let's let's get the
guns first and then due process second
when I tweet it out then it's not due
process shake my head I tell you what
that is that is just the most amazing
thing that I've seen and you think I'm
taking that out of context we've got
more stuff for you from President Trump
but this is absolutely insane then this
this news item here from the BBC
Australians turn in 57,000 guns and a
national amnesty period wait a minute I
thought you know this news saying that
after some school shooting and Australia
back in the 90s that they banned guns
we've seen the pictures where they got
the guns that they confiscated and
they're steamrolling them destroying
them but this is a three-month amnesty
period first one they've had since
australia's landmark response to mass
shooting in 1996 they said and 57,000
firearms were turned in how did that
I thought they'd ban firearms was that
22 years ago Wow
fifty-seven thousand firearms stay in
Australia and these are just the ones
they turned in how many others are out
there that decided they weren't gonna
turn that in this is kind of like the
drug bust that we see in the war on
drugs right they go out there and they
they interdict some pot shipment or some
cocaine shipment and they call off all
the call up the local news media and say
hey come look at this
sometimes you know then we'll set the
pot on fire whatever I say a funny thing
with a news bloopers and they got it
stick in front of the burning drugs he's
got a hashish or whatever and and
they're burning big piles of it and he
can't remember his life and he just
starts laughing but the thing is they do
these dog and pony shows where they
confiscate the drugs and say look at
that we got it off the street which is
what they're saying right now taking
these unregistered firearms off the
streets means that they will not fall in
the hands of criminals yeah who might
use them to endanger the lives of
innocent Australians well it's just like
those drug busts you you're gonna take
it off the street so now we don't have
that problem anymore
yeah that's worked really good with drug
prohibition hasn't it and it's worked
really good for Australia with gun
prohibition let me tell you it the
criminals are gonna get those guns and
anybody who wants drugs can get drugs
you can take these drugs off the streets
and you can have your news media
photo-ops but guess what we got people
dying of drug overdoses and federal
prisons all the time in local prisons
all the time all the time you can't keep
the drugs out of your prisons you're
gonna turn America into a prison society
you want to see what happens when we go
full-bore in America with gun
prohibition take a look at skunk that's
the that's the toxic version of
marijuana that is a result of our drug
war you're gonna see something like
skunk with firearms you can see the
skunk works come out that's what they
call the the place where they work on
or beyond state-of-the-art
of airplanes you're gonna have
skunkworks for firearms if you have gun
prohibition I wonder how much Diane find
something like that we'll be right back
I'm David Knight a handgun wound is
simply a stabbing with a bullet it goes
in like a nail that's a quote from Diane
Feinstein we should remember that from
Diane Feinstein firearms expert she said
it says if you shot somebody with a coke
can they'd probably kill somebody with a
coke can you can kill people with these
beanbag shotguns if you do it at a close
range that's happened many times by the
police they're facing wrongful death
lawsuits for excessive use of force
because of that always non-lethal
weapons that kill people like Tasers
beanbag shotguns and according to Diane
Feinstein this some kind of a gun that
shoots coke cans but don't worry because
a handgun wound is simply a stabbing
with a bullet it goes in like a nail
that's not what they said when they pass
the sweeping gun control bills in the
mid-60s after you had Bobby Kennedy
killed with a handgun accordingly
supposedly I don't really know what
happened I talked to dr. pepper who Oh
and that wasn't a dr. pepper can that
was shot at somebody dr. peppers is
actually his name and he has looked at
the assassination of Bobby Kennedy he
has a lot of concerns and he has some
real issues about the fact that maybe it
wasn't sirhan sirhan her shine but
whoever shot him or whatever they is we
had had three different assassinations
we'd had JFK we'd had a Martin Luther
King we had Bobby Kennedy all killed the
first two were done with rifles and then
Bobby Kennedy reportedly was killed with
a handgun and they put all kinds of
handgun restrictions on everybody and
I'm sure that Dianne Feinstein was
really happy to see that she probably
thought that was a good idea probably
thought that handguns were not just like
stabbing somebody with a bullet you know
just just poking somebody with a bullet
there's no big deal no big deal and we
got an MS MB
see host saying that handgun bullets are
ineffective and stopping school shooters
because they're too slow too slow all
right wait does he think this is like
some kind of uh you know western alright
partner draw you're too slow
gotcha I mean this is a if you're NBC
says Matt Vespa he says apparently now
you're trying to make an argument that
handguns aren't effective in stopping
shooters who are armed with rifles
because the bullets from pistols are too
he actually tweeted this out Lawrence
sir Donald said he's an anchor for MSNBC
where else he said a bullet fired from
an ar-15 travels three times faster than
one from a handgun and yet the president
and the NRA think that giving teachers
guns will stop a school shooter there
yeah it's all about muzzle velocity
isn't it you know what as president
Trump was making his amazing statement
about well get the guns first and we'll
do the due process later one of the
things he said was hey you know these
people they're danger to people you got
to get those guns from them and and the
knives or whatever else okay you're
gonna get their car because they can run
people down on the street if they're
mentally insane or oh let's not talk
about the SSRI drugs because you know
those are the people who sponsor CNN and
Fox News so I talked about that we can
talk about mental illness but we're not
going to talk about the elephant in the
room the SSRIs not gonna talk about that
that's off the table
you're rights on the other hand your
rights are on the table and we're gonna
throw them under the bus for his
political posturing along with the NRA
anything else that that he can use
anything else at Trump can use because
it's all about him you know he's sworn
oath to the Constitution but maybe he
took it about as seriously as his
wedding vows as certainly looking like
this now we've got people if you know
who needs enemies like Dianne Feinstein
when you've got the Moonies everybody
USA Today everybody's got this story
about a
Muniz this cult out of South Korea up in
Pennsylvania they call it a church it
has nothing to do with Christianity
folks this is a cult nothing to do with
Christianity and these people going they
have all these mass wedding ceremonies
they do this all the time
they do it in South Korea they do it at
this church as well so they come in for
their mass wedding cult ceremony and
they're all carrying ar-15s now they
made sure that they were unloaded and
they had they had like tie wraps plastic
tie wraps or something around the
triggers and so forth and so on
nevertheless yeah I I don't know what's
crazier these Muniz who are wearing
crowns and robes and carrying ar-15s or
the school that canceled classes I mean
you know I know that looks pretty crazy
but you know these people in the
community all the time are you never
gonna have classes because you've got a
Mooney Church in your community I mean
these these people look nuts absolutely
nuts this this cult so head state police
and they had protestors standing watch
outside while these people brides and
grooms brought dozens of unloaded ar-15s
into the world peace and unification
that's the Moonies for a religious event
that doubled as an advertisement for the
Second Amendment yeah Dianne Feinstein's
version of the Second Amendment you know
they always do this kind of stuff they
always focus on something like this and
try to use that as an icon for
Christianity in the same way that
Handmaid's Tale was used oh don't look
at what's really going on in Islam we're
gonna create some kind of phony version
of Christianity the straw man that we're
gonna put out there and we're gonna say
that's that's what we got to be afraid
of yeah we'll talk a bit about Islam Lee
we've got some news about Islam as well
but anyway so they prayed for quote a
kingdom of peace police and a peace
militia were the citizens through the
right given to them by Almighty God to
keep him bear arms we'll be able to
protect one another and protect human
flourishing and see this is the
we have every time there's a shooting we
have agents of disinformation you can
call them bots but they have been around
from the very beginning and every time
something comes out here they will come
up with totally made-up garbage and hope
that we will bite on it that's the
biggest problem as a reporter taking a
look at something that's like oh yeah
you know but look at that that's pretty
amazing isn't it I mean there was a
story that was circulating the other day
about Mel Gibson had an interview in the
UK and this article has titles on it
saying uh Mel Gibson says that all the
people in Hollywood are drinking blood
of babies and children and that it's
become a kind of currency or whatever
and I said really are you kidding me he
said this on television and then you
look at the article that's Willy the
headline read you look at the article
and says well here's reported to have
said this type of stuff privately in the
green room baloney they're putting that
kind of news out they're hoping we would
pick up on it so they could say look at
these guys look at the trash they peddle
they're always doing stuff like this
they're always doing stuff this this
report about the Moonies and the robes
with the crowns and the mass weddings
and the air ar-15s they're putting this
stuff out there everywhere because they
want to make that the image that sticks
in everybody's mind and also talking
about the militia the militia is a real
deal pussies are real deal it's really
the way to have a peaceful society not
to have all the guns owned by the police
but to have the power of the community
that's what Posse Comitatus means those
are the principles on which this country
was founded not on the Muny principles
not on their perverted twisted idea
that's being used to twist this for
people it's just absolutely amazing it's
scaring people in the community said one
protester are you aware that yes they're
very aware that that's why they're
giving it so much press coverage they
want you to be afraid of anybody with a
gun and these are their poster children
their poster children the Moonies all
right let's talk about this meeting well
actually we've got about 45 seconds left
we're gonna talk about this when we come
back you know one of the articles that
was said printed out I said I want to
get these eclipsed about that Diane her
her fit of joy Diane Feinstein and the
thing at the top of it was the headline
came out what the shadow economy looks
like for American nail salons you
realized that you can't prohibit nail
salons from doing business
you can't prohibit people from buying
and selling and using drugs if they want
to or getting their nails done you will
have a black market and nail salons will
have a black have had a black market for
50 years and drugs and you're gonna have
a black market and Firearms if you try
to do prohibition forty million dollars
from the pentagon to an inter-agency
group called the global engagement
center and they say they're going to use
this to expose and counter propaganda
and disinformation from foreign nations
as I said earlier it's gonna work out
about like FISA it'll be a tool to be
used against you and here's evidence of
it as they're talking about this they
say the funding is critical to ensure
that we can continue an aggressive
response to malign influence and
disinformation they call it part of
their quote unquote information war yeah
it is a war it's a war on for your mind
Hillary Clinton has used that same term
now the State Department under Rex
Tillerson is using that same term and
the Pentagon Pentagon
military-industrial complex they say
with this money this is what they're
saying we can leverage deeper
partnerships with our allies Silicon
Valley and other partners in this fight
you and I have there a line with them
censorship by algorithm crony censorship
these are organizations that were aided
in their creation by funding some of it
above ground by the the venture capital
fund of the CIA in-q-tel gave money some
of these organizations to get started
and I'm sure there was a lot of money
that was behind the scenes as well
