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you found it it's the real news with
your host j-bird night
well it's Wednesday February the 28th
2018 we're gonna take a look at the
unfolding witch hunt the social media
explosion that has focused around the
teens you know there's another threat to
teens we really haven't talked about
we've talked about SSRIs and of course
the teens think the threat is the
existence of guns and they want to wish
them away into the cornfield hashtag
never again that's not an adult view of
the world quite frankly yeah we know
that you can't ever say that about
anything no matter how bad it is
remember when we had World War one maybe
they haven't studied this in school that
was gonna be the war to end all wars it
was horrific there was mass carnage and
we didn't need to be involved in that
war we got roped into that war by
Woodrow Wilson we didn't have a dog in
that fight but we had a lot of people
that died because of it that's one of
the reasons why Americans were so so
reluctant to get involved in world war
two but we did it
you can't ever say never again even when
people step back and think about things
but of course these are rare events
we've got a story here for you about how
no it isn't any worse than it was prior
to 1990 as a matter of fact it's less in
terms of the number of shootings that
we've had we also have an update on
economics we've got the federal reserve
the new chair of the Federal Reserve
Jerome Powell who just replaced Janet
Yellen and he's doing the same thing
again that we saw alan greenspan do
remember when they were debating the pho
reserve they said these people will
create bubbles and they will burst them
they will manipulate the stock markets
it's a private organization they can
make money out of this I mean Congress
can has authorized the fact that it can
do insider trading congressman and their
staff know if they're going to come up
with regulation that's going to support
an industry or is going to crush
industry or particular company because
there's a lot one of the reasons we have
so much complexity in our tax code it's
because they put in special benefits for
a particular company particular
companies in the tax code so they know
what they're doing they can build up a
company or an industry or they can
destroy a company or an industry and
they can trade on that advanced
knowledge of what they are going to do
it's the ultimate insider trading
of course the Federal Reserve can do the
same thing and what we saw with alan
greenspan was the classic rope-a-dope
that's what that Muhammad Ali would say
you know you kind of lure them in and
then hit him with a hammer and have they
lure everybody in how did they create
the bubble well with low interest rates
they take the interest rates down
incredibly low leave them there for a
very long time typically doing that
during the administration of a Democrat
that they favor like Obama and then what
they will do is what they're doing right
now and it started as soon as President
Trump was elected they started with
their first interest rate increase of a
very long time and what you do is you
raise it a quarter a quarter that's
right you raise the interest rate a
quarter of a percent every quarter and
we saw that happen you look at the
interest rate pattern with alan
greenspan takes it down big jumps and
then leaves it down and then just like a
going up just a regular stair step a
quarter a quarter and now they're doing
it again
and so they comments from the new Fed
boss Jerome Powell suggested that he's
not gonna do three interest rate
increases this next year but four he's
gonna do a quarter a quarter and the
result of that was that world stocks
were reeling to a five day low they
snapped a record fifteen month long
winning streak on Wednesday tumbling
another quarter percent so you do a
quarter a quarter and you cost the stock
market a quarter this is the way they do
it but they have vowed to keep the
economy from overheating can't have our
economy overheating what does that mean
you know China has had growth rates that
are three to four times the growth rates
to the United
they've never worried about China
overheating stay with us we'll be right
Dick's Sporting Goods has decided that
they will ban assault rifles
unilaterally well that's fine we don't
have to shop there we don't have to shop
- and a lot of the places that are doing
NRA boycotts and Firearms boycotts
that's fine
don't do it dicks adequately named here
but we'll talk more about what's going
on with the legislative movements more
information has come to light about
sheriff Benghazi there I call him bat
because just like Benghazi where people
called for backup and help for 13 hours
and nothing came from Hillary Clinton
they shut that down and this guy who is
allied with Hillary Clinton the Democrat
Party and is feeding on the war on drugs
and living out his Miami Vice
fantasies with his Lamborghini all the
pictures of him and the department
standing around that taking drives in it
pretty fast car but they can't respond
quickly or won't respond and we'll tell
you why there was a stand down order
literally telling the deputies not to go
in and then preventing EMT staff from
going in to give aid to people as
they're bleeding out on the floor so
we'll have some more information about
the politics about the witch-hunt by the
teens as well as what has come to light
about the sheriff but I want to focus
first at the top of the hour here on
some news as I was pointing out at the
very top of the hour
the feds Jerome Powell the new Federal
Reserve boss has announced that he's
going to give us a quarter a quarter
that's right he's gonna raise the
interest rate a quarter every single
quarter is going to do for interest
rates increases this year rather than
three so he's gonna raise them just like
we saw done under alan greenspan that's
the way you burst the bubble as I was
saying at the top of the hour you lower
the interest rates very quickly you
leave them there for a long time you
create an economic bubble and then you
just raise it a quarter a quarter until
you pop it and you say wow I was just
trying to be responsible because I
didn't want the
economy to overheat as I just said why
hasn't anybody ever worried about China
overheating they have a economy that is
growing three to four times as fast as
United States but the United States
can't have that kind of growth because
it'll be throttled by this private
organization the Federal Reserve that
knows better than you what they're doing
yeah it's overheating
this won't affect our faith we've got to
shut it down you kill had that right I
don't know what I'm gonna do about the
economy ought to raise interest rates
boom the engine blows up the engine
blows up and we're dead in space that's
what's going to happen we've seen it
before this is what the Fed does how
many times can the government get away
with the same tricks over and over again
we'll get these shootings we look at the
terrorist events we look at the Federal
Reserve we look at the wars that they
get us into how many times can they get
away with this apparently they can do it
Abraham Lincoln said you can you know
fools most of the people or whatever
some of the P it seems like now it is
you can fool pretty much everybody most
of the time and get away with it we now
have a judge refusing to dismiss any of
the five charges against an indicted FBI
agent this is the guy who took shots at
lavoy finicum who was then subsequently
murdered and we know that this was we
know what this is about - you think
you're gonna fool us about this we know
this is outright murder we know that
lavoy finicum and the people who were
there were not any danger to anyone they
had been leaving the place where they
had been camping out this is a place
where people would go to observe Birds
and I know the optics were very bad and
we repeatedly said this is a very bad
idea we had their best interests at
many people here we said over and over
again don't do that
the media is spinning the optics of this
trying to make you look really bad but
they were the people in the local area
knew what was going on and they were
regularly making trips around that area
people about land-use issues about the
abuses of the federal government how
they would abuse people with the in the
timber industry of the mining industry
or the ranching industry all in the name
of the environment or you know managing
the lands or whatever no that we're
really trying to get people off the land
they see what happened to the Hammond
family they're calling them terrorists
they're still in jail by the way
President Trump and attorney General
Sessions need to overturn that they need
to pardon those people I mean they
didn't do anything wrong
tiny little fire not even clear if it
was a backfire that they set to save
their property because the BLM was doing
the same thing at the same time burned
about a hundred and twenty thirty acres
of sagebrush and then they came after
them the feds came after them local
judge says that's nothing you know it's
not really any big deal they really
pushed it so he gave him a small penalty
nothing happened but then the feds came
in so we think this is an act of
terrorism and sent them to jail for many
years and they're still there and so
when they went up there to address that
inequality and the people around there
were quite willing to hear what they had
to say and they were holding seminars
talking to people about the Constitution
telling them what the federal government
was doing in other areas you know it's
not just you it's not you it's the
federal government and they were even
invited by the sheriff in the adjoining
County and that's where they were on
their way to a large meeting there was a
sheriff was one of the people is gonna
be speaking at that meeting and they set
up this ambush to kill him and so we
have a federal judge yesterday declined
to dismiss any of the five charges
against indicted FBI agent W Joseph
estar Astorino accused of lying about
firing two shots at Oregon standoff
spokesman Robert lavoy finicum struck in
early 2016
hostage rescue sniper trying to kill him
just a bad shot not as good a shot as
LAN horiuchi at the Ruby Ridge standoff
yeah he could take out a woman holding a
baby at point-blank range with his
sniper rifle shooter right through the
forehead right to the forehead I
you know Randy Weaver sued the feds and
he got a settlement that wasn't enough
never is enough which one we're talking
about cold-blooded murder keep this in
the back of your mind as we're talking
about gun control and only the
government having guns it was
cold-blooded murder and they were found
guilty in that and I hope the finicum
family gets some compensation from these
people too but you can never get your
loved one back once that bullet goes out
of the barrel you can't take it back
he has three counts of making false
statements and two counts of obstruction
of justice
how about attempted murder how about
assault with a deadly weapon not just
lying not just lying but they said the
defendant told different lies at
different times the three different FBI
supervisors with different roles and
different responsibilities he's as bad a
liar as James clapper I don't know we
keep hearing that lying to the FBI is a
very serious charge well let's see it
let's see something happened here you
know this is the FBI by the way they
never had a problem stellar reputation
before they tried to do a coup against
President Trump well quite frankly I
don't believe that I don't buy the FBI's
stellar reputation yeah they did try to
do a coup that's how aggressive and
openly corrupt the FBI has now become so
much so that even conservative media
can't apologize for them anymore
this is your FBI a star ITA's first
rifle shot miss finicum struck but the
second one entered the truck through the
roof blew out the left rear passenger
window and it took him awhile to figure
out what's going on because nobody would
admit to it and then they did some
ballistics tests and they said well we
know who trifled I came from the
Department of Justice has an internal
watchdog who has now sanctioned at least
14 FBI agents and officials over the
past five years most of these offenses
sexual offences occurred under former
FBI director James Comey 'he's
leadership the
entail inappropriate romantic
relationships with subordinates outright
sexual harassment favoritism or
promotion based on demands for sex and
retaliation against women who rebuffed
male employees advances hashtag FBI -
hashtag Comey - and we'll tell you how
specific this is - call me is it unfair
to blame him it had never happened
before his administration of the FBI and
we've got others in the Obama
administration covering it up - but they
love women right yeah not in that way
that's right you found him I'm the
lunatic you're looking for we're just
talking about the FBI and there's
stellar record over the past few years
and it gets worse let me tell you what
the Department of Justice Inspector
General has just found out about the FBI
director James Comey 'he's leadership
this is taken from a report by the Daily
Caller as I was saying before we went to
break they have found that the watchdog
has sanctioned at least 14 FBI agents
and officials over the past five years
for things like inappropriate romantic
relationships of the subordinate
outright sexual harassment favoritism or
promotion based on demands for sex and
retaliation against women who rebuffed
male employees advances so the FBI is
kind of sounding like Harvey Weinstein
the Weinstein group we should call it
the Weinstein Bureau of intimidation
because that's what the FBI has become
especially under commis leadership the
FBI doesn't have a stellar reputation
going back to Jagger Hoover I just call
this guy Jagger Comey but they haven't
had a stellar reputation in a lot of
different areas but they've done some
things right but under Comey it really
went south
prior to commis tenure as director which
began September 2013 no sexual
misconduct charges had ever been filed
by the office of the Inspector General
so this is all on his watch he's kind of
like Sheriff Benghazi in Broward County
Comey attempted to thwart inspector
general horowitz's investigation as well
wait a minute wait a minute where's CNN
I think we've got an obstruction of
justice charge here he's trying to shut
down an investigation that would lead to
him looks like this is his problem his
leadership problem and he's shutting
this down this is something that would
directly and pinched on him this is
I'm not joking here I'm not being
sarcastic I'm not being ironic about
this this really is what obstruction of
justice is listen to people who've been
talking about Alan Dershowitz and so
forth you know
he's doing this to protect himself
professes his motivation to shut this
that is literally obstruction of justice
so where is CNN um they're talking to
