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Full Show—Sheriff Benghazi, Call But He Won’t Come
« on: March 06, 2018, 04:42:25 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight we're gonna take
a look today at who the real coward of
the county is is it the guy that
everybody is blaming or is it the
sheriff I think I just gave it away when
I talked about the guy who continues to
push for gun control whose policies were
not only failed but were fatal and we're
gonna take a look at some other news
today besides a gun control as well as a
matter of fact we've got 20 states now
filed yesterday here in Texas we have 20
states attorneys generals have sued the
Trump administration to end Obamacare
why would they do that I mean didn't we
already do this and it failed that's
went to the Supreme Court and Supreme
Court said no there isn't any we're not
going to find in favor of the Obama
administration's argument that under the
Commerce Clause they have the ability to
order you to buy something from a
private company in other words health
insurance they don't have the authority
to do that but what the Supreme Court
said was well they can tax you if they
want and so that was the linchpin folks
and so what we have here is a situation
that is very hopeful because now that
the Obama care tax has been repealed
there is no constitutional basis for
Obamacare to continue in any way shape
or form and we have 20 state attorneys
general who are talking about that we're
gonna go into that in a little bit more
detail we're also gonna take a look at
another Supreme Court decision that is
again interfering with the rule of law
and the division of powers is absolutely
amazing to me that the Supreme Court
would refuse to hear a case that really
does reflect on division of power we
cannot have every minor federal judge in
every court and the country have veto
power over the president on issues that
really fall within his jurisdiction
how do we understand power in America is
there one king somewhere is there an
all-powerful president or an
all-powerful judiciary branch or an
all-powerful legislature or an
all-powerful unelected bureaucracy no no
the bureaucracy as a matter of fact is
not even a legitimate sphere of power
but we do have three spheres of power
within the federal government and of
course the founders are so concerned
that we would have one that would rule
them all one ring one sphere of power
that would rule them all but they're not
only divided the federal government into
three parts they also divided power
between the federal government between
the people and the states we don't talk
about states rights they don't have
rights people have rights states have
powers and the people have power under
the Constitution but they were very
concerned that one group would rule
everything and now we know who that
group is no way it is the judicial
branch because even a minor judge within
the judicial branch can sit down it can
shut down things that are not within his
jurisdiction not within his power and
then we've seen that multiple times when
President Trump says we're going to not
allow people from countries that by the
way we are at war with based on Obama's
moves not getting authority to go into
these wars but he's attacked these
countries thinks they're dangerous so we
sent the military in were bombing and
killing people in these countries and
yet these dangerous countries that we've
gone to war with we cannot restrict
movement of people from those countries
into our country can you imagine if
during World War two we were told that
we cannot restrict the free immigration
of Nazis or even the Japanese who were
you know interred American Japanese
that's a different thing but if the
Japanese citizens who were at war with
us we had some kamikaze guys wanted to
come across the border going to Mexico
and just walk across and a federal judge
would say you can't do anything about
that you know we have an invasion here
and we don't have a rule of law we have
a rule that says you can't enforce the
law that's what's going on here within
the judiciary and the Supreme Court says
nothing I'll have more about that when
we come back stay with us I'm David
Knight well we now have an ironclad case
for the repeal of Obamacare it is now
clearly unconstitutional you know we had
this situation was very very strange
when Justice Roberts wrote both the
decision that disapproved of Obamacare
and then the one that approved of it and
then everybody believed that he was
going was gonna be a 5-4 shut down of
Obamacare as being unconstitutional it
was and yet he switched his vote and
wrote both decisions many of us believed
at the time he's being blackmailed by
the deep state I still believe that well
that's just my opinion you can believe
whatever you want nevertheless when it
went before the Supreme Court there were
two arguments that were made one of them
made by the Obama administration was
that it was their power under the
Commerce Clause to dictate to us what we
had to buy in terms of insurance to tell
us so we had to buy products from
private companies that's clearly not the
case there's absolutely no way that that
is a case as a matter of fact when you
look at all of these usurpations of
power by the federal government they
typically boil down to the expansion of
this mythological commerce clause of the
use for everything except to allow free
commerce that's ironic isn't it that
they would use the Commerce Clause when
there were restrictions on health
insurance companies crossing state lines
remember when little Marco mocked
President Trump said you talk about
lines lines the lines everywhere what is
this about lines anything well you know
what you knew what the lines were you
know what the lines were the lines were
saying that you cannot compete across
state lines well that truly is a
violation of the Commerce Clause the
Commerce Clause was there because the
federal government was not going to
allow the balkanization in terms of
Commerce in our country so we were gonna
have a free trade zone within
can borders now later on Thomas
Jefferson as he shut down the expanded
government of his predecessor John Adams
said he was very happy that nobody in
America knew a taxman there were no
internal taxes he said what farmer what
laborer or what mechanic knows a taxman
and we've been able to do this because
we downsize government he said got it to
fit inside the Constitution and he
didn't actually use that phrase that's
my my term but they funded the federal
government strictly off of import taxes
off of import taxes there were no
internal taxes and so they envisioned
the constitutional vision of America was
to have a free trade zone that's what
the Commerce Clause is about but they
take the Commerce Clause they take the
general welfare clause there's one other
trying to remember what it is
anyway they take these these various
clauses and I think that the people who
were suspicious of the Constitution to
start with these Virginians people like
Madison said you know what they've left
themselves a pattern for complete
consolidation we'd better do something
about this we better have a bill rights
and they did and part of the Bill of
Rights was very important 9th and 10th
amendment saying if you haven't been
given these powers specifically
enumerated you don't have them you don't
have them those powers those rights the
rights are retained by the people the
powers are retained by the states and so
when we look at this lawsuit to end
Obamacare they really do have a
rock-solid case here this is a
bulletproof case and there are 20 state
attorneys general they're suing the
Trump administration over the individual
mandate and Obamacare this came out
yesterday's a lawsuit filed yesterday
states that Congress's decision to
repeal the tax penalty as part of the
Republican tax bill that was just signed
into law by President Trump and
validates the mandate and all of
Obamacare why because the Supreme Court
upheld that it was okay as long as it
was a tax well it's not a tax anymore
it's not a tax anymore now what is it
just an invalid order from the federal
government that violates the
Constitution because they are ready
ruled against the idea that the Obama
administration put out that they had the
power to regulate under interstate
commerce under the Commerce Clause the
Supreme Court's already rejected that so
now the Supreme Court if they're going
to if they're gonna rule against these
20 attorneys generals general lawsuit
then they are going to have to rule
against themselves the same Supreme
Court the rule essentially concluded the
federal government isn't allowed to
force people who aren't engaged in
commercial activities to buy a product
or service that they don't want and
that's all that's left of Obamacare now
South Carolina's Attorney General Allen
Wilson joined the 19 state coalition
that is called Obamacare
unconstitutional he said the US Supreme
Court has already ruled Congress cannot
force citizens to buy health insurance I
swore an oath to uphold the Constitution
so I have to be part of this fight to
throw out the law Wisconsin Attorney
General Brad Schimel and Texas Attorney
General Ken Paxton filed the brief
yesterday in Texas way to go Paxson you
lead the way
meanwhile we've got Scott Walker Scott
Walker who wanted to be President in the
last election and he has been telling
everybody how much she hates Obamacare
you know just like Paul Ryan who's also
from Wisconsin but guess what he's doing
is a political points out Scott Walker
wants to save Obamacare in Wisconsin he
wants to prop up his Obamacare market
with a two hundred million dollar
program that would underwrite this
failing plan this failing plan
subsidizing it remember how it was
subsidized unconstitutionally remember
how when Obama couldn't get the
subsidies from Congress because the
money has to come from Congress they
have to vote funds for different
programs and they refused to do it
so Obamacare said Obama come on who said
I don't care
and he went after the money he stole it
from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
investors who thought they were
investing in safe mortgages they got
scammed about that and they thought they
were guaranteed by the federal
scammed about that and then even after
it returned to profitability Obama says
hey we can do a net asset suite also
known for those of us who aren't
presidents that's known as just outright
theft and he stole the profits from them
and we had jerome corsi
point that out and the the Attorney
General Jeff Sessions seemed to
recognize that and yet they still allow
that to continue on I don't understand
what I do understand why we have Scott
Walker doing this Politico says it is a
startling turnabout for a governor who
has repeatedly called for repealing and
replacing the health law no it's not he
is a typical establishment Republican
he's just like Mitch McConnell he's just
like Paul Ryan it's not a turnabout he's
a turncoat he is a liar he'll tell you
one thing to get you to vote for him and
it'll do something exactly the opposite
when he gets in there so we'll see what
happens with it but some places like
Texas we want to get rid of it people in
Wisconsin maybe if they want it they can
have it let them go down with the ship
we don't really care about that I want
to play for you well we don't have time
in this break here I want to play for
you a warning from michio kaku about AI
let's do play that well play that well
got to break with this a warning this is
a couple of days ago about murderous
thoughts from robots they think that one
day the robots may take over well that's
always a possibility but for the next
period of time for decades to come
artificial intelligence is going to
create jobs industries new opportunities
new fields opening up century robots
could become dangerous the tipping point
is self-awareness
fortunately the big points gonna come
before that in fact robots don't know
anything about awareness so we have
nothing to worry about
but in the future perhaps we should put
a chip in their brain to shut them off
if they have murderous thoughts once
they become self oh ok let's hold it
right there
that's all we need to hear because let
me say this we don't have to go to full
general artificial intelligence where
they become self-aware and we have a
Skynet scenario if you have general you
have specialized artificial intelligence
where they're driving your car or where
they're acting as police robots and
they're under the control of a few
individuals you can get them to do
things that a human being would not do
because of all conscience the robot
doesn't have moral conscience it is a
slave an automat on and then of course
there's the convenient factor that you
can always blame anything that happens
with these robots on a software bug hey
mistakes happen
I'm sorry wiped out that entire town
we'll be right back I'm David Knight so
who is the coward of the county is it
this guy that the sheriff pointed out
Scott Peterson said I saw a video of him
it was absolutely inexcusable he didn't
go in and do anything he stood there
with his gun I just can't believe it
came after him then we found out on a
late Friday night that there were three
other deputies of the sheriff there well
then people start asking what's going on
here was this their policy was there an
order to stand down why would you have
four deputies doing this if one guy does
it he freezes you can understand that
that's human nature you know altruism to
lay down your life for somebody else
that's a very rare thing isn't it
especially for strangers we celebrate
that we say that that's an act of
heroism and we celebrate heroes like
that when they do it but it's a it's not
an easy thing to do nobody knows what
they're going to do in a situation like
that when we got four deputies all four
on there doing nothing that sounds like
some kind of a policy either for that
event or a standard policy and we've got
the the deputy Scott Peterson who was
attacked by this sheriff coming out and
saying I'm not a coward
he said he did not believe that gunfire
was happening inside the building during
the parkland Florida school shooting the
video look together with eyewitness
testimony those on the scene will
exonerate him of any subpar performance
said his lawyer because he's probably
going to be sued by some people
if he did nothing he may be sued as an
individual so we'll see what happens
with this but let's let's see the video
