Author Topic: Teacher Says “I Was Told They’d Be Using Blanks” & Hogg’s NRA Conspiracy Theory  (Read 36 times)

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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight but you know
David hog has his own conspiracy
theories there's an interesting article
on Breitbart by John Nolte talking about
the conspiracy theories of David hog
himself and how he's given a free
platform on CNN maybe maybe CNN ought to
be shut down by YouTube because they're
putting out conspiracy theories John
Nolte says during his show on
appearances on Sunday David hog the 17
year old Florida school shooting witness
and anti-gun Crusader revealed the
demeanor that was equal parts
deer-in-the-headlights and a cult leader
from Stephen King's children of the corn
up until Sunday hog had served almost
perfectly as the media's avatar of hate
toward the NRA the Second Amendment and
gun owners in general but that was while
he was suffering a wave of emotion now
that he actually needs to say something
that is substantive something that is
beyond I'm outraged just like the
character from children of the corn hog
has revealed himself to be rather
pathetic and small a hog is still a mean
little brat says Nolte a bully who is
drunk on his own unearned power but now
that wave has crested and he has to
switch gears I think my favorite analogy
is a Salem witch hunt I mean this is
what I'm seeing you know that these
teenagers say they did it they did it
burn them Dana lash is a witch right and
that's basically what he's saying while
appearing on CNN with brian Stelter hogs
bitter and maturity and his belief in
childish things made him look equal
parts mean helpless manipulated and
ridiculous first he gave leche a
promotion from simply being a
spokesperson of the NRA to the CEO he
said we're really trying to stay in the
headlines by reacting to what the NRA is
saying trying to point out what Dana is
trying to do I believe she's the CEO of
the NRA and she's still trying to
distract people then hog revealed but
flesh is a super secret lobbyist for gun
manufacturers he said she's a national
propagandist for the NRA she's not
saying anything she's sounding positive
and confident that she what she wants
the people in the NRA to believe her
five million plus members but she's
still actually working with the gun
manufacturers and then Nolte says it's
no it's worse
Russia's an arms dealer who actually
sells guns uh and David Hogg says she's
shown that she doesn't care about NRA
members she doesn't care about the
police she why do you think she's
criticizing his people it's because
she's going after them and she wants her
base to continue attacking them so she
can sell more guns and then he goes on
he says here's what Dana has been saying
as a spokesperson for the NRA she wants
to continue to pass laws she wants
people in Congress to pass laws that
help out with mental health and things
like that and she says she can't do that
are you kidding me are you kidding me
you own these politicians he said she
owns Dana lash owns these congressmen
that's his conspiracy theory that's the
conspiracy theory of David hog David hog
goes on and say she can get them to do
things it's just she doesn't care about
these children's lives
she's a witch burn her burn her she's a
witch and CNN says shut down in four
wars they played what he had to say and
we'll see what they do with this all
right we'll be right back I'm David
Knight all right I just played for you
David Hogg's conspiracy theory quotes
and comments by John Nolte of Breitbart
and he was spot-on
spot on David Hart desperate for
attention saying that Dana lash is
somehow the leader of a vast criminal
conspiracy that owns Congress and she
can do anything that she wants well let
me tell you who owns CNN big
pharmaceutical companies own CNN we've
known this for quite some time and of
course that was when they kicked Alex
off when he was talking to Piers Morgan
when he started talking about
pharmaceutical drugs and their links to
these shootings whether it is whether
this shooter is a patsy or whether the
shooter actually is under the effect of
those drugs it's still a part of it
still a part of it that's why I focused
so much on SSRIs the subject that will
not be approached by CNN or by Fox
because they are Oh
by the big pharmaceutical companies but
let's take a look at some of the other
things that are showing up that are kind
of interesting and this shooting
comments that other people are making we
have the Florida Attorney General Pam
Bondi said that members of the Broward
County Sheriff's Department were not
honest about why more deputies
reportedly failed to enter the building
and engage with the shooter let's play
that clip here has he provided amazing
leadership no of course not
and and Governor Scott has gone about
the sheriff for a full investigation
into the matter and I firmly believe
that needs to be accomplished Florida
Department of Law Enforcement will be
investigating him I know a lot more than
you all do now so yes I believe there
needs to be a full investigation I don't
think some people were honest this is
the Florida Attorney General this in
Florida and the right thing will be done
Pam was there a stand-down order oh
stand down order well if I said that to
be a conspiracy theory she can't talk
about it this way when you and you have
a school full of students and your duty
is to protect those students have a
firearm I would have gone into I've seen
that's what you do that's what the coach
did who is a true hero your job is to
protect those students that's right so
uh Steve Doocy actor Astrea was there a
stand-down order you know if I say
something like that CNN will try to shut
our channel down by saying he's
promoting conspiracy theories but of
course they can promote conspiracy
theories about the nra using their
youthful idiot David hog and nobody says
anything about it nobody gets any
strikes you know I don't want CNN shut
down I want them out there
okay people need to see the games that
the Democrats and the deep state are
playing and CNN is out there in the open
putting that stuff out there now we
don't want them to go away we want them
as part of the debate and the free
