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Politically Incorrect Guide To “Climate Change”
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:17:53 PM »

I think what you said in this forward
that parents need to be proactive in
terms of educating their children
because this is their future a future of
globalists control of poverty of having
no ownership no Liberty if we don't get
at the root cause of how they're selling
this to people I mean people are
volunteering to go into this tyranny
because they think that it's otherwise
they have no future because the planet
is going to meltdown every all life on
earth is going to die so therefore they
will accept this solution they will give
up their property they'll give up their
liberty to a global government you found
it's the real news with your host David
Knight so joining us now is Martin ran
as I point out he is the chief
correspondent for award-winning climate
depot Tom a global warming and eco news
center that was founded in 2009 you find
him at climate depot calm also climate
hustle calm that was the film that he
produced and what talk to him about his
new book the politically incorrect guide
to climate change thank you for joining
us mark no we don't here mark we got
mark but we don't have okay there is
okay well thank you well the things you
pointed out is that we've got a new
draft report from the UN I pee see see
these are the people and the United
Nations who are pushing this globalist
agenda you know you got to have a global
problem for a global government to solve
and we also need a global tax for that
global government to operate and solve
all those problems for us so the UN IPCC
has been at the center of this as you
point out it is a radical transformation
of society that's really the true agenda
tell us a little bit about that in your
book yes actually I recently interviewed
Christina we're starting to lose audio
again here we're getting a little bit of
a problem have we got his audio back
keep going keep going okay all right so
we got a little bit of a problem there
you're coming across kind of like a
Cylon from what was that Battlestar
Galactica something is happening to your
audio and it's transforming it so we're
gonna have the crew work with you but I
and we're gonna have mark tell us as
soon as we get his audio call
back up to human level standards instead
of a Cylon robot then we get him to
comment on this but you only had a
couple of interesting climate
developments in the last couple of days
we had a California judge and we've had
lawsuits and guess where New York and
California saying we're gonna blame
energy companies for a global warming
well maybe they need to prove global
warming first but we just had a
California district judge say that these
lawsuits to hold energy companies
responsible are not going to go through
and to their court and now we've got we
got mark back okay welcome back mark
let's try the audience former United
Nations climate chief who called for a
radical transformation that will make
life on planet Earth very different for
everyone in order to fight global
warming and this is what their agenda is
in the book I go through the entire UN
agenda where they actually openly admit
it's not about environmental policy they
actually say it's not about
environmental policy
it's about wealth redistribution they
openly talk about global governance
global carbon taxes they have a carbon a
climate fund which they've literally set
up to pay off corrupt third-world
dictators and the leaders who will get
the most money are the ones who keep the
people most locked in poverty and lack
of development so it's an actually
inhumane agenda and I interviewed the
former Greenpeace co-founder who
discusses all this this is actually the
United Nations killing people their
policy climate policy kills because
people aren't going to be allowed to
develop and then Africa and Asia South
America in the first world I get into
all the agenda about what they call D
growth capitalism versus the climate and
planned recessions in order to fight
global warming and this is their agenda
it's exposed it's I have over 1200
footnotes in this book including the
peer refutes peer-reviewed scientific
data but the UN agenda is front and
center because you have to understand
the why why they're doing this before
you can understand what and how they're
distorting the science absolutely and
this so-called problem of manmade global
warming is the
motivating factor that they propagandize
children with so that we will accept
their pre-planned quote-unquote
solutions and that's things like the
other UN agenda UN agenda 21 where they
want to confine you to the cities where
they want to put you in teeny tiny
houses and as you point out it's a a
program of poverty of control to take
away your ability to move around and of
course private cars have got to go
they're gonna offer a free public
transportation if the subsidies on
electric vehicles don't do it for you
they'll give away the public
transportation because they got to get
those private cars out of your hands
they've got to get the internal
combustion engines out of people saying
it's because those things are going to
give you freedom they're going to be
durable they want everybody in a renter
economy and controlled in these small
mega cities and that is the endgame
that's the way that they control people
we see this just with the recent
Consumer Electronic shows I think where
they're talking about that the big motor
companies are saying yeah we see
ourselves as a data company now because
they want to be able to follow
everything that you do and take away
your ownership and things but the key
thing as you point out is to create this
problem so they can offer global
governance solutions global taxes global
government keeping you confined in the
cities all these different things that
they have in place yes one of the parts
of the book actually go back to 1960s
the roots of the modern environmental
movement and I actually show there was a
different environmental scare then but
the same exact solution back then they
were worried about overpopulation they
were worried about resource scarcity the
disappearing rainforest but all of those
old environmental scares which were
eventually replaced with global warming
all at the same solution redistribution
of wealth central planning global
governance and I actually have little
boxes throughout the book that says
different environmental scare same
