Author Topic: YouTube Continues To Harass & Bully Conservatives  (Read 33 times)

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YouTube Continues To Harass & Bully Conservatives
« on: March 06, 2018, 04:44:20 PM »

basically a witch-hunt dime is just like
the Salem witch trials it's not even a
metaphor anymore it is a literal witch
hunt well it's clearly a removal of all
conservatives with which from any
participation in YouTube so Google now
it's decided Eric Schmidt's decided to
go to war sign up with a Southern
Poverty Law Center he was in the bag for
Hillary and by the way I think Eric
Schmidt ought to remember that he
resigned from alphabet the day after
President Obama signed this December
last year signed this executive order
saying the Treasury can confiscate the
all the assets of anyone involved in
serious human rights trafficking or
corruption yeah or the institutions that
they were running at the time yes
you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight I want to talk
about free speech because as you know
yesterday we had a second strike put on
our YouTube channel
Alex Jones's main channel 2.2 million
subscribers I forget how many billions
of views it's had over the last ten
years but of course they're coming very
close to trying to shut us down being
prodded on of course and and proud of it
by CNN CNN coming out and saying yeah we
contacted YouTube and said shouldn't
this be shut down and what are you doing
about these other videos when are you
gonna shut them down just like we have
seen in Congress as you've got a
Democrat congressman saying that I saw
the story trending from from Infowars on
social media what are you doing to shut
this down on Twitter and so it's just
it's just amazing how this is going so
do we have dr. Corsi on the line yet
with us he wanted to join us and talk
about how he's being okay so we've got
the second strike was put on yesterday
took took it down but if you look at
these strikes where they say every time
harassment bullying harassment bullying
harassment bullying this is the
political correctness of cultural
Marxism and let's just drop the cultural
part it is just Marxism Marxism no
matter how they try to spend this this
was you can't talk about these young
students that's why they're putting them
out front
it's amazing how they didn't talk about
having talked really about Las Vegas
they just dropped that biggest shooting
ever and yet because of all of the
garbage that we're being told by the
government but you're not allowed to
question any of that now because now
they're spokespersons are teenagers but
that's not even what dr. Corsi was
accused of here I don't think because he
was had a strike had a video taken down
by YouTube and said it was guess what
bullying well who's doing the bullying
here so joining us now is our Washington
correspondent dr. jerome corsi thank you
for joining us dr. Corsi David my great
pleasure thank you tell us a little bit
about this video that you had you had a
video about
joon-ha and it was taken down for
alleged bullying were you bullying
people with q9 well pretty ridiculous
also they also took down a second one
yesterday so I had one on the park alone
scoop school shooting I took that one
down both appeals were denied so I've
now got basically two strikes against me
on youtube-land so that's you know one
one more and I'll be removed from
YouTube and I essentially just took down
all content I mean it's nothing up there
except a couple videos one of me and I'm
in Dealey Plaza and another one with me
and at the Shroud of Turin exhibit wait
a minute you are dealing plazza did you
say something about a conspiracy theory
at Dealey Plaza because I'm sure the
Southern Poverty Law Center would like
to shut you down on that as a matter of
fact there's one of the people one of
the groups don't want their trusted
reporter groups that are telling YouTube
who to take down pointing the finger
this is basically a witch-hunt dime is
just like the Salem witch trials it's
not even a metaphor anymore it is a
literal witch hunt well it's clearly a
removal of all conservatives with which
from any participation in YouTube so
Google now it's decided Eric Schmidt's
decided to go to war I'll sign up with a
Southern Poverty Law Center he was in
the bag for Hillary and by the way I
think Eric Schmidt ought to remember
that he resigned from alphabet the day
after President Obama signed this
December 21st
last year signed this executive order
saying the Treasury can confiscate they
are all the assets of anyone involved in
serious human rights trafficking or
corruption yeah or the institutions that
they were running at the time yes and
also Google had a major role in this
whole Russian conspiracy thing Google
put a hundred million dollars and a
strike fund which was the group that
said there was the Russians to the hack
of the DNC I suspect CrowdStrike put the
metadata in that proved of was the
Russians they created the proof they
were looking for was a threat to act not
ENC and secondly well of course the
CrowdStrike told the FBI go away you're
not gonna be able to examine the stuff
you just have to take our word for it