teenagers they target teenagers and of
course uh you can't have President Trump
fire Comey right because there's
absolutely no reason to fire him no
reason to fire Comey
all these all this corruption inside his
department the Democrats remember when
Stephen Colbert I think was Stephen
Colbert announced to a group of people
that he was speaking to a commis just
been fired and they all started
applauding any had to say no no no this
is a bad thing this is a bad thing it's
like no we don't like call me either
but now they love Comey Comey is a great
guy Comey has put himself out there like
another Ken Starr to say I am a paragon
of virtue they're going to say as
Horowitz explained in his March 2015
final report this is just now coming out
his office's ability quote to conduct
this review was significantly impacted
and delayed by repeated difficulties we
had in obtaining relevant information
from both the FBI and the DEA
oh it's also our drug warriors to who
would have thought that our drug
warriors would have been corrupted by
prohibition both the FBI and the DEA as
we were initiating this review in mid
2013 so folks this is they delayed this
and we'll talk about the other things I
did after pulling teeth to try and
obtain records from the FBI reports Zero
Hedge Horowitz was finally presented
with unredacted information however it
was still incomplete that's from his
report he said you still didn't give me
everything I asked for what you gave me
was finally unredacted but she's still
with a lot of information and then also
we had Obama's attorney journal read a
Lynch was also fighting any
investigation into sexual harassment
let's not forget this when the Democrats
start virtue signaling and this election
about how they're for win
they're not for women before themselves
he's corrupt
demagogues Lynch supported commis
defiance of the inspector general via
July 20th 2015 memo from Department of
Justice office of legal counsel
principal Deputy Attorney General
Carl Thompson this guy's got more names
than a British peer Thompson charged law
enforcement agencies could redact
information on its files and withhold
information from the inspector general
you get that so we don't have to give
you any information badges I don't need
no stinking badges it was one of the her
first acts as Obama's new Attorney
General so this is kind of a just
establishing a rapport with you scratch
my back I'll scratch yours
I'll cover up your crimes you cover up
microns but of course both of them had a
long history together working with the
Clinton crime family they'd both been
for the deep state it was only after a
multi-year battle report Zero Hedge with
the Obama administration that Horowitz
was finally able to obtain the
information that he sought after
Congress passed the Inspector General
empowerment Act of 2016
took an act of Congress to squeeze out
this information from the department the
corrupt Department of Justice and the
corrupt FBI under Loretta Lynch and
James Comey allowed him to access
information without having to ask for it
Horowitz's report and remember talking
about asking for information remember
that when the FBI was reporting these
bogus charges that the DNC had been
hacked they weren't hacked it was handed
over on a thumb drive we had that
testimony from a former British
ambassador said yeah I went to America
to get it from whistleblower inside the
DNC we've subsequently had William
Binney the guy who was the head a
technical person global technical head
for the NSA for decades while he worked
there I did an analysis said you know
it's yeah it wasn't hacked by anybody
over the Internet it was transferred at
a rate that could only be accomplished
on a thumb drive so they
this narrative and then the FBI shows up
to see if they really man act by Russian
spies and the DNC contractor CrowdStrike
says you can't see any of this stuff and
the FBI says oh okay
and goes away but when somebody wants to
look at the FBI's sexual assaults no no
you can't see that you can't see that
not gonna let you do it and the
Department of Justice under Loretta
Lynch backs them up on that Horwitz this
report on the FBI malfeasance during the
2016 election is due out in several
weeks this is gonna be a report to read
this is really gonna shake things up
this is gonna show what they've really
been doing against President Trump and
they point out finally in this article
that Horowitz is appointed as an
Inspector General
after the Obama administration hobbled
the Office of Inspector General's
investigative powers in 2011 in the
middle of the Fast and Furious scandal
what was fast and furious about fast and
furious was a false flag operation it
was designed for gun control they wanted
to make a case that there were too many
arms that were flowing across the border
and this just happened to coincide with
the United Nations arms trade treaty
that was set up to stop arms from
crossing the border they want to make
sure that that was passed so they
created this false flag of fast and
furious and blew up in their face when I
federal agent was killed but otherwise
they might have gotten away with it and
the point of the UN att
the UN a treaty was to make sure that
they were going to have to know where
all these arms came from so they were
gonna use that as an excuse to go
through and keep records on every single
bullet every single gun every single gun
owner want to talk about free speech
because as you know yesterday we had a
second strike put on our YouTube channel
Alex Jones's main channel 2.2 million
subscribers I forget how many billions
of views it's had over the last ten
years but of course they're coming very
close to trying to shut us down being
of course and and proud of it by CNN CNN
coming out and saying yeah we contacted
YouTube and said shouldn't this be shut
down and what are you doing about these
other videos what are you gonna shut
them down just like we have seen in
Congress as you've got a Democrat
congressman saying that I saw the story
trending from from Infowars on social
media what are you doing to shut this
down on Twitter and so it's just it's
just amazing how this is going so do we
have dr. Corsi on the line yet with us
he wanted to join us and talk about how
he's being okay
so we've got the second strike was put
on yesterday took took it down but if
you look at these strikes what do they
say every time harassment bullying
harassment bullying harassment bullying
this is the political correctness of
cultural Marxism and let's just drop the
cultural part it is just Marxism Marxism
no matter how they try to spend this
this was you can't talk about these
young students that's why they're
putting them out front it's amazing how
they didn't talk about having talked
really about Las Vegas they just dropped
that biggest shooting ever and yet
because of all of the garbage that we're
being told by the government but you're
not allowed to question any of that now
because now they're spokespersons are
teenagers but that's not even what dr.
Corsi was accused of here I don't think
because he was had a strike had a video
taken down by YouTube and said it was
guess what bullying well who's doing the
bullying here so joining us now is our
Washington correspondent dr. Jerome
Corsi thank you for joining us dr. Corsi
David my great pleasure thank you tell
us a little bit about this video that
you had you had a video about q-not and
it was taken down for alleged bullying
were you bullying people with cueing on
pretty ridiculous also they also took
down a second one yesterday so I had one
on the parklands goop school shooting
they took that one down both appeals
were denied so I've now got basically
two strikes against me on you
who when so that's you know one one more
and I'll be removed from YouTube and I
essentially just took down all content I
mean it's nothing up there except a
couple videos one of me and um in Dealey
Plaza and another one with me and at the
Shroud of Turin exhibit wait a minute
you are Dealey Plaza did you say
something about a conspiracy theory at
Dealey Plaza because I'm sure the
Southern Poverty Law Center would like
to shut you down on that as a matter of
fact there's one of the people one of
the groups don't one of their trusted
reporter groups that are telling YouTube
who to take down pointing the finger
this is basically a witch-hunt dime is
just like the Salem witch trials it's
not even a metaphor anymore it is a
literal witch hunt well it's clearly a
removal of all conservatives with which
from any participation in YouTube so
Google now it's decided Eric Schmidt's
decided to go to war I signed up with a
Southern Poverty Law Center he was in
the bag for Hillary and by the way I
think Eric Schmidt ought to remember
that he resigned from alphabet the day
after President Obama signed this
December 21st
last year signed this executive order
saying the Treasury can confiscate they
are all the assets of anyone involved in
serious human rights trafficking or
corruption yeah or the institutions that
they were running at the time yes and
also Google had a major role in this
whole Russian conspiracy thing Google
put a hundred million dollars into
strike fund which was the group that
said there was the Russians to the hack
of the DNC I suspect CrowdStrike put the
metadata in that proved of was the
Russians they created the proof they
were looking for I was sent through a to
act not not the DNC and secondly of
course the CrowdStrike told the FBI go
away you're not gonna be able to examine
the stuff you just have to take our word
for it right and the computer was never
examined and so therefore also crowds
Eric Schmidt contributed heavily to the
Hillary's campaign he contributed to the
DNC they've laundered money through
Perkins Coie to pay for this lying
fusion GPS Stasi
yay that's all gonna come to roost on
Eric Schmidt I like to see Eric Schmidt
under criminal investigation he went to
the White House the Obama White House
was it I forget how many times it's over
200 times all right I think it's time to
get the FTC involved and to announce a
massive examination we do need this
Internet Bill of Rights we've got to
have the Internet have First Amendment
protections if we're gonna have alphabet
and Google be given broadband space they
can't be using the Southern Poverty Law
Center say we're operating privately we
can have only the people we want here
honest he's they need to be broken up
Eric Schmidt needs to be put in a
criminal investigation
I'd like to see him for various campaign
abuses in his support of Hillary Clinton
and again we talked about the Southern
Poverty Law Center's involvement and
things remember they labeled the Family
Research Council they're in Washington
they're offices were attacked by a guy
fortunately nobody was killed but he
came there with a gun to shoot people
why because he'd been told by the
Southern Poverty Law Center that the
Family Research Council a Christian
group that supported traditional
marriage between one man and one woman
that made them a hate group according to
the Southern Poverty Law Center so this
guy read this stuff and he's gonna shoot
these people up and take revenge for
them being a hateful
white Christians these are the people
who are promoting hate harassment
bullying and so forth but I mean it goes
beyond harassment and bullying but
they're getting their cue from the
southern poverty law center this is a
very concerning thing and the the attack
is stepped up I mean if you're gonna
have oh this is now in full gear you
have this being after the alignment I
guess Eric Schmidt and Google decided
that they were so resentful of Donald
Trump winning that they're now gonna go
full full bore and they're trying to
just censor any conservatives out or try
to deny conservatives the social media
access during the - it was a
long-standing plan we had Matt Drudge
come here as the primaries were just
kicking off it was a fall of 2015 said
you watch out because I've been told by
a Supreme Court judge that they're going
to shut you guys down
and and this is the plant and this is
now being implemented the plan that they
had then it was not an even entirely
secret in Washington people like Matt
Drudge and others knew about it and now
they're implementing that plan well I
think this is something it's a very
serious concern because out to all of us
you know the ability to communicate
through the internet as a primary right
and if you're gonna have the major
channels denied to us on these obviously
are ridiculous grounds you know when
others at the left can say any extreme
thing they want to say I mean I think
it's time to start creating legal funds
and going after Google with some massive
libel suits and other other major you
know I'll be happy to launch a major
libel suit against them for you know
saying my speech with bullying anybody
that's belly it's ridiculous it you know
there is torturous interference is also
the legal term you know we got these de
facto monopolies or if you will love
because the government has always wanted
to have a limited number of
spokespersons they loved it when they
had ABC CBS and NBC and maybe NPR that
they fund right and then they could tell
them what to do with operation
Mockingbird and they would cover the
same stories and all three networks and
they give you the exactly the same angle
because it was coming from one single
source they have been trying to do that
now with the internet which by the way
they created it was a psychiatrist who
created the internet for DARPA and he
was he was looking at it as a tool of
psychological control it got out of
their hands a little bit and they're now
trying to take it back one I don't think
operation Mockingbird has ever stopped
David I think it's no continuing I think
you still have you know certainly the
they don't want any cueing on they don't
want anybody following any intelligence
source that in any way is exposing the
deep corruption of the left I mean the
left would be happy to enslave everybody
and do created an intolerant atmosphere
oh yeah precisely what they want alright
we gotta take a quick break we're gonna
be right back with dr. jerome corsi
we're gonna talk to him about internet
censorship they're coming after all of
our channels it's not just the alex
jones main channel is also the
that dr. Corsi has been putting his
videos on and we're going to have a
special broadcast starting tomorrow
operation Paul Revere 2018 we've got to
keep that free speech going welcome back
we're talking to dr. Jerome Corsi about
the bullying of YouTube and the effort
to now choke off free speech after going
through the process just as we're
talking at the top of the hour about how
the Federal Reserve will lower interest
rates pull everybody in and then choke
them off burst the bubble create the
bubble burst the bubble and what they've
done is they've essentially pulled
everybody into a couple of different