the sheriff said he's not gonna show the
video well what would then what would
that do we also had President Trump
weigh in on this as he was talking to
governor's they had a heated
back-and-forth between some of the gun
control governor's saying oh no nobody
should have any guns anywhere around the
school I know what teachers armed or
whatever well Trump then replied with
this let's play that video but we have
to take steps to harden our schools so
that they're less vulnerable to attack
this includes allowing well trained and
certified school personnel to carry
concealed firearm it's at some point you
need volume I don't know that a school
is going to be able to hire a hundred
security guards can't afford it no I got
to watch some deputy sheriff's
performing this weekend they weren't
exactly Medal of Honor winners alright
the way they performed was frankly
they were listening to what was going on
the one in particular he was then he was
earlier than you had three others that
probably a similar deal a little bit
later but a similar kind of a thing you
know I really believe you don't know
until you test it but I think I really
believe I'd run in there even if I
didn't have a weapon and I think most of
the people in this room would have done
that too because I know most of you but
the way they performed was was really a
disgrace as a matter of fact there was a
Coral Springs police officer who was not
on duty who was not armed he's just
wearing a t-shirt and shorts and he was
doing some volunteer work there at the
high school he heard that going on and
he did hear the gunfire I don't know why
this other deputy didn't hear he did run
in even without a weapon he stopped to
help a student who was run the other way
who was shot he stopped to stop the
bleeding and then as the SWAT team was
arriving there as he was finishing up
with that student getting him to a safe
treating him it will tell you more about
that but he he grabbed one of the SWAT
team guns and goes in so I mean there's
different ways that people have
reacted to this but when we talk about
the way we're going to make the schools
safer banning ar-15s doesn't do anything
that's a political agenda and they're
using useful idiots youthful idiots like
David hog to sell that agenda doesn't do
anything to make anybody safer doesn't
bring anybody back but it puts our the
people who are still living the people
are still going to school puts them in
jeopardy if we don't do something about
school security so what are we gonna do
are we going to turn it into a fortress
or we're gonna spend a half million two
million dollars to harden these schools
and then hire armies upon armies of
policemen over every school in the
country we can't afford to do that we
can't afford to become the world's
orphanage and educate every child who
wants to come here either that's the
other part of this but the schools are
bankrupting us if we do this type of
thing no there is a it's you don't even
have to do it as an act of heroism if
the teachers are there in place and if
they have those who wish to do so not
gonna compel anybody to do anything and
you know and I hope they don't bribe
anybody either we don't need anybody
else who is bribed with bonuses or
anything else just allow the teachers
who are already carrying there's a large
number of teachers who have already gone
through and have guns just allow them to
keep the guns when they go on to school
property you can do some training you
can do some more training and a great
deal of vetting sure no problem with
that a well-regulated militia of
teachers and then we don't have to pay
them anything extra just allow them to
exercise their god-given right of
self-defense and in so doing they will
defend other people as well and they
have more of a connection to the
students than any kind of paid police
officers do that's the solution folks
that's the solution to making the school
safer and you know what you can never
say as I said yesterday you can never
say I want to make sure that this never
ever happens again you can never say
that you can never say that about
anything in life think about how I mean
it's struck by lightning you can never
say we're gonna make the world
safe against lightning strikes ittan
gonna happen there's always going to be
a Black Swan event no matter how much
you work you're never going to be able
to wish these things away into the
cornfield but let's take a look at the
real coward of the county the Broward
County Sheriff Scott Israel now this was
tweeted out by Dinesh D'Souza and he
said I assume Broward County Sheriff
Scott Israel got his Lamborghini take a
look at this picture got his Lamborghini
so that his men could arrive swiftly on
the scene of the crime this is a county
sheriff who buys a Lamborghini and
writes Broward County Sheriff on it and
then poses with Hillary Clinton and so
forth and does a lot of other things
we're not talking about here as well
Florida EMTs say that the Broward
sheriff Scott Israel blocked medics from
treating gunned down students inside the
school let's run that video on the day
of the shooting in the critical moments
when victims lay inside in need of
immediate care one source tells FOX News
some EMS teams requested to go inside
but were denied by the committee agency
the Broward County Sheriff's Office that
source alleges scanner recordings will
reveal that now the Broward County
Sheriff's Office released a statement in
response to some of these allegations
saying in part there are multiple
investigations being conducted in
addition to the Stoneman Douglas
shooting investigators will not be
rushed or asked to jump to conclusions a
reporter from our Miami affiliate WSVN
reports that a season first responder
said they would have risked their life
to go inside and that they were
frustrated the entire time they were
there however the course were they
typically do fire chief who was on scene
that day says it is procedure that EMS
cannot go inside until law enforcement
clears them to enter the fire chief says
law enforcement could not initially
confirm if the suspect fled or was
deceased making it too dangerous to let
EMS inside that fire chief telling Fox
News in part decisions cannot be made in
a vacuum it is possible that those that
are upset about
we're gonna go to break but I got to say
the only person that I've heard come to
the defense of the sheriff was a
father of a student who survived and
said day the police drugged my child out
to treat him well you know the procedure
is for EMP to go in they're willing to
do that that has been the procedure for
school shootings for a long time but not
in Broward County not under the coward
of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel
we'll be right back we'll take a look at
some of the other things that happen at
that shooting all right when this
sheriff in Broward County came out on
Friday evening 6 o'clock eastern time
and reveals yeah it wasn't just that
deputy that I peed all over publicly now
it was another three deputies as a
matter of fact it was all of my deputies
there who did nothing it was the Coral
Springs Police Department who did
something and again you know it was his
deputies who were telling the EMTs they
could not go in and administer aid to
people the deputies had to or the police
department because they were the
controlling legal department there the
police department there they said you
got to drag these people who were shot
you got to drag them out before they can
be treated and a father who doesn't
really know what's going on so well I
really like the sheriff you know we had
some of his some law enforcement people
drug my child out and got medical care
to him and it's like well you know like
a lot of a lot of kids didn't get
medical care as quickly and the kind of
quality that they should have by not
being moved because of the actions of
these people because they shut this down
and he doesn't know whether or not who's
who that was I mean we've got the people
who showed up and force where the Coral
Springs Police Department
not this liberal sheriff who was pushing
for gun control but it's more than just
gun control when I tweeted that out on
Friday I said how dare him do that and
know that he had deputies who didn't do
anything while he's on CNN Town Hall
telling everybody we've got to have gun
control and that the answer to this
solution is to hire armies of new
deputies under his control and people
like him no no we're not gonna do that
no real sheriff's like many and Texas
some in Arkansas some in other places
real sheriff's have already found the
solution to this it just needs to be
implemented and it needs to be
implemented on a county-by-county basis
you can elect a different sheriff you
can get rid of the sheriffs that are
like sheriff Israel in Florida and you
can get sheriffs in who trust people who
will not trust people they'll verify
people they trust but verify they trust
you as a citizen you know you're not
you're not guilty until they prove
otherwise but if the principal
recommends if you volunteer for this a
principal recommends you the sheriff as
we've had Texas sheriff talk about this
process the sheriff then does an
interview if you get to that point then
you go to a psychiatrist and they do a
psychological profile of you and then if
you pass all of those screenings then
you get a lot of in-depth training a
week's worth of training and then you're
not a marked person you're not wearing a
uniform nobody knows who these people
are that's another part of this that's
vital and we can actually afford that we
cannot afford to turn every school in
this country into a fortress but we got
this Broward sheriff who was pushing gun
control with CNN and look at what he did
he has one of his deputies give training
to a radical mosque in Tampa this is
amazing that's not even his jurisdiction
Mazhar hem Z leader of the Hamas related
Council on american-islamic relations
care you've heard about care they're
very big in Tampa USF Milam nya I'm the
one night of that he is also a deputy
sheriff in the Broward Sheriff's Office
but he did a weapons training class in
Tampa Bay at a Florida mosque that
partners with many terrorist
organizations this is not a slur it is a
fact he is CEO and Regional Operations
Director for the Florida Chapter of care
that's called care Florida in July 2014
care Florida that he is CEO of this
deputy who works for sheriff Israel
co-sponsored a pro Hamas rally in
downtown Miami where rally goers shouted
we are Hamas let's go Hamas thank God
every day we conquer
American Jews like our conquests over
the Jews of Israel Israel and its
supporters are enemies of God wrote the
executive director so to say that these
people are hateful terrorists radical
Islamists I know that HR McMaster would
never use that label on anybody even
people who say this type of stuff but
Hansie the sheriff's deputy sheriff
israel's deputy used his position as law
enforcement officer he traveled at Tampa
he performed weapons training at the
darussalam Mosque also known as the
Islamic Society of New Tampa New Tampa I
say this is gonna be a New Tampa
presumably I guess under Sharia law why
is that New Tampa the Islamic Society of
New Tampa a mosque that is associated
with all three u.s. groups that have
been named to the UAE s terror list
United Arab Emirates has three groups on
the terror list and all three of them
are associated with this mosque that the
Broward Sheriff's Deputy did training
for as CEO of care Florida let's play
the video shows a little business
oh that's interesting he is a big Second
Amendment supporter when it comes to
Islamic terrorists big Second Amendment
supporter for that you have a Ryan in
the Second Amendment to carry guns but
you know those Americans and those
schoolteachers and not so much not so
much says the sheriff that this guy
works for now the sheriff has been
getting some flack for CNN because
they've got their own problems I see
story here about how CNN has now slumped
below I forget that some cable and
network is like the Shopping Network or
something I mean that it's pathetic how
their ratings have gone through the
floor and so they were using the sheriff
at the CNN Town Hall to push their gun
control agenda just like they're using
David hog and he said some things that
are quite obviously a lie and at this
point CNN wants to cut their losses so
they're actually coming after this
sheriff questioning him about this
because he said he got 23 calls about
the shooters family but the records show
something different says CNN the
Sheriff's Office has insisted it
received no more than 23 calls for
service related to Cruz or his family
they said however of CNN received a
Broward County Sheriff's Office log
based on public records that showed 39
calls about this and that's the figure
that I've been going with remember I 39
was the first number that came out and
then this sheriff started saying oh it's
only 23 only I said well you know 23:39
what is it you maybe it is 45 that's the
new number the new number this is
starting to look like Las Vegas in terms
of the continually evolving narrative so
the continuing evolving narrative from
the sheriff's office in terms of the
number of calls is now 45 because of
records he tried to make it
try to take it down to 23 you know this
kind of kind of reminds me of his pal
Hillary Clinton that he's proposed with
you know she said hey what difference
does it make
right what difference does it make
whether we were called 23 times or 39
times or 45 times what difference does
it make
I'm waiting for him to say that because
this whole thing because of his
department has really kind of turned
into a slow-motion Benghazi hasn't it
you know they call for 13 hours for help
from Hillary Clinton and she wouldn't
send anybody we had over a longer period
of time 45 different calls from people
in the community asking for help from
sheriff Israel and the coward of the
county did nothing just like his mentor
Hillary Clinton and like CNN who pushed
back against this and of course they
took the side of sheriff Israel against
Dana lash when she was there and that
thing and he said in the town hall he
said I'm calling BS on the claims that
it was 39 people well that's right
because it's now 45 and this is CNN
reporting this let's take a look at the
exchange at CNN when we come back
there's actually they called him out on
it cuz like I said they're not gonna
take the heat for this lying coward of a