because they're now doing the bidding
and doing the work of the deep state
trunks Facebook engagement has declined
by forty five percent following the
implement implementation of a Facebook
we'll get to that later in the broadcast
and of course we've seen YouTube
shutting down conservative channels left
and right and CNN edging them on pushing
them to do it saying why don't you doing
more against Infowars they're bragging
about it writing articles saying uh we
asked them why they didn't get a strike
for this video or that video yeah
bullying harassment and bullying and
then that was all happening by the way
at the same time that CNN was harassing
and bullying a conservative student who
said they were trying to control what
was being said at their phony townhall
and I wasn't gonna participate in it and
his dad said the same thing and another
student said the same thing as well and
her parents but they were they were okay
bullying and harassing people CNN but
that's what they were trying to use if
we had any discussion about what these
kids who were obviously over the trauma
because now they're participating
publicly in a policy debate and
lecturing us about history in the
Constitution what we need to do they're
so wise but do not do not discuss them
they are the shield for CNN for George
Clooney and those who have been pushing
this gun control agenda for a long time
they use these children as shields they
use them as attack weapons as well to
try to shut down anybody who talks about
what they're saying saying it's bullying
and harassment so now we have YouTube
coming out and saying you know we've got
new moderators and then mistakenly pull
some of these right-wing channels
talking about jerome corsi as bloomberg
puts a drum corps sea of right-wing
conspiracy website Infowars they can't
refer to us without throwing in the word
conspiracy that's fine that's fine i
wear that as a badge of honor because
that was a term that was created by our
phony FBI back in the 1960s when they
wanted to sell this idea that there was
only one shooter that took down JFK Oh
unfortunately somebody there in the
crowd had a camera didn't count on that
didn't count on that Zapruder film did
you that that created all kinds of
problems for your lies for your cover-up
of your assassination of JFK and so the
FBI came at it and vented the term
conspiracy theory because if you said
there was more than
just Lee Harvey Oswald you had a
conspiracy he said that there was more
than one person that's a conspiracy
because the government charges people
with conspiracy all the time they're the
biggest conspiracy theorists in the
world the federal government everybody
that gets charged of the crime if
there's pretty much there's hardly ever
an individual that acts individually in
a crime
there's always others involved so they
throw in the conspiracy charge unless
it's an assassination or an important
political agenda then it's only one
person involved and don't ever say
anything differently so they say jerome
corsi of right-wing conspiracy website
info war said Tuesday that YouTube had
taken down one of his videos and
disabled his live stream actually they
put two strikes against him as I talked
to him yesterday so now they're saying I
was just a mistake mistakes were made
mistakes were made I know the mistake
was to give these people the power and
the mistake was for the government to be
giving them 40 million dollars their
partners and information control in
Silicon Valley so we have operation Paul
Revere 2018 and we do appreciate you
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there's there's voices in my head the
government is telling me to do a
shooting and then he got on a plane in
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especially at this time all right let's
go to the to the meeting yesterday that
has me so angry I'm not just upset I'm
very angry about this as you might have
noticed let's play how happy Dianne
Feinstein is or the comments that
President Trump is making and then I
want to play another clip after that
about how the GOP is reacting it's not
just me take a look at Dianne Feinstein
then we'll take a look at how the GOP is
reacting to what President Trump had to
say yesterday but here's Dianne
Feinstein first also and I think you can
into the bill yeah but don't any of that
stuff in there about concealed carry
don't let congressman Scalise have the
ability to carry a firearm no no I can't
have that in there hey Scalisi I
understand you put that in there won't
pass it you you take that out we're not
gonna support your right of self-defense
congressman Scalise who's just been shot
you put that in there and it's a whole
new ballgame said President Trump and
here's what they said about the GOP is
reaction to this video clip three
called California actually has a version
of this and I think you mean you're
meeting with governor's earlier this
week individually and and as a group we
spoke about about States taking steps
but the focus is to literally give
families and give local law enforcement
additional tools if an individual is
reported to be a potential danger to
themselves or others allow due process
that no one's rights are trampled but
the ability to go to court
obtain an order and then collect not
only the firearms but any any weapons in
the position we're going to take the
firearms first and then go to court
because that's another system because a
lot of times by the time you go to court
it takes so long to go to court to get
the due process procedures I like taking
the guns early like in this crazy man's
case that just took place in Florida he
had a lot of fires they saw everything
to go the court would have taken a long
time so you could do exactly what you're
saying but take the guns first go
through due process all right that's the
wrong clip we'll get the right clip for
you in a minute to get the GOP reaction
of this but that was what President
Trump said and that's what I tweeted out
I said you don't take the guns first you
don't do the punishment first and then
do the due process second we're gonna
talk about that but as I had some things
to say about that of course there is a
usual pushback from people who are like
the Moonies and some kind of a
personality cult and I find it very
concerning one of the things that I
really was worried about with Obama was
the cult of personality how people on
the Left would let him get away with
anything and they would project their
values on him later on you had people
who would say that Harry Belafonte said
you know we projected whatever we wanted
him to be on Barack Obama and towards
the end of the Obama administration said
you know we finally realized that he
isn't what we projected him to be I see
that a lot on the right people who will
no matter what President Trump says no
matter who he throws under the bus no
matter what he throws under the bus
like he's just throwing the sixth
amendment under the bus in this process
where they're talking about how they can
throw the Second Amendment under the bus
Democrats argued that Trump had power
that Democrat President Barack Obama
never had they said trust with
Republican base that he would not
infringe on the Second Amendment and
Senator Joe Manchin said President Crump
no one believes that he'll take the guns
away so he can take the guns away see
how that works
said it works now we've got some people
in Congress who realize that their
political lives base are dependent upon
them standing up for the Second
Amendment and Trump is shamelessly
playing to the television audience and
making the election about taking away
our guns instead of tax cuts that is not
for DHS we'll be right back you know we
had a lot of disinformation from the
press they put out a lot of fake news
we've been told that America is the
worst country for mass shootings I
pointed out earlier in the week that's a
lie if you go through and you look at
the data the death rate per million
people from mass public shootings from
2009 through 2015 let's just pretend for
a minute that facts actually mean
we have Norway number one one point
eight eight eight number two is Serbia
zero point three eight one number three
is France 0.347 and so forth they get to
number eleven the United States which is
zero point zero eight nine I compare
that to some of the ones like two and
three for instance there were point
three eight point three four we are zero
point zero eight nine number eleven
eleven countries ahead of us that's one
of the lies that they've been putting
out there they've been telling us
there's been 18 school shootings in 2018
now this is what we hear from
Bloomberg's every town no that's not
true what they're doing to get that
number is they're calculating the number
of times that a person intentionally
shot and instead of doing that instead
of counting a real school shooting
they're counting every time that
somebody discharged a gun on or near
school property and that includes things
like suicides or stray bullets that were
fired near a school or accidental
discharges and add nothing did
with intentional gun violence against
children and so Bloomberg lies about
yeah statistics don't lie but Liars use
statistics and that's the way that they
have skewed that we're told that the UK
banned guns and now we don't have
stabbings and violent crime there no
actually the violent crime rate there
has soared gun violence has soared I
just talked about the fact that there's
a 20% increase in violent crime in mayor
Khan's London what could that be
attributed to would that be people or
the weapons right we got acid thrown on
people we got knifings we got gun crime
going up in London 20% so what is going
on with that well we've just been told
that Australia and they are the role
model for everybody and yet as I
reported earlier in the program 57,000
guns just turned in during a three-month
amnesty period how many are still out
there how did they have 57,000 guns
22 years after their total confiscation
that's because you will never be able to
wish these things into a cornfield
that's the silly idea that is being sold
to us by these kids who were fronts for
George Clooney CNN the Democrat Party
and if we make this election about
something that is not what President
Trump won on yeah we thought that we
were voting for somebody who's going to
support our right as Americans and as
human beings to defend ourselves and as
Americans to choose whatever we want to
to defend ourselves and of course it's
not really even about self-defense it's
about making sure that we don't have a
government that has all the power that
comes out of the barrel of a gun and so
if we make it about these issues that
the Democrats want to make it about and
if President Trump decides that he's
going to throw American citizens and gun
owners under the table if he's gonna
make it about mental health and not and
just throw out due process as you heard
President Trump in that clip that we
played in the last segment he said well
you know get the guns get the gun
these people are dangerous that's right
the gun the people are dangerous the
guns are simply a tool they could use a
knife they could use a rope they could
use poison they could use a car the
person if the person is dangerous then
maybe you should arrest them and get
them off the street or at least put them
in your background database but we can't
do that
we've got sheriffs and an FBI have a
whole different agenda the FBI is
interested in playing political games
and the sheriff is interested in all the
booty that he can get in the drug war
and then pretending that juvenile
criminals aren't really criminals so
they look good we don't want to have
that prison to our school to Prison
Pipeline as they say so just don't
charge them with anything and don't put
them in your database
we'll be right back I'm David Knight so
we're gonna get gun control at president
Trump's I want to get something done I
got to get something done about these
dreamers here and I got to get something
done about all of you are criminals in
the NRA who have firearms are gonna do
something about that gonna do something
about it is it gonna happen
well the GOP in Congress in the Senate
are gonna make sure that that doesn't
happen but instead of playing these
types of games on television why doesn't
President Trump do something's gonna
help them win an election like protect
the border they're just authorized 40
million dollars from the Pentagon to an
agency called the gec the global
engagement Center they say we're going
to leverage deeper partnerships with our
allies Silicon Valley and other partners
in the fight Secretary of State Rex
Tillerson requested forty million
dollars be transferred from the
Department of Defense for this purpose
and they go on to say transfer forty
million dollars from the Pentagon to the
center so it can fight state-sponsored
propaganda okay so why don't you
transfer some money from the Pentagon to
build the wall because if we can't
defend our borders then why do we have a