media outlets then come on in
you can post whatever you want on
Facebook on YouTube on Twitter and then
they choke out everybody else and now
they're going to control free speech
because they are the the guerrillas and
the room isn't that correct dr. Corsi I
think you've got exactly right David and
that technique is gonna be what has to
be challenged it's gonna have to be
challenged in court it's gonna have to
be challenged at the FTC how president
Trump's gonna have to be involved
President Trump may think that his
Twitter feed is on not being censored he
doesn't then understand shadowboxing he
doesn't understand the degree to which
it can be manipulated even pc's what he
posts it doesn't mean it's getting the
circulation he thinks it's getting ion
even if he gets a ten thousand retweets
that could have been 20,000 or 50,000
without the shadowboxing that they have
yeah and also you know in terms of the
other media I think with Google and the
others ah this you know come on in and
join us we've got a huge audience now
Google is gonna try to take that
audience and pump liberal leftist
hardcore Southern Poverty Law Center
hate at them and I think that's a
challenge I mean it the Google's gonna
be an international franchise that has
only one perspective and that's hard
left you know cause it's the American
people we're gonna have the American
people protest leave in droves gotta
of other forums and we have to take
legal action against Google over a and
have to go into the regulatory
environment press the issue in Congress
and with the president if Donald Trump
wants to have re-election chances in
2018 the you know the White House needs
thinking seriously Google's play right
here to control the narrative or the
hard left going into the election cycle
and hopefully he will with the guy that
he's now he announced yesterday that he
has a campaign director for 2020 so big
news is that he's running again I guess
if that is news but the bigger news I
think is the fact that he chose a guy
who was his digital media spokesperson
or you know good digital media for his
campaign so he's got to be very aware of
the importance of digital media it truly
is the thing that allows him to speak to
people and that puts him in a very
vulnerable position when we've allowed
these few companies to establish a
little oligarchy here and they have a
radical left-wing agenda and they're
willing to push that agenda just like
the NFL was even if it costs them money
they're willing to push that agenda you
know we look at these tactics we've seen
this from bigger corporations that is a
very common tactic corporations like
Walmart or you know when I had a retail
chain we were competing against a big
corporation that was traded on Wall
Street they had deep pockets they had
infinite pockets that can always go back
to Wall Street they didn't have to
operate at a profit and what they could
do is they could come in and directly
target small mom-and-pop operators by
opening a store that was exactly like
theirs right across the street from them
until they put them out of business and
this is why we only have one or two
corporations whether you're talking
about hardware you're talking about
other industries and you have the
Walmart's who come in and they operate
at a deep discount barely making money
if they even do make money they'll
operate at a loss until they can
establish a monopoly then they control
everything and that's what these media
companies have been doing just from a
business standpoint but now they're
using it in a political way to shut down
freedom of speech to shut down political
speech that they're opposed to in the
same way the IRS did against Tea Party
groups well see that's the problem is
you if we politicize the internet so
becomes only a hard left channel we've
in fact destroyed one of the fundamental
freedoms of the First Amendment which is
that these forums are supposed to be
open to everyone it would be like taking
the town hall going back into the
American Revolution and saying only
those people who agreed with the king
could have an opportunity to speak
that's why the American Revolution
occurred in the first place and our left
wants to I'll take these
you know tactics with the Southern
Poverty Law Center and brand anybody who
disagrees with them as a nutcase or a
conspirator or bullier you know this
this isn't gonna not gonna stand with
the American people these charges of
harassment and bullying are absolute
nonsense I mean one of the things that
Twitter did to ban Roger stone by saying
oh we don't like your speech and you
could look at people like Keith
Olbermann and and look at how bullying
he was how profane he was and they never
did anything to him it's obviously a
double standard and you have to be able
to if you're gonna have a free
marketplace of ideas you have to have
ideas out there that people can't shut
down if they're offended it has been the
death knell of comedy we've had a lot of
comedians talk about that we've had
we've had John Cleese the Monty Python
talking about it we had Bill Murray
talking about it hey we can't do any
jokes anymore because somebody is gonna
be offended well you can guarantee that
somebody's gonna be offended if you talk
about politics and if you're saying that
if you're talking about politics that's
harassment and bullying that is nothing
but a Marxist veneer of censorship well
and I think we're gonna have to be
realistic and understand it Infowars
that in the amount of time we're gonna
be permitted to use YouTube is limited
maybe one of the strikes back they
didn't take many that strikes back for
me I have two strikes on the account at
any content I post on that I'm sure I'll
get another strike monitor right away
and so you know YouTube is not going to
be a viable channel for us we're gonna
have to find alternatives as soon as we
rebuild re you know reinvest and rethink
that we're gonna be able to have a
positive response out of YouTube relent
the time where we could be developing
alternatives YouTube will just be
planning to you know release the trap
or once again right before an election
cycle or write what our voices are most
needed that's right that's right and
because we've already seen besides the
outright shutting down of YouTube we've
already seen them throttling view counts
I could find somebody that's got a
fraction of the number of subscribers
that we do and a video that I will put
on our channel with 2.2 million views
somebody else will put it up and our 2.8
million 2.2 million followers and
somebody else will put it up on a
channel where they've got maybe 30 50
thousand followers and they'll get 10
times the number of views so we know
that they're throttling our views we can
take a look at the comments there's
other indications of that but the fact
that they would be so bold as to come
down on one of the largest channels on
YouTube and then at the same time
endlessly promoting The Young Turks I
mean YouTube goes with the Young Turks
to all of the political conventions
they've held them out there as Paragons
as models for other people and they do
everything they can to support them they
do everything they can to take down
conservative channels and this has been
happening for quite some time
it's just now they've gotten to the
level where they're gonna come after
really well-known channels like Alex's
Channel what you're seeing on your
channel is not as well known
so they put two strikes on there and
they leave them on there but we've seen
so many conservative YouTube channels
that have already been shut down weeks
months ago I think you know if Eric
Schmidt wants to go the route of Karl
Marx so be it examine his politics I
don't know everything about the
contributions he made to Hillary I want
to know the money that went through
perkins coie that was laundered going
over diffusion GPS how did that end up
in thee before the FISA Court is the
reason for this electronic surveillance
what's Eric Schmidt's role in the
electronic surveillance that was done of
Donald Trump in his campaign that Donald
Trump doesn't think this is a serious
issue and someone in the White House
better off have a little conversation
with him and point out that his
supporters are being throttled and
deprived of the opportunity to be on
these internet social media channels
hopefully his new campaign manager who
is that of digital media in the last
campaign hopefully he will have a
heart-to-heart discussion President
Trump it's a
sign that he has picked this guy maybe
that guy can explain that to him well I
think and also we're gonna see a change
coming on that now it's finally coming
clear the Jeff Sessions is beginning
there's investigations on leaks there's
now an investigation on this Pfizer
wildfire finds a court process there's
gonna have to be investigations and
leaks in the White House the demands for
a special prosecutor are gonna grow
we're gonna see in March potentially two
very damaging reports see how Eric
Schmidt covers these up they won't cover
them at all on YouTube
they'll gloss over them with some you
know videos of how you repair your
automobile things of that nature we just
gotta make it clear that YouTube is not
the place to be
just like CNN site and just like MSNBC
that if they're you know they want war
then we better I understand that we're
in a war and if they want or well let's
take it to them I mean I'm in a mood to
fight this thing
yeah not to win with you too but YouTube
is gonna you know continue exerting its
its monopoly and trying to push anybody
with their voice that disagrees with
them out but that's anything gonna be a
losing strategy in the long run the
losing strategy we all get better get
prepared for thought reform camp is
actually the hardest right yes that's
right they're coming after not just the
Second Amendment or not just the first
minute the coming after both of them at
the same time thank you so much for
joining us dr. jerome corsi and of
course he'll be part of our broadcast or
operation paul revere 2018 a special
broadcast in defense of free speech
we'll be right back stay with us
welcome back coming up in the next hour
we're gonna be talking to dr. Bonner
Cohen he was a speaker at CPAC and we're
gonna talk to him about environmental
issues so he'll be joining us in the
next hour I want to continue on with
basically what we were talking about in
terms of Investigations that are being
opened up in the Department of Justice
with dr. drum corps see but also what I
was talking about with the FBI and the
rash of outbreaks of sexual harassment
sexual assaults the
he and Loretta Lynch tried to cover up
but was eventually exposed by an
inspector general and we're anxiously
waiting to find out what else the
Inspector General has found out about
the corrupt Obama Department of Justice
and the FBI as well that'll be coming
out in just a couple of weeks but
there's another question here as we're
looking at what happened with the DNC
and the lies that were told about that
that's where we first got the Russian
red herring lies that came out of that
the question the Daily Caller asked
because they've been following very
closely the Awan brothers and they have
they were the ones basically to break
that investigation following it very
closely so they asked well why did the
FBI let a congressional hacking suspect
leave the country this is what's known
as a rhetorical question folks we know
why they let him leave but they just
break it down again they say FBI agents
apprehended Heena
Alvie at the airport in 2017 she was
suspected of hacking Congress and she's
the wife of Imran owan Awan and his
family members allegedly logged into
servers of congressmen even for whom
they did not work and who did they work
for oh well that would be debbie
Wasserman Schultz who was head of the
when all this stuff went down she
refused the wife of Imran Awan at the
airport they tracked her down the
airport she refused to speak with the
FBI just like debbie Wasserman Schultz
is a DNC refused to let the FBI look at
the servers no no no you just take the
crowd strikes name for this so the wife
of Imran Awan refused to speak to the
FBI they searched revealed that she was
carrying an apparently illegal amount of
cash so what happened to her
well the FBI allowed her to board a
plane anyway they filed a report said we
don't think she's got any intention of
coming back you think you think maybe
these FBI agents ought to get out of
town before they get prosecuted let's
hope but they will I mean this is not
only have we seen outright obstruction
of justice by James Comey to cover up
reports from the inspector general that
would show
malfeasance malpractice whatever by his
FBI agency because we never had any of
those types of things happen prior to
James Comey there were never any charges
of that kind of activity
he and Loretta Lynch refused to hand
over information to the Inspector
General of the Department of Justice
they handed over some redacted stuff
eventually they unredacted it but they
didn't give him everything that he
wanted and then they allow the wife of
this guy who was suspected of hacking
into the computers of congressmen and
other crimes just let her go she's got
an illegal amount of cash an illegal
amount of cash they have limits on the
amount of cash you can take out but
apparently those limits don't apply to
people who were friends of Debbie
and then they filed an FBI affidavit in
July 2017 after Emraan awan tried to
escape they said he attempted to board a
flight to Pakistan and after the other
stuff was publicized this time they
stopped him he had nine thousand dollars
on him in cash and prosecutors said in
court papers that they believe rounding
up that money and wiring it overseas
because there's a huge amount of money
that he wired overseas in addition to
the cash that he's going on so I said
sending that money overseas and trying
to get on a plane with all this cash we
think you're trying to flee the country
you can't pull anything over on those
guys at the FBI I tell you what they're
sharp aren't they yeah boo me once shame
on you fool me twice no not gonna happen
so yeah they they stopped him from doing
that we're gonna find out if anything
comes out of that but there's more about
investigations of the corrupt Obama
Department of Justice and FBI when we
come back stay with us Attorney General
Sessions says the Department of Justice
will investigate alleged FISA abuses
maybe you know also I'll investigate
leaks we've had Adam Schiff giving 227
TV interviews since Trump was
inaugurated this media darling maybe
he's a leaker while we know he's a
leaker he's leaked a lot of stuff but
maybe he's an even bigger source than we
realize as Daily Caller points out his
it's on television suggest that he's
using the Russian investigation as his
big break you know kind of like the
teenagers he's almost as ubiquitous as
David hog that kind of reminds me of him
- chefs 227 interviews have added up to