right and the computer was never
examined and so therefore also crowds
Eric Schmidt contributed heavily to the
Hillary's campaign he contributed to the
DNC they've laundered money through
Perkins Coie to pay for this lying
fusion GPS dossier that's all gonna come
to roost on Eric Schmidt I like to see
Eric Schmidt under criminal
investigation he went to the White House
the Obama White House was it I forget
how many times it's over two hundred
times all right time to get the FTC
involved and to announce a massive
examination we do need this internet
Bill of Rights we've got to have the
Internet have First Amendment
protections if we're gonna have alphabet
and Google be given broadband space now
they can't be using the Southern Poverty
Law Center saying we're operating
privately we can have only the people we
want here honest he's they need to be
broken up Eric Schmidt needs to be put
in a criminal investigation I like to
see him for various campaign abuses in
his support of Hillary Clinton I and
again we talk about the Southern Poverty
Law Center's involvement and things
remember they labeled the Family
Research Council there in Washington
their offices were attacked by a guy
fortunately nobody was killed but he
came there with a gun to shoot people
why because he'd been told by the
Southern Poverty Law Center that the
Family Research Council a Christian
group that supported traditional
marriage between one man and one woman
that made them a hate group according to
the Southern Poverty Law Center so this
guy read this stuff and he's gonna shoot
these people up and take revenge for
them being hateful white Christians
these are the people who are promoting
hate harassment bullying and so forth
but I mean it goes beyond harassment and
bullying but they're getting their cue
from the Southern Poverty Law Center
this is a very concerning thing and the
attack is stepped up I mean if you're
gonna have oh this is now in full gear
you have this being after the election I
guess Eric Schmidt and Google decided
that they were so resentful Donald Trump
but they're now gonna go full full bore
and to trying to just censor any
conservatives out to our try to deny
conservatives the social media access
during the 12 was a long-standing plan
we had a Matt Drudge come here as the
primaries are just kicking off it was a
fall of 2015 said you watch out because
I've been told by a Supreme Court judge
that they're going to shut you guys down
and and this is the plan and this is now
being implemented the plan that they had
then it was not an even entirely secret
in Washington people like Matt Drudge
and others knew about it and now they're
implementing that plan well I think
there's something it's a very serious
concern because out to all of us you
know the ability to communicate through
the internet as a primary right and if
you're gonna have the major channels
denied to us on these obviously are
ridiculous grounds
you know when others at the left can say
any extreme thing they want to say I
mean I think it's time to start creating
legal funds and going after Google with
some massive libel suits and other other
major you know I'll be happy to launch a
major libel suit against them for you
know saying my speech was bullying
anybody that's belly it's ridiculous it
you know they're this torturous
interference is also the legal term you
know we got these de facto monopolies or
if you will
oligarchy because the government has
always wanted to have a limited number
of spokespersons they loved it when they
had ABC CBS and NBC and maybe NPR that
they fund right and then they could tell
them what to do with operation
Mockingbird and they would cover the
same stories and all three networks and
they give you the exactly the same angle
because it was coming from one single
source they have been trying to do that
now with the internet which by the way
they created it was a psychiatrist who
created the internet for DARPA and he
was he was looking at it as a tool of
psychological control it got out of
their hands a little bit and they're now
trying to take it back one I don't think
operation Mockingbird has ever stopped
David I think it's know continuing I
think you still have you know certainly
the they don't want any queuing on they
don't want anybody following any
intelligence source that
in any way is exposing the deep
corruption of the left they the left
would be happy to enslave everybody and
do created an intolerant atmosphere oh
yeah precisely what they want all right
we got to take a quick break we're gonna
be right back with dr. jerome corsi
we're gonna talk to him about internet
censorship they're coming after all of
our channels it's not just the alex
jones main channel is also the channel
that dr. Corsi has been putting his
videos on and we're going to have a
special broadcast starting tomorrow
operation Paul Revere 2018 we've got to
keep that free speech going welcome back
we're talking to dr. Jerome Corsi about
the bullying of YouTube and the effort
to now choke off free speech after going
through the process just as we're
talking at the top of the hour about how
the Federal Reserve will lower interest
rates pull everybody in and then choke