Pentagon why do we have a Defense
Department you can't defend the borders
then just shut up and fold up because we
have wide open borders and we've got
more people being killed by the drug war
you guys started and Mexico then are
being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan I
think more than those two combined now
only in Syria are more people being
killed but in Syria is happening because
of bombs and drones and things like that
or a big factor in that and the mass
destruction in Syria so that we can have
regime regime change so that we can keep
our put our pipeline through Syria
instead of having Russia put their gas
pipeline through we want ours to go
through there from the UAE or other
sources through there into Europe I mean
that's really what that Wars about folks
that's why it's today you know they can
try to demonize Assad all they want to
but it's really about that pipeline and
we're not going to war in banana
republics any more further that National
Fruit Company is Smedley Butler said no
we do it for the oil and gas industry so
that they can have a competitive edge
over the Russians and so they got
massive carnage in Syria that we've
created we got a war over drugs that we
created actually it was the United
Nations that created we implemented
their plan ten years after verbatim for
schedules all the drugs and those
schedules that was all set up by the UN
we just had a Republican president who
implemented it for them Richard Nixon
and declared a war on drugs so we have a
massive carnage that's going on in
Mexico because that war of prohibition
has created ruthless cartels and all the
people that are dying there there's no
bombs being used there no weapons of
mass destruction it's all being done by
guns by knives by machetes by ropes it's
personal and Dianne Feinstein thinks
that pistols are just like you know
poking somebody's like being stabbed
with a being stabbed with a bullet it's
not anything you know the a rifle now
that's really dangerous so I guess you
know having somebody chopped to death
and tortured having their heads cut off
and so forth by the Mexican drug cartels
and ms-13 those those wonderful dreamers
they've already brought in
and I'd tweeted that out yesterday we
just had a a gang shooting that was
intercepted in the last minute in
Houston and they were ms-13 wonderful
dreamers beautiful dreamers Steven F
foster beautiful dreamers ms-13 I made
write some lyrics to a song for that but
nevertheless a lot of people bang why
would you conflate dreamers with the
Dockery's dreamers with ms-13 or the
daca recipients with ms-13 that's that's
so racist of you well actually they're
killing other Hispanics that there are
Southern Hispanics that they were on
their way to kill and as we've seen in
Long Island and Virginia and other
places as other hispanics that they
chopped to death and torture in school
and as we've seen elsewhere and I've
gone through these many times on-air
ms-13 telling their people hey bring
them in
do it now tell them that you're under 18
tell them they'll leave you alone
because you know they have deferred
action for all this stuff and you know
you're just even if you've got the ms-13
tattoos on you in Long Island they gotta
watch them they know who these guys are
they know that they're here they know
they're illegal aliens and they know
they're a mess they're team but they
can't do anything until they commit a
crime and they do commit crimes the
dreamers the daca recipients commit
crimes at twice the rate of other groups
their age young kids commit violent
crime at a much higher rate than adults
do because they don't have good judgment
yet and they don't realize the
consequences of their crime both to them
and to others and so you know that's but
just just take that for what it's worth
you don't believe me just bring more of
them in that's fine but why not instead
of transferring forty million dollars
for an info war to be fought by the
Pentagon and their Silicon Valley allies
as they put it to shut down free speech
on the Internet
instead of doing that why don't you
transfer money to the Pentagon and build
a wall why don't you transfer troops
back home to patrol the border until you
build a wall while you're building the
wall no instead we're not going to do
anything about the central
issue of the campaign the president
Trump one on we're gonna stand back and
say well I can't do anything because of
those judges I've got a lower court
federal judge that told me I can't do
anything so I'm I'm blocked can't do
anything I can't do anything about
saying who's gonna come into the country
they told me I can't sorry can't do
anything and then Obama had this memo
that his department of homeland security
secretary wrote called darkus I can't do
anything about that either I can't do
anything but I'm gonna get those guns
we're gonna do something to give them
citizenship that's what we're gonna do
we can do something about that we can't
do anything about the wall can't do
anything about the border can't do
anything about reciprocity for concealed
carry can't let a congressman carry
concealed in Washington DC but we're
gonna do something to shut those guns
down I'm gonna let Diane Feinstein put
the stuff in the bill you put in
everything that you wanted this bill
we're gonna get that through don't put
in anything about reciprocity that would
kill the bill congressman you don't get
to put that in there now we're not do
anything to protect your rights or the
border we're just gonna do stuff to make
me look good
gonna make me look good well I don't
know about that as they point out on
Politico could GOP in action on guns
hand the house to the Democrats this is
the issue they want to run on they've
lost on identity politics they have lost
on tax reform people like the tax cuts
the president Trump put in hugely
popular people are seeing the crumbs now
in their paycheck and they like those
crumbs and Nancy Pelosi and the
Democrats handed Trump a massive victory
by the things that they had to say I
mean it would have been good enough if
just with a tax cut but with them
doubling down Chuck Schumer saying
you're gonna rue the day that you put
those tax cuts through Nancy Pelosi
mocking bonuses and pay raises and jobs
saying they're nothing but crumbs that
was the election right there on a silver
platter from the Democrats and now we
want to make it about gun control and
that place did their strength that place
of their activism especially when we
join in and say that the NRA is a
problem as president Trump did he
actually taunted a Republican I think
it's a senator he said something is
you're afraid of the NRA aren't you
you're afraid of the NRA you're afraid
of those murderers he didn't say that
but that was implied because we've been
hearing that
last week and as they point out at
Politico this a renewed nationwide push
for gun control faces an uphill battle
in Congress some progressive outside
groups are prodding Democrats to make
gun restrictions the driving issue in
the midterms and they're signs that some
candidates will take heed using GOP in
action on guns as one piece of a larger
action against a republican-controlled
Congress so if you make this about gun
control and president Trump if you come
out and say I want to do something I'm
not controlled by the NRA
like those GOP senators and congressmen
I'm a good guy you're already running
for 2020 but you know what you you got
to make it past the impeachment that
happens if the Democrats win in 2018 so
if you're going to use them and throw
them under the bus along with the NRA
and the Second Amendment then you're
going to lose in 2018 you're gonna make
this the issue you're gonna try to make
yourself look good by making other
people and the Second Amendment look bad
you're going to lose you're gonna play
to their strengths and then they're
gonna impeach you they don't need a
reason but if they need a reason we've
got Jared Kushner your son-in-law
getting millions of dollars in loans
after a White House meeting they'll come
up with any excuse and there might be
some stuff there will stay where this
will be right back I'm David Knight
that's right talk like a man to don't
throw your friends don't throw
principles under the bus to make
yourself look good in a virtue signaling
way let's play this clip clip number
four guys let's play this clip from
yesterday's meeting as the NRA said it's
great TV but bad policy and it's bad
politics too folks let's play this clip
from President Trump at the meeting
where he's virtue signaling about the
NRA you can't buy a handgun at 18 19 or
20 you have to wait you're 21 but you
can buy this the gun the weapon used in
this horrible shooting at 18 the people
in this room pretty much you're going to
decide but I would get very serious
thought I can say that the NRA is
opposed to it and I'm a fan of the NRA I
mean it's no bigger fan I'm a big fan of
the inner way that watered or disagreed
people there's a great Patriots they
love our country but that doesn't mean
we have to agree on it it doesn't make
sense said I have to wait till I'm 21 to
get a handgun but I can get this weapon
at 18 I don't know so I just curious as
to what you did in your people are
afraid of that issue raising the age for
that weapon to 21 and that wasn't the
only time he attacked the NRA in the
meeting one of the other things he said
so many people are petrified of the NRA
you can't be petrified the NRA is a bad
guy the NRA is a symbol for gun owners
to the people on the Left let's
understand that they don't represent all
gun owners a lot of people have other
groups that they go to there's the
National Association of gun rights
there's gun owners of america larry
pratt i interviewed last week i think of
the beginning of this week i can't
remember when it was but just last
couple of days I interviewed Larry Pratt
he has always been uncompromising on
your right to defend yourself and on the
Constitution but we can always virtue
signal about the NRA throw them under
the bus you guys are petrified of them
you're afraid of them aren't you if you
weren't you would do what
David hog says right you'd do what CNN
says you would do what George clean says
but you're afraid of the NRA aren't you
and to bring up the NRA after all this
talk get the video clip number 10 after
all of us talk about this stuff you know
and we've seen for a week now the NRA
has been demonized as killers let's play
a clip of that here's a clip of the NRA
killers I know I just talked about some
very depressing issues but I want to say
that is the most uplifting news I have
heard in a while
it's been very tough going to my State
Capitol in Tallahassee and being told
that I won't be able to do anything or
the hill in Washington DC and facing
some some trouble but I'm glad to see
that companies are finally hearing not
only the children's outcry but everybody
in this country who is sick and tired of
the dysfunctional laws and system that
we have set in place
I'm glad the Dick's Sporting Goods
supports common sense gun laws such as
an 18 year olds should not be able to
buy a shotgun or an ar-15 that's just
not sensible and I'm glad that companies
which are what will stop the NRA from
doing what they're doing and basically
killing kids the companies are gonna be
the ones doing good we're gonna stop
this and I'm calling out every single
company right now who is not in favor of
cutting their ties with the NRA the NRA
has shown themselves to be toxic vile
and to not support the right to light to
live which is in the preamble of the
Constitution I want them to remember
they always talk about the Second
Amendment but that pre it's not in the
preamble Constitution declaration
because of its importance and its
necessity for America to be the way it
is I'm not gonna be lectured by this
arrogant ignorant child he's a good
example for why we need to raise the
voting age the voting age at the same
time these people are saying they're not
they're not mature enough to drive a car
they're not mature enough to buy
cigarettes or alcohol they're not mature
enough to have a gun but let's lower the
voting age to 16 okay all right that's
the insanity of they left and that's the
insanity of Alfonzo Calder on who said
that basically the NRA is
nr is basically killing children he said
and President Trump says you're
petrified the NRA so you people are
afraid of the NRA doing that well the
NRA had something to say about that as I
pointed out they said great TV of a very
bad policy
The Guardian called the NRA asked if
Trump's comments represent a betrayal of
NRA members or if the group had change
its position to support the president's
new agenda well you know we've got a new
president maybe we got a new
constitution that's what President Trump
said he said you got a new president
here who are you who are you we're
waiting to see who you really are
because you tell us one thing you tell
them another thing and then later on
we'll find out if it's something else