26 hours and four minutes of airtime
according to the Republican National
Committee who is keeping track of this
sessions meanwhile says they will
investigate the FISA abuses
he said when asked about that he said
yes it will be investigated it is the
appropriate thing to do yeah it is let's
hope that that truly is going to happen
meanwhile we have a US judge has
rejected a lawsuit that sought to stop
Trump's border wall this is the same
judge that Trump had criticized because
he was sitting in judgment of a lawsuit
and he says hey this guy is not going to
give me a fair hearing because the guy
was he was a member of la raza the race
and basically had funded scholarships
selected simply for the race ah nothing
not racist nothing to see here
certainly no evidence of bias so this
guy has now bent over backwards I guess
to show in California of all he's gonna
have a lot to explain in California when
he allows the Trump wall to go ahead and
not be stopped by environmental groups
but again we're still playing this
stupid game of judges may I judges me
I'm the president but judges may I or
I'm the Congress but judges may I but
certainly with the president as I said
yesterday this is not the division of
power that we had the founders even said
the least dangerous branch of the
government is the judiciary because they
have no way to enforce anything oh but
that was until we decided that we would
that we would give up our authority if
we were president to them this is a long
tradition that needs to be stopped and
President Trump is the guy with the
backbone to do it if only he'll do it we
should not have judges telling us what
we can do about
national defense and the wall is
national defense if the wall and the
borders aren't part of national defense
as I pointed out yesterday they just
wrote the letter in December and they
said it was the letter of the national
security doctrine statement and they had
three pillars the very first one was
protecting the security of the United
States by protecting its borders that is
the first thing the Defense Department
should be concerned about don't you
think defending the borders the United
States if you can't defend the borders
of the United States with the Defense
Department what do we have one for what
are we defending let's just call it the
Department of Foreign Wars because
that's what it's become or the
department of empire that's it do ii
we've already got a do a we've got a
Department of Energy the Department of
Education let's have a third D le the
Department of empire because that's all
our military is being used for for
Empire purposes let's defend the borders
and you don't have to get the permission
of a lower court federal judge to defend
your borders you can fund the wall out
of the Defense Department's budget they
put everything in the NDAA I mean they
load it up with things like indefinite
detention by the military without trial
all kinds of unrelated things why not
put something in there that is actually
related to real defense of our country
put the wall in there bring the troops
home have them stand guard at the border
they can put up concertina wallis what
the president hon Gary and President did
when they had the refugee crisis there
they put up concertino why are they had
troops stationed at the border and they
said we're gonna protect our borders why
can't we do that here
oh that's alright we've got millions of
people coming across and we'll just put
them in schools and we'll have you pay
for their education and now we're going
to on the advice of people like the
florida governor governor scott rick
scott says oh yeah we're gonna
bulletproof windows fortresses all kinds
of armed security and army of armed
security and all this other kind of
stuff who's gonna pay for that who's
gonna pay for that he says I was right
oh we got a we got a surplus no problem
you know what that's not your money
governor Scott Republican governor Scott
that's not your money
that's the
taxpayers money that you took he thinks
it says money and he's gonna spend it
he's gonna spend it on adding who knows
I mean we looked at some of these
Cadillac security schools fortress
schools I spent four hundred thousand
five hundred thousand million dollars
with bulletproof glass bulletproof walls
armies of Armed Forces around there no
the answer is let the teachers who want
to volunteer and who are vetted by the
local sheriff let them provide the
defense it's the most effective the
cheapest thing you can do isn't that
interesting you know sometimes the
cheapest things are the best isn't that
interesting isn't that interesting but
we've now got the judge rejecting the
lawsuit by the environmentalists saying
no there is no legal reason to stop the
wall from being built and we have the
Kevin Spacey foundation a non-profit for
young people yeah you don't even have to
pay Kevin Spacey to do this he will do
it for free
they took his name off of it and now
they have shuttered the entire
foundation in the UK when are they going
to shutter the United Nations for the
same types of stuff right we have the
United Nations we have UNICEF we have UN
peacekeepers they just want to help the
young people don't they we've seen now
with this Oxfam scandal that is brewing
in the UK it was a charitable
organization uh-huh and they got
involved in Haiti kind of like the
Clinton Foundation and the Clinton
Global Initiative there's been a lot of
people that have made the same
accusations about the Clinton Foundation
Global Initiative but it is now gotten
traction in terms of Oxfam after the
2010 earthquake
Oxfam of course went into Haiti and
they've now got a lot of people talking
about how staff members physically
threatened and intimidated people they
sexually assaulted people they have
minors that are involved in this
underage prostitutes they abducted kids
a New York Times discussed Haiti's
decision to ban Oxfam from operating in
the country but of course the UN also
does this sort of thing on a regular
basis we've had many many reports from
the new American talking about you and
peacekeepers that do this type of thing
and get away with it and in this report
from Zero Hedge they quote disobedient
media who says yeah we've talked a lot
about the historical abuses tied to the
United Nations the UN has faced
accusations of sex crimes for decades
ranging from rape and abuse of women and
minors in the war zones with their UN
peacekeeper peacekeeping troops we've
even had one long-term you an employee
who blew the whistle on it what'd they
oh that whistleblower was punished but
nothing was done to the rapists to the
pedophile rapists of the UN participated
in human trafficking prostitution even
producing child pornography involving
senior UN officials and members of
foreign governments and they continue to
go on unicef consulted and a child
rights activist recently pled guilty to
raping a child under 16 UNICEF UNICEF
the wonderful peaceful UN that was gonna
be the model for peace in the world
right that's kind of like back in the
era when they had Star Trek created
everybody was into multiculturalism the
United Nations and the peaceful olive
branches there and then UNICEF for the
children and it was simply a cover
Organization for these types of abuses
and then one other article that we got
here we're gonna have Bonner Cowan
joining us in the next segment talking
about the environment
but this needs to be talked about in the
UK now they say nearly all of the pot
cannabis sold on Britain's streets is
now super-strength skunk and this is
something you know of course we're
winning the drug war right this is
something we saw with alcohol
prohibition to alcohol prohibition beer
and wine consumption went down hard
liquor consumption went through the roof
and then of course you also had things
like wood alcohol and so now we've seen
the same thing with the war on drugs
instead of the original forms of
marijuana now we have super-strength
skunk that gives regular users the high
risk of psychotic disorganized disorders
they've made it as dangerous as big
suta coal products as SSRIs good job we
loved that prohibition we're winning
scientists are alarmed by crazy Rises
and temperature in the Arctic well I
would say that if they're alarmed by
this they're not scientists because
there's a difference between weather and
climate we're we see this all the time
and you know what both sides use this
it's a bad argument I see a patch of
cold weather it's a patch of warm
oh well that proves global warming or it
disproves global warming and now they're
trying to do it again
we've got Al Gore out there tweeting
about it but joining us now is dr.
Bonner Cowan is a senior fellow at the
National Center for Public Policy
Research where he concentrates on energy
natural resources and international
relations he was just speaking at CPAC
and you can find information about dr.
Cowan at National Center org thank you
for joining us dr. Cowan well thank you
very much for having me let's talk a
little bit about first of all this this
panic this is being fueled by the
Guardian and they say this is an anomaly
among anomalies and it's sending out a
clear warning this is a cry for help
from the Arctic apparently a guardian
and according to these pseudo scientists
telling us that this is crazy as weird
as simply shocking in other words it
doesn't fit their climate predictions
and of course they do have some big
problems with their climate models no
they they have and for that matter they
had big problems with the climate or at
least with certain things that had
happened in the weather lately that are
completely at odds with the theory of
human-induced global warming had someone
stuck his or her nose out the door
yesterday in London or Rome what would
that person have seen no in late
February London doesn't get that much
snow to begin with but it does happen
occasionally Rome in southern Italy
howdy al can you explain this well first
of all weather risk or he always has
been always will be
that's right but what these people are
having trouble explaining
indeed are incapable of explaining is
why the climate has not behaved the way
they so confidently forecast it would
when they started telling us in the late
1980s in other words 30 years ago that
man-made emissions of greenhouse gases
brought about by the combustion of
fossil fuels were putting heat trapping
gases into the atmosphere and thereby
artificial warming the planet and doing
so in a way that could eventually become
as they like to say catastrophic yeah
well the problem is the climate hasn't
done what the theory said it would do
we've had no warming whatsoever over the
past 20 years in fact if you just looked
at the yep the temperature record over
the past couple of hundred years you
will see that we have temperatures
rising temperatures falling they rose as
we gradually emerged from the Little Ice
Age beginning around 1750 they rose very
gradually albeit in fits and starts
reaching a AHA the warmest decade in the
20th century was actually the 1930s and
then lo and behold for reasons we do not
understand temperatures fell for the
next 35 years fell so much that it was
very fashionable in certain circles in
the mid 1970s to speak of the impending
next Ice Age oh yeah I remember that
very well the very first Earth Day was
in 1970 and they were saying it's gonna
be a new Ice Age and that was their
story to take over things to take over
and of course the big problem there was
overpopulation so its overpopulation and
an ice age those are the two things that
had to be controlled in Earth Day and
now they've flipped that narrative
around 180 degrees at least on the
temperature spectrum that's right so
then the climate began in late 70s
suddenly warmed up a bit we're not
talking about huge differences one two
nevertheless out when TI sage and ingame
ago Louisville warming which served to
justify all sorts of schemes both
globally and domestically to limit
man-made emissions of greenhouse gases
and to do so through federal policy that
favored some industries and put others
at a disadvantage and for most
concentrated decision-making authority
over how we use our energy and the hands
of a relatively small number of people
located where like where I am Washington
DC groups as well because they needed
some kind of a worldwide problem to
justify global governance and a global
tax and so forth you know we went from a
situation we had Mark Twain say
everybody talks about the weather but
nobody does anything about it to the
absurd situation I thought it was pretty
pretty funny summary of what the real
reality was that you really could not
change the weather to this a certain
idea that all weather is controlled by
us and of course you know there's
there's a jus engineering that is going
on there openly talking about that and
saying well the biggest problem is who
gets to set the thermostat so that's
another aspect of this but prior to that
you had the narrative put out there that
yeah man controls the climate and so
we've got to control man that's the
narrative of the government isn't it oh
you know the whole idea just thinking as
a degree of hubris here that a few
bureaucrats in Washington Berlin Paris
and Brussels Tokyo and wherever are
going to initiate policies that are
going to change the climate oh I got
used to these people the climate is
going to do whatever it damn well
pleases always has it always will be and
it's incumbent upon us to deal with
whatever climatological changes mother
nature brings about we're fortunate
actually to be living in an interglacial
period which millions we're living
between the last ice age and the next
problem and the climate change we really
ought to be worried about although it
could be thousands of years
Road is the next Ice Age which if recent
geological history is any guide is
almost inevitable so be happy if it's a
degree warmer Fahrenheit which you
probably won't even notice now than it
was say 40 or 50 years ago because
that's a lot better than the alternative
because of one thing we really don't
want is an earth that cools off so much
that it affects our ability to grow
crops which is exactly what happened
doing that during the the Little Ice Age
which ran from about 1300 to 1750 we
don't want to do things we don't wanna
interfere with things and screw them up
the way we're seeing things screwed up
particularly in Europe now with their
diesel mandates and things like that
wherein you get a problem that perhaps
doesn't even really exist and you make
it worse oh yeah absolutely and of
course there's another agenda behind
that diesel banning there as well they
want to control our transportation they
know that there's going to be a very
effective way to do that if they can ban
private ownership and if they can outlaw
vehicles that are reliable and durable
but as they look at manmade global
warming we got to take a quick break
we're going to be right back with dr.