sheriff whose policies not only failed
but were fatally flawed
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
welcome back I'm David Knight and I want
to finish up with this coward of the
county sheriff Scott Israel you know
when we're looking at this poster the
Lamborghini Jeff said hey point out that
he probably got that Lamborghini from
civil asset forfeiture and that's right
that's right he said they're playing
Miami Vice and I wonder which character
sheriff Israel sees himself as is he
Crockett or Tubbs they confiscate these
goods which of course people are able to
get because creating Prohibition just
like they did during alcohol prohibition
it makes it very very lucrative to trade
in drugs it gives an incentive for
people to engage in a very lucrative
black market
and then it corrupts law enforcement
organizations you know when President
Trump said maybe the FBI was just too
busy coming after me to pay any
attention to the two calls that they got
that's true enough I think that's true
the FBI is really not focused on what
they say their mission is we would like
to believe that they are focused on
solving crimes but know they are
involved in political intrigue and
what's happening to our local law
enforcement offices
they've been corrupted by the war on
drugs not the coup against President
Trump but by the war on drugs that's
corrupt in our local law enforcement
they're setting they're playing with the
spoils of a drug war and it is corrupted
them and that's this is good evidence of
what's going on with these people these
people who can grab anything that they
want they're distracted by this that's
their focus right where are they gonna
get the money or are they gonna get some
new toys that they can confiscate from
people without even charging them with a
crime let alone convicting them of a
crime it's not just the drug dealers who
have the Lamborghini that they can steal
and of course they don't have to prove
it they just take it and then they can
drive it around along with the
speedboats and all that other kind of
stuff that we saw in Miami Vice they
glorified that for years and nobody ever
asked wait a minute are they getting
hell it's the police department getting
this why isn't this going to let's say
building schools why don't you get a
conviction against these drug dealers
then you take their property and then
you give the money to the schools no no
no no
well civil asset forfeiture they take
the stuff and I never get involved in a
criminal case for that necessarily and
they just enjoy the spoils of the drug
war and that's what they're really
focused on they're not really focused on
protecting people it's a corrupt police
department that's one of the things
that's come out of the drug war even
though it hasn't done anything to reduce
the amount of drugs being sold the
prohibition is absolutely ineffective
except to get Lamborghinis for people
like sheriff Scott Israel and I guess
the taxpayers paid for the fancy paint
job to mark his territory
if you
well before we go back into the sheriff
getting cross-examined finally getting
asked some tough questions by CNN after
they supported him and then realize even
they know who this guy is at this point
because they're starting to come back
against him so I'm gonna play a little
bit of a clip here before we do real
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to appreciate your support that's what
keeps us independent twice go to this
clip of the back-and-forth with sheriff
Scott Israel and I think it's Jake
Tapper that's doing the questioning
let's go that clip are you really not
taking any responsibility for the
multiple red flags that were brought to
the attention of the Broward Sheriff's
Office about this shooter before the
incident whether it was people near him
close to him calling the police oh my
god you know Jake I could only take
responsibility for what I knew about ie
exercises my due diligence
I've given amazing leadership for this
from Jake Tapper he can't take
responsibility you don't measure a
person's leadership by a deputy not
going into a we measure it by your
policy whether or not they protect the
community in this case you've listed 23
incidents before the shooting involving
the shooter and still nothing was done
to keep guns out of his hands to make
sure that there were the school was
protect we need to call this guy the
Benghazi Sheriff your deputy actually
got failed I don't understand how you
can sit there and claim amazing
leadership take on 16 of those cases how
deputies did everything right our
deputies have done amazing things to
system work in this five years I need
more of the system we've taken the
Broward Sheriff's Office to a new level
I work with some of the bravest people
I've ever met one person at at this
point one person didn't do what he
should have done yeah it's horrific it's
actually for here the families I pray
for them every night it it makes me sick
to my stomach that we had a deputy
didn't go in okay that's not right there
we got who knows maybe one Sheriff
Deputy who didn't or maybe four or maybe
23 calls or maybe 45 calls according to
the actual records does he have any
responsibility for this let me tell you
something this is born out of political
correctness we've got a story here from
public source org and I'll give a hat
tip to Lionel who tweeted this out
Lionel is going to be our guest
tomorrow these districts fought the
school-to-prison pipeline can Pittsburgh
learn their lessons this is a story
going back to August of 2017 when it was
still a good thing because it was
politically correct not to put do
anything about juvenile crime and they
talked about this this is a Pittsburgh
Kent Pittsburgh learned from Broward
County and there there's the answers yes
let's do it just like that let's not do
anything to juvenile offenders or
dangerous people they said take Broward
the Florida County that used to rank
number one it's sending students to the
state's juvenile justice system that's
before sheriff Israel the stats troubled
Broward County leaders they responded
with a bowl solution let's lower the
arrests by not making arrests see they
didn't get any safer they just stopped
arresting kids for criminal behavior and
the results were very we're quickly
positive says public source are hey
right away our crime rate went down we
stopped arresting people funny how that
works isn't that great in 2011 through
12 Broward County officers made a
thousand sixty two school related
arrests that dropped just 392 in 2015 to
16 putting the rate of school related
arrests among the lowest in the state
yeah we got sheriff benghazi who wants
everybody to see his students as Lake
Wobegon students they're all above
average there's nothing to see here
we're gonna all gonna give them all an a
they all get a participation trophy in
no matter how dangerous they are we the
Sheriff's Office will do nothing to
protect the public
call us 23 times 39 times 45 times
whatever yeah just well we'll send
somebody out and talk to them about it
will do the Benghazi approach because
that's your Hillary Clinton's his buddy
and then we have this from the
Rutherford dot org John Whitehead armed
and dangerous if police don't have to
protect the public and I pointed this
out yesterday we've had three Supreme
decisions say they have no duty to
protect you can't sue them if they fail
to do anything even if you've got a
court order even if it's verified that
somebody is coming after you and they
don't do anything about it if they
kidnapped your daughters and kill them
supreme court says that's okay dad I
didn't have any duty to protect he says
police have shot and killed Americans of
all ages many of them unarmed for
standing in a certain way for moving in
a certain way for holding something
anything the police could misinterpret
to be a gun Americans have been killed
by police for holding a cell phone
behaving oddly holding a baseball bat
opening the front door running in an
aggressive manner while holding a tree
trunk a tree branch crawling around
naked hunching over in a defensive
posture wearing dark pants with a
basketball jersey driving while deaf
being homeless brandishing a shoehorn
holding a garden hose you name it but
you can't have them protect us welcome
back we've now seen we're gonna get back
to gun news on the other side of the
break we're talking about Congress is
gonna be turning its guns on the Second
Amendment and why this is so dangerous
don't think that you're okay because
we've got the GOP in power or because
we've got President Trump and I'll tell
you why when we come back this is
something usually they wait until there
was Republicans there
why because you the grassroot think they
got you covered and so you're not gonna
get up in arms
not literally but you're not going to
pick up the phone you're not going to
harass your Congressman to stiffen up
his spine and his backbone to do the
right thing to do what you voted for him
to do what he campaigned on you'll say
yeah it's okay we've got a Republican
majority we got a Republican president
everything would be fine
uh-huh I'll tell you how that works out
when we come back but right now at the
top of the hour I want to talk about a
very troubling story that came out it's
uh in the Daily Mail just been revealed
the Catholic Church shielded a priest
for 60 years by sending him to
monasteries in college what did they
shield him from well he had raped and
murdered a teacher and dumped her body
in a canal here in Texas McAllen Texas
they knew that and they shielded him
from those stories by moving him around
and I saw the same thing happened when
following this globalist Pope around the
country went to Washington DC we
followed him to New York we then
followed him to Pennsylvania where he
had a worldwide family conference that
he had going there
worldwide family conference I talked to
the survivors Network those Abused by
priests snap and they talked about the
fact that there was a very famous
there's a lot of pedophilia and powerful
officials in Pennsylvania politicians
sports figures running the university
football teams and so forth and also
within the Catholic Church and what the
Catholic Church did was they got that
official is a bishop or Cardinal his
high ranking official there was a lot of
priests who were come who were accused I
don't know if they were convicted of
anything they were accused of being
pedophiles because you know they have an
extremely short statute of limitations
so you can accuse people of it they say
well didn't happen prove it in court
well they're not gonna prove that in
court because they don't have any
statute of limitations but the Catholic
Church got him out of there sent him I
think to Florida but then when the Pope
came through for the global family
conference a worldwide family conference
they brought this same guy back in and
those people who were there were
absolutely amazed but this story right
here former priest John feit 85 was
convicted convicted of murdering because
you know we do not have a statute of
limitations for murder
that's what why they're opening up the
investigation for Robert Wagner in the
murder of Natalie Wood there is no
statute of limitations there should not
be a statute of limitations for
pedophiles either but this priest
murdered a 25 year old woman Irene Garza
in South Texas and he was convicted on
December the 7th 2017 I didn't notice
this before everybody ignored this
nobody talked about this case here we
are the end of February and nobody's
talking about what happened at the
beginning of December this is a big deal
he was sentenced to life prison the next
day more than 57 years after her body
was found in McAllen Texas the church
moved him around the country and even
allowed him to get a position of
authority over pedophile priests Massa
juice it's James Porter a priest who
would later plead guilty to molesting 28
children who was his boss a guy who had
formerly raped and murdered a woman and
dumped her body another Catholic priest
and they moved him around just like they
moved around this guy who came back to
the family conference this is the
amazing thing folks it's not limited
certainly not limited to the Catholic
Church but we look at this globalist
Pope and how he has made common cause
with that how he has shut down any
concern about traditional morality that
the Catholic Church used to have and now
he's gone full board on the globalist
agenda we have to look at his failure to
act to do anything even as he admitted
that's only about 2% of the priest was
eight thousand he didn't do anything
about it hasn't done anything about it
knows we went to break in the last hours
talking about sheriff Israel or as I
think we ought to recall renamed him
sheriff Benghazi because like his friend
Hillary Clinton no matter how many times
or how long you call him he never sends
any help he never does anything and this
guy really is the worst case of law
enforcement and we talked about some of
the other problems with law enforcement
the fact that they're preoccupied as we
can see in the case of sheriff Israel
preoccupied with the war on drugs
because they profit from it it has
turned many police departments evidently
like his as well he's got this
Lamborghini that he's painted up with
his name on it and so forth living in
this fantasy world of Miami Vice in the
corruption that drug prohibition has
brought to our law enforcement agencies
the way that they are now preoccupied
and distracted that's the only thing
they're really concerned about how can I
get some of those cigar boats or
Lamborghinis from my Police Department
how can I get millions or billions of
dollars collectively across this country
that's really what they're focused on
for the most part and then the question
since they don't have a responsibility
to protect the public and we've had
three Supreme Court decisions 1981 1989
2005 say that now what good are they you
know what what should we do we really do
need some reform of our Police
Department I don't want to see another
new army of police turning our schools
and to fortresses we can't afford that
let's try freedom let's try the Second
Amendment and not just for Muslims as
sheriff Benghazi's deputy was telling
them the Muslim community how important
the Second Amendment was while sheriff
Israel tells everybody no you got to get
rid of it gotta get rid of you can't be
trusted with guns only people like
Sheriff Ben Ghazi can be trusted with