anybody who lies to somebody else and
does it on television will lie to you so
who is he lying to now who is he lying
to now the NRA came out and said the
National Rifle Association has always
supported efforts to secure our schools
and to keep firearms out of the hands of
those who are a danger to themselves or
others whether they are criminals or
mentally ill this can be accomplished
without shifting the focus the blame or
the burden onto safe law-abiding gun
owners but President Trump wants to play
the blame game
he wants to shift the burden on gun
owners when the law enforcement officers
and Broward County couldn't be bothered
to do their job
when the Navy couldn't be bothered to do
their job they don't even put these
people in the background check less the
the database sigan do a background check
if they don't put the data in because
they've got a political agenda with the
promise program he's got all this little
wait Lake woebegone criminals down there
in Broward County can't put them in
that'll be a pipeline in prison if we
put them in and I think they're coming
after a black folks more so let's not
just report crime at all period you got
this corrupt sheriff sixty-six probes of
criminal misconduct in the Broward
Sheriff's Office since 2012 let's not
talk about that let's not talk about
ssris we can pretend we're gonna talk
about mental illness let's not talk
about that and then let's not even talk
about any kind of due process let's just
take the stuff and
we're gonna do something I'm gonna throw
people and principals under the bus and
we're just gonna move along well you
know as president Trump is saying this
he says I'm taking the guns early like
in a crazy man's case that just took
place in Florida you go to court it take
a long time so you know we're gonna take
the guns first I'm gonna go through due
process second well Jonathan Turley who
is a lawyer had something to say about
this because everybody saying you know
this is like the ticking time clock
thing that has always put out there to
justify government torture say uh this
is this is like 24 you know you've got
to find out where the bomb is hidden
quick pull off his fingernails yeah that
always works in real life doesn't no
never does actually the people who
actually been there said that and as
Jonathan Turley points out about this he
says that our circumstances where police
can act under clearly defined standards
to seize guns pending a judicial review
those circumstances however would likely
involve a court order or evidence of a
criminal violation you understand that
evidence of a criminal violation for
example if the police had probable cause
to believe that a student could not
possess a gun by law or was mentally
unstable in other words a dangerous
person they could remove the gun however
the president's comment came off a bit
like the Red Queen's rule of sentence
first verdict afterward see if we got a
dangerous person and president Trump
hinted to this he said well maybe the
knives to forget a dangerous person put
the person in prison don't open up the
mental and sane mentally insane
institutions and put the people on the
street which is what happened under
Reagan if they're dangerous put them in
jail give them a speedy trial it's
outlined in the sixth amendment they
have the right to bail and a speedy
trial all right I've got a couple more
things to say about gun control here and
then we're gonna move on what's
happening into in New York they are
slouching toward Sharia I tell you
what's happening with that as well as
the high-tech tyranny of shutting down
our free speech several articles about
that talking about what China has done
censoring winnie-the-pooh people make
pictures up saying that President Xi
looks like Winnie the Pooh
and quite frankly no I think Mao looks a
bit like Mickey Mouse or way the Pooh he
had those things that came out on either
side of his a head but not so much
President Xi I think he's got a little
bit of a thin skin don't you people
they're kind of worried that they're
that he's turning it into North Korea
because you know they've got this
Constitution and he's changing it and of
course they've never really paid any
attention to it either kind of like what
we have in the United States right now
that's what this debate is really about
we've got a constitution that they've
been busy redacting cutting pieces out
of it crumpling it up burning it in some
cases like Obama and now we got some of
the same stuff going through on this
watch looks like I wanted to get back to
the comments from lawyer Jonathan Turley
talking about President Trump who said
take the guns first go through due
process second and again everybody
thinks that we've got to we got an
emergency here we've got to do something
about it and yes we know that the
government fails to act on many
different cases and that is not an
argument for more government that is an
argument for more liberty more ability
to be able to protect yourself folks
that's the Argos strange to me how they
can see the problem and gloss over the
solution it's kind of like the witch
hunt and Monty Python Holy Grail
you know if she's if she's a witch you
know she would float therefore she's
made of wood or whatever so burn her
yeah she's made it wood so anyway this
this is the kind of logic that we've
seen from them when they talk about the
fact that oh well you know the Second
Amendment was put in there because they
had slave militias to keep the slaves
under control with firearms okay if you
believe that then the way that you
correct that is not by taking away the
Second Amendment and making us all
slaves on a plantation but what you do
is you arm people which is what the
original Black Panthers understood I've
talked to Larry Pinckney and that was
one of the key things they got dangerous
because of that and because they got
away from the the Black Panthers got
away from the narrowly defined
demographics that they had focused on
and once they started bringing all the
people of all races in the community
together and saying hey you know what we
need to arm ourselves to prevent police
tyranny and so forth that's when they
got dangerous that's when they shut them
down after they got over their weight
racism and their demagoguery and their
demographics and their identity politics
that's when the Black Panthers had to be
shut down when they said let's get
everybody together and let's make sure
that we got a community and we can
protect ourselves that's when they got
really dangerous to the government so
let's go back to this whole idea that
we've got to get the guns first and shut
this down as I've pointed out Jonathan
Turley said yeah you've got
circumstances the police can do that
they can take somebody's gun but under
the sixth amendment the president Trump
evidently doesn't care for if he's
actually in fact read it you do get a
speedy trial you get a right to contend
yourself in public a public trial not a
secret trial I didn't know kangaroo
secret court like the FISA Court now you
get a chance to do this in public with a
jury and you get to call witnesses in
your defense which they deny to people
that they want to come after they deny
witnesses to those who are the Bundy
ranch standoff no no no no you can't
bring them in as witnesses no no can't
do that I can't do that if you're Ross
Ulbricht because they want to shut you
down because they don't like the things
that you're selling on your website of
the fact that you're taking
cryptocurrency no no no no you can't
call in those witnesses and you can't
tell people about the agents who are
investigating you and committing crimes
at the same time no you can't tell
people about that until a whistleblower
did it in the Bundy trial and then the
judge was busted she had to turn around
she couldn't walk down that path anymore
she'd already done it multiple trials
before that and she'd done it up to that
point in this trial and that trial my
final trial but it was a whistleblower a
good guy in the government who took that
out but they didn't have any good guy
whistles lower and the trial of Ross
Ulbricht a silk road and so he's looking
at multiple life sentences no
possibility of parole this young guy for
operating a web site that the government
didn't like so we have these protections
because this is nothing new
they had seen this from governments
throughout history throughout Europe
they had lived under government's like
this they'd lived under governments that
put out general warrants that were not
specific you know like you can search
mr. mrs. Verizon they'd lived under
governments like that they knew where
that leads they fought a violent
revolution to make sure that they didn't
live under a government like that and
they said that the purpose of government
was to protect our rights and our
liberties that's the purpose of
government not to keep us safe because
when the government destroys those
rights and liberties then it is our
right to alter or abolish it
how are we gonna do that if we don't
have firearms are you gonna do that and
how you got to protect your life and
your liberty and you don't have a life
if you don't have Liberty as Jefferson
said the hand of force can destroy them
but cannot disjoin them you can't have
one without the other you're nothing but
a lifeless slave if you go down that
road but he points out he says yet they
can do that if somebody is mentally
unstable you need to still give them due
process and you need to give it to them
quickly not keep them in jail for years
and years like they did with the Bundys
like they did with Ross Albrecht and
others okay there's a and the reason
they can't do a speedy trial is because
the government is out there prosecuting
all kinds of things that aren't crimes
that aren't crimes they've got the
courts and the prisons clogged with
people as part of their drug prohibition
as part of fines and other things like
that they don't like so they put you in
jail for that but if your threat to the
other people
oh no we've had three Supreme Court
decisions 1981 1989 2005 saying that the
government has no duty to protect you no
duty to protect you so stop throwing
away your liberty and freedom thinking
that they're going to protect you
they've told you multiple times at the
Supreme Court just as recently as 2005
they don't have any duty to protect you
and so don't keep falling for that
sucker game I'll give up my freedom and
they're gonna keep me safe he points out
the president's comment came off a bit
like the Red Queen's rule of sentence
first verdict afterwards he said the
president's embracing of the gun control
clearly shocked some Republicans and
delighted Dianne Feinstein who was
described as literally jumping for joy
and he said Clinton was famous for his
triangulation strategy so if you think
he's playing for T chest and he's
triangulating people understand how this
triangulation is gonna work because
Jonathan Turley laid it out precisely
for you as well he sees it too he said
Trump seemed willing to oppose the NRA
on these issues and to force GOP
congressmen and Senators into a
political vice between the White House
and the NRA so you make this election
and not about your tax cuts though it
was a big win for the GOP politicians as
well as President Trump but if President
Trump makes this not about their victory
but he makes it about gun control if he
throws the NRA under the bus and if he
throws these GOP members into a vice
where they're trapped between the NRA
and let's just say all gun owners and
anybody who understands anything about
the Constitution and individual liberty
if he's gonna make that choice with
people and he's gonna put them in that
box and he's gonna hand this issue on a
silver platter to the Democrats then be
prepared for massive losses that are
gonna result in your impeachment that's
your 40 Ches
right there right there I'm not the only
one who sees it most Americans blame the
school shooting on government and not
guns we just had a Rasmussen poll saying
54% of Americans believe government
failure is to blame in the mass shooting
of course it is so I call him Sheriff
Benghazi no matter how many times you'd
call this corrupt individual he never
shows up just like Hillary Clinton his
other pal he's got a Lamborghini he
could get there pretty quickly but no
he's interested in playing with his toys
and keeping people from going in the
stand-down our order that was given that
is now come out and not only standing
down the deputies from going in but
telling the EMT personnel they can't go
in while you got students bleeding out
on the floor that's the government
protecting you right they're protecting
you right there when we come back we've
another video that I think you'll find
interesting about that shooting stay
with us be right back guns could have
saved Jews from the Holocaust says in
Alaska congressman and he's being mocked
for that now he said how many millions
of people were shot and killed because
they were unarmed 50 million in Russia
alone says representative Don young of
