Author Topic: Trans “Equality” Advisor: "ALL Whites Are Racists"  (Read 37 times)

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Trans “Equality” Advisor: "ALL Whites Are Racists"
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:01:29 PM »

also in London the police says Breitbart
points out the police don't know why
rape is up by 20% and city cons London I
point out they had seventy six hundred
and thirteen rapes seven thousand six
hundred and thirteen rapes in London in
the last twelve months an increase of
20% well I'll tell you what they need
they need to let women arm themselves to
protect themselves right you found it
it's the real news with your host David
Knight alright let's take a look at a
couple of unusual articles that we've
got here we have a transgender model
that has been chosen by the Labour Party
as their new equality adviser okay
so they're gonna hold a transgender
model up as an equality adviser except
that he or she or whatever said all
white people are racist but it's okay
because it's a transgender model that
said that so that's okay they get a pass
because they're special protected class
a transgender model who branded white
people racist has been chosen as the
Labour Party's new equality's adviser so
watch out watch out white people you're
all racists all white people are racist
all white people are racist just think
about that for money it's not okay to be
white I mean even put that up and now
you can get flagged by the Southern
Poverty Law Center for being racist just
saying that it's okay cuz it's not okay
to be white and this transgender model
tells us that and she's and they say
without any hint of hypocrisy or irony
they're thrilled to announce that she's
going to be there and she's going to
help form and push through fairer and
more effective policy changes by saying
that all white people are racist and
also in London the police says Breitbart
points out the police don't know why
rape is up by 20 percent in City Khan's
they had 70 613 rapes 7,000 613 rapes in
London in the last 12 months an increase
of 20% well I'll tell you what they need
they need to let women arm themselves to
protect themselves right because women
and elderly people it's the best thing
they can do to protect themselves
against younger and stronger people it
helps to equalize things to have a
firearm I mean even if the other guys
get a firearm you've at least got a
chance you don't have that kind of you
know they always want to talk about
sexual harassment or talk about rape
wanna talk about the difference in power
right well you know what power comes out
of the barrel of a gun doesn't it it
doesn't just come out of your position
in a company or your position and in
society your position by being a male
versus a woman power comes out of a gun
and that gun can be used to equalize
power for women but they're not gonna do
not in Khan's London and as I point out
knife crime gun crime is up gun crime is
up in London wait a minute
we had a hashtag never again isn't that
where the teens have been telling us
never again you ban guns and we're never
again gonna have any gun crime except
they do have it in London and it's up
significantly because only the criminals
have guns and they have knife crime gun
crime theft burglary rape homicide all
massively up in cons London as I point
out earlier this year London overtook
New York City as one of the most
dangerous cities in the world that's
because they've got gun bans so it
doesn't count
it is only a problem if it is guns that
are being put out there and as evidence
of this we see Ellen DeGeneres showing
up to an anti-gun rally with six armed
guards how's that for irony and
and not only that but when she shows up
to the rally with her small army of
armed guards telling you how you don't
need to have guns to protect yourself
you want to talk about and discrepancy
of power how about that but the stupid
crowd the useful idiots applauded her
applauded her because you know she's
there too and an anti-gun rally and she
doesn't think that she doesn't need guns
she's got six armed guards and you don't
need guns either just go hire some armed
guards but they don't want any armed
guards in schools right that's the other
part of this no armed guards in school
no guns for you no right of self-defense
for you but Ellen can afford to have an
army of private armed guards and then
this from Pajama media it's time to go
ask your local progressive bakery to
bake you an NRA cake picture it's like
get them to put a semi-automatic pistol
there and the NRA logo and just see if
you can trigger them at your local
bakery because that's really what
they've been doing to Christian bakers
right I mean that's they deliberately
baiting them going in and asking them to
bake a cake for the homosexual marriage
and they say well you know I'm tell you
where you can get another cake oh no no
you have to do that you have to do that
and if you don't bow to my demands then
I will put you out of business and
they've gotten away with that on many
occasions so just ask them to bake you a
cake with all the gun bunch of gun
paraphernalia all over it and the NRA
you find somebody it's got a bakery shop
it's been a loudmouth on social media
and you go do that and film it and see
what you can find now we've been talking
about the bullying media and the
bullying of free speech we had jerome
corsi on earlier in the program talking
about how he's had now two videos taken
down one of them he wasn't even talking
about the shooting and they say well
this is harassment and bullying because
you can say that if you've got a
political agenda you can say that about
anything if you're gonna force political
correctness on us if you're going to
force cultural marxism on us and it is
simply just Marxism that is the tactic
don't want to have a discussion if you
meet these people on the street they
just yell at you say you're racist
you're sexist you're homophobe I can
tell by the color of your skin that
you're racist so we don't even have to
have a discussion about that and we not
discuss firearms anything else even to
the extent we've had covered it last
week people saying well you know the
Second Amendment is racist because these
militias were set up to do slave patrols
to make sure the slaves kept in line and
like okay well what do you say then when
you had the Black Panthers and others
demand their right to carry firearms and
say that was the key thing with their
power or you look at other countries
we've had Hitler Stalin Mao who have
taken the guns from people and killed
tens of millions of people because they
have all of the power I mean if you
think that the guns were used to keep
people in line slaves in line then maybe
you would say therefore if I have a gun
they can't enslave me but no the left
doesn't take it to that point that would
be a logical conclusion they don't come
to logical conclusions instead if you
talk about any of these issues they come
after you for harassment and bullying
and that's the reason folks that they
have put out there as their
spokespersons these teenagers and we're
gonna talk about the witch-hunt
teenagers when we come back we're nearly
out of time on this segment but I
couldn't get any traction in Las Vegas
why because everybody understood that
the government was lying to us and when
the government tells you obvious lies
and you push back against it that
creates a problem for so but the
mainstream media never would question
anything that the government told them
when the government in Las Vegas the
police the corrupt police department
there said well this is what happened
gave us version 1 of a story and the
media says oh this is what happened this
is it and then when they came out and
did a complete 180 on this completely
changed the timeline then the media
dutifully reported that as the truth and
then later on that day when MGM grand
told the police department how to change
it to help them with liability then all
the media said now that's what happened
Oceania has always been our enemy right
right that's the Orwellian approach that
the media takes and if you say anything
about that if you question the
government you're always called a
conspiracy theorist now you're called a
bully and a harasser and you have your
free speech taken away from you that's
the new control tactic you know the
conspiracy theorist thing was a label
that was created by the FBI to keep
people from questioning their official
report about the JFK assassination
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