Author Topic: Hogg Power Trip: Boycott FLORIDA!  (Read 38 times)

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Hogg Power Trip: Boycott FLORIDA!
« on: March 06, 2018, 04:58:14 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight all right so we
have David Hogg now drunk on his 15
minutes of fame and clearly as I said
before this is this is literally the
metaphor of a witch hunt
or as David hog would say his favorite
word is clearly clearly clearly this is
a witch hunt clearly it is clearly let's
he says let's make a deal do not come to
Florida for spring break
unless gun legislation has passed these
politicians won't listen to us so maybe
they'll listen to the billion dollar
tourism industry in Florida because you
know he's somebody should listen to
because he's got 300,000 Twitter
followers I wonder if anybody has ever
really looked at these Twitter followers
of him and of Emma Gonzales I think sure
yeah Emma Gonzales she now has more than
a million Twitter followers more than
both the National Rifle Association and
its spokesperson and a Nilesh Politico
is very proud of that I wonder if
anybody has ever looked at the you know
she only signed up on February the 18th
first time she had a tweet and that
she's got more than a million followers
are all these followers real or they
bots she got any fake followers did she
buy any followers at CNN buy them for
her you know every time you make a
comment on social media you know this
conservatives and libertarians every
time you make a comment that they don't
agree with they just call you a bot
because you know racism that was so 2017
so now they just call you instead of a
racist they call you a bot if you are
well known then they call you something
else I say that you are harassing and
bullying them but I wonder if there's
any if anybody's done a check as to
whether or not these Twitter followers
are real but that doesn't make you
authoritative does it to have Twitter
followers his Twitter bio describes him
as a filmmaker an entrepreneur a surfer
and never again let me tell you
something never again is the essence of
delusion in this life if you think that
anything that's ever happened is never
again going to happen or you can do
something make it never again happen let
me just say something the high school
kids out there who are lecturing us on
our rights and liberties you have rules
school don't you when your teachers make
a rule does that mean that that conduct
is never again going to happen see
that's the way the real life works it's
a little bit of a glimpse and how rules
work or don't work but then he offers
this suggestion he says I've got a
better idea than coming to Florida
David Hawk says spend your spring break
in Puerto Rico yeah better take an
electric generator and some batteries
with you to when you go to Puerto Rico
the Florida shooters these kids now are
eyeing a big book deal and perhaps it'll
have a lot of pictures I don't know
there they are they gonna have somebody
write that for them Facebook today came
out with a major announcement saying
that we're adding more ways to use face
recognition besides just suggesting tags
and it's so happy you know facial
recognition is not an invasion of your
privacy by Facebook no it's good news
it's good news you're gonna really love
this because they've got three bullet
points there this is what face
recognition technology will do for you
it will find photos that you're in but
you haven't been tagged it will help
protect you from strangers using your
you mean strangers like Mark Zuckerberg
using my photo or strangers like some
creepy NSA CIA Politico guy like James
clapper or Michael Hayden it's gonna
protect me from those guys it'll tell
people with visual impairment who is in
your photo or video isn't that nice
isn't that nice it's kind of like what
DARPA does with their robots now they
roll the robots out you know and it's
like don't worry Gort is not going to
harm you he's just gonna help the little
old lady across the street fear you know
he comes in peace says DARPA about all
their robots and about all their spying
technology they're creepy spy technology
nothing to fear and Facebook says that
as well now Fast Company points out that
of course Facebook facial recognition is
nothing new to Facebook they've been
doing it for a long time as a matter of
fact they've been doing it so much so
that a federal judge says that they're
going to be sub
- a class-action lawsuit about gathering
biometric data which of course they
can't get your fingerprints so it's your
face that they're looking at so you've
got a judge a federal judge saying I
probably gonna have this class-action
lawsuit you are subject to it because
you're grabbing this information you're
gathering it you're storing it and so
that happened they came out with this
disclaimer essentially but putting it
out as happy news everybody if you're a
Facebook user you got this information
today they put that out at the same time
and then down below it after they've
told you what a happy thing it is to
have your face recognized by Facebook
they say you control facial recognition
this setting is off but you can turn it
on at any time which applies to any
features we may add later and then maybe
they'll have a rule coming down the pike
later on it says oh we've made that the
default to be on all the time that's
probably how it's going to work and so
that brings up the question you know we
have these teenagers who are loved in
the limelight they're writing books or
on television all the time they're being
used as the shield for adults shield for
adults as a matter of fact
TMZ pointed out George Clooney and
Scooter Braun Scooter Braun you may not
know but Scooter Braun was active in the
UK in terms of pushing a Manchester
charity event for victims of the ariana
grande is that grande or grande I don't
even know who she is
some kid who had a popular teenage star
and there was a concert bombing there at
the at that thing so um and that's no
reference to the way that she performs
quite frankly when they say concert
bombing they mean it literally but yeah
that concert was bombed and so scooter
has already been there with a Manchester
charity event and now he is teaming with
George Clooney and others and TMZ is
reporting this and say we know that
they're really running this March for
our lives
it really is George Clooney's March for
my agenda March they're using these kids
that's why when I said they're being
useful idiots just as Linden talked
about it or as Mark Zuckerberg talks
about the people that use his service he
calls them dumb effers lennon call them
useful idiots I said they're youthful
idiots they're using them as a beer
and say if you say anything about them
you're bullying or harassing them and so
they said we know this because one of
our producers emailed members of the
campaign that were triggered by the
Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting it she
want to know how many sweatshirts and
t-shirts and things like that they'd
sold and they said well we think it's
over 22,000 items sold but the producer
wanted no more so they referred her to a
woman who's running the campaign it
turns out she works for Scooter Braun
and then they also found out that
Clooney who donated a half a million
dollars to it and then got his friends
Oprah and Spielberg and who knows how
many other politically inclined
ridiculously wealthy Hollywood people
put money into that they're actively
working behind the scenes to provide
various forms of help sources at March
for our lives tell us that Clooney is
the one who started the
behind-the-scenes worth and he recruited
Scott Braun
we've also were assuming they said that
they've done all this on the Qt because
they feel it would diminish the impact
of the movement if celebrities appear to
be running the show precisely you're
sick and tired of hearing Democrat
politicians call you a racist you're
sick and tired of hearing Hollywood
stars virtue signaling to you telling
you what you have to do so what do they
do they get some fresh new faces and use
them as the beard as the shield for
their operations the students are the
ones changing hearts and minds they say
so it's important that it stays that way
and we have George Clooney telling TMZ
we've donated money to help pay for the
March but the March and all the
activities surrounding this movement
belong to you the people yes you
children who are out there and so as we
look at this and we look at the way that
these kids are being used we need to ask
what effect this is having you know
there's things in our society that have
changed aren't there one of the things
that has changed is social media and
there's a story up on USA Today that we
don't have time to get into I'll get
into it more tomorrow why are so many of
my teen patients cutting themselves as a
doctor he believes the answer lies in
social media and how it can affect the
emotions the self-image the self esteem
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