them off burst the bubble create the
bubble burst the bubble and what they've
done is they've essentially pulled
everybody into a couple of different
media outlets come on in
you can post whatever you want on
Facebook on YouTube on Twitter and then
they choke out everybody else and now
they're going to control free speech
because they are the the gorillas in the
room isn't that correct doctor course
exactly right David and that technique
is gonna be what has to be challenged
it's gonna have to be challenged in
court it's gonna have to be challenged
at the FTC how president Trump's gonna
have to be involved President Trump may
think that his Twitter feed is on not
being censored he doesn't then
understand shadowboxing he doesn't
understand the degree to which it can be
manipulated even if he sees what he
posts it doesn't mean it's getting the
circulation he thinks it's getting ion
yeah even if he gets a ten thousand
retweets that could have been 20,000 or
50,000 without the shadowboxing that
they have yeah and also you know in
terms of the other media I think with
Google and the others all this you know
come on in and join us we've got a huge
now Google's
trying to take that audience and pump
liberal leftist hardcore Southern
Poverty Law Center hate at them and I
think that's a challenge I mean it'd be
Google's gonna be an international
franchise that has only one perspective
and that's hard left you know cuz it's
the American people we're gonna have the
American people protest leave in droves
you gotta find some other forums and we
have to take legal action against Google
over a and have to go into the
regulatory environment press the issue
in Congress and with the president if
Donald Trump wants to have re-election
chances in 2018 the you know the White
House needs time thinking seriously
about Google's play right here to
control the narrative or the hard left
going into the election cycle and
hopefully he will with the guy that he's
now he announced yesterday that he has a
campaign director for 2020 so big news
is that he's running again I guess if
that is news but the bigger news I think
is the fact that he chose a guy who was
his digital media spokesperson or you
know good digital media for his campaign
so he's got to be very aware of the
importance of digital media it truly is
the thing that allows him to speak to
people and that puts him in a very
vulnerable position when we've allowed
these few companies to establish a
little oligarchy here and they have a
radical left-wing agenda and they're
willing to push that agenda just like
the NFL was even if it costs them money
they're willing to push that agenda you
know we look at these tactics we've seen
this from bigger corporations that is a
very common tactic corporations like
Walmart or you know when I had a retail
chain we were competing against a big
corporation that was traded on Wall
Street they had deep pockets they had
infinite pockets that could always go
back to Wall Street they didn't have to
operate and at a profit and what they
could do is they could come in and
directly target small mom-and-pop
operators by opening a store that was
exactly like theirs right across the
street from them until they put them out
of business and this is why we only have
one or two corporations whether you're
talking about hardware you're talking
about other industries and you have the
Walmart's who come in and they
operate at a deep discount barely making
money if they even do make money they'll
operate at a loss until they can
establish a monopoly then they control
everything and that's what these media
companies have been doing just from a
business standpoint but now they're
using it in a political way to shut down
freedom of speech to shut down political
speech that they're opposed to in the
same way the IRS did against Tea Party
groups well see that's the problem is if
we politicize the internet so that it
becomes only a hard left channel we've
in fact destroyed one of the fundamental
freedoms of the First Amendment which is
that these forums are supposed to be
open to everyone it would be like taking
the town hall going back into the
American Revolution and saying only
those people who agreed with the king
could have an opportunity to speak
that's why the American Revolution
occurred in the first place and our left
wants to I'll take these
you know tactics with the Southern
Poverty Law Center and brand anybody who
disagrees with them as a nutcase or a
conspirator or bullier you know this is
this isn't gonna not gonna stand with
the American people these charges of
harassment and bullying are absolute
nonsense I mean it's one of the things
that Twitter did to ban Roger stone by
saying oh we don't like your speech and
you could look at people like Keith
Olbermann and and look at how bullying
he was how profane he was and they never
did anything to him it's obviously a
double standard and you have to be able
to if you're gonna have a free
marketplace of ideas you have to have
ideas out there that people can't shut
down if they're offended it has been the
death knell of comedy we've had a lot of
comedians talk about that we've had
