Author Topic: DOD’s Desperate Klingers, Antifa Recruits Mentally Ill (Literally)  (Read 33 times)

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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight alright let's
talk about the idea that we now have
judges dictating foreign policy we had
the Supreme Court declining to hear the
trumpet peel the Department of Justice
appeal about these docket decisions
we've had two federal judges in
California and I think the other ones in
New York where else
right saying no you can't get rid of
daca this again
is not a law daca is not a law it's not
a look at the I'm a bill I'm a bill he's
not a bill he's not a law he's not even
an executive order daca is simply a memo
from Janet Napolitano saying I'm not
gonna enforce the law I'm not gonna
enforce the borders Trump didn't change
the law Trump didn't change the borders
Obama decided he's not going to enforce
either one of those and now we've got
these political judges in these
political areas liberal states saying oh
you can't get rid of that the Justice
Department spokesperson said in a
well we'd hoped for a different outcome
but we understand that it's very rare
for the Supreme Court to take up a case
before lower appeal courts have rules so
this is a these are judges that are down
near the bottom or at the bottom and so
it would typically before it would come
before the Supreme Court it would have
to go through a lot of judges on the way
up and then finally they would decide to
hear it and it's very rare that they do
that and they did not do it this time
why do they typically do it when they do
it they say sometimes I'll only bypass
the appellate court when there is an
emergency involving foreign affairs hmm
does that box checked here yes it is or
a serious separation of powers concern
is that box checked here oh there's a
big big checkmark on that box is it
there because this is the judiciary
shutting down the president not only on
how he's going to protect the borders
but on everything else even saying you
cannot enforce the law let's understand
daca is deferred action they're saying
we're not going to enforce the law and
so they can get away with that so yeah
this checks all the boxes but the
Supreme Court said no we're not gonna do
anything about that and so it
effectively nullifies the March
fifth deadline let me say something you
know president Trump likes Andrew
Jackson you need the right President
Trump and say look at what Andrew
Jackson did with the Supreme Court you
know Andrew Jackson was totally wrong
about what he did to the Cherokee Nation
but when the Supreme Court said you
can't do that he said well you've made
your decision let's see you enforce it
and he went ahead and did it and he was
right to do it under he had the legal
authority to do it let's say that he had
the legal authority to do that the power
to do that under the Constitution he
stood up for the separation of powers
now his policy was wrong I disagree with
his policy but he absolutely had the
right to do that and president Trump
needs to channel Andrew Jackson here and
say this little federal judge way down
the ladder in San Francisco made his
ruling let's see him and force it and
let's go beyond that let's say President
Trump and forced the borders you know we
had the national security strategy
massive document paper okay it's for all
the people who were policy walks you and
grabbed this thing and look at it
December 17th at December 2017 they came
out with a national security strategy
for the United States of America big
document had three parts to it three
pillars they talked about here was
pillar number one protect the American
people the homeland and the American Way
of life and the very first thing under
that very first pillar was secure US
borders and territory that is a national
security issue President Trump you have
the authority as the commander in chief
to provide for national security to
protect the border you can do that right
you can fund the wall out of the
military budget look at all the nonsense
they put in the National Defense
Authorization Act certainly you can put
the wall in there you can say that it is
a your authority your power to secure
the US borders it is you can do that
just like you can build it a fort
wherever you want and the little judges
in San Francisco can't tell you now well
you can build a wall and they can't tell
you no if you exercise your legal
constitutional power and you can use the
military to protect the do you remember
when we had
the mission of the Defense Department
was actually the defense of America and
not the defense of corporate interests
abroad when it wasn't regime change but
it was defending Americans that's what
the military ought to be used for bring
them home from these unnecessary Wars
that were fighting for big corporations
and have them protect the American
people and then we have Anti Fog we have
an tyfa here but before we talk about
that let's talk about the Defense
Department looking for a few good
cleaners remember Hillary Clinton called
us deplorable --zz Barack Obama said you
are bitter clingers clinging to your
guns and Bibles that's right we're still
clinging to our guns and Bibles and
they're clinging to their clingers with
a k' remember mash remember corporal
Klinger trying to get out of the
military by dressing up like a woman
because he knew that that would make him
look crazy then who would be crazy if
you really thought that they said now we
know that you're not really that's
you're just doing that to get out of the
military you're not really crazy now if
you really weren't did think you were
woman you would be crazy and you would
get a section-8 and we had president
Trump come out last summer July tweeted
out this after consultation with my
generals and military experts please be
advised US government will not accept or
allow transgender individuals to serve
in any capacity in the US military our
military must be focused on the site be
focused decisive and overwhelming
victory cannot be burdened with a
tremendous medical costs and disruption
the transgender in the military would
entail well that was then this is now
and we have James Madison's defense
secretary he's provided as
recommendation of the White House saying
you know we've got these little judges
out there telling us what we need to do
with the military and you know this big
tough former Marine general who has now
Defense Secretary says I just have to do
whatever they tell me and we just have
to do this or maybe he advocates it
because we got Rex Tillerson who
advocated first of all for openly
homosexual scouts we put on the boy
scout then advocated that openly
homosexual adults would be put in as
Scout leaders and then his Boy Scouts of
America advocated for transgender
students into the Boy Scouts so now
we've got transgenders coming into the
military and it's okay because they're
not crazy are they but we do have crazy
people going in being actively recruited
by an tyfa here in austin texas this is
from the Daily Caller
if you have a mental illness this
anti-shah student group here in Austin
Texas wants you we want you are you
are you transgender we want you a six
month health program to política
politicized students with mental illness
is what they have put together this is
the revolutionary student front at the
University of Texas at Austin they have
hosted a revolutionary mental health
program quote-unquote and this is a
quote from them to address the mental
health needs of students in a way that
would primarily serve to politicize and
strengthen them to become more committed
to revolution and more capable of
carrying it out this takes the plan of
Latimer linen useful idiots to an all
new meaning doesn't it useful insane
idiots that's what I was saying I was
actually a Freudian slip when I referred
to David Hogg and his cohorts as
youthful idiots I was actually talking
about useful idiots now anti-fog really
wants this the commies at the University
of Texas actually want people who are
mentally ill so they can politicize them
into shock troops the UT Austin
anti-shah student group based its 2017
program on turn illness into a weapon
quote-unquote this is a book from
another Marxist okay a neo marks a
socialist patients collective group that
took actions in Germany they placed the
blame of mental illness on capitalist
oppression see if you're mentally ill it
is capitalist oppression this is what
they tell they're useful idiots and they
have mobilized them to fight capitalism
meanwhile we have the New York State
Attorney Journal just in case you think
this is some wacko students
the New York State Attorney General Eric
Schneiderman has boasted on his website
about all the lawsuits he's filed
against President Trump but he is
actually embracing and have time to talk
about this
Mary Lou Greenberg the Revolutionary
Communist Party openly admits to
organizing to overthrow the system at
the soonest possible time he is using
them using this woman to attack pro-life
demonstrators at abortion clinics using
a communist
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
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