guns but then we have somebody who
really did Russian you know got the
deputy that the sheriff tried to throw
under the bus say you know he's the
problem he was there on site he chose
not to go in and the sheriff's deputy
now Scott Peterson says I was doing what
I was supposed to do I don't believe
that I heard gunshots and then we found
out there's another three deputies who
didn't do anything so his question is
this say stand down order is this the
way they are trained to do this they
blocked EMT from going in made them
carry the wounded out before they could
be treated and so forth a lot of
questions about that a lot of questions
about their conduct but there was one
individual who worked for the Coral
Springs Police Department the Coral
Springs Police Department acted
completely differently from the Broward
County Sheriff's Department they showed
up in force they couldn't believe these
guys we're not doing anything they
actually did something but you know
Sheriff's Department was getting in
their way evidently but there's one
person there sergeant Jeff Heinrich
who's part of the Coral Springs Police
Department he did act heroically now he
didn't do it necessarily in his role as
a police officer and I think there's a a
story and that that just understand that
it's a very different motive that
motivates you to save yourself or to
save your family or to save your friends
than it is to go save people that you
don't know strangers don't know we do
have police officers who do that all the
time and again we celebrate that because
it is rare if it was an ordinary
occurrence it wouldn't be anything to
celebrate right if somebody acting
altruistically was something that
happened all the time no big deal but it
is a big deal when it happens now this
guy was
there he's a longtime supporter they
says a story from new American longtime
supporter of the school his wife is an
assistant athletic director their son is
a student he survived the shooting
Heinrich was off duty he was unarmed he
was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt
he was watering a baseball field when he
first heard the fire alarm go off
followed by rifle shots he immediately
ran toward the sound of gunfire and he
said when the first when the fire alarm
went off he didn't think of anything
about that as being unusual but the
panic that ensued changed his mind and
when he heard shots he ran toward the
sound of the gun fire so that calls into
the question the testimony of Scott
Peterson or the comments and that
testimony it's the comments made by his
lawyer because I guess he's worried
about being sued by people for not doing
anything but this guy is out there he
hears it here's a panic he hears
gunshots and he runs towards it now he
does have a wife he has a son who's in
there as well on the way to the school
he found a student who had been shot in
the lake
sergeant Heinrich moved the boy to a
dugout he stabilized him with supplies
and the baseball team's first aid kit he
then ran back to the school there he met
Coral Springs SWAT team member who had
extra gear sergeant Heinrich threw on an
extra vest it was one that wasn't rated
to stop rifle fire however the SWAT
officer then handed over his sidearm so
that sergeant Heinrich wouldn't be
unarmed and they entered the building
sergeant Heinrich ran into chaos he
didn't wait outside
the officers from Coral Springs Police
Department were the ones who led the way
behind them paramedics were able to
triage and treat the wounded students
and SWAT medics from the coral spring
from Coral Springs Police Department
provided crucial support right so tale
of two police departments a tale of two
police officers the bottom line is even
if there is an altruistic police officer
who's willing to lay down his life for
you a stranger they should never take
away your god-given right to protect
yourself to protect your family I don't
know if he's going there I mean he
stopped obviously he wasn't most
concerned about his family inside the
building because he stopped to help a
student but
if he has a right to protect himself to
protect his family you do too you don't
have to have a uniform and a badge in
order to be able to do that it's
ridiculous that they would do that but
let's understand now I won't finish up
on the gun stuff because we've got some
other news about the Clintons about daca
about transgender people in the military
about antiph are actively recruiting the
mentally insane here in Austin Texas at
the University of Texas they're actually
recruiting insane people for antifoam
that figures quite frankly I'm not can't
say I'm surprised except that they would
openly admit it but let's talk a little
bit about how Congress may be about to
turn its guns on the Second Amendment I
tweeted out yesterday I said if you
think the Second Amendment is safe
because we got a GOP majority because we
got a GOP president just remember that
the Brady Bill was signed into law by
Ronald Reagan and he was happy to do it
to please Sarah Brady the gun freeze gun
free school act of Joe Biden was signed
into law by George HW Bush and both
Reagan and Ford wrote the Congress in
support of Dianne Feinstein's assault
weapon ban in 1994 that's a sunset law
it expired in 2004 they didn't renew it
but it banned over I think it's like 650
specific guns were banned by that and
Reagan and Ford presidents Reagan and
Ford were good with that Reagan an icon
an idol of the conservative right
throwing the Second Amendment under the
bus not once but twice can you count on
any of these people I remember we're
gonna talk about daca here in a minute
it was also Ronald Reagan who gave us
that offer back in 1986 and said hey we
got people who've come to this country
they've lived here for quite some time I
know that they're illegal I know they
violated our laws I know that they trust
their hair trespassing criminally but
we're not gonna throw them out we're
gonna give them amnesty because that's
the humane thing to do and then we're
gonna fix the borders that was 30 years
ago 32 years ago and now we're pairing
the same thing
hearing the same thing from another
popular president and a Republican
Congress as I said don't get complacent
about the Second Amendment don't get
complacent about this just because
you've got Republicans in Washington
this is when the damage really gets done
typically this is when they can run
through the big gun control bills like
I've said many times it took an staunch
anti-communist Nixon as president in
order to allow Henry Kissinger and the
globalists to transfer power to China
that's really what happened with the
opening can you imagine if they'd had a
guy who was kind of a lefty communist
they're saying yeah we're gonna open up
to the Communists in China everybody
would've say well hold on you're not
gonna do that we're gonna resist that
but no they trust that Richard Nixon is
gonna do the right thing because he's
anti-communist so we don't have to worry
about that well just trust him to do the
right thing just trust him to do the
right thing
no don't trust him right do the right
thing I mean we've got now article from
zhu hedge meet the california special
agents who are quote coming for your
guns yes they are yes sir that's exactly
what they want to do well they say oh
nobody wants to take your guns no that's
exactly what they want to do they admit
it from time to time now we've got
conservatives so call conservatives and
never Trump errs the neo-cons people
like Bill Kristol saying yeah you know
there's some other a lot of problems
with the Second Amendment maybe we need
to fix that you better stay involved you
better keep your eye on the ball we'll
be right back I'm David Knight we're
gonna switch topics we're gonna talk
about I did not have sex with that woman
Bill Clinton remember that remember that
now they're talking about this it's
become a big problem for the me to
people and we just had Monica Lewinsky
come out and label Bill Clinton as a
sexual predator remember how upset
everybody got when Infowars had that
t-shirt with Bill Clinton that said rape
and the four-letter word instead of hope
with Obama was rape and I said that's
over the top you can't do that so angry
about that well Monica Lewinsky says
he's a sexual predator and that was in a
relationship that was consensual and now
she says something else I thought was
kind of interesting to bring this back
up we've got the view talking about it
as well talking about the problem of the
Clintons they've become a
iris to the Democrats big problem to
deal with but we got Monica Lewinsky
talking about the fact that she just saw
Ken Starr she said she'd never actually
met Ken Starr during the quote-unquote
investigation and I have a problem with
that because yeah I don't think Ken
Starr ever really investigated the
Clintons I don't think he was a special
prosecutor I think he was a special
deflector he deflected everybody away
from all the serious crimes of serious
accusations against the Clinton you know
we had everything from whitewater to
white powder at Mena Arkansas got
everything from drug war corruption to
peddling influence of cattle futures and
whitewater and so forth none of that was
looked at and then you go to his private
life we've got multiple accusations
again of sexual assault of rape against
him and what does Ken Starr choose to
focus on a consensual relationship with
an intern and then when Bill Clinton
lies about it under oath then they come
up with the big charge of perjury that's
it that's it that's it
and nobody that I knew there was a
Democrat I talked to my Democrat friends
and they would say are you kidding me
you're gonna impeach a president because
he had a consensual affair with an
intern you prude and it's like well no
actually it's a crime he's a lawyer he
got disbarred because he lied under oath
well that's still nothing it's like yeah
we never did talk about Mena Arkansas we
never talked about the corruption of the
cattle futures all those no charges
brought with any of that stuff we never
really talked about all of those crimes
or the rape charges or the sexual
assault charges and that was thanks to
Ken Starr the guy who then went on to be
the lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein the guy
who had the Lolita Express that Bill
Clinton also would frequent where they
would have underage girls and they would
fly them around accused of being a
pedophile and so forth oh Ken Starr was
his lawyer he defended not only Bill
Clinton and he really was the defender
of Bill Clinton but then he went on to
defend Jeffrey yet
got a sweetheart deal for Jeffrey
Epstein and then he became president of
a Christian college and what'd he do
there he defended a bunch of rapists in
the football team and that was basically
the end of Ken Starr but then he comes
across Monica Lewinsky she said well I
thought he was really creepy I'd never
met him during the investigation she
said her first run-in was a couple of
months ago on Christmas Eve she was out
with dinner with her family and she said
he was really creepy he was constantly
touching her and he left her feeling
uncomfortable she said Ken Starr asked
me several times if I was doing okay a
stranger might have surmised that his
from his tone that he had actually
worried about me over the year she said
noting that this is the same man who had
made her life a living hell his demeanor
was almost pastoral and was somewhere
between avuncular and creepy he kept
touching my arm and elbow which made me
uncomfortable but she said I eventually
mustered up the courage to say what I'd
waited to say 20 years to him she said
though I wish I had made different
choices back then I wish you and your
office had made different choices
yeah maybe go after the real client
crimes of the clintons instead of this
instead of making her the focus of this
he replied by telling her that it was
unfortunate before they went their
separate ways yeah that's right Ken
Starr that's how they do things in
Washington that's how they cover the
stuff up and here's what the view had to
say about Bill Clinton the virus to the
Democrats should redefine how people
view her affair with President Clinton
hold it right there hold it right there
hold her Angela yeah I find it really
funny that we've got our political
pundits now and they have a lot of
influence with women this is a very
popular show a woman's show watch during
the daytime television and we've got Joy
Behar and Whoopi Goldberg as political
pundits and you're not gonna find
anybody that is more partisan than those
two but this is all fine even though
they get very very angry at President
Trump all the time they have such
wonderful names you know Whoopi and
it's a happy program Whoopie joy program
whoopee whoopee but let's hear what
Whoopie enjoy after they're not too
joyful about Bill Clinton there he's now
become something of a virus to the
Democrats here's the comments on that it
was a consensual affair but that it was
guilty of gross abuse of power if that
affair happened today would how would we
be looking at it differently or would we
I think that we saw that it was abuse of
power then we saw that he was the
president and she was an intern about it
you defended him I mean she was an adult
and so but it was he was I mean if
you're talking about powers you know
inequality in power that's the big
biggie and in turn and a president
president let's hold it right here for a
second let's talk about the feminist
left and how oh yeah we saw it then we
saw that it was an abuse of power did
you really did you really just a couple
of years before this happened we had the
Clarence Thomas confirmation for Supreme
Court and we had Anita Hill come out and
try to take him down and that was the
big issue there the big issue should
have been Joe Biden coming after
Clarence Thomas absolutely apoplectic
over the idea that Clarence Thomas would
talk about the concept of natural rights
you know the thing that is the
foundation of our government going back
to the Declaration of Independence
saying that we have certain rights that
we are endowed by our Creator that all
men have these rights yeah that's the
principle national natural rights
whether or not you're Christian where
the night you even recognize the creator
the founders did and that was their
basis for doing it but other people have
realized that if you don't have natural
rights then no people have any freedom
or dignity and of course we have a lot
of people who don't think that you