Alaska and now he is being mocked for
that comment what he's talking about
there folks his dem aside death by
government 50 million and Russia 78
million by Mao tens of millions more by
Hitler it wasn't just the Jews that he
was killing he's killing his own people
as well everybody that he fought as a
political opponent anybody but the
mentally ill so forth I mean that's the
way these guys operate you know one of
my favorite organizations about 20 years
ago was Jews for the preservation of
firearm ownership the guy who had that
died and I haven't really followed them
since then I don't even know if they're
still in existence but one of the things
that they would always point out is this
very thing hey you know when you go back
and you look at the Warsaw Uprising why
did that tie down a Panzer Division for
a couple of months why did they
eventually have to burn the city down
because they couldn't take the city did
they have Panzer tanks or something did
they have massive heavy weaponry no it
started with a couple of hammers and
they got some firearms off of some
individuals and then they got some more
firearms using those firearms and so
forth and so on until they had just
small arms they had rifles and pistols
and things like that and in an urban
environment the best troops in the world
with the best equipment in the world had
to eventually just burn the entire city
down because they couldn't take it so
when people tell you you can't do
anything to defend yourself against the
government the government's know that
very well they know how dangerous an
armed population is to an oppressive
government and we don't have to have
that conversation again or go through
that again if we can learn from history
but evidently we've got political
leaders as well as high school students
who haven't learned anything from
history and when we look at this
discussion about what are we gonna do
let's take the guns first and then we'll
have do
and of course they're talking about
mental health a great deal I've got an
article here from alt market.com let's
on Zero Hedge gun rights and mental
health restrictions a slippery slope boy
is it ever slippery slope Pandora's box
you you picked your favorite metaphor
here but as he points out here placing
the blame on a particular tool used in a
crime does not solve the problem folks
it doesn't and so what we see here a
couple of different things number one we
see that mental health is now being put
out there also throwing gun owners law
abiding gun owners under the bus but
it's being put out there but what
they're not talking about are the
psychotropic drugs that make things
worse and our policies of not reporting
the mentally ill not reporting criminal
actions not locking people up not giving
them due process and then locking them
up if they are in fact dangerous we
don't talk about that no secondly you
want to put a focus on mental health in
terms of parkland shooting they're
glossing over the vast failings of the
FBI and local law enforcement Sheriff
Benghazi and the FBI who's into
political coots and Sheriff Ben Ghazi
who's into playing Miami Vice so they
gloss over all that and the 66 different
charges I don't have time to read them I
mean things like this is 66 probes of
criminal misconduct in his department in
sheriff Benghazi's Department since 2012
things like sexual battery vehicular
homicide reckless driving perjury
falsifying records grand theft insurance
fraud attempted murder just charging a
fire etc etc discharging a firearm
inside of a vehicle so those are people
we can trust right we don't need to pay
any attention to the broken law
enforcement instead we just need to do
more background checks with the database
that they're not putting any data in it
but then the real question becomes this
if we're not going to pay any attention
to the psychotropic drugs that are there
and if we're gonna pretend that we
didn't have any massive government
failures we're just gonna have more
government the question becomes this who
gets to decide who's mentally ill who
gets decide what the standard of mental
illness is what is going to be the due
process process if in fact we're going
to have any due process about this what
a list of mentally defective people fall
Orwellian standards we have seen this as
a tool of tyrants not just confiscating
the guns but declaring people mentally
ill and doing it without trials no
public trial we just put your we'll put
you on a list you know we got the no-fly
list the Democrats is so we need a
no-buy list and you don't know you're on
the list and you don't know why you're
on the list and you can't see the
charges against you and you can't ever
know if you're off the no-fly list that
was one of the first stories I covered
here guys stuck in Hawaii didn't know he
was on the list going to visit his wife
who's in the military got taken off of a
military plane and why stranded there
why am I on the list can't tell you how
do I get off the list won't tell you I
mean this is Kafka what if your
opposition is not to Authority in
general but to corrupt Authority
specifically you know they call it a
mental illness oppositional defiance
disorder odd I'm sure I would be
diagnosed with that in a heartbeat I've
had a problem with oppositional of a
corrupt Authority ever since I met my
first crossing guard in elementary
school so I'm sure I would be on the
list of mentally ill people I take my
guns the problem with government and
psychiatric institutions they point out
joining forces to determine
constitutional rights for individuals
should be obvious we have seen this
pattern of behavior many times before
and so the question is if we're not
going to talk about mental illness in
conjunction with psychotropic drugs that
exacerbate the problem but we can't talk
about that because they sponsor the
legacy media and they got lots of money
and you were talking about who's
controlling this debate it's not the NRA
it's Big Pharma and the AMA they're
talking about this so we can't do that
seriously you can't have a serious
discussion about that if we can't have a
discussion about the failure of law
enforcement we're gonna pretend that
more background checks are going to do
it when they don't put the data into the
database we must understand that mental
illness mental health can be exploited
as a subversive means to undermine our
freedom that's the bottom line folks so
let's play a clip here as we look at all
this and we say you know is it crazy to
think that the government could do
things like 9/11 was it crazy to think
that they could pull off a false flag
terror attack that they would actually
kill people to get an agenda through
let's take a look at this clip another
clip from the Florida high school as the
kids are talking about the active
shooter drill we just had a teacher who
said yeah it was a Code Red drill we
were told they're gonna be coming here
with guns and firing blanks at the same
time and then it turned out it was real
here's the clip from CBS I'm sorry
through the halls panic what you are
watching he's shooting a gun into a
oh it's blanks of course it's the 13th
such drill the school district has
staged in the past year the victims are
students volunteers cuz they told us
that they were gonna have like fake you
know I'm have people being taken away
and like have them scream or whatever so
I was like they must make any school
drill like is that I was just thinking
of places I would hide or run blood all
over her face she's got like a hole in
her neck and a hole in her head with
makeup on a different teacher then we
played to Indiana to Oregon have staged
the kind of drill you are seeing here
like kids I see enquire every day got a
bullet wound right smack in the head
it's starting to get to me and then I
likes and I saw the gunman like right in
front of me I stopped and I meant to run
but I was kind of frozen in my spot and
he shot me and I was like I died so it
is bad
you send adults playing the role of
homicidal gunman in two schools it has
been to teach kids the best way to
shield their bodies from the fullest
this is Duck and Cover for a new
generation but of course our old Cold
War adversaries are gone the enemy now
okay and of course their Duck and Cover
is just as effective as the Duck and
Cover that they gave us during the Cuban
Missile Crisis if the Cubans want
some nuclear missiles I want you kids to
put your head in the desk and get down
there beside your desk and you'll be
and these are the solutions that they're
selling us now it is Duck and Cover
for the 21st century all right we got to
take a break before we do real quickly I
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Paul Revere 2018 when we come back I'm
gonna talk about New York and how it is
sliding into Sharia we have Marc Morano
of climate depot is gonna be joining us
in the next hour he's gonna be talking
about climate change so we're gonna be
changing the subject and talking about
even barack obama being opposed by
community organizers who don't like the
shrine that he's building to himself for
a half a billion dollars you know what
they said to them these black activists
in chicago they said you're racist it
kind of gets tired that's why they need
gun control and it's being handed to
them on a silver platter to win the 2018
midterm elections mental illness is
rampant in the united states and i'm not
talking about the kind of mental illness
you think that has one out of six
Americans on SSRI drugs or a million
kids under six years old on SSRI drugs
psychotropic drugs no no that's a form
of mental illness to put them on that
and it's a form of mental illness to
think that the government is going to
keep you safe if you give up your
liberties and so let's talk a little bit
about how our liberties have been taken
and how we have seen these things
manifest themselves you know you may not
be somebody who turns to recreational
drugs and use them as recreation to
the world that you live in you may not
be using them as a crutch but
nevertheless you may wind up getting
addicted to opioids as so many people
have simply because you trusted a doctor
or hospital or some other health care
provider who in turn has been trusting
the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies
and Fox News and CNN who sold these
products and they may have gotten you
addicted to opioid or to fentanyl and as
I point out the other day and in a
single photo why fentanyl is deadlier
than heroin in a single photo and yet
they're putting these things out all
over the place and you can get it in the
mail from China but it's the demand part
of it and it's people who get blind
sided with us because they they don't
aren't looking at this they're trusting
people to take care of them that picture
right there
heroin on the left a 30 milligram dose
and you can see it's a little bit of it
in the bottom of a bottle and then just
a couple of grains of fentanyl that's
those are fatal doses of each of those
things just three milligram dose just a
couple of grains enough to kill an
average-sized adult male there on the
left but there's other aspects of this
as well you know there's a report that's
been circulating around about a urine
test that this lady over in Houston got
she went to the doctor she's having back
pain and was from a spinal abnormality
she said I could not live with the pain
so she goes to the doctor and they give
her some some drugs and so forth she was
not addicted to opioids but they did
some urine tests and the office did this
test because they've got so many people
who are addicted to fentanyl or
oxycontin or these other opioids after
she had a disc removed from her back in
December 2015 her surgeon prescribed an
opioid painkiller the lab been finding
that does a full suite of tests and she
gets a bill for seventeen thousand eight
hundred fifty dollars for a urine test
now you may think that the war on drugs
isn't going to affect you until they
confiscate your your business or your
home or your car or your cash
and do it under civil asset forfeiture
and you never even get charged of the
crime they say yeah we know you didn't
hate me and do with it but we think that
this inanimate object did so we're gonna
charge you inanimate object with it
we're gonna say that it's not a crime it
is a rule violation we're gonna charge
the object United States government
versus Learjet serial number blah blah
blah or the United States government
versus five thousand dollars in cash
now you can sue us if you want to get
this stuff back but you'll have to sue
us because you don't get any due process
in court you know we take the stuff and
then the due process comes later and you
can hire a lawyer if you want due
process cuz we're not gonna give it to
you we're not gonna give you a day in
court you're not gonna get a jury no
we're just gonna take the stuff this is
why president Trump's careless trolling
remarks yesterday made me so furious
I've seen this happen a very long time
and this is where this is going but just