marketplace of ideas but they don't want
to debate us they are like the
Antti far people shouting epithets at
people you're racist you're sexist
you're homophobe you're a bigot shut up
I'm not gonna talk to you not gonna
address your arguments you're just gonna
be censored man that's the way CNN
operates as well it's a big an tyfa
organization but she went on to say i
said why he didn't that officer at
school why didn't the inter um and she
says well that's what we're hearing and
I can tell you that believes some folks
in that department were not honest with
me and they're not being honest with the
government but she can't talk about any
stand down order she would talk about
all that stuff but not about stand down
orders now yesterday I played a clip for
you of a teacher who said she looked
down the hall and she saw somebody as
she put it in full body armor and I
think she said a helmet or something and
shooting at people whether or not she
saw that or whether the night she was
under stress or whatever that was her
comment I found it very interesting that
MSNBC would not say well wait a minute
wait a minute tell me more about that I
mean wouldn't you think that they would
say something about that but they're
just tell me about were you were grazed
on your arm there let's talk about
something else change the subject right
there now we've got a clip from another
teacher there at Parkland that the
Stoneman on the Stoneman Douglas High
School and this is what he has to say
I'll play the clip for you but this is
what he has to say I assumed that it was
a Code Red
drill because they told us earlier in
the day that they were going to have a
Code Red drilled using blanks now what
do we know from past experience when the
government stages a drill schedules a
drill at exactly the same time at
exactly the same place and then a real
attack just like the drill happens what
do we know about that but here's what
that teacher has to say we start to exit
the building while my kids are in front
of me going down the stairwell I get to
the door at the top of the West
stairwell in the 1200 building we hear
I assume that is a CodeRed drill because
they told us earlier in the day that
we're gonna be having a CodeRed drill I
assumed was blanks so I grabbed all my
kids started yelling at the kids get
back in rooms get back into rooms trogir
pushes many kids into rooms as I can by
the time I get back to my rooms door
there's the shooters already up at the
tail end of the hall at the other end
the east end of the building heard two
shots I didn't see it but then those two
shots would have been my friend Scott
beagle getting shot and killed while
trying to save his kids and then he
looked down the hallway and started
shooting at this point I'm pretty much
in the middle of the hallway I go for
cover because well I realized it this
time I can't actually get into my room
because my keys are in my room as I'm
getting going for cover one of my former
students kid is the senior named Chuck
Joaquin Oliver screamed turn he was shot
at that point I looked down at the
shooter he looked at me pointed his they
are at me and started shooting I pushed
all my kids into the by my door to save
as many of them as I could
as I was doing that bang-bang-bang all
of a sudden the shooting stopped I
looked down he was reloading
I yelled run and then I ran behind as
many kids as I could when I got to the
door at the top of the stairwell there's
two doors the closest door I put my foot
there to stop it from opening what can
you buy my kids sometime as I was
leaving after my kids made it down at
least two flights of stairs where I
couldn't see them anymore there's a girl
on the ground I shook her
said hey tried to get her attention no
response trying to find a pulse of some
sort nothing at that point I decided
that I did as much as I could for the
kids I now have to make sure I breathe
went to the second floor into the comms
room and hitting the men's bathroom till
the police came through nineteen
year-old young man with trouble I didn't
know that at the time because he had a
mask on so I didn't know who it was I
just saw a guy with a gun shoot him kids
tried to save as many as I could
unfortunately I didn't get all of them
he had a mask on so maybe that other
teacher wasn't having a dilution as well
maybe somebody should get these two guys
the this female teacher that we played
the clip yesterday and this other
teacher that you just heard there I get
them together to compare notes but we
don't want to talk about that doing they
were having a CodeRed drill they were
told that they were gonna be blanks that
were fired that same day where have we
seen this before on 911 they were told
surprisingly that there was going to be
an attack using planes and so forth so
they stood down for quite a while they
thought it was a drill we saw the same
thing on seven seven and the London
bombings hey we're gonna have a drill a
terror attack that day at that time so
just put that out there for you're not
gonna draw any conclusions you're big
boys and girls you can draw your own
conclusions you can think for yourself I
don't need to connect the dots for you
but you know what's going on you know
what's going on all right let's talk
about Doc oh we've got just a couple of
minutes here left Dhaka and again we now
have the Supreme Court pushing back and
this this decision just came out
yesterday said we are not going to hear
the case that where we had a lower court
federal judge basically veto the
president I didn't realize that was in
the Constitution did you know it isn't
it isn't but we have these judges as I
said before we don't have any concept
anymore about spheres of authority know
the judges are in charge of everything
and Alby vaunted Supreme Court judges
these nine people who were there for
life wearing black robes these political
appointees said
nothing to see here let's move on and so
basically they have removed any deadline
for dhaka we're gonna talk about what's
going on with that and the insanity of
this Alice in Wonderland Kafka esque
approach to governing the federal
government when we come back stay with
us we'll be right back I'm David Knight
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