should have freedom or dignity they made
a whole branch of human control based on
that but going back to that they try to
take down Clarence Thomas by making some
allegations that he had just made some
improper comments to Anita Hill and on
the basis of that he was not qualified
to be a Supreme Court justice not on the
basis of the fact that oh we shouldn't
have anything called natural rights I
mean Joe Biden is like you don't have
natural rights you have privileges that
are granted by government we can't have
a Supreme Court justice who thinks that
that people are equal or something you
can't have that
that got no attention no it was all
about Clarence and Anita he said she
said and then right after that within
two years Bill Clinton is brought up for
charges about all these sexual attacks
and rape and so forth Hillary Clinton
puts it out there as bimbo eruptions let
me tell you this is how clever she
typically is I mean she she came up with
a stupid slogan it's my time or I'm with
her that was it it's basically her time
I'm with her that was a stupid slogan to
Scott Adams had pointed out but the
bimbo eruptions oh that that was Clinton
at the top of her game you pick the
language you win the argument you call
them bimbos and you don't call it rape
and sexual misconduct and you had Gloria
Steinem and you had Anita Hill defending
Bill Clinton and these people like joy
and Whoopi have been happy to do that
ever since we'll be right back stay with
us all right we're putting up a poll on
real news of David Knight our Twitter
account the view says that the bill is
abusive to women Hillary is a virus and
so we're going to give you a chance to
vote which virus are the Clintons are
they herpes are they syphilis gonorrhea
I guess guess those are viruses I don't
know or all the above so we'll put that
up you'll get a chance to vote if you
want to go to real news with David
Knight our Twitter I came out here for
the program and then we have Michael
Wolfe it's not just a man who cried wolf
but he's also the wolf who cried if you
saw him on a Morning Joe with Mika
Brzezinski now Joe wasn't there that day
but Mika and another woman were there
and they were very very upset with him
about something that he said about a
woman and these other guys were asking
him some perfunctory questions but you
know Mika was just sitting there with
her arms crossed the entire time glaring
at him across the table like what you
know it's like whew she's gonna come
well I'd read the headline so I knew
it's gonna be in the clip but boy did
they come after him the two of them the
two women Mika and her
Hart there really came after wolf and so
he's pretty much done with the liberal
crowd here he's burned his bridges you
know when he came out with that fake
book you had a lot of people who were
writing this in the liberal media it's
like oh yes he's got stuff about Trump
and we don't care if it's true or not
you know that Russian dossier that
worked even though we made that stuff up
but this stuff this is gold even though
it's probably not true this guy's got a
really really spotty record and I've
pointed that out on the first day I
pointed out the many times that people
had come against him as a matter of fact
one guy that he went against was a
Democrat he goes you don't ever believe
anything this guy says and then a few
other Democrats started saying you know
we may not want to hitch our ride to
this guy he may wind up backfiring on us
big time and yeah he now has and he's so
pretty much he's persona non grata on
American television so he decided that
he would go on a morning show in
Australia and this is the exchange back
and forth between the guy in Australia
and Michael Wolff trying to pretend he
gets asked a tough question and watch
this because Michael Wolff pretends that
there is something wrong with his
earpiece because he doesn't it's sir for
the question so here's Michael Wolff on
Australian television just last month
you said you were absolutely sure that
the president was having an affair and
now you say I'm not getting anything
you're not hearing anything we were
hearing each other in the world just
before yeah only when he got under that
question they started developing hearing
problems but he's not he's not hearing
me anymore so the interview may be over
he sure tried that with Mika except he
was in the same studio with her but you
know maybe he could have picked up a
piece of paper on what he's doing
oh I got inter pares on the line
I can't hear you I can't hear you Oh
bye-bye yeah so that was Michael Wolfe
he is he is sinking pretty low but so
was CNN as they point out on American
lookout they say CNN is a sinking ship
it has now fallen below the Hallmark
Channel in terms of primetime viewership
it's below the Hallmark Channel
this is CNN nevertheless CNN's president
says that the feds should investigate
monopolies at Google and Facebook and
others look CNN hasn't done really well
on the Internet it's one of the reasons
why they're trying to shut down in four
wars now they will go they'll try to
shut down info wars by going to YouTube
and bragging about the fact that they're
begging YouTube to put strikes against
because we simply play a clip of david
hog being coached by the media being
given multiple takes to tell that's okay
try again okay go ahead take your time
okay no no that's good let's do another
take of that okay as if they would never
do anything like that when they've been
caught doing that after a terror attack
in London staging what everybody was
saying hey isn't it odd that the Muslims
don't have anything to say after these
terror attacks so let's get some Muslim
women together and so they've got a
stage there and then they bring them all
on and some people were standing there
because they did it out in public some
people staying there and caught it with
a cell phone so they have staged the
news before and now they're openly
trying to shutdown Infowars because
we've done a lot better on social media
we've gotten a lot larger audience and
they do by getting on radio getting on
YouTube and the internet so they want to
shut down Facebook they want to shut
down Google or at least pressure them to
shut us down and if they can't get
sufficient pressure against them to shut
them down they would also just like to
shut them down in general because that's
all of that is competition to them the
ability of the public to be able to
choose what they want to watch is very
threatening to CNN to all the broadcast
media they've always had a situation
where they can tell you whatever they
want they cover the stories that they
want they cover them in the way
the government the deep state shadow
government wants it covered what's
called operation Mockingbird they put
the news organizations in there
basically gave them a monopoly and now
they're hiring the CIA as commentators
and now they're openly saying we've got
to shut down the Internet we got to shut
down YouTube we've got to shut down info
wars even if we can't get YouTube shut
down so now you got the CNN president
saying the feds should investigate
monopolies at Google and Facebook and I
think they should investigate the fact
that Google and Facebook created with
assistance from the CIA's angkatell
they're venture capital firm I think
they should investigate the fact that
these organizations are acting as crony
sensors for the government shutting down
points of view that are typically
I mean clearly there is something that
is being done by these oligarchies who
have a de facto monopoly and clearly
they have a political agenda and clearly
they are more interested in their
political agenda than they are making
money just like the NFL you've seen this
with the NFL you've even seen it with
Papa John's Pizza they fired their CEO
that built them into a successful
company because he said what the NFL was
doing is not really a smart business
decision they're acting so politically
that they're hurting business and so he
said oh well then we'll fire you his own
company so we'll fire you it's kind of
like what they did it Apple with Steve
Jobs well that works out for them the
same way that it worked out for Apple
they went they were going down the tubes
with the Pepsi CEO was his name Scully
Scully comes to them he had absolutely
no idea what he was doing and then we
have Newsweek unraveling dozens of
journalists are bailing as a fraud probe
is heating up Zero Hedge points out
Newsweek appears to be much deeper in
trouble than previously thought in a
wide-ranging fraud probe by the
Manhattan district attorney's office
according to The Wall Street Journal as
a suspicious loan application from
Newsweek's parent company two years ago
triggered a probe into suspected bank
fraud advertising fraud and ties between
the parent company Newsweek Media Group
a California Bible College now one of
these things doesn't seem to fit here
why they are what they're doing with the
I haven't had time to read what their
investigation is with a california Bible
College but that that is really bizarre
why Newsweek would be involved in
something like that but as we look at
the approaching elections let's
understand that we just had Washington
Times report I think it's up on Drudge
lawsuits shows that there's 100,000
non-citizens registered to vote in
Pennsylvania now just last week the LA
Times was very happy about the fact that
the GOP was rattled by a Pennsylvania
congressional race and the heart of
Trump country they said can you imagine
if they didn't have all these
non-citizens registered to vote in
Pennsylvania how much Donald Trump would
have won by in Pennsylvania but it's not
anything that we can count on and this
is why I say it is an existential threat
to this country if we allow daca to
continue we're gonna talk about this on
the other side of the break we don't
have enough time to get into that but
understand how they are rigging this
program George Soros is strategically
putting a lot of money on the races for
state attorneys general he's also
putting a lot of money on local district
attorneys because they have the ability
to do stuff like this they also have the
ability to rig the elections by rigging
the districting that is very important
gerrymandering has been a very important
part of political power since the
foundation of this country whether you
like it or not and now they're saying
we're going to set those districts with
our judges we'll be right back
welcome back I'm David Knight and I was
just talking about before when to break
a hundred thousand non-citizens
registered to vote and Pennsylvania
alone this has always been a tactic of
the Democrats just as I said before they
love to choose the language when they
talk about foreign citizens criminally
trespassing brought here by their
parents who obviously have no
responsibility they call them dreamers
they call them daca recipients or when
you talk about the women that were
sexually violently assaulted by Bill
or raped you call them bimbo eruptions
you call them bimbos and say hey these
aren't rape allegations
these are bimbo eruptions they are
masters at using the language and they
have been masters at manipulating the
electoral system to their advantage
making sure that there is open
corruption that it is very malleable
that they can get people to register and
show up on very last day to vote we've
had situations in North Carolina where I
used to live no ID allowed cannot have
that that is absolutely racist if you
ask for a picture ID and so as I've
pointed out many times my
brother-in-law's friend went to vote
2012 election he shows up all you have
to do is give them a name and address
and you have the longest voting period
of any state in North Carolina and he
shows up and he says I am so-and-so and
they said well you've already voted
because no I haven't I said well yeah
right here and this other person here at
this address and goes well that's my
mother she's been dead for a couple of
years well you've both voted already
can't vote did he go and file a formal
complaint with people no he's got a life
that's how they get away with us we were
busy trying to earn a living we're busy
with our families we have long workdays
long commutes we're tired we have a life
we can't just put all that on hold or
not independently wealthy and the less
money you have and the more dependent
you are on paycheck to paycheck life
which is where the Democrats want you if
they even want you to have a paycheck
they'd rather you be totally dependent
on them but the more you're living a
paycheck to paycheck existence or just
working with a family the more they can
have their way because it makes a big
difference to them to be able to put
people in at the last minute and vote
for them but if you want to fight that
on a one-by-one basis if he were to win
it would've just said that's just one
case no big deal no big deal we're gonna
talk about that we're gonna talk about
their other strategies they're thinking
very strategically they're trying to
tell us that you know they're rigging
polls you've got CNN with a poll that
actually has a 15-point difference in it
versus everybody else that's the way
they rigged things they use these push
poles to tell you hey we're winning
we're winning and everybody agrees with
us and so forth on a candidate on the
issue whatever they've got a lot of
different strategies that they use but
they're gonna be using the lawyers
they're going to be using the courts
they're going to be using the judges to
make sure that they have a strategic
advantage they're going to rig the
congressional districts they're doing
that in Pennsylvania as well as doing it
in North Carolina and other places but
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appreciate your support now as I was
talking about these 100 thousand
non-citizens registered to vote in
Pennsylvania this is coming out of
Washington times this is the Public
Interest legal foundation they said
they've identified similar non citizen
voting problems and studies of Virginia
and New Jersey and Pennsylvania
officials have admitted that
non-citizens have been registering and
voting in the state for decades we've
always had the Democrats pushing this
motor-voter stuff right always looking
for ways to run people and to avoid any
kind of identification and so forth they
say state officials however have
stonewalled this organization's request
for access to the data that could expose
the problem they've now filed a lawsuit