understand as we look at this fentanyl
and three months enough fentanyl was
smuggled across the border to kill 36
million Americans because it doesn't
think much just takes a couple of grains
but you know prohibition is gonna work
so well with gun control and 20 years
ago they did total prohibition in
Australia but they just had an amnesty
period where they turned in 57,000 guns
and many more are in Australia well
there's no limit because prohibition
does not work it didn't work with
alcohol it hasn't worked with drugs and
isn't going to work with guns but you
know where they're coming after next
not just your free speech not just your
ability to shoot or they're coming after
your movement they're gonna ban you from
your cars we've got em PR bragging about
how free transit is gonna be used to
lure Germans from their cars as I say
we're considering public transport free
of charge in order to reduce the number
of private cars say that's public enemy
number one having private cars and the
freedom to travel
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
China is gonna ban the letter n the
letter n no longer in China and when I
saw that I said you know I would have
thought they would have gone after L and
our first is that our time you know for
our our I remember Christmas story my
second Christmas story reference in one
show how about that no you know that is
it is something and it's I'm not making
fun of Chinese people I mean we went to
adopt my daughter from China we had a
really sharp guy who was our translator
and he went everywhere with us and as as
we got her we said hey let's go to
Walmart and get her some clothes get a
stroller and so forth and but he didn't
say Walmart he spoke really good English
except I came to Walmart and because of
the L and because they are he it just
tied up his tongue he looked like he was
trying to to chew peanut butter or
something on her dry mouth I mean
Walmart you know he could not do it and
all of us including him we're laughing
about it I mean I couldn't even come
close to pronouncing a single word in
Chinese and this guy is speaking my
language but it is something about ELLs
and ours and they have a problem with
because you know just like it's very
hard for us to English speakers to say
certain words in German or vice versa
because of certain sounds that they have
in their language that we don't have in
our language but they banned the letter
n nobody knows why they banned the
letter n now they do know why they
banned other things that just came out
from the Chinese dictator he has banned
Animal Farm and 1984 I would call it a
mille farm a mille farm it's again
having in in there right you ban a mo
farm so in 1984 i understand why he
would ban those orwellian novels because
that's what they're going into this is a
guy who is concerned that people have
been trolling him putting up pictures of
Winnie the Pooh and so instead of doing
the right thing instead of not being a
tyrant or a dictator he's decided that
he will take down the pictures that they
troll him with and so why are they upset
with him
well they've they've not only taken out
the letter n they've not only shut down
1984 in Animal Farm but they've also
gone to look at search terms for I
object or proclaimed king or tenure
system as well as way the poo and so the
Great Firewall of China people who have
been leading the world in censorship and
George W Bush thank you I wish I could
do what people are trying to do just say
take this away well you know president
Trump is now saying I'm gonna ban bump
stocks with executive order whatever you
think about bump stocks and understand
bump stocks are a gimmick they're toy
and what President Trump is proposing to
do with the ban of those toys is also a
gimmick for public consumption
but to set up the precedent that you're
going to ban things by executive order
that is really that is really dangerous
and the people are trying to understand
that and the people at Hong Kong are
especially afraid of what the Chinese
are going to do for a very long time and
I tell you when we went to Hong Kong as
part of the adoption thing on our way
back went through Hong Kong one of the
nicest cities I've ever been at people
so incredibly nice and friendly and it
was a city-state that Milton Friedman
used to talk about and free to choose a
model for liberty why is that well the
government wasn't very interested in the
people of Hong Kong they had the British
government there they had their own
issues they weren't really interested in
governing Hong Kong they weren't using
it for their own power you know they had
when we were there it's been about 10
maybe 12 13 years ago actually now they
had different Hong Kong dollar notes I
looked at these things I thought wow
this is really interesting because
here's the same denomination of Hong
Kong dollar and it looks radically
different and colors were different the
sizes were different and everything and
then it says you know this is produced
by this Bank and this is issued by that
Bank they didn't have a central bank
that was issuing currency it was done
the way that used to be done in the
United States where you would have
private banks would issue the currency
and they would have to keep the current
they would have to keep gold on reserve
behind that and that's what they did in
Hong Kong a lot of things that were very
interesting about Hong Kong but of
course Britain had a 99 year lease that
they had gotten at the point of a gun
from the Chinese and as that was
expiring and the Chinese Communists were
very interested in taking that back as a
point of pride they just turned it up
back over to them and said okay well
we'll create it as a separate autonomous
region and we'll kind of leave them
alone yeah right now they're coming what
what's the first thing that the Chinese
Communist did in Hong Kong they went for
the education system
and the people there understood for
those about and they've had massive push
backs against that so there's been a lot
of criticism of XI Y because he's doing
things to change the Constitution he's
put forth a package of amendments to the
Constitution one of those that say that
he doesn't have a term limit anymore he
can stay more than two terms that was
something that was in the Constitution
that's why they're saying things like I
object or proclaimed King because of
that and you know China like most
authoritarian countries has a wonderful
Constitution they just don't pay any
attention to it kind of like the
Washington government that we have we've
got a great Constitution they just don't
pay any attention to it other changes
including include adding his political
thoughts to the document and broadly
strengthening the Communist Party's grip
on power now they really like him but
they understand where this is going to
lead and it's important that we
understand where things going to lead
then people are putting out comments
like oh we're gonna become North Korea
or we're following the example of our
neighbor and this is the Constitution
they've had since 1954 and it has been
quote continuously improved yeah that's
another euphemism for this kind of stuff
now I've been talking about the First
Amendment I've been talking about the
Second Amendment I've been talking about
censorship a good example of it here in
China but we have now this 40 million
dollar grant the global engagement
Center that's is going to be funded by
the Pentagon they're not going to fund a
wall on the border now I'm not gonna
defend the country not gonna put America
first not gonna take any money or
soldiers to defend the border no they're
going to work with their allies in
Silicon Valley to make sure they shut
down any of them pesky Russians who
threw the election right yeah yeah just
like that so hang on to your hats folks
because it's going to be coming very
very soon we look at what YouTube has
been doing here the Google division said
that in December that it would assign
more than 10,000 people to moderate
content after a year of scandals over
fake and inappropriate content on the
world's largest video site oh yeah we
got to do something about that right
that was basically a narrative from
Hillary Clinton and the Democrats
and as I point out one guy Titus Frost
was banned from the site as well as
Jerome Corsi they mentioned from the
right-wing conspiracy website Infowars
said on Tuesday that they'd taken down
his videos disabled his livestream
YouTube said content was taken down my
mistake but they didn't address specific
cases and it's unclear if they meant to
take action on the accounts of people
like Jerome Corsi and Titus frost they
said will reinstate any videos that were
removed in error and on Tuesday and
Infowars article they said stated that
Google was purging conservative media
now why would we say that because they
were it's not I mean here they said oh
we're a conspiracy website because we
say that they're taking down channels
and they're putting strikes against us
for things that there's no reason to put
strikes against us and they're doing it
on a political basis and then saying
that quote CNN and other news outlets
who are lobbying Google to terminate the
infra wars channel we've shown you the
article from CNN
this is Bloomberg of course oh you can
rely on Bloomberg they're gonna tell you
the truth right when CNN says look
they're just one or two strikes away
from having their entire channel removed
and we've been calling Google and asking
them why didn't you mark this video as
well they're bullying and harassing
students while CNN was bullying and
harassing students on the right at the
same time pay no attention to that pay
no attention to that they were actively
bragging about it yes that is lobbying
they're bragging about the fact that
they were lobbying but Bloomberg
pretends that that's just a conspiracy
theory from us meanwhile we've got
Trump's Facebook algorithm declining by
forty five percent following an
algorithm change as a zuker Berg this is
a Breitbart article Zuka Berg claimed
that the change was aimed to give
greater emphasis to post from friends
families and groups and have broadly
trusted news sources like Fox News and
CNN representative news web confirmed
that Breitbart reading of the data was
correct went down 45% with no change in
activity from President Trump but they
can shadow ban the president they can
shadow ban anybody that's what we're
facing here the push against the First
Amendment we'll be right back stay with
move communicate shoot you control those
three things you control your enemy and
that's what they're trying to do they're
trying to control our speech with
communications with the federal
government giving grants to work with
their allies in Silicon Valley to censor
speech and of course this is the deep
state they're already sitting president
Trump by algorithm taking away 45% of
his engagement on Facebook just like
that just like that and they're working
to do more of this stuff but that's one
aspect of it the other part of it is
coming after the Second Amendment and
again if President Trump is going to
start triangulating himself for the 2020
election he may want to not do that and
throw the GOP Congress under the bus
create divisions within his base by
attacking the NRA by attacking the GOP
congressmen and giving the issue of gun
control to the Democrats for them to run
on instead run on your strengths run on
the strength of the tax cuts and then do
something about immigration instead of
constantly pandering to the dreamers as
he's doing that's gonna cost the
election too people are sick and tired
of being told one thing during the
election and then seeing something else
when you govern so you want to you want
to betray us on the border you want to
betray us on the Second Amendment and
you think that's going to give you
you're gonna move pivot towards the
Democrats good luck with that because
you won't even make it to the 2020
election you'll be impeached with this
new Democrats in it if you do that you
don't throw the GOP under the bus that's
what's gonna happen
but the other part of this is the
movement part and as I said at the top
of the hour we got a statement here from
the Germans they want so badly to get
you out of your private cars and to
limit your ability to move around that
they are not only subsidizing electric
cars which nobody wants to buy even with
the subsidy they got a war on diesel
fuel and so they they do as well in the
United States four billion dollar fine
against Volkswagen one executive in jail
for supposedly cheating on their mission
tests nobody died in that I mean we've
got people dying every day about these
airbags but they are not too concerned
about that no criminal charges there and
we've seen cases in the past where
companies have rushed to market with
products of the new we're not safe
they got fines but they were a fraction
of what this is now they've got a
different agenda with us you know one of
the things that we saw we're gonna be