solution and it's all footnote it'll be
like to date 1970 something it's amazing
their agenda has been crystal clear it
can change as they've done different
plug-and-play environmental scares to
see whatever sticks and whatever they
can work to say oh it's alarming I did I
did a sit-down exclusive interview with
the former Czech president václav Klaus
he grew up under the communism under the
Eastern Bloc and he makes the astounding
comment that with the fall of the Berlin
Wall and the class
to the Soviet Union in the Eastern Bloc
now the greatest threats to individual
liberty in the world is what he calls
ambitious environmentalism in other
words the climate agenda so we have
someone who's a warrior against the old
communist system in the Soviet Union
warning us that the greatest threat to
individual liberty today is the climate
agenda as evidenced by Al Gore the
United Nations John Kerry etc yeah and
and I think what you said in this
forward that parents need to be
proactive in terms of educating their
children because this is their future a
future of globalist control of poverty
of having no ownership no Liberty if we
don't get at the root cause of how
they're selling this to people I mean
people are volunteering to go into this
tyranny because they think that it's
otherwise they have no future because
the planet is going to meltdown every
all life on Earth is going to die so
therefore they will accept this solution
they will give up their property they'll
give up their liberty to a global
government stay with us we come back
we're gonna talk more about the
politically incorrect guide to climate
change and other things that are
happening right now
and this war for your freedom the
politically incorrect guide to climate
change by Marc Morano it has just been
released this by Regnery books and it is
number one right now and it's and it's
category on Amazon and the politically
incorrect guides were something that I
really loved for my kids we homeschool
them for example taking a look at
separation of church and state for
example right
we had the Bill of Rights in 1791 did
you realize that for another forty some
odd years Massachusetts still had a
state church that's the kind of stuff
you find in these politically incorrect
guides and as Mark is talking about this
is this is something that you need to
understand this really gonna help you to
defend your Liberty to defend your
property your rights and to defend
against the schemes of global poverty
and control that the UN is trying to
push through with the cooperation of
many many governments around the world
you have to understand this and your
children have to understand it specially
vital for them to understand this starts
and kindergarten goes all the way
through college this indoctrinate
this is going to be a very valuable
guide I love the politically incorrect
stuff uh you know we're talking about
this at mark and of course I'm sure
you're talking about the difference
between climate versus weather a
difference between that's the difference
we're only between observation and
assumptions that can't be tested and
models that can't be tested for the most
part but now we're starting to get some
of those and as we started to get some
data in that I'm sure you've also got in
there stuff about Climategate and how
they tried to the declines and things
like this I mean this is a massive scam
that's being put on the population and
as you pointed out they will use
anything that they can get a hold of
whether they want to pretend that it's
overpopulation or global ice age that's
coming or a global meltdown that is
coming because of global warming now
they just talk about climate change
because they can't make up their mind
used to be called the greenhouse effect
back in the eighties global warming
sounded too gentle and B we had a global
warming standstill in temperatures so
that in like that so then they decided
every bad weather event is going to be
now a proof of global warming so if
there's a heat wave in Australia a
typhoon in the Philippines a drought in
California why that's global warming and
I have a whole chapter just on extreme
weather claims alone and again I say
multiple peer-reviewed study after
peer-reviewed study what they've done I
liken it to what they put a casino or a
lottery promotion we do they highlight
every lottery or slot so your impression
is everyone's a winner what they've done
now with bad weather is they go all
around the globe and find some of that
they say look everyone's having bad
weather it's not true on every trend
there's either no trend or declining
trend on every skin on every measure of
floods hurricanes tornadoes droughts it
is amazing stats to look at even the
United Nations will admit some of this
stuff buried in their reports they don't
have the science I talked about how
polar bears are at or near record level
house sea levels are not accelerating I
mentioned the global warming pause David
there's a whole thing first of all they
denied the pause existed then they
literally came up with over 60 excuses
to explain the lack of the temperature
increase and then they said I'll you
know what
what are we gonna do we're gonna go back
and get rid of it so both in the
satellite and surface data they went
back and revised the numbers and a race
to the pause historically so they got
rid of it now they can say well we there
never was a global warming standstill
because they got rid of it in the
records so it is an amazing thing I have
a whole chapter on Climategate but as
you mentioned this is a reference book
it's a coffee table book you can pick it
up any specific topic and it's also a
lot of fun I took all my lessons from Al
Gore did the exact opposite of him
there's a lot of fun stuff in here
ghostbusters how global warming created
Hitler global warming saved Hitler I go
through the whole thing about the doctor
nation and children as well man you know
they got this whole scam going now we
saw it when they had fires in California
it was a global warming that was doing
it right because there would never be
fires in California if it wasn't for
manmade global warming I mean they might
be man-made fires but but now that we've
got really cold weather in many parts of
the country they're saying well it's
because the Arctic is getting warm you
know that's the the latest thing that
they've been coming up with so that
always will come up with something and
it's always again weather which is
constantly changing and climate which