in federal court in Harrisburg
Pennsylvania and they said for months
Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed
facts about non-citizens registering and
voting and that ends today
he said Pennsylvania had already
admitted to a glitch that's just a
mistake mistakes were made it was a
a glitch that dated back to the 1990s
that had allowed non-citizens applying
to renew driver's licenses to be offered
the chance to register there you go
that's what the Democrats mark they've
stretched out the voting periods but in
motor voter laws said no no no IDs
because you look at her ID that's racist
and so it all misses happening they're
now saying look we're making gains in
Pennsylvania yeah we know what kind of
gains they're making in Pennsylvania and
now we've got lawyers for the DNC and
former DNC chairwoman debbie Wasserman
Schultz have now come out and said
basically that primary rigging is
protected by the First Amendment why do
we have this whole Russia gate
investigation that's because I wanted a
red herring to keep you from
looking at what was actually going on in
the DNC that was really going to hurt
Hillary Clinton and so instead they took
their little minions and said no don't
look at how we rigged this primary
against Bernie Sanders look at those
horrible Russians and their allied with
Donald Trump they filed a response brief
reports Zero Hedge that left many
observers of the case at a loss for
words a document appears to argue that
if the democrat party did cheat Sanders
in the 2000 presidential primary race
then that action was protected in the
First Amendment you know it's a private
club as George Carlin said and you ain't
in it so shut up we are going to do
whatever you want Hillary Clinton bought
him fair and square
she bought up their debt and she told
them what to do
DNC defense lawyers argued quote there
is no legitimate basis for this
litigation which is at its most basic
and improper attempt to forge the
federal courts into a political weapon
to be used by individuals who are
unhappy with how a political party
selected its candidate in a presidential
campaign isn't that almost a
word-for-word description of what they
have done with this Russia gate
investigation let's just go back and
reread this it is there Russia Gate
investigation is an improper attempt to
use law enforcement federal law
enforcement as a political weapon to be
used by individuals who are unhappy with
how the political process selected the
presidential winner that's exactly
what's going on with Russia gate they
didn't want you to see that that when do
you see that and if you do see that
you're accused of being a Russian bot or
a collaborator if they know your name I
mean if you're just you know the general
population the general population no no
they're don't support Trump they all all
the general population believes that
Russia through the election and if you
say otherwise on social media you're
Russian BOTS if they know who you are
they call you a collaborator and then
they point out at the bottom of this
article I say if we keep leaks
publication of DNC emails are found to
be similarly admissible in a u.s. court
of law then the contents of the leaked
emails could be used to argue that
contrary to the defendants latest brief
the DNC did favor the campaign of
Hillary Clinton over senator Sanders and
they acted to sabotage Sanders campaign
to which they would reply we have a
right to do that now right to do it and
now we've got Michael Hayden sticking
his bald head up again and saying maybe
the Russians are still messing with our
heads let me remind you again of the
real purpose of the NSA let's play that
clip just as we go to break
guilt in fact NSA doesn't just listen to
bad people interesting yeah they listen
to interesting people and now the State
Department has gotten 40 million dollars
to fund a troll farm but don't worry
it's where the ones were the trolls
right maybe they're the ones who are the
trolls already
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
well I've just received news that CNN
has stepped up their campaign and their
campaign to ban Infowars
from the internet from YouTube
specifically they now have succeeded in
lobbying YouTube to try to get our
channel deleted we are now have another
strike this morning we get a second
strike it's a three strikes are out they
would love to get that 2.2 million
subscriber channel shut down I'm gonna
have more information about this on the
other side of the broadcast or this
segment because this segment at the top
of the hour is something where our radio
affiliates will be playing the news
typically so we want to make sure that
they hear this news as well because they
our radio affiliates are a key part of
getting our information out and they're
going to be even more key if they can
get YouTube to shut us down let's
continue on with Michael Hayden you just
heard as we were talking in the last
segment they say maybe the Russians are
still messing with our heads and as I
played for you know he loves to point
out that we have him do this repeatedly
he it's a repeat performance we have of
Michael Hayden say we're not interested
in bad people were interested in
interesting people you know like
President Trump or politicians that they
can blackmail
and this is what these people are doing
and now we learned yesterday on Monday
the US State Department announced it had
obtained a 40 million dollar funding
from the Pentagon to fund a new
propaganda and disinformation campaign
through the global engagement Center now
in one sense this is nothing new
understand the government has been doing
this for a very long time they've had
Voice of America they've had Radio Free
Europe we talk about propaganda you know
there's two types of propaganda you can
present your side favorably and lie
about the other side that's black
propaganda white propaganda is to tell
the truth about the other side you know
we could use Voice of America Radio Free
Europe to tell the people the Russian
people that the Communists in their
country are crooks we want to kill them
or you can use social media and you can
tell the American people the truth about
their communist crooks the Clintons
and the DNC and that is also white
propaganda now you're telling the truth
about what these people did that's what
we're just talking about the DNC saying
well you know we shut the we rigged this
election for Hillary against Bernie
Sanders and that's okay we're entitled
to do that so shut up you don't get any
lawyers echoing Lindsey Graham but we've
had this for a very long time what was
different was about five six years ago
the Smith Munt Act accompanied the
creation of our propaganda arm Voice of
America Radio Free Europe and as part of
that they said all right you can
propagandize in other countries but you
can't do that here with the American
people we're not gonna let you to use
propaganda well they did have operation
Mockingbird they did have NPR and so
forth but they wanted to pretend that
they weren't doing that and then they
removed any pretense when they repealed
the Smith monk back about six years ago
and said dad now you can you can openly
do it and so now they're openly doing it
40 million dollars now to fund a troll
farm because you know that's where the
action is the action is on social media
it's on the Internet not so much
on TV broadcasting in many respects so
that's what they're coming after and
this is something that's been developing
for a long time but yeah maybe those
quote-unquote Russians that Michael
Hayden is talking about or really the
CIA the NSA these other people isn't it
interesting that just like they came up
with the Smith Munt Act to say you're
not going to do this at home they also
came up but that FISA Act didn't they to
say well we're gonna have foreign
intelligence and surveillance but you're
not going to do that to Americans yeah
how did that work out for us that's
right they obeyed that law didn't they
no they use the FISA Court as a tool to
be able to do that very thing against
Americans all right stay with us we'll
come back we're gonna tell you what's
going on with this move by CNN open move
by CNN to try to shut down info worse
try to get us thrown off of YouTube
we'll be right back just for reporting
the truth about what's going on showing
their own videos we'll be right back
CNN campaign to ban conservative media
kicks into high gear this is a story
that's just gone up on Infowars from
Paul Joseph Watson CNN has published a
front-page story entitled Infowars as
two strikes away from being banned by
YouTube and now this morning they did
that a couple of days ago they were
bragging about the fact and also in that
article if you read that article they
say well we followed up with YouTube and
said no why haven't you done anything
about these other things we've shown
many things to you and we why aren't you
doing something already lobbying them
pressuring them trying to publicly shame
them into censoring another news media
organization what does that tell you
about CNN as I just pointed out they
have fallen in their ratings below the
Hallmark Channel during prime time CNN
below the Hallmark Channel they are
desperate to try to shut down people who
are telling the truth
very desperate to shut this down and so
what they've been doing is coming after
the videos that we've played comments
that we have made about David Hogg's
comments that he's made publicly are we
allowed to question that
absolutely not they say we cannot
question that these people are above
reproach and yet CNN went on a
full-court press to attack a student
and his father who said that CNN was
controlling the Town Hall and they would
not be controlled and they quibbled over
to words I said you people are lying no
they weren't lying everybody knew that
CNN was controlling that I'm just looked
at what Jake Tapper did when he had one
of the students addressed a very
difficult question to the democrat
senator Nelson from Florida oh no no no
no no that's for this for Marco Rubio or
maybe it was Dana lash but it would ask
for some don't ask hard questions like
that to the Democrat you're not supposed
to do that did they tell you what to do
yeah that's what they what they did Jake
Tapper you don't have to answer that
question no no that's a that's a
question for the other side to answer it
that's a tough question so did they
script it have they scripted town halls
in the past absolutely I read a long
list of about six or eight people from
just two town halls that they had one of
them was about gun control another one
was about Obama's health care and they
were promoting that they had
disinterested people there they were
undecided and these are people who were
staffers for Democrat senator and so
forth the activists of various
organizations people who were not
neutral parties they were actually
people who were lobbyists and democrat
party activists and political
individuals and so this corrupt news
organization CNN has made it their
personal mission to try to shut down
Infowars as Paul Joseph Watson points
out this morning we were informed that
the channel had received a second strike
on a video relating to the Parkman
shooting meaning that it is now on the
verge of being terminated permanently
yeah they would very much like to shut
down a channel that is a libertarian
conservative channel that has 2.2
million subscribers that has had 1.5
billion views over ten years
I'd love to shut that down they'd love
shut down the growth you know when about
the time I joined in four wars I think
we had about three or four hundred
thousand subscribers and it has gone
astronomical in the last couple of years
up to 2.2 million so they want to shut
it down want to shut it down there this
is all about making sure they control
the media they used to do that they used
to be ABC CBS NBC and NPR and they would
do what the government what people like
Michael Hayden and John Brennan and
James clapper told them to cover they
would cover those stories all three of
them for them would cover the same
stories from the same angle they would
tell you the same stuff and everybody go
well that's it that that's the way it is
because that's what they're all saying
they all speak in unison what is it when
people breathe in unison we call that a
conspiracy it's not a theory it was an
operation it was called operation
Mockingbird we had the news media
breathing together that's literally what
a conspiracy means it means that you've
got people colluding to do something
together they're breathing together
right and so as Paul Watson points out
the videos in question did not claim
that the school shooting didn't happen
didn't claim that the victims were
actors as CNN falsely misrepresented the
videos questioned if some of the
prominent students who are now publicly
leading a nationwide campaign for gun
control were being coached on what to
say or if they were being encouraged as
I said Lenin had his useful idiots CNN
has their youthful idiots they will do
whatever CNN implies that they would
like to have that was one of the
statements made by the father and
child's son who were as a student
actually helped to save students hid
them behind a Kevlar curtain so here get
over here they won't see this and you
know even if they do we've got a little
bit of protection against with a Kevlar
a bullet we don't know what kind of gun
were up against nevertheless that guy
doesn't deserve to be heard and he has
been attacked relentlessly by CNN
because he and his father said that CNN
gave very strong indications of the type
of people that they wanted to hear and
what they wanted to hear from people and
how they were going to confine and
constrict and limit their speech very
tightly control so that's not script
oh no that's not scripting they didn't
necessarily mean that they were being
given a speech to read by CNN there was
at CNN was saying no you can't say this
you can't say that you're gonna even if
you write the speech you're gonna have
to stick to your speech you can't go
outside that speech you're not even
going to be allowed to ask that question
to a Democrat senator no the tough
questions that has to be done to the
Republican senator or the NRA
representative as watson points out the
ability to question the statements of
public figures on television is a basic
free expression under the First
Amendment and does not constitute
bullying or harassment as YouTube claims
let me tell you whose bullying and