talking to Marc Morano climate depot in
the next segment about climate stuff
warna we've got a new story out Loretta
Lynch used a fake name as Attorney
oh well imagine that we had Lisa Jackson
doing the same thing the first EPA
administer administrator of the Obama
administration and she was telling
everybody at the same time that she was
using aliases so she could avoid people
saying what she was doing she told
everybody that diesel fuel was diesel
fumes rather smoke fine particulate
matter was killing more people in cancer
it was an absolute lie at the same time
she was doing that she was testing on
humans that they had selected at the EPA
in North Carolina at the University of
North Carolina they'd selected people
who had respiratory heart issues so they
could make a case that it was that
dangerous and it couldn't make the case
but they were still willing to kill
people in order to make the case for
more regulations and lie to you on
Congress telling you that it was a fatal
thing so this is the way these guys
operate but they want to take away your
private cars and so they're gonna offer
public transport free of charge they're
talking about doing this and some of the
German cities Germany is considering
free public transit in cities so they
can get rid of cars why because they
want to control you know where this is
going to me take a look at this story
from LA Times a couple of days ago mad
about la air quality or maybe here
quality air quality blame common
products like hairspray and paint I mean
they're gonna put us into a kind of a
situation like ahead in the first Batman
movie with Michael keep you know we're
Joker poison Omaha cosmetics and people
were going on the news and they hadn't
showered for days or whatever I mean
there's no end to the insanity of what
they will do to make sure that they can
control your transportation so they can
control you they don't know they want to
know everything that you do and
everywhere you go this story that came
out of the verge a couple of days ago
Palantir has secretly been using New
Orleans to test its predictive policing
technology in May and June 2013 when New
Orleans murder rate was the sixth
highest in the United States they
started working
with Palantir and even the city council
didn't know nobody that's to point out
no one in New Orleans even knows about
this to my knowledge in fact key City
Council members and attorneys contacted
by the verge had no idea that this had
been going on so the police contract
with this company kind of like they have
done with the contracting with Harris in
surveillance technology the stinger
program well they have Palantir and a
Palantir is very sophisticated I did a
report on this when they first when the
prism program surfaced and it was
interesting that they had a piece of
software that was called prism Palantir
was started with venture capital funding
by in-q-tel and what they do is they
mine information and they use this in a
pre-crime format they're also using this
as parallel construction as they point
out in this article if you want to see
the article about how dangerous this is
and how this company brags about the Fed
they actually use the metaphor Palantir
that is from the Lord of the Rings and
they consciously reference that and
remember the Lord of the Rings the
Palantir were these crystals that these
Kings could use to communicate with each
other at a distance perfect metaphor for
the for the Internet and yet as they
would look into these devices the vices
look back into them looked into into
them not at them but into them and
that's exactly what they're doing with
their geospatial intelligence looking to
see where everybody are so I'm gonna put
that report up on our YouTube channel if
you want to say it did a couple of years
ago four or five years ago actually
it'll be on real news that David Knight
will put that report up but I've got
just a little bit of time here and I
wanted to talk about how New York is
slouching into Sharia we've got Iran
charging women with inciting
prostitution for removing their jobs in
the protests remember the price Isis has
just had in Iran well they charge them
with inciting prostitution according to
Amnesty International almost three dozen
women have been arrested by the regime
which is afraid that other women might
start to question this and other laws so
they're going to stand trial for
inciting corruption and inciting
prostitution because it took
took off their head covering and they
could face up to ten years in prison and
then at the same time we've got in New
York this story three Muslim women
forced to remove their hijabs four mug
shots mug shots are now getting a
hundred and eighty thousand dollars from
New York because we have to be
politically correct they said I need to
have my shot
taken in a private room with only a
woman present that's the only
circumstances under which I will remove
my hijab and if you don't do that I'm
going to sue you or if my hijab comes
off because I'm struggling and resisting
arrest over some minor thing struggling
fighting with a neighbor over a parking
spot and as I get arrested you take my
hijab off then I'm gonna sue you and
they were very happy about this these
Muslim women said this is a great first
step yes it is a great first step
towards the type of thing that they've
got going in Iran Sharia law Sharia law
because even if you have your photograph
taken in private it's going to be put in
a database other people will see it
that's what we do when people are booked
for crimes what are they doing in
Indonesia to Christians they're flogging
them flogging them they were gambling
somewhere and so this is in Sumatra I
smell a giant rat a province that has
imposed strict Sharia law and they say
well you know this is a very advanced
prog Providence province that they've
got here
they've got companies like Toyota and
Samsung are there but the hardline
Islamic groups have been using the
country's democratic system to promote
an Islamic agenda says The Wall Street
Journal yeah kind of like they're doing
in New York as well but you will have
groups the Liberals
just as like I was talking about with
the Moonies they like to project this
vision of threatening Christianity but
they ignore what is happening with Islam
don't look at that Marc Morano is gonna
be joining us he's the producer of
climate hustle
he's also the publisher of climate depot
calm and we're gonna be talking to him
about his new book could be politically
incorrect guide to climate change you
know it's very important as he points
out on this thing that no parent should
be without a copy because
it has become the primary mission of the
schools to propagandize your kids about
this climate change agenda and it is
propaganda and we talk about white
propaganda or black propaganda this is
black propaganda these are lies to
propagandize your children so they need
to understand the truth and they're not
gonna get it in school they're gonna get
just the opposite they can be told that
humans are destroying it so we got to
destroy the humans I mean quite frankly
and one of these days I'm gonna get
around to pulling it off of a tape I
took my kids to the London Children's
Museum once and I was just aghast at
what was happening while they were
playing his propaganda film about Gaia
and how all humans were basically a
virus on planet Earth and they had to be
eliminated so we're gonna get to a mark
in just one moment before we do real
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your backpacks they don't do that so not
yet anyway so joining us now is Martin
ran as I point out he is the chief
correspondent for award-winning climate
depot Tom a global warming and eco news
center that was founded in 2009 you find
him at climate depot calm also climate
hustle calm that was the film that he
produced and what talk to him about his
new book the politically incorrect guide
to climate change thank you for joining
us mark
no we don't hear mark we got mark but we
don't have okay there is okay well thank
you one of the things you pointed out is
that we've got a new draft report from
the UN I pee CC these are the people and
the United Nations who are pushing this
globalist agenda you know you got to
have a global problem for a global
government to solve and we also need a
global tax for that global government to
operate and solve all those problems for
so the UN IPCC has been at the center of
this as you point out it is a radical
transformation of society that's really
the true agenda tell us a little bit
about that in your book yes actually I
recently interviewed Christine we're
starting to lose audio again here we're
getting a little bit of a problem have
we got his audio back okay keep going
keep going okay all right so we get a
little bit of a problem there you're
coming across kind of like a Cylon from
what was that Battlestar Galactica
something is happening to your audio and
it's transforming it so we're gonna have
the crew work with you but I and we're
gonna have mark tell us as soon as we
get his audio quality back up to human
level standards instead of a Cylon robot
then we get him to comment on this but
you only had a couple of interesting
climate developments in the last couple
of days we had a California judge and
we've had lawsuits and guess where New
York and California saying we're gonna
blame energy companies for a global
warming well maybe they need to prove
global warming first but we just had a
California district judge say that these
lawsuits to hold energy companies
responsible are not going to go through
into their court and now we've got we
got mark back okay welcome back mark
let's try the audience former United
Nations climate chief who called for a
radical transformation that will make
life on planet Earth very different for
everyone in order to fight global
warming and this is what their agenda is
in the book I go through the entire UN
agenda where they actually openly admit
it's not about environmental policy they
actually say it's not about
my rental policy it's about wealth
redistribution they openly talk about
global governance global carbon taxes
they have a carbon a climate fund which
they've literally set up to pay off
corrupt third-world dictators and the
leaders who will get the most money are
the ones who keep the people most locked
in poverty and lack of development so
it's an actually inhumane agenda and I
interviewed the former Greenpeace
co-founder who discusses all this this
is actually the United Nations killing
people their policy climate policy kills
because people aren't going to be
allowed to develop in Africa and Asia
South America in the first world I get
into all the agenda about what they call
D growth capitalism versus the climate
and planned recessions in order to fight
global warming and this is their agenda
it's exposed it's I have over 1200
footnotes in this book including the
peer refutes peer-reviewed scientific
data but the UN agenda is front and
center because you have to understand
the why why they're doing this before
you can understand what and how they're
distorting the science absolutely and
this so-called problem of manmade global
warming is the motivating factor that
they propagandize children with so that
we will accept their pre-planned
quote-unquote solutions and that's
things like the other UN Agenda UN
Agenda 21 where they want to confine you
to the cities where they want to put you
in teeny tiny houses and as you point
out it's a a program of poverty of
control to take away your ability to
move around and of course private cars
have got to go they're gonna offer a
free public transportation if the
subsidies on electric vehicles don't do
it for you they'll give away the public
transportation because they got to get
those private cars out of your hands
they've got to get the internal
combustion engines out of people saying
it's because those things are going to
give you freedom they're going to be
durable they want everybody in a renter
economy and controlled in these small
mega cities and that is the endgame
that's the way that they control people
we see this just with the recent
consumer electronic shows I think where
they're talking about that the big motor
companies are saying yeah we see
ourselves as a data company now because
they want to be able to follow
everything that you do and take away
your ownership
and things but the key thing as you
point out is to create this problem so
they can offer global governance
solutions global taxes global government
keeping you confined in the cities all
these different things that they have in
place yes one of the parts of the book
actually go back to 1960s the roots of
the modern environmental movement and I
actually show there was a different
environmental scare then but the same
exact solution back then they were
worried about overpopulation they were
worried about resource scarcity the
disappearing rainforest but all of those
old environmental scares which were
eventually replaced with global warming