becomes the norm and you know and is not
changing that is essentially what you're
known for
and they always conflate those two they
always come up with models I mean I went
to the American Meteorological Society
z' convention that was here in Austin a
few years ago and you've got all these
people who are weather men and they're
studying this and they're fine-tuning
their models because this is happening
you know within a day or so of each
other so they have a model try to
predict what's going to happen that day
doesn't happen so they go back and
they're adjusting it I mean literally
thousands of people they're doing that
but of course the climate guys are just
there and they just make their
pronouncements and you can't challenge
them because you know all they've got to
show for it is their credentials it's
like okay you really do have a degree
but we can't tell if your climate model
does and when it doesn't match then they
they change the data as you pointed out
spend a lot of time on these models and
these predictions one of the funniest
quotes was a Climategate professor
Michael Mann the UN scientist we won't
know if these predictions are true until
the time comes well gee a lot of these
predictions are will 2050 2100 most
almost every single
person making these dire predictions
will be long dead by the time we can
verify whether they were accurate or not
by their own admission they don't even
and they actually he's a special case
that's the guy that did the hockey stick
for Al Gore he was part of this climate
Climategate stuff as well on the United
States side we tried to get to a group I
was with her tried to get his emails he
said you can't see my emails they're
private it's like well and this is for
our date of the Republic you've already
published your data it's being used for
public policy you did these emails on
the university computer as you're being
paid for by us by tax payers but we
can't see what you're doing this is this
is the mentality people like Michael
Mann yes the same way they go after at
the same University was skeptical
climatologist Pat Michaels they gave all
of his emails that they're willing to
give all his emails up we saw this at
other universities they target the
climate skeptics they protect their own
in fact the whole climate gates chapter
I talk about all these investigations
into Climategate and how they were all
exonerated well it turns out that it was
the global warming industry
investigating itself and giving itself a
clean bill of health and that there was
there was no concern about the obvious
conflict of interest that's what they
tried to do and they didn't even ask the
salient questions when they investigated
that but I go through the heart of that
and show you that this was the upper
echelon the top leaders the United
Nations scientists colluding with each
other to craft a climate change
narrative that they didn't want anyone
to mess with much the way a political
campaign would be these were PR people
posing as scientists doing reports and
studies and excluding any studies or
scientists that didn't toe the line and
that would disrupt the narrative and
instead it's amazing when you read it
because again their own words
their own quotes meticulously footnoted
this is not an opinion piece I let them
hang themselves so to speak and of
course it's the same thing that we see
in so many different areas they have an
agenda and they will use anyone or any
event or any justification to
continually push that same agenda and
that's one of the things that also it
makes them very dangerous but it also
I think is their Achilles heel when
people see that like you lay it out in
your book you know they can see how they
have used anything to continue to push
the same agenda of centralized control
that is their Achilles heel the very
thing that is their weapon then can be
used against them if people understand
what this tactic is and again it's very
important for younger people to
understand what this is as well does
that technique exactly in his film he
never warned about record cold or
blizzards a record snow guess what here
in the East Coast we had the record snow
with the most snow in a decade and the
2000-2010 than we've ever seen and all
these different blizzards and just
record snow piling up Al Gore comes out
and says well this is what you'd expect
with global warming just came out and
recently did this I explained how he
never once predicted that and here's how
they get around that though they now
have studies where they predict opposite
outcomes they recently had a study
predicting global warming would cause
more lightning but they also have a
study major study out saying global
warming will cause less lightning
strikes global warming will cause more
snow the water will cause the warming
will cause more hurricanes but I'm not
making this up I go here's what they say
if you're betting on the Super Bowl if
you bet both teams win in separate bets
no matter what happens you can say I'm a
winner I bet correctly and that's how
they validate their models they come out
and say we predicted it and I go through
the book and show you they predicted
opposite results as dozens and dozens of
different major topics in the climate
debate so no matter what happens they
can claim our models validated it we
predicted it see how smart we are it is
the most outrageous abuse of science
you've ever seen and you know you talked
about how at the beginning they were
talking about overpopulation but some of
them are still talking about
overpopulation I guess people like
Sheldon Huber who wrote the stuff for
the Pope okay and and this is a guy
who's working with Prince Charles and
others to have a World Congress of
planetary council a planetary Court and
so forth I mean this is their solution
to reduce population to have world
government there's absolutely no
question about that there isn't in fact
in the book I have a little-known notice
I should say Al Gore quote he was at a
Bill Gates event and now
or is lamenting about all the pots they
don't look at it as overpopulation they
look at it it's more about how the more
populations that cause more emissions
and cause bubble warming but Al Gore
laments its function that the population
is growing too much and that Africa is
projected to have the biggest gains of
life you're gonna shut that we said that
we're out of time I wish I had more time
Marc Morano climate Depot calm climate
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