Author Topic: Facebook Bans Trump & China Bans Letter “N”  (Read 40 times)

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Facebook Bans Trump & China Bans Letter “N”
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:35:50 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight China is gonna
ban the letter n the letter n no longer
in China and when I saw that I said you
know I would have thought they would
have gone after L and our first savaard
time you know for our hour I remember
Christmas story my second Christmas
story reference in one show how about
that no you know that is it is something
and it's uh I'm not making fun of
Chinese people I mean we went to adopt
my daughter from China we had a really
sharp guy who was our translator and he
went everywhere with us and as as we got
her missin hey let's go to Walmart and
get her some clothes get a a stroller
and so forth and but he didn't say
Walmart he spoke really good English
except I came to Walmart and because of
the L and because they are he it just
tied up his tongue he looked like he was
trying to chew peanut butter or
something on her dry mouth I mean
Walmart you know he could not do it and
all of us including him laughing about
it I mean I couldn't even come close to
pronouncing a single word in Chinese and
this guy is speaking my language but it
is something about ELLs and ours and
they have a problem with because you
know just like it's very hard for us to
English speakers to say certain words in
German or vice versa because of certain
sounds that they have in their language
that we don't have in our language but
they banned the letter n nobody knows
why they banned the letter n now they do
know why they banned other things that
just came out from the Chinese dictator
he has banned Animal Farm and 1984
i s we would call it a mille farm a
mille farm it's again having in in there
he ban ammo farm so in 1984 i understand
why he would ban those orwellian novels
because that's what they're going into
this is a guy who is concerned that
people have been trolling him putting up
pictures of Winnie the Pooh and so
instead of doing the right thing
instead of not being a tyrant or a
dictator he's decided that he will take
down the pictures that they troll him
with and so why are they upset with him
well they've they've not only taken out
the letter n they've not only shut down
1984 an animal farm but they've also
gone to look at search terms for I
object or proclaimed king or tenure
system as well as we the poo and so the
Great Firewall of China people who have
been leading the world in censorship and
remember we had George W Bush thank gee
I wish I could do what people are trying
to do just say take this away well you
know President Trump is now saying I'm
gonna ban bump stocks of the executive
order whatever you think about bump
stocks and understand bump stocks are a
gimmick they're toy and what President
Trump is proposing to do with the ban of
those toys is also a gimmick for public
consumption but to set up the precedent
that you're going to ban things by
executive order that is really that is
really dangerous and the people are
trying to understand that and the people
of Hong Kong are especially afraid of
what the Chinese are going to do for a
very long time and I tell you when we
went to Hong Kong as part of the
adoption thing on our way back went
through Hong Kong one of the nicest
cities I've ever been at people so
incredibly nice and friendly and it was
a city-state that Milton Friedman used
to talk about and free to choose a model
for liberty why is that well the
government wasn't very interested in the
people of Hong Kong they had the British
government there they had their own
issues they weren't really interested in
governing Hong Kong they weren't using
it for their own power you know they had
when we were there it's been about 10
maybe 12 13 years ago actually now they
had different Hong Kong dollar notes I
looked at these things I thought well
this is really interesting because
here's the same denomination of Hong
Kong dollar and it looks radically
different and colors were different the
sizes were different and everything and
then it says you know this is produced
by this bank and this is issued by that
bank they didn't have a central bank
that was issuing currency it was done
the way that used to be done in the
United States where you would have
private banks would issue the currency
and they would have to keep
the current they would have to keep gold
on reserve behind that and that's what
they didn't Hong Kong a lot of things
that were very interesting about Hong
Kong but of course Britain had a 99 year
lease that they had gotten at the point
of a gun from the Chinese and as that
was expiring and the Chinese Communists
were very interested in taking that back
as a point of pride they just turned it
up back over to them and said okay well
we'll create it as a separate autonomous
region and we'll kind of leave them
alone yeah right now they're coming
what's the first thing that the Chinese
Communist did in Hong Kong they went for
the education system and the people
there understood what it was about and
they've had massive push backs against
that so there's been a lot of criticism
of XI Y because he's doing things to
change the Constitution he's put forth a
package of amendments to the
Constitution one of those and say that
he doesn't have a term limit anymore he
can stay more than two terms that was
something that was in the Constitution
that's why they're saying things like I
object or proclaimed King because of
that and you know China like most
authoritarian countries has a wonderful
Constitution they just don't pay any
attention to it kind of like the
Washington government that we have we
got a great Constitution they just not
pay any attention to it other changes
including include adding his political
thoughts to the document and broadly
strengthening the Communist Party's grip
on power now they really like him but
they understand where this is going to
lead and it's important that we
understand where things going to lead
and people are putting out comments like
oh we're gonna become North Korea or
we're following the example of our
neighbor and this is the Constitution
they've had since 1954 and it has been
quote continuously improved yeah that's
another euphemism for this kind of stuff
now I've been talking about the First
Amendment I've been talking about the
Second Amendment I've been talking about
censorship a good example of it here and
China but we have now this 40 million
dollar grant the global engagement
center that's is going to be funded by
the Pentagon they're not going to fund
the wall on the border now I'm not gonna
defend the country not gonna put America
first not gonna take any money or
soldiers to defend the border no there
going to work with their allies in
Silicon Valley to make sure they shut
down any of them pesky Russians who
threw the election right yeah yeah just
like that so hang on to your hats folks
because it's going to be coming very
very soon we look at what YouTube has
been doing here the Google division said
that in December that it would assign
more than 10,000 people to moderate
content after a year of scandals over
fake and inappropriate content on the
world's largest video site oh yeah we
got to do something about that right
that was basically a narrative from
Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and as
I point out one guy
Titus Frost was banned from the site as
well as Jerome Corsi they mentioned from
the right-wing conspiracy website
said on Tuesday that they'd taken down
his videos disabled his livestream
YouTube said content was taken down my
mistake but they didn't address specific
cases and it's unclear if they meant to
take action on the accounts of people
like Jerome Corsi and Titus frost they
said will reinstate any videos that were
removed in error and on Tuesday and
Infowars article they said stated that
Google was purging conservative media
now why would we say that because they
were it's not I mean here they say oh
we're a conspiracy website because we
say that they're taking down channels
and they're putting strikes against us
for things that there's no reason to put
strikes against us and they're doing it
on a political basis and then saying
that quote CNN and other news outlets
were lobbying Google to terminate the
infra wars channel we've shown you the
article from CNN
this is Bloomberg of course oh you can
rely on Bloomberg they're gonna tell you
the truth right when CNN says look
they're just one or two strikes away
from having their entire channel removed
and we've been calling Google and asking
them why didn't you mark this video as
well they're bullying and harassing
students while CNN was bullying and
harassing students on the right at the
same time pay no attention to that pay
no attention to that they were actively
bragging about it yes that is lobbying
they're bragging about the fact that
they were lobbying but Bloomberg
pretends that it's just a conspiracy
theory from us meanwhile we've got
Trump's Facebook
rhythm declining by 45% following an
algorithm change as a zuker Berg this is
a Breitbart article zugerberg claim but
the change was aimed to give greater
emphasis to post from friends families
and groups and have broadly trusted news
sources like Fox News and CNN
representative news web confirmed that
Breitbart reading of the data was
correct went down 45% with no change in
activity from President Trump but they
can shadow ban the president they can
shadow ban anybody that's what we're
facing here the push against the First
Amendment we'll be right back stay with
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