all at the same solution redistribution
of wealth central planning global
governance and I actually have little
boxes throughout the book that says
different environmental scare same
solution and it's all footnote it'll be
like the date 1970 something it's
amazing their agenda has been crystal
clear it can change as they've done
different plug-and-play environmental
scares to see whatever sticks and
whatever they can work to say oh it's
alarming I did I did a sit-down
exclusive interview with the former
Czech president václav Klaus he grew up
under the communism under the Eastern
Bloc and he makes the astounding comment
that with the fall of the Berlin Wall
and the collapse of the Soviet Union in
the Eastern Bloc now the greatest
threats the individual liberty in the
world is what he calls ambitious
environmentalism in other words the
climate agenda so we have someone who's
a warrior against the old communist
system in the Soviet Union warning us
that the greatest threat to individual
liberty today is the climate agenda as
evidenced by Al Gore the United Nations
John Kerry etc yeah and and I think what
you said in this forward that parents
need to be proactive in terms of
educating their children because this is
their future a future of globalist
control of poverty of having no
ownership no Liberty if we don't get at
the root cause of how they're selling
this to people I mean people are
volunteering to go into this tyranny
because they think that it's otherwise
they have no future because the planet
is going to meltdown every all life on
Earth is going to die so therefore they
will accept this solution they will give
up their property they'll give up their
liberty to a
government stay with us we come back
we're gonna talk more about the
politically incorrect guide to climate
change and other things that are
happening right now in this war for your
freedom the politically incorrect guide
to climate change by Marc Morano it has
just been released this by Regnery books
and it is number one right now and it's
and it's category on Amazon and the
politically incorrect guides were
something that I really loved for my
kids we homeschooled him for example
taking a look at separation of church
and state for example right we had the
Bill of Rights in 1791 did you realize
that for another forty some odd years
Massachusetts still had a state church
that's the kind of stuff you find in
these politically incorrect guides and
as Mark is talking about this is this is
something that you need to understand
that's really gonna help you to defend
your Liberty to defend your property
your rights
and to defend against the schemes of
global poverty and control that the UN
is trying to push through with the
cooperation of many many governments
around the world you have to understand
this and your children have to
understand it especially vital for them
to understand this starts and
kindergarten goes all the way through
college this indoctrination this is
going to be a very valuable guide I love
the politically incorrect stuff you know
we're talking about this at Mark and of
course I'm sure you're talking about the
difference between climate versus
weather a difference between that's the
difference we're only between
observation and assumptions that can't
be tested and models they can't be
tested for the most part but now we're
starting to get some of those and as we
started to get some data in that I'm
sure you've also got in there stuff
about Climategate and how they tried to
the declines and things like this I mean
this is a massive scam that's being put
on the population and as you pointed out
they will use anything that they can get
a hold of whether they want to pretend
that it's overpopulation or global ice
age that's coming or a global meltdown
that is coming because of global warming
now they just talk about climate change
because they can't make up their mind
the name change used to be called the
greenhouse effect back in the 80s they
decided global warming sounded too
gentle and B we had a global warming
standstill in temperatures
like that so then they decided every bad
weather event is going to be now a proof
of global warming so if there's a heat
wave in Australia a typhoon in the
Philippines a drought in California why
that's global warming and I have a whole
chapter just on extreme weather claims
alone and again I say multiple
peer-reviewed study after peer-reviewed
study what they've done I liken it to
what they but a casino or a lottery
promotion would do they highlight every
lottery or slots look what's happening
so your impression is everyone's a
winner what they've done now with bad
weather is they go all around the globe
and find some event they say look
everyone's having bad weather it's not
true on every trend there's either no
trend or declining trend on every skin
on every measure of floods hurricanes
tornadoes droughts it is amazing stats
to look at even the United Nations will
admit some of this stuff buried in their
reports they don't have the signs I talk
about how polar bears are out of their
record level how sea levels are not
accelerating I mentioned the global
warming pause David there's a whole
thing first of all they denied the pause
existed then they literally came up with
over 60 excuses to explain the lack of
the temperature increase and then they
said you know what are we gonna do we're
gonna go back and get rid of it so both
in the satellite and surface data they
went back and revised the numbers and a
race to the pause historically so they
got rid of it now they can say well we
there never was a global warming
standstill because they got rid of it in
the records so it is an amazing thing I
have a whole chapter on climate get but
as you mentioned this is a reference
book it's a coffee-table book you can
pick it up any specific topic and it's
also a lot of fun I took all my lessons
from Al Gore did the exact opposite of
him there's a lot of fun stuff in here
ghostbusters how global warming created
Hitler global warming saved Hitler I go
through the whole thing about the dr.
nation and children as well you know
they got this whole scam going now we
saw it when they had fires in California
it was a global warming that was doing
it right because there would never be
fires in California if it wasn't for
manmade global warming I mean they might
be man-made fires but but now that we've
got really cold weather in many parts of
the country they're saying well it's
because the Arctic is getting warm you
that's the the latest thing that they've
been coming up with so that always will
come up with something and it's always
again weather which is constantly
changing and climate which becomes the
norm and you know and is not changing
that is essentially what you're known
and they always conflate those two they
always come up with models I mean I went
to the American Meteorological Society
convention that was here in Austin a few
years ago and you've got all these
people who are weatherman and they're
studying this and they're fine-tuning
their models because this is happening
you know within a day or so of each
other so they have a model try to
predict what's going to happen that day
doesn't happen so they go back and
they're adjusting it I mean literally
thousands of people they're doing that
but of course the climate guys are just
there and they just make their
pronouncements and you can't challenge
them because you know all they've got to
show for it is their credentials it's
like okay you really do have a degree
but we can't tell if your climate model
does and when it doesn't match then they
they change the data as you pointed out
these predictions one of the funniest
quotes was a Climategate Professor
Michael Mann the UN scientist we won't
know if these predictions are true until
the time comes well gee a lot of these
predictions are 2050 2100 most almost
every single person making these dire
predictions will be long dead by the
time we can verify whether they were
accurate or not by their own admission
they don't even try and actually he's a
special case that's the guy that did the
hockey stick for Al Gore he was part of
this climate Climategate stuff as well
on the United States side we tried to
get to a group I was with her tried to
get his emails he said you can't see my
emails they're private and it's like
well and this is for our data that were
publishing you've already published your
data it's being used for public policy
you did these emails on the university
computer as you're being paid for by us
by taxpayers but we can't see what
you're doing this is this is the
mentality people like Michael Mann yes
the same way they go after at the same
University was skeptical climatologist
Pat Michaels they gave all of his emails
that they're willing to give all his
emails up we saw this at other
universities they target the climate
skeptics they protect their own in fact
the whole climate gates chapter I talk
about all these investigations into
Climategate and how they were all
exonerated well it turns out that it was
the global warming industry
investigating itself and giving itself a
clean bill of health and that there was
there was no concern about the obvious
conflict of interest that's what they
tried to do it and they didn't even ask
the salient questions when they
investigated that but I go through the
heart of that and show you that this was
the upper echelon the top leaders the
United Nations scientists colluding with
each other to craft a climate change
narrative that they didn't want anyone
to mess with much the way a political
campaign would be these were PR people
posing as scientists doing reports and
studies and excluding any studies or
scientists that didn't toe the line and
that would disrupt the narrative and it
said it's amazing when you read it
because again their own words their own
quotes meticulously footnoted this is
not an opinion piece I let them hang
themselves so to speak
and of course it's the same thing that
we see in so many different areas they
have an agenda and they will use anyone
or any event or any justification to
continually push that same agenda and
that's one of the things that also it
makes them very dangerous but it also I
think is their Achilles heel when people
see that like you lay it out in your
book you know they can see how they have
used anything to continue to push the
same agenda of centralized control that
is their Achilles heel the very thing
that is their weapon then can be used
against them if people understand what
this tactic is and again it's very
important for younger people to
understand what this is as well does
that exactly in his film he never warned
about record cold or blizzards a record
snow guess what here in the East Coast
we had the record snow with the most
snow in a decade in the 2000 2010 than
we've ever seen and all these different
blizzards and just record snow piling up
Al Gore comes out and says well this is
what you'd expect with global warming
just came out and recently did this I
explained how he never once predicted
that and here's how they get around that
though they now have studies where they
predict opposite outcomes they recently
had a study predicting global
would cause more lightning but they also
have a study major study out saying
global warming will cause less lightning
strikes global warming will cause more
snow the one causing the warming will
cause more hurricanes but what I'm not
making this up I go so here's what they
say if you're betting on the Super Bowl
if you bet both teams win in separate
bets no matter what happens you can say
I'm a winner I bet correctly and that's
how they validate their models they come
out and say we predicted it and I go
through the book and show you they
predicted opposite results as dozens and
dozens of different major topics in the
climate debate so no matter what happens
they can claim our models validated it
we predicted it see how smart we are it
is the most outrageous abuse of science
you've ever seen and you know you talked
about how at the beginning they were
talking about overpopulation but some of
them are still talking about
overpopulation I guess people like
Sheldon Huber who wrote the stuff for
the Pope okay and and this is a guy
who's working with Prince Charles and
others to have a World Congress of
planetary council a planetary Court and
so forth I mean this is their solution
to reduce population to have world
government there's absolutely no
question about that
there isn't in fact in the book I have a
little-known noticed I should say Al
Gore quote he was at a Bill Gates event
and Al Gore is lamenting about all the
parts they don't look at it as
overpopulation they look at it it's more
about how the more populations that
cause more emissions and cause level
warming but Al Gore laments its function
that the population is growing too much
and that Africa is projected to have the
biggest gains of death you're gonna shut
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