we've had John Cleese the Monty Python
talk about it we have Bill Murray talk
about it hey we can't do any jokes
anymore because somebody is gonna be
offended well you can guarantee that
somebody's gonna be offended if you talk
about politics and if you're saying that
if you're talking about politics that's
harassment and bullying that is nothing
but a Marxist veneer of censorship well
and I think we're gonna have to be
realistic and understand it Infowars
that in the amount of time we're gonna
be permitted to use YouTube is limited
maybe they took one of the strikes back
they didn't take any of the strikes back
for me I have two strikes
on the account any Content I post on
that I'm sure I'll get another strike on
it right away
and so you know YouTube is not going to
be a viable channel for us we're gonna
have to find alternatives as soon as we
rebuild re you know reinvest and rethink
that we're gonna be able to have a
positive response out of you to relent
the time where we could be developing
alternatives YouTube will just be
planning to you'll release the trap door
once again right before an election
cycle or right when our voices are most
needed that's right that's right
and because we've already seen besides
the outright shutting down of YouTube
we've already seen them throttling view
counts yeah I could find somebody that's
kind of fraction of the number of
subscribers that we do and a video that
I will put on our channel with 2.2
million views somebody also put it up
and our 2.8 million 2.2 million
followers and somebody also put it up on
a channel where they've got maybe 30 50
thousand followers and they'll get 10
times the number of views so we know
that they're throttling our views we can
take a look at the comments there's
other indications of that but the fact
that they would be so bold as to come
down on one of the largest channels on
YouTube and then at the same time
endlessly promoting The Young Turks I
mean YouTube goes with the Young Turks
to all of the political conventions
they've held them out there as Paragons
as models for other people and they do
everything they can to support them they
do everything they can to take down
conservative channels and this has been
happening for quite some time
it's just now they've gotten to the
level where they're gonna come after
really well-known channels like Alex's
Channel what you're seeing on your
channel is not as well known
so they put two strikes on there and
they leave them on there but we've seen
so many conservative YouTube channels
that have already been shut down weeks
months ago I think you know if Eric
Schmidt wants to go the route of Karl
Marx so be it examine his politics I
don't know everything about the
contributions he made to Hillary I want
to know the money that went through
perkins coie that was laundered going
over to fusion gps how did that end up
in the before the FISA Court is the
reason for this electronic surveillance
what's Eric Schmidt's role Neil
electronic surveillance that was done of
Donald Trump in his campaign at Donald
Trump doesn't think this is a serious
issue then someone in the White House
better up have a little conversation
with him and point out that his
supporters are being throttled and
private of the opportunity to be on
these internet social media channels
hopefully his new campaign manager who
is head of digital media in the last
campaign hopefully he will have a
heart-to-heart discussion with President
Trump it's a hopeful sign that he has
picked this guy maybe that guy can
explain that to him well I think and
also we're gonna see a change coming on
that now it's finally coming clear that
Jeff Sessions is beginning
investigations there's investigations on
leaks there's now an investigation on
this FISA what I'll fire it finds a
court process there's gonna have to be
investigations and leaks in the White
House the demands for a special
prosecutor are gonna grow we're gonna
see in March potentially two very
damaging reports see how Eric Schmidt
covers these up they won't cover them at
all on YouTube
I'll gloss over them with some you know
videos of how you repair your autumn
will be on things of that nature we just
gotta make it clear that YouTube is not
the place to be just like see anything
and just like MSNBC that if they're you
know they want war that we better I
understand that we're in a war and if
they want or well let's take it to them
I mean I'm in a mood to fight this thing
yeah not to win with you too but YouTube
is gonna you know continue exerting is
its monopoly and trying to push anybody
with their voice that disagrees with
them out but that's anything gonna be a
losing strategy in the long run it is
the losing strategy we all get better
get prepared for thought reform camp is
actually the hottest right yes that's
right they're coming after not just the
Second Amendment or not just the first
minute the coming after both of them at
the same time thank you so much for
joining us dr. jerome corsi
and of course he'll be part of our
broadcast or operation paul revere 2018
a special broadcast in defense of free
we'll be right back to it
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