Bonner Cohen talk more about Russia's
involvement in the climate hysteria here
that's right then brewskis you know you
thought that the bear was just there
assemble but maybe it's the polar bear
who knows we'll be right back stay with
us all right so we're told that carbon
dioxide is toxic even though it's
necessary for life on Earth
it's what plants breathe so it has to be
controlled we're told that humans
control the climate in spite of the fact
that we have the Sun actually
controlling the climate but we're told
that it's humans and it's you quite
frankly better running the climate it's
not the government's I mean even if they
were involved in something like jus
engineering they would be doing the
right thing wouldn't they but of course
you just going about your ordinary
day-to-day business you were the one who
are destroying the climate
and evidence of that or changes in the
weather and even if they see changes in
the weather and they say this is an
anomaly among anomalies but we got to do
something about it because it shows it
climate is changing no weather is what
happens on a daily basis climate is the
long-term basis of that and that
presents a problem for people who are
doing climate models because they
haven't verified these climate models
for the most part now they've been
pushing this fake narrative long enough
that we've seen that many of their
predictions have failed of their climate
models but for the most part they've
been arguing in the past now the data is
starting to catch up to them but they've
been arguing in the past from a position
of authority just believe us we're
climate scientists we have PhDs from
respected universities so therefore we
whatever we say in our models is correct
and it must be feared and obeyed and of
course the solution to that is that only
government can save us from ourselves
it's our activity that is destroying the
earth and so government is going to be
there and it's prohibitions this rules
will save us from that and of course
that's going to require that they stop
us from using energy now there's another
aspect of this as we're talking to dr.
Bonner Cowan I know he was at the CPAC
and he was talking about some people
looking into some of the groups that are
pushing this and we know who's pushing
we know the US government is pushing it
we know that we have international
organizations that are pushing this
because they want a worldwide problem
for a worldwide government and a
worldwide tax to fund that worldwide
government and so there's a lot of
different organizations prove pushing
this but now some people are saying you
know I think some of these some of these
things are being funded by the Russians
because you know the Russians are behind
everything right but we do have evidence
that with uranium one Vladimir Putin was
trying to corner uranium if you want to
shut down and destroy a country that you
perceive as a threat what better way to
do it than to take out their energy
supply so I want to talk to dr. Bonner
corn because there actually may be
something to this particular charge
about the Russians we know that they
tried to corner the market on uranium we
know that they're one of the largest
producers of oil and gas we know that
they would like to get rid of the petro
dollar as would China they're both
actively and openly talking about how
they can shut down the
TRO dollar and of course the types of
moves that you're talking about dr.
Bonner might be what they would do tell
us a little bit about this yes thank you
thanks to some really first-class
investigative work by the US House of
Representatives Committee on Science
Space and Technology we now know that
there has been Russian interference in
something American in this case it's not
an election in 2016 but rather our
energy sector the committee has
uncovered a money trail that leads from
Moscow through an offshore company to a
foundation and surprise of our San
Francisco and from there it makes its
way into the pockets of environmental
groups around the country the money
originates in Moscow goes to the
offshore company which is in Bermuda
according to the committee it's called
Klein limited from Klein limited it goes
to something called the sea change
foundation in San Francisco this is one
of those foundations that's actually
passed through so if you want to donate
to a foundation group X you donate your
money to something like to see change
they then pass the money on and X may
not ever know who the originator of the
funds were that these things are
actually fairly common to call
pass-throughs now I like the DNC
interesting why are they doing this
because they want to help the
foundations here well I don't altruistic
I fight that benign not quite that
selfless but the founders the group's
the environmental groups receiving the
Russian money our groups that oppose
fracking these are groups that oppose
the construction of oil and gas
pipelines and these are groups that
oppose the export of the liquefied
natural gas from the United States to
willing customers around the world now
why are the Russians doing this very
simple they see the United States as a
huge threat and
terms of energy the Russian economy is
disproportionately dependent on exports
of oil and natural gas of which Russia
has a great deal but it's quite
expensive to extract and the truth of
the matter is Russian natural gas and
Russian oil cannot compete with us oil
and natural gas on a cost basis the
United States is now the world's largest
producer of natural gas having surpassed
Russia in 2011 we are on our way to
becoming the world's largest producer of
oil and we are already of course the
world's have had the world's largest
reserves of coal all of this poses a
threat to the economic foundations of
the Russian economy and whatever
geopolitical ideas mr. Putin may have
because it's going to require money to
do that he now finds himself a situation
where he can no longer bully countries
around the world to accept whatever deal
quote unquote the Russians offer them on
oil and natural gas because these
countries now have the option of buying
US oil and natural gas and that shows
the incredible geopolitical consequences
of what the United States is doing
particularly our so-called shale
revolution which is enabling us to get
to riches of oil and natural gas extract
him remarkably cheaply
not only providing Americans both
families as well as industry with
affordable and reliable energy but also
with enough left over to export that oil
and natural gas thereby roiling energy
markets around the world that's right we
had to create the petro dollar with the
support of the saudis because they were
largest producers of energy and at the
time it was very necessary to have their
support and so we entered into an
alliance with them to support our
currency and now if we
with the advances that we've had in
energy production in the United States
Saudi Arabia is still important to
supporting that but now the United
States is getting as you point out close
to we're now exporting a great deal of
energy and so it ties into the the
dollar and it's strength which is really
the core strength of America the fact
that we have something like a petrol
dollar and able to maintain that fiat
currency but it also touches even on the
wars that we've got I mean we look at
Syria what do we got here we've got a
war where the pipeline from Russia where
they're trying to sell their natural gas
into Europe is running right through
Syria and the US would like to stop that
they would like to put a different
pipeline in from a friendly country and
so forth so it is the source of our
financial security of competition it's a
source of wars that we have abroad and
it's not surprising that they would get
involved in part of the energy you know
trying to control the debate in this
country and to try to shut down our
ability to have cheap energy from fossil
fuels oh yeah some of our older
listeners may remember the OPEC oil
embargo of 1973 the Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries are led by
Saudi Arabia and a bunch of other Middle
Eastern countries primarily well OPEC
can't do that anymore that's right they
tried to do a price war and they got
hammered on and they tried to help
produce the fracking thing they couldn't
do it that's right for decades they
could call the shots with respect to
both the amount of oil produced and the
price at which it was going to be
produced u.s. frackers have now
undermined that and the US backers are
undermining the ability of the Russians
who had not a part of OPEC but who plays
very much the same game absolutely well
thank you so much for joining us dr.