harassing it's CNN and YouTube they're
the bullies they're the ones who are
assing it's the legacy media and YouTube
and they have a statement a snapshot
here of the of the second strike and
Watson points out by lobbying to have
one of its competitors shut down CNN is
engaging in tortuous torturous
interference which is when one party
damages another's contractual or
business relationships with a third
party causing economic harm and again
trying to shut down competition we have
a free market of ideas if CNN can't
convince people with their youthful
idiots then they try to shut down
anybody who has a different opinion
about how this is being presented to
people that's the way this works and as
Watson points out YouTube is engaging in
discrimination against Infowars because
of our political views there's
absolutely no question about that look
at all the conservative channels
recently that have been shut down by
YouTube the efforts to move against
people by Facebook by YouTube by Twitter
and it only seems to happen to
conservative libertarian Trump
supporters it doesn't seem to happen to
others does it isn't that interesting
it's kind of like Lois Lerner in the IRS
and how they would target Tea Party
organizations say no no you don't you
don't have right to this
they let the Clinton Foundation operate
as a fraudulent unregistered charity for
a decade or more I'm more than a decade
probably 20 years they've been
organizing a quote of the Clinton Global
Initiative the Clinton Foundation
outright fraud as Charles or Tel has
pointed out many times and yet no
prosecutions nothing happens to that
Watson goes on to point out and Russia
the government shuts down dissident
media outlets in America
CNN apparently thinks that that's their
responsibility they're going to take it
upon themselves and this is the amazing
thing they're doing it openly they're
writing articles about it they're
talking about how they're pressuring
YouTube to take us off because they
don't like the competition again CNN
fallen below as was pointed out and
primetime phone below the Hallmark
Channel they don't want to see a YouTube
channel with 2.2 million subscribers
with one and a half billion views over a
10-year period alright we're gonna have
an emergency broadcast on Thursday and
we hope that you'll join us it's gonna
be emergency broadcast a funding
broadcast as Alec says we're under
attack Zach salutely no question about
they're openly bragging about this and
that 34 hour emergency broadcast is
gonna start Thursday 8:00 a.m. with this
program so join us then but we'll be
right back right after this break stay
with us well president Trump is running
again he's picked a campaign manager
Brad Brad Parr scale I think he's the
campaign manager he's gonna run his 2020
campaign so as Sanders had pointed out
press secretary Sarah Sanders said of
course he's running for re-election and
so now it's become official The Drudge
Report was one to break the news and now
everybody is reporting it even CNN is
reporting it about that they eventually
catch on eventually catch on to Matt
Drudge and of course Matt Drudge told us
that this move by the government was
coming he told this to us I say that was
back in the fall of 2015 when he came
here to Infowars we got a chance to meet
Drudge it was a nice nice to meet Matt
and he came here to support him for
worse and to warn us that it was going
to be a full-court press they had been
told by a Supreme Court justice even the
name who at once that this was coming
and of course the deep state the legacy
media and all their plans in place and
they're continuing to execute those
plans even though president Trump is in
the White House so do not sit by just as
I've been talking about how we need to
stay involved even though we have a
Republican majority and president Trump
in the White House we need stay involved
to defend the Second Amendment need to
stay involved to defend the First
Amendment whether or not you like
Infowars should CNN be allowed to make
false claims against us to shut down
their competition because they disagree
with some of our content obviously CNN
thinks that everything that David hog
says is true and has to be listened to
but they don't want to listen to any
other students who are there very
carefully avoiding any students who
support the Second Amendment who didn't
see the shooting the way that David hog
and Emma Gonzalez and Alfonso castellane
I think is the other other guy the
people that have become essentially like
the teenagers who accused everybody in
Salem of being a witch holding the
safety and security of students hostage
so that CNN and the Democrat Party can
push their agenda of gun control they
don't care whether or not schools are
made safe they're not interested in
talking about any enhanced security of
any form I mean we should be having a
debate as to whether or not we're gonna
turn our schools into armed fortresses
something that I know we can't afford or
whether or not we're going to allow
teachers to exercise their god-given
right of self-defense and do it freely
in the schools along with assistance
from Sheriff's Office's to train them
and to vet them and to constantly look
into their background that's really what
should happen that doesn't even need the
approval of Congress or the Senate or
the president
you know if they decide that that isn't
gonna happen or they decide that they're
going to rigorously enforce that
a gun-free school act of Joe Biden back
to 1990 that was signed into law by
George HW Bush even if they wanted to do
that and of course we've had no
shootings since 1990 in schools have we
that that really worked we have declared
our schools to be drug free and gun free
and we don't have any drugs or guns in
our schools so you just make a
declaration like that and you're
yeah that's the world in which this
these students live that's what they
maybe genuinely believe and they're
being used by CNN because everybody's
kind of tired of the Dianne Feinstein
she's got pretty old she's not too
sympathetic even the Democrats don't
like her Democrats in California are far
to the left of Dianne Feinstein but you
need to stand for the First Amendment
and we've got a 34 hour broadcast we're
gonna be starting with this program 8:00
a.m. on Thursday but also there's a list
of action items on this article appalled
Joseph Watson wrote that set Infowars
here are some of the action items a call
you tube and you'll find the number
there call you tube and demand that they
support free speech and not a political
agenda tweet on youtube our tweet at
YouTube brother call Google's
headquarters demand that they support
the right to free expression expression
under the First Amendment and we have
the number there will also be organizing
a protest outside of Google's
headquarters in Austin Texas details
will be announced on today's Alex Jones
Show and be polite when you call don't
threaten anybody don't use any vulgar
scatological language please don't do
that be polite and stand up for free
speech we can be better than them we are
better than them we must be better than
them we're gonna stand for freedom we're
gonna stand for liberty we're gonna
stand for decency when you look at the
stuff that is allowed on YouTube the
fact that they would shut down videos of
david hog and there has never been any
questioning of whether there's anybody
killed at this thing that was never
questioned it just simply questioned
what we're being fed spoon-fed by CNN
but you know david hog has his own
conspiracy theories there's an
interesting article on bright
by John Nolte talking about the
conspiracy theories of David Hogg
himself and how he's given a free
platform on CNN maybe maybe CNN ought to
be shut down by YouTube because they're
putting out conspiracy theories John
Nolte says during his show on
appearances on Sunday David Hogg the 17
year old Florida school shooting witness
and anti-gun crusader revealed the
demeanor that was equal parts
deer-in-the-headlights and a cult leader
from Stephen King's children of the corn
up until Sunday Hogg had served almost
perfectly as the media's avatar of hate
toward the NRA
the Second Amendment and gun owners in
general but that was while he was
suffering a wave of emotion now that he
actually needs to say something that is
subset 'iv something that is beyond I'm
outraged just like the character from
children of the corn hog has revealed
himself to be rather pathetic and small
a hog is still a mean little brat says
Nolte a bully who is drunk on his own
unearned power but now that wave is
Crested and he has to switch gears okay
my favorite analogy is a Salem witch
hunt I mean this is what I'm seeing you
know that these teenagers say they did
it they did it burn them dinner lash is
a witch right and that's basically what
he's saying while appearing on CNN would
brian Stelter hogs bitter and maturity
and his belief in childish things made
him look equal parts mean helpless
manipulated and ridiculous first he gave
leche a promotion from simply being a
spokesperson of the NRA to the CEO he
said we're really trying to stay in the
headlines by reacting to what the NRA is
saying trying to point out what Dana is
trying to do I believe she's the CEO of
the NRA and she's still trying to
distract people then hog revealed but
flesh is a super secret lobbyist for gun
manufacturers he said she's a national
propagandist for the NRA she's not
really saying anything she's sounding
positive and confident that she what she
wants the people in the NRA to believe
her 5 million plus members but she's
still actually working with a gun
and then Nolte says it's no it's worse
leche is an arms dealer who actually
sells guns uh and David Hogg says she's
shown that she doesn't care about NRA
members she doesn't care about the
police she why do you think she's
criticizing his people it's because
she's going after them and she wants her
base to continue attacking them so she
can sell more guns and then he goes on
he says here's what Dana has been saying
as a spokesperson for the NRA she wants
to continue to pass laws she wants
people in Congress to pass laws that
help out with mental health and things
like that and she says she can't do that
are you kidding me are you kidding me
you own these politicians he said she
owns Dana lash owns these congressmen
that's his conspiracy theory that's the
conspiracy theory of David Hawk baby hog
goes on and say she can get them to do
things it's just she doesn't care about
these children's lives she's a witch
burn her burn her she's a witch and CNN
says shut down Infowars
they played what he had to say and we'll
see what they do with this all right
we'll be right back I'm David Knight all
right I just played for you David Hogg's
conspiracy theory quotes and comments by
John Nolte of Breitbart and he was
spot-on spot-on David Hart desperate for
attention saying that Dana lash is
somehow the leader of a vast criminal
conspiracy that owns Congress and she
can do anything that she wants let me
tell you who owns CNN big pharmaceutical
companies own CNN we've known this for
quite some time and of course that was
when they kicked Alex off when he was
talking to Piers Morgan when he started
talking about pharmaceutical drugs and
their links to these shootings whether
it is whether this shooter is a patsy or
whether the shooter actually is under
the effect of those drugs it's still a
part of it
still a part of it that's why I focused
so much on SSRIs the subject that will
not be approached by CNN or by Fox
because they are owned by the big
pharmaceutical companies but let's take
a look at some of the other things that
are showing up that are kind of
interesting in this shooting comments
that are
people are making we have the Florida
Attorney General Pam Bondi said that
members of the Broward County Sheriff's
Department were not honest about why
more deputies reportedly failed to enter
the building and engage with the shooter
let's play that clip here has he
provided amazing leadership no of course
and and Governor Scott has gone about
the sheriff full investigation into the
matter and I firmly believe that needs
to be accomplished larger Department of
Law Enforcement will be investigating
him I know a lot more than you all do
now so yes I believe there needs to be a
full investigation I don't think some
people were honest this is the Florida
Attorney General this in Florida and the
right thing will be done ma'am was there
a stand down order Oh stand down order
well if I said that to be a conspiracy
theory she can't talk about it
let me put it this way when you and you
have a school full of students and your
duty is to protect those students you
have a firearm I would have gone into a
scene that's what you do that's what the
coach did who is a true hero your job is
to protect those students that's right
so uh Steve Doocy actor Astrea was there
a stand down order you know if I say
something like that CNN will try to shut
our channel down by saying he's
promoting conspiracy theories but of
course they can promote conspiracy
theories about the nra
using their youthful idiot David hog and
nobody says anything about it nobody
gets any strikes you know I don't want
CNN shutdown I want them out there
okay people need to see the games that
the Democrats and the deep state are
playing and CNN is out there in the open
putting that stuff out there no we don't
want them to go away we want them as
part of the debate and the free
marketplace of ideas but they don't want
to debate us they are like the anti-shah
people shouting epithets at people
you're racist you're sexist you're
homophobe you're a bigot shut up I'm not
gonna talk to you I'm not gonna address
your arguments
just gonna be censored man that's the
way CNN operates as well it's a big an
tyfa organization but she went on to say
i said why he didn't that officer at
school why didn't the inter um and she
says well that's what we're hearing and
can tell you that believes some folks in
that department were not honest with me
and they're not being honest with the
government but she can't talk about any
stand down order she talked about all
that stuff but not about the stand down
orders now yesterday i played a clip for
you of a teacher who said she looked
down the hall and she saw somebody as
she put it in full body armor and i
think she said a helmet or something and
shooting at people whether or not she
saw that or whether the night she was
under stress or whatever that was her
