Author Topic: CNN Bullies Student Survivor, Falls Below Hallmark Channel In Ratings  (Read 37 times)

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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight CNN campaigned
band conservative media kicks into high
gear this is a story that's just gone up
on Infowars from Paul Joseph Watson CNN
has published a front-page story
entitled Infowars as two strikes away
from being banned by YouTube and now
this morning they did that a couple of
days ago they were bragging about the
fact and also in that article if you
read that article they say well we
followed up with YouTube and said no why
haven't you done anything about these
other things we've shown many things to
you and we why aren't you doing
something already lobbying them
pressuring them trying to publicly shame
them into censoring another news media
organization what does that tell you
about CNN as I just pointed out they
have fallen in their ratings below the
Hallmark Channel during primetime CNN
below the Hallmark Channel they are
desperate to try to shut down people who
were telling the truth great desperate
to shut this down and so what they've
been doing is coming after the videos
that we've played comments that we have
made about David Hogg's comments that
he's made publicly are we allowed to
question that absolutely not they say we
cannot question that these people are
above reproach and yet CNN went on a
full-court press to attack a student
survivor and his father who said that
CNN was controlling the townhall and
they would not be controlled and they
quibbled over to words and said you
people are lying no they weren't lying
everybody knew that CNN was controlling
that I mean just look at what Jake
Tapper did when he had one of the
students address a very difficult
question to the Democrat Senator Nelson
from Florida oh no no no no no that's
for this for Marco Rubio or maybe it was
Dana lash but it would ask for some
don't ask hard questions like that to
the Democrat you're not supposed to do
that did they tell you what to do yeah
that's what they what they did Jake
Tapper you don't have to answer that
question no no that's a that's a
question for the other side to answer
that's a tough question so did they
scripted have they scripted town halls
in the past absolutely I read a long
list of about six or eight people from
just two town halls that they had one of
them was about gun control another one
was about Obama's health care and they
were promoting that they had
disinterested people there they were
undecided and these are people who were
staffers for Democrat senator and so
forth the activists of various
organizations people who were not
neutral parties they were actually
people who were lobbyists and democrat
party activists and political
individuals so this corrupt news
organization CNN has made it their
personal mission to try to shut down
Infowars as Paul Joseph Watson points
out this morning we were informed that
the channel had received a second strike
on a video relating to the Parkman
shooting meaning that it is now on the
verge of being terminated permanently
yeah they would very much like to shut
down a channel that is a libertarian
conservative channel that has 2.2
million subscribers that has had 1.5
billion views over ten years I'd love to
shut that down
I'd love shut down the growth you know
when about the time I joined in four
Wars I think we had about three or four
hundred thousand subscribers and it has
gone astronomical in the last couple of
years up to 2.2 million so they want to
shut it down
want to shut it down there this is all
about making sure they control the media
they used to do that it used to be ABC
CBS NBC and NPR and they would do what
the government what people like Michael
Hayden and John Brennan and James
clapper told them to cover they would
cover those stories all three of them
for them would cover the same stories
from the same angle they would tell you
the same stuff and everybody go well
that's it that that's the way it is
because that's what they're all saying
they'll speak in unison what is it when
people breathe in unison we call that a
conspiracy it's not a theory it was an
operation it was called operation
Mockingbird we had the news media
breathing together that's look
what a conspiracy means it means that
you've got people colluding to do
something together they're breathing
together right and so as Paul Watson
points out the videos in question did
not claim that the school shooting
didn't happen didn't claim that the
victims were actors as CNN falsely
misrepresented the videos questioned if
some of the prominent students who are
now publicly leading a nationwide
campaign for gun control were being
coached on what to say or if they were
being encouraged as I said Lennon had
his useful idiots CNN has their youthful
idiots they will do whatever CNN implies
that they would like to have that was
one of the statements made by the father
and child's son who were as a student
actually helped to save students hid
them behind a Kevlar curtain so here get
over here they won't see us and you know
even if they do we've got a little bit
of protection against with a Kevlar a
bullet we don't know what kind of gun
were up against nevertheless that guy
doesn't deserve to be heard and he has
been attacked relentlessly by CNN
because he and his father said that CNN
gave very strong indications of the type
of people that they wanted to hear and
what they wanted to hear from people and
how they were going to confine and
constrict and limit their speech very
tightly control so that's not scripting
oh no that's not scripting they didn't
necessarily mean that they were being
given a speech to read by CNN it was
that CNN was saying no you can't say
this you can't say that you're gonna
even if you write the speech you're
gonna have to stick to your speech you
can't go outside that speech you're not
even going to be allowed to ask that
question to a Democrat senator know the
tough questions that has to be done to
the Republican senator or the NRA
representative as Watson points out the
ability to question the statements of
public figures on television is a basic
free expression under the First
Amendment and does not constitute
bullying or harassment as YouTube claims
they tell you who's bullying and
harassing it's CNN and YouTube they're
the bullies they're the ones who are
assing it's the legacy media and YouTube
and they have a
statement a snapshot here of the of the
second strike and Watson points out by
lobbying to have one of its competitors
shut down CNN is engaging in tortuous
torturous interference which is when one
party damages another's contractual or
business relationships with a third
party causing economic harm and again
trying to shut down competition we have
a free market of ideas if CNN can't
convince people with their youthful
idiots then they try to shut down
anybody who has a different opinion
about how this is being presented to
people that's the way this works and as
Watson points out YouTube is engaging in
discrimination against Infowars because
of our political views there's
absolutely no question about that look
at all the conservative channels
recently that have been shut down by
YouTube the efforts to move against
people by Facebook by YouTube by Twitter
and it only seems to happen to
conservative libertarian Trump
supporters it doesn't seem to happen to
others does it isn't that interesting
it's kind of like Lois Lerner in the IRS
and how they would target Tea Party
organizations say no no you don't you
don't have right to this when they let
the Clinton Foundation operate as a
fraudulent unregistered charity for a
decade or more I'm more than a decade
probably twenty years they've been
organizing a quote of the Clinton Global
Initiative the Clinton Foundation
outright fraud as Charles or tel has
pointed out many times and yet no
prosecutions nothing happens to that
Watson goes on to point out and Russia
the government shuts down dissident
media outlets in America CNN apparently
thinks that that's their responsibility
they're going to take it upon themselves
and this is the amazing thing they're
doing it openly they're writing articles
about it they're talking about how
they're pressuring YouTube to take us
off because they don't like the
competition again
CNN fallen below as was pointed out and
primetime phone below the hall
mark Channel they don't want to see a
YouTube channel with 2.2 million
subscribers with one and a half billion
views over a 10-year period alright
we're gonna have an emergency broadcast
on Thursday and we hope that you'll join
us it's gonna be emergency broadcast a
funding broadcast as Alec says we're
under attack salutely no question about
that they're openly bragging about this
and that 34 hour emergency broadcast is
gonna start Thursday 8 a.m. with this
program so join us then but we'll be
right back right after this break stay
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