Cohen and we're out of time again you
can find dr. Cohen at national center or
yeah they had us over a barrel for a
while but now they're and they may be
trying to do something about it we'll be
right back I'm David Knight welcome back
take a look at some
irony news in this segment I think
there's a lot of crazy stuff that is
coming out in the news last day or so
and I think you'll find it humorous
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appreciate your support all right let's
take a look at a couple of unusual
articles that we've got here we have a
transgender model that has been chosen
by the Labour Party as their new
equality advisor okay so they're gonna
hold a transgender model up as an
equality advisor except that he or she
or whatever said all white people are
racist but it's okay because it's a
transgender model that said that so
that's okay they get a pass because
they're special protected class a
transgender model who branded white
people racist has been chose
as the Labour Party's new equality's
advisor so watch out watch out white
people you're all racists all white
people are racist all white people are
racist just think about that for money
it's not okay to be white I mean even
put that up and now you can get flagged
by the Southern Poverty Law Center for
being racist just saying that it's okay
cuz it's not okay to be white and this
transgender model tells us that and
she's and they say without any hint of
hypocrisy or irony they're thrilled to
announce that she's going to be there
and she's going to help form and push
through fairer and more effective policy
changes by saying that all white people
are racist and also in London the police
says Breitbart points out the police
don't know why rape is up by 20 percent
in city Khans london i point out they
had seventy six hundred and thirteen
rates seven thousand six hundred and
thirteen rapes in london in the last
twelve months an increase of 20 percent
well tell you what they need they need
to let women arm themselves to protect
themselves right because women and
elderly people it's the best thing they
can do to protect themselves against
younger and stronger people it helps to
equalize things to have a firearm I mean
even if the other guys get a firearm
you've at least got a chance you don't
have that kind of you know they always
want to talk about sexual harassment or
talk about rape want to talk about the
difference in power right well you know
what power comes out of the barrel of a
gun doesn't it it doesn't just come out
of your position in a company or your
position in society your position by
being a male versus a woman power comes
out of a gun and that gun can be used to
equalize power for women but they're not
going to do that not and con's
london and as they point out knife crime
gun crime is up gun crime is up
in London wait a minute we had a hashtag
never again isn't that where the teens
have been telling us never again
you ban guns and we're never again gonna
have any gun crime except they do have
it in London and it's up significantly
because only the criminals have guns and
they have knife crime gun crime theft
burglary rape homicide all massively up
in cons London as I point out earlier
this year London overtook New York City
as one of the most dangerous cities in
the world that's okay because they've
got gun bans so it doesn't count it is
only a problem if it is guns that are
being put out there and as evidence of
this we see Ellen DeGeneres showing up
to an anti-gun rally with six armed
guards how's that for irony and
hypocrisy and not only that but when she
shows up to the rally with her small
army of armed guards telling you how you
don't need to have guns to protect
yourself you want to talk about a
discrepancy of power how about that but
the stupid crowd the useful idiots
applaud her applaud her because you know
she's there too at an anti-gun rally and
she doesn't think that she doesn't need
guns she's got six armed guards and you
don't need guns either just go hire some
armed guards but they don't want any
armed guards in schools right that's the
other part of this no armed guards in
no guns for you no right of self-defense
for you but Ellen can afford to have an
army of private armed guards and then
this from Pajama media it's time to go
ask your local progressive bakery to
bake you an NRA cake picture it's like
get them to put I send me automatic
pistol there and the NRA logo and just
see if you can trigger them at your
local bakery because that's really what
they've been doing to Christian Baker's
right I mean that's they're deliberately
baiting them going in and asking them to
bake a cake for the homosexual marriage
and say well you know
I tell you where you can get another
cake oh no no you have to do that you
have to do that and if you don't bow to
my demands then I will put you out of
business and they've gotten away with
that on many occasions so just ask them
to bake you a cake with all the gun
bunch of gun paraphernalia all over it
and the NRA you find somebody it's got a
bakery shop it's been a loudmouth on
social media and you go do that and film
it and see what you can find now we got
talking about the bullying media and the
bullying of free speech we had jerome
corsi on earlier in the program talking
about how he's had now two videos taken
down one of them he wasn't even talking
about the shooting and they say well
this is harassment and bullying because
you can say that if you've got a
political agenda you can say that about
anything if you're gonna force political
correctness on us if you're gonna force
cultural marxism on us and it is simply
just Marxism that is the tactic they
don't want to have a discussion if you
meet these people on the street they
just yell at you say you're racist
you're sexist you're homophobe I can
tell by the color of your skin that
you're racist so we don't even have to
have a discussion about that and we
don't have discussed firearms anything
else even to the extent we've had
covered it last week people saying well
you know Second Amendment is racist
because these militias were set up to do
slave patrols to make sure the slaves
kept in line and like okay well what do
you say then when you had the Black
Panthers and others demand their right
to carry firearms and say that was the
key thing with their power or you look
at other countries we've had Hitler
Stalin Mao who have taken the guns from
people and killed tens of millions of
people because they have all of the
power I mean if you think that the guns
were used to keep people in line slaves
in line then maybe you would say
therefore if I have a gun they can't
enslave me but no the left doesn't take
it to that point that would be a logical
conclusion they don't come to logical
conclusions instead if you talk about
any of these issues they come after you
for harassment and bullying and that's
the reason folks that they have put out
there as their spokespersons these
and we're gonna talk about the
witch-hunt teenagers when we come back
we're nearly out of time on this segment
but I couldn't get any traction in Las
Vegas why because everybody understood
that the government was lying to us and
when the government tells you obvious
lies and you push back against it that
creates a problem for so but the
mainstream media never would question
anything that the government told them
when the government in Las Vegas the
police the corrupt Police Department
there said well this is what happened
gave us version one of a story and the
media says oh this is what happened this
is it and then when they came out and
did a complete 180 on this completely
changed the timeline then the media
dutifully reported that as the truth and
then later on that day when MGM grand
told the police department how to change
it to help them with liability then all
the media said now that's what happened
Oceania has always been our enemy right
right that's the Orwellian approach that
the media takes and if you say anything
about that
if you questioned the government you're
always called a conspiracy theorist now
you're called a bully and a harasser and
you have your free speech taken away
from you that's the new control tactic
you know the conspiracy theorist thing
was a label that was created by the FBI
to keep people from questioning their
official report about the JFK
assassination yesterday I told you that
there were more than a hundred thousand
people who were not citizens who voted
in Pennsylvania an organization trying
to get that information released they've
already discovered that and they're
bragging about the fact that Democrats
are suddenly winning elections in
Pennsylvania that in areas that had
voted for Trump in spite of the massive
number of illegals and so this is going
on in many different places
Virginia is another example of it we
know that the Democrats have done
everything they can to invite and to
facilitate election fraud and of course
part of this is this whole dreamer
situation we have a report out of
Chicago new Chicago ID card has been
created for on
committed immigrants I am so sick and
tired of that phrase they are illegal
aliens aliens means that they are from
another country there are citizens from
another country that's what aliens mean
aliens means that and and then the fact
that they're undocumented that means
that they came here without any papers
any vetting any legal means and so what
they are our foreign citizens criminally
trespassing in our country but that's
okay in Chicago they have a new
municipal ID and this is the way they do
this in a gradual basis they created a
new municipal ID just for illegal
immigrants and they're now going and
they've been accepting that in Chicago
for all different types of
identification and now they're going to
accept that as a valid form of
identification to register to vote so
they don't give them they give them a
paperwork says okay we're gonna give you
special ID as aliens and then gradually
get used to everybody having that okay
well you know they just got a slightly
different form of ID their foreign
citizen who is living here illegally
criminally trespassing but that's okay
and now with that same ID they can now
vote they pointed out it's called city
key city you got a key to the city
you are VIPs dreamers is a
government-issued photo ID card
available to all Chicago residents
regardless of their immigration status
their criminal record their housing
status their gender identity according
to the City Clerk's website now why
would anybody deny ID four for housing
status for example oh that's right you
don't have to have an address that means
that you don't have to have any proof of
residency mmm okay criminal record that
means that felons can vote because
that's another key constituency of the
Democrats felons and we actually saw
this we had in Virginia we had Terry
McAuliffe say oh yeah we're gonna remove
the restrictions on felons so that they
can vote and actually I had individuals
bragging about the fact there
going through the prisons while these
guys are still in prison I mean it isn't
like they have done their time and
they've had their civil rights restored
or whatever no no no we're gonna go
through the prison's registering
thousands of voters in prison so they
can vote and then illegal immigrants
also registering this is absolutely
amazing but not to be not anything that
we didn't expect to see happen and now
as a sign of their new status as
American citizens the Supreme Court has
ruled that illegal immigrants can be
taint detained indefinitely welcome to
America once you become an American
citizen you aren't going to get those
special rights so the more we treat
these foreign citizens criminally
trespassing in America the more we give
them the rights of American citizens
that means that you have the right not
to have due process you have the right
to get free tuition after a while
they're gonna take that away from you
you have the right not to get a job
because they're gonna give that job to a
robot yeah we brought you in here so you
could take the jobs from the Americans
and lower the standard of living and
then we're gonna take the jobs away from
you and you and the Americans can all
fight over who's gonna survive how's
that kinda like Hunger Games in it with
a little twist from Silicon Valley
we'll be right back I'm David Knight CNN
is telling us that Texas is gonna turn
blue well that's it we've lost it
we've got CNN saying the Senate key race
alert Texas is no longer solid
Republican and you can believe it
because it's CNN I'd have to say the
only reason I look at CNN news is so
that I've got some fake news to comment
on if they didn't have fake news that
have no news at all at CNN they are a
source of entertainment and I just don't
know what we would do if we didn't have
CNN to talk about talking about how the
Democrats are gonna turn Texas blue well
they may they may do it by registering
illegal aliens as they're doing in
Chicago they handed out a city key a
city ID card that they handed out to
people and it's like you don't have to
have a home address regardless this is a
civil right for everybody so regardless
of your home status in other words you
don't have to have an
dress regardless of your citizenship
status you don't need to be one you can
still vote in Chicago and of course
they've already been doing that to a
large degree in many different places
they said now now they're openly doing
it have been doing it openly in many
different places but they they put that
out there and we're gonna talk a little
bit about CNN here in a moment but
before we do I want to play clip for you
about how the dreamers are being used
and we have Kellyanne Conway talking
about how they're using the dreamers as
a weapon yes they are they love to use
it think about this how many times has
the government pushed its control agenda
by saying we've got to do it for the
children right that's what they always
do with gun control and then they
propagandize the children in schools
like they do about climate change and so
forth so they push these kids the kids
come out to go oh you can do it for it's
gonna save us and then they use the
dreamers as well these are kids who come
in as long as you come in before the age
of 18 of course you don't have to
document that either okay you just take
your word for it
were you here by the time you're 18 cuz
I don't know who you are I don't know
what age you are and I don't have
necessarily anything that indicates even
when you came in I'll just take your
word for it you tell me if you can't did
you come in before you don't get good
good alright then we can sign you up for
the daca program where we don't enforce
our border laws we don't enforce the
border itself we'll just let you come in
because that was a memo put out by Janet
Napolitano Obama's Department of
Homeland secretary and she was charged
with protecting the borders and she said
you know what I'm not gonna do that I'm
gonna defer that I'm gonna defer that
just like when we asked them to testify
before Congress I said yeah I don't
think I'm gonna do that if I do that
maybe I'll do it later but I'm not
really gonna come in and talk to
Congress about the things that I did in
the Obama administration and no you
can't look at those computers of the DNC
you just have to take my word for it or
the word of my private contractor on
we're just gonna defer on that so they
get to use the children it's all for the
children right these children who come
in here's a story here about what some
of these children have done some of
these ms-13 children because you know
most of them are juveniles and they're
incredibly violent but they're dreamers
they're dreamers dreamers of ms-13
reputed ms-13 defendants laugh and smile
as slain teens family glares so these
are this is Enrico Portillo and brothers
Alexi saez and Jairo I guess laughed and