comment i found it very interesting that
MSNBC would not say wait a minute
wait a minute tell me more about that i
mean wouldn't you think that they would
say something about that but they're
just oh tell me about where you were
grazed on your arm there let's talk
about something else change the subject
right there now we've got a clip from
another teacher there at Parkland that
the Stoneman on the Stoneman Douglas
High School and this is what he has to
say I'll play the clip for you but this
is what he has to say I assumed that it
was a Code Red
drill because they told us earlier in
the day that they were going to have a
Code Red drilled using blanks now what
do we know from past experience when the
government stages a drill schedules a
drill at exactly the same time at
exactly the same place and then a real
attack just like the drill happens what
do we know about that but here's what
that teacher has to say we start to exit
the building all my kids are in front of
me going down the stairwell I get to the
door at the top of the West stairwell in
the 1200 building we hear gunfire
I assume that is a CodeRed drill because
they told us earlier in the day that
we're gonna be having the Code Red drill
I assumed it was blanks so I grabbed all
my kids started yelling at the kids get
back in rooms get back into rooms
chugger pushes many kids into rooms as I
can by the time I get back to my rooms
door there's the shooters already up at
the tail end of the hall at the other
end the east end of the building heard
two shots I didn't see it but then those
two shots would have been my friend
Scott beagle shooting shot and killed
while trying to save his kids and then
he looked down the hallway and started
shooting at this point I'm pretty much
in the middle of the hallway I go for
cover because well I realized it this
time I can't actually get into my room
cuz my keys are in my room as I'm
getting going for cover one of my former
students kidded the senior named Chuck
Joaquin Oliver screamed turn he was shot
at that point I looked down at the
shooter he looked at me pointed his they
are at me and started shooting I pushed
all my kids into the by my door to save
as many of them as I could
as I was doing that bang-bang-bang all
of a sudden the shooting stopped I
looked down he was reloading
I yelled run and then I ran behind as
many kids as I could when I got to the
door at the top of the stairwell there
was two doors the closest door I put my
foot there to stop it from opening
hoping to buy my kids some time as I was
leaving after my kids made it down at
least two flights of stairs where I
couldn't see them anymore there's a girl
on the ground I shook her
said hey tried to get her attention no
response we trying to find the pulse of
some sort
nothing at that point I decided that I
did as much as I could for the kids I
now have to make sure I breathe it went
to the second floor into the conference
room and hid in the men's bathroom till
the police came through 19 year old
young man trouble I didn't know that at
the time because he had a mask on so I
didn't know who it was I just saw a guy
with a gun
shoot him kids tried to save as many as
they could unfortunately I didn't get
all of them he had a mask on so maybe
that other teacher wasn't having a
dilution as well maybe somebody should
get these two guys the this female
teacher that we played the clip
yesterday and this other teacher that
you just heard there I get them together
to compare notes but we don't want to
talk about that doing they were having a
CodeRed drill they were told that they
were gonna be blanks that were fired
that same day where have we seen this
before on 911 they were told
surprisingly that there was going to be
an attack using planes and so forth so
they stood down for quite a while they
thought it was a drill we saw the same
thing on 77 and the London bombings they
were gonna have a drill of a terror
attack that day at that time so just put
that out there for you're not gonna draw
any conclusions you're big boys and
girls you can draw your own conclusions
you can think for yourself I don't need
to connect the dots for you but you know
what's going on you know what's going on
all right let's talk about Doc oh we've
got just a couple of minutes here left
dhaka and again we now have the Supreme
Court pushing back and this this
decision just came out yesterday said we
are not going to hear the case that
where we had a lower court federal judge
basically veto the president I didn't
realize that was in the Constitution did
you know it isn't it isn't but we have
these judges as I said before we don't
have any concept anymore about spheres
of authority know the judges are in
charge of everything and now be vaunted
Supreme Court judges these nine people
who are there for life wearing black
robes these political appointees nothing
to see here let's move
and so basically they have removed any
deadline for dhaka we're gonna talk
about what's going on with that and the
insanity of this Alice in Wonderland
Kafka esque approach to governing the
federal government when we come back
stay with us we'll be right back I'm
David Knight welcome back we've got one
last segment and I want to get into
I want to talk about the transgenders
coming into the military yes the
Pentagon is looking for a few good
clingers and also antiph are actively
recruiting the mentally insane here in
Austin Texas before we do real quickly
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have here alright let's talk about the
idea that we now have judges dictating
foreign policy we had the Supreme Court
declining to hear the trumpet peel the
Department of Justice appeal about these
docket decisions we've had two federal
judges in California and I think the
other ones in New York where else right
saying no you can't get rid of daca this
again is not a law daca is not a law
it's not go back and look at the I'm a
bill I'm a bill he's no he's not a bill
he's not a law he's not even an
executive order daca is simply a memo
from Janet Napolitano saying I'm not
going to enforce the law
I'm not going to enforce the borders
Trump didn't change the law Trump didn't
change the borders Obama decided he's
not going to
foresee than one of those and now we've
got these political judges in these
political areas liberal states saying oh
you can't get rid of that the Justice
Department spokesperson said in a
well we'd hope for a different outcome
but we understand that it's very rare
for the Supreme Court to take up a case
before lower appeal courts have ruled so
this is a these are judges that are down
near the bottom or at the bottom and so
it would typically before it would come
before the Supreme Court it would have
to go through a lot of judges on the way
up and then finally they would decide to
hear it and it's very rare that they do
that and they did not do it this time
why do they typically do it when they do
it they say sometimes I'll only bypass
the appellate court when there is an
emergency involving foreign affairs hmm
does that box checked here yes it is or
a serious separation of powers concern
is that box checked here oh there's a
big big checkmark on that box isn't
there because this is the judiciary
shutting down the president not only on
how he's going to protect the borders
but on everything else even saying you
cannot enforce the law let's understand
daca is deferred action they're saying
we're not going to enforce the law and
so they can get away with that so yeah
this checks all the boxes but the
Supreme Court said no we're not gonna do
anything about that and so it
effectively nullifies the March 5th
deadline let me say something you know
President Trump likes Andrew Jackson you
need the right President Trump and say
look at what Andrew Jackson did with the
Supreme Court you know Andrew Jackson
was totally wrong about what he did to
the Cherokee Nation but when the Supreme
Court said you can't do that he said
well you've made your decision let's see
you enforce it and he went ahead and did
it and he was right
to do it under he had the legal
authority to do it let's say that he had
the legal authority to do that the power
to do that under the Constitution he
stood up for the separation of powers
now his policy was wrong I disagree with
his policy but he absolutely had the
right to do that
and President Trump needs to channel
Andrew Jackson here and say this little
federal judge way down the ladder in San
Francisco made his ruling let's see him
and let's go beyond that let's say
President Trump and force the borders
you know we had the national security
strategy massive document paper okay
that's for all the people who are policy
walks you can grab this thing and look
at it December 17th at December 2017
they came out with a national security
strategy for the United States of
America big document had three parts to
it three pillars they talked about here
was pillar number one protect the
American people the homeland and the
American Way of life and the very first
thing under that very first pillar was
secure US borders and territory that is
a national security issue president
Trump you have the authority as the
commander-in-chief to provide for
national security to protect the border
you can do that right now
you can fund the wall out of the
military budget look at all the nonsense
they put in the National Defense
Authorization Act certainly you can put
the wall in there you can say that it is
a a your authority your power to secure
the US borders it is you can do that
just like you can build it a fort
wherever you want and the little judges
in San Francisco can't tell you now well
you can build a wall and they can't tell
you no if you exercise your legal
constitutional power and you can use the
military to protect it do you remember
when we had the mission of the Defense
Department was actually the defense of
America and not the defense of corporate
interests abroad when it wasn't
regime change but it was defending
Americans that's what the military ought
to be used for bring them home from
these unnecessary wars that were
fighting for big corporations and have
them protect the American people and
then we have anti-fog we have an T
fought here but before we talk about
that let's talk about the Defense
Department looking for a few good
cleaners remember Hillary Clinton called
us deplorable z' Barack Obama said you
are bitter clingers clinging to your
guns and Bibles that's right we're still
clinging to our guns and Bibles and
they're clinging to their clingers with
a k' remember mash remember corporal
Klinger trying to get out of the
military by dressing up like a woman
because he
that that would make him look crazy
there wouldn't be crazy if you really
thought that they said now we know that
you're not really that's you're just
doing that to get out of the military
you're not really crazy now if you
really weren't did think you were woman
you would be crazy and you would get a
section-8 and we had president Trump
come out last summer July tweeted out
this after consultation with my generals
and military experts please be advised
US government will not accept or allow
transgender individuals to serve in any
capacity in the US military our military
must be focused on the site be focused
decisive and overwhelming victory cannot
be burdened with a tremendous medical
costs and disruption the transgender in
the military would entail well that was
then this is now and we have James
Madison's defense secretary he's
provided as recommendation of the White
House saying you know we've got these
little judges out there telling us what
we need to do in the military and you
know this big tough former Marine
general and who has now Defense
Secretary says I just have to do
whatever they tell me and we just have
to do this or maybe he advocates it
because we got Rex Tillerson who
advocated first of all for openly
homosexual Scouts we put on the boy
scout then advocated that openly
homosexual adults would be put in as
Scout leaders and then his Boy Scouts of
America advocated for transgender
students into the Boy Scouts so now
we've got transgenders coming into the
military and it's okay because they're
not crazy are they but we do have crazy
people going in being actively recruited
by an tyfa here in austin texas this is
from the Daily Caller if you have a
mental illness this auntie for student
group here in Austin Texas want you we
want you are you crazy
are you transgender we want you a six
month health program to política
politicized students with mental illness
is what they have put together this is
the revolutionary student front at the
University of Texas at Austin they have
hosted a revolutionary mental health
program quote-unquote and this is a
quote from them to address the mental
health needs of students in a way that
would primarily serve to pull
sighs and strengthen them to become more
committed to revolution and more capable
of carrying it out ha ha this takes the
plan of Latimer linen useful idiots to
an all-new meaning doesn't it useful
insane idiots that's what I was saying I
was actually a Freudian slip when I
referred to David hog and his cohorts as
youthful idiots I was actually talking
about useful idiots
now anti far really wants this the
commies at the University of Texas
actually want people who are mentally
ill so they can politicize them into
shock troops the UT Austin antipas
student group based it's 2017 program on
turn illness into a weapon quote unquote
this is a book from another Marxist okay
a neo Marxist socialist patients
collective group that took actions in
Germany they placed the blame of mental
illness on capitalist oppression see if
you're mentally ill it is capitalist
oppression this is what they tell their
useful idiots and they have mobilized
them to fight capitalism meanwhile we
have the New York State Attorney General
just in case you think this is some
wacko students the New York State
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has
boasted on his website about all the
lawsuits he's filed against President
Trump but he is actually embracing and
have time to talk about this Marylou
Greenberg the Revolutionary Communist
Party openly admits to organizing to
overthrow the system as soon as possible
time he is using them using this woman
to attack pro-life demonstrators at
abortion clinics using a communist we'll
be right back I'm David Knight
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