smiled joked with each other as
prosecutors said they're waiting to hear
from the Justice Department about
whether or not they can pursue the death
penalty who did they kill oh it was a
young Hispanic girl 16 year old kayla
Cuevas up in new york where they have so
many of ms-13 their cused of
slaughtering her and cold blood
alongside her friend Nisa Mickens 15 and
they just the family glare to these
people and they're just laughing these
kids they're laughing showed no signs of
remorse they laughed and they joked
about these Long Island Hispanics that
they killed but that's okay because they
were dreamers themselves and nobody's
bad here right they can do whatever they
want and you want to talk about shooting
up a school how about hacking up
students mutilating them hacking hacking
them to death cutting their heads off so
forth this is what ms-13 does you know
we talk about the teenagers that are
being used as a beard for their open
border policy the teenagers that are
being used as a beard and a shield for
their gun control policies and you can't
say anything about it because you would
be bullying and harassing them was it
bullying and harassing when they chopped
these kids up with their machetes and
cold blood did it out of pure
viciousness you know what the reasons
why and it's true of every every
demographic it's the teenagers that are
the most violent the teenagers who
commit most of the crimes does it matter
if you're talking about black white
Hispanic is a teenager
really dangerous now the Hispanic
teenagers coming here because we don't
control the border we have a lot of
ms-13 teenagers coming here as a matter
of fact one of the gang leaders was told
that he was specifically told by his
controllers in El Salvador to bring in
underage people as dreamers and they
would be okay even if they got ms-13
tattoos over wrong all over their body
all over their face nothing can be done
about that but when we look at the
number of crimes committed by dreamers
they're double that of other
demographics even adjusting for the fact
that teenagers do this more often and
you need to ask yourself why is it that
we have teenagers committing really
violent crimes at a much higher rate and
always have as I pointed out and every
demographic teenagers are far more
dangerous far more likely to commit
crimes than adults are well it's that
thing we call judgment judgment that
comes with maturity and we talked about
it you can scientifically prove it you
can look at the development of the brain
physiological explanations done by
Harvard scientists I read that report
this last week saying yeah they just
don't have this part of their brain
isn't really developed until about 25 or
so and so they don't really have the
kind of judgment they can learn things
they can talk and sound like an adult
but they're not an adult and so that's
why we have laws against certain types
of activity maybe we should raise the
voting age as I look at some of these
people that they're using out there as
shields as beards because you're not
allowed to talk about the kids by
YouTube by Twitter by the people who
control us by CNN you talk to about
these people who are trying to steal
your rights you know if they break into
your home and they steal your stuff
analyze your stuff threaten your family
you know these teenagers you know maybe
you could do something about it I don't
know depends on what jurisdiction you're
in but if they break into your
Constitution and start vandalizing that
if they start stealing your liberties
and stealing your rights you're not
allowed to talk about it because they're
teenagers they're teenagers so no
talking about that because then you
would be bullying and harassing people
according to Eric Schmidt's
YouTube people and zuker Berg's
Facebook so don't any of you dumb
efforts talk about that is a that's what
zugerberg said about his Facebook people
said yeah they're just dumb effers and
we're gonna control that don't worry
don't worry uncle Merkel as he said I'm
not Mike we're got a control speech
don't worry we'll control that and maybe
that's what Eric Schmidt was telling
barack obama and the 200 plus visits
that he made to the White House but
let's play what Kelly Anne Conway was
saying about the dreamers being used as
a weapon here's Kelly an example of the
president being open to other people's
ideas and saying okay well then I'm not
going to just take care of the 600,000
and we'll do all 1.8 million and he said
that for the whole world to see and a
bicameral enroll bipartisan meeting here
in the Cabinet Room with the White House
one hour Fox News cover the entire hour
as did others and yet you can't have the
Democrats back of the table leaders will
come back and fix this by the March 5th
deadline this Congress had all of last
year to do it the president gave them
another six months to do it and they
still haven't acted and you have to ask
yourself why is it do they care about
having a blunt instrument against this
president in his party or do they care
about helping the dreamer so is there an
executive order that's coming is there
something so let's let's just draw the
conclusion for her hair there for maybe
the Trump White House would learn that
you can't appease these people don't
offer them amnesty because they're not
gonna be satisfied with anything less
than open borders don't offer them
anything on the second amendment because
they're not going to be satisfied with
anything other than a complete gun ban
there as well stay with us we'll be
right back I'm David Knight well
according to CNN and the hill the
elections are over and the Democrats
have won especially here in Texas and we
have CNN telling us that Texas is going
blue CNN says a Senate key race alert
Texas is no longer solid Republican and
here's the evidence of it the Democratic
underdog from El Paso outraised first
term Republican senator and former
presidential candidate Ted Cruz by one
and a half million dollars from the
beginning of 2018 through mid-february
so in a couple months in a race that is
going to be taking place at the end of
the year the Democrats outraised Ted
Cruz so that's it and if that were true
if that were true if it simply was about
the money that was being raised then we
would have the there a president Hillary
or president Jeb right now wouldn't we
so you've always done that and they
always tell you who is going to win in
advance so you don't have to worry about
it right you know bothered to show up to
vote it's all over because we now have a
democrat underdog who has gotten a lot
of money who would it be that's giving
him so much money would it be Soros
somebody else like that
you know Soros has put a lot of money
and it's not even the key Senate races
that are really gonna be key because as
Obama lost power he said that they were
gonna get very active in terms of the
court because what they can't win at the
ballot box they will try to win in the
courtroom and so he had Eric Holder
there so we're gonna be very active and
what have they been doing they've been
doing all kinds of lawsuits and various
places to overturn the districting that
has traditionally been done by the party
in power and as they've lost a thousand
seats under Obama they no longer control
a lot of state legislators who do the
redistricting now the Democrats love
that when they were doing all the
districting ever since reconstruction in
North Carolina it was a Democrat party
that would draw the lines and as I've
said before North Carolina went for
Barack Obama in 2008 by 2010 they had
buyer's remorse there wasn't racism they
didn't like his policies and so you had
Republicans sweep everything in the
state everything in this ain't the first
time state legislature was Republicans
since reconstruction Republican governor
you name it except for Congress why was
that because of districting so even in a
massive sea change from one party to the
other if you control the districting you
still control Congress and Republicans
haven't realized that they don't look at
this strategically they don't understand
how the Democrats even with a wealthy
minority who can lavish massive amounts
of money on these individual race
the key thing is really going to be the
key control of Congress is gonna be
determined by the courts again because
they control everything now don't they
they control our borders
they tell Trump what foreign policy he
can do because you know controlling your
borders really is key foreign policy
it's also defense policy and it's about
time President Trump did and Andrew
Jackson and said well you can make your
let's see you and force it federal judge
at the lowest level or even Supreme
Court let's see you enforce it because
President Trump has been charged with
enforcing the borders and unfortunately
because of daca daka's the glaring
statement that we are not gonna be
bothered with enforcing borders and
that's been the policy of Trump now for
a year and a half
shamefully I should have from day one
said no we are going to enforce the
instead this uh well it's it's Congress
it needs to decide I don't want to I
don't wanna make that decision no you
put America first by putting the borders
first and you don't say we're gonna have
amnesty for the dreamers because you
know they're just these wonderful little
kids and we can't say anything bad about
them just like we can't say anything bad
about the little brats from parkland you
know they can get on there and they can
try to steal my rights they can try to
take away my ability to defend myself
and my family but I can't say anything
about him because I would be bullying
and harassing them well you know you
break into my house and you see if I
bully or harass you you try to steal my
rights you try to vandalize the
Constitution you watch me harass and
bully you I'm not gonna be told what I
can and cannot say by YouTube by Eric
Schmidt by Obama either that's CNN as
they try to push to shut us down so CNN
is telling us it's done didn't have a
single pole to justify the fact that
Texas is turning blue but it's simply
about that one race and about a
two-month fundraising period but of
course CNN has also claimed that only 35
percent of American adults approve of
Trump when Rasmussen Reports which has a
bit better record in terms of polling
says it's actually 49 percent so how'd
that work out how'd they get something
it's 15 points lower than Rasmussen for
Trump's approval they wouldn't be
cooking the books would they no no no
not at all not CNN not CNN yeah we have
Jeff Zucker saying it's silly
to criticize CNN for being left-wing gun
control advocates that's precisely what
you are Jeff Zucker went on had an
interview with Hollywood Reporter on
Monday he was asked about the comments
made by American Conservative Union
chair Matt slap he said cNN has decided
to take this path where they are kind of
left-wing advocates you think you think
no question about it
oh no CNN wants to pretend that they are
totally objective you know do it
absolutely I said before there'll be no
reason at all to look at CNN if it
wasn't for their fake news to comment on
that and to see where the democrat party
goes to make their statements because
that's what you see happening at CNN
it's a parade of the democrat party
doing their press releases and
pretending that it's news that's why we
watch CNN that's why I watch I don't
watch CNN I read about CNN I look at the
video clips about CNN and I comment on
CNN because it is a parade of fake news
and public relations from the Democrat
Party that's all CNN is and yet he says
no this is silly it's silly to say that
he said even though you had the town
hall event where Jake Tapper told the
questioner said you can't you can't ask
Democrats senator Nelson about the money
that he took from the NRA that's not a
question for him you gotta ask that the
Republican senator don't don't embarrass
the Democrats senator about that and
then when the Republican senators asks
everybody gets a chance to boo and cheer
a jeer him not cheer him but cheer him
see that it's not scripted it's not
scripted you present to them in advance
what you want to say and they will
decide if you'll be allowed to say that
or which part of that you will be
allowed to say and who you will be
allowed to ask that question to but
don't you ever say the CNN is scripted
because if you do even if you are a
student at Parkland and the father of
that student they will viciously attack
you in the press which they did by the
way they can jeer and scream at a rape
survivor and they're not advocates for
the for gun control either you know so
fake Jake
and say no no that question is not for
the Democrat senator that's questions
for they're not not scripted I'm not
controlled at all now they're just being
honest right that's a completely
objective CNN but there is something
they don't get complacent Republicans
because as the hill points out a blue
wave may be building in Texas and they
do have some demographics here some some
actual data to look at this they say
that Democrats have outperformed
Republicans in early voting and mail-in
voting so far this year in the state's
10 largest counties now they may be real
voters they may be Democrat voters who
you know we bring in from other
countries so that they can vote for the
Democrats who will give them give them
whatever they want when we come back
we're gonna talk to you about the overt
racism racism of the Democrat Party I'll
call him a demagogue party and you will
not believe a house bill that has been
introduced by the Democrats HR 49:18 one
of the most racist statements I have
ever seen and they're putting you in the
crosshairs racially profiling you if
you're white so the UK Labour Party has
just pin has just put a transgender
model in charge of their equality
program a model who has said all white
people are racist all white people are
racist so it's not okay to be white but
it's great to be transgender this is the
agenda that is being pushed on us
globally doesn't matter whether which
country you're in it is a global agenda
that is being pushed but it is also an
agenda of racism and I've got a
congressional bill that proves the
racism of the Democrat Party but before
we do this is let's hear a quote from
representative Guterres a Democrat
talking about how racist we are
okay here's representative Guterres the
president set us on this course
he pulled the legal rug from underneath
the dreamers and then croaked his
position on immigration in an
ethnocentric pro-european Pro white
agenda that will hurt America but the
racist and we must call them out for
what they are the races
driving immigration policy in the White
House are defining the agenda for every
House Republican and are shaping the
brand of the Republican Party that's
just as the party opposed to illegal
immigration but now is the party opposed
to legal immigration not just as the
party who doesn't want poor or Latin
American immigrants but doesn't want
brown or black or anyone who isn't white
in this country if that is how my
colleagues on the other side of the
aisle define themselves and want to be
remembered then they should do nothing
but I have a greater faith in this
institution and instability of this
Congress to rise above racism and to do
something the American people want us to
do without regard to race religion or
national origin Republicans and
Republicans are serious about reaching a
solution but it must start with my
colleagues on the other side of the
aisle saying yes we want to solve the
problem and we want to rise above the
racism emanating from the White House
oh okay so those ms-13 kids who came in
and killed other kids who are here
illegally but they're they're not racist
all right and and we are racist if we
want to have control of our borders we
have an ethnocentric pro-european Pro
white agenda he says see we got tired of
hearing Democrat adults and I put the
word adult in quotes Guterres people
like of that ilk calling us racist and
so then they brought in kids and said oh
you're horrible if you don't do it for
these kids but let's really pull the
curtain back and see what these people
are really about now that's that was
Democrat representative de terras we
also have a bill here HR 4915 I have in
front of me 115th Congress just
introduced February the 2nd 2017
somebody sent me this thing and I hate
that look it up because I couldn't
believe it was real couldn't believe
this is real but it is real and let me
tell you what it is now this is first of
all this is being offered by Democrats
Thompson of Mississippi Kelly of
Illinois Correa and Gonzales from Texas
they have introduced this following bill
and let me read you the bill to
authorize dedicated domestic terrorism
offices within the Department of
Homeland Security Department of Justice
the FBI to analyze and monitor domestic
terrorist activity and require the
federal government to take steps to
prevent domestic terrorism oh it sounds
good we don't want to have domestic
terrorism we don't want that's good
let's tell the FBI and the Department of
Justice and the Department of Homeland
Security do your job
stop trying to overthrow the election
stop trying to blackmail people stop
obstructing justice when it comes to
sexual harassment and the FBI and so
forth do your job do your job do
background checks actually put the data
in the background check database and
then when people call you up and say I
got a guy put his name on here said I am
and I want to be a professional school
shooter we'll do something about it no
you get 45 calls do something about it
sheriff can Benghazi okay but instead
they want to they won't do something
about domestic terrorism so saying do
your job Department of Justice FBI
Homeland Security and here's what they
say Congress finds the following number
one white supremacist and other
right-wing extremists are the most
significant domestic terrorism threat
facing United States and then they go on
for another 14 pages cataloging every
single time there was a white individual
who is involved in a crime because
that's all they're interested in looking
at let me tell you something it isn't
ethnocentrism it isn't a pro white
agenda the Democrat Party has become a
full-blown racist party of hate they are
the racist when you do nothing but talk
about race you're racist if all you can
see is somebody's race if the first
thing out of your mouth to any political
argument or any policy discussion is
you're racist because I don't agree with
you you're a racist you may be a race
America was a Jeff the guy that did the
redneck jokes you know me me your
redneck if you well you may be a racist
Democrats if you think that all
terrorism is created by white people
if you hate white people this much they
are very dangerous people very dangerous
people when all you do is talk about
race and identity politics and when you
actively try to institutionalize racist
persecution and profiling like these
Democrats are trying to do with House
bill 49 18 you are racist you are racist
I am sick and tired of this I mean try
to discuss these people anymore and the
Democrats say that they are surging in
the generic ballots as the economy fades
from the spotlight reports the hill well
maybe that's true maybe that isn't this
is mainstream media after all the hill
has some good reporters but they also
have a lot of really hardcore leftist
news there do you really think that the
Democrats are going to win in the
general election because nobody's gonna
care about the economy it's the economy
stupid that was how Bill Clinton won
that was how Hillary Clinton lost
because Hillary Clinton wallowed in the
of identity politics and racism the
demagogue party and it is going to be
about the economy and it is gonna be
about whether or not you want to go into
poverty and racism and identity politics
and division with the Democrats or
whether you're not you want to have
something in your life regardless of
what color you are you want to have
higher wages you want to have jobs
regardless of what color you are do you
want to be able to defend yourself and
have the right to self-defense
regardless of what color you are then
don't vote for Democrats don't vote for
Democrats they say Democrats have
reopened a double-digit lead in the
generic congressional ballot which is
absolutely meaningless it's going to be
in the gerrymandering that's how they're
going to win Congress if they win
Congress because people really do care
about the economy we really do care
about those crumbs Nancy Pelosi and I'll
add the hill we really do care about
those little crumbs in our life I know
but they're crimes for you you live so
high above us but it really does make a
difference in our life and if you want
to know how far the Democrat Party has
shifted left it was big news this
weekend and talked about it last couple
of days but the fact that Democrats in
California got together and they
could not support Diane Feinstein she's
too conservative for the Democrats in
California this is how off the chart
left-wing communists they've become the
lady who proudly put through an assault
weapon ban is too far to the right in
California to get the endorsement of the
Democrat Party they are absolutely off
of the charts off of the charts let's
pull up as a matter of fact let's start
talking about what these kids are doing
and how they are using them to shut down
any opposition again same way that they
use the dreamers they are now using
these kids in the Parkland shooting high
school shooting and it's happening
effect you've had several different
organizations come out and think that
they are going to somehow curry favor
with these people who can never be
satisfied by thumbing their nose at gun
owners in the NRA we've had a lot of
corporations do it we've had a lot of
car rental companies do it we've had
Delta and United Airlines do it well
you're gonna find that many of us don't
just show up at the polls you know in a
race pretty active people show up at the
polls you look at home schoolers you
look at gun owners they vote they're
very politically active and you know
what they also vote with their
pocketbook and so they have something to
say about this when we come back we're
gonna cover what Dick's Sporting Goods
has done they have caved to the high
school student trying to curry favor
with these teens who are conducting a
witch-hunt yeah that's a metaphor but it
started with the Salem witch hunt
conducted by some teenage girls who just
started pointing fingers at everyone say
your witch your witch we'll be right
back welcome back we're gonna take a
look at some of the things that's sex
lately we got David Hogg calling for a
boycott of spring break in Florida good
luck with that good luck with that
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appreciate your support all right so we
have David hog now drunk on his 15
minutes of fame and clearly as I said
before this is this is literally the
metaphor of a witch hunt or as David hog
would say his favorite word is clearly
clearly clearly this is a witch hunt
clearly it is clearly let's he says
let's make a deal do not come to Florida
for spring break
unless gun legislation is passed these
politicians won't listen to us so maybe
they'll listen to the billion dollar
tourism industry in Florida because you
know he's somebody should listen to
because he's got 300,000 Twitter
followers I wonder if anybody has ever
really looked at these Twitter followers
of him and of Emma Gonzales I think so
yeah Emma Gonzales she now has more than
a million Twitter followers more than
both the National Rifle Association and
its spokesperson and a Nilesh Politico
is very proud of that I wonder if
anybody has ever looked at the you know
she only signed up on February the 18th
first time she had a tweet and that
she's got more than a million followers
are all these followers real or they
bots she got any fake followers did she
buy any followers at CNN buy them for
her you know every time you make a
comment on so
Media you know this conservatives and
libertarians every time you make a
comment that they don't agree with they
just call you a bot because you know
racism that was so 2017 so now they just
call you instead of a racist they call
you a bot if you are well known then
they call you something else I say that
you are harassing and bullying them but
I wonder if there's any if anybody's
done a check as to whether or not these
Twitter followers are real but that
doesn't make you authoritative does it
to have Twitter followers his Twitter
bio describes him as a filmmaker an
entrepreneur a surfer and never again
let me tell you something never again is
the essence of delusion in this life if
you think that anything that's ever
happened is never again going to happen
or you can do something make it never
again happen let me just say something
the high school kids out there who are
lecturing us on our rights and liberties
you have rules in high school don't you
when your teachers make a rule does that
mean that that conduct is never again
going to happen see that's the way the
real life works it's a little bit of a
glimpse and how rules work or don't work
but then he offers this suggestion he
says I've got a better idea than coming
to Florida
David Hawk says spend your Spring Break
in Puerto Rico yeah better take an
electric generator and some batteries
with you to when you go to Puerto Rico
the Florida shooters these kids now are
eyeing a big book deal and perhaps it'll
have a lot of pictures I don't know
there they are they gonna have somebody
write that for them Facebook today came
out with a major announcement saying
that we're adding more ways to use face
recognition besides just suggesting tags
and it's so happy you know face show
recognition is not an invasion of your
privacy by Facebook no it's good news
it's good news you're gonna really love
this because they've got three bullet
points there this is what face
recognition technology will do for you
it will find photos that you're in but
you haven't been tagged it will help
protect you from strangers using your
you mean strangers like Mark Zuckerberg
using my photo or strangers like some
creepy and
say CIA Politico guy like James clapper
or Michael Hayden it's gonna protect me
from those guys it'll tell people with
visual impairment who is in your photo
or video isn't that nice
isn't that nice it's kind of like what
DARPA does with their robots now they
roll the robots out you know and it's
like don't worry
Gort is not going to harm you he's just
gonna help the little old lady across
the street fear you know he comes in
peace says DARPA about all their robots
and about all their spying technology
they're creepy spy technology nothing to
fear and Facebook says that as well now
Fast Company points out that of course
Facebook facial recognition is nothing
new to Facebook they've been doing it
for a long time as a matter of fact
they've been doing it so much so that a
federal judge says that they're going to
be subject to a class-action lawsuit
about gathering biometric data which of
course they can't get your fingerprints
so it's your face that they're looking
at so you've got a judge a federal judge
saying I probably gonna have this
class-action lawsuit you are subject to
it because you're grabbing this
information you're gathering it you're
storing it and so that happened they
came out with this disclaimer
essentially but putting it out as happy
news everybody if you're a Facebook user
you got this information today they put
that out at the same time and then down
below it after they've told you what a
happy thing it is to have your face
recognized by Facebook they say you
control facial recognition this setting
is off but you can turn it on at any
time which applies to any features we
may add later and then maybe they'll
have a rule coming down the pike later
on it says oh we've made that the
default to be on all the time that's
probably how it's going to work and so
that brings up the question you know we
have these teenagers who are loving the
limelight they're writing books or on
television all the time they're being
used as the shield for adults shield for
adults as a matter of fact
TMZ pointed out George Clooney and
Scooter Braun Scooter Braun you may not
know but Scooter Braun was active in the
UK in terms of pushing a Manchester
charity event for victims of the ariana
grande is that grande or grande I don't
even know who she is
some kid who had a popular teenage star
and there was a concert bombing there at
the at that thing so uh and that's no
reference to the way that she performs
quite frankly when they say concert
bombing they mean it literally but yeah
that concert was bombed and so scooter
has already been there with a Manchester
charity event and now he is teaming with
George Clooney and others and TMZ is
reporting this and say we know that
they're really running this March for
our lives it really is George Clooney's
March for my agenda March they're using
these kids that's why when I said
they're being useful idiots just as
Linden talked about it or as Mark
Zuckerberg talks about the people that
use his service he calls them dumb
effers Lenin call them useful idiots I
said they're youthful idiots they're
using them as a beard and say if you say
anything about them you're bullying or
harassing them and so they said we know
this because one of our producers
emailed members of the campaign that
were triggered by the Marjory Stoneman
Douglas shooting it she wanna know how
many sweatshirts and t-shirts and things
like that they'd sold and they said well
we think it's over twenty two thousand
items sold but the producer wanted no
more so they referred her to a woman
who's running the campaign it turns out
she works for Scooter Braun and then
they also found out that Clooney who
donated a half a million dollars to it
and then got his friends Oprah and
Spielberg and who knows how many other
politically inclined ridiculously
wealthy Hollywood people put money into
that they're actively working behind the
scenes to provide various forms of help
sources at March for our lives tell us
that Clooney is the one who started the
behind the scenes work and he recruited
Scott Braun we've also were assuming
they said that they've done all this on
the Qt because they feel it would
diminish the impact of the movement if
celebrities appeared to be running the
show precisely you're sick and tired of
hearing Democrat politicians call you a
racist you're sick and tired of hearing
Hollywood stars virtue signaling to you
telling you what you have to do so what
do they do
they get some fresh new faces and use
them as the beard as the shield for
their operations the students are the
ones changing hearts and minds I say so
it's important that it stays that way
and we have a George Clooney telling TMZ
we've donated money to help pay for the
March but the March and all the
activities surrounding this movement
belong to you the people yes you
children who are out there and so as we
look at this and we look at the way that
these kids are being used we need to ask
what effect this is having you know
there's things in our society that have
changed aren't there one of the things
that has changed is social media and
there's a story up on USA Today that we
don't have time to get into I'll get
into it more tomorrow why are so many of
my teen patients cutting themselves as a
doctor he believes the answer lies in
social media and how it can affect the
emotions the self-image the self-esteem
of teenagers who are not emotionally
mature who don't have judgment who
depends so desperately on the attention
